The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 6, 1918 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, SfetaMflitt 6, 1918. fttE HtJtfCHINSON NEWS. PAGE ELEVEN. t GRAIN MARKETS ) RANOE OF OPTIONS At CHICAGO. . • Wheat. prices quoted. Utl.. . Nov., Sept.. Oct... Nov... Oct., Open 1.6«K 1.61 U, l.ti6'/l • TOH 12.00 High Low Corn. 1.611 U If'T* 1.67> 1.66 U /Oata. .7 IK .70Vi .73 .72VS .7414 ..74 Mess Pork. 42.611 4I.T0 —Closed— Today V'day 1 .«sH .70* .74H 1.M* 1.57 Vi 1.665. .'70% .74 41811 48.70 RANGE OF OPTIONS AT KANSAS CITV —Cloned— Open High Low Today V day Oata, .7214 -«Vi -73 .73-, .IS* .7314 .74 )4 .74»l .7I >4 Corn. 1.6514 1M14 1.8H4 1.62-, I.!•.:-,•« J.tiJ l.wjj l.SIIw J-WH St-pl. Oct.., Nov.. Hepl. ,73 .7314' .74?, l.B4« l.Ulu 1.01 Mi 73 7314 711, l.c:il|, 1.62 i.ti»;« Kansas City Receipts Today Year Hud 43 31 Hi Mi «u TtmRfcY" HBN3-* lbs u<4 OTOf 23c. . , ,y ' GKESE—Pnll foalhctodi-ili, OLD TOMS—20c. GUINEAS—250. KGGS—Candle loss off," f»,60. DAIRY, ,j, - , BUTTER FAT--Alnmlto, Juerrollt- ered In Hutchinson. WALL STREET I GRAIN AND PRODUCE. Chicago. > Chicago, Sept. 8.—Scarcity of contract supplies In store here put tlio bears HL a disadvantage today In the com market. Id-ports showed that only 184,000 bushels were on hand in public elevators. Besides, rains and coot weather were, suld to be keeping ilia new- crop from maturing and to have rendered It susceptible to frost damage. Opening priced, which varied from unchanged fit-urea to one cent higher, with October $].5:'i lo »l.GS'/ s and November $1.55 to f1.5G',4 were followed by moderate gains all around. Additional upturns took plnco later,' ae consignment notices remained light, and receipts were small. The close was steady ')KC to I'Jc nut higher with October $l.js^i lo $1.5SVi and Novein- her |l.DG% to $1.5G%. Oata strengthened with corn. After opening %c off to %c up, with October 71! r ;s to TiVa .the market continued to Provisions lacked supports. Iliba especially were weak. Sharp declines were witnessed In all products and there was no important rally. ^ Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, aopl. ' 6.—UOIIN—Septem­ ber $1.58%; October ?1.58V»; Novoni her OATK — Septembor TO^ic; October "i'-V-lf ''ic; November 7414c. PO-UK-—September $41.45; October $41.70. LARD--Seplember $26.75; October ?2r,.a2; November $',!5.95. SHORT RtllS—September J23.70; 'October ?D:i.97; November J23.D0. Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas City, Sept. G—WHEAT— Steady; No. 1 hard $2.19; No. 2, $2.15 C 2.16 lis; No. 1 red $2.18ii'2.18&; No 2, $2.1f)4i'2.HiV4c. CORN—Steady to 3c higher; No. '1 mixed $1.72(fil.74; 'No. I! nominal; No. 2 white $lis@l.U0; No. 3-nominal,; No. 2 yellow $1.73ij7T.75; No. 3 nominal. • ,- •- • ':• - •. • ... • OATS—Stonily to >£c higher; No. 3 mixed "2c. KYF.—J1.704J- r .7-.- KAFFIR and M1LO MAIZB—$3.42® u.-li). UAV—Steady and unchanged. SHOUTS—$1.S2@1.65. URAN—*1.42««1.50. HBCK1PTS— Wheat, 303 cars. / Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, Sept. fi.—CORN—Sep­ tember $1.114Oclober $1.0314; November $1.01 Va. New York, Sept. C—AfittouWe- mcnt by the stock exchango toddy- St lis Intention to co-opernte Id the'cuV- tallment of credits provoked hoary liquidation of the entire list. Sales approximated 700,000 shares. United States steel and Rending divided the honors of the mornuiB, I heir, combined turn-over aggregstt- inK'Shout orlo-Uilrd of the entire trading. Steel rallied easily from 113% to 11414 and Reading held'Its gains. Among tho other strong stocks were naldwln locomotivar' Studobakej;, General Motors, Marino, preferred, and Now Haven at advances of one- half to 114 poinls. Minor rails such ns Hock Bland, Missouri 1'aclflc, Wa bash, Ulitwapeake and Ohio and Sea board extended their recessions of the first hour.