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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, July 8, 1948
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Today's New ft Today NBA FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weather Forecast Fair and cool again tonight. Friday mostly sunny and a little warm- VOL. LXV.--NO. 224. Pres» Rua Today i Xewi --7.100 ~i Post --5.625 I Total--13.725 FREDERICK. MD., THURSDAY. JULY 8. 1948. SIXTEEN PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS P.M. General *«*»*««»» Gfcoi«non After 27 Years HoldFather iTruman Foes Procedure For 14th Annual Berlin's Gas .,,, ^u,,«,^-_ , . ~ " ~ - , -- -- ~~ -J I -mn-Mi- _~ L- "^ ^"^ ^^^ W^K^ Speaks Here ii August 9 Beall To Preside; Lane To Accept First Key Stamps; Quantico Marine Band To Play Posujiasier-Geiici »i Jease M. Donaldson will be the principal speaker at ceremonies here August 9 featuring the issuance of first-day commemorative stamps on the 50th anniversary of th? erection of the monument over the grave of Francis Scott :.ey in Mt. Olivet cemetery. Gov. William Preston Lane, Jr.. of Maryland, will accept the first sheet of Key stamps from Third Assistant Postmaster-General Jo-_ _ . ,,. ,, .. ,, seph J. Lawler. one-time Mt. St.', Heights observatory during college distinctive features of Mr. Mary's College football coach. The days. Right, as he looks today as carried through nearly three ' -- ·- · · - .cades so well that he was readily . recognized from his recent photo_ - - D-; graph by those who had not had the Scott. Jr., of Philadelphia, was ; an opportunity to see him over this named new national chairman of i long period. '. the Republican party recently,' Chairman After Probe Still Seek Is Completed Candidate Pageant Convention And Current Is Outlined ^j.TM A « i i Ul r irenien Are Reduced 22-Year-Old Railroad Worker Charged With Mistreating His Son Aged Two Years railroad worker May Turn To Douglas Although Some Refuse To Accept Refusal By Gen. Eisenhower Philadelphia. July S .-P -- Pre.-.i-a* The procedure for the pageant. "Fighting For Time." which will be presented tomorrow afternoon beginning at two o'clock under the auspices of previously mentioned I csty o: causations, has been announced. The members of the "Confeder- , ate" cavalry w i l l meet at the city j . parking lot on South Court street I · .1* r*kt«* rf-*"f-!«-u-lr fmrti-k \t Viis»k* rtitint i County Association To Meet Tonight And Friday; Large Parade Held Tomorrow Unemployment Grows As Russian Economic Blockade Strangles German Capital o'cloc l^JSl?! 1 J^55 a _ le *. *' r ?, a ' t! " r:ccn . memb r Bcrhn. July S ,V,-The Russians' :· this morning near ; dent Truman's aides counted Gen. ' *"*' a»d and a horsedrawii vehicle ' companies in the city and county n;e by county au- Dwight D. Eisenhower definitely containing a public address system , will assemble at Walkersville this A 22-year old was arrested early his mountain hon thorities and State Police on a , and finally out of the Democratic . anc * a vehicle for the Barbara * evening to open the fourteenth charge of mistreating his two-year ' presidential race today. Fritchie group will move to the i annual convention of the Kreder- old son, to climax an investigation " xhey did this, a Truman spokes- covering the past several weeks. !nan told a reporter, after receiv- : The man was identified by au- ing private assurances from economic strangulation of Western new and '. Ullcn! P y m e n t rew among the thorities as Earl Homer Kline, who ' close personal friends of the gen- Left. I i social functions, bet she later mar- i j| ve , Balt:morean. · ville. He was jailed under Sl.COO ? mases great cnanges m ap- . . . . - - *. Hugh Scott-on Braddock pearances of individuals, but the Francis Scott Key Hotel to pick- ick County Volunteer Firemen's,' up the ladies. From the hotel thc , Association, which will be featured '., two Paseam participants will proceed by a parade through the town Fn- 1 -- xw 000 Germans in the blockaded to the FredertcKtovtn Savings In- day evening. .American. British and French sec- Apparatus from at least sixteen . tor: of the cit '- Thc western al- companies in Frederick and ad- l i c s werc working out emergency stitution where the first historical action will be enacted. between Elierton and Wolfs- '. era!. . The word they took So the White on a charge of assault and ' House was that Eisenhower him- battery. It is understood Juvenile j se lf believes he left no loophole for i H l l l parll de . Court proceedings will be insti- a draft movement in his statement | ^^^£S?