The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 13, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
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Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 8
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MCE EIGHT HAMMAN IS OUT OF WESTERN AMATEURPLAY Eaton Beats Him, One Up In l^Hoies Quarter Final Field of Eight Faces 36-HoIe Matches Friday OKLAHOMA CITY, v-?J — This _jinx business worries the boys as they started out on the long 36 -hole grind of the quarterfinals >n ti»fr SSth Western Amateur Gouf tournament at Twin Hills Country C'i:b here Friday, Not only did the eight shot- makers ivfeo withstood the double attack of Thursday nave to consider hazards of play on "Friday the Thirteenth.* bur Dorset Carter. builder and operator of Twin Kills, said he seriously contemplated releasing- on the course a. pet black cat that has been locked tip in t^-f S^^- shop for two cays. For those •who were not superstitious, the yawning- canyons and traps sloping- greens offered difficulties enough- There were Jack "^Vestland or Chicago the defending- champion. ; moving out first at S:3C' a., m.. •cvitb. Ba\-lc Goldman of Dallas, his opponent. West-s-nd entered by defeatinsr S. J. Hogers of Okla- Sioma City, former Oklahon^a open and Amateur ciis.n2.pi on. 5 and 3. , Goldman disposes of Maurice 6 as-d 5. j Charlie Tates of Atlanta, na- ; •tlonai collegiate champion, nustl- ed Sonny Monarchy, the Hock- forfi,. Ill-, hitch-hiker, cut of tne , •way, 5 "and 4. Thursday for the rsghz to meet IS year old Paul .I*esll® of Jefferson City, the Miss- ; •onri SHt-ercollegriaie ciism-Dicn, "who "kiH-ed tiie title hopes of Jack !Mai- loy of Tclsa. ^talloy had scored art upset reminiscent of the elimina- tlon of Sobbv j"ones at Pe'Dble . SeacJi by Johnny G-oocman -^rhen :'.22« defeated Kodsey Bliss,, of Osnasa, in the first round. . ..Aprons tie local stanfipoint the • feature naatci of the day ^ras be- . 'tween ZeU Satos. slim mefialist. against the ISS3 collere cliampiori- ^Talter Bmery. Both are from ma City. Saton defeaten mman of TVaco. the ssippi champion, 1 up 02 the l?th hole ,— hil? Hzc-ery eli2E.iBa.tec Johnny 3Lr=hm££i of Chl- cas;o. tie lS3S "vTestem •winner. toizmaTnent. Cbarles (Chick* Pleads Not Guilty F AN IDA RE By Dub F "THE PARIS Skeet and Gun club will not shoot this week, it has been announced. Reckon «Jl the boys are fired to death after the state event at Austin. finished Monday after three days of firing. But the target busters Ed White of Bocham lost * ; at it a Albert **Paf ReUiy. former St Pau! baseball mascot, pleaded not guilty to a charge of harboring John DsIHr.ger ;n St. PauL (Associated Press Photo) • county | proud of the sluggri Frier-son, the Ohio seems to be in his stride in a bier way down at does his baseball chores daily -with The team that has been ?vnowr» locally as Win- "Wednesday l-tou eonected for two more home ruas. his 2Sth and "Sth of the year. Xev- er bavins: seen the IL-tifkin park we can't speak officially or even tough match to Chick. Evans* t&e Chicago veteran, one-up in & bad finish. Evans, hia shirt tail flying in the wind and his putter as hot as the weather, caned *. pair •ill be back 'of birdies at the first aa^d seventh i_ next week. \ and was two tip ms. the turn with !a medal score of 35 to «... 