^but most Investment rails made substantial recoveries, Liberty 3V4'« were strong. The opening of tho stock market today was featured by heaviness in railroad shares, apparently reflecting disapproval in wall street of tho form ot contract" which (he government seeks to Impose upon the transport* Hon companies of the country. Many of those Issues rochstorcd declines ex tending from largo fractions fo one point. The setback also ombfucod industrials and other active slocks lu more moderate degree. Reading was tho conspicuous exception, gaining almost a «polnt. Tho general list improved before the end of the first half hour. Selling continued In large' volume during tho last hour, extreme lasses among important stocks extending from three to five points. The closing was w.eak. TURNED HUN LINE : WEST OF CHAUNY ICOntlr.ued ft ots Fact l.J Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Mo., Sept. G.—BUT- TKU—Creamery 48c; firsts 46'/ 8 c; seconds 4:>M.e; packing 37c. KHCiS—FirsUs 41c; seconds 3Kc. I'OULTRV—Hens 24%c,; rooslerd 18c; springs 2Se; broilers 25c. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Sept. 0.—UUTTE.R—High­ er; creamery 43#4SVisC.- KfJGS—Higher; receipts 6287 cases; firsts 40&42e; ordinary firsts 38©-IOc; at mark eases Including 37@41c, POTATOES— Unsettled receipls 35 cars; Wisconsin, early Ohlos, bulk H2.2",(if2.30; ditto sacks $2.4O@2.60; IVIscotisln bulk $2.1502.30; ditto tacks $2.30i»2.40. l'OUliTRY—Alivo unchanged. New York Produce. New York, Sept. 0.—BUTTER— Strong; creajnea-y blghor Inau extras Bl©V4o. KOGS—llaroly steady; fresh gath cred extras 51 @52c. CHEBSE—Firm; stato. wholo milk flam, fresh specials 27<g , '^c. POULTRY—Alive firm; chickena 30 Ijisr.c-, fowls 29(tf35c; old roosters 25c turkeys 2SlS'30c. . Uressed dull and unchanged. > New York Money. New York, Sept. C—Mercantile paper fi percent. Stirling: 00 day bills $4.72^4; commercial 00 day hills on banks $4.72; commercial GO day bills $4.71% demand $4 .7 I"IVJ; cables ?4 .7r>%. Francs demand $fi.lS; cables $5.47 Mexican dollars 78c. Government bonds steady; railroad bonds easier. Time loans strong: GO days 90 days and G months G percent. Call money strong; high 6 percent; low 6 percent; ruling rate G percent; closing bid 5% percent; offered at G percent; last loan G percent. Hank acceptances 416 percent Nevv_York Sugar. New York, Sept. 0. — Raw sugar stenriy; centrifugal G.065; ftno granulated 7 .45. ^LIVE STOCK >MARKET^ KansaB City. Kansas City, Sept. C-—HOGS—Receipts, 5,000; 150250 lower; bulk, $111.00019.75; heavy; $19.25020.10; packers and butchers, $10.00020*0; light, $18.75019.76; pigs, $16,000 18.50. \ CATTIJE—Receipts, 3,500, including no southerns; steady; prime'fed steers, $17.25018.75; dressed beef steers, $11.00017.00; western steers, $10.00014,50; southern steers, $7.50 014.25; cows, $6.25012.50; heifers $8.00014.00; stockers and foeders, $7.50016.50; bulks, $7.50010.00 calves, $7.50013.60. SHEEP—Receipts, _1,000; steady; lambs, $15.50017.25; yearlings, $10.50 014.50; wethers, $10.00013.25; ewes, $8.50012.25; stockers and feeders, $7.00018.50. - that Its effect la felt in every part of the line. The French Busy. At present Qcneral Mnngln 1 B having his Innings, while the ltritlsh-have been resting on their laurels for a .brief period and preparing for a fnr- .ther blow. / The commander of tho French right Wing made a brilliant score yesterday, placing the entire hinge of the enemy 's defense system north of Sols- sons in Allied grasp. The recapture of iVjlembray, Coney Le*Cbatcau, and Coucy Le Villo^-all ot which had been cleaned out and destroyed by the retreating enemy—brings tho Allied troops to the foot of the St. dobain heights, on tho retention ot which the present Herman line In the west absolutely depends. The