The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 6
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··i i if ATHLETICS LOOK | Y. M. C. A. League |!| Tulane Battles To Keep Smith's Record Clean Hack Ready For 1932 Pennant Race In American Loop. flAS PLENTY OF PITCHERS The Chrrrolets were kicked into a j tie with the Olt^mofc-.tes !or lirst place ' ;r, -.he Y. M C. A. Bsiketball League j Monday aftercocr. when triey lost to the R«o* by a score u! 21-14 in a game pl«ei in the Y gmcasaum In trie other game vne StudebaJters mov- l.^. .i.-o s t:e »-.'.»: the Fords and BU.CILV by otr«i-_:* the jitter, 17-11. T :e Reo* rlaved good "oeikctba.! in a.nuig iria: t:.i" Itagui-Ieaiceri. They j o^sunted the !eai shortly after the I v.-pt:^ag EC! htld ,t all the »ay. lead- ' _ng at hslf tace. 9-6 So tight ^as j :.-.(.- Rro rk-fs:_M; f t.c Uit lia.! that; yic-n, a X-lit ·sc-r othir puir.t tx-.r.c atadc on : »_f.i oiii^i A'.uaugt: s*::d Mers itar- siJ lx the v;ir.neri, whJe Michael ci: the t?est aork for the Chevrolets. Trc Stadebakers scored almost enough "·o.riis ::. tne first half to »ic. lead:::= t. e Bu.cki by a 10-4 score at in- tfrnijsaion C-iiStl! aj"i He-.m dicl ra-jat ^' the scoring for the Stud.ce. The scor* 1 Chevrolet s H O. f _. . o Reo (71 Pis^acejph^, Dec- -- --S:~,* A^ean ^"J^fpS; .or. T2*gacte list season and the phu Athletics k-ofc fx-iard to the 1«32 pennant rate *iu» w trep.oat:or.. Connie Mack, who *--· ceJebrate his sj*Y-*!ai*3 birthday December "3 jtiJ ·essrcls "sis As as tr.e best duo la baseball Cp To Yanks, Xaw. The el-oseaess aad outcome of next M.chac:. f -4 Dear's competitor, depends upon ho» Thrasher, c. ...,, 0 much the Ke* York Yankees »=d Sagcr. g 0 -Washington Senators laipro-.e Ey'.er, g 0 While Wash-news seeks more punca -and the Yankees better pitching, the Totals ·» three-tune Aaaer-.wa Lear-c ihatn- yiocs »oh oce exception »u: P^ce -.he same club in she field that started Shaw, f missing titles in 1929. The only new B.-u.-:. i man introduced to the cast since that ii~ie Is Shortstop Dicrell W-lllniJ. x no replaced Joe Boley midway In !ast G season and eating-ashed in the World Series. Plenty Of Fitcbrrs- The Aihleiics again will be tertJied with the presence of the leading hitter of the league--AS Simmons. They Castle, f. ... will hive Mickey Cochrane. who !s Myers, c. . "Mllr recovered from the ailments that Kemp. K hampered him in the World Series. McCanner. g Lastly they will again present the rot*Oon of pitchers that turned in 72 victories list year. Lefty Grove. George Eamshaw and Rube Walberg. Including Roy Mahaffey and his 15 victories. the Athletics bad four hurlers in 1931 H Nogle, c. A:ba-igh. p Myers g G. 4 0 1 4 1 F 1 1 I 3 0 F 0 0 0 1 0 1 3 '· o ! -- ! 14 TP. I 8 ! o | 2 ! 9 i 1 21 Radcliff. Totals Baumgardner. Bacr. f. . . Duick i l l ) G. 1 0 2 0 who produced 87 triumphs. The best J Hcmi. c Studebaker (11) O. f 0 0 3 P. 0 1 0 n o F. 0 1 n m =! 1 i 4 o ! 4 11 TP. o i of the young pitching prospects is Lew · Casscl!. g 3 Krausse. schooJboy star, who made his Engle. s 1 big league debut iast season. -- Xew Offensire Power. Totals 7 Connie Mack's efforts since the close ntreree--Quinn. Umpire--Zlmmcr- oi last season have been devoted solely , »Ran. Timer--Reck. Scorer--Etchison. ; to increasbig the batting strength of i ' his Utfllt? corps. To this end he pur- j T. M. C. A. BASKETBALL LEAGUE chased First Baseman Oscar Roettgcr from St. Paul and Outfielder Ed Cole- ia*n from PorGand. Ore. Coleman may five Bins MEler a contest for the UAYME BY WILLIAM nHAt'CHEK XE.