Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 4, 1975 · Page 2
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1975
Page 2
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•i-A—LUBtbCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL— Friday Morning. April 4; 1975 I iCountries ers 1/.S. Aircraft HEATHCLIFF wice i '' .BRUSSELS," Belgium (AP) -~ J Defense ministers of Belgium, • Denmark, Holland and Norway 'agreed Thursday that the *;\merican YF1U is the best and I •cheapest lightweight fishter j i hey can get to 011 a $2 billion i order, but they left the final' etc- ' eision to their governments. They asked for a ruling by 1 • the end of the month. ; "There could still be a split . »rder." Norwegian Alv Foster- *vol|, ihe chairman of the group, ! told newsmen. ; Paul Vanden Boeyiituus, Bel- 1 Kium's defense minister, was • pressed lo say whether there '.wns still a chance that Belgium j •may buy the 'French Mirage; .-1.-T.-M53, chief rival to the WIG. •built by General Dynamics,! i which has headquarters in St.! • Louis, Mo. I i "I'm minister of defense, not j • at prophet," he replied. But he! ;wcnt on to say iliat military ef- j • ficiency and cost are not thr ! | only considerations. "There are . *till other questions — economic and industrial'- and you can '/...-mEGRASSISRlS.'.J Slight Warming Trend Predicted For Plains iadd political '*aid. if you like." he There are strong lies between •Belgian and French industry. |Many Belgians argue that it is • important to keep a European ! aircraft industry goinjr with ^military orders, since it nian- l;agcs t6 sell compnratiyely Tew wanning trend in the area, after a host of record-low temperatures were recorded earlier in the day. t 5 '' ^ , < i r;SU ^ e ' mu outside world. The city's only A record .low IcVnporatnre of; By noon Thursday, O'Harc siipplies come that way, aboard G ee '^- 1 '-- ul)0r ' he «™ 1sst ' had - 'civilian planes. The orders are also highly '.important to LF.S. industry! if !;<jeneral Dynamics wins all the •I orders, it has a good chance of ^-making the biggest conslruction •run in aviation history —as ;m any' as 3,000 planes, which 'would be worth over S1G billion. • A spokesman for General Dy- St. Louis said the the European gov- 'namics in •company 'mcnt until .... f ernments announced their final 'decisions. The U.S. Air Force has already said it wants 650 of the •YFtSs, which are expected to •cost about $5.5 million each. ;' Henk Vredeling. the Dutch rdefense minister, was also hesi- -.tant about his government's decision. He pointed to a passage .in the joint statement. of (the .four ministers which indicated : .ihat cost and military effectiveness were not the only consid- .'eralions. • ''The evaluation uf. uiher {is- '.pects particularly in the induft- ;irial and economic field is still Continuing in some countries," 'ilhey said. The tour representatives, in- eluding- Orla' Moelier of Den,mark. met alj morning in the A-J Service* ,...~^ i..,^ South Plains weathermen latejlhe area. .PHNOM . PEA'H ,(UPI) —' Vignettes of a city.under siege: , The/capital's hospitals are bvejftowing with Ihe woulided, and 'many are forced 10 recuperate on the floor. Often yvound.v. ave uncovered and greedy flies are everywhere. There are never enough doctors. In f a c t, many of'the surgeons here are simply young medical students who these days are learning more than they ever could in a classroom. There is a critical shortage of blood for transfusions, .and often the doctors refuse to operate, because there isn't the .blood available to allow a j patient to survive surgery. 'One 'severely wounded soldier was recently told that nothing could be. done for him because of the lack of blood. The sound of his t wails for assistance echoed throughout the hospital long ^ -, j after they had taken him away. k Jl I A trip to the east bank of the (V (Mekong river,-, which is .now largely occupied by the insur- ^__, (gents, gives a visitor a striking jview of Phnom Penh. In the late afternoon light, the capital's stupas and temples rise jinto the sky. It is a I magnificent, uniquely Asian | skyline. i Unfortunately for the Cambodian government, that skyline is also in full view of the insurgents, only about 400 yards from the point where the visitor ! more than two do/.en deaths in pauses -to look back at the IWONPERWH£RE THE 8IRWES IS ?! insure that 'the refugees, don't | get violent. There is increasingly nervous talk here of what lies in the future. The most commonly asked question is-, will Phnom Penh fall? Th« second most commonly asked question is whether the United States Congress will vote to approve more aid for Cambodia. Everyone, from U.S. Ambassador John G u n t h e r Dean to the clerk in the • post Penh Mood office, now believes that witlv-(future at thi* city oouM be very out the American aid, 'Domestic Passport 9 Reversed A Chicago federal meLeorolo- o- '-• ...ww*.