The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 14
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fOTTRTEElf DAILY NEWS. WtEDZMCX. MD.. THTJESDAT. MAY 19,1932. The Clack-Watcher! GRANTED BY GIY Will Be For Summer Months Of June, July And August For This Year Only. ORDINANCES SETTING NEW SALARIES Emergency Hookup For Light At Hospital From City Plant Authorized. upon ··satisfactory proof" th*t Warser Bros, theater company '-» operating the City Opera House at a joss, tise asayor and board of aldermen, at tbeir sieeting :n City Hall Wednesday evening, sathortafd the city register to reTasd $500 to tie movie concern dur- tsg tbe susirfler dorr-hs of this year. The sum of $2OO Trtll be refunded to Warner Bros, in each of tr* sunuuer months. June. July aad Ausuit. The decision to slosh tbe Opera House lessees' rent -sras siade after the ·natter bad been formally presented Sy j CKy Attorney Jases. The motion COT- j «« the summer montn* of 1?32 only | fTirf *«* so eCect upon the lease of the \ Opera House. A representative of the theater concern. Isaac Wetnberg. had i tTtloe before appeared before trie aldermen and asieJ for i rental cut, speaking eep-cially of the suaircer months ·often, he said, tbe movie business is ·t its lowest ebb. Ordinances setting a n/eT salary rale for city oJT.ciais and enrpkye6 Trer« passed. aftes: being presented T the city attorney. They «"-H taie effect June 15. The j new saJary rates are the same as those J published .several days ago. Slashes of i y t r»'riM» of prctlcaiiy all city oSciaJs ; are listed -*ith several exceptions. "Golf Coarse" Leased. A motion -*as passed authorizing the jnayor and ci-.y register to destroy £30.- 000 ·worth of bones, issued July I. 1911. and which were paid oft iast year. The aldermen accepted Francis Petrott's proposal to rent the dry miniature Rtlf coarse this summer. Petrott will pay the city $50 a month rental 'or June. July. August and September, with an option to operate during October at the j game terms. He agreed to maintain th« coarse in good condition, -a-lth the ·understanding that the city -soul-d _fur- n!sh the electric current. MISSING EIGHT MONTHS KUUtappcd Magistrate Found Alone Roadside la i last September 17. was found today ly- · lag along the Morgan road, near here. His eyes and his moath *ere sealed with adJaesive tape »'hen he was found Hague told local police be had kidnapped from his home 17 und that since then he has from time to time. In each 03 Scranson. Pa.. May 18.-- Justice 1 the Peaoe J. Dre* Plagw. ». *bo dis- i appeared from his Monloursviiie hade j clad in overaSs by two printers, who , . saii ^ ^ ^j^ 0 » 1 took hua to the North Scranton police ' «r £ ! station. His arms were taped to his *** ** no: ^o* Tb «* he TM ^^i taken. 'Swimming Pool And Other Amusements Ready For Season 'FAVORITE SUMMER RESORT · The Briddoci Heights amusement J park, su.-x-rvised oy the Potomac Edaon ' Corr.-jar.y, '.vill c»=ri or; May 20. Mentor- i 1.-.1 Day S::or.:;.' aftcri'srd n'-ll start · ! the ani.'isl t-\^d-a of uroi:i:t*s :o orje j J top have already sren occupied for the j suauner and all-yesr residents of th* j ; Hriihts expert trie summer to brin? , I os* of the largest thrones of tounits ; j t.iat cvvr vetted the resort. j ! In 3C-;.t.c-n to th* arjiUS'.