\ Service Sports Editor Tew York. DC.: 22 --Four great 6 , southern football teaini. three of them 8 i from Alabama and one Irom Georgia 2 ,Tech. have established the tradition -- | that a Dixie team can't be beaten in the 17 ' Rose Bow! at Pasadena. New Orleans--trying to keep that rec- Yesterday's Results. Reo. 21: Chevrolet 14 Studebaker. 17: Buick. II. job. RoetUter i» slated to replace Phil Todt as understudy to Jimmy Foxx. S(andin s Of The Clubs i ord clean in^ a game vrith Southern ' California. It is a Tulane team whose record for the season is without the flaw of a tie ic-orc It !iis rolled up 1338 points ngainst 33 lor Ks oppou- i ents. DALRYMPLE. In -the Tulane backiield directing the passing furnishing deception, attack !i Red Daaion. Wisconsin boy ·A::O v.os chjtc:! All-Southern by sev- · Wop'' Glover and Francis Payne are tiierc to !ug the leather when Zimmerman isn't passing, kicking or rur.- r-.r.g with it. Gu..rdj ScaSdc. Sohrocder and Mc- Cijmick lorm or.e of the best mid-line ; ombmations ia the country. At tacklci ;h!r.g:on State, the two el in the Rose Bo'»l are about _".'e:i!y matched. Southern California :;a: tie Cougars 33 to 6. Tulane won j : .- game, 28 to 14. I Tile Trojans have iost but one game, ' ,.'..- season's opener to S:. Slarj's 13 to 7 Jones' men have beaien Oregon. Ore- ·±:~. State. Washington State. California. F. A. C. TO PLAY ANOTHER GAME BEFORE SEASON ENDS ! This Time Team Will Meet St j Mary's Celtics. The excellent record of the Frederick | AthleGc CT!uJ faocba!! team will prob- j ably be smeared Sunday afternoon j when the jreea-jerseyed local eleven | I engages a real "big tune" opponent in ' !S'.. Mary's Celtics of Alexandria, Ya» ! at McCtirtiy Field at 2.SO o'ctoek. The ·mi! positively be the !**t for the rick teas, which has lost bat one or a strenuous srhedule that commenced !as: September. The Celtics were ocoked by Grove to j ~ive Frederick fans a. sample of real ' foosbal! as played in Baltimore and Waslnnxxm. Its team at. present, with Ba'Jer. Johnson and Race? available, ·-s at the peak of its game and he figures it can give the Yirgixnaft a worthy struggle. The Celtics wdl present their rtfular lineup except for Joe Sweeney and Les JIcMenamia, who have laid aside their grid togs for the season. In the lineup o! the visitors w31 be little -skinny" Price, who starred in j several games he played for Frederick: , i the HensJey brothers, who did saeh ' good work for the locals agausst Marunsburg: Admiral Dewey, bis fullback, and Raskomlz. former Ohio State tackle. Other men who hare college ex- '. i perience and are real stars are Christo- | ' phenson. from Utah; Grew and Me- ; Cann from Georgetown: Myers. Ala- · Hyma aad Deroo. Catholic U. The, j Celtics won the South Atlantic League j j professional grid championship against ! such teams as the Apaches and. Mori ks from Washington, and Irrfng- ·ss, Baltimore. In view of the showing of the Fred- · crick team against Brunswick last Sun' day. Grove believes his club can hold la own with the Celtics. He doesn't look for it to win. but he is confident the Celtics won't score more than one or two touchdowns. Racey, who was out of the Brunswick game with a badly-sprained ankle, win be available Sun- cay as will Butler and Johnson. The . only casualty in the Brunswick game S was a kick in the mouth with the re- i sultaat loss of three teeth by "Hoggy" JFry. Merry Christmas THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOR OVER 190 YEARS ^ Friday and Saturday, December 25 and 26, 1931, f f| axe Legal Holidays. TM V?