The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 26, 1975 · Page 11
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August 26, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
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Tuesday, August 26, 1975
Page 11
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10 / DES MOINES REGISTER • Tufli., Aug. 26,1975 Propose more stock ownership disclosure Leased Wire to The Register Investors, the general public and companies themselves would be better informed about who really owns U.S. corporations' under new regulations proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The proposed regulations would partly lift the veil of anonymity, which often con- ceals the true ownership of shares held by securities firms, banks and other nominees in behalf of "beneficial owners." The SEC in certain instances wants the identities of individuals "with power to direct the vote" of such stock be disclosed by the issuing companies "if known." SEC officials said that any disclosure of beneficial shareholders by securities firms and other nominees under the commission's new proposal would be voluntary. The SEC believes a substantial number of nominees would co-operate with its voluntary plan, Ralph Mocker, associate director of corporation finance, told a press briefing in Washington, D.C. The proposals, which SEC officials previously indicated were in the works, among other things also would: •' Require that publicly held companies report the 30 largest -Jiolders-of-record-fqr-each^class of their voting securities. At present, companies only are required to identify shareholders holding 10 per cent or more of their stocks. • Define the term "beneficial owner" in ways that would broaden its application requiring more individuals to report on their stock interests. The new proposals are partly in response to congressional concern about who owns interests in U.S. corporations. Con- gressmenparticularly have raised questions about the possibility that Arab nations could funnel oil revenue through Swiss banks and other concealed channels to acquire _large interest in U.S. companies. In addition, there has been concern about the concentration of large blocks of stock administered by bank trust departments and brokerage firms making their true ownership difficult to ascertain. Iowa Electric Iowa Electric Light & Power Co., Cedar Rapids, Monday said it had lower earnings in the first seven months of 1975 and for the latest 12 months than it had in the same periods a year ago. Revenues, however, were ahead of the year-ago periods. • The utility's earnings for the latest seven months were $4,339,426, compared with $5,709,51La ..year_agQ._Fpr_the 12 months ended July 31, Iowa E lee trie's earnings were $5,184,632, down from $9,109,209 a year ago. Earnings were equal to 43 cents a share in the seven- month period after preferred dividend requirements, compared with 69 cents a share a year ago. Twelve-month earnings per share were 30 cents vs. $1.12. Revenue rose to $90 million in the latest seven months from $68.3 million a year ago, while 12-month revenue reached $140.9 million, up from $110.96 million. The company said 1975 periods include $3.8 million of revenue and $1,639,000, or 31 cents a share, of profit from revised rates put into effect in May, 1975, and a revised fuel clause adjustment put into effect in June, 1975, both subject to refund. Bandag strike ended Bandag, Inc., Muscatine, tire retreader, said the 56-day-oIc strike at its Oxford, N.C. plant has been ended with the ratification of a new contract by members of United Rubber Worker Local 922. The company said full pro duction of tread rubber anc cushion gum will be resumed immediately. Terms were noi disclosed. About 150 workers were included in the agree ment. lowa*lllinois G&E Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Co., Davenport, had increasec earnings and revenues in the seven months ended July 31 1975, the company reportei Monday. Earnings for the 12 months ended July 31, also topped a year ago, but reve nues were down. The utility said net income for the latest seven months was $11,872.292, compared with $6,948,778 a year ago, and for the 12 months it had net of $18,759,578 vs. $10,527,790 a year ago. Earnings for the latest seven months were equal to $1.63 a share, after preferred dividend requirements, compared with $1.01 a year