-.T-er:t5 in the i | park at the H«-?h"-s. the sTi^nnur.; rxxl j j offers 2. s:x-:ial ^:duc«r.est to Motors. \ '·_ Wattr *K2* run into the pool for the | · Srit time Wednesday and it is p'.jr.ned | i t-t o;m it publi-'.y for the first time ] May 3-i. It -.vill or st ::i* c.s;Sil of »iriJ*? j)r.v.i"_ pi f .."^ -- v L.*" .... i.,3, .*Ji.c. , The entire p-l zvis betrn whitened. I Co:i"rt* -sz'.^s have bem plaei-d 2lon« j the £.^k-s. A forct ·'. rr.^n has o*en j ' pojl pr\T-.-rty in lint-class c^:icii..-n by i i scrapin; the ragged rti;es from the j · concrete bottom. i 1 Th-j bo-sllns alleys. ska:m; rini and | ; other anro=err.nt4 a-.11 iv- o.-.-n to the j i puolic f?r '.i'.e flrst t-T.r this yt-ar c-n | De;orat. n and a Ur^c rro="- fr-.»nti | ; Preil'-rir^. as v.\-ll as th^ county. 15 rrx- ? f Huinm. *A ho has sutx-rY-i.Gri o'.cr trie i C . C . C A R T Y I N C O R P O R A T I O N S A L E 3 GENERATIONS OF QUALITY Way back in Grandmother's Day, in 1868, the name of Carty was synonymous with Quality ... and today that tradition of Quality is being suarded more zealously than ever. For CORPORATION purposes and because we wish to know you better we are offering a Store-Wide-Sale limited to our present bona fide stock. Items have been marked down at much as 60%; everything on all our floors is low-priced-marked to show tremendous savings i . . . . upon depletion of the quantities advertised *· substitutions will be made. Today's prices on Quality merchandise are extremely low.. . C. C. CARTY, INCORPORATED is offerins quality goods at big savings in this sale . . . if your thoughts are of quality, in combination with savings, you'll enjoy shopping at this sale. M H UMI II II I HH I I'**'illlH'IM**MMiMM : ++*+· Curtis Says Peacock Wanted $25,000 Fund From Col. Lindbergh The Bradd-xrk Heights or;hc-stra. will j it the pari. Tr.e or-h«tra 'A111 pis"! durin.; t h » afternoon and nl^h: on the j opos-r.s c\:--. Dun::? the suramcr. th* j same pro^rum will "oe '--llo^ed as last | yc-ar. it stated. Lost y-ar. d?.nrc-s j ' -ie-» h 'ti '-i T'^dav ard Fniiiv nights ! Measure Loses In Senate By A!- dum-.; June. " I : T'"^ E^"-: H""i5? m?.in hostelry at : mOSt 3 TO 1 Vote. i *« Ke-ha. ^.n «^. en M* 28 under j j thomin.i;..m.r:t of M. J. Crc;han. Sev- OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU. . . Grty prices h-v. been in line with the quality you desire ... in this sale fumrtiire is especially marked below today's prices . . . pleas* bear to mind that this i: a bona fide sale oF our present stocks for * specific reason . . . that no additional merchandise will be purchased for this sale . . . that, therefore, once the quantities are exhausted, no duplicates can be furnished at the advertised sale prices. C C CARTY, INCORPORATED, ^S"?%s Clergyman Denies Accusation--Police : PARTIES EVENLY DIVIDED |;TMjf.^jS:-HS Charge We Will Not Co-Operate. Washington. May IS.--The ""-'·'·· : '; ; '" --_ | emphatically rs-fusc-d tttda" to !?;2iize r ' r -- -NEW REVELATIONS ARE MADE i ^ ^ ^ ^££^ "- U Thv v- -v from tit? :op is j c^-'. .n th.-5 £r/:t.-n j . . . ; 3 r.-.a;' tx- 3 irr.p-.c en z ' ; whether the tiriH no'.v in the billion . -- " | dollar tax "oil! should be retained. (Copyrlch;. 192?. by Tl-.r As?cr!i:nJ Ptrss · Amendments '" the tax bill to au'hor- Hopewcll, N. J.. May IS.--Hidden details, mi.-sing even in izc b.-er of^.75 a:cv n , ; ;ic content and of the confession of the Virginia boatbuiltler. were bared by the :t r .