The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 15, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 15, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WfflLE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA | USE THE ADS BUYING OUIDE Full AMociated Ptem Leased Wire Service VOL. LXVI NO. 18 ( And Part* Evening New* ) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage FINAL EDITION PARIS, TEXAS, SUNDAY, JULY 15, 1934 SIXTEEN PAGES ESTABLISHED General Strik Filling Station Controversy Is Ended 1 ^^^ As Battle For Permit Is First Presbyterian Church ".-••Withdraws Application For Permit Action Saturday by the board of deacons of the First Presbyterian church removed the cause of a controversy that has spread to include the interest of almost every citizen of Paris in recent morsths- Xhe board Saturday presented to Mayor J. M. Crook' •formal notice of the withdrawal of its application for a .permit to erect a. .gasoline filling station on its lot at; the corner of South ilain and i!ast Sherman streeis- This application presented many months back l»y the church, which desired to erect the filing: station for lease to the Sinclair Oil and •Refining company. had been denied by the council under the administration of T. J. Record, has Ijeeiv carried to court where it recently \vas dismissed and. theji re- saJbfiaitied to the council under the present administration. Final disposition of the milter. set for last week. \vas set over to this Monday by; ihe council. Action by the church board Saturday, however, removes the need for this action. The letter filed with Mayor Crook foUoMs: Hon. J. M. Crook. Mayor of the City of Paris.. " 3?aris., .Texas. TQ- The Council of the City of Several weeks a 50 the First Presbyterian church of Paris, Texas, filed -with you an a.pplica- for a. bsiildisg: permit to *rect s: station or service station on a lot o%\Tsed &y the Church and located at the comer of t? South Slain streets in the City of r'ari?;, Texaji. We have very carefully and sincerely considered the matters and facts involved herein, and -we- fe«;l that a number of things are In- that a P. umber of things are involve*! •which are closer to enr hearts, than tJje lawful exercise of our property, It is. not iio\r. nor has it ever b°eeTJ_ our desire to injure anyone. btil, on th« contrary ive felt az«! still feel that -we \vere simply askinsr the City of Paris. Texas, to permit us to enjoy the la-wful use of our own property; ar.d we felt that this -was r.o more than hundreds of cth«-r cttiz^rss had asked in th* past, srui -will continue to ask in the future. However, due to considerable feeJinjr and sentiment tba: has been agitated by various and sundry methods and nj^an^, we are conscious that thery is now existing * ''-fee is nsr aiHc»7?sr A Rtrat r»any of our fellow citizens, that it is and has l>een our purpose and desire- to iiia.kc wrnc unwarranted and »r«reii^onj»bs<r us* of our property. It is only natural that n- part of this feeliojr and rrst Mrould L»e earned into ow own church, and reaHziTisr lh;»r to some detcr*f it could. »nd per- Hollywood Morals Trial Star Witness Found Wandering In Los Angeles Streets (Copyright, 1S34. By The Associated Press) I.OS AXGETJ5S. t^) — Jooe l>elxm£ was found Saturday nicht warsderhis along AVestern avenue between Xintli and Teeth streets in a dazed condition. She \vaL~ found by Nellise Child, a -\vriter and .vile of an automobile man. ITranfc Gerard, who definitely identified ber ms the missing: state's star witucss in t*ie ^HoUywood morals'* trial. Miss l>elx>ng, Geranl said, ?