ago, and 12-month earnings were equal to $2.64 vs. $1.57. Revenue in the seven months was $114.7 million, up from $85.8 million and for the 12 months revenue was $117.8 million, down from $137.2 million. Gtntral Growth General Growth Properties, Des Moines real estate investment trust, voted a distribution on common stock of 32 cents a share, payable Sept. 26, to stockholders of record Sept. 12, 1975. Gasoline only Sun Oil Co. said it is opening 15 gasoline-only service stations within the next few months in a :est program. The "Sunoco-DX Express" outlets "should be able to sell gasoline at more competitive prices," Sun said. The company said express dealers will get a more favorable contract than full service operations. Sun, the nation's thirteenth largest oil company, said it has been losing ground on its marketing area to com- >etitors with company owned ligh-volume outlets. It said it is attempting to meet the competition through 'highly motivated dealers" rather than company-owned stations. Tire workers Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. said it is recalling-300-workers at its Jackson, Mich., auto tire facility. The company said it expects hat the recall will be complete >y mid-September, bringing the work force at the plant up to about 1,450 workers. The plant normally has about 1,600 workers, the company said. Goodyear attributed the recall to increased demand for tire products. Recalls truck tires Montgomery Ward & Co., a unit of Marcor, Inc., said it is recalling about 290 truck tires sold through May and July this year—The tires could have a ailure in the lower sidewall area, the company said. 1.74 1.73 1.74 . . 1.74V4 Sep Dec Mar 174'/j 175 " 1.7JV4 May 1.74'/» 1.75 1.71Vi SOYBEANS (5,000 bu) SOP 6.19 6.25 6.07 Nov 6.25 6.30 6.]2 Jan 6.36 ' Feb 6.45 May 6.52 Jul 6.52 Aug 6.42 SOYBEAN ..._ Sep 26.45 26. Oct 25.35 25.. Dec 24.40 24.I Jan 24.30 24.i \Aar 24.10 24. May 24.10 24.: Jul 23.95 " Aug 23.85 SOYBEAN MEAL (100 lam) Sen 152.50 1. Oct (53.66 K Dec 159.00 159.00 1 ..„ Jan 160.50 161.50 155.M 1 Mar 165.50 165.50 160.00 1 May 1 Jul l Aug 174.00 174.00 11.00 1 ICED BROILERS (Jl.000 Ibl Aug 52.25 52.45 SI.. 1 " Sep 45.50 " NOW 41.r GRAIN TRADE CHICAGO (MONDAY) (AP) — Grain futures purchases: Wheat Corn Oats Soybeans "icybean oil soybean meal Iced broilers Total , 266,685,000 .... Open Interest In wheat futures the pr«. vlous session totaled 205,095,000 buthalti corn 444,450,000; oaas )j»,«0,00p; soybean* 318,970,000; soybean oil 28,334 contract*; soybean meal 18,401 contracts; Iced broilers 4,029 contracts; total 972,765,000 bushels. DIVIDENDS DIVIDINDS DECLARED Pa- _ . Stk. of Pa DeBters Con Mines X'ApproxImately. Noaast Invstrs Tr 9-26 - 11-6 8-29 8-29 luthern* ° C .*x ' 9-2 9-25 lares of Mapco for each share lUlhern Held. „._]) RF Oil .. 5pc ffK>it,5< ssr#*H( 9-5 10-3 9-23 10-7; 9-12 11-3 9-15 10-1 9.30 11-3 larnatt BKs'Fia" laxter Labs loston Co. lroncoTn.c_. I :lnclnnatl Flnan redlthrilt Fncl iastmat Corp :X-C«II-0 CP : alconbr Nickel ! lrst Penn Corp : lt Virginia Bkshr '•-"•.i— puts S Stres ng .ifeTnd r _ .'nci CP :aneb Services intrff M" o Q Ha arrl j loudai sc F anaood Corp Jsj Valley Gas Northwest Energy 'etrolane Republic I.. ..- . _RlpGrande l.ndust n v c . CP RocTTester Tel Summit Prop luperlor Elect Q .16 8°f Q .20 Q_ .075 0 .375 Q .125 0 .22 Q .15 Q .19 .. .05 . .06 .19 nlted Inns Unltog Co Inc . Q .58 Q .025 Q .15 11-6 9-12 '-15 9-12 9-19 9-12 10-10 9-19 9-30 9-12 9-10 9-10 9-10 9-12 9-30 S:l 2 9-5 9-5 9-15 9-12 9-12 9-3 9-15 9-16 9-8 9-10 9-15 9-12 9% 9-15 11-20 10-1 10.1 10-10 10-1 9-30 10-27 10-1 10-15 $ '8:1, 9-19 10-1 10-1 10-1 9-16 10-1 10-2 10-1 9-36 10-1 10-2 10-1 9-15 9-16 10-31 10-1 10-2 10-1 EARNINGS •V THE ASSOCIATED PRESS First Una thowi total revenue, second line shows net Income and earnings per thara (in parenlheits). '••'ViliSanikk lndu.trl.1 (1,1$?? Ago $40,100,000 . $36,400,000 d-n.400,000 d-vsUooiooo ... _ m Davta Corp (3rd Otr) JW^OO^MO $110,500,000 cintM Stares (2nd otr) 1) $200.100,000 1(3.57, ,34>fe 5 J I ReiMrdt Cerp (yttrl , 11,010,513,000 I1V,!02,000(.63) 511,496 000(38) •-Reilded. b-Adiuited for discontinued optr«hons. c-Rel!ecls exlraordirury ilem U.S. TREASURY WASHINGTON, MONDAY (AP) - The isn position of the Treasury on Aug ' , 1975 In dollars: ~ BALANCE SITS FISCAL YEAR JULY 1 $139,093,000 WITHDRA 1 — *)44,297,0 OEP $139,093,-.. '—AWALS FISCAL YEAR JULY -,000,000 — T — $542,123,000,000 . ..... SUBJECT TO STATUTORY —$623,000,000 GOLD ASSETS — $11,620,000,000 BEANS MIXED, CORN LOWER MONDAY PRICES Closing Board of trade Table . CHICAGO (AP) — Futures tradlna on the Chicago Board of Trade Monday: Open Hish tew ciaia p r *v WHEAT (5,000 bu) Sep 4.48 4.4 r 4.65 4.i 4.78 4.