3$'..for he Is a native of this ; "White. - ' ve can't help feeling j —— feats of Ixm ! Coming into the home lap the boy who j Texan and his veteran opponent, who has won the Western no less Tigers Go To Top Of Junior Loop Defeat New York Yankees Thursday, 4*2 In Opener of Series Basketball Seam* At . School I* Finished COMMERCE.—Bowie and Cass countie* led in tli* last half of the split *umcoer season of basketball at East Texas State Teaebers College, which came to a close Thnrs- ] day nisbt. Lamar county was last. At th* end of tne first half of Bucs Paste Steers In - - . J By HCGK S. FUIJ^ERTOX, JR. j Associated Press Sports Writer The Detroit Tigers had regained, j the American league lead Friday | by the simple expedient of beating j the one club that was ahead of | them, the New York Yankees. When it was over the score read the split season in county basket* ball the. team representing West Texas was leading the club* with no defeat chalked up against them > in seven contests. Lamar county's j team had won three and lost I to b« tied for fourth place. Galveston Nine Climbs On Charlie Barnabe For Fourteen Safeties ; than eight times, had the gallery Detroit 4, New Tork 2: the figures -^ „ .. ._ ,_,.«. . : gasping. Evans dropped in birdies ! on the thirteenth and" fourteenth and they halved the long Par 5 sixteenth with birdies after Evans reached the carpet in .-two and =§? | \Vhite in three. Morse Has Strong Team Coining Here Then IVhite bagged a birdie on the seventeenth and was one down I with one to s higher than on the Par sevens. o. But they both blew the well-known kite 4 eighteenth, taking; | Evans needed five strokes to j reach the htfine green and two authoritatively 1 purred for his -seven while "White. on the size of the Angelina cotmty j with a. chance to prolong the orchard, btst we have been Inform- j march, sent his third shot into a. ed it is s. fair sized lot. j trap and fired his fourth out of Well-Known Names Roster of Nine to Face Locals percentage columii were Detroit .52$. New Tork .627: and both teams were looking forward tt> three remaining "battles of the series. Spurred on by the largest weekday crowd of the season at Navin field. 20.000, the Tigers spotted their rivals a' run in the first inning, got to Johnny Broaca for two in the same frame and then stay- \ ed ahead because of Schoolboy Rowe's fine pitching and some great fielding, Howe's, contribution 10 the victory. Detroit's sixth in a i tangles row. was to give only six hits, all t by Gene Logsdon. A number of the • in the first six innings, and to \ players on the Dallas clsb are wellj strike out eleven. I known to Paris fans. Such men ] While the Yanks' were goir»r I as Danny Lynch. Dutch BoytL j down, the Xew York Giants also-1 Jumbo Clements, and Osborn. one j BT MM, PARKER . Associated Frees Sports Writer Fiery Billy Webb's hustling Gal- j veston Buccaneers, who last yeari were battling for first place when f i they *zn backed on a road trip that j gave them len consecutive^ vie- i torles, are again battling for first | place and Thursday night opened | a, crucial road trip with an S to j 3 victory over the Dallas Steers. ! I Clouting Charlie Barnabe for; | fourteen hits that featured Beau f j Bell's eighteenth circuit wallop of j the season, the Bucs had smooth ^ i sailing against the crippled Steers. "**• I Orville Jorgens. a fine right hand! er. started against Galveston but lacked control. After he had al- fettce. The- Bucs. looked wiiininjr and in their victory weather warning that Today "aeain. take pY*f~*th« pinnacle while on the road. Fichtinv to retain first and ward off the rampaging Buea the San Antonio Millions ehlli*4 Fort Worth. 