The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 4, 1965 · Page 10
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 10

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1965
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Television Programs for Week Ending July 10 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME '"-Color Program TBA-To Be Announced FILMS ARE IN QUOTES Sundoy T:00 AM •—N«wi 1:lt AM •—eiirUtophirs 7:30 AM »—TotOe »—Watch Mr. WKard •—World Horlcan 1— ChlcBgoIand Fklth 8.00 AM •—Friendship Show R—Wee One's World »—Living Word 7—Broken Arrow •—•Hymni 8.15 AM ft—Sacrecl Heart •—Outlook 8:30 AM a— Msgle Door 4—Religious Service B—•Between Teens 6—Bible Semlnnr 7—Sergcsnt Preston 9— Mass 12—Word of Life S:00 AM a -lJ—Lamp Unto My Feet I —'Live and Learn Forum 8 —Mass 7—Jubilee Showcase 9— Wally Gator P:30 AM 3-12—Look Up and Live 4—This Is The Life R—Every Man «—Children's Gospel Hour 7—Ann Sothern •—•Rocky And His Friends 10:00 AM »-lJ—Camera Thre» 4—Journal Comics 5—Eternal Quest e-7—Beanie and Cecil t—Superman 10:30 AM 3—Quiz and Quote 4—Fury 8—Heckle and JeckU S-7—Bullwlnkle 8—Whirlybirds la— Insight 11:00 AM 3—Vistas 4—Open House 5—Kat Tales 6—Dl.scovciy '65 7—Kumzltz »—Bat Masterson 13—Davey and Goliath 11:15 AM 13—Light Time 11:30 AM 3—Face the Nation 4—Sports Club 5—Astroboy 6—Home and Garden 7—Persons, Places and Things B—Focus 13—Pops Theater 11:55 AM 4—News 12:00 Noon 3—News 4—Bowling 5—"Your Man in Government R—Directions '65 7—Discovery '65 •—fiea Hunt 13:10 PM 1— Views the Prese 13:15 PM 8—"The Egg and I"— Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray 12:30 PM 8—Frontiers of Faith «-7—Issues and Answers B—Biography: Mark Twain 13—Face the Nation 1:00 PM 4—"Dawn Patrol" 5—•Spirit ot Man f —Public Conference 7—Press International* »—'Lead Off Man 13—CBS Sports Presents 1:10 PM •—•Baseball: Cubs v>. Giants 1:30 PM 5—Artist's Showcase 6—Squad Car 7—Forum 2:00 PM 3—Internationa! Hour 5—TBA »—Wide World of Sports 2:10 PM 10—Potpourri 2:30 PM 7—Bowling 3:45 PM 4—Sportsman's Holiday 3:00 PM 3—As Others Sea Di 4-S—USGA Women'* Open Golf Tournament 10—The Other 98 12—Ted Mack Ifr—Patterson's Spiritual Hour 3:30 PM 2—Target News 6—FDR 7—Battlellnc 12—Zoorama 18—Oral Roberts 4:00 PM 3—Zoorama 4—Open Question 5—Station to Station 6—Battlcllne 7—Shivaree 13—Western Open Golf Tournament 18—Inside Sports 4:15 PM B—"Tenth Inning 18—Milestones of the Century 4:30 PM 2—Ted Mack 4—Biography 5—Capture 8—"Louisiana Purchase' —Bob Hope 7—Death Valley Days 9—"Long John Sliver" 18—The Tejcan 5:00 PM 2—20Ui Century 4-5—'Meet the Press 8:00 PM 4—The Pioneers 13—Woody Woodpecker 8:25 PM 4—Zeb Billings 5:30 PM 4—Mr. D »—News 5:40 PM 9—•Lead Off Man 5:5S PM 9—•Baseball: White Sox vs. Indians 6:30 PM 8-13—To Tell the Truth 4—•Sports Spotlight 5-18—Karen 8-7—Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 7:00 PM 3-12—Pve Got a Secret 4-5—Man from D.N.C.L.E 18—Breaking Point 7:30 PM 2-12—Summer Plavhouse 6-7—No Time for Sergeants 8:00 PM 3-13—Lucy Show 4.5_»Andy Williams 7—"Return to Treasure 6-7—Wendy and Me liiland' 18—Astro Bov 5:30 PM 3-12—World War I 4—•Safari 6—•Sports In Action 18—The New Breed 6:00 PM 2-12—Lassie 9—Western Open Golf Tournament 6:30 PM 2-12—My Favorite Martian 4-5—•World of Color 6-7—Wagon Train 18—Mr. lAickv 7:00 PM 2-12—Ed Sullivan 18—"Rio Grande"-John Wayne. Maureen O'Hara 7:30 PM 4—Men In Crisis 5—Branded 6-7—Broadside 9—•True Adventure 8:00 PM 2-12—Twilight zone 4-5—'Bonanza 6-7—'"Alias Jesse Jnnips"—Bob Hope, Rhonda Firming 9—'Oh, Say Can You See 8:30 PM 8—Outdoors 9:00 PM 2-13—Candid Camera 4-5—Rogues 9—Law and Mr. Jones 