< 4.76 4... 4.57 4.60 CORN 5,009 bu 3.23 3.23 Dec Mar May 44S Jul Sep Dec Mar May Jul OATS aooo 3.33 3.33V4 3.34V4 3.2S [5,000 bU) 1.74Va 1.74 .31 Vj 3.24V< 3._ " " ' ' 3.3L _ 3.30V4 1.71V4 .71V4 1.7P/J 1.74V4 ,70V» 1.72V4 1.72'/, •ir/' \-IVA }-nfy Jan M ar 42.40 44.: May 42.75 43. Jun 43.00 43J SILVER (5,00» 543.00 546.50 542.00 555.20 555.20 544.00 % -J.OO 542.00 551.00 b-Bid; a-AsKedi n-Nomlnal. CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) - A rally in the closing minutes cut most grain future losses on the board of trade Monday. After an early demand had been satisfied, profit taking by local professionals brought slow; demand moderate to steer beef 50c-$l.OO higher; higher; choice heifer beef 25-50C higher; n-1.50 higher; canner and " »««dy with last Thursday. good $1.00-1. her; canner and cutter ... last Thursday. Fresh pork cut trade slow; limited trade skinned hams $1.00 higher; bellies $1.50 iigher; loins $4.00-6.00 metier than Thurs- prices down. Much stop loss selling developed. From that point on until the last 30 minutes, prices in the corn, soybean and wheat pits moved in an area of about 5 to 10 cents a bushel under Friday's close. Some commercial buying developed late in the session and local professionals joined in, forcing shorts to "cover as prices advanced. It was this move that cut the losses in all pits except wheat. At the close, wheat was down 3V 2 to 8 cents a bushel. Corn dipped 1 to 3 J A cents and oats ranged up ] / 2 to down % cent. Soybeans were % cent higher to 4 cents lower. DES MOINES GRAIN Monday^""" Pr ' C " ~ L ° SS tha " carlot Receipts — corn 10 cars; beans 17, Feed' prices are. subiect to wide variations In different sections of the state due fo^ransportation, handling and storage Iowa wheat — $3.33. Soybean meal — $9.10-10.00. 100 b. sack pure bran — $6.85-7.00. 100 b. sack pure mldds — $6.85-7.00. Tankaqe - $10.40-14.00. Llnsead — $11.00. CENTRAL IOWA MARKETS County elevator bids on corn, oats, soy.»n« ]„ .». n ... D es Moines show the Thursday;'hams If. 2- s Y!bsV?.M-2.f5higher 700-' iOO-i 164.25; choice jirTmlTei quarters 145-190. Ibs " quarters 120-170 Ibs $93.50; steer and heifer forequarters 130-210 Ibs $64.25. Fresh pork culs -loins.14-17. bs .$110,0012.507 pfchfcs"*.! Ibs 62.75; skinned hams bs iip $93.25rbeHTesrsdlsT2-14 S |bWb 5 2 ! .75* 03.00; 18-20 Ibs $98.25-99.25. IOWA AUCTION _DES t MOINE.S,.MO.NDAY (FEp.-STA.TE) vui« — *i«c<j-riju. Soybeans — No. 2 yellow J5.70-5.77. Iowa Regional Markets Iowa alevator bid on corn and soybeans f2» m 5'j£! %,,£• ,' rt R r . a '-».W •f?L" "S«" Region Northwest Nor h-Central Northeast Southwest South-Central Southeast No. 2 . Yellow Corn $2.85-3.00 $2.88-7.97 $2.91-3,04 S2.84-2.91 S2.90-3.00 S3.00-3.08 Soybeans $5.58-5.77 $5.61.580 $5.68-5.88 $5.50-5.73 $5.65-5.74 S5.SOV.M OMAHA GRAIN OMAHA (MONDAY) (AP) _ The Oma- hq Grain Exchange reported no sales. Wheat nom. 3-6c off $4.31-4.34. Corn nom. 4c off $3.05-3.18. Oats nom. 2c off $1.63-1.68. Rye nom. unchanged $2.74-2.80. Soybeans nom. Vic off $5.81-5.91. sorghum nom. unchanged $4.90-5. 15. CHICAGO CASH CHICAGO, MONDAY (API - wheat nom. lower; basis unchanged; receipts 12 cars"™ hiaher; basis hl »her; receipts 3 i nom ' lowen basls unchanged; I Cor. '° Wer '' basls lowerj , wheat 247,640 bushels; ru ( ^Corii"N'o.' 2*y'ello 2 w'$3.20n (hopper), $3.10n pals No. 2 while $1.56i/ 3 n. Soybeans No. 1 yellow $5.99n. No. 2 yellow corn Friday $3.18'/j-20 : !i. Choice white grease I6y<c; bleachable tallow 14V?c / m4c 8nd " B " whlt * lpeclt " KANSAS CITY KANSAS CITY, MONDAY (AP) _ 'Vheat;, off ll.'/ac up 3c; No. 2 . No. 2 No. 2 . orn 78 cars; unch to No. 2 Mi'lo$4.90-5.40n.' No. 2 Ry ' .... - .iye $2.22-2.44n. No 2 Barley $2.07-2.17n. No. 1 Soybean'. $5.82-6.12n. Sacked bran $93.00-93.75. Sacked shorts S94.50-95.25. Gram futures on the Kansas City Board of Trade. WHEAT FUTURES Open High Se;i 4.43 Dec 4.59 Mar 4.72 . May 4.72 Jul 4.54 Sales: 85/. 4.4; 4.61 4.72 4.72 4.54 Low Close 4,40V, 44 s 4V 4 4.71 4.62 4.49>,i . 