^ve every indiea- tl*»n of liav*i_£ taken poisou in attempt to commit surcide, as s-hc liad indicated, sbe planned to do in a etter site left m licr »i>art4iiciit ivben sl*c dis- apix-anxl -shortly before noon Saturday. Gerard and his -\vifc inunediately started for the district attorney's office tvitti >liss l>eJJo«?. G<-mrtl said he JOMTW Miss l>clJong^ qnite well. Iia \inpr .sold licr *i-y> autouiobilc a year ago.. T!M* point tvlicre Miss Detxan^ was found is within a block of ber former residence, the XV'est- crr» Amis ApartmeotJ at Eleventh street and West- cm Avenue, -where she WTIS Irving at the time of the all«-*red Babylonian "wild party" in wbicb. sbe has testified Dave Allen and G Gloria Marsh, participated with her. Allen, former bead of the Central Cfesttaff Corporation, Hollyvvood agency which bandies tbe i 7,OOO extra film players of the motion picture capital for tbe various Studios, and Miss Marsh. film extra, are on trial ta Snperior court here t:h«ars^."d with violating a. statute pertaining to the public morals Mi>s 0elx»n^ told Gerard, he said, she ran av.-ay from her apartment and the surveillance of -A polk-ewoman -^because Gloria Marsh, the de- fendanr in the morals trial, was in trouble,, and I Tell so sorry for her.** . Miss I>elx»n£: collapsed 1 to the back seat of Gerard's car en route to the district attorney's office- She could not talk coherently. See 12, CoL is but on* tin^ft of l*ft- \ gret in settlement of the filling j | station controversy in the residea- i m- f f^ , f\ t" i ^a- 1 section of Soatb Main street- i IN one of Opponents Ouali-;., ... , _, , . rr ^~ It -was. commendaole of tn* lot ' fied, Declares Lone Bone Drv In Waco Connally Is Shadows Of Heard By Big Famine Cast Crowd Here Into Picture United States Senator Cites 1 Votes For General Strike OTHER CANDIDATES STICK TO KNITTING Speeches Devoted Largely! To Explanations of i Their Platforms | o'srners to -withdraw the applica- i | tion and clius briag to an end a ! | disturbing- situation, yet It leaves 1 i no decision by tiie council on the i | question of "whether or not sucb. j i stations may be erected in other | residential sections against the } wishes of home-owners. The general opinion current about the city however, was that a. thoror^eb in- ! Record of His Years In Congress Cast By Representatives Of 65,OOO Workers CITES APPOINTMENT Is SEC OND TIME IN ON FOUR COMMITTEES j S I S TORY OF CUNTRY j i i vestigation and careful considera- | ; AUSTIN, Tex-.CS 9 }— Edward K. f tion of all th» phases of granting- i I Russell, lone- exponent in the j the permit by councilraen, would | i campaign for the Democratic \ £ave caused t£em*to vote against j I gubernatorial nomination who granting the permit at the next j i would retain without change the j meeting-. At any rate, this one I ; existing status of siafe proaibi- | case is settled and let it be hoped ' 1 tion Saturday night asserted none«that the experience -will dlseotir- ! j of his opponents was qualified for j a ^ e other such movements. j ] the office of governor- \ j • "No professional politician has I anv business being In the gover- ,„_... . . . _ inor'a office at this time," P-usseU ««**- « t 5fJ ? !? P l e J"? ~l \ said speaking at Waco. "They are °«I*lr satisfied that toe city, un- ] ' a!' good men but not a one of der tbe provisions of its present j And e this one case Is set- i Four Drown In Attempt To Save One Rescue Trv Is In Vainx Fifth Girl Also 1$ Victim " Storm Troop. Chief \\\\ r ^ gg^ Large Crowd the on- ! S PARK. Iowa, ' : 13$. — Slipping off SL rock reef a!6rtg ] wjhicfa. they vrere wading- four j Orange City girls and their chaperon drowned Saturday in- 'West • Okobiji lake. { Four of the victims, died In *u- j tempting to save the fifth. Two i other girls were rescued: •; Th« dead; Margaret Blackburn. 23. chap- ; eron aud academy instructor. | Billie MuUesibars:, IS. V«ra -Muil-rnburg, IT. Biltie. "WHsrsa X>Jmistra_ 19. KJste Hcrwymen, IS. Eleanor Rosen bloom. All !d red Van Dembos. sister of ? ] ordinance can give Texas- XoTonV of"theiThas ment- j *f e Protection ' against slaugnt of Dusmess hp ___^ ^.