* ·trc Bankston, Dccoliguy ant Upton. Stanford. Montana. Notre Darne and Lodrigues at center. '.Vashmgton, about as formidable a Do You Remember i Chevrolet _ 4 joidsmobile 4 i t RoO ,,.,,,,.,,,.,..,, I j Buick 2 s Ford - 2 I Studebaker 2 L. o 3 3 4 4 4 Much will · -e fjss n i t h the Tr-'jarts. Coacn ·^i -iiic Ssertaan has ji few tpiimers a:io :.;erals in his repertoire, but most oi Tuiane's gams are from tackle to jckle. mixed up nvith a passing attack effectively deceptive with Zimmerman doing most o* the about as of opponents as City League By TCnins all three games from the Crystal Laundry in a match rolled on the Diamond alleys Monday night the Hustlers moved into first place to the City League, displacing the Diamonds. The Hustlers won the first two games PEARRE'S Modern Pharmacy DRUG AND PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 Pet. j The Pacific coast will see on Ne» .667 j Year's at least two All-America play- .667 I ers hi the Tulane lineup--Halfback Dor. ^' a ' .625 ', Zimmerman and End Gerald Daiyrmpic rncr .333 : But there are others on the team or Like Howard Jones, coach of the Tro- Offhand, with the memory of Notre ! .. -.rnM. T:ie Green Wave beat the Texas ' """ " . ~. " ". " " " I Aggies 7 to 0 and Washington State. 28 t j 14. All of i^s other gumes have been ·-. :th southern teams. i over by j^g p j ns _ Tfae . marg1n of pm . i is is hard to pick a winner between j fan was 109. The Laundrymen an- I ·v.o teams where speed, power and de; ncunce the release of Moxley- jpiion seems to be so well matched, i The score: , Crystal Laundry (1507) Sport Tips Oae Tear Ago Today--Shorty Cant- i loo of Detroit won the 100-!ap auto race feature at the Los Arsgeic? Legion- . Asoot speedway, turning 62 1-2 mCes | Bob Buckcly. All-Maryland tackle at IE so mtatites. two and Sve-elghths ! Mt. St. Mary's in 1829, is now coach- Moosds · ag at Somerville, Mass.. high school -and teaching physics Mike McCall. Fire Tears Ago Today--Jimmy Ma- i another former Mountaineer athletic kmey of Boston easily beat Harry Pers- I luminary, was married recently to Miss *a. Swedish giant: Kntrtc Hanson of . Margaret Mary Hannigan in W^lrning- JUcine battered Monte Mums, Nebraska i ton. Del. legislator, and Martin Burke of New ; Orleans stopped Otto Von Porat. Chi- ' cago Norwegian, boxing show watched sons at Madison Square .333 i near all-star calibre. Vcrnosi Hayncs ; i*is. Bterman bases his system upon Dame's demoralization at the hands of i Shaffer ... 107 .333 .plays the other end. He caught six for- yj*er. There are very fe^r trick plays, the intrepid Trojans, this correspond- · Burke . 106 iward passes in the game against Wash- perhaps one or two for t.ght spots. But cr.t would* cast a vote on Southern Calif- : Cramer 104 , ! ington State that resulted hi a 28 to power and speed are the main points in omia. That's a pretty fair football team, j Schroeder ...1 7_. 