4.55 4.66 4.59','j 4.49 Prev. 4.43 4.59 4.70 4.72 4.53 COFFEE NEW YORK, MONDAY (API ColiM futures declined on the New York Coilcc ana Suaar Exchange; reluctance of traders to accept the first delivery mention notices Issued against the December 1975 contracts stimulated selling of futures. brokers said; roaster demand for green MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS, MONDAY (AP) Wheat receipts 522, year ago 534; spring wheat cash trading basis unchanged to dow.i 2c to up 4c; prices down 5c to UP Ic Nn. 1 dark northern 11-17 protein $4.41 5.35. Test weight premiums: c each Ib 5861 Ibs; c discount each v a Ib under 58 Ibs Protein prices: 11 pet S4.41-4.42; 12, $4.56 4.57; 13. $4.76-4.77; 14. S4.96-5.00; 15, S517- 5.20; 16, S5.25-5.30; 17, $5.30-5.35. No. 1 hard Montana winter $4.19-5.07. Mlnn-S.D. No. 1 hard winter $4.10-4.91. No. 1 hard amber durum 56.60-6.80; discounts amber 5c; durum lOc. Corn No. 2 yr'iow S3.14',«-3.15'/«. Barley cars 293, year ago 272; Larker S3.11-1.00; Blue Malting $; Beacon v3.ll-4.00; teed S2.30-3.10. Rvc No. 1 and 2 S3.10-3.30. FU< No. 1 '.7 75 Soybeans No. 1 yellow $5.97':. WHEAT FUTURES LIVESTOCK MARKETS HOd RECEIPTS 'Interior lowa-So. Minn. 12 Pybjlc M»rk«t* (Salabl •Fridays receipts, 39,00] Saturday's receipts, 16,0 Monday (Estimate Wk, SHEEP RECEIPTS Monday (estimate WK. ' Yr u . i Yr.. .. -.1 en ilwap ind lambs In the Southern Minnesota marked ire based ... area and sold at two plants In Tows and order buyers. Keompanvlni report e on the tale at animal ind one In southern anvlnt report en Interior Iowa and - r - *• - w --, originating in tin Minnesota and loma HOG QUOTATIONS *ROWS, GILTS * No*i 1 ™ 1 :Veir' " .'sift Inf. la. So. Minn. —Terminal Markets— Sioux City Omaha bs•..".; 56.00-57.50 54.50-56.50 Ibs ....................... 57.50-50.25 Ibs, ... .................... 57.25-58.25 ' ' 57.'00-59.60 56.00-5? 75 s. . - U.S. No. 1 * J Ibs IS*: '.'.::::'.".::::: 56.00-57.75 49.75-5! 59.50-60.00 59.00-59.75 53:dO-54.5b SJ'.OO-JI.SO 52.00-53.50 51.50-52.M CATTLE QUOTATIONS SLAUGHTER CATTLC *> CALVES So" Minn. Sioux City Omaha Sioux Falls )',100 Ibs $45.00-47.5 ftft&t not available 1-1,100 Ibs 4l.i .. Cutter Canner •Receipts of hogs co'"r direct purchases by 23 packing plants within tht Interior area and Southern Minnesota and direct eurcnaiet for ouf-oMtata ihlpmtnrt by I malar shipping organization*. WHOLESALE MEAT (MONDAY) (FED- DES MOINES. (MONDAY STATE) — Midwest carlot meat trade: Beef trade fairly active after opening d,' choice SI. 00-1. 25 .•76. 100 I choice 5 bs »67.i llndauarters ... ..- .— , heifer hindquarters 120-176 Ibs $92.25; choice steer and heifer forequarters 130210 Ibs $62,00; cow beef—canner and cut- stee 3.£ 2 ' : 5i primal cuts—choice steer f4S-190 .Ib» l7 $95.00; choice trash pork cuts—loins 14-17 Ibs $109.75 111.25; Picnics 4-8 Ibs $63.00-63.50; 1 Ibs and UP 161.50; skinned hams 14-17 Ibs $91.50; 17-20 Ibs $93.50; 26-30 Ibs $92.00; jellies, sdfs 12-14 ibs $101.50; 12-14 Ibs (102.00; 18-20 tbs $97.00. CHICAGO, MONDAY (USDA) - Carlot m BeVtrad> fairly active; supplies light; demand, good.;, choice .steer bff f j — steer "hind- heifer hlnd- I5-64.75; 8 Ibs up S110.C I Ibs i Ion at Albla, Creston and Gowrie. CATTLE and calves' 1,679: feeder cattle jteady to $3.00 higher; slaughter cows ll.OO higher; demand good. , Steers: choice 280-500 Ibs $27.00^34,25; 500-600 Ibs $34.50-36.50; 625-775 Ibs $29.3517.25; 830-890 Ibs $38.50-40.00. ..Heifers.: ehole^SS-MO Ibs .$; 600-700 Ibs 1.10; fleshy 820 Ibs Auction at Gowrie and Creston. FEEDER PIGS 859; feeder pigs $2.003.00 per hd higher; demand good. Per head basis; US 1-3 20-30 Ibs $24.00; 30-40 27.00; Ibs 4.75-39. . Ibs . .. 138.00-42.25; 50-60 Ibs $42.00-48.00; 120 US -2 55 IbS $49.30; (Ot US 1-3 80 Itas $48.00. Per hundred weight basis: 32 US 1-3 12055 Ibs $50.00-54.00. Auction at Gowrie. SHEEP and lambs 710; compared to week ago Friday; slaughter lambs $1.00 ewer; slaughter ewes $1.00 lower; feeder ambs $2.00 lower. Slaughter lambs: good and choice 90-110 bs $38.00-39.70. IOWA CATTLE DES MOINES, MONDAY (FED-STATE) — la.