\%f £"« C %- scheduled to Aovc off promptly at Riving workers between 50 and 60 lted - lnat hc take any party's. ^' J ", ' ,.^' "\''' t^ r I"' 7 P- '»· « DST tomorrow eveiiii - P*-' cent of their normal The blond, curly-haired child has , nomination. j *««/° .£',^^±^-1 ?£ i 'rom the Glade road in Walker - was introduced. C From «»- bank Junior Chamber i" n "»8 counties, along with at i employment schemes to keep idle ; of Commerce presiaen!RiSSt "«» *'* «»«* *"" -««* corp* ' industrial workers off the streets. T Shoemaker, takine the nnrt of On- w«" participate in the parade. -An unemployment assistance plan wages Scott was born --,, _,^.,_, __,,._. ,,«...,,,,, *...»» ..--^ j -- -- _-_, , . . ...K-. . .;n -,,* A ~»ui^ :·!. .u. ; **w*i» t.»n7 v*i.m_- luau in » aiKcrs- * « « - asiinjuucvu. sr;^i: n a ^TM^ d =*· \. The wariime Eur ?p. ea »TM- JSS- :s ££ ^t 1 f^'S, £ ?,%, TM cri r ra f r" t C °T ,r \ c ° i - F TM k L - »-*·· «« A TM- cf the principal streets of the; ican commandant, announced that town. A number of prircs will be ' «h«- \vn-ct«r,» »»»·»» h** A^.^^A »,, his father, authorities alleged. ; der gave some public support to They said the child bore some . this view when he told a crowd of in marks on his body and the father 5.000 gathered before his New York stamps will be accepted by the head of Republican par:y. Governor for the Frederick County Historical Society and will be When Congressman Hugh placed in the archives at society home. The ceremonies, which will be brief, are to take place at the , , . monument site near the main en- - i"?*:*^ 0 ^;!, 0 remem ?«^*MTM ! secured his A.B. degree a: Ran- the latter "soiled his clothing." , _ ...,,. ,,.. 4 .» K ,,, ^, - , ...,,.,, ., ._ trance to the cemetery at 3 p. m. *«"?* h ",~"*? ^ ^ ihe ^ ni ~ ; dolph Macon College, and his law . B ov "Cowed" i 1 said in a letter the other night."" Presbyterian manse on West Second j feature a memorial service in hon: ., n l 0 TM * r emergency, to save on the afternoon of August 9 and- verslt °* ^gmia Parsons New- degree at the University of VIr-; The little bov w a « t a -TM tr ! This was the stitement in which strcet wil1 be depicted The dram-. or of deceased members. The I -000 - 0 " 0 Berhners from starvation indications are that a number of man - a »emoer of tne Frederick S glnia in ,923. He moved to Phila- ' TM e ' ,, °% Y* * thJ Pni?mh« Vnf Wi r rf t atizing of the Barbara Fritchie story j memorial service is being held for J M wcl1 as economic and social de- prominent persons will be in at- ^ , wa * a ***** sn J* law , delphia where he has since prac- Emergency Hospital for care pena- , the Colu nb a University president j wm ^ ^ , ast evem th ,,, tnc first tjme |n conjunc -, ion awi ° h | struction. the United States. Brit?,,. ,, P ; school at the same time and idenw-j deed law. Reserved as assistant · :"8 outcome of the case. He ^ nol ! declared he could not accept nomi-. and wU| bf heW at f h e Krilch|c - the convention. In other years.!" 11 and French -"ilitao' govern! home on West Patrick street. Ho\r- definite and Fredericksburg.^Va . in 1900. He admitted slapping his son because · city home last night to chant "We * - - - - - - - , Want Ike" that "all I have to say ; 1 said in a letter the other night." Mayor and civic officials for the reenactment of the ransom demand. »,,,,.,, \ ,,,,,V,K^ t · ,, · · Following the completion of this a^a'de^ " °' "^ "'" bC j t h ? T^l P °TM S ?"? ^^ *° episode, the incident of General] Thelpening sc.