87 1 j 14 victory for the Green Wave. t:ie Tulane attack, with Zimmerman's too. ! jfijmford --- 99 TULANE-CALIFORNIA GAME NEW YEAR'S DAY N'o'.Ij; "Papa" Pelts, the star fullback, ; _-3id he was "rarin" to 50" against the j Silent Five Defeated. j Trailing by a score of 29-16 at in- ' Totals Trojans. Cap:. Jerrv Dalrvmple. All- ! '-ennision. the Frederick Silen: Five. f-f; e ; . . / _ · composed of former Marriand State · rltea --· American end. announced the Southern iScl ,£r£ T thp j^, E . h . p ^ rnl)W nnr ; Bradley Louisiana Team Given Great Send-Off Upon Leaving. Clark Gnffith is after the baseball . New Orleans. Dec. 21 --The Tular.c V.iiorrtu. enfis- would tnink a "not tit 'make up the difference in the last half J Wickless 112 ,-r." -ilicu lie went onto tne field, .and lost to tne American Legion quint j Williams 128 Dan Ziroaiirmaa. the "flying Dutch( . : , Charles Town. W. Va. 54-37. The man" at halfback, saici Uie wa-.e would. s , :ent Rre came b3ck Etrong ^ ^ e nrjhold the s»adards oi Dixie ia the i ^j two periods to outscore the Leg- greatest way. 'lannaires from the fieid. but their poor Totals 97 105 86 113 88 503 489 Hustlers (1616) 85 10* 117 109 121 98 98 120 529 563 119 87 91 92 126 515 94 115 104 112 99 524 m an all-heavyweight | services of Les McMer.amln, who play- ' toolbar team was en route to Pasadena. , Members of the coaching staff. Hers:art cou i d noc ^ overcome The game tched by 15.000 per- cd such a splendid game against the ; CaL, . today to most the University o. .,., Bierman. Ted Cos. who will succeed i , vas thc g^- for C s ocal team Wiich Square Garden. Hanover Del-Mars at the State Armory , Southern Ca.ucrr.-a in the Tournament ,,.- ,, head coach at Tulane next year !cavc a ROOd accolmt of i:se}f dasa-te the CITY BOWIXXG LEAGUE Roses game oa X«w Year's Day. Braving a cold, drivm? rain, thou- Wednesday night. Several other Ten Tears \ Toto*--Mtdset scouts arc after cue former W-Zliam . South. New York bantamweight, gam- and Mary star ar.d he ' *U1 inspect j^nds ot Tulane football fans turned ed the decision in 15 rounds of fighting all offers before maksig a decision. \ cu - or a demonstration as the team !:.rr. as head coach at Tulane next year gavc a good acc oimt of itself Jesp::e the Lester Lautensch:aegcr. ass^tant ., p . heaTJ . ^^^ rxj^j..^ an1 shiplev coa:n, took no part in tic progr*in uu. - Aere he : S3 ,(iiiiK scorers. -wrrnittsd the players to enjoy it until i -j-^ score: 11 p. m.. when they were ordered to Frederick Silent Five (37)) Yesterday's Results. Hustlers defeated Crystal Laundry. boncg card. TO FORM TEAM vards for » touchdown. McMenamm j«"" ail i-T.prom?.u prosram arrangcc ^ -.11 continue to P ^y basketball with L ** ?* cit rf ns «»* ; -^ at -* » ::ic G L Bakers, but at guard instead I "W 1 "^- »" ?TM Q --^S disaster for the ,V ^t r Trojaris uhen they encounter Tulane s oea G. The tra.r. left a: 11.30 p. m . bearing wrebrenncr f . 1 l.w T-jlanc team, ihe entire band, in- 0^-^. jig' "I."."... 3 t .;rl.n? all "scrubs' and more than 150 c-» mcr -r _ 3 - n:husla5!i Doraes! c .l".TMZZ_~"i;" 8 ,McVemon, g 1 Brode. g _ 0 Green n-s\e on Xe« Year's Day. Snbstitnte For W.ieri the pr.:e or egss soars beyond i _ = ^r reach in the wjiu^r roontcs, re-f '"* F. 0 1 1 0 1 Tp.! Games Tonight. Garber's Bakery vs. Friendships. Games Wednesday. Diamonds vs. Sports. Standing of the Clnbi. W. L. 2 \ Hustlers i Diamonds Eagles To Place Basketball Outfit la Field Again. Charity «^1 benefit to the extent i of al ieost S50.000 ·when the Uniier- j s.ty of Southern California, ftootbal! ] Affr considerable deZar. th e Fred- team opposes Tular.e in the Rose Bow! encfe Eagles have cec.ded to orsarx^e same on Xc«" Tear Day at Pasadena, a basketball team this season. Eleven California. Th» amount a expected candidates ·»--- be put tiirouch their to be the Trojans' share of the gato practice paces fcr the f-rst use Wed- ' receipts and. according to Director of ssscay sight at the State Arsnorr. All Athletics Wil^ O. Hunter, the sum Thc ?