^.*««w Wll U j,.. opposite sme 01 me gist,' who labeled the storm a capital, four miles 'to .the west, blizzard, said most deaths were , , 11CJ J UVlll^JllU'lEl /H1.LJU11, caused by overexerlion or expo- cr/pital's only link . with ly Thursday, exceeding-a pve- jj j.i u*. ii*.*u j , ». .-*.-..«_ i^v* li IQ •. d. pi f i^w.^.11 LlVQ^M tifV^i. «^ 'Llfllll i\J 11U111 O. vious recoi'd of 2!) degrees set Thousands of travelers slept on ; " I0fi " ' parked airliners, benches or the airport floor, United Pfress International reported. One UPI reporter counted 530 cars' and trucks abandoned along a : ]3-mile stretch of Cni- cago'S; Kennedy and Edens expressways.'. . The Checker taxi company in Chicago, seeking 'to recover about 250 stranded cabs, offered a ?15 reward for each cab brought to its garages. in 1960. Record lows also were recorded in Waco where 27 de- grces \vas lhe r :low; Ajiilanc and Midland, .-23 ^degrees; and San Antonio, ;JH degrees: On, the. Gulf Coitst, Galveslon recorded a record high temperature Wednesday of IS, then shivered early Thursday when a record low of -H was indicated. A warming trend in the western half of Texas should continue, weathermen said, through tonight because of warmer air aloft. High, thin over much of day afternoon Imt were expect ed to dissipate during the. night. In Lubbock'. thermometers should climb lo the. upper 70s today and Saturday. Gustv southwesterly \vinds of up .to 25 mph; could make wind warnings necessary on area lakes. 7 Elsewhere in the nation, a freak snowstorm gripped a portion of the Midwest including Chicago where about a fool- of lo clouds built up the .state Thurs $OI,ONS IN' ISRAEL TEL AVIV (AP) — A 25-man IT. S. congressional delegation arrived in Israel Thursday for talks with Prime Minister Yit•Belgian • government's Egmont Palace. Their .ioint statement, •written in English, said: "The ministers agreed that ; from the point of view of oper- ,ational qualities and program ' i:ost the YF16 has undisputed I • advantages over DIP other con-1 ; Lending aircraft.'' ' ! tn addition to the Mirage, the ; Swedish Viggcn was in the run;. inng 1 . There has been some op• lion to it because Sweden is ; neutral and not a NATO mem- ; ber. But ii' all tour countries do ) not agree on the American i plane, the Scandinavians may ) j p i?consider (he whole order ; The new planes, for delivery ' 1.0 start in 1978 or 1!)7!1. arc to .•replace Lockheed F10-1 Star| lighter's. American planes rede- '. signed for European use. Bel- j • tiium needs 116. the Nether- J I lands ]0o. Norway 72 and Den• nidvk 5S. \Vest. Germany could .- also enter the market later. zak Rabin and a tour of Israel's front line with Syria. been closed more than 20 hours. I Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. William A Black of GS01 IDth SI., Ko. ..96. on th* Wrth of t auRbtcr weiRhins 8 i>ounds \^\\- ounces 2:23 a.m. 'nmt.«la.v m (Jmvcisitv Hos- ujl. The futhur is eim>Uiyi?il a« an un* rwi-iter for Gulf Insiinmcr C«rp. Mr. uncl Sirs. "Carlti.i I'.anucl or Plain- . . view rvi\ Ihe birth of a son a.m. Tlmi-sd Tlie fctlicr is l)uun'.lK :t -Mellioiii in em. Hospital. . s > plumber for T&N Plumbing. i I!:-, and Mrs. Kandy wood of 4B1S fllh ft. 0:1 Hie birth of a ilauKhtcr Avoisliin^ 7 jHHirni-; 11 (jimt-es nl 3 :3G o.m. AVc-dne.saay ill Method!*-! Ho>i)itaf. 'E'he /jlthe^ is a satos rcprcsenlafh* for Anifric-un Tobacco Cg. Sir. Hull Mr MItl SI.. 'Al)t. A Tyson Phillins of SMS on tb«-birth of'a son weighing "/'"pounds 7V- 'ounces al "4: u p.m. 'in Mclhodisl Ho>,r)ital Th* fillicf is employed by Sanla F Railway. Mr. and ail's. Oaudencio AslioKo o! 504 «lh SI." on Ihe birth nt twin Uauiliters wciffhinff 2 pounds in ounces and noumis 5 .ounces Sundas- in llelhoc.,, Hospital. Tne father j's employed by -P&y master Gin. WASHINGTON (API --- Ally. Gen. Edward H. Levi has-.reversed, a Justice Department recommendation to Congress that every American be required to prove legal residence when applying for a job. Levi said Thursday the so-| called "domestic passport" proposal, conceived as a deterrent! to illegal immigration, "would come close to a violation of something akin to a constitutional right." Addressing his first news conference since taking office Feb. 7, Levi overruled, in effect, the position advanced toy his top aide. Deputy Atty. Gen. Laurence Silberman. Three days before Levi was sworn in, Silberman told a House committee that legislar capