Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 25, 1942 · Page 1
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 1

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1942
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TWO--THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Wednesday, February 25,1942 Dial 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal Offices € By Margaret Turner - ATTENTION of beauty shops in .'**• LiUbbock: A pup dachshund in a Rockefeller Center beauty salon moves around with a magnet attached to its neck — picking up bobby and hair pins. - * * * BE PATRIOTIC THRESH floxvers in red, white " and blue, make inspiring decorations for any table or mantle- piece. One arrangement of red and white carnations or gladioli arranged to form a V lias, blue cornflowers for the dot and dash motif to finish the color scheme and carry 3. cheering note of victory. Another way to add a patriotic touch to home atmosphere is to place your flowers in red and white striped wall brackets. Lectures On Book, Drama, Gardens And Islands Given Before Clubs IN THE MAIL was mine Today's Events .,. OES Prltndshlp nifjht, 1:30 p. m., Masonic hall. Borden Needle club, 3 13. m.. Mrs. Ton> <;i\son. 401 Ave. , J.Srs. J. C. Jarro'.l, Coloninl Needle club. 3 p. IBIO 9ih St. m.. Mri. 193S 1'orty-two club. 3 p. m, Mr«. R. 1916 Ntedle club. 2i30 p. in., M. Hendsrson. 1M20 ttKn St. MM. D. Calvary Baptist Junior CJIrls au.vilisry, 3:15 p. m., church. Madonna Circle of Cemnl church. 4 p. m., church. Baptist Delphian, society, 3 p. m.. "li'ton hotel. D EAR MISS TURNER: I talking to a friend of today and she told me about being at one of the local theaters the other night and she and her husband were the only ones who stood up when "The Star-Spangled Banner" was played. It is not required, according to etiquette, to rise to your feet in the home if you'do not care to on hearing the national anthem over the radio. Do real Americans have to have laws to force people to show respect for what is being done for them? I am sure if that same group of people had been at El Paso a the Plaza theater the other nigh they would have felt very much out of place, for the picture was about our flag, what it stood for and .at the conclusion f>t the pic ture came the request, "Now let us all join in singing the National Athem" and before the music started everyone was to their feet and you could feel they felt it was a privilege to do so. You will perhaps say, "That's a fine spirit.". Yes, it is, but remember El Paso has dirt arid filth that we do not begin to tolerate here in our clean city, yet our citizens cdn't rise to their feet to show, in such a small manner their appreciation for our .freedom. I don't anyone can sit. We have sat for more than 20. years. It is time for all of us to stand oh our feet now. will have more effect on our soldiers than just sitting in our soft chairs. Sincerely, • . . Mrs. L. D. B. . .' .. • . . • * * D EAR MRS. L. D. B.: We think you are doing a rather serious thing when you challenge a town's patriotism or say a town is patriotic or not because of a report that 2005 Br< an audience at one picture show present, did not stand when the national anthem was played. After -we read your letter we called Arlie Crites, manager o: Lindsey theaters, Inc., and Preston Smith, manager _ ^of the Tpch theater and trfed 'to 'talk with Joe Bryant, manager of the Midway : theater, to ask their reactions to your accusation. Mr. Smith tells us that severa years-ago, before defense and war became everyday topics, the Tech theater audiences sometimes sat L - "The Star-Spangled Banner" was .played during a news reel or the like. But now, he says, there is never a time when the crowc . .doesn't rise with soldiers through out the 'house rising and saluting the flag, Mr. Crites says he has had hi ushers check audiences in hi theaters, for the last 20 times tha the national anthem was playe - and that on no occasion has anyone sat through it. He said-he thinks Lubbock. picture goers are keyed to a high emotional pitch and quick to show it when the flag or a picture of President Roosevelt are shown or the national anthem is played. He said,- however, that not so long ago "America" was played • and~a few stood; others remaining seated since they recognized the song as only a patriotic number, not the song voted by Congress • on March 3, 1931 as the national anthem. ' v ' * * * MIND YOUH MANNERS rpEST your knowledge of correct - 1 - social usage .by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: . "1. If a baby is asleep when you call on friends should'you expect them to wake the baby up so that you can see it? 2. If you know that a married couple must find someone to stay " with their children if they go out . in the evening, should you try to : extend invitations to them several days in advance? 