13 to S. Tfc« had, a. -wild ...... Biiclxt^o^r 'blttin* sixteen wallops. Caldwell won hU thirteenth game of th« season by holding Fort "Worth to nln« fctt*. The league leaders hopped on C, A. Jonnard for five tallies the-first two innings and then coasted home after "White had relieved Jonnard. The Tulsia Oilers entrenched themselves a bit deeper in th« division by taking a - 6 to 4 Oklahoma City- Two te last of the ninth put Atz's diamond win columns. ic held. he -wasn't The" Houston Buffs pulled one out of the fire with a run in the last o'f the ninth, to beat. Beaumont. 5 to 3. George Payne w«t the route for Houston and held the' Exporters to nine hits. TEXA Galvestcn S. Uailas aiiy rate Houston 4. Beaumont S. night j irne. Tulsa 5. Oklahoma City c e have heard no j raratned home a 12-foot putt for a more cries of cracker box since ] six that would have won the hole t 1 lx>u lef- Paris. But every Paris i for hins. But he didn't and- so bow- bounds. Even at that he almost | were taking a setback In a slightly 1 time Mount Pleasant . outfielder, have alt professional baseless important series. The Giants { a I ball In this section, and players of ] 1 ability. j an knows what fences Lou hlc'jed out of the tournament in the wound Tip just oh e :raine ahead of! To combat ti!: ' s array ,^ of talent j rri over here so they're willing to ! first round. !<-*?«.-« «.K*OK r~.r^ ^ „,-„«,!= --^=_ ! Manager Logsdon is combing the got only an even break in doubleheader with Pittsburgh and nis-ht gr\r.e. 1±. Fort Worth 5. ] AMERICAN UEAGTJE I>etroit 4. ^Ce~~ York 2. Washington ai Cleveland, Three games scneculeti. let the "wolves Jio'vl. VER at Dallas the Steers have shipped Bill Norman first base- Chicago, which k a single wood? for players. A left hand other Paris entrant in Western, had tough luck qualify- i i cision from Boston- ' " ' . . , ... - , ?_,_.___,, , , _ .. ; i enuzsker who has established a> | Q« ABIDES Ajstenmacher.. Jr.. the. j Lefty jjarrr French was Pitts- ' reai repinat i on in East Te*as and] ; ^KO^ T>=^~ -~r™^ ?« the | burgh's means of breaking a "jinx'* j aji Indian pitcher who has been a. ] '*- which had cost the Bucs six j ^^i^r^r winner in pro and fast j also a prospect. ; eady to name the j | man. and outfielder, to -he Sz. ] ing Wednesday and blew himself = straight games against Xew York i ^nil-pro circles i j Paul Saints. Norman Is the boy i out of the low 32 with a 35 hole j Ke turned in a fine six-hit game j-^Vhiie not quite r i Trho seeTTiS to iiavs Deers nrie ren- t TOtal rtf 1SH- TTo >>&r! pn ST •foi- 1^'is i Tr» «-in X rn T ^T» »!*» nn&vioi- -3<e nmr•" _i.-i. -1 ~ _^iii +„• XATIONAH LEAGUE seems to have been the cen- | tozal of 155. He had an ST for his | to \x-in 3 to 1 in "the opener as Gus-; c i u b that will take the field San-t of a lot of trouble the Dallas j last IS. Tough luck. Charlie. Bet-j Suhr and Earl Grace suppBed j <jay afternoon Manager Logsdon is | vi^g; j cT-t -^v--V ii^j.