18—Richard Boone 9:30 PM 2-12—What's Mv Line? 9— Men In Crisis 9:50 PM 9:00 AM 6—News. Weather, Sports 7—"Personal Affair" 10:00 PM • 18—Play of the Week 8:30 PM 3-12—Danny Thomas Show 8-7—Parmer's Daughter 8:45 PM 9—'Tenth Inning 9:00 PM 3—Special Report 4-,5—Alfred Hitchcock 6-7—Ben Casey 9—The Detectives 13—Password 9:30 PM 2—Perspective: Mld-Ycar 1965 12—Ann Sothern 10:15 PM 9—"Brute Force"—Burt Lancaster, Ann Blyth lg_"WIId Fruit" 10:20 PM 6—'Baltic Cry" 10:25 PM 2—"The Enforcer"— Humphrey Bogart 12:00 Midnight 7—"Blind Alibi" 12:05 AM 2—News 12:10 AM 2—"Cynara" 9—News 12:15 AM 4—Zeb Billings 12:20 AM 4—"Contraband Spain" 12:30 AM 9 —Surfslde 6 1:30 AM 5—•Between Teens 5-18—•Hullabaloo fl-7—The FugltlvB »—«7th Precinct 10—Profile Traffic 9:30 PM 10—Music ot the 20s 10:00 PM 18—"The Agitator" 10:15 PM 9—"Goodby My Fancy" —Joan Crawford 10:20 PM 6—"Somebody Up There Likes Me"-Paul Newman 10:25 PM 3—"Under the Gun" 12:00 Midnight 7—"Roadblock" 12:05 AM 3-News 12:10 AM 2—"Moon over Miami" —Bettv Grable 12:15 AM 4—"Assignment In Paris" 12:25 AM 9—News 12:45 AM 9—M Squad 1:15 AM 9—Yancy Derringer 1:30 AM 5— 'Everyman Wednesday 7:00 AM 8—Home and Garden 9:00 AM 7—"Young and Willing" —William Holdcn, Susan Hayward 12:00 Noon «—"Holiday Inn" 1:15 PM 9—"Public Enemy's Wife" 2:30 PM 9—Matinee 3:30 PM 4—Mr. D 4:00 PM 2—"Lucky Jordan"— Alan Ladd 4—"The Black Knight" —Alan Ladd 7—"Hercules of the Desert" 9 -Superman 4:30 PM 6—"Please Turn Over" 8:00 PM 13—Huckleberry Hound 8:00 PM 9—Rocky and His Friends 6:30 PM 3-12—Mister Ed 4—•Safari 5-18—•The Virginian 6-7—Ozzie and Harriet 9—"Lost Horizon" 7:00 PM 3-13—My Living Doll 8-7—Patt7 Duke 7:30 PM 3-12—Beverly Hillbillies 4—Branded 6-7—Shindig 10—Creative Person 8:00 PM 2-12—Dick Van Dyke 4-5—"Pear Strikes Out"—Anthony Perkins 10—Self Encounter 18—Wrestling 8:30 PM 3-13—Our Private World 6-7—Burke's Law 9—Arrest and Trial 10—Pace of Sweden 9:00 PM 2-12—Luci-Desl Hour 10—At Issue 18—Best of Oroucbo 9:30 PM 8—Bewitched 7—ABC Scope 10:00 PM 18—"Golden Demon" 10:15 PM 9—•"Saadia" 10:20 PM 6—"The Key"— William Holden, Sophia Loren 10:25 PM 3—"We Were Strangers" —Jennifer Jones • 12:00 Midnight 7—"Hunt the Man Down" 9—News 12:15 AM 4—Zeb Billings 12:20 AM 4—"Miracle In Soho" 9—"The Persuader" 12:30 AM 2—News 12:35 AM 2—"Silver Lode" 1:30 AM 5—•Town and Farm Thursday 9:00 AM 7—"Apache Woman"— Lloyd Bridges 12:00 Noon e—"Tho Threat" 1:15 PM •—•Lead Off Man 1:25 PM 9—•Baseball: White Sox vs. Indians 3:30 PM 4—Lee Marvin 4:00 PM 2—"Paula"—Loretta Young 4—•"The Siege at Red River"—Van Johnson 7—"The Great Jesse James Raid" 4:15 PM 9—'Tenth Inning 4:30 PM 8—"The Jungle Princess" 5:00 PM 5—Trackdown 13—Peter Potamus 8:00 PM »—Woody Woodpecker 6:30 PM 3-13—The Munstera 4-5—Daniel Boone 6-7—'Jonny Quest 9—Hollywood A-Go-Go 18—"Golden Demon" 7:00 PM 2-12—Perry Mason 6-7—Donna Reed 7:30 PM 4-5—Dr. Kildare 6-7—My Three Sons 9—Stoney Burke 10—Survival in Sea 8:00 PM 2—Password 8—"The Lady Gambles" —Barbara Stanwyck 7—Bewitched 10—Challenge 12—77 Sunset Strip 8:30 PM 8-18—Celebrity Game 4.5_«»azel 7—Peyton Place 9—Richard Diamond 10—•Colorful World 9:00 PM 3-13—The Defenders 4-5—•Suspense Theater 7—Jimmy Dean 9—Naked City 10—Congressional Series 18—Best of Groucho 9 :30 PM 10—Science Engineering Journal 18—Hennesey ' 10:00 PM 18—"Too Young for Love" 10:15 PM 9—"Hill 24 Doesn't Answer" 10:20 PM 6—"The Mysterlans" 10:25 PM 2— "The In.spector General"-Danny Kaye 12:00 Midnight 7_"The Falcon in San Francisco" 12:15 AM 4—"Abandon Ship"— Tyrone Power 9—News 12:25 AM 3—News 12:30 AM 2—"The Royal African Rifles" 12:35 AM 9—"Man to Man Talk" 1:30 AM S—International Zona 12—"Man-Made