^ion of the con- bu^oTut^rTe^d ^ Stonewall Jackson's visit to the J vcntion at S o'clock tonight will ! ^. ' « · · - - « - -- - ~ - i - - " 'To meet the emergency. tendance. Band To Play Singing of "The Star Spangled Banner" by the famed Lucy Mon- j Heights about 1921 at the time that i the lower House since "that time ' The child was playing, nude, in ! final" label on Eisenhower's draft roe and musical numoers by the j young Scott had a girl friend, who! Scott was in military service in" the yard of the mountain home renunciation at a news conference also mark the event. | tain resort. The young lady, who j as Congressman J. Glenn Beall is to ' n ^ d relatives in Frederick. act as master of ceremonies. Others I "drag"' at some of the Universi who expect to attend include Sen- ; ator Herbert R. O'Conor. Gen. | Milton A. Reckord, Airplane Builder Glenn L- Martin. Indus- ' trialist Thomas Pangborn, of Hagerstown. and Judges Charles W. .ady, who; as a "modern" topflight lawyer liam C. Rod c. was his r and internationalist and a Phila- officer, visit jmversio- I aelphia socialite. comoanv wi CIO Demands | Woman Sought _ . ,. _ -- . _^ - » · ! , » . I _ _ . , __ ... *,,***. nm.1 ^ «3»^..Vil_C HI *.«*·»_ _-«*»** vi. ik.i_ ^iiv^v^mcmi *»vy»*»v, Quantico Va.. Marine Band wiU spent her summers at the moun- j both World Wars. He is described yesterday evening when Mrs. Wil- ·alc-*-» m-»r-t-- rht ^T-^i^r t *-^«»m ^nr-f+^t- TJ»«. ..«*·_*«* 1...J.. ...t.«.t __ _ -- ··· ««ur^.v» · » c* C. Roderick, county probation ited the premises in company with an assistant, following reports from the neighborhood . that the child had been neglected and had received abusive treatment. I ,' Mrs. Roderick was informed that j the little boy was made to wash his j own soiled clothes in a receptacle in the yard. On a number of occasions, the j probation officer was told. Kline . IVlary D. BlffP"US ' and n * s voun S housekeeper have 1 gone away and left the little boy here yesterday, adding: "I couldn't conceive that thc ! Democratic convention would exer- j cise such poor judgment, as not to · take General Eisenhower at his ; By JAMES MARUW The Nation Today word." There was evidence, however. | a . n i Washington, July 8 uP/--Here's come and the response will be by other years, j ' it has taken place as a special \ m en«s are engaged in the greatest j event, generally in Baker Park · air mt in peacetime history. Thou! here. i sands of tons of food, fuel and med- i Philip H. Beard. Walkersville. ! ic ' nc are being flown from the west ! president of the county association! j t o Berlin. ! will preside at the session, which ! '"It is. however, recognized that ' will be held in the Walkersville j the limited air fields available and , High School auditorium. Burgess ] the narrow air corridor alloted. the j William D. Powell, of Walkers-j air lift cannot at present meet all · ville, will make an address of wel- of the requirements of the people H Woodward. Patrick M. Schnauffer and Stedraan Prescott. The speakers' stand will be erected on the south side of the monument and the program will be amplified for the benefit of those in attendance. Acceptances ·were received just this week by the committee in charge from Mr. j Donaldson. 2VIr_ Lawler and Robert j Fellers. Lawler's assistant, who is i in charge of special stamp issues. ^Roosevelt Platform 9 Argument Over Civil Rights Likely To Be Loud And Long In Stabbing Case Found Philadelphia, July 8 {5"---The race ,_ j --_^ . £»«_"-- *» »* t» J aiiVj, i^tv Lilt- J l k V A C - U«^J JfcJemg' Held Here Under a ^° ne ^ n ^ ne house for long periods. Bond Of $2,000 extending on occasions from the I early evening of one day until noon j ! of the next day. l that some Democrats were, and j ' some weren't. j Out of the deep south with its j rebellion against Mr. Truman's civil rights program, came word from Senator Lister Hill of Alabama that he is not giving up on Eisenhower. Alabama, first on the roll call list, could make it possible for Eisenho offered Hill on television which is get- big boost because of the po- I conventions. ! During the war there were only I six television stations operating in · StoTM. president of the th. The business by session will be of officers this country. And they were expcr- | and0 l^f.'jTM.