Allied forces also have, reached Ihc river Alsno from Condo to Vlcll-Arcy and occupy dominating positions north of the Veslo, whllo Qenernl Humbert 's army Is punning Its victorious way'towards Ham and Cbauny. Ham Is Surrounded. , The town of Ham, Indeed, may be considered as virtually taken while the German citadel of Laon IB again under tho fire of French guns. It now is plain that tho dlroctlon of Uio enemy retreat Is toward the line of Cambral-St. Qucntln. Ho la carrying it out with no mean skill and only one mistake can be detected in his plan. That error lay in the persistency with which ho clung to the Vosle. lie was obliged as soon as General Jhuigltt began lo threaten hinl between the Aisne and the Ailette to sacrifice division after division on tho plateau north of Solssons and even now the Seventh German army is by no means extricated. THE WAR SITUATION ^ THIS MORNING J) (By Thi/ Associated Press.) The German resistance between the Aisne and the Vcsle rivers has broken down completely before tho persistent pressure of General Manflln'a French and American fofeea. The Germans are In retirement, not in an order, ly manner, but forced almost to the extent of a,(light. The Amerl. cans have advanced and occupy the heights on the south bank of the Aisne, the river below furnish- Ing the Germane protection for the moment in organizing their retreat, (?. * «- *; • <S> * * «• * * •* » « » • * • 0 LOCAL MAriAET PRICES, O * • (;, s, « <t> .a .1) * 4> * * * o • LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. (FumiBiii-d by tne Buicttlnaon Flour &lll!i> Co., and u»'o wnoluaiUo prleu*.) WHEAT-Cash, No. 1 hard, $2,05, CORN —Cnsb, $1.50. FEED. . nitAN -$1.47 '4 per 100. t HOP—$3.70 per 1Q0. FLOUR—$5.66 per 100. HAY. (Prices given by the Heaa Fee4 Coi.ipany.) .. Alfalfa hay—$20 a ton. HIDES. (Furnished by ). S\ Rohleder, bldos end furs.) HKEEN SALT HIDES—No. 1, 190. GREEN SALT HIDES—No. 2 18c. UORSF, HIDES—$3 00 to $5.00. KHF.I0F PWLTS—260 Jo $2.00. •GREEN 111DHJS--3C less than cured.. HALF CUREi)~H4c Icons than GREEN SALT GLUE—10c. UUliEN S.W HULL HIDES—No.- 1, 16c. UKBEN SALT HULL- HIDJj^-No. "HUTCHINCON PRODUCE. (Wholesale prices furnished by Car) Kdsou.) 11 ENS—21c. • • , . jiROILBRS—1918 hatch, 23c." ,,1.1) ROOSTERS—16c. DUCKS—Full feutucred, H ,a over, 22(1 , j Chicago. Chicago, Sept. 6.—U. S. Bureau of Markets)—HOGS—Receipts 13,000; Market uneven but generally steady with yesterday's average top $19.90; butchers $19.15019.85; light $19,250 19.90; packing $18.15019.00; rough $17.50018.00; pigs good and choice $18.25019.00. CATTLB—Receipts 7,000; steers and cows mostly steady; calves steady. 6HEBP—Receipts 16,000; steady to 10c higher. Wichita. Wlchitn. Knn., Sept. 6.—HOGS— Receipts, 1,200; 10c lower; top, $19.90; bulk, $19.350i9.76. ~ GATTLE—Receipts, 8Q0; atcady; native steers, $10.00017.00; cows and heifers, $7.0009.50; stockers and feeders, $7.00013.00; stock cows and heifers, $8.00 0 7.00; bulls, $6,600 8.00; calves, $8.00012.00. St. Joseph. St. Joseph, Mo., Sept. 6.—HOGS Receipts 3,500; markot steady to 10o lower; top $19.9-0; bulk. $19.25019.80 CATTUB—llecolpta, l^JOl); market slow and steady; stoers, $9.00018.00: cows and heifers. $5.75016.00; calves', $6.00014.00. SIVEBP—Receipts, 1,700; steady, lambs, $11.00017.25; ewes, $4.00011. MORE GERMAN SHIPS, -i America Is to Take Eight Vessels Interned in Callao, Peru. Lima, Peru, Sept. 5. —Cougross today approved an nrrangement reached between the Peruvian and Ainorican governments for tho use of the Gorman vessels interned at Callao. Bight German vessels" which woro Interned at Callao were taken over by tho military forces at Peru last June. They include several largo steamers formerly plying between San Francisco and South American ports aud German ports. Phono 15C0. Order your vegetables from J. SMITH'S Grocery and Market.. head lettuco, celery, earrots, egg blant, mangoes, tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes,: begm, ?v0l»ley.' cu «U«t >ttrB ,i pjib- p«)ce, jwUiAoc* 6 It. «> <i> 4>, ALLIED ADVANCES. <S> «> * I-ondon, Sept. 6.