^t'ideiVtVcai C votcs--almost 3 to'i/" MAKES POLiTlCS CHARGE \Vonia A!olkh First C!2S Tidermen decided"to install an'Lindbergh murder investlKJltors tonight as they made John', The first beer t-sls in the Senate s-nce Postmasters. ST^n^^hTSS! 1 Hl * heS CllrtiS the ^ r « Ct ° f a Criminal aCUOn ami mOV8d t0 In - i Sn^ev^y^uild 5 ^^ 1 ^ Th? ' p^f D" TM' r^"^'r^d tram tbe city lig-ht plant at the Fred board peared explaiaed the plan. The statute under which he was arraigned provides a the b:i:. the senate approved n C, C. CARTY INCORPORATED Frederick, Md ESTABLISHED IN 186S 43-52 East Patrick Street PHONE 396 V of the hospital. In 1-etter to the mayor, th Frederic!: Fir-^S i They made public the hitherto unconfirmed information ;:^ .^V^^ ^"^""L.e a^^t ! that Curtis' associate on his "fake" negotiations. Dean II. Dob- -h-: .v.:.\r'rt:n.: beer a=-.vcr.tes precec- sTtimming p-aoi in Baker park. i with the authorities" and has indicated to them he did not; f or - f^".rj-. R ;. ? : : J 3 " !c . an ,. c ' : :!:;t^" : MA^rl In All p ??fi i No ftcti-in Tras tak^n on a reouest of ! , . . , , , ,, .- · i c.... ^^ t.i^ ..--. c.i a., .i-..-. n-*.- · n.\^i\i jtn j. ».i_^ w^x^-x A - \-«"d -»-,-»«.---*· ·*·- Ga-be- know whether he could come here at all lor questioning. ment to substitute-s r-er c-cnt. :cr 2.75. ^ . A. i. jua^ri. rerjrcscn.i^-g ^--" oa. je- . ^ T*i1 j_ T^ T^"* 1 ' 33S±3g cotr-pany. asking for spec^: j At Norfolk, however. Dean Pobsor.-Peaeock vigorously. rnu;c TUCTRC l i r i O t 10 J^lQIiaO ?SSf-IrS °!fr W ^" f Std :r Se l denied he had any knowledge of a request upon Col. Lindbergh ; N 0 COWS I h h K L , , ^ number of tracks -*h;ch arrive at the , f or money. City Turns Down Request Of plant, dunn? certain times of the d a y , Constantly Guarded. , no;^ii'or." to load or unload and then check in at , the cSce often serves to blocs; New Sports Clothes for a Sport Season L ET'S plan for an active summer now. Your wardrobe must include plenty of sturdy, well-cut clothes that will show your good taste in any sporting company. Arra:;!t of Curtis !a'.: '.:-. '.l',c af- Plant Caretaker. Xot that i; matter? lo any extent, but decided to purchase sever?.', refuse cans The officials ceclare.1 they ~sre r.c- interested :n pur-chassis a replies c-f the It was fxphat.cally and -fEn.V.°.;. c!o- ".5. -..-· t-I.iy h^TTf.vr. that h- ha;: rr..icl- N an; r,-.;-n: ;-.o t -xprc in h:5 new f'.ite- od a desire to drop carried on b^.-jtisc attenoed. foll5~^ts a l?tter rrrotved or Curtis 15 forms::- arrosud ,,-. tho l : - d ^"" co:umu^.isly urjcd and -n_, c-ur.-.^ 1 by D-.-.T. Pearcck." Wastlcr'5 pl-ra for a co^- lst out on th? first ba'lot. aft-er May.^r Munshof- ?r hid related tlic caretaker's -ar^h. The aldorrnen stepped ·a^rrrmg over -itv troubles Ion; enough to ihako their tolallint So. 577 ~ere ordered pa-d. dor. coun'.y ;r..l at - · - Col. LindDorcl-. -schorr. C^r:-= had tor- Attend Virginia MeeUn::. lured for r-e-cks wi:h faj* h.-p-- -' ;h,- S~jc ?rsdcncjt ccuniy dentists ·a-'-rc jafeTM cf tiv flrer'5 son. bt.t »l".o- '.' '.v g--es'^. :·-' the Vir«r-r.ta and West V_-- d,ic:o=---d cjr-.r;: 'he d^:- had ha.-l a rc-:'.v"r:".ion at "he lY^ic-n ·3i'?.s Ge-or | --w.-.o Stfnocraphcr Aids. ' ^^ T ^- ; " e caretaker's busy t^iin? ·-:- r^cl.. N. J. May lR.--.rol.Oo c!is- CarC "^?f "'" ^^"f ^'^^'-.^ »ld ,,: the acti^it-cs c»f J ^hn - -,. K ^ ; h \ j Cirtis fa«- n-TXia'-^r ~i'h the t.xlr.;. t.iat ?. « Cathedral lecture. : An int^; ever.- -- ill be held at · Mrs Jo-hn Franc--5 C-.r.on C-_r.-.r;-.e~re -.1 be acrorr.p^n.ed - -^. tomans, and :.