^ * place Xor the imental. not commercial. Now about 30 are operating from Los Angeles to New England. 1949 convention. The memorial service, to fol- Another 100 have been okayed by Sovocool. of Craceham. chaplain of Berlin." Unfavorable weather slowed thc j allied air lift this morning. By 10 L m. only 19 American transport i planes had arrived at Tempiehof airfield. American flyers heard complaints from two of their comrades of strange radio interference in the air corridor to Berlin. A colored woman sought for over ! Slept On Old Mattress ^,1^,...^ la ^v^s p«u teo - , mont h as a principal in the sta^ ' 5.000 copies of the program for I P art 5" hit the party's platform wg of two special deputies in of the county association. assist- There were unconfirmed reports The committee is having printed 1 ^ ^ h « *** the Democratic *.TM»* «_« Prindpal in the stab- , A few particles o£ £ood draft, said that can't j I escape a draft any more than the ! Television got off to a the daj*. which will be distributed ! writers like 3_thunderclap today, when the affair is held. The pro-j 'More than "a" score of Xegro or- gram, in color, will contain ten j sanitations demanded a plank em- pictures of historic Frederick. The observance is on the very day that the monument erected to the memory ofKey was unveiled 50 years ago. Some members of bodying- President Truman's civil rights program, including anti- lynch, anti-poll tax and fair employment (FEPC) legislation. One organization, the National Negro the original Key Monument Asso- Council, asked the platfprm writers ciation may be present .at the [ to endorse an immediate call on batter " on George M. Layman, this i nation's youth. | stumbling start right after the war j At the . Hoffmeier. Walkersville, chaplain j garding an answer to the western kind of · of the host Walkcrsville company. I allies' protest over the Russian same time the . Ladies Sght at a Negro dance in the Manor ! woods was arrested at a l\ T ew Lon- t the child's be which was j j - ---.s,..., don home this morning by Deputy! t -" Sheriffs HporffP r-r-^,,^ .,,,,* A... P n tne Sheriffs George Crouse and Aus-! If we" are to draft our youth." j for several reasons. This is one of j Auxiliaries of five companies -1 said, "we can draft their com- ; them: | the Juniors and Independents -of Manufacturers of television re-j Frederick. Brunswick, Middle- ceiving sets were a little nervous town and New Midway--will be tin Murray. The woman was identified as Mrs. Mary Disney Biggus, of the New London section. She is charged in two warrants with assault and than a filthy maiiress, Former Gov chauncey Sparks j ceivmg sets were a little nervous covered with a dirty i said on thc Qther hand that while | about making them until a number city, and William ! blanket, officials stated. Neglect and abusive treatment in the case have been reported for several weeks and the probation officer in cooperation with State's Attorney Edwin F. Nikirk has been investigating. Following additional reports. Mrs. Roderick and Mrs. Fred Hemp, a case worker, went later the Bentztown Bard of the, Baltimore Sun. who has recently Philadelphia. July 8 UP)--The CIO today made a hard-pounding demand that the Democrats tie their 1948 campaign to a "Boosevelt plat- he doesn't think Alabama or the [ o f television stations were operat- south is for Truman, he thinks the I in President's nomination is a cinch, j An a the people who wanted to To Ask Truman To Step Aside t set "P television broadcasting sta- But Queens Democratic leader ! tions were a little nervous about James A. Roe announced he will [ starting till enough people had re- offer the convention a resolution j ceiving sets. asking that Mr. Truman step aside, i This problem has been ironed He said he also plans to place Eis- j out. jwhich officers said were inflicted I tO , th f h ° m ? ! ? {e Wednesda '- Tbe " ! enhower's name in nomination. j