--(l p. m.)—British troops .Joday captured Neuve Chapelle and Ilussu. Field Marshall llalg's forces crossed the Canal du Nord on the whole front except from Jiavrincourt north to the Scarpe. Between tho Somme and the Olse French troops have captured the block of hills known as Hie Outre- court massif, which Is within three idles of Crauity. French Moves. *The French have, secured a good hold on the northern bank of tho Allelto and on the terrain between that river and the Oise. They are approaching If they are uot actually on tho liludenburg line at ->t, Gobain massif. The important feature of this morning's news is that the Canal du Nord has been crossed by the British on the whole front except from Hav- rlnvourt to the river Scarpe^and that the French ajjd British have secured a footing on the eastern side of the whole water line down to Ham. The ontente Allied forces now are about four miles from Ham and Bllll making progress. The Line Now. . Attention frequently has been called lo r tho Somme, du Nord and Tortilla water line as belngr a check to tho progresH of tanks. This check has been overcome aud-except in the north there is now no water line between tho Entente Allies and tho Hindenburg line. » From Havorineourt tho British line runs to tho west of Eiiuancourt and through Bussu to Mons-en-Chuussee, Athica and Matlguy, 314 miles northwest of Ham. * BRITISH STATEMENT, 4> «> Ixmdon, Septr* ti.—Advancing east of the river Somme to the south of Peronno tho British havo captured tho villages of St. Chrlst-Brlest and Lo Mesuil-Bruutel, , Field Marshal Haig reported in his official statement today. A number of prisoners wero taken by the advancing troops. On the Flanders front tho British aro established in portions of the old German front lino east of euvo Cha- polle and in tho old British line in the I'nufiulssart sector. The British also havo advanced noi'thvest of Armentleres. North ot Peromiu British forces are in possession of tho towu of Bussu and are jn the immediate vicinity of Templeux La Fosse, Nurlu ami Equancourt. Southeast of i'eroiinu tho British havo icached Athles aud Mons-En- Chausscoiy They have captured the village of .'Ootugt. . . The text of tho statement reads: '•Yesterday our troops forced crossings ot'tho Somme souui of Peronuo In tho .face or the vigorous resist-; anco of tho enemy's rear guards on; the east bank of the river. Tliu vll-. lagea of SI. Chrlst-Brlest and l^o iiesnjl-liruntel wero capturcd.wilh a; number of prisoners aud our troopa. pressing forward tho Anilenfi-St. QuenUn road have reached Athles- and Mons-En-Chaussee. "As a result of their continued pro-, gross yesterday and last night our troops are established in portlous of; the old Gcrmuu front linq oast of Neuve Chapvlle and the old British line iu tho Fauquissart sector is again held by us. "By successful attacks carried out yesterday evening English troops advanced on the line northwest of Ar­ mentleres, capturing several prisoners." / The French forces of General Mangin's army havo crossed the Aisne northeast of Solssons, captured Uoucy I* Chateau and threaten the Gorman defenses In tho Uhemln Lies Dames. To Iho norlli, General Humbert's French anny has crossed the Somme canal and advanced from two lo four miles In a flanking movement on Ham, the fall of which Is Imminent. From Ham the Germans aro believed to be utilizing the main roads to St. Quen- tln and La Fere with the object of falling back oa the old Hindenbttrg Uefeuso line botVoen these cities. On British Front. Gorman