3. If you have a cold should you put off calling on friends who have children until you are, completely over it? 4. Must you serve liquor, even though you can't afford it, because your friends always do? 5. Should you pay social calls on persons who are packin" to move? What would you do if— A neighbor calls and you have work that cannot be put off <a> Explain to the neighbor and ask her to excuse you? p. m.. Du Maurier Novel Is Club Review Lectures given at federated study club meetings Tuesdf.y afternoon covered a wide variety of ubjects including spring garden- ng, a review of Du Manner's atest novel, 'T r e n c h m a n's srv-an Lar.d*rj, ^reek," personalities and plays of he American theater, islands, D. Co:e. 2323 nth st. stories and the subject of natur-i d'ization. j Mrs. J. B. Jackson talked on •Personalities of the Theater" 2nd Mrs. M. D. Temple "Twenty Best Plays of the Modern American The ater" 'John Gassner) when Twentieth Century club members met at Hotel Lubbock. In McDavitt Homa Mrs. J. L. Adams was program, director at the Junior Sorosis club meeting with Mrs. A. C. McDavitt, 2110 T we n ty- seventh street. Talks included: "Interesting Facts Of Puerto Rico," Mrs. O. L. Dixon; "Chiam," Mrs. G. L. Parker; "Virgin Islands," Mrs. Joe Christian; "History and Traditions of Brazil," Mrs. W. A. Morgan. Mesdames Sheridan Towle, Harold Blank; Lucky n xeedtj club. 3 p. m., Mrs and Don Wiley were guests. j J?J|»,, r - *""• 20tn 31 " *"• Re<i Cros Dr. W. C. Holden of the faculty' * at Texas Technological college gave selections from his compilation Of Stories about West Texas ' AJlegro club. 3:30 p. m animals when Junior Twentieth \ Ellio '- c - 2Ma le '- h s Century club members met at the Tech library- Nineteen members and one guest attended. The next meeting of the club will be at the Girl Scout Little House. . .; Mesdames J. D. Sanders and Ralph Garnett gave resumes of Lubbock B »nd P\V club. 6:30 Hilton hotel, dinner meeting. Ur.lty Study class. 8 p. m.. Horel Lubbock. Halcyon forty-two club. 3 p. m.. Mra. F. K. Mitchell, hostess in home of Mrs. Lora Tucker. 1506 Ave. R. AAOW Book Review group*. 3 p. m., Mrs. Add L. Eddlni, 1911 20th St. Wednesday Ntedie club, 3 p. nt.. Mrs S. C. Wilson. 1615 10th St.. Mrs. A. \V MfrKee. co-hostess. JuJt-A-Mtre club, 2:30 p. m., Mrs. Ra> f. Hinchey, 1202 Ave.. O. " Mrs. Elol articles from February magazines at a meeting of Clement-Sorosis club with Mrs. Jess Hendrix, 2215 Thirtieth street. Mrs. Clarence Woods was assistant hostess. Seventeen were present. Mrs. Chandler Is Speaker Sorosis club members met at Sew-On c'.ub. 8 p. m.. Mexican Inn dinner and theater part> honoring hus bands. First Aid course. 3 to 5 p. m., sponsorei by Roscoe Wilson P-TA. school; Mrs. Iv Savage, instructor. 'Home Nursing course. 9 to 11 a. m.. Foursquare Gosp*l church; sponsored by K. Carter P-TA. Dr. Arthur Jenkins to speak. Bounty Clubs Have iiesday Programs Two home demonstration clubs attended, meetings Tuesday afternoon. Early spring blooming shrubs uch as bridal wreath, forsythia and quince should not. be pruned until after they bloom in the pring, Miss Clara Pratt, county lome demonstration agent, told members of the Hurl wood club. Mrs. L. V. Preston, yard, demon- j .tralcr, was hostess and hc-v shrubs were pruned in a demonstration. Since blooms are on previous year's growth, pruning before Blooming would reduce the num- aer of blooms, Miss Pratt said. Garments to be made for the Red Cross •!.•««> distributed . The club will meet with Mrs. W. R. Byers March 10. Those present were Mesdames Dee Boone, J. P. Pace, Jim Bailey, P. C. Mitchell. C. E. Moreman, C. M. Eoff, S. H. Bradford, D. B. Thompson,' Byers, C R. Moore, G. K. Horton, V. L. Cades and two visitors Mesdames Jim Cates and J. A. Frendiger. In Beck Home Mrs. Byron Beck was hostess to the Southwest Ward club. Mrs. 'Paul Judah was elected as nominee for the district association.