As of now perhaps 350.000 tclc- with either a irnifo. ^ ,-,,,,,- /-,, · i asked permission to bong the child i n , 1t ,,, _,, fh; . Tmman-Eisen- ! vision sets have been sold. Thev beea ill. Miss Mary C. Ott, this city, was corresponding secretary, and Dr. T. S. Eadef was a member of the Board of Managers. It is understood .thst a com- j And that was the opening fire-. mittee of Frederick women is mak- i cracker of a day that was expected ·toon. with either a knife or razor. Cos- j grave had to undergo a blood trans- ! fusion for a severe gash in the i arm. Both he and Layman have 1 left the hospital. j Mrs. Biggus was held under S2 - i 000 bond. to Frederick and the father refused to grant it. Mrs. Roderick asked to see where the child slept and was shown the holding an annual session, the first in conjunction with the county firemen's convention. This will take place in the high school when officers, recently elected, wiil be installed. Mrs. Mildred Kottmyer. of the Juniors, is the president. The auxiliaries will also hold a memorial service, several reports will be made and a history of county auxiliaries will be given. Walkersville officials will welcome blockade. Howley, In a statement to the Bcrllners. asked the people to "bear in mind that freedom and democracy always have been purchased only by struggle and suffering." He referred to the claim of the Soviet administration that "the economic strangulation of Berlin is caused by railroad technical difficulties." and added: "If this is the case. It Is hoped that prompt action by "the Soviet military administration will restore normal traffic to Berlin." hower talk came a new voice to urge a compromise on Justice William O. Douglas of the U. S. Su- range in price from S169 to S2.500. i the auxiliary members to the not counting the cost of installing towi - The men and women will them. later meet in a joint social hour. Ing plans to have a number of j to get oh so noisy with party ar- j E. Biggus and James Grigsby, also ! ^° ]^«.J» 6 preme Court. Walter P. Reuther. president of : casting networks but most of their i i i , store windows decorated for the guments over civil rights. occasion The committee in charge j The civil rights plank rushed to voted recently to a:k merchants to the forefront as a nlatform draft- I declare a half holiday on the .day. ing committee of 19 Democrat lead- put^ out flags, decorate stores and ers, preparing for next week's Dem- that street decorations be in place. ! ocratic convention, moved into its May Cancel Million Stamps i second day of public hearings. There have been predictions that ' CI - Secretary James B. Carey, a over a million of the new stamps ""' : "~ * --'" """"" will be cancelled on the dav in question at the Frederick * D ost oSce. where special post ofnce'de-- partment employes wiil handle the machines. It is understood that a number of additional "assistants little man with a mop of curly hair and a deep determined voice, urged o. tte s t c n h v e *·"""- " c * vc i been released from jail on a similar him. i cool in»the mountain air. The child was brought inside but not clothed. Cuts in poxver in Western Berlin brought about this situation: The elevated railway will be shut There are four television hrnarf Band Concert Tonight j down completely in the western mere are four television broad-: ,,_, thcn attend thc | sectors effective at midnight tomor- ' " """ com- '' row - to reduce by a third its con- used to bond and like charges. The case was "rongnt insiae out not will o before th She Saia " After agam being will go before the September grand jury. 1 permission to bring the boy to this The officers said the Biggus wo.-n- an offered no resistance when found in the house this morning. She had left the county immediately after ! the affair and was in New Jersey " Ro ?. erick _ a ? d n ,? th - er % j h \ bO: T **' had aeserted about ago ' bauon ^ Scer A consultea " lvltn mey and a warrant ° Ut " aftei ~ V '" hich the pr °" peal can unite the Democratic party : and the independent vote." i m, . . ".. 