The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 17, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1924
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS PAGE NINE. Oil and Gas News NEW CONTRACT TO DEEPEN THE NO. 1 O'HALLORAN Work bsen resmnad at the No. 1-O'Halloran oil test southwest of Caitleton, nw. 28-25-Bw. This I* the well belno drilled by Qano and Hufflne and Henry Roeenthat, drilling contractor) had the hole down to 3225 when he gave up the contract. Last week another contract wa* let to L. E. Uouglase, drilling contractor, to drill this teat on down to 3600 feet and work la now going on there, the hole being down to 3250. George Farrah and Frank Harrle who worked on the Buah, the Wernet, Deed-Day and other teate, are the drillers. CROSSWORD PUZZLE You should solve this pu«le, for the swastika stands for luck. N*t n hard word In It, unless you ara so 51 horizontal above the roar of us that yotf do not understand slariR. The unkeyetl letter In IS vertical Is the same as the unkeyed letter In 23 vertical. WORKING AGAIN AT THE WILLIAMS WELL. Work tins been resumed by Tulsa parties on the Williams well south of Haven, se. 5-26-4w, drilled earlier In tho year to 3G1R feet and work stopped when a string of five inch rasing was (dropped In the hole. The Tulsa people nought «• strlnR of flvo inch pipe from Harry .loncs who drilled tho Cheney well, BW. L»7-27-4w. and this Is to be run In tho Williams well and drilling ahead there may give that section u much deeper teBt. SALLEE SHAREHOLDERS WILL HAVE A MEETjNG. Tho stockholders of tho Davis and Hippie No. 1 Sallec test, Re. :i-22-6w, northwest bf town In the sand hills, are to havo a meeting tonight at the office of Davis and OhlldjWhen matters will bo discussed In regard to deepening this test. It lias been shut down for a month something below 3800 feet, aftor going through a thick strata of lime. It may bo decided tonight If this test Is to be further deepened. necessary here two montha ago, I after seeing how the' strata was running. Tho bit had gone through n strata of Ilmo and then four feet Into black slate when the contract wan completed by Youkor and Douglas*. > This Is the same black slate that was found In the Wolch and Nlllur wells and a short distance below that the oil sand was found which made these wells pro- j ducers. If the work should stop where It-Is in tho Short it is hardly pronaulo that district would ever get another chance for a tost and as no showing of oil or sand has yet been found there it would seem foolish to stop the work whore It Is at this time. It Is hopod to get things started there again In a short time and. this will he' done if a sufficient amount of money is raised there, \ 39. Adverb of agreement, 40. A long seat with a back. 41. Barrier. 44. Female sheep. 45. Simple. :*J:W 4S. A wing of a house. •10. Cooking utensil. 51. Soft, thick hnlr.' 03. Exist. Answer to Yesterday's Cross, word Puzzle: DOUGLASS SPUDDED IN A NEW OIL TEST. L. E. Douglass, Hutchinson drilling contractor, has acquired a block of oil leases in the north part of MoPhorson county, three miles north and a mile and a half cast of Marquette and the well was spudded In the latter part of last week. This is in the Smoky Hill on the north rim of that valley In a country that is rugged and which has been gone over to a considerable extent by geologists in tho last few years. , HOPE TO START SOON ON THE WELL IN RUSH. H, H. Morgan, Hutchinson drill lng contractor, Is getting lease matters straightened out so that work may bo resumed on tho Mohr well In section 10-17-lGw, In the east edge of Hush county, three miles south and a mile and a half west of Otis, The well was spud­ ded lu a month ago but work has been held up to get some lease matters straightened out there. TEAM PLNGED AND TONGUE HIT HIM. C. R. Morrow, a Ness county farmer, la under treatment at a Hutchinson hospital for a compound fracture of tho right log. He was unhitching a team from a wagon at his place near Ness City, and one trace was unhooked when the horaes became frightened, plunged abead and tho tongue of tho wagon swung around and struck him. Icicles due in a few days—let's clean your winter clothes. Lewis Cleaners. Phone 1336. 