Monster"-Lon Chancy 12:20 AM 4-"Man in the Dark"— Edmond O'Brien 12:25 AM 9—"Crime School"— Humphrey Bogart 1:00 AM 7—Metro-Forum 1:15 AM 12—Peter Ounn i 1:30 AM 5—"Pablola" 2:05 AM 9—News 2:10 AM 9—"Affectionately Yours" 3:55 AM 9—News 4:00 AM 9—"Born for Trouble"— Van Johnson 5:07 AM 9—"Northern Pursuit" Saturday Tuesday 2-4.5.7-9-12-18-'News, Weather, Sports 10:10 PM 6—"Love in the Afternoon"—Gary Cooper, Audrey Hppburn 10:15 PM 2—"Northwest Mounted Police"-Gary Cooper 7—"Sierra Stranger" 9—"The Sentence" 18—"Perilous Holiday" 10:20 PM 4—•"Stars and Stripes Forever"—Clifton Webb 10:30 PM 5—"The Bvave One" 12—It's What's Happening Baby 11:50 PM 9—News 12:00 Midnight 7—Off the Cuff 12—Peter Gunn 12:10 AM 9—"La Strada"— Anthony Quinn 12:25 AM 5—•Jack Eigen 12:50 AM a— News 12:55 AIvI 3—"I Married a Woman"—George Gobel Monday 9:00 AM 7—"Shockproof" 12:00 Noon 8—"The Big Steal"— Robert Mitchum 1:00 PM 6-7—Baseball: Yankees vs. Tigers 1:15 PM 9—"The Courage ot Black Beauty" 2:30 PM 13—July Fourth Parade 4:00 PM Z—"Take One False Step"—Shelley Winters 4—"The 4»th Man" . 6—"Pas.sion" 7—"Armored Attack" 9—Superman 12:00 Noon 8_"Hollday Inn"—Blng Crosby, Fred Astalre 1:16 PM 9_"Wlld Bill Hickok Rides" 2:30 PM 9—Matinee 3:30 PM 4—Lee Marvin 4:00 PM a— "China Gate"—Nat King Cole 4—•"The Big Trees"— Kirk Douglas 7—"Sixteen Fathoms Deep"-Lon Chaney, Lloyd Bridges 9— Superman 4:30 PM 6—"The Falcon Strikes Back" 5:00 PM 7—Gallant Men 12—Yogi Bear 6:00 PM 9—Yogi Bear 10—News Facts ot Life 6:30 PM 2—Lee Phillip's Chicago 4-5—Mr. Novak 6-7—Combat 9—•Magllla Gorilla 12—Milwaukee Reports 18—Laramie 7:00 PM 2-13—Joey Bishop 9— Doble GilUs 7:30 PM 2-12—Hollywood Talent Scouts , 4—•Fishing Show 5-18—Moment of Fear 6-7—McHale'a Navy 9—Maverick 10—Ireland Rediscovered 8:00 PM 4—"Casablanca"— Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman 5-18—Cloak of Mystery 6-7—Tycoon 10—Space Adventure 8:30 PM 2-12—Petticoat Junction 6-7—Peyton Place 9—Peter Gunn 10-'Colorful World 18—High Road 9:00 PM 2-12—Doctors and the Nurses 8:15 AM 2—Chicago Farm Report 5— Town and Farm 6:30 AM 2—Summer Semester 4—Funny Company 5—Education Exchange 7—Dr. Posln's Universe 6:45 AM •—•News 12—Farm Report 6:50 AM 6—RFD No. 6 7:00 AM 2—News, Weather 4 -5— Today 6—Classroom 6 (except Wednesday) 7—Game Room 12—Summer Semester 7:05 AM •—•Top O' Tht Morning 7:15 AM 12—Farm News 7:25 AM 4 .5— 'News 7:30 AM 3—Mrs. Carroll's Class 6—News 9—•Ray Rayner and His Friends 12—HI Neighbors 7:48 AM 6—Cartoon Capert 7:65 AM 3—Junior Newsroom 8:00 AM 2-18—Captain Kangaroo 7—Morning Show 8:15 AM 8—King and Odla 8:30 AM 6—Cartoon Alley 9—•Tree Ton House 10—Driver Education (except Monday) 12—News 8:45 AM 9—King and Odle 9:0U AM 2-12—News 4-5—Truth or Consequences 9—•Romper Room 18—Jack La Lanne 9:25 AM 8—News 9:30 AM 2-12—Lucy Show 4—December Bride 5 -18—•What's This Song 6—Rebus Gam* 9—•Exercises 9:55 AM 5 -18—News 10:00 AM 2-12—Andy of Mavberry Monday Through Friday 4-5—Concentration 6—Sergeant Preston q—Girl Talk 18—Adventures In Living 10:30 AM 2-18—McCoys 4-5—'Jeopardy 6-7—Price Is Right 9—^Mika Douglas Show 10—Driver Education (except Monday) 12— Search for Tomorrow 10:45 AM 12—Ouidlng Light 11:00 AM 2—Love of Life 4-5—'Call My Blutt 6-7—Donna Reed 12—Mike Douglas Show 18— Dr. Joyce Brothers 11:25 AM a— News 11:30 AM 3—Search for Tomorrow 4-5—•Itll Bet 6-7—Father Knows Best 18—Girl Talk 11:45 AM a— Guiding Light 11:55 AM 4.5_«News 12:00 Noon a —News 5—Tug-O-War 7—Rebus Game •—•Bozo 12:15 PM 3—Lee Phillip Show 12:30 PM 2 -12—World Turns 4—Kids Klub 5—Make a Deal 7—Private Line 12:55 PM •—•News 1:00 PM 2-12—Password 4-5—Moment of Truth 7—Where The