1 a concert by the Hagerstown Civic ' Street cars and the sub | There is no trans-continental | Band Another band conccrt wU l I run only between 6 a. m. j network.and wont be for some . mark the carniva i tomorrow eve . i m . and daytime street ca : time. jLnis will exDicim the Drob- i --= . x_ti t -- -- *^^ ,_ ...m i_- _t_- ·, -n.._ TT [ have been secured for the day the armed sen-ices. Already requests for 20.000 or more ! 2. Repeal of the in a statement prepared for deliv-; and in sections of Montgomery ! , ^ · - i ery that the Democrats pledge: ] county recently. ' oia.e s 1. Federal la\vs against lynching. \ A man who said he was a Wash- ! poll taxes, discrimination in em- j ington attomev aopeared at thc' * ployrnent. and racial separation in t SherifTs oSce "and" later consulted .' 1° . L 151 ^ 15 ^ 3 ' ln com P an " with - - ;with States Attorney Edwin F. Ni- 'l?^- T^^'^L* 6 .?^ Mr - Nikirk went stamps have beer received for . bor law. cancellation and mailing on Aug. ' 3. Public housing: price controls: · 9. Many will go out on special' heal Taft-Hartley la- kirk concerning the charge asrains* ! the woman " ' ' f, ollce - and ^eP"^ Sheriff Austin | ^ iurr a"- "^^en they got there, the ! house was deserted and the officers i Seed And Feed Building Is Lost In Fire $500,000 Blaze On Baltimore Waterfront Snarls Early Traffic cars and the m. and 6 p. ;. , ... explain the prob- j ningj following the parade. j will be shaved. Busses will provide , lerr. of getting a coast-to-coast ne.- , Companies which are expected ! some transport for workers after gome. . to p ar tj c ip a te in the parade with ' 6 p. m. but gasoline is already short. I here are ihree ways of sending apparatus, according to the con- | Electricity for homes will be sun- vention committee, are: : plied for two hours in the morning Braddock Heights, Brunswick, i and two hours at night. Certain t television broadcasts: I. Direct television. This is i *^i*»«^*u*_n. AAI_I«VO. A^IUUOVV n_n.. i iiiu tv.ti iiuurs at mgni. certain where a station broadcasts a tele- j MyersviUe. Emmitsburg. Hamp- | small industries will be ordered to vision show but can only do so in ; stead, Middlctown. Mt. Airy. New stop using power · its own local area. So it doesn't ' Midxvay, Sykesville. Thurmont, Industry, now working at 50 per j Union Bridge. New Windsor. Taney- cent o f capacity, will be allowed town. Rockville. the Uniteds of j dectricitv for food -nrnmsin* anri travel far. I 2. Piping television * through re- Nortli Carolina I PoMo Spreads · other , gro leaders, were to argue v^'S.*- «-i*^ iuL*iJ ^j/iit. oumt: Ui lilt: . 4 I *- - - -or a ' TO EXTEND INVESTIGATION . officers remained at the horr.e and . ^erfront ^nis d . . Te j evision wavec sent tnrough thc strong civil rights plank, ir.clud- ; Philadelphia. July g ,3--The ! " ther 3 'eft to make a search along! *i»em~n loutni. UUCK. ujj.s . ; a?r ^^ n -,^_-^ ,,,, ,,,,* ^i = ,.^ x^ Raleigh. N. C.. July 8 j ing the lynching, poll tax. and fair ; Committee of Fifteen : employment laws advocated fay ; rnously yesteraay y 8 3)--^The i «'- r!er 5 Jeit TO maKe a searcti along , -"- " n voted unani- ; t h e Smithsbure road. The car con- ' a n ^ lf be to investigate' iamins Kline, his housekeeper and co "y ro1 - % a town. KocKvitle. Uie Uniteds of j electricity for food processing and special conductor in a cable from I Frederick and Walkersville. There j other essential activities "at a a station in one city to a station may be other companies which j d uce d rate." in another. Then the receiving sta- ' will also have apparatus in the i The power cuts interfered with tion-re-broadcasts thc show but | march. j operations of the %vestern mintarv only locally. Emmitsburg will also have a · governments. Manv offices were thc co-axial meth- ' arum corps and marching unit. I Darkened because the cable | New Midway and Thurmont will j ^ 5. officials estimated the pub- he television con- j have bands or drum corps and j Hc utmiies in thc v .- es tern sectors s called a co-axial t n»rching ^umts.^ Th_e^Mid^dletown ; norma j ly use a minin , unl of 5 000 Ba^rin a\vagon afonK with °a 11? 