-.« rarty ~... ·were :lmi;isns Dr. 2^er--in :3.~.-: a -^rt.nent. Q"*st.in5 s'r?-^t r..~. t r - -- - - --^ --.r^:.^ frarttir-ac ;vs's: Dr t.-*v ·irr'^tly s--.-_='.-.r'.^ry -»n- TT2.1; ;-n irr.3lrirr.3-« fe:nn.:u«- ^ni Dr j-xer.' They ":rc ^.rarrcr.-i :-r, ;:-li .nlirs Where ~as Ctrtis the r.i;ht cf M.irc'.i STICKLER SOLUTION ifte larsc letters a.-e !r.: or.»s vKk'h -prt swjcked f'."T~. or« \~f!; the o:h«. rsT the E'^itcriT:; rude !:se L"ics i.-.-e c.-."i t - is ccr.xr;r.r sa d ^eli"v the sh: j^u.-der hai rr.rii*' s a; lur.rr.«n ?·· Mrs and \t ss Ma-lsiy. Th-c t-.ont ^ill bo open ~crr.^~s -^ 3 Fro-1on~ Brar.Dis of th* 1 vV-,-»r-ir.s Na".·-.·-.'. Ci'h^-lrs". A-s-' cia- - \-- -.- ^y* *-.-TT'i^d "-v r^ '--f 'irrncri Mrs. .UV'-l",?-v--r '^?'"-"-« x " - r;i ~ Sslt.--·- _= "r HoS- %:r'"c:rt_"' ; 5ci7.'-^'"snTV"" '« "^ " f '"« £rs " :n "" ? : '*' f ^ :- V-se" s--. f-,- as ^rv ir';-d rr.- ~ ^"" ^Cirdloss ·*: tl-.-.r rharch af5-- l-.or oor:n,c:ion ^-.'h t.^is -·"·"-- ~*? bcrcrr.^ ·n '-::.--.1 ~.t N\c:-xs. VA. ni.-'--.f'--rr.-· r. sV.-ctr.-;r.'. o-f Ccl "is r^.f ;i! '. . ^-s-.v --.1- -~ 1~- belicvo e ~^ sorr.etr..n; -- .or .jnt-. r.e .ias r. "*" }rt S W. l-:r.ni_r r-*r m -C.i* Inquiry t'nder ·^:v,'..r.s .1 rl-t t^ k.dnap 6-year- M_xs G i . _ c-. nr ·",ue^-.or.,x- ^r.-i s ···* -ho var-.c-ns s*v-----.- Ctirtis rrjrf-o cli Fd-.;"-. ". r.c- Gsrc-.-r.;r tcrrx-: -* b-.i.4 :.*'!!-. -x.-.-'r. ~."1 V 'c- r- v --"e b-^'o-e he w. c m arc typed c.v-.c'.r-.r ; 3 n-..r._ s vr St. Pctcrsours ^t.r.Att\l .--r.a cre\~^,i ,-.:t Ti.h h s o^"n the Fla. atr'.-.o:-..-s ,-.rrc=ttx1 J^rry Met; T.-.ere '.-om r.o",h_r.j dfv t -.,-%pcd tlvat he ha.i r»erpctrat^d a i.-bo.vo- f.-rn-.'r W._st V.rc.r^a pc'-ce TENNIS DRESSES Cut to fit and designed to help yonr game. Linen. Pique. etc POLO COATS White Coats to wear over any sports $ 10 and$ 16== SEPARATE SKIRTS h:gh-waisted'models to combine with colorful sweaters. New %vh;te $ I .95 SWEATERS AND BLOUSES r tt "r? silk, wool or lisle w« haT« cr.:ol hi-vx u-»n the L.ndberchs. · Denies Cortis Charsre. Xcrfolk. Va-. May 18--Dear. K r;b- ..ts to -his son-Pea:.".;;; ini.Tr-ir.tlv dor.iei t-^r..c'-t ir..-t MJ;S G \ y ~AS krc^'.nrly in\v".-.?ci In 'hat '· Curtis s.\.d that a ch?.rri= mace ov Jol-.r. H' Cur'is ^i".i an- .::'· r...~n c-'. oo;ouir.c c.t.ier V:x? Gsy .ir.r. Eoain K Bruce -if Hl- that h e n ^ d urc-d h.s S^T:..-."- -c car- C-". n '. I. i..!3or;:l'. ~r the an- -.on::-v ca't'u ~cv.rrts t".-..^- tl".^ cl-.i".v'i ^^s to b^ held for $3^.000 r?r.?oni. "hi'h w.^s to rr..r.i N v 7.,-tv durin? a'.- hiv be?r. coll'Vtxi frrr.t rit'lceatei; '.o or. the f'.i»d L.nd;r?h nc?,ri-.-.on* Tr.'c?t:r.\-.-.r. .1.-: cfi t-vs' Mi-ss lercfi r.-i-t..\t:oas to se/li hJ scory to t":v Siuti-jm Baptist, conventioa ia St. Unuci aga^asj the »Ui of IM pr^.c;?al Gay'i nan;* iad Sees ice^uoried ^x on* i newspaper. j Petersburg. j Poika Dot Blouses at $1-95 TROTJSSE SLACKS h-- 4 tn.- ? t c^mfor'nnle gamieat imaginable :--r li-y.i si g i n ir. ··each or t-r^nis S 1 ^M. ^J $ 1 Jj. pr . . A ·*· Sweaters to Combine $1.00 each --. -- · s KEEP THESE SUGGESTIONS IX MIND FOR Commencement Gifts Beaded and Leather Hand Bags . Sl-95 and S2.95 All-Silk Underwear. SI, S1.95, $2.95 ea. Linen Initial Handkerchiefs . 25c e». Handsome Make-tip Boxes .. SLOG e*. Novel Stationery, Boxed 50c and $1.00 ea. Sturdy Week-end Cases, S2.39 Special HENDRICKSON'S

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