Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 17, 1970 · Page 97
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 97

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1970
Page 97
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Page 97 article text (OCR)

St The Arl zCl R^n bllc O Phwnlj, Wed., Jme 17, 1)70 Yesterday's sports Scoreboard Four Wildcats in NCAA track Golf OC (Hole in Sr., aced th* tUM CltY JOUTH One)— Frank DaitM ., ,.,.„>. 130-vart, NO. s holt wtfng a five iron. INCAN L»i«u«-R n Li Baseball B LR4ION Rol-Tec tj Downtown Merchant! 2 " un»jo,.coronado i Pittsfiew li, AAandiiittr 3 Pawtucket at R«adln«, Odd., rim Denver AMERICAN ASSOCIATION rar 6, Tolsa.4 _ To Clt Arcadia _, Bourgade Saguaro 11 Oklahoma City 8. Wichita 7 Indianapolis 5, Evanivlila i erchants 2 MIIA ueh 1 "** itra ..ILIOHT LCAOUl Staffer Tlrei m. liley'*. ..Maverlekr. 7, Frist Eddje'i t, Bramer 2. . Waser 17; low piav- _,. K i «/\«a hwmwuE El Paso 4, Memphis 2 Arkansas 4, pBlla»-FOrt Worth J San Antonio T, Amarllio 0 Albuquerque 4, shreveport 2 _ INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Rochester 11,.Winnipeg 4 Tidewater I, Columbus 2 Richmond IS, Louisville 7 Jr^wW*" 11 Waterbury 8, Elmira 7 y CjpTwJ-NI, J « Ol-.._, _.. s Toft-Bob Bnd l "*" : 'n<P r G V r «, 6r.y Madison _ PARADISE fourr Jan •or- VALLIY foursome — Mr. and Mrs. JacKDolan 28, eiepn Tenndy and B. J. Opplncott. Jack Bolan and Lou Betiamax. Mrs. and Aws. Gene Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Rleman, Herb Rieman and Mr«., Dal* Anderson, Mr. and Mri. Pau Thomas 31. THUNDERBIRD O •ic^l TVi' Slurry Seal hpmpson's Veterlna «rlz. Funeral Home 8, Western Provlr Lloyd 27; gross, sa THUND6RBIRD CC (Ladles Summer League) — Low gross — EMeV Mahannah 41; Low net — Ester Mahannah »; Phoenix Tent 6V4,l.ona year ivti Dr. Pease 7, Lawion Producti 3; ABC Moving 8, Lemon's Onion 74 J. WHITE MOUNTAIN. CC Ban invitational) — DeFrance MaryJo Wi Sane Mary Leila d. .Adelald, Brandt • in, 4 a, i i Jackie Pascal •n def. Ann Williams • ;e, 3 li 2; Luclle Hoops - del. /arren, Ahern nbake, ,'urner def. Ja'nls Berrldge 'eaver, 2 up; Marshar Merforl ee Harris def. Elenor Full r ,r>Lou. Sauer. 4 ' ' y Samar 5 jinn def. Loralne Wh ,b def h Eli's'e WrV-fe'vylliiams; . 2; Dorothy Jorgensen - Marilyn irie def. Alvena Anderson • Nancy Monrie case, 2 WOM1I G*enda (e.. Queen»:Sr gel^ ( |V "Bees i ; OPEN LBAOUR — El Comeatlbles 4; .Hustler 7, vibiiuHin iquvci19 J* Copperettes def. Sport Dog entries APACHE GREYHOUND PARK ' Official Entries for Wed., June 17, 1»70 ist-S-U, Or. O.B.'s Red ild Punch . Power Shan San. .tan Misty 6 L.D.V Curlev 9-2 Bucksheen 10 12 pache Cr., Or. 1. 