^ residential sections, then -we should state today and they them is qualified to be governor of ] J , j tn ' slaught of business houses is the I ioned the jobless and homeless situation which prevails over the } have been I s ° ^^^^^ s^d enact an ordinance | that -ssrill be valid. If it could v = ' I seeing these people sitting on tne i curbs the same as!- i-_*. ,, . -•**-, \ - -Tents needs a governor, not a {^ ** ^* *° S° anead and se, j I criminal lawyer or a professional ] ^ I politician. If you elect any of these : six candidates it will only be a j i ccntinuation of what's been going i done at nominal cost It might be i ~ system that wilt set! tie the auestioa once and Tor ail. j Crime, Prohibition Ques-l he filling station argru- | on." ' rnent over, we can now turn • Maury Hushes, speaking at GH- «. to consideration of what Paris is j . -__, n mer, said Texas should "repudiate j going to do -with the grave respon- I UOns Are Discussed By j the political hypocrites and dema- | sibility that rests upon the people ! Candidate ^ - : SOS-® 3 seeking office and demand j tvith reference to the dangerous • ' 'a ne-R- «ieal for this state," Hughes j an£ deplorable sewer situation ex-| J social and economic reforms which I »,y the proposed 570,000 bond issue j Attorney General James ^e said coupled with cooperation | ar j<i jt Is the only sorution that; -V- Ailred, candidate-for governor ' w-ith the federal . goverzunent, | has been offered 1 since the citizens, j of Texas spoke to a'crowd of sev~ I ^ould bring about recovery. : by a meager majority of six voted ; era! hundred here Friday night. ' Attendance at Friday night's' meeticg- "w-as one of- the iargrryt of [ recovery programs. "The lie"* dea.1 contemplates every man putting his shoulder to the wheel." Hughes said. "The .Hushes strongly supported the j down a Quarter of a million collar president's recovery policies but ! bond issue for sewer improvements said the states must also initiate ' in 1S2S. Points Out Length of Service ValuaBle In Securing Legislation Introduced by Major James M. Caviness, as a. man who has rendered outstanding servic* to his country in times of peace as well as during two -wars. Senator Tom Connally of ilarlin addressed, one of the largest political ga-therinss to be held here this summer, at Bywaters Pferk Saturday night"W- H". I*. Anderson of Paris acted as chairman* A number of prominent Paris people as "well as citizens of Clarksvi:le and other towns -were on the speaker's _ platform- The cro-vd Tvas attenti-=-e and. applauded frequently. In opening his speech, Senator Connally said: "I come to you more as a servant of the people to give an account of. my work, than as a candidate for reelection."* He said he is asking for reelection on his record as a member of congress since 1323 and citea legislation which he has sponsored and supported and; which has bees of benefit to Texas citizens- 3e painted otrt that the Democratic- leadership irt congress assigned him to four important committees, the Finance- committee, the Foreiarrt iReiaiions committee, the Public Buildings and Grounds committee and the Committee on Privileges and. Elections. He is also a member of the ^Democratic policy committee of the senate. In making- his plea for reelection he uointed out the Other Labor Bodies _4r« Expected to Join. In Desperate Move ! i i- ^ 16, IS, This is a nevw picture of Victor Ltrtre. new chief cf staff of Adolf Hitler's storm troops. He succeeded Ernst Roehm, who was executed in the atcrtive German revolt. (Associated r,-css Photo* STATION*, 12. Col. 1 auU also residents* of Orange City, were saved. Two other members of the vacation party which arrived her* Friday for a. week's stay, were ru»t on tht: wadlnj; ciyeditiorj. \Vjth their chaperon, the girls sought to \va«ie along the rock rc-?f to a buoy about COO f«*et from tbe j?ht>rv. One of ^h*i isirls.