11-lOt Alcohol for your radiator, 18S proof, Formula D, at Hockaday's, H-3t GOOD PROGRESS BEING MADE ON THE IRWIN. Morgan Brothers, drilling tho No. 1 Irwin, ne 21-20-6w. for C. W. Stamey and associates, are getting ulong all right with this work, the bit being down below 2950 feet In u dry hole. The six inch casing hag recently been set below 2900 toot, abutting off the water. It is hoped to drIU and then underrcatn this pipe down below 3100 feet. Then drilling .would go ahead. The contractors hope to get this hole down to the contract depth of .1,500 feet by the middle of December. i HORIZONTAL. I. A volume of maps. 6. Unnecessary bustle. 6. Perceive. 8. Fast tense of do. 9. To place In line. 11. By. (From the Latin, but it has taken out second papers.) 12. To leave without aid, II. Cooking Instrument. 15. A title of honor among Anglo- Saxons. (Macbeth, > of Cawdor.—Shakespeare.) 16. Short slumber. IS. The predecessor of the auto. 20. Nautical term meaning toward the stern. 22. Opposite of no. 24. Raised In spirits. 26. Beast of burden. 25. An exclamation of surprise or satisfaction. 29. Fresher. 30. Clenched bands. 32. Behold. 34, Japanese coin, worth about •jeut. 30. More moan. 38. Not wet. 40. Cry of sorrow. 42. Body of soldiers. 43. Honey-prodncing, insect. 45. Pertaining to punishment. 46. Two thousand pounds. JUDGED POULTRY IN NESS COUNTY SHOWS. HEDGE AT CORNER OBSTRUCTED VIEW. Tho auto smash In which two people were injured nnd two automobiles badly smashed, nt tho Wright corner, threo miles west of Uingdon was due to hedgo at the corner obstructing tho view, according to Township Trustee \V. B. Ream, flf Miami township. The cars wrecked were a Ford sedan driven by C. A. Coffey, of Arlington, and another driven by I". G. Helm, of Penalosn, Mrs. Helm sustained two broken ribs and internal Injuries. .Mr. Coffey received it bad gash on his left arm. Moved to Hutchinson. Mr. and Mrs. Frank VanSlckle havo moved to Hutchinson from Rurrton. He Is employed 'by the Santa Fe railway company. ' AETNA-IZK NOW. Brehm's. Phone 12. s-m.w-f-Ot Perspire freely. Jazz. Presont tense of 24 horizontal. Distant Untruth, Biscuit, Not ever. VERTICAL. Total. Part of the Infinitive of every verb. On a> slant. A large f lining net. Atmosphere. Finish. Identifies. Behind. > Countless years. Heathen. An exclamatlod ot surprise. Negative vote. Chum. Legume. Region without woods. Circular staircase. Opposite of liability. Keen edged. Cavern. Point a. weapon. One who starts. Slang term for spy. Globe. Recipient of a gift. Identical with 10 vertical. W. 11. Powell, Hutchinson poul- tryman, did the judging nt the several community poultry shows held the past week In Ness county, at Arnold, Ullcn, Beeler and Ba- zlne. The Ness Bounty' News, speaking of him said: "He is one of the most competent men wo have bad in NOBS county. He lays a good deal of stress on the production end of the judging and the ability of tho birds to make money for the owner. DRILL OIL WELL IN LANE COUNTY Dlghton, Kan., Nov. 17.—Botl- dreau Wimmer and Co.,.Tulsa men, have unloaded a first class oil rig, and are putting It up eleven miles east and one mile north of Dlghton, and they expect to bo drilling In a couple of weeks. Several geologists say this is a wonderful structure, Invited to Hutchinson. The Walther League of the Hutchinson German Lutheran church has Invited the Lutheran young peoplo of Haven to bo their guests at a joint session tho evening ot November 23, How about some work on your Ford today? Better get It In condl tlon for cold weather. Phone 59 RaglamUKlngoley Motor Co. 17-11 Alcohol for your radiator, 18 proof, Formula 5, at Hockaday's. • 14-:. PIPE IS PULLED AT THE DEED-DAY. The pipe has been pulled at the Deed-Day test and tho well there abandoned. This was one ot the wells financed by Emerson Carey and his associates. PULLING PIPE AT THE BUSH WELL, The casing la being pulled at the Hush well, ne 7-20-6\v, near the town of Little River and that test abandoned. The hole was down below 3560 feet when some casing was dropped in the hole and later was given up. WELCH AND