The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 25, 1986 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1986
Page 7
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Dr. Goft THE BAYTOWN SUN Frfatoy. S-A Vioform useful in treating fungus infection DEAR DR. GOTT - Three years ago I had my gallbladder removed. Since then, I've had some sort of fungus on my stomach, shoulders, arms and back. Vioform clears it up for awhile, but then it comes back. its it in my bloodstream? Could I aave gotten it while having 5,urgery? Is it so deep-rooted that it will never clear up completely? I'm very uncomfortable, itchy and embarrassed about it. Can you help? 'DEAR READER — i doubt that the fungus infection of your skin has anything to do with your gallbladder surgery. Vioform is a useful topical treatment for yeasts, but these infections are difficult to clear up using creams and lotions. Like other inflammations, the fungus disorder you describe may be due to one (or more) of a number of agents. The specific yeast causing your problem must be isolated and identified before appropriate treatment can be given. See a dermatologist, who will scrape parts of your skin to obtain a fungus culture. Then the yeast can be checked against a variety of antifungal medicines to find out which one would be the best to use. DEAR DR. GOTT - Can you please explain Graves' disease of the thyroid, which also affects the eyes? DEAR READER — Graves' disease is a form of excess thyroid-hormone production that causes protuberant eyes, as well as the usual signs of hyper- thyroidtsm, such as weight loss, nervousness, rapid heartbeat and heat intolerance. It is more common in women and tends to occur between the ages of 20 and 40. Experts are not certain why some types of hyperthyroidism affect the eyes. In Graves' disease, there seems to be a type of hormone present that stimulates the fatty tissue behind one or both eyes to grow. This enlargement tends to push the eyes out of their sockets, giving the pop-eyed appearance so characteristic of the disease. Treatment with thyroid- suppressor drugs is usually effective, but, occasionally, eyelid surgery may be necessary to enable the patient to blink, thus keeping the eyes moist. Thyroid surgery and treatment with radioactive iodine, although appropriate for other types of hyperthyroidism, may worsen the eye symptoms of Graves' disease. Therefore, drug therapy is preferable because it can be stopped or modified if the eyes become worse. DEAR DR. GOTT — A growth showed up in X-rays of my esophagus and the doctor has suggested the possiblity of throat surgery. What does this mean.? DEAR READER - The doctor may be suggesting the likelihood of resection — that is, removal of the growth. The type of surgery depends on the position and type of growth^ This can best be determined by further testing that should include, in my opinion, a biopsy. If you have questions about HIATAL HERNIA, you can get answers in l)r Gott's new Health Report on the subject Send 75 cents plus a long self- addressed, stamped envelope to P.O. Box 2597. Cincinnati. OH 45201 Be sure to ask for the Health Report on Hiatal Hernia DEAR DR. GOTT - Our adult daughter has been using a nasai spray she makes herself many times a day. every day. She uses hydrogen perioxide or a mixture of that and spices, such as chili and/or pickling juices. She has gradually been losing her sense of smell and has constant painful headaches and d1 ff i c u 11 v £1 Dear Meg Child's stress after divorce normal breathing. She's had tests and X- rays. but never tells the doctor about her nasal spray. I'm very concerned about her problem. She says thai since she's not using comercial sprays, she does not have to worry about becoming dependent on this one Please help DEAR READER - From the sound of your tetter. I'd say your daughter is pickling the inside of her nose —• and the nerves of smell as well The strong components of her homemade sproy may certainly be causing tissue damage If she refuses to tell her doctor about her unusual practice, I wonder what sort of secondary gain she is experiencing by being miserable and overtested. People do not become "addicted" to cornmcrical nasal sprays Rather, the problem is that these medicines cause a condition called 'rebound": After about a week of use. sprays cause i instead of relievo/ nasal congestion. Try to convince your daughter to give up her kitcben-medkine proclivity. Dilute salt water (one. teaspoon per quart) may relieve her symptoms with far less danger. DEAR.DR GOTT - The last four years I've been getting little whiteheads under the skin on my face and under my armpits. This condition worries and Irritates me. as I've always had a nice clear complexion for my 75 years. I take high blood pressure pills and live in Florida DEAR READER - The "little whlleheads" you describe may be due to the buildup of sweat in blocked sklnpores These are called "sudamina" and tend to occur on areas of the skin where perspiration is most noticeable, and in hot climates Check with a dermatolotlst for possible treatment Prier Qotl a * futumnal for 'DEAR MEG - My dad just got remarried and it's very hard for me to accept. You see, his new wife and her husband used to be my parents' best firends before everybody got divorced. So my stepmother is a constant reminder of happier days. " ; I can't handle this situation. My grades have dropped to Bs and Cs and I cry all the time. What should I do? — LIVING IN THE PAST, ANN ARBOR, MICH. DEAR L.I.T.P. — Most children of divorce regret their parents' split and look back on their past family life as having been happier than it really was. So it's normal that you're feeling down and having trouble adjusting to your new situation. But what with your grades dropping and 1 all that crying, I think you could use a little help from th'e