-stuniljled. fBihng off the ledgre into eigh- As her companions attempted Johll Puildi Railroad Com- to pull her back to the reef, the four others slipped and plunsre<S into the water. With The «xcet»- tJor. o' Miss Blackburn, none was able to swim, >!iss Blackt>um wjts a teacher »t N^rthwostorn Junior coi1«sre. Candidate Is Injured mission Aspirant- In Auto Accident Motor Trip To Kiamichi Mountains Ideal Drive •U*'S. Hiclnvay 271 Offers Variety of Scenic Beauty And Historic Spots En Route to CCC Camp Near Top of Windin«: Stair By <iI*AI>VS M. BR t:\VKK ' HU<»O. Okla--— H would l>*r hard TO fin<? a holiday drivfr more hrna- tiful that! that fr^iiiT lluco north- A miles hrinjics the :«o- to Talihina. busy timber ar.ii r market, as we!l *» thr jiUe twi> tabercuK'»sSs !«arntariums, n:o the Okl for improved moun- ' one rnainlaJne«J ^y the f^-d^ra! gov- yjt an«l ; '•rnJTip.Tjt for Choctaw Indians aod fos-«-,-<ts :h^ other by the state of Oklaho- <»!y ; Tn.t for its citlawns. These ar<* tly>-toj» of the the Civilian C tT»Tnf« No. IS!;, \Vin<!i«f: curves m on t<> the very untains. where >n Corj>«» lv* n*?ar TaUhlnn. and €«<***^ vjiil"??"^. j>Sn*-cla<5 sir I>ui5t the quick on VICTORIA. Texa.5. i.^—John Pundt. candidaie Tor the Te^a^ railroad cos'>»!;iiss>>n, ana two corn- pianions were injured Sa.iurday •» hf-n 3, tire bl»-,v out on ths-lr car and caused it t.:. overturn between here and R«f«.gic. Piindt Buffered fractured ribs> ;jn<t a severe cut or, the forehead. His puMicit" ajrentr Preston Sneed. S4. Datl^y, received a broken T*fl thigh, ;t dij-jocated led ar;u and cuts and bruise?. His condition xv'as serious. Ku.cenif F. ?nii:]-r. 45. Aui-:;:i. Pur.dt's rampaicn nswra.^w. re- ce;ved nujtiierous cuts :\!>ot;t the head. : AH three TV ere raker; to a Vjc- ! toria h<~»sp:!:tl. r*-,:r!(5t an-; hif» rente *<•» Ref;:cio i speech S;»t;;ri!ny when the arrr political meeting held sere \ this summer. In introducing the j speaker. Mr. Alaxwell said A I! red ' bas done more for the school i children of Texas than asy man i in the state, referring to settle- I « irsent of a suit brought by ihe at- : . torney general which resulted in ' collection of more than s. million f dollars from the ^.lid-Kansas Oil 1 and Gas company which was j !>iaced in the school fund. Ke re- i 'erred to the speaker as a. younjr • man of integrity and a public of j ficial with an outstanding record * of service to the people of Texas. I ^Ir. Altred replied to a upon his record as attorney genera!. He exhibited certificates ! from the district clerk at Austin \ showing that the suit asrainst the i Mid-Kansas' Oil and Gas compnr.y : was filed by him and that tho- ; check received frorn the company ; was given the state treasurer by i , him. He asked his listeners •;•• I ] '-heck the records to <J»*t.err::-:ne ; •; whether 5tat<?'mcnts against his • i r-?<-or«5 are true- In reply to criticism in rerard ;o violations of tTie IiQaor JRW an-.l • • th? sr»Tj-~amJ>Iins law iit various ; ; parts of the state, the speaker I ; -"^id >if had TJO jurisdiction over .' ', Ta-w violations in counties and ; towns of T<?xns arsd had rso T>o':r- - Right -now there is much sentl- • nent against the issue but The ; ^ews intends to place the situation i fact that length of service and ex- See COXX.AXI/T. Page 12. Col. 4 FRANCISCO, labor, 105.000 strong invoked: & general strike Saturday mgHt to Paralyze the arteries of trade that feed and clothe the 1,3^0,000 residents of Saa Franeissco'a metropolitan area. Tfee strik* -was ordered to begin Monday Taoming-. Barbers, butchers, .cleaners and painters, jewelers, tasicab d^iverff, cooks a^id ice -wagon drivers — ^tH these anfi z. score of other classes Joined, in a ringing demand, for the -wralfcoct. The maneuver -was designed to help Pacific coast loitgsaoremen and marine -workers, idle rsro months, in. a demand for changed, -working conditions. The summons to th» •workers of San Francisco Oakland — all affiliated Tsrizb. American Federation of Ij ell upon a district already facing food shortage drze to the strike days ago of