- A program on "Who's Who in our State Organization" was given. Mesdames E. W. Smith of Monroe, A. B. Allen of Cooper and J. C. Stanford were visitors. Members were Mesdames Bert Elam J. H. Aufil). C. E. Oswalt and O. J Snow. Knitters For Britain Are To Meet Today Women who have been making garments' to be sent to the Knitters for Britain office in Dallas are to meet with Mrs. M. C. Overton today. The garments are to be sent to Dallas by Friday. Those who come are asked to bring sandwiches or a salad for a covered diih luncheor this afternoon. Othe~i who took knitting or garments to be made for this cause are asked to bring the articles, vhether or not they are completed, o Mrs. Oyyrton, Mrs. W. T. Gason or Miss Jonnie McCrery by Friday. Brief Bits Of Local News- Dr. J. Martin Klotsche, professor of history at the University .of Wisconsin and a member of the Rotary International group of lecturers, will lecture tonight in the Lamesa High school auditorium on <; Our South American Neighbors." The meeting is sponsored by the Lamesa Rotary club and is one of several to be given in this section. Dr. Klotsche spent the summer of 1939 in South America. Tie was also in Europe when the Spanish war broke out in 193G, in The club will meet March with Mrs. W. M. Gaston. 10 Allegro Music Club Will Meet Today Mrs. Elois Elliott will enter- lain for members of the Allegro club this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at her home, . 2209 Sixteenth street. Mrs. R. B. Parkinson will be program director for the presentation of the following numbers: "Goodbye Old Paint" (arranged by David Guion), "Rounded up in Glory" (Oscar Fox), Cullen Chapman, guest artist. "White Orchids" (James Francis Cook), Mrs. Chester Elliott; "Pond-Lily" (Albert Spaulding) Mrs. Newton Walton; "Im so glac trouble don't last always".(R. N Dett), "Follow Me" (R. N. Dett) Mrs. F. C. Stanley; "Rhapsody ii Blue'' (Gershwin), Mrs. A. C Sanders, jr. | "uypsy Love bong" (Victory Herbert), "Rosary" (Nevin), Beverly Cumbie, gues't artist. Austria just anschluss ?.nd in Czechoslovakia during the Munich negotiations in 1933. tation supervisor, s;aid Tuesday. Total of the loans is expected to approximate $45,000 - to $50,000. Some of the loans ranged up to $700'or more, with an average of $500. Purchase of livestock and implements to produce more feed were given as the principal reasons for asking for loans. V. E. Ball, a posioffice inspector at Abilene, was in Lubbock Tuesday. He called at Lubbock post- office and.while here visited the McCarty Assigned To Caribbean Patrol Aubrey McCarty, son of Rev. C. J. McCarty o£ 1913 Eighteenth street find a 1938 graduate of Technological college, hae before the Nazi I army advanced flying sihool branch at Hurlwood. He was ac- :ompr,nied by Inspector Orgain, of Waco, who made an inspection and also by Postmaster Amos Howard and Assistant Postmaster. M, M. Brown. The week of March 1-7 has been designated as "Plant for Victory Week," by the Texas war board, Walter Y. Wells, administrator of the county Agricultural Adjustment administration, said Tuesday. Farmers and • others throughout Texas are being urged to plant "victory" gardens this year in order to meet a demand for .greatly increased foods Cor shipment abroad, Wells added. Four members of Crosbyton Lions club attended " Tuesday's Lubbock club session. They were, Dr. F. A. Green, Dr. J. L. Adams, Joe Blocker and W. H. Hames. Sub-siaiion commanders of the West Texas district army recruiting office here, will be in Lubbock Friday for a conference and for a visit of Capt. Clement C. Jayson p. m., Madonna Child Study club, 3 Mrs. Harold Munn. 1514 28th St. Needlecrati club, 3 p. m., Mrs. E. T. Burden, 1503 23rd SI. First Aid course, sponsored by K. Carter P-TA. 3:15 p. m.. room 110, school; A- , - * T "III TT * i Milton Oreer instructor. he Girl Scout Little House for a rogram on American citizenship. Mrs. C. M. Chandler on "Natural- zation." O. B. Howell, professor of hor- Loyi! Sisters Needle club. 3 p. m , Mrs. J. A. Hodges. 1320 Hth St. ticulture at Tech college, talked « "The Garden" when members if the Athenaeum club met at Hotel Lubbock and roll call was naming a perennial for West Texas. ' Mrs^ Teal Gives Hevltw Mrs. J- L. Teal reviewed the Du Maurier novel before mem- 3ers of the Lubbock Woman's Forum at the F. R. Friend home, 2005 Broadway. There were 30 resent. ' Hostesses were Mesdames J. O. Cade, H. J. Bingham, James Smith and C. R. Young. Mrs. R. P. Fuller was program leader. Mrs. Ardelle Scales sang. Life In Persia Is Discussed At Club Life in Persia was described by Mrs. Richard Robbins of Los Angeles at a meeting of the Ingleside- Sorosis club Monday night in Slaton at the home of