Action Is 9 —News 1:30 PM 2-12—House Party 4-5—The Doctors 6-7—A Time For Us 1:55 PM 6-7—News 2:00 PM 2 -13—Tell the Truth 4-5—Another World 6-7—General Hospital 2:25 PM 2-12—News 2:30 PM 2-12—Edge of Night 4-5—'You Don't Say 8 -7—^Young Marrleds 3:00 PM a-12—Secret Storm 4-5—Match Game 6-7—Trallmaster 3:25 PM 4.5—News 3:30 PM a— Burns and Allen 5—Bachelor Father '3— Love of Life 4:00 PM 5—Lloyd Thaxtor 8—Where The Action Is 13— Pops Theater 4:30 PM 8-13—Mickey Mouse Club 5:00 PM B—The Rifleman (except Thursday) •—•Garfield Goose 18—Jack Benny 5:30 PM a —Walter Kronklte 4—Huntley-Brinkley 6 —News, Weather, Sports I —Passage to Adventure 12—Bachelor Father 18—News 5:40 PM 18—News 5:45 PM •—•News. Weather, Sports 5:55 PM 8— News 6:00 PM a -4—•News, Weather. Sports 8—Huntley-Brinkley 6—Sea Hunt 7—News 12—Sumthln' Else 18—Walter Cronkite (except Friday) 6:25 PM 12—News 7:00 PM 10—What's New (except Monday) 10:00 PM 2-4-5-6-7-9-12—•News Weather, Sports 10:15 PM 7—Nightlife 10:30 PM 4-5—•Tonight 13—Merv Griffin Show (except Friday) 12:00 Midnight 4—News 5—Merv Griffin Show 12:15 AM 12—Peter Gunn (except Friday) 12:30 AM 6—Nightlife Friday 9:00 AM 7—"Pitfnll"—Dick Powell 12:00 Noon 6—"Strange Bargain" 1:15 PM 9—'Lead Off Man 1:25 PM 9—•Baseball: Cubs vs. Cards 3:30 PM 4—Mr, D 4:00 PM 2—"Man or Gun" 4—"The Ox-Bow Incident"-Henry Fonda 7—"Prince of Snace" 4:15 PM 9—•Tenth Inning 4:30 PM 8—"Sierra Stranger" 5:00 PM 13—Magllla Gorilla 5:30 PM 8—Lloyd Tha^•ton 6:00 PM 6—TBA. 9—Rocky and His Friends 6:30 PM a —Rawhide 4-5—International Showtime 6-7—•The Fllntstoncs 9—•Wally Gator 12—Gallant Men 18—Nation At War 6:40 PM 9—Lead Off Man 6:55 PM 9—Baseball; White Sox vs. Orioles 7:00 PM 8—•Wisconsin Weekend 7—FDR 7:30 PM 2-12—Cara Williams 4-5—•Bob Hope 6-7\—Addams Family 10-iLost Continent: Antarctic 18—"Too Young for Love" 8:00 PM 2-12—Our Private World 6-7—Valentine's Day 10—Spectrum 8:30 PM 2-12—Vacation Playhouse AS —Jack Benny 6-7—Peyton Place 10—Showcase 9:00 PM 2-12—Slatterv's People 4-5—'Jack Paar 6-7—12 O'clock Hleh 10—American Symphony IB—Best of Groucho 9:15 PM 9—Tenth Inning 9:30 PM 9—Evening with Julie London 18—Hennesey 10:00 PM 18—Blue Star Award Home 10:05 PM 18—Sports 10:15 PM 7—Nightlife 9—'"Bloodhounds of Broadway"—MItzi Gaynor 12—News 18—"Proud and Beautiful" 10:20 PM 6—"Al Capone"—Rod Steiger 10:25 PM 2—"Black Patch" 10:30 PM 12—"12 To the Moon" 12:00 Midnight 7—"Murder on the Bridle Path" 12:05 AM 2-9—News 12:10 AM 2—"The Ship That Died of Shame" 12:15 AM 4—Zeb Billings 6:00 AM 2—Summer Semester 6:15 AM 12—Summer Semester 6:30 AM 2—Big Picture 6:45 AM 12—Davey and Goliath 6:50 AM 9—Side Show 7:00 AM 2-12—Mr. Mayor 8—Space Theater 6—Farm Scene 7—Last of the Mohicans 9—Top O' the Morning 7:15 AM •-Yesterday's Newsreel 7:30 AM 4—Your Library Story 7—Northwest Passage 9 —'Ray Rayner and Hlf Friends 7:45 AM 4—Cartoon Carnival 6—News 8:00 AM 2-12—Alvln Show 4-5—Top Cat 6—Cartoon Capers 7—I'm Dickens, He't Fenster 8:30 AM a -12—Tennessee Tuxedo 4-5—•Hector Heathcot* 6—Cartoon Alley 7—Tom Ewell 9—Supercar 9:00 AM 2-11—Quick Draw McGraw 4-5—•Underdog 7—Sir Lancelot 9—Gene Autry 9:30 AM 8-12—Mighty Mouse 4-5—Fireball XL-6 6—Touche Ttrtle 7—Courageous Cat 9—Three Stooges 10:00 AM 2-12—Linus the Lionhearted 4-5—Dennis the Menace 6-7—Casper 10:30 AM 3-12—Jelsons 4—'Cartoon Capers 5—Fury 6-7—Porky Pig 9—Superman 11:00 AM 2—Sky King 4—Kids' Klub 5—'Kat Tales 6-7—Bugs Bunny 9—Peter Potamus 12—Space Angel 11:30 AM 3—My Friend Pllcka 5—Whiplash 6-7—•Hoppity Hooper 9—Your Senator Reports 12—Dick Tracy 11:45 AM 9—•News 11:55 AM 4—News 12:00 Noon 2—News 4—"Destry Rides Again" —James Stewart 5—"Drango"— "Toughest