teamsters and delivery -wagon drivers, ^Nation, state and city acted to minimize- the possible effects of tfce second general strike in tb.e history of the United States. -Officials recalled the Seattle effort of 131$ broke after one day, but expressed grave fears as- they mapped a cotinter offensive her** Ho-wlinar <5o-wn "conservative 7 * elements in a zero iotrr meeting of a hnge general strike committee representing the 53V00S tmlon men of San rrancisco. the rank and ami the See S" Page 12, Col. « s - e ^USSH e 12, CoL 4 president nescs behind him S o~- > sq-arelv before the people, giving : eraorg and legislator of unself- : thezn aI3 possible information on i the subject and then if they vote : it down and we later suffer dire | can dodge the responsrnilitT *>T ; t5les.ciri5r that he did no' need cf this itnproverr.ent. Raw Sewage Problem Here Heightens Relief Efforts ^ : Relchstas: Speech Assured Of Approval As It Is Praised SEKI-IX. C^. — The Nazi press Poiirt?<3 forth ;o tne German pub- Tic Saturday its praise of Adolf Hitter for his Reichstag speech and gave assurance oz the world's approval. His address justifying: the violent deaths of 77 persons in the The civic pride of -which Parisians have often spoken is goinc to be pnt to the test. The sincerity of onr interest in public health will be weighed. The people -will be reminded asrain -of the cansrer cf emptying ra-s- sewerage into open streams in close proximity to the of the city and its suburbs and on other neterhbors. They •will be told again that Pari? enjoys the unique di?t;nction of being one of the few- cities of her rize in America without a sewerage dsrjopa! plant. They vc-ill be told this and more in the hope that they -will n<->t pass up this Bond Issue Election Determine Public's Interest In Civic Welfare Tiic-r! rror Ransr^ry tvoj-kinar urdrr his direction. He disclaimed any rrrsp<-»Tj5Jl>5;ity for law enforron-erT in the various counties and cities of Texas. In h;s speech here >Ir, Allr-xi J»it«c3<?d the present pardon -«>tent of Texas nnd proif!is;«*v5 TO <!••> cv^rvthins: in his power, if Cicrrvl governor, to remedy the r>r«'sont ^jlunsion by removins: the ix^r^or:- irtjr powfr srrorri the control of the governor. He sasd that nur»UT=-<::,* crjn^^s <?ttrinEr the last few yvars have N?rr2 coriinntt^d by harrfonrd oyini-nais with pardons frorrn :ht" Texas stn*»" prison. A morse •-*;?> ^r--. h«» cited thi 1 eas^s; of the- IX;;rrow • brother?., T\^ho he sit:, 5 \v;>--,.- -.-- . "Roehm revolt" Tvtis lauded to the ' opportunity to relieve this dr?ad- ; skies, > fxii situstiort when "•sore- thar? or-.e> The i<3~-:-v ,,f Ih * <3«d how- ^ ! ^ of the ?S>.000 cos: Is TO o-? lever. unrev^W" ^y" rlSer. re- ! J«.nd«d ^to us^as ourr^ht r-« ^y I malned unpublished by the . press. I '^'^ a- ove rriTr3en^ i and a goverrir;>-£ i Tit spokesman said 1 ; the official list will never see the light of day. • It ws.« j^a:d that had Hiticr I chosen to have :r pt!baslic<i ^* e f would hav« announced the names 1 himself. ; Special correspondents of Ger- tnan pn^-.-rs in Xc-.v York, L,oTidon. Korn* and other ities notified their news;; papers in 3ortsr dispatches that a" s tbe •world is at. least iut and ir: TV, os-c cases approves? of s re- earnest ALL-RED. ?:e IT, Co! "Ths Fuehrer"? speech ceive<j by «'l li^tener-s thr ihc world as t?~.e honest sion of s i^ari wh,> is Irs about the fa:;;r»? o:" his Far and h:s people as ncN>d> hini." said th-? ""Niichtauscr Plus the safeguard of zrettir.:: value received sss^rec "i>" our o^'n ciiy officials, wilt be the part tbe government will Iiave ir. see!™ to it the dollars -a-ill be -ci-isely spent. \Ve cannot complain of the jrcv- ernTnent's short hours for labor •alien -we know that the per no T -ir -warre on sxich •wor-j is net "h : .srh ar.