1 ! 3 . of . coal . da !!^ . Thc U - ?Air tons yesterday "Rying coalman" -wave broadcasting. half before they brought it under . a « r - « r e President TrumaT!. paralysis ecged relentlesslv to- i Southerners on the committee, for and . This was about 1 30 ! Chauacey Sparks and s are the Board w e e r e g a r o l $, ^. Fire department officials esti- , a series of special reiay stations. 1 These are really pumping sta- I tions. probably 30 miles apart, i which push the micro-waves from marching unit. Other marching j units are expected from Hampstead. * .. . . . _. . . Mt. Airy. SykesviHe. Union Bridge, i °P era V°"f but these flignts were New Windsor. Taneytown and the j ex P ccted to oe stepped up. United. Ladies Auxiliaries from ; Mt. Airj'. Sykesville and Union July weekend. No have been imposed on swimming pools a^d the- ; factions ^ Olii d agree with a.ers. as was t ne case back in 1944. phase of the CIO program. sension. There was probably no that the party with its clashing every chance j here and there. Gets Life Term when a record 878 cases were reported. Parents have been cautioned, however, to keep children OFFER §1,000 REWARD Baltimore. July 8 ?--Neighbors _ 3ut t - nere werc siens that some of littie Marsha Bri]! offered "si 000 " outspoken party leaders were eag- ' reward today for the capture of b'.ue ?hlrt and stabbed er to make a fighting campaign on a social-conscious platform. ine greatest severity of out-; Yesterday, the platform drafting dead!. "'a tall Negro dungarees" »vho . by insurance. i Forty pieces of fire equipment. ; including water towers, high pres- . sure pumpers and tv.-o fsreboats. answered the six alarms. Equipment and ho-^e across trolley lines in the vicinity cf Pratt and Pre?;dent streets, about ?cven blocks cajt of the center of the business ' section, caused one of the worst . commuter traffic tieups in years. A watchman said he first saw the flames shooting from a bin of cara*A ay seed aboxit 4 35 a. m. In a fev." moments they were belching out the v.-;rsdow5. attracting the attention of early morning workers . regular television broadcasting station which then sends the show , out in its OV.TI area. Co-axial cables for television are | those from this county. The Hagerstowri Moose Drum Corps and the American Legion i Drum Corps from this city will be Body Of Pfc. Rhodes Arrives In America The remains of Pfc. Charles A. is. Jr.. have arrived in the - ne jwrade.^togethe^wkh theJO United States from Europe for re- breaKS has been noted in the popu- i comm i t tee gave Morris Sayre. pres- I lous central portion of the state. | ident of tne Rational Association ' I Dr. C. P. Stevick of the state of Manufacturers XAM\ a rough Pxard of health reports that North j a f te rnoon indeed. Sayre presented the identical program he had offered the Republican platform corr.rniUee last month The Republicans did not Carolina's coastal and mountain area' are ' within r.orrral limits ' as far 35 the incidence of ca?es is concerned" Meanwhile. communities and "SEVERAL" CONSIDERED "Washington. July 8 .?--The White House said today that President Truman is considering ":ev- erar" men for appoinirr.ent as Secretary of Labor. Rock vi 13e. July 3 .·?--Joseph Takoina Park garbage "collector, today was sentenced to serve a life term in the Maryland her to penitentiary for the rape of a par:- along 'he docks Thc flames spread ;ai!y bhnd 72-year old widow uo and dr.\vn elevator shafts and i Judge Charles W. Woodward of throughout Jhe buildine in a few Montgomery County Circuit Court, minute^. They climbed 100 feet pronounced the sentence. He said above the 50-year-old brick build- ir.t. was by lermaster . . , , . , Depot. Pfc. Rhodes w a s i n t h e any coast-1o-coast broadcast of a J p r i zes totalling S600 have been Quartermaster Corps as a baker television snow. , offered. These include: ! serving more than two years, in ror example- · Best appearing company with Iceiand. He was later sent to Right no^-. because of the co- band or drum corps, marching unit England and on to France as an axial or micro-wave system a!