-So. Minn. Direct Cattle: trading Monday slow; demand moderate; buyer nqulry fairly aood; sellers generally not willlna to accept prevailing prices. LIVE SALES - compared to Friday's close: hardly enough sales reported to fully establish price trends; few sales considered about steady. Slauohter steers: couple loads high good to mostly choice 1.025-1,100 Ibs $47.25-49.00. Slaughter heifers: ',.lgh aood to mostly Choice 900-950 Ibs $44.00-45.50; load $46.00. Most cattle delivered to packing plants with weighing, conditions equivalent to 3 pet shrink at feedlots. CARCASS BASIS — compared to Frl day's close: steers and heifers steady. Steers, weipht only: mostly choice 600800 Ibs $74.00-76.00; few 700-900 Ibs $77.00- Helfers, weight only: mostly choice 500700 Ibs $72.00-74.00. Steers, grade and weight: choice 600-800 bs $77.00-78.00, • 500400 Ibs 74,00-76.00; heifers choice 500-700 Ibs $74.00-76.00; few 400-500 lb< $60.00-69.00. Dressed prices based on hot weights. LIVESTOCK SLAUGHTER WASHINGTON (MONDAY) (USDA) Estimated dally livestock slaughter undar federal-Inspection: ' Hogs Cattle Sheep Monday 212,000 136,000 28,000 Week ago 198,000 133,000 31,000 Year ago 291,000 113,000 31,000 SUGAR NEW YORK, MONDAY (AP) - Domestic sugar futures on the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange; previous close In parentheses; prices In cents per Ib. Sugar No. 12: no trades. Raw sugar spot 19.75, Sugar No. 11: Sep 17.55 (17.15); Oct i.9p (16.95); Jan n!6.70 (16.29); Mar 16.20 5.89 ; May 15.90 (15.64); Jul nl5.89 15.40 ; Sep n!5.79 (n!5.35); Oct 15.75 Sales': 3,747. n—nominal COCOA NEW YORK, MONDAY (AP) - Cocoa futures on the New York Cocoa Exchange; ; prices In Dec 50.85 47.70 previous close, in parentheses; pri cents per b; SCR 56.05 (54.95); De U9.95 ; Mar 48.50 (47.95^; May 3S 4 Salts 760. Spot accra 78 nominal. SILVER NEW YORK, MONDAY (AP) _ Silver futures on the New York Commodity Exchange; . previous closa In parentheses; 530.00 (550.70 in cents ; Jly 532 per s ' 2.25 (503.60); 6.00 521.50 ; !.90 (538.40); ; Dec 553.50 (550.70). Tip. May 524:50 Sep 541.20 . . u , J3U . Sales: estimated 4 283. coffee remained auiet; previous close parentheses; prices in cents per Tb " 83.10 (083.85); Nov n83.95 (84601 n83.95 (84.60); Mar b83.50 (84.101; n83.80 (bB4.35); Jyly ne^UO (85.25V Sales 849. Parana spot 93'.v nominal. b-bid. I SODI Dec May Ocen High Low Close SCO 4/9 4.81 4.76 4.77 Dec 4 87 4.90 4.83 4.86 Mar 4.98 4.99 4.94 4.98 DURUM FUTURES Dec 6.60 6.60 6.50 6.50 Pvs. Close 4.80 4.88 5.00 6.70 HIDES NEW YORK, MONDAY (AP) — Spot '• r i'n native cowhides n-22V;. • Grants newsman stay on contempt SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF, (AP) — Newsman William T, Farr of Los Angeles was grant ed a stay Monday by the Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals of its order upholding his contempt conviction for refusing to dis close the source of a story. The stay was issued pending the filing and final disposition of a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court for a review of the appellate court's Aug. 8 deci sion. Farr had refused to disclose sources for a story he wrote during the 1971 Charles Manson murder trial. The judge in the case had ordered attorneys and others involved to say nothing to newsmen. Farr said his source for the story was one ol the attorneys and he was jailed after refusing to disclose his source. IOWA HOG TRADE BRISK CHICA AGO, receipts stock ? Clfv MONDAY. (AP) -.Liv*at prl By Daryl Vanderflugt (Federal-State Market News Service) Trade was moderately active on the interior Iowa and southern Minnesota hog markets Monday. Prices were steady to mostly 25 cents higher than mid- session Friday. Demand was moderate. The mixed grade 200 to 230 pound butchers, with some to 240 pounds, sold at the country Barges block Europe rivers BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (AP) — More than 1,000 barges Mocked traffic in rivers and inland waterways in The Netherlands and Belgium Monday. The Dutch bargemen were fighting a plan to reduce the numbers of their craft, and those in Belgium demanded more money and services. The Dutch bargemen threatened to respond with violence if police tried to break up their protest. One protester also said they might strengthen the blockade to prevent oil tankers from docking at Rottefdamra major international oil port. In Belgium, several hundred bargemen docked their vessels side by side at locks on most canals and rivers in the country, also preventing navigation. TREND Of STAPLE PRICES NEW YORK (AP) - The Associated Press weighted wholesale .price. Index of 356 94. Month' ago f ----- "=--—- "• High .. ow • • New 1975 "hrsh" (1926 average equals 100) points for $57.50, with a few for $58. The same grade and weight at the packing plants ranged $57.50 to $58, with a few up to $58.50. Over the weekend, spring slaughter lambs sold steady