<5 that no orse worker is allowed to earn more than is re\julr*d for actual sxspporr of his farrvITy. No wasre earner is goinc to ?ret rich at the rate pa^<J- Fair wases ba* never bankrupted any cour.xry. r we like it or not. r;- ; «pt face this •problem ar;d i:. The la-svs of decency de Se« 'GKAFS, Pas;e S. Col. 4 brjjh rocky b-uffs« where clear mountain sttrpams rumhlc ana roar «>v«r «h«* rocks, comp!**:* th* plr- tute of the !"{>«>rtisman*s tlreaTii. Ywenty-od'1 mii<»5 out of Husro on t-'. S. Hisrhway "T! s* th« pic- ixresqut toxvn of AntI<TJ<» wT»<*re th« tr».v*.>r i* t*-Tts;«;«-<J lo i;n,c««r »t -"St. ASR<» mt«*ion. buHt in lS9a hy Father Kftchuni, h^iov^ Tri<Jia« }<rad»r, \vh»-!-c now tb^ federal jcov^rnnirnt maintains a school for Tndi«n chtMrrn, Cros«- Fifteen minuies oat of Talihin « un<l one has climbed the Winding Stair mountain to th* h ('art of r*«i splendor. A turn to the ov**r a moantatn trait and there !« the CCC cnmp, where 200 vouths arc statton*<! for forestry work. Ixocall}* known »» Holson V«ll*y camp, from thfl name of the nearby t-r«ffk. this *ncan*p- m?nt wa« rstahllsh?^! in June. and cov<«n« t«n aor*» of the Th- WILL ROGERS SAYS ON THE BRINK he forest in J>e<>r crr«k — and on higher lnu> in* T\»knhomH, Cho^"t»w Nation- off lb* hJcnway ruki» «f hills, to com* ro of the o!<J U»-r« only » mile msy h«* j»**n th* h<» old eounekl h»>U!»e and f front town 1* th«» Mnv#. worn hf»m^ of T**;«»r Hudson, fa- mo us ChtKtttw l«a<l«r« 40.000 acre national c;tntp i* weH taU, x%ith a water, an Jcc hous*«» and ve^etabK-* arc | comfortablo livinir and s |<iuart«ra in fl-v« barracks housing 40 m«-n each. Th«re 1* a po»t «x- ohansre «nd a recreational hutld- Jnp ivUh pool tabl««. factlftl«w for plnj? ponjr. eh*ck«m and other dt- vrnrtonif and a 200-hook library. nd ^.^nt cm MOTOR, FA«* J, Col. 4 \Vell all I k»v>xv h» the s-itpcyx and there, Srr:<i!t»r McAdoo and h*s eharmirtK diii;j,ht«T \vas <»ut to the ranch tt- ^*? T>U: the other day. H« t* about fulty recovered front st very b«d s'Jnrx?.. His daughter ha* t»ee;i in Paris study- injc voice, and has a Swnl one. an*I is a lovely girl. Had rather tin odd i>ccxjrr*n«* for politics. McAtloo. a LVnuwrat. hi* co-Senator, Hiram for the l>em<>;-rnttc nom- [inatlon for th* Senate, althoush t Johnson is a. Kt* j»ul>lioa-n. <\\>l! ' m«by I am wronsr, bxit dent wrk -s any letter* about tt> and it was the right thins: to do at that, t'or Johnson ha* stuck by KO^>T-> r-lf Better than sorce of thv t><'-;v-o*- crsts, and he is a s;o><Ki ntnr. Hiram JchnsoTj is" a very able •'•.:-.e man. a very >elf thinking: or.e Well they s^t the first pr:^-iry in Oklahoma over. ar:<i I was giad to see that tJeonce MarUn a v -ry fine- fellow, an ex-rich roan «of course that* no novelty nowi, but this fellow Martin tvas a real fellow xvIwu hr was r^ch. Pretty ne«r »ny fellow is « SOCK! fellow when he is po<>r, but Get>rse na*l done r»nch for hi* town, country and stace «-itb his time attd his money. Would *nake * ttn« <Jov- f here running. Upton Sinclair, darn er S t a t e • nice- fellow, and just plum smart, where xvt- have evoryhody running j.and if b* could d»>liv«r &ofue of ;he for i5o\-orr«or that is r;ot jrs pro-: Things he promises, should not <i«ctlon makiir;;; a picture. Georgt;! only be Governor of one state, bu; Cr«-el on form should win. He is! Pre^jd^-nt of all of «m, LTpton hus the r^jsusar f'S'iroorat. That is 1 ' ^ ::>t some sort of a schema where me«n h* dKlent JUM take i: up ?us °" d ^oy» ov «r ^* retire and gvt for thu tim* botns- Ke \vil! t^e i a couple of thousand a year. Now r»m*nibernfd; as a v*ry fine writer J :hats ri ^^t up my alley, I an* in * oorktns humorJM. \tnd politicai; ?avor l>t waking: that rotroact-AV. critic and observer. He has' lN * w T sot * lot of T**^*"* that * charge of alt the writers during! no£ f'^S to know what that is, .w- -.T-^^ v> i> i «-•» " > ^^d *• woument either, but I been the War. * President Vv »Wn ap-, T »*^ 9 with lrvin Cl>ht> a ?