9-2 Dea S.D.'s Zoete ,-. O.B.'s Red Jack 5-2 Roving MIKe Maggie's Express 8 Jack'^ Buffy Havalena Es- Grand Sweep -~jn Hills Roving MIK» J.L. Movln L.A. Fonder or. On 5-2 10 Blackstone Too . Barb's Secret 12 4!h-S-1o, Gr. 3. O.B.'j Andy 10 Miss Frances A Madge Adams a Mac O'Dell 9-2 Mil—Apache, Cr., E?K*" B Lltle Jo 7-2* G.G.'s Red ual Je wel iwana Here Com* Da Judge Deacon Hunter Proud Action Agent Smith Judy Diane Gr. 2. rm Koss Drubber ~lnger» Goal -, Gr. 3. Arizona Brad . . Free Loading D.V F=red Kricket Silver Dollar Preferred Vs Half- Nelson 12 ______ 8 Saglnaw Sam 5-2 Demosabay ^, . . i *.'» Johnny Plnal Cr., Or. S. Third Round Super. Gold Rush Stakes 10 M.'s Opal Dusty Spec G.M.'s Last Dance Cocopah etft—5-H, Gr. i Fur Baler Adam M. 5^ La_ Bel leva, 7-2 K Iowa Buck Ramble After Lac* Lois Linen C.VYs Henry Shelby Lynn Maggie's Flyer 7-2 5-2 12 M . . .B 's S Over 6 Massle'i 9th Final Cr., Gr. S. Third Round Super. Gtld Ri O.B.'s Lucky c> — "— Jack 10 7-2 Quali "Craft & ChanneTmaster 12 J.L.'c Boozer 10 lOtfi— 5-16, Gr. 3. Lonesome Flapper T.y Ada D.L.'s Sister 5-2 9-2 Shanker Sandy 5-2 Prairie Vixen 8 Mae freli Ballou 8 Diorama 9-2 Socks 8 Cr?, *Wit1's Riot .K.'s Top etrex Layne Hair Mundq Espanto 10 Tarlka See .pine .... 6 Sir. Lad -2" P 10 T Honkl Tonk Girl Bull 'n Bear 9-2 On this date ONI YEAR AOO Arizona State remained In contention for Collage World Series title with 4-2 triumph over Masia- chutatts. FIVE YEARS AOO_ Susan Moore and reached the finals • lor aolf tournamen' try Club. e and Susan Tubman inais in fha state |un- lament «t Mas* Coon- Jim Ward tossed a four-hlttar and struck .out 11, reading Arizona to an TV-4 w n over St. Johns In CoMw basaba I's World Series. ,, TWENTY YEARS AOO Irish-bred Noor made It three ... a row over citation with a world record of .1:4454 for iVk miles at Golden Gate. Softball SLOW PITCH Pour members of the University of Arizona track team will compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association track and field championships which begin tomorrow at Drake University. They are Lorenzo Allen (high jump), Steve Gunzel (discus) and Jack McEwen and Roy Waddell (javelin). PIERCE PARK — Country. Bovi 15, Beverft Clquors 10,..Kerr't ft, Arftona . T L''»...?-.?H O .. l?i- N J? t n t g RI < 1 «''* 7. Don NAMiNT — Su! 7; Crecendo », < P&RI^ *—. •.,. ChrlsTown 5. ESC Credit.union 8; life Air 43, F.S. Baptist . .^iWAII perlfte 22, Sky Joe's Tavern 1 MARYVUE A-uV"-' ltY — ^GlenArm. 14, B op. Si General Electric ^ ^. , Coffee^ Shop. Si General Electric is, May Davis Court Reporters 14; B Division — Austin Xlr, 21, v«lSv Fleat washino 12; Snaffu Inc. 21, Bungalow A R I C 0 P A COUN lOUB — Country Cot- liver 3; The Glla Rfver GT 4; salt River Roadrunnert er Royals 9. lar PARK ls dh.: GREAT FOR THE FAMILY 200 ROOMS Pool • Coffee Shop • Shuffle Board On Mission Bay, San Diego Phone San Diego (714) 222-6440 Horse Racing SAT. & SUN. 1:30 P.M. ^ Round-trip bus service each racing day during the summer. Buses leave 1st St. & Van Buren at 10:30 a.m. and 300 Bowl (19th Ave. & Bethany Home Rd. at 11:00 a.m. Fare only $5, including admission and program. RESCOJT PRESCOTT, ARIZONA Funks' Greyhound Racing Circuit ® AUTO SERVICE SPECIALS THIS WEEK ONLY AT GENERAL TIRE Guaranteed BRAKE RELINE OFFER • Rellne all four wheels • Inspect brake drums & Cylinders i Clean and lubricate backing plate • Repack front wheel • bearings • Adjust brakes, restore fluid • Road test your automobile BRAKE RELINE GUARANTEED FOR 30,000 MILES OR 30 MONTHS We guarantee the Wagner Brake Lining we install on your car for the specified number of months'or miles, whichever.comes first. Adjustment prorated on mileage and based on current selling prices at time of adjustment. Written guarantee issued at time of installation. WE USE ONLY TOP QUALITY WAGNER BRAKE LININGS $ now only 23 Regular »29.