Gun in Tombstone" 6—International Zone 7—American Bandstand 8—Wanted Dead or .Alive 12—Pops Theater 12:15 PM 2—Lee Phillip 12:30 PM 2—Wonderful World 6—County Closeup 9—The Rebel 12—News. Sports 1:00 PM .1 —^The Word: Scripture and Modern Man 6-7—Baseball: TBA 9—'Lead Off Man 12—Bowling 1:10 PM 9—'Baseball: Cubs vs. Cards 1:30 PM 2—Rebuttal 4—Talent Showcase 2:00 PM 2—Growing Years 4—Sir Francis Drake 12—Tennis 8:30 PM I a— Repertoire Workshop • 4—'Danger Is My I Business I 3:45 PM I 5—'Sportsman's Holiday | 3:00 PM I 8—American Musical Theater I 4—Sports In AotlOD I 8—Bold Journey 13—Strange But True 3:30 PM i a— My Little Margie 5—Auto Racing m 12—Sky King • 18—In Crowd I 3:45 PM I 8—Post Game Scoreboard 9—'Tenth Inning 4:00 PM a— Burns and Allen 4—•Checkpoint" 5-6—Roller Derby 7—Wide world of , Sports J 9—"Cavalry Scout" • 12—Rawhide • 18—Wrestling i 4:30 PM I 2—"The Lady and the I Bandit" I 5:00 PM 5—Have Oun. Will | Travel I 6—Jimmy Dean Show 1 12—Bowery Boys • 18—The Detectives • 5:30 PM I 4—'North of the Tension i Line • 5—News 7—Sports Special • •—On* Step Beyond • 5:45 PM 4—News 5:59 PM a— Weather 6:00 PM 8-4—News, Weather Sports I 5—'City Desk I 8—News I 9—Maverick I 12—Slngin' Here Tonight • 18—Porter Wagoner • Show Z 6:30 PM : 2-13—Fanfare I 4-5—'Flipper J 6-7—King Family J 18—Grand Ole Opry • 7:00 PM f 4-5—Kentucky Jones f 9—Hawaiian Eye • 18—Jazz Scene U.S.A. • 7:30 PM I 3-13—OUllgan's Island I 4—Death Valley Days I 5-18—'Mr. Magoo I 6-7—Lawrence Welk | 8:00 PM I 2-13—Secret Agent I 4-5—•"Warpath"— 1 Edmond O'Brien 9—Checkmate 18—Shock Theater 8:30 PM 6-7—Hollywood Palace 9:00 PM 3-13—Ounsraoke 9—'America 9:30 PM 6—Peyton Place 7—News 9—Race from Sportsman • Park 18—Kup's Show 10:00 PM 3-4-5-8-9-12—'News, Weather, Sports 7—"Nightfall"—Anne Bancroft 10:15 PM 2—"The Clown"—Red Skelton 4—'"Jeanne Eagles"— Kim Novak 9—"Notorious"—Gary Grant, Ingrid Bergman 10:20 PM 6—"The Revenge ot i Frankenstein" • 10:30 PM 5—'Tonight 12—Merv Griffin 11:00 PM I ft—News, Weather, Sports I 12:00 Midnight § 5—"Curse of the Faceless Man" 6—TBA 12—"The Mermaids of Tiburon" 12:05 AM , 2—News • 12:10 AM 2—At Random 12:15 AM 9—'"Wichita" 12:30 AM 4—Weather. News 12:45 AM 4—"The Strange One" 1:30 AM 5—"Killers from Space" » 1:50 AM 9—News 1:55 AM • 9—"Nora Prentiss" 4:10 AM 9—News 4:15 AM I 9—"Flowing Gold" 5:50 AM 9—Roaring 20s 6:40 AM 9—Best of Groucho I 7:05 AM 9—Side Show I OA RACINE SUNDAY lULLETlN Sundoy, July 4, IMS CUT AND SAVE CUT AND SAVE CUT AND SAVE , CUT AND SAVE SUNDAY and MONDAY RADIO PROGRAMS NETWORK RADIO (C.D.T.) KO KO KG NETWORKS NBC: WTM.I—fi'.'O KC WMAQ—«T0 KC t;BS WBBM—780 MBS WFOX—8B0 ABC WISN—1120 WLS—8!I0 KC WRJS—UUO KC NON-NETWORK WIND—,560 KC WON-7'i(l KC WOKY—n?0 KO WLIP—1050 KO WMBI—1110 KO WJJD—1160 KC WEMP—1250 KC WMIL—12H0 KO WRIT—1S40 KC WRAC—1460 KC WMIB—l.-iSO KO FM STATIONS WNUK—811.3 MO WUWM—89.7 MO WMBI—90.1 MC WnAD—90,7 MO WFNV—»2.1 MC WQFM—93.3 MO WTMJ—94.5 MC WLIP—95.1 MC WFMR—96.5 MO WISN—97.3 MC WEMT—98.7 MO WEFM—99.6 MC WFMF—100.8 MO WRIN—100.7 MO WMAQ—lOI.I MO WCLM—101.9 MO WKFM—I03.B MO WSEL—104.3 MC WEAW—105.1 MO WXFM—10.V9 MO NBC—Voice of Prophecy 9:55 AM ABI^Ncws 10:00 AM ABC—Mes.sage of Israel CBS—News NBC—News 10:30 AM ABC—Christian in Action CB.S—Sports NBC—News 10:55 AM ABC—News 11:00 AM ABC—As We See It CBS—^News and Sports NBC—News 11:25 AM ABC—Sports 11:30 AM CBS—News NBC—News 11:55 AM ABC—News NBC—Catholic Hour Sun. Morning 6:30 AM CBS—Church of the Air 6:45 AM NBC—Farm Report 6:55 AM ABC—News 7:00 AM ABC—Encounter 7:30 AM ABC—Milton Cross 7:55 AM ABC—News 8:00 AM ABC—Bible Class CBS—News NBC—News 8:15 AM NBC—Art of Living 8:30 AM ABC—Morning