MILLER STILL ON THE PUMP. The Welch and Miller wells, In | the west halt ot section 35-20-Sw, the only producers In tho district, are still on tin pump, the Welch | said to bo making around 90 barrels a day, much as .at the start, and the production of the Miller not recently announced. These wells "are owned by tho Prairie OH and Gas company and the Meridian Oil and Gas company, halt and half. NOTHING NEW ABOUT WELL WEST OF MILLER. There has been no new an* nouncement recently In regard to the well the Prairie Oil and Gas company la to drill west of the Miller well, se 34-20-6W, in a contract with Jack Davis, and Nate Neal. Under tho terms of the contract the test was to be started by February 1 but the low price of oil has probably kept tho company from being in a rush about this test, it will be something llko a fourth of a mile west ot the Miller well, is the belief. STILL RAISING MONEY TO DEEPEN THE SHORT. Officers ot the Reno County Oil | and Gas company, ne. 13-23-Bw, woBt of Hutchinson, are still mak-1 lng an effort to raise money with | which to drill deeper at the test. Some of it has been raised but It will be necessary to have still more before it Is possible to make the leoner test It was felt would be it More Days Of Jewelry A U C T I O N SALE 2:00 P. M. and 7:30 P. M. Daily FREE! A beautiful preaent given to each of the first 20 ladles attending every afternoon's sals, A genuine diamond ring given away after each day's sals. BROWN'S Jewelry Go. 120 N. Main Judge for yourself the sparkling whiteness of this sugar A woman sayst "I can tell the >. difference in sugar by the color.** 2 That it true; but what difference? Color it one aure teat. It indicates the degree of purity of the sugar- not whether it ia beet ot cane sugar. In the process of refining, the augar crystals are separated from the juices and thoroughly washed. If augar is "off-color", it is evidence of impurities still in the sugar—a lack of proper refining—suyar below standard! I? 1 SDUtSARD'S — SUMATll 2 SUCAJL^ 1 ST HS!US«rr~ of sugar ... Great Western Sugar if regarded as a standard in purity. To day, a production of 8H million pound* of augar daily is being sold to satisfied users. Every community accepts Great Western Sugar in supplying its needs,every grocer knows ita universal sat' isfaction... there is themost significant evidence of its dependability. * * » The sugar grain is a crystal. This crystal is a chemical of unvarying content, no matter whether it comes from the augar beet or augar cane. Within the crystal is pure sugar; any impurities cling to the outside. There can be no vital difference in granulated sugar except a difference in purity, due to the imperfect washing of the crystal. That is entirely under the control of the refiner. It is our exacting control of production. . .our thoroughness in refining ... that is making Great Western the standard among sugars in the West- New Home-Made Candies The recipes for many delicious home-made candles ate available in a booklet In the Sugar Bowl Series, "Candy Making the Easy Way." It It by Mrs. Ida Bailey Allen, noted cookery expert. A copy will be milled you without charge. Send for it today- Color is important. Sparkling white sugar is pure. Superior sugars have three qualities visible to the eye: sparkling whiteness, luster and evenness of grain. Sugar meeting these standards is chemically pure and dependable for every cooking purpose. • * • Sparkling white! ,. . that is an outstanding qualification of Great Western Sugar. It is properly refined. Itlsthoroughlycleansed of impurities. It i» accepted. In millions of house- Your grocer hasGreatWestern Sugar, holds ... by experts in the sugar Ask for it by name. See its spark- industry... among Industrial users ling whiteness for yourself. I The Great Western Sugar Company Sugar Building Denver, Colorado Great ^festern . Beet Sugar Tailored Footwear Tailorcil tVutwi-ar i- lii-ocsstiry lo complete tliti f:Jl"» fashionable column- ensemble. This smart style i* bincd with the Drew Arc'j Rest built-in comfort feature.-.. Just as sketched, in patent anil black satin. 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