«5 • Price for drum-type brakes on most Fords, Plymouths, Chevy's, American compacts and light trucks. CHARGE IT NOW! '• TIRpS • SERVICE ACCESSORIES EASY PAYMENTS WITH AWROVEO CREDIT I WITH THIS COUPON CHASSIS LUBRICATION I WITH THIS COUPON | BRAKE ADJUSTMENT We lubricate your car, inspect cooling; power steering, and brake systems. Test and fill battery, clean windshield and light lenses. 1°°OFF pur regular everyday low selling price of $1.76 ONEWEEKONIYI Our specialists adjust brakes to! lull contact, Inspect drums, linings, and cylinders, and % add necessary 111 fluid. our regular everyday low selling price of $2.50 [ONE WEEK ONlYtJ CINIRAL TIRE SCRVICI TIRIS t DATTKRIIf t DRAKES • SHOCK* till M, OINTIUL 302* E, THOMAS HP. 2301 N. IQQTTIDALE RO, 2M44H -PHOENIX 9H-H If -PHOENIX 946-2698 - ICOHSOALI •hutuii Hurt Ucvrn li;irrt»<eli YOUH fcAf-f-.ry Uj OUH Allen heads the contingent with an all-time best leap of McCluskey wins ME3LBOURNE, Aust r a 1 i a (AP)—British champion John McCIuskey from Scotland won the British Commonwealth Flyweight boxing title last night by outpointing Australian champion Harry Hayes in 15 rounds. 7-1%, and he's made 6-11 this year. He is second ranked on the Arizona all-time best list. Gunzel set a national freshman record and a UofA record wkh a throw of 185-8. McEwen ranks third in Arizona with a best toss of 236-1 while Waddell, fifth in the NCAA last year, holds second with 258-10. AUTO AUCTION TONIGHT 7 P.M. ARIZONA DEALER AUTO AUCTION INC. 3400 SOUTH CENTRAL Phone 268-1421 Laugh with Biff on the sports pages of The Arizona Republic ATCO'S GUARANTEES YOU MILEAGE, not PROMISES! WIESTTIREWUUUimiSMETHAT MMWTEESYNMLEME... Mmmiiss is MSI i muni! 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TRUCK & CAMPER Brand new, rugged 100% nylon cord! I 18.00x16 [ 0.70x15 $19.09 Ea. '9.80x10 $21.09 Ea. 7.00x15 $21.00 Ea. »- 7.00x10 S25.IIEI. 7.17.5 Tubelets$M.OOEa. •^ Silts Plus 1.4* It l.ZIFU.Ei.T.H ENGINE TUNE-UP Complete tune- up job includes: New points, tpark plugs, condenser, labor ancUiming. MOST IOYL. OARI 99 OARS 19 99 ALIGNMENT • Kif.l.N front tires balanced brakt ad|uitm«nt. Front-end ; aligrynent OUR TOTAL: 10.40 SAVE 3. W.B. DIAGNOSTIC CHECK OOM'LCTC SOIINTIFIC EXAMINATION Through 100-pt check of all parts of your auto. (Exclusively In our Glendale •tore.) LIFETIME SHOCKS Replace those worn shocks with our best heavy duty shocks. For all cars & trucks IF THESE SNOOKS FAIL AS LONQ AS YOU OWN YOUR OAR, WE' THBMl •MO INPUi'mY ITANBAM HUTS, BMBI PHItNATIQNI WMl* SY MFR. SEAL BEAMS HEADLIGHTS LIFETIME MUFFLER 1-WTiM MPM Art With tvur 81* Tlr. In Tr«*i Or II 5714 GRAND AVE. Ph. 93I-U91 tl.LIt ittlt 5239 S. CENTRAL AVE. Pheonu 2410 W.BETHANY HOME RD. Ph.26J-063. 3119 E. THOMAS RD. Ph, 165-7 HO Phennu STORE HOURS: MON.-FRI. 9 to 7 SAT. & SUN. 9 to 6

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