Chorale NBC—Bible Study Hour 8-55 AM ABC—News 9:00 AM ABC—Encounter CBS—News NBC—fJews 9:05 AM KBC—Radio Pulpit 9:30 AM ABC—Negro College Choir CBS—Report from Moscow Sun. Afternoon 12-00 Noon ABC—Hour of Decision CBS—News, Sports NBC—News 12:15 PM NBC—Faith In Action 12:30 PM ABC—Pan American Party CBS—Report' from London NB(3—Lutheran Hour 12:55 PM ABC;—News 1:00 PM ABC—Hour of Decision CBS—News NBC—Eternal Light 1:30 PM CBS—Science Beat NBC—Catholic Hour 1 bi PM ABC—News 2 00 PM NBC—News 2:05 PM NBC—Monitor 2:30 PM NBC—News 2:55 PM ABC—Newt 3:00 PM ABC—Voices in the Headlines NBC—News 3:26 PM ABC—Sports 3:30 PM NBC—News 3:55 PM ABC —News 4 00 PM ABC—Voici-s In the Headlines CBS—White House CoiTPSUondent ABC- 4 25 PM -Sports 4:30 PM ABC—Big Bands NBC—News 4:55 PM ABC—News Sun. Evening 5:00 PM CBS—News. Sports 5:05 PM NBC—Pocketbook News 8:10 PM ABC—News 5:15 PM NBC;—Bob Consldlne 5:25 PM ABC—Sports 5:30 PM ABC—News CBS—News Analysis NBC—Meet the Press S'55 PM ABC—News 6:00 PM ABC—Overseas Assignment CBS—News. Sports NBC—News 6:10 PM CBS—Johnny Dollar 6:15 PM ABC—Report from London 6:25 PM ABC—Speaking of Sports 6 30 PM ABC—Quincy Howe NBC—News 6:35 PM CBS—8u.>^ 6-56 PM ABC—News 7:00 PM ABC—Freedom Calls NBC—News 7 30 PM ABC—Issues and Answers CBS—Hcadlinei NBC—News 7:55 PM ABC—News 8:00 PM ABC—Startime USA CBS—News 8:05 PM CBS—quotes of the Week 8:25 PM ABC—Sports 8:30 PM ABC—Herald of Truth NBC—News 8:35 PM NBC—Youth Forum 8 55 PM ABC—News 9:00 PM ABC—Pllgrlr.:iago NBC—News 9:05 PM CBS—Anatomy of a Headline 9 15 PM CBS—University Explorer 9-25 PM ABC—Sports 9:30 PM ABC—Revival lime 9:55 PM ABC—News 10:45 PM CBS—New York Philharmonic 11:00 PM NBC—News 11:05 PM NBC—Promenade Concert 12:55 AM NBC—News Mon. Morning 6:30 AM NBC;—News 6:55 AM ABC—News 7:00 AM CBS—World News NBC—News 7:25 AM ABC—Sports 7:30 AM NBC—News 7:55 AM ABC—Paul Harvey 8:00 AM ABC—Breakfast Club NBC—News 8:30 AM NBC—News 8:55 AM ABC—News 9:00 AM CBS—News NBC—News 9:30 AM NBC—News 9:55 AM .NBC—Emphasis 10 00 AM CBR—News NBC—News 10:10 AM CBS—Arthur Godfrey 10:30 AM NBC—News 10:55 AM ABC—News NBC—Emphasis 11:00 AM ABC—Flair CBS—Houseparty NBC—News 11:30 AM CBS—Garry Moore NBC—News 11:40 AM CBS—Crosby-Clooney Show 11:55 AM ABC—News NBC—News NBO-News 12:15 PM CBS—Man and Wife 12:20 PM CBS—Hollywood Party 12:30 PM NBC—News 12:55 PM ABC—News CBS—A Woman's Washington NBC—Emphasis 1:00 PM CBS—News NBC—News 1:30 PM CBS—Personal Story NBC—News 1:55 PM ABC—News 2:00 PM ABC—Music CBS—News NBC—News 2:30 PM CBS—Information Center NBC—News 2:55 PM ABC—News 3:00 PM CBS—News NBC—News 3:30 PM CBS—Man in Paris NBC—News 3:55 PM ABC—News 4:00 PM CBS—News NBC—News 4:30 PM NBO-News 4:55 PM ABC—News Men. Afternoon 12:00 Noon ABC—Paul Harvey Mon. Evening 5:00 PM ABC—Paul Harvey CBS—News NBC—News 5:30 PM ABC—Alex Dreier 5:40 PM ABC—Sports 5:45 PM CBS—^Thomas News 6:50 PM ABC—Bob Considlne 6:55 PM ABC—Arthur Van Horn News CBS—Sports 6:00 PM ABC—E. P Morgan NBC—News 6:15 PM ABC—Music 6:20 PM NBC—News of the World 6:55 PM ABC—News CBS—Sidelights 7:00 PM NBC—News 7:15 PM CBS—Burnett-Hayes Show 7:35 PM CBS—News Analyst 7:55 PM ABC—News 8:00 PM NBC—News 8:30 PM ABC—News 8:55 PM ABCV-News 9:00 PM NBC—News 9:05 PM CBS—Invitation to Learning 9:30 PM CBS—The World Tonight 9:55 PM ABC—News 10:00 PM NBC—News 11:00 PM ABC—News 11:05 PM NBC—Night Report 12:00 Midnight NBC—News 1:00 AM NBC:—News Will star In "Funny Girl' Mimi Mines Will Replace Barbra Streisand in N. Y. Composer Tiomkin Cited for WW2 Role HOLLYWOOD—(z^')—Com­ poser-conductor Dimitri Tiom­ kin is the first recipient ol the Maurice Ravel Golii Medal for his wartime work in behalf of French composers. The