The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 1, 1967 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1967
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

18 THE NEWS. Frederick, Maryland Friday. September 1. 1967 Bugs Bunny PETUNIA'S J BEEN V TWA' » PHONE PER TWENTY MINUTES /TH' BOSS IS ^ WAITIIM 1 FERMET' CALL IN --MMMl Mutt And Jeft Captain VOU M6AW VOU'P MAKR.Y A MAN JO»T BECAUSE H6'» PRIWCE T.M «*. U S M 0« The Jackson Twins OH.WAS I? I'M SORRY SIR/ I SAW YOU DRIVING WITH ONE HAND VAROUNDTHAT GIRL.' HEREAFTER WHEN YOU'RE DRIVING, USE BOTH HANDS.' ( YOU HEARD WHAT I THE OFFICER SAID/ Winthrop _ UPPBARS AMD VU/AJPCORREAJTS-' HOW COULD VOO FILE A aSjrHE^'AN^^pTLAND YAKD AND THE SLOGS AND BEN /£JD- -AND FOOCOtP COLBY Alley Oop YEH...WEVE COME A LONG WAYS. I THINK... IF WE HAVEN'T TRAVEUEP IN A CIRCLE! MYfiOCKN COULD WE HAVE PONE .THAT 1 ? ..SUMP1N WNCW, FAMILIAR ABOUT WHAT yOU POtW 'WAY OUT 5RSE SO EARLY N TH 1 MORNINSP Priscilla's Pop Side Glances Great Jurists Aniwer to Previou* Puizl* 1«7 kr NU, Uc TX b| UJ Nl 0f ACROSS 1U.S. chief justice (1801-1835) 9 English jurist 13 Devotional salutation (2 words) 14 Shower 15 Those who act together 10 Diminutive suffix 17 Conclusion 18 Oven-cooked meats 20 Masculine nickname 22 Impressive 26 Small Army group 28 Lightweight fabric 30 Perfume base 31 Definite article 32 Lawyer (ab.) 33 Consume food 34 Edge 35 Land measure 36 Germlen 39 Scraper 40 Addition to document 41 Bitter vetch 42 Firedamp inspector, in a mine 46 Small flap 49 Suspend in midair 52 Child's apron 54 Musical instrument 55 Ingress 56 Serve 57 Lack of vividness DOWN 1 Heavy staff 2 English river 3 Rearranged 4 Small capitals (ab) 5 Detestation 6 Irish exclamation (var.) 7 Italian coin 8 Young woman 9 Phenol-like substance 10 Equine tidbit 11 Young cat 12 Compass point 19 Tetranitroani- line (ab.) 21 Sturdy tree 23 English judge and writer 24 Metric capacity unit (var.) 25 Compound ether 26 Besmirch 27 As if (Latin) 28 Smart (coll.) 29 Garment edge 31 Three (comb. form) 35 River in Switzerland 37 Fastened, U violin strings 38 Musical syllable 39 Fox (var) 43 Hastened 44 Rich source 45 Type of pier (arch. ) 47Bowhke curves 46 Insects 49 Torrid 50 Presidential nickname 51 Negative prefix 53 Winnow ''MAY I ASK HOW f W E WERE ·* WAVING A BALL, SAME- AMD I STOLE HOME) AND NOW YOU'RE STEALING HOME AG-AIN The Born Losei 'Nobody believe* I'm at the dangerou* age!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA S E R V I C E Simple Kids I *. Scientific NORTH * J 8 6 5 4 2 V AK 10 * A 8 * A 3 WEST EAST A Q V 8 5 2 4 7 5 4 3 * Q 8 6 5 2 Wemt Pass Pass Pass V Q 9 6 4 · K Q 10 9 6 + K 10 7 SOl'TH 4k A 1 0 9 7 3 V J 7 3 · J 2 « J 9 4 Both vulnerable North East South 1 · Pass Dble Pass 1 A 3 · Pass 4 4 Pass Pass | others want to cover as many extra possibilities as ' they can. 1 The simple bidders laugii when the complicated bidders I foul up, the comp icated bid' ders exult when a wildcat oon- ·\ ention hits oil. North's jump cue bid of three diamonds was one of these fancy bids at work. I* didn't show anything like a diamond suit and it was no i more of a forcing bid than a ' simple two diamond cue bi'l ' w o u l d have been What it did ! show specifically was a verv good hand with tremendous spade support Four spad;- might not make if South heH ' nothing at all but South heir 1 I a tri f le more than nothing an 1 · went to four spades. K' 1 won the diamond lead in dummy, dropped the king and queen of spades with his NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN Eek Meek ace and threw East in with a sicond diamond. East made his best return, the seven of clubs, but South's nine forced West's queen and a club re turn established the jack for a heart discard, thus South made an overtnck. North and South congratulated each other on the suc- cess of their convention. The game was team of four anc they knew the other North- 1 South pair weren't using it They reached four spades with out it when North simply bi' fcur spades over his partner's one spade. Unscientific, but 1 successful' THE UMDSCAPE WILL B6 MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL OIUCE UJE GET RID OF ALL THESE ROCKS ! BUT VOU CNJ'T GET RID OF ALL THE ROCkS. FREAKY IT WOULD BE TOO CRUEL.' WHAT P'VA MEA X TO0 CRUEL'? C3L (I THIIOK THIS OkJE ) V IS A NAOTHER! J r · Freckles And Friends Opening lead--4 3 In the eauy thirties John Larus of Hartford pointed out that there were certain lazy bids that should be put to work. The Blackwood convention is, the most conspicious example of one of these lazy bids betommg productive The convention has put the four no-trump to gainful employment Modern bidding has con cerned itself with many more of these la/y bids hut tr.^rp 15 fio unanimity amony players about them Some experts trv to bid simply as 1E W SVAPEIlfl fi C H i \l D«f· fr+tn U-*. WIATHM* MtUMAU YOU'D TEAO4EP- IM HOOM 2-Vf-/ Out Our Way WKATHKR FORKCAST -- Showers and thun ^ -"-h wers will he evident Friday night over portions of the northern Rookies and the south- e n P'ateau and Plains regions, while rain is expect"d over parts of the Carolinas an-1 Virginia It will b^ cooler over the eastern third of the nation a^d milder in the Mid'vest ' WAKJT TO Buy A CKAWCE OKI A ^AR AND SOME OTHER PRIZES.TURK? IT'S FOR. A OOV CAUSE... 'WE ALL KUOW FROM )f WELL,IF Y£U GET , EXPERIENCE THAT J YOURjOCK^ OUT Of , PETE WOW'T 6O R?(? \ TO SAY "YES" OCCA AWYTHIKJC) LIKE THAT I 5IOWALLV AB A "BUT HE GOES, IWToyCHAUGE OF PACE/ A FERV\£MT IF *** WHEW FOLKS HOPE HE AIN'T ||f FOR A 'YES* THEY POWT GO WHERE THEY'LL C.ETAM AUTOMATIC " MOV .^ K L ;m- THE POP36 Our Boarding House t WAS THE LtT ON i MOTICE THE- MAJOR WAS Ml£SlN£ WwE ME MAD AMMES1A POR ^OC MONTHS.' 6UT WHE«t WE NOW "?. KNOWN VORK AROUND HARPER TO, RND THAN A A CLOSET/ FUL E5CAP - t-r

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