to $1 lower. Choice and prime shorn lambs brought $40 to $41. Choice and prime wooled offerings sold for $39 to $40. Trade was slow and demand was moderate on the Iowa cattle market Monday. Not enough sales were reported to fully establish price trends, although the few.sales considered were about steady. Prices and receipts are listed in tables in this section. PRODUCE MARKET IOWA PRODUCE Following is Monday's report on Iowa Fed-SIMe Market News: * epor '" 1 b " EGGS — Mostly prices unchanged to Ic hloher on incentive mediums; balance mostly unchanged; graded demand continued good at mn<t points; supplies of mart urns and larger sizes In balance to liv stances short; smalfs burdensome; farm receipts about unchanged; dealer Inventories 10% higher than last Monday £•"& P^ffi"" tf M™. cases, ex ns per ozen a arms, cases exchanged, quality and volume Incentive- Grade A large 45-48C, mostly 47c A medium 34-38C, mosily 37-38C; other farm s A larqe or better 2B-38c, ; A medium 23-31c, moltly qe 16-28C, mostly 19-22c. EST NORTH CENTRAL LIV ht type r- Prices unchana»d; umm J4-JOC, mosiiy J7-JSC; other farm eggs A larqe or better 2B-38C, mostly 32- s&ute^^ ««r"T.J,c?^h^^a N n S d good for light offerings, but buyers not too aqgresslve; supplies short trf moderata; undertone steady. .. c « n '|. Per Ib at farm — commercial flocks S'/rtVic. mostly 6-6Wc. POTATO FUTURES CHICAGO (AP) — Futures trading on ttw Cfilcago Mercantile Exchange Mon- m Prav 44.95 45.05 44,9 44.30 .10 44.10 44.75 .10 45.15 4575 53.95 54.90 5 51.10 51.87 50.10 5030 5040 50.80 51.90 50.40 50190 50.75 May Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan POTATOES (80,000 Ibs) ' ; May 26. 2 ' 75 b ' 3 '' 5 55.25 55.50 60.00 5Teo 55.80 54"6' 54.15 54.90 64.40 64.90 61.3 55.80 54.45 a54.'70 54.8] «l°P. »•«> *>»•« 859.80 . 62.00 57.50 61.00 .5.7.50 KB 61.15 ~iaTs . 60.90 57.50 57'.OC »^ia?pdft" Kr * 1 " WiriJ '" fiK Open Interest: Aug 3; Sep. 1299; Oct 304; Nov"496;"bjc 1 Feb Mar May Jul Aug Sales 1335; S (34, - Jan 291; Feb 35. "Jl Ufi\. I , . __.. »,., BELLIES (34,000 Ibs) 87.15 87.25 86.10 b87.25 85.50 85.80 84.80 bBS.BO 84.00 84.30 83.50 b84.30 83.00 83.55 82.80 b83.55 .95 )85.7i >84.3( >826( _ 8T.15 si'.Ts 80.95 "BUS $9M ... Feb 3654; March 520; May 388; July 256; Aug 11. Open interest: Au9 0; Feb 6858; March 1989; .May 2593; Ju|V 1523; Aug 97. n—Nomii . inal. b— Bid; a— Asked; CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. MONDAY (FED-STATE) — EGGS — Prices to retailers; sales to volume buyers, consumer grades, white eggs m cartons, delivered warehouse: A, extra large. 61'.3-63V:c; A, larae, 60-62c; A medium, 52-53',;c. Ban night picnics at Ming tombs PEKING, CHINA - Chinese authorities have banned what may be the favorite pastime of foreigners seeking to break the monotony of Peking life: A nighttime picnic on the site' of the Ming tombs. The tombs, located some 60 miles north of the capital, are the attraction most frequented by foreign residents here. Except for trips to the tombs and the Great Wall, foreigners must have special permission to venture outside a restricted area around the capital. A group of diplomats picnicking at one of the tombs on Saturday evening was told that the area, formerly open until midnight, would henceforth be closed from 7 p.m. until the following morning. Authorities gave no reason for the decision. A Shiloh In Iowa The movement is headed by a man who de- •crlberlt •• "more fundamental than the fundamentalists." They are building a 175-acre retteat center that will eventually be capable of housing a thousand believers near Kalona. It's called Shiloh after the place of prophets ia the Bible. Charles Corcoran has the story and Frank Folwell the pictures on The Back Page tonight! Obituaries United Air asks fuel surcharge CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) r United Airlines asked Monday for federal authorization of a 4.2 per cent jet fuel surcharge on all passenger fares in the country to meet expected higher fuel costs. In its initial filing with the Civil Aeronautics Board, the airline said the surcharge would be designed to meet fuel costs which it expects to reach $20 million during the rest of 1975, anticipated from elimination of )rice controls on petroleum products next Monday. The proposal would cost a passenger an additional $2.13 on a one-way coach fare from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio — now $50 — and $5.71 more on the current $138 fare from Chicago, 111., to Los Angeles, Calif. Fire warning for tots urged WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) A federal safety agency proposed Monday that advertisements for flammable children's sleepwear carry a warning for potential customers. The ads would h'ave to %ay: "Flammable. Does not meet the standard for flammability of children's sleepwear. Should not be worn near sources of fire." The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said the proposal was designed to clear up public confusion resulting from new federal flammability standards for children's robes and pajamas sizes 7-14. N.Y.C. rise in commuter fares Leased Wire From Dow Jones NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, a New York station agency, announced Monday that various commuter service fares in the New York area will rise between 23 per cent and 25 per cent, effective Sept. 1. Fares on the Long Island railroad would rise by 23 per cent. Wyman testifies before grand jury CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Republican senatorial candidate Louis C. Wyman says he has testified for the second time before a federal grand jury and has asked the Watergate special prosecutor to clear him again of any involvement in the possible sale of ambassadorships during the Nixon administration. Wyman, a former five- t e r m congressman, faces Democrat John A. Durkin in a rerun election Sept. 16 to determine the winner of last November's New Hampshire Senate election. MRS. FLORENCE MATHEWS Services will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at Dunn's Funeral Home on Grand Avenue for Mrs. Florence M. Mathews, 97, of Valley View Village, 2600 Avenue Frederick M. Hubbell, who died Sunday at Iowa Lutheran Hospital. Burial will be MRS. FLORENCE a t M 8 S 0 n 1 C MATHBWS cemetery. Born in Grinnell, Mrs. Mathews lived in Des Moines for 63 years. She was a member of the Auburn Chapter of O.E.S and of the Ladies' Auxiliary of Railway Trainmen. Survivors include several nieces-and nephews. MRS. HARRIETT MUEHLE Mrs. Harriett Pauline Mu- ehle, 86, of Sun City, Ariz., a former Des Moines resident, died last Thursday in Birmingham, Mich., at the home of a daughter. Visitation will be from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at Dunn's Funeral Home on Grand Avenue. Graveside services are pending at the Masonic Cemetery. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Muehle lived in Des Moines for 40 years. She lived in Sun City for 12 years. She was a member of Eastern Star Chapter 89, Netaker Temple 11 of the Daughters of the Nile, the Des Moines Women's Club, and St. John's Lutheran Church. Survivors include two daughters, *Mrs. Richard Tucker of Birmingham, Mich.,, and Mrs. Roy Sincere of Phoenix, Ariz.; and a granddaughter. AMELIA K. REINKE Amelia K. Reinke, 91, of Norwalk, a former Des Moines resident, died Monday at the Regency-Care Center_in~4Jot COPPER NEW YORK, MONDAY (AP) — Copper futures on the New York Commodity Exchange; previous close In parentheses; prices in cents Per Ib; Sep 61.20 (61.10); Oct 61.80 (61.70); Dec 43.30 (63.10); Jan 63.90 (63.80); Mar 65.10 (65.00); Mav 66.20 (66.00); Jly 67.30 (67.00); Sep 68.40 (68.00). Sales: estimated 1,949. POTATO FUTURES NEW YORK, MONDAY (AP) — Potato futures on the New Yortt Mercantile Exchange; previous close In parentheses: (Maine) Nov 8.35 (8.70); Mar 11.68 (11.50); Apr 12.06 (12.56); May 13.78 walk of complications following a hip fracture. Graveside services will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Glendale Cemetery. Born in Stuart, Miss Reinke lived in Des Moines for 70 years and was a sales clerk at Younkers until her retirement in 1950. She was a member of Plymouth Congregational Church. Survivors include several nieces and nephews. Dunn's Funeral Home on Grand Avenue is in charge of service arrangements. MRS. ALBERT CONDRA The Register's Iowa News Service SPENCER, IA. - Services for Mrs. Helen Condra, 57, of Spencer, who died Sunday at a Sioux Falls, S.D., hospital, will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Grace United Methodist Church here. Mrs. Condra's husband, Albert is Clay County Recorder. Survivors, in addition to her husband, include three sons, three daughters and four grandchildren. ANTHONY T. GRIFFIOEN KNOXVILLE, IA. - Services for Anthony T. Griffioen, 63, of rural Knoxville, who was