outside. If you feel awkward confiding in your father or stepmother, talk to your school counselor. Good luck and please keep me posted. I care. • ,DEAR MEG - You get many complaints from people who send wedding, birthday or Christmas presents and never receive thank-you notes. Most of your readers say they are too embarrassed to write and find out if the gift got there or not. With wedding presents, after a decent length of time, I send the parents of the bride the UPS or postal insurance receipt and a brief note stating that "perhaps the gift had not been received and you may wish to check on it." You wouldn't believe the instantaneous response I get! - ; As for other gifts, I send the UPS or postal insurance receipt right away to the recipient, saying, "I have just sent a package to you. If you don't receive it, please check with UPS or your local post office." That works wonders, too. A final step I have resorted to in" hard-core cases is this self- addressed post card with: I have received gift/I have not received gift. If. none of the above works, I drop the recipient, including family members, from my list for any further gifts! — NO THANKS TO NO THANKS, BETHANY,OKLA. DEAR THANKS — Good, tough tips. Let all those ungrateful or forgetful recipients out there be forewarned! DEAR MEG — Thanks for your response to the letter from "Granny Is No Spring Chicken." My relatives also gossiped when I moved in with a man. But I had six children and needed some emotional and financial support so I wouldn't have to give them up for adoption. Today, I thank God the kids are grown and educated. And I'm too old and too tired to care what anyone thinks. For anyone who is more concerned about other people "living in sin" than they are about treating others with understanding and compassion, I say, "Walk in my shoes a year and then see how you feel. — BEEN THEREIN W. VA. DEAR BEEN THERE — I agree. Only the wearer knows when the shoe pinches. You weren't alone in your views. They were echoed by feisty grandmothers across the country, like this game bird: DEAR MEG — I identify with the grandmother whose kids wrote to you because she iives with a man. I'm a widowed grandmother, too. We may not be spring chickens, but we aren't old hens either. And it's better to be "living in sin," than to be dying of loneliness and depression. So, no one's gong to keep me cooped up by their morality! — FLOWN THE COOP, ST. PAUL MINN. DEAR MEG — Will you please settle a fight? My husband says transvestities are also homosexuals. I say they are heterosexual men who become sexually excited by dressing up in women's clothes, or just one or two articles of female clothing. Who's right? — ONE AGAINST ONE, DETROIT, MICH. DEAR ONE — You are. It's very rare for a transvestite to be homosexual. DEAR MEG — My doctor has told me not to drink because I have an ulcer. But not drinking is ruining my sociaJ life. IL's not that I rniss it, but I seern to have lost all my friends. And the girl I like best has been turning down dates with me because she likes to party a lot. You really feel like an outsider if you don't drink these days. Almost everyone I know drinks and I feel out of it at parties and hockey games. I'd like to know what a guy can do for friendship in a world where everybody drinks. — NO WAY, NORTON VA. DEAR NO — I know a lot of people who don't drink and it doesn't affect their social lives in the least. Either your friends aren't real friends, or you're making too much of an issue of being "on the wagon." People don't care what's in your glass — they only care what's in theirs. DEAR MEG — My husband won't get rid of the wedding album from his first marriage. He keeps in on the coffee table in the living room fight next to our album. Ted says it's "part of his When you need a doctor... CALL 425-9-DOC Gulf Const Hospital's Physician Referral Coast :X(JU (larth Rd I gal. 1 gal. 1 gal. 1 gal. 1 gal. 1 gal. with these ~L1\4 • SUPER SPECIALS ^B^' i^^^^^f 1 gal. Wax Ligustrum 1.99 1 gal. Water Oak 1.99 Liriope Big Blue 1.99 Varigated Liriope 2.19 Asiatic Jasmine 2.19 Wheeler Dwf. Ptttospomm 1.99 Crepe Myrtle 1.99 Slash Pine 1.99 RED TIP PHOTENIA 5 H 7 5 ° R*fl. 14.M CUEPE MYRTLE SH 6 SO in- )>•'• SPECIAL GROUP OF HOMESTEAD TOMATO PLANTS 8* ua. 3" IMPATIENS 39* 4" BEGONIAS 49' HIGH QUALITY ST. AttGUSTIHE SOD AVAILAR4I RALEIGH ST. AUGUSTMK AYAILARU ON RTOUEST CUTFtBM Nutri-Turtlnc. NUTRI-TUIlf GARDEN CENTER 421-1117 NORTH Of I-1 • OH •AITN M. past." 1 can't understand this. His wife walked out on him and left him with baby twins 10 years ago. We've been married eight years. Shouldn't he get rid of this painful memento'' — LIVING IN THE PRESENT. CASPER WYO. DEAR L.I.T.P. - Painful lo whom? Apparently the reminder of Ted's former marriage bothers you more than it does him. I see no reason for him to get rid of the album. It is indeed part not only of his past, but of the twins' heritage. However, good laste suggests that he relegate it to a less prominent place, especially since it bothers vou. \trg Whitcomb u a columnai for Ntmipaper Enterprise Association urniture Bealls Sttx* hoon: Dally 9-6. Sot. 9-4, CJofrwd Sunday OIM n«w HUMU 1427-8060 711 WEST TEXAS AVE • BAYTOWN /^Special... l-Jst *•**"!/'. '* ^ Mother's Day Is Sunday, May 11th Show Mom How Much You Care With A Mother's Day Love Line! We will be sending that special lady a postcard telling her your message will appear in our Sunday, May I 1 ih edition. Buying a Love Line also qualifies you /or our Special Mother's Day Prke Drawing. Final Deadline is May 8th. All entries must be received by this dot*. Your Nom« Send Posicord To: Aaddress Name City Address Phone City Fill in your message below, one word per square please 1300 S3 SO 14.00 Call Classified...We Love Mothers Too! SUV CLASSIFIED 422-9323

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