rear guards have been driven back on tho British front north and south of Peronno and larger forces ot Germans havo been engaged between Athles and Nurul and also about Mneuvres and Neuville-Bour- jouval. Between Olvenchy and Neveu Chnpello the British havo regained all of the ground taken from them by (lie Germans last April. Norlh ot them on the Lys front, the British have pushed their lines forward soutli and southeast of Nleppe and north- oast of Wulvergheiu. On American Front. The retrograde movement, of the Germans under continued pressure by the Americans who have extended their front east of the Aisne and by the French in the same section, has been further Increased up lo Rhelms. East of Rhoims liowover the Germans apparently havo decided to make a stand. Cleared River Vesle. Important, as have, been the British gains, the French and Americans have now cleared the river Veslo of the energy. Conflagrations behind the Gorman lines «jid reports from the Allied aviators Indicate that ihe Germans In Ihis sector aro preparing to retreat on as largo n scale .if not greater titan in Ihe norlh. tn Ixirvalnc where the Americana hold the eastern end of the bailie line the Germans have bombarded their positions at FraPolle. No infantry attacks however have been made indicating that no assault on the Jpfs In this sector wero to be expeclear Saturday Only FOUR 10c BARS "PEET'S" Cream Oil Tablet Soap for 30c Prices on soap are advancing, now's the time to buy. C. £. SIDLINGER Druggist 17N. Main Phone 91 BE ON TIME Full line of Get one of our dependable alarm clocks Kadiolitc dial clocks. AGENTS FOR BIG BENS All Kinds, Sizes and Prices $1.50 to $5.00 A, U WILSON, Leading Jeweler 108 North Main St. ROYAL TODAY and TOMORROW Cambria road the fire of tho enemy's big guns is dwindling. This indicates that Uio Germans are making strenuous efforts lo ge.l their artillery behind tho llindenburg defenses. Took More Posts. The Brush have • captured more posts around lltivrincourt-wood. In many places north of the Sensee river tho Germans aro firing thousands of gas shells indiscriminately. Tho Germans launched three counter attacks against Hill 63 In the Lys salient. Two were repulsed at once and tho British fell back to the north of the hill Tor a moment. Further north the British havo reached tho crest of tho Important ridge northeast of Wulvcrguem. West: of LaBausoe the British have reached Canteleux and are pushing toward Violuines. .Many fires aro raging and explosions are occurring over tho whole, area from which the Germans are retreating. <S> * * * 3> >?• <•> * <!> * <§• • FRENCH STATEMENT. ^$<t>$'«>'i' < $>4 >< $'<S > ^'4'$<£ > $^ « <* <J> WITH BRITISH ARMIES, <*, * *' With the British Armies in France, 8ept. 6—(By the Associated Press.)—(Noon.)—Australian troops have crossed the rfver, ^ Sommo on a wide front to the south of Pcr'pnne. British troops have captured tho towns of St. Christ, Bries^Lo Mosnil, Doiugt and Athles, and u\ now ad- yuuclng to tho east ot those places, •t.A}f»f tbQ Wholu^.trflut Ho«.,.its southern extremity to Uio Bapauiue- <S> <?> 4> <?> ^ <5> 4> 4> <$> >S> '«><*• <$><$• <s> PariB, Sept. 6.—French troops last night continued to push forward on tl>o entire front betwoon tho Sommo and Vesle says today's wat^ 'office report. South of Peronne, Fronch troops made further crossings of tho Sommo in tho region of Kpernancourt. Further south the Ilam-Peronne road was reached at several points. * "South of Ham the towns of Le PlessiB-PaUe-D'Oio and Bertlncourl wore captured and still further south tho French pursuing troops pushed beyond Gulvery Canllouel-Creplgny and Abhecourt. lu the region norlh of tho Ailette the French reached the outskirts of the Siuceny and the plateau norlh of Liuidrlcourt and south of tho Ailetto the