citation recounts how Tiomkin, though in the U.S., fought to prevent the Germans taking over royaiities of the French composers. During the Nazi occupation of France, Tiomkin put the money in U.S. and British banks until France was free again. Comedienne Mimi Hines h;is been picked to take over for Barbra Streisand in the hit Broadway musical "Funny Girl." Miss Hines, with her husband, Phil Ford, is now starring at Milwaukee's Melody Top Theater in "Bells Are Ringing." The Melody Top is at 7201 W. Good Hope Road. Miss Hines is expected to move into the "Funny Girl" role in December. Her selection was announced by the show's producer, Ray Stark. Miss Streisand probably will do the London version of the show and then the movie. "Funny Girl" based on the career of Stark's mother- in-law, comedienne Fanny Brice. Miss Streisand was a virtual unknown when picked by Stark for the part. "She was not quite as good in days," said Stark of Miss Streisand. "But she fits the part and developed into the great star she is today." He first offered the part to Miizi Gaynor, who turned it down, and then to Carol Burnett. "Carol couldn't see playing j Fanny Brice," Stark said in Hollywood last week. "She liked the script but thought the key role should be a fictional character." T SLATTERY'S GAL Kathie Browne, heroine of many television westerns, becomes the steady girl of Jim (he has a first name now) Slattery of "Slattery's People" on CBS-TV. Says Kathie: "I couldn't do a love scene and call the man 'Slattery'." So now, it's Jim. Will Question Udall on Beautification Plan Sec. of the Interior Stewart UdalF will be interviewed today on "Meet the Press" over channels 4 and 5 at 5 p.m. He is expected to be questioned about his newly assigned role as director of President Johnson's nationa beautification program. Anne Bancroft to Join Robards on Broadway NEW YORK — m — Anne Bancroft comes back to Broadway next season opposite Jason Robards in "The Devils." In the drama, based upon Aldous Huxley's "The Devils of Loudun," she will portray the prioress of an Ursuline Convent. Miss Bancroft, who won a Tony and an Oscar for her stage and film performances in "The Miracle Worker," last appeared here in "Mother Courage." Milwaukee Parade to Be on TV Monday The circus parade which is the climax of the "Day in Old Milwaukee" holiday festivities will be televised Monday over channel 12 at 2:30 p.m. The live TV coverage will originate from the corner of Wisconsin and Van Buren, across from the reviewing stands. John Coleman, with Bob Trent and his puppets, will do the commentary on the 90-minute show. LISTEN ... "Music Maestro Show" WRJN AM-FM Tuesday and Thursday 1:25 - 1:55 P.M. CHUCK GRIMAL at the WURLITZER ORGAN Word to the wise . .. Take Advontage LOW OVERHEAD PRICES on • REFRIGERATORS • FREEZERS • WASHERS • DRYEfiS • RANGES • DISHWASHERS at BELLE CITY REFRIGERATION 1321 lilinoisSt. 634-776S HIS ENEMY'S SON—Richard Kmble (David Jansen) has to decide whether to help Philperard Jr. (Kurt Russell), the son of his implacable girsuer, and thus endanger his own safety in "Nemesi^' on a re-run of "The Fugitive" Tuesday over channels f and 7 at 9 p.m. FIRST-in Rccine SUNDAY'S SHOWS 8:00 AM—Newa 8:15 AM—Emmam Lutheran Church »:15 AM—World Newi 0:20 AM—Polonaise «:55 AM—World New* 10:00 AM—Polonaise 10:55 AM—World New» 11:00 A.M. Hear Peder Back's "AMERICAN SCANDINAVIAN HOUR" EVERY SUNDAY MORNING During the Milwaukee Brovei Baseball Season 12:00 Noon—World News 12:05 PM—Weekend Soorta 12:10 PM—Flair Reports 12:15 PM—News 12:30 PM—UAW Speaks 12:45 PM—Flair Reports 12:50 PM—Sunday Serenade Today at 12:50 Milwaukee Braves