^ tiiiic. - •• -. ; homei-s for the deciding runs- The | emphatic in his statenie"ht that he f ~" cortcentrated their hitting ! will have a ball club that will give, { the second garns •" "when" they j the ilorseineii a real battle. The local infield is already se^ - 1 ^ j manG-geinent 1 with its ball has club been having ; ter luck nest lately. Pretty } soon the club will have a ne . Boston. 4. St. L.ot:is S-S. Philadelphia Brooklyn S-5. Cincinnati EAST DIXIE LEAGCE ros " j A Daiiv Oklahoman sports com- the^^re disposing j ^ rnentator says this ! onpers. | IIia ., : "7 je i a . n g Hamman"s nick.- 5 ~ 5 -1 — , • . . , _ . _ ,, i name 'is *Bud/ He carrfes IS irons :_13. t ice -osing stream of the Dallas: i club ma.y •worry the owners and 5 fans of the b;g city to trie soiith and five woods. His dad owns one of the largest box factories in the | but we cazs name *em by the hand- 3, 1 fill up here who shed, no tears j ; when the Steers lose. Maybe when j night i they win but not •wlis-ii thev lose. ? ' couTjtry at Parity i exas. I^eiand's r -sja^jj,. ( belted Kalph Birkofer o-ut to score j The local Infield is 1 six runs in the first inning and i with Gordon Burke at firsr, John | [ won 11 to 1 with IS blows to back j Gilliam at second, Harold "Wells f Carl Hubbell's six-hit flinging, jat short and Morris Bailey at third. { Kubbell. winning his 13th ganie 1 It may be that TVelis cannot be se- of the year, gave on2y one hit in | cured, but it is believed that he { office hours ax iriend from 11 to 2, j the -first five frames. will be on hand. If he cannot, be j WEST DIXIE LEAGUE COITPLr. of boys Paris calls her own p-ut on one of the esi snatches of the current "West- "C\"e!I enough, except nickname is "Bub" and not "Bud." Brother Lelajid calls Brother John Travis the same—"Bub."* I don't know about his office hours come ihroug'ii eig-hi 7>g-g~ TCesterns victoriously. "STH.S playing erratically. but pulled enough rabbits out o£ his bag; to defeat Grable I>u"al! ^r.» o^ Slansas C^-^v S sj^^ S s.^5 Tyler IS. Lulkin 5. ! ern Amateur tournament at Okla- 57 c ^ z *?°* «»« uongrie^ 5. Ja:>-onvill^ nigiit hon , e City in the Ors , ^ u _- of j :n his Waco oftice- Charley horse and the revamp, xnner <!e:Tense failed to function. ; Hap play i nurs<5ay. They STANBIXGS TEXAS LEAGUE Okla.a.oma City. 2 and 1, J champion to g-et a. one-up lead at [ the turn., in their . match as they j rocked along hajvts^ holes -with I resrclarirr. Dates Fked For Series . AXTLrEHS. Okla.—Officcals of usro tes.n^, meetln-r v*--' ecn eS'SE v • I3%nt at: Hugo, fixed th* cs'es fc- s. 5-gs.rne series to -f etermins ~"lnlcn team •will represent District Xo. ;-5 of th* OBF in the annual s^tate .534 .52S th?- reach-ed the tcm. both began playins: errati- rancis* care sno-wirisr three - Hamman ^oingr a.hea<2 to club, guidance,.,, .o. _ , will line -up as folio-ws: Two other doubleheacers on the | HQ^ 3t> , Boyd. ss. L-ynch 3b. XaUonal - leagne program resulted I Clements 2b, Osborn. If. Sanders. brealcs- The third-place ; c * \~Vebst-er. rf. Harden, c. Me- 1 ardinais defeated the PhSHIcs S | Conathyv""5v*nke and lounger, pitch- i a game that Ttsmec into a after Pitcher I>aal Dean ] — sprained an ankle sliding into a ( 4 base : IE the third raniag. The- Phils j atter inland had gone seven over | ke pt-right on clouting behind Curt OTI fo^r holes bet not csite s^> f Davis a - d won ^e secon< j ^^^ B i * ociferous,** : - o 3 -j>, e IXocger? and Reds pro- 1 j vided the lighter touch in a pair < I take it this !s Parts* Bill Amis. { of games which produced a total | who £-£il€rIed the Trans final j of 52 hits, including: a pair of cir- I or the Evans-Haiaman t to give the an earful about Kara man. Bill -sras still - on hand and 2, at the sixteenth i along -with 3- I. Jordan. Jr.. Mar- cnit swats by <Jordoa Slade. Brook- I n Crumley ar>d George AMERICAN" ^-^- /"»-THii»- • —* f*F ff" 1 ^ T^ £~ T T» " \* ~? 