Mrs. H. R. Mc- Kse. Mrs. Robbins recently returned to the United States. Her husband, an electrical engineer, remained in Persia. The hostess is the mother of Mrs. Richard Robbins, jr., a former member of Ingleside-Sorosis club. Miss Jessie Blank, program director, introduced Mrs. J. E. Hamilton who talked on poetry, giving details in the lives of various poets and reciting one of her own poems. After refreshments, the meeting was adjourned to permit members to listen to President Roosevelt's radio.speech. . Miss Melba Riek, who is to marry Adrain Bowden March 1 offered her resignation. She was presented with a waffle iron from the club. Other special guests were Miss Pauline Chaney and Mrs. Maude Baldwin. Parties Honor For Houston Visitors Two Houston visitors, Mesdames Grace Woodward and Edwin Martin, are being honored with a series* of courtesies in Lubbock this week. They are the guests of Col. and Mrs. Thomas L. Gilbert, 1914 Twenty-ninth street, and Mr. and Mrs. Alex McDonald, 2221 Eighteenth street. Mrs. McDonald gave a luncheon at the Mexican Inn Tuesday afternoon, carrying out a patriotic motif in details. Red, white and blue carnations centered the tables which were lighted v.-ith candles in the same shades and small flags States were plate Dietetics Group Has Discussion Monday For discussion led by Miss Johnson and Sister M. Clement, the Lubfaock Dietetics association met Monday night with Sister Clement, 2605 Nineteenth street. Articles from the Dietetic magazine were topics for discussion with Miss Winnie Temple in charge. Later the group listened to President Roosevelt. Refreshments % were served to Misses Mozelle Craddock. Helen Priebe, Jean Spencer, Mary Leda McAdams, Vester Grace Rogers, Beatrice Heatley, Jonnie McCrery, Marie Collins. Nannetta Morris, Elaine Huff, Eleanor Wood. Mary Alice Crosson, Catherine Collier and Mesdames T. F. Wiesen and Arch Lamb. Enlisted Men Honored With Informal Party Four enlisted men from' the Lubbock Army Air base were honored Friday night with an informal party in the home of Mrs. Jewel Bray, 1108 Twenty-second street. Games were played and dancing was also featured. Enlisted men attending were Floyd Hale. Leon Unkarr; Sgt. John Blair and Robert Lee. Others present were Bertha Tew, Johnnie Griffin, Bobby Griffin, J. D. Bray, Kenneth Bray and Miss Flora Jennings from Junction. Patricia Hangs Honor Guest. At Room Party Mrs. F. E. Hangs gave a party in j ton, 1701 Avenue Q. Miss Melba Riek Is Honored At Shower Honoring Miss Melba Riek bride-elect of Adrain C. Bowden Mesdames J. E. Hamilton and L. J Abbott and Misses Marion Rogers and Anita Seay entertained with a miscellaneous shower and tea Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Hamil of the United favors. The guest list was made up of the honorees and Mesdames Gilbert, Ted Tipps, W. T. Clark, G. C. Brewer, T. .A. Niblaek, Cecil Huff, Ray Chappelle, James.Pruitt and Clem Boverie. Brewers Entertain The Brewers gave a dinner party at their home Wednesday light to honor the Houston visitors and the Gilberts. Their list was made up of Mesdames Martin, Woodward, McDonald, Col. James W. Andrew, Lieut. James E. McDaniel, Otis Craig, and Mr. and Mrs. Huff. Col. and .Mrs. Gilbert gave a small dinner party Monday night to" honor their guests and "Friday night they are planning a reception at their home between 8 and 10 o'clock. Officers and their wives from the Lubbock Army Air Base and about 100 town people will be included in the-guest list. her daughter, Patricia's room at Roscoe Wilson school Tuesday afternoon. Miss Virginia Maude Keese, teacher, assisted in entertaining. The occasion marked Patricia's seventh birthday. Balloons and other favors were given at the colorful party and a birthday cake was served. An old-fashioned music bo was used. Sweetpea corsages wer plate favors. Gifts were on display Forty guests called. le is to give a serum for innocu- ation for yellow fever and other reatments. H. C. Pender, district governor f Lions International district 2-T, vill make an official visit next 'uesday noon 'to the Clarendon l.ub. Sam Braswell, Clarendon editor and an. active member, is a former district governor. More than 100 applications for Farm Security administration oans have been made through the county office, for the 1942 crop, .Valter F. Johnson, rural reliabili- ty. O. Fortenberry, Monroe landowner and farmer, said Tuesday lie hoped to be able to plant at le^st 150 to 200 acres of sugar beets this'year. Last year