< ' a£ lately, and fee »* -loins; 10 hav-s ^e. dumped Into near- j by streams a.nd on uncultivated.' acreage, brought increasin ness of tiie need of an sevragrs disposal plant for Paris j and nastr-ned efforts of the city's I srovernmenta.1 heaus to secure- this i relief, ii recently has been reveal- j ed in connection witli the 570,000 j bond issue election ordered by rhe | city council in order to secure an j addiLional J2S.OOO government grant through the Public "Works | Administration. j The inadequacy and inefficiency:' not to mention the health hazard. • of Paris" sewage disposal system | long has been a sore spot with city \ cox-ernmenta! heads and efforts; have been ma.ce previously to se- i cure relief, A short time ago, ua-' der a former administra.tion of f the incum'ben'C mayor, J. ii. Crook, i an effort was made to vote a bond j issue for an ample sewage dispos- | al plant. This issue was defeated ' by six vot^s. . i Under the administration of T. i J. Rec-ord wbo wa.* defeated by. the present niayor in the last may- ; oralty canipaigrn, application ivasj :rsade to the P\YA for the loan arid • grant of S9S.OOO to construct se-w- '. a^re disposal plant of sufficient size : to ta"ke care of the needs of Paris; at present and for sonve years to • eonse. Kecently, since Mr. Crook i has come into office, notice of the approval of this application hits; been received. ( The present method of dsspos- •. ins of sewage comprises emptying \. it. inro stream? and stream water-: sheds. This practice, continued for; several vears, has finally led to; the filing: of comp1a:nts with the • feeaUh department authorities JT> ! Austin regarding the health, men- : ace of such practices and the re-; ; suVrant cienace of. expensive darn-f . age suits asrumst the city. Too, ( Awards For Dresses Between 2OO and 3OO Women Attend \VJbLLJ Qnb Camp Awards in the annual dress contest featured the Lsmar County "Women's Home Uenicnstratioii cliib enc2.mprr.ent held Fri<2av and Saturday at Bl-ebonnet lecture, tlve Girl Scout cottage. Between 2$9 and SOO women attendee. In the coooerators croup, S3 womeii had entries. Mrs. Sidney Parsons of Garrett's Bixjff beinsr awarded first place. Mrs. D. K. Bryast of Paradise second and Mrs. Turner Geers of Sylvan third. In the demonstrators" class 1. for street dresses. Mrs- _\V, S, Price of Glory received first place, Mrs. Hcg:ar Little of Cavirjess, second and Mrs. Bil! Parr of r"risco, third. In ciass 2 of the demonstrators :rroup, for sheer frocks, first place xvent to Sirs. \V. T. I,*-wis of Hea.ron: second to Mrs. Roy Corder of Byrdtown and third to The demonstrators carried cue. elaborate prog: rams o-f wardrobe p-IanrJns: and renovating a.« w-??! See AWARDS. Page IZ, Col, g ROY DUXAGAN VX1MPROVKI> Reports irom the Sanitarian^ of Paris eariy Sun-Jny morning indtj- cated that CoTr:Tr.:ss;oner Roy IXin- asran is uniTT^proveiJ and is in A critical condition. He has be?n & patient at the hospiT&S for about n:n? week*. WEATHER BONI>S. Pasje 1*. Co*. Hi Blanch Then wife i Bates. a Socmiist out t ROGERS, Cot. 3 I south srr^er^d Parss*!an» Ss I it brought hit'** re!;-?? from Lntfttwft j sidewalk-* and ^r.r-?ft.< J^awn* and : srardens uhich r»re not wat*r«4 ':• flally n.r* v . be'-.-f!T.ins; parched 'drv. ShruNhf'j-y 5">",'irst* k <i ustfty .' sprigs is s,*.*>"> sh-iwijjjj — -— — • • • ; frrjn* ??!''• dry w^.y.r./iisT ayid : tiffttt, BOY IS K1!A>1£.!> j T«r>ir-iT»ttii-«*s Friday rai*g*:d tro-m ST. PAUI-. ».P»—An automobile f 77 ro ;>.o rfp-r*** driven by \Valter Hasen. I>«tro!i 1 OKI^AHOMA ,\ND TKX,\>: stol? star, struck and killed a. boy j Generally fair am! Saturday night. The lad was u«*s*ft<t ] \*«rmt*r Snwtay aiwti Man«iat> v . > under a street car'by the impact- i^rale soutljerJj vtindb oa t CH.VKiitl> IN L.ONr.YIK\v. TCK. ,-.-5^—A charge v-; -mur-.'ter -a'ss filed, against I>ra» Oa!i»>%v\ny h<*re Saturday for th«^ shootinjr of Johnnie Page in a, Long view barS>er shop.

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