««r«n reached a ho^:.r. ? c:.- member that tiere are several fine egg speeches. * -.^rv well for maiuK cake and pasir'-es · "mg to Manager be played a'say. Cascioates stnMns fcr pos:'.:orj ore J;ra Baer. J^n Houcs. Al Forney CXauos Plush. Torr: Whitmare. ^' Kane. Richard Bruchey. M. Cramer Leonard Downes, J. Hosier. C. P-ia- toc. Red Shaw. foxyphann ' , - , , 1 1 n ff_j . n i ____ - - _______ r:i!v .«t:r--,:lat.on is that the money be o - .-r to the ;.'ie ca.".y r.e^s- p^Dcrs m I»it Ar.seks to disburse as i.-.ev src fit Bad News For Tommy Loughran tals 16 5 Charles Town American Legion (54) G. F. Tp. 5 13 0 4 1 17 I 7 I 32 27 _ 1 0. L. Baking Co. ______ 24 37 ! Crystal Laundry _______ 21 Sports .................... ___ 21 ' ..-._ 4 i Martin, f 2 Shipley, c _ _... 8 i ? Lowe, g 3 JRf iter. c - 6 10 9 18 18 18 21 29 35 Pet. · .762 [ .750 I .571 j .538 .538 .462 .256 .186 13 j 85V v'R SO Er 5'JT So.v = BODY -S ·-·scx;..-vi« K s Dime Rurr.;r. to !?e versatile and Slae LcasruC pitcher. Mt. St Marv's coach ar.d Nc-tre Dame "^*-r.:^r. inai, oc 5K.,.\Hinicc in t..c i"iui-- r«r^ for the position of head coach a: ?mr*ton the billet whicii Al Wittaier :ec4rr;sG t^.e other caj At trie present ?r.;lad?".ph_? »!-"re :-e rsay had his ' :r.ost K.rcc.sff,:l .-.ra. n Wsltfr leim- . c iT-j;-; to X - r ^ Dante, -xhere for ] Kr._ - e R*~C*J I" is the Rocknc s-vs- | _·% r.:.r,'y :ar::;^r T, ;n -.-.a: cd" of r-'"A'»»- 1 a. T ::e is 5'j.eJ , "-:.·-_« anc A~i. turr."- 1 - . -- Totals _ . . . Referee--Rentner. 54 i Roll Strong Game. | Srcashiz? a to-^l o: 1 9:1 pins, the 1 Marks Brothers ix--l^j; ;eam Monday I night took t^fo of the three gazes and i thc total p^ifi- from the Y. M. C. A. I in a match rolled on the Y. M. C. A. ! alleys The defeat was the irst for the I Red Triangle or.gade. The Y won the j f^-st ?arr^ by a margin of 11 pins, but : :hc Mirks Brothers ;ame back r.otily ] in :r.o last two scttas to ar.n^: ate the j Y bojs. Alvln Quir^i and Joe Uraer ue: ~e pace, with scores of 4S7 and | 470. Charlie Z^nmerman i.c the best 1 rr^is?."" T. M. C. V l.--.l . ^. fi-'i c.57 Marks Brothers -1.911-. 650 , T.i.--e f ere te' bl,--=^s that ' K.r.c I.'-'.^r^ky ' · - .'.h ' »as " v . rn thj- r.cturo »ay ·3-n ::i Ve-v Y^-K ,_J S V ''T' 1 / M \v 5" ^ ^ K!»CHIVE« 'po»*. i. --". . · - - ' a . -.r-c -cr hs* . '^ ^ o-xi.. · --; · 'i-:c n center , :ng ·-' ·· Door* cp« Iroa tise center. i whose rea,* ni : to the camera i .^^a S^oare Garcers j ~" tsd news aoojt -o '.-«- .'ap.- vt, Harry Krsjic*. ..-^j.iiicc. o ueer Things You ; Never Knew _ m .. IhisCuriousMrld \ *Q _A Daily Feature ONE OF OUR Quality SED CARS Will furnish much enjoyment for you and your family Spend a part of your Xmas Check in this way. Frederick Motor Co. USED CAR East B. O. Ave. DEPARTMENT Phone 1092 PRINTING That Brings RESULTS Y OUR printed message most be eye appealing; it must hold reader-attention. Let us demonstrate what we mean by the right kind of printing matter at prices that please. 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