Fortenberry was chairman of the state Agricultural Adjustment Administration sugar beet committee. There will be no AAA allotment this 'year, he added. Last fall he harvested beets from over 9G acres Mrs. Roy Dornwell, formerly o: San Antonio, has been employee as secretary in the plant industry department at Texas Technological college to succeed Miss Frankie Mae Case, who resigned recently to accept a position at the air base Mrs. Dornwell, whose husband i in the personnel department at the air base, formerly attended Ou Lady o£ the Lake college in ijan Antonio and was assistant to the librarian. She later was employed one and one-half years by Lloyd's of America, Inc., and three years by the Security Finance company in San Antonio. Many civilian applicants for Army work have visited the civilian personnel placement office in the West Texas district Army recruiting office, Major Perry C. Euchner, acting recruiting officer, said 1 Tuesday. Lieut. Elkan •been assigned to Caribbean patrol duty as soon as he completes his Army Air corps training, his father was informed . irf a' letter received Tuesday. Young McCarty is at Luke field, Ariz., and was one of 'the Army. viation cadets in the flight in vhich Charlie B. Coats, 24-year- ld Lubbock resident, was killed \\'n weeks ago. He will receive his wings in ceremonies March 6. Mr. McCarty plans to attend the graduation. At Tech McCarty was a three- year member of the varsity tennis earn. After.graduation he traveled for the Practical Drawing company until he left last Aug. 15 for :he Air corps training. Solo mon, handling applications, said more than a dozen persons had requested information Tuesday. J. E. Galloway, Naval recruiter at the postoffice, has completed an examination for warrant officer in the Navy. A sailor for nearly 17 years, he was instructed by the Dallas recruiting office to lake physical examinations . for promotion to warrant officer, in accordance with an expansion program of the Navy. All enemy aliens more than 14 year old must register at the postoffice by Saturday, Postmaster Amos Howard reminded. Only two such aliens have, registered, he said. Body of an infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. C. S. Tramel of. south o£ the city was buried in Lubbock cemetery Tuesday after noon after services at Sanders Funeral home chapel at which Dr. J. M. Lewis, pastor of First P. r e s byterian church, officiated. The infant, born Sunday morn^ ing. died at West Texas hospital at 8:20 o'clock Tuesday morning. Plan Registration Of Hub-Ettes Thursdav Young business women and Tech college co-eds who have .not registered for the Hub-Ette Brigade are invited to do so Thursday night between 5 and 7 o'clock at a table' on the mezzanine floor of the Hilton hotel. Already 200 have registered in the brigade which is an organization of young women who are interested in the recreation program of the Lubbock Defense council. Entertainments, are sponsored for cadets and-enlisted men of the Lubbock Army Air Base. They will include' dancing, table games, ping pong, group singing and other diversions. The exciting, different dessert— sizzling Dancing Club To Have Dance Friday Lubbock Dancing club is to have a dance Friday night at o'clock at the Cotton club, dance was planned formerly for Saturday night at the Hilton hotel. for only Slide H-D Club Meets With Mrs. Copeland Mrs. W. O. Rieger told the story of the blind woman with the flowers at a meeting of the Slide Home Demonstration club with Mrs. O. R. Copeland Monday afternoon. Miss Clara Pratt, in discussing pruining. said a safe rule is to prune blooming shrubs after flowering. Those present were Mesdames George Buckingham, R. V. Giddens. Lewis Kenderson, Lee Rieger, L. D. Stanford, C. L. Strickland, Jesse Jones, Lonnie Williams, M. C. Williams and a visitor, Mrs. George Hindman. Mrs. E. G! Moore Given Surprise Gift Party Mrs. E. G. Moore, who recently moved to a new home at 1601 Twenty-third street, was honored with a surprise housewarming given Monday 'afternoon by Mesdames Levi Duncan and E. C. Pool. The list of guests included Mesdames J. D. Mack, O. R. Phillips, Troy Phillips, H. J. Ballew, Vera Hawkins. Joe Caraway. A. E. Brashear. Buster Vaughn. Melvin Copp, R. J. Swayder, H. S. Weiss, N 7 . L. King, Cecil Chance, M. C. Robertson, M. F. McDan- •iels. R. E. Ellison. Homer Mess, J. D. Badley, J.' L. Badley, John Minton. V. r . M. Estes, Jack Vail, Holland Graves. E. D. 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