advancing forces arc along the Vanxaillon ravine. The American troops advancing from the Vesle have captured tho town of Gh-nnes, .southeast of Revil- lan, and have advanced their lines as far v as the outskirts ot Ylllcrs-Kn-i Prayeres, on the Aisne, The text of Uie statement reads: "in tho course of the night we continued to advance on the entire front between the Somuio and the Yosle. Our troops continued to cross Ihe Somme in.tho region of Eponuncourt, and further south pushed forward at several poinls as far as the road from Ham to Peronne. South of Hani the French occupied Le Plessls-Putto- COio and Berlancourt and passed beyond Gluvry, Cuillouel-Creplgny and Abbecourt. "North of! tho Ailette wo aUjiined the approaches to Sinceny and the plateau north of l-andricourt. South of the Ailette wciare along tho Vaux- alllon ravine, ' "On the Voslo front tho Americans carried their lines so far as the outskirts of Villers-En-i'rayeres and occupied Glenncs." • * • 8TRATEGY WAS USED. * • * $^>4>4&<S>3>$3><S><£><e>.$<S><£i<4y<4> American Array Headquarters in France, Thursdiiy, Sept. 5. — (Reuters)—(Evening.) — There probably never was a healer instauco of a strat­ egical offensive than tho fashion In which lino Germans along tho Vesle were put to flight by a blow struck many miles to the west of Uiem. Had we attempted to force the line of the Vesle tactically wo siumld have lost at least 10,000 men andlposslbly three times that nutnbtr. By the blow struck on tho Kolsson plateau however—a blow which in any case was inevitable—the Vesle has been cleared in the operations along the Allelic. By those same operations, some of tile finest divisions of the German army have been prevented from holding up tho British advance and tho llindenburg line thus has been -broken by a battle -nearly 100 miles away from It. Though tho German withdrawal from the Veslo Is the most showy event In this sector, by far the most serious one was their defeat between Torny-Sorny and the Ailette. It is no wonder that their troops were commanded to resist to the last man. since It they are unable to hold the neck of the hill to the south of Vanx­ aillon they will have to withdraw their entire garrison from the Pont •Rouge plateau and fall back to the last ridge from which, tho flank of the Chemin-Dcs-Damcs can be defended. "The Fourth of July in France _ .Just close your eyes for one minute and try to imagine what this meant to our brave hoys "Over There"—Picture the scenes in Paris on July Fourth—on out National Birthday! No use—you can't do it. CARLYLE BLACKWELL EVELYN GREELEY .—IN— "The Beloved Blackmailer" Coming Soon 'THE GEEZER OF BERLIN—Wait >• * <?, 3> <«> <$> <1- <!> <?• <J, <|> GERMAN STATEMENT. • 3* <S- <f <?> S> <?><$•<$• <?> > -.*> Berlin, Sept. 6.—(Via London).— Strong enemy attacks from Hie Neil- villo-Manancourt-MoislaineR line north- cast of Peronno wore repulsed yesterday says the official statement issued today by the German war office. From Peronne and over the Sommo tho enemy only hesitatingly followed the German roar guards. German troops, the statement adds, stand in fighting contact with Iho French on tho Aulzy-BarUis-Lafiaux- Conde lino. On the heights northeast ot Fismos the German war office says strong American attacks woro repulsed. East of Soissons :Uio onemy..followed-the Germans across tho Veslo. Germans Destroy Bridges. With-the French army iu the Field, Thursday, Sept. 5.