1 . J.. ^•^r ^_T tT '. j. % * „ .;,_ .tfc ^L ,.,.^T. «r LK „ __'• O - . coir* If th^r Xi'"- rn<i rr, —• n\ ^*ri?s sro^s I^SL* Isi*. s.r:c ~v ii •> r-* pxa.y€r-c or : LEAGUE pet, i .5S3 I Muny Golf ! Widener Nag Stars Play! May Be Out Medal Play Event of 721 Peace Chance Is Doubtful Holes Carded Satnrdav ; Starter In Race Satnr- And Snndav day ; Cavalcade Favored best municipal Tex., s J course —Texas' golfers district an sstate- race. WEST DIXIE I>KAGCE NOTICE Ail water >»;;;* reH-a:r t :r:- X.'N- FAII) stu-r t.h«=- IT-:- o^ t:.- V::'..r.:h ='- i " - "vi-r^-p? A Cool Laxative ^ For Hot Weather orver t»sti. lioctors pr«.»<ri:se *iJt so Fe*in^4-r=.!,nT — a.n-c I* y «• fcec^le, bn: for •yet tod habit CALL 401— VST* . wfS t>uy or tr*c« tor yocr .old. torsfture. Come 5rj to see- ue tor tfee best vsloes \n hnrr.* Jur- D* H. Baker Furn. Co. -*Tiw IJoiis* Thii? Sells Fcr NOTICE J. E. Trimble the Bojahain St. Jewelry ffle Store -where? iie i^a.s .» office for rep»-ir- violins, mid 3*1 U'lKpsn Vtwi T1\«T I>IXIE L ","!-." -; gathered Friday, shooting: practice "ir..*3 j^ox^ds before tse start of the 72"-..,- j hole meda! play event Saturday jand Strnday over Galveston's tricky I municipal layout, Pet. ] Tezas Municipal Golf associa- j tics officials ei^ected a strong fi to compete for the crown ^ -^'M^ow held by I>oaaie TS.'endland of - - ^; 5 j.San Astonio. who tallied as asaaz- ]1 '--i;- n S 2S5 total at Brack en ridge park I C- .* -, * j ^ gg^,, Antonio to cop last year. j OatstandiTig candidates for - _, , j' "^"endisrsd's crow^n are SSose X^evin- ''_ ^7 ] son of San Antonio, -winner of the 1 *,^1|2332 title; Halr>ert Grumbles. San , "..•-,. i Aniosio city chanaploon ; Tom '-ejjj lia'wrence, of San Aut-orj.o; Billy -r, ,ii4 1 Spencer, Jack Pouts, r>an Schn- -; .333 ! raacij»r. Dick j*ay and Sd Tarver . i of Dallas, and several other o-at- 5tsn<i!njET linkj CHICAGO, Chance. snslces as a d Peace won -iae'^lrst grame 9 to T and the second 23 to 5. \ I>own at the bottom of the i Arnericari league standing, the j •cvhlte Sox defea.ted the Athletics 13 to 2 ^-hen a ninth inning run (decided a. duel between George ! \ Ea.rnshaTr and MerrSt Cain aiter \ | Bob Johnson had pasted his 2Sth ( i homer for the A"s to tie Jimmie I | FOTDC for the major league lead. ? I The COR- f 1 test, the only other game on the 1 ! schedule, *-aj? rained out. « "CIRCUS CLOWN' 7 STARRING JOE E. BROWN FIGHTS Last Night Major Leaders in «• subtfai starter, the decidiri* race for tae three-year-old championship of the American turf !n the S45,990 classic at Arl- I I>aTIa». Tex.—Tommy Freeman. 157, I^lttle Hock. Ark., stopped I Ralph Chon^, 155. New Orleans. Wildcat 3-forste. 14^. 3Drnm- jht, Okla-, outpointed Joe Mar- Joseph { ctls , 33^ PfttsbuTgh. <8>. o ' r "* r j i^elpervUIe. Pa,— Hucky Jones, of Peace Chance, said he would I 147^ Philadelphia, outpointed wait another 24 hours before mak- | rO urjg Joe FlnxJ. 