vs. Pittsburgh Pirates 4:00 PM—Voices In The Headlines 4:25 PM—Weekend Sport* 4:30 PM—Billy Graham 4:55 PM—World News 6:10 PM—This Week In Washington 6:25 PM—out Of The Blue 6:30 PM—Man On The Go 5:40 PM—Tom Harmon, 8Dort» 6:55 PM—World News 8:00 PM—ManloD Forum 8:15 PM—March ot Medicine 6:30 PM—Quincy Howe News 6:45 PM—Racine and Wisconsin News 6:50 PM—Tom Harmon. Sports 6:56 PM-World News 7:00 PM—Freedom Sings 7:25 PM -Plan Reports 7:30 PM—Music Hall 7:65 PM—World News 8:00 PM—Music Hall 8:25 PM—Weekend Soorti 8:30 PM—Music Hall 8:65 PM—World Newt COO PM—Music Hall B:50 PM-Weekend Sport* 8:55 PM—World News 10:00 PM—Local and State Newi MONDAY'S DAYTIME SHOWS 4:45 AM—The Morning Houra 6:55 AM—First OvernlRht NeWi 6:05 AM—The Morning Hours 6:30 AM—News and Road Report 6:35 AM—The Morning Hours 6:50 AM—Racine News 6:65 AM—News Around the World 7:10 AM—The Morning Hours 7:24 AM—Lucky License Tlm» 7:25 AM—Speaking Of SoorU 7:30 AM—News 7:35 AM—Wisconsin Weathe* 7 40 AM—Little Red Book 7:45 AM—News 7:55 AM—Paul Barvey 8:00 AM—Party Line 8:45 AM—Dr. Joyce Brothers 8:50 AM—Local and Stat* Newn 1 :55 AM—World New< COO AM—Breakfast Club >:55 AM—World News 10:00 AM—Burlinerton and County News \ 10:15 AM 4th of JULY GPDWILL PARADE Live From Mnument Square With lyman Merens and Gary Suhr 11:50 AH-Musical Quiz 11:55 AH-Woild News 12:00 Nan - Paul Harvey. News 12:15 Pl^News 12:35 P5-ABC Reports 12:40 PJ—You Can't Lose 12:55 PS-World New.-i 1:00 PI—You Can't 1:10 PH—Betsy Palmer Fashions 1:15 Pi—ABC Reports 1:20 PlV-MusIc Maestro 1:55 PH-World News 2:00 PW-Melodles of Poland 2:55 PM-World News 3:00 PM-Muslc Maestro 3:25 PM-ABC Reports 3:30 PM-Rhythm At Random 3:35 PM4Racine News 3:40 PM-fthythm At Random 3:55 PM-iworld News 4:00 PM-ihvthm At Random 4:30 PM^aclne and State Newe 4:35 PM-.ihvthm At Random 4:55 PM-Vorld News MONItkY NITE SHOWS 5:00 PM->aul Harvey. News 5:05 PM-^hythm At Random 6:30 PM-.:iaclne Area News 5:45 PM^lex Dreier, News 5:55 PM-rVorld News 6:00 PM-Kdward Morgan, News 6:15 PM-i:hrls Schenkel, Sports 6:20 PM-^arket and Bu.slness ieport 6:25 PM—llnner Musicale 6:30 PM—'om Harmon. Sports 6:40 PM—,)lnner Mu."ilcal 6:50 PM—.n The Line With ;ob Considlne 6:55 PM—'orld News 7:00 PM—Icctches In Sound Toni^t at 7:15 Milwfukee BroYes PittsLgh Piri^es Following Oijie—Racine News TUEsd ^Y'S SHOWS 5:45 5:55 6:05 6:30 6:35 6:50 6:55 7:10 7:24 7:25 7:30 7:35 7:40 7:45 7:55 8:00 8:45 8:50 8:55 B :00 S:55 10:00 10:30 10:55 11:00 11:15 11:45 11:50 11:55 12:00 12:15 12:35 12:65 1:00 l:10 1:15 1:55 2:00 2:40 2:55 3:00 3:25 3:30 3:35 3:40 3:55 4:00 4:30 4:35 4:55 AM—TM Morning Hours AM—Pli t Overnight News AM—Th Morning .Hours AM—Ne I and Road Report AM—Th Morning Hours AM—Ra ne News AM—Neu Around The World AM—ThelMornlng Hours AM—Lucty License Tim* AM—Spefelng of BoorU AM—Nev^ AM—WisAnsIn Weather AM-Litlll Red Book AM—NcwJ AM—Paul Harvey AM—Part Lino AM—Dr. 3yce Brothers AM—Loca, AM—Worll and State New* News AM—Brcafast Club AM—World News AM—The Horning Hours AM—Ladle! Air Journal AM—WorM News AM—Melodi Time AM—Burllnjton and County News AM—ABC Rtoorts AM—MuslcallQuli AM-World Sews Noon—Paul I^rvey. New* PM—News PM—You Cant Los* PM-World Niws PM—You CanD Lose PM—Betsy Palner Fashion* PM—ABC Reptfts PM-World NevB PM—Melodies o. Poland PM—Mu.sic iind Memories PM-World Newi PM—Music Maetro PM—Flair RepoBs PM-Rhythm At Random PM—Racine NeWi PM-Rhythm Attsandgra PM-World News PM—Rhythm At tiandom PM—Racine New* PM-World News IN OUR 39»h YEAR OF RADIO BROADCASTING AM — 1400 on your dial FM — 100.7 on your dial American Broadcasting Co. and Wisconsin NctwMk WRJN

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