—(Uy Tho Associated Press.I—Tho Germans tonight aro destroying bridges and flooding the country.between Chauny and La Fere, which is a good indication that they do not expect to remain much longer in advance of their old line which ran from La Fere lo ilarisls. Today their retreat continued in daylight cast of the Ailette river and their columns suffered heavy losses from shell fire. Between the Ailclte and' Aisne French troops advanced to a line from Margival to Qulncy and Chlvres, while to thO north they occupied Coucy IJO Chateau and Coucy Le VIllo, approaching their old line of 1917 around the edge of the hilly wood region of SI. Gobain. They will encounter there tho formidable defenso works the Germans prepared as part or the old Hindenbttrg position and which perhaps have been further strengthened since beginning their re. treat. (By Tho Associated Press.) With the American army in France, j Thursday, Sept. 5.—Franco-American Special Soap Sal< Saturday Only, FOUK 10c BARS "PEET'S" Crem'e Oil Toilet Soap, for 3Qc Crerae Oil is unsurpassed for daily toilet use ELLSWORTH BROS. 12 S. Main fhone 268 ^TOO^LATE -TO- CLASSIFY, i-'Ul: HALK — Henienilier 'I'. II. WIlHon'i f'H'Minr; nut (inni unit', K1\ imk-N HULIIII- WMit of ItutcKluson, KiW.iy, Sept. 6. a: In II i-lc ck. Td T|t.\ 1II-: - l'ractlf.-illy ni'V.' O.iklitiiil Spi-.-.lstf.i- u, r touriiiK cui- ur cln.^.d I'h.jlH- N!'i;.]. All liiinl.s u/ sUn-ij rcp.ili-UiE:. I'hono .11 W FOR SA1.1-;—|.1irr,lturo h-alnw; phuuu 3261W- W'l-Rl. or I'lvc-i.intn him- or 318 'riiirteenlii t;-;;t Foil ,s.\l,K— Motorcycle, I IT .South Main Green's lllcyule ."ti-.ii. ii-,: IU fc.U.K-A Ktimly, little rive-i«»sen- n rir*l-(\J :iKS «hap. -, pho Kt-.r car r call ;-0 Firm W JIKLP WA NTF.n—Solid lor. lady or in;n- ticmtin. ,'in.l two flr»l-i?!,u-<n *i£n t.niiu- ers. Mid Went Hltsn Co. 0-7 l-'oit IIKST- cily; crop •v of u-h.-at tiiii-l. olKc inquire 1 ] ,\ l'-„ist. I WA.NTIOIJ— Man wttn two do farm woilt: KUI .1 *v First, niilg.'. phone ^oml tctins to IK*N; call 307 S7S. C-lt FOR UF.N'I'—; iliifnrnlshoil; hl.shcd; fui-nac tight hnu«eU,>epniB 1 OIOT sl.'epir;y room.; .phone JlitnW. lur- lilt troops reached the south bank of the Alsno lunlghl between Condo' and Viell-Aroy, an eight mile front. American forces ibis afternoon occupied the towns ot Dhuizol and Barbonval, virtually without -opposition. Yanks rin^ Automobiles. With the Americtiyi forces on the Aisne, Thursday, Sept. 6. -(By Tho Associated Press).—To keep up with Iho German retreating beyond tho j j. river Aisne, tho Americana have or-1 ganlzed automobile machine gun detachments with three men to each car. More than thirty cars wero operating north of tho Veslo river early today. As not much German Infantry had been sighted tho automobile machine gunners were uncertain Just where their advance might lead thorn. Tho outfit had supplies of food and equipment to enable them to keep after the Germans for days. WANTIOIi-—Man honkheeper with Imple- miint cxiirirloiu'c; Huston ZJiimii rnian Morrixtitilii t'".. Ilutcliiimon, Kun. (J.^t FOR SA1.IC Twi, U taken at one KOI I KAI.H— [,. Third female hull ptip.i; ilie.-ij, ; 4St 'I'hinl IjiHt. «-vt Smith tyikwnle FOR KA.1.K- liast. Oak faUPnir lu^l; tio:i FlriK ti-Bt SAM:—ealf; phone f,75. ••>ALK—\Vhltt, Legliorn hen; SAI.l->— unit j,-ood In-, lte.lnlon; ph< Eft ih, utile (Hiving me :t;i'J7. i;-^t MonKlcSf—l-'urnlslu-d iov ins; A Kadt. Twi, furnUliod or unl'u: nl^heil once; -.1I7V4 Norlh Main, li-u tooifii, a WANTi-;i)-.ii!i) on fur-m. iluli-ii t'jja 10a.t», Fifth. FOR tiAi.K- II'.AV; 1917 Foul Touring ear; like It at Taylor Motor On. IVAKI'KIJ-Tn phone J371IW. rent, large lions* close in; S-:'t AMERICANS SILENCE MACHINE GUN NEST, CAFl'URE THE BIRDS Gcrniui* luuucrt, uou^bt vo hail , the advance of the American and | allied forces at the Aisne ami j Jiurne by placing nesU ut ^ach^ | German machine (fun crew ccptured by Americans jrujiners in wcll-hidaen placei, aa pli the main Hun fcrce? feli back. photo show, chintj gun n-,ti H.e.'a of el.c M i- cri-%v tuken by th» Thasy nests were spotted tiutchy ! Yanks. "Tl.« Ocrmsiv uiid«rcu«S'

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