142, P«*nnxgrov», ing a final decision as to whether J «c_ j^ Peace Chance woaW go to the I .. The thoroughbred has a • "^^^ «;d knee, but ehow*«5 no I signs of Jt in his "walits > &rotznd the paddock Thursday. | It appeared probable that ten eo to the j>o«t. Park Satcrday. found Ca.v- f Kriday. Pete Coyne, trainer for D, Widener of New Tork, post The -Prir;ner of the toumameiit will be Teza« m representative in the nationa* public 31akB tourna- tnei»t to be held at Pittsburgh ja the latter psirt of Jtily. A MEH 1C A X already & triple-derby -^'rmer for purses totaling: nearly f 105,000. having- Good Goods a* his n:n- nfrjjg- mate- Smf'ing Bob Smith, trainer of Cavalcade. *J{splayed no f«ar of T>iscov»ry. or Peajce ^ \ Cbance, if h« ?oea to the post. Vanderbilt, however, said h*s b*- rv*4 his-entry Is in better rori- I TKIE>r>TAl^ COXCXAVE EM>S I | SAX FRAXCISO, 6=^— PluTued 1 I hate were packed away Friday as { 1 Knights Templar headed home ' . , var*^ nrt- «o -*-* a-a*- an»i« t^* ' ar ' y time this ye5Sr ' i ^» A? r >P t . Tt'.'t, *..*./ **J*?*;. * <£^.<l''' I^: MJT>-.i» I;*™ • I r;*»xt trterjnfJsT concsave Jri Mlarn!, • The re*! dark hors*e. 13 I Fia... in 1S37. -any iruth thing Is tfet« the entry of HEHSHAW'S ICE CREAM FT. QT. 25' Free Delivery, Pbone 22S LAWLESS VALLEY" LANE CHANDLER A 1*0 4< WOLF DOC" SATURDAY Ken Maynard ARIZONA TERROR Grand Theatre - SATTJR»AT 5farb«rr3 T , 10-3. ;r:r.p~-.. Tss-'-r?. sr. XATTO'AJj B-ctiting:— Terr;/, Giants. .365; sll«s. Dodders, -253. Pirates, 70. 6». batted in—Ott, Giants, 86: H««3sox, i Coliina, Cardinals, *5. { Hits—Medwick. C*r«in*l*. and 'AnV^e*. j Aijen. PhiiMes, 114. '•——-~ ! DO'jbl**—UrbHTiski, Bravee, and f Allfn, PJtMIie*. 25. i Triplets—Medwick and Coilin*. Cardinal*, S. Home run*— Ott. Cube. Berber. Brave*. *n<J i. 'Cvrginahs, 19. J«T*e»—M*rtin, C*nJina1ss, th«re t«, race, is Warren "Wright of Cblca«o. I>t«t season Hada«al -«na« rated amomr the dozen leading: juveniles of the couTitry, and if th« track 1* fast he J* a sure starter, »ccord!njj to Wright. M.DB. Isabel Dod^e Sloane, o-wrn-r of Cavalcade, beJJevea her prtrjj thre*-y*ar-oid will b*v« no trou'f-ic in piowinff thro-ai^h the field to the Trench Mouth Healed Totir friend* £&r* tjot «ay wo but t your «or* «rum« and foa* breath 2J: | eon't make folk* ilk« you any btt- """" t«r, Leto'* Pyorrhe* R*m«J> »e*r« womt ca«e« Jf ««ed out dlneet- or J. Cats, 11- It I* not * mouth w«L*b, i* «oMi on * money Fal«c« FINEST SERVICE ECONOMY PRICES Men*« Ma«ter Dry Cleaning suita, women's plain now detuned *nd 50 Famfly Wa»h Service AIT clothe* washed «n<f work trotted *t tbe^e flat 15 LB$. 85' CITY STEAM UUNDRY f White Fabric Hats New Snowy White Just Unpacked Specially Purchased On Sale Now! SECOND JET/OOR PRICES SLASHED ON WHITE SHOES One big rack of fine shoes that have been formerly priced to S4.-95. There are oxforc!s T pumps, and straps to select from. Size ranges are broken, values are sensational. Choose from white kid oxfords, T straps and pumps, former values to SlO.oo Size ranges are broken but for those who ftnd their size these are real bargains. MAIN* FIX>Om One big lot of white oxfords, cutouts and sandals in broken sizes, Only a few of a kind but from this bi£ group you are sure to find your ^zc in a style you like. $ 1 98 $298 These shoes were formerly $3.95. There are white pumps, straps and ties to choose from in a wealth of attractive designs. Extra special values. 98« $149 BASEMKNT .Perkins Bro&

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