- and apparatus, first. S75: second. Infantryman. He was 27 rears o£ ready 5et up in the area, a televised S50: third. S25. event csn be sent up and down part of the Atlantic seaboard. Which mean;- the Democratic convention in Philadelphia next v.-eek can be yeen simultaneously in Wa^hinston and New York. age and had served six vears in Best appearing company without the regular Army and was killed | band or drum corps, wilh marching unit and apparatus, first, S50: second, S25. at Abberstroff. 1944. The telegram France. Nov. 21. Best drum or bugle corps, first, date for the arrival no of definite the re- only the fact that Ross, a Xegro. ing and sent up a cloud of brown hospitals in affected areas have set i terdav ask him a single question. Yes- th Democrats bounced A/OCff/ about prccsufions and arrange- j questions and criticisms at him for ments to rombat a :-pread of the i ne arlv two hour?. ! disease and to handle the existing j ~ I is on the borderline between normal intelligence and feeblemindedness raved him from the death penalty. Tne victim In the assault May 12 was Mrs. Ada Walker of Takoma i Park. Firemen were driven from the 'tructure a feiv minutes after ihey arrived and had 1o be content to piay tvatcr on it from a =afe di- lance le?t they be trapped by failing ua'ls. But people in St. Louis or San i b^ bands. Franci?oo can't see it at the same | time. That's because the network j ha«ri"t been fxicrded that far west, i People in San Francisco will sec second, S50: similar prizes for mains can be given as yet. Three days prior to the shipment to Thur- appearing ladies auxiliary, mont notification will be given. first, $50: second. S25. , Pfc. Rhodes is survived by his Best appearing apparatus. $50. father and mother, two brothers, Member companies of the county Earl R Rhodes. Philadelphia. Pa.: it if films are rushed Ihere fav association are: Independents. Jun- Clinton V. Rhode?. Highfield. and " iors. Uniteds and Citizens, of this a sister. Miss Winifred Rhodes, at i city: Brunswick. Braddock Heights, j home. i Middlctown. Myersville. Walkers- , · county, one of the hardest hit, 41 problem of care for patients. I At Greensboro, seat of Guilford L I" r LOSES LIFE FOR DOG Local forecasts .7",: ' Frederick and Washington coun- Britain Withdraws I ties--Sunny and drv todav with the Northampton, Mass., July 8 (PV-- highest 75-80. Clear and cool to- A farmer who couldn't swim a ictims were reported in an i=ola- stroke lost his life yesterday trying tion ward and 51 were at valescent center. night with the lowest 55-60. Friday sunny and slightly warmer. From Wheat Council ARREST DOCKETED One arrest was docketed overnight by city police. Alexander Tyler, colored. North BenU street. London. July 8 (M--Britain an- was charged with intoxication by a con- to re«cue his dog from swiftly flow- Light variable winds. Saturday's ' nounced today she has quit the I n - i Set Swornley and Omcer Rover ami I ing Connecticut rivet. j outlook, /air and warmer. j ternational Wheat Council. I held under S5 and cofts. plane and then televisioned from a San Francisco television station ; to the people in that area i Richt now all television broad| casts are in black and white. Some ctey television will be in color. That's being worked on now. Some time ago the FCC decided commercial color television wasn't far pnou«h n'on.e in its develop- m«nt n r' - ;· for broadcnsting. But t h a t will come in time. ville. New Midway. Graceham, Thurmont, Emmitsburg. ITALIANS STRIKE Rome. July 8 iVF)--About 700.000 metal-industry workers laid down i'-.sir tools at noon today to bark I t a l i a n more pay. labor's demands for DEED RECORDED A deed has been recorded in the clerk's office for the sale of a residence at 6 Frederick avenue from Mr. and Mrs. L. Sheridan Barber to Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert SafTer, consideration being in the neighborhood of 810,500, according to revenue stamps. *· NEWSPAPER! rWSPAPER!

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