killed Saturday in a tractor accident on his farm, will be at 10 a.m. today at the Arlington Chapel of the Evans-McCleery Funeral Home here. Survivors include his wife, a son, a sister, Mrs. Ralph McFadden of Des Moines, three grandchildren and a great-grandchild. EVERETT McVEY The Register's Iowa News Service KNOXVILLE, IA. - Services for Everett McVey, 71. of Knoxville, who died Sunday at a Knoxville hospital, will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Bybee- Davis Funeral Chapel here. Survivors include his wife, six sons, his mother, a sister, Mrs. Fay Smith of Des Moines, and 13 grandchildren. ALLAN BUNGE The Register's Iowa News Servlc* ESTHERVILLE, IA. - Services for Allan Bunge, 25, of Meeker, Colo., a former Estherville resident who was killed Sunday in a one-car accident near Meeker, will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Trinity Lutheran Church here. Survivors include his mother, three brothers and a sister. GALEN LEE SAXTON GALEN LEE SAXTON Galen Lee Saxton, 46, of 1105 S.E. Sixtieth St., died Sunday at his home of a heart attack. Services «will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the United Methodist Church in Lorimor with burial at Moon Cemetery at Macksburg. Born in Lorimor, Mr. Saxton was a resident of Des Moines for 10 years. He was president of Sax- co, Inc., and was a member of the Blue Lodge in Lorimor and of the Za-Ga-Zig Shrine. Survivors include his wife, Marjorie; a son, David of, Des -Moinesi—two-daughtersr Mrs. Gail Graham of Des Moines and Janet Saxton of Decorah; two stepsons, Edward and Albert Hutson, both of Des Moines; two sisters, Mrs. Lorene Corsbie of Lorimof and Mrs. Carol Thomas of Humeston; a brother^ Paul of Ames, and two grandchildren. The Watts-Lindsay Funeral Home in Lorimor is in charge of service arrangements. MRS. MARY BEPPLER Services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at St. John's Catholic Church for Mrs. Mary Johnston Beppler, 72, of Long Beach, Calif., a former Des Moines resident who died Sunday at a Los Angeles, Calif., hospital after a long illness.' Burial will be at Glendale Cemetery. A native of Des Moines, Mrs. Beppler moved to California 20 years ago. Survivors include two sons, John F. Burke of Paletine, 111., and William F. Burke of Long Beach; two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.. Friends may call at the Cald w e 11-Brien-Robbins Funeral Home after 4 p.m. today. A "rosary:will be recited there at 8 p.m. MRS. JULIA J. ANGELO Services for Mrs. Julia J. Angelo, 75, of 818 S.E. Twenty- seventh St., who died Sunday at the Riverview Manor Nursing Home, will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the L. Fowler and Son Funeral Home. Burial will be at Laurel Hill Cemetery. f Born in Missouri, Mrs. Angelo lived in Des Moines for 60 years. Survivors include two sons, Leo Angelo and Robert Brown; two brothers, George and Eugene Tywater, and a sister, Mrs. Mildred Morris, all of Des Moines. JOHN T. TOYNE The Register's Iowa News Servic* LANESBORO, IA. - Services for John T. Toyne, 96, of Lanesboro, who died Saturday at a Lake City nursing home, will be at 10:30 a.m. today at the Community United Methodist Church here. Survivors include three daughters, a son, a stepdaughter, 15 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren. MICHAEL A. MONDRAGON The Register's Iowa News Servic* HUMBOLDT, IA. - Services for Michael A. Mondragon, 20, of Humboldt, who drowned Sat- jjrday^ while taking a scuba diving test at a limestone quarry pit near Humboldt, will be at 11 a.m. today at St. Michael's Catholic Church at Whittemore. Survivors include his parents, six sisters, two brothers and his maternal grandparents. MRS. LELA SLYCORD The Register's Iowa News Service OSKALOOSA, IA. - Services for Mrs. Lela Slycord, 82, of Oskaloosa, who died Sunday at an Oskaloosa hospital, will be at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Powers Funeral Home here. Survivors include her husband, five sons, six daughters, a brother, a sister, 22 grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren. MARK KAUZLARICH KNOXVILLE, IA. -- Services for Mark Kauzlarich. 20, of rural Knoxville, who died Saturday at an Iowa City hospital after a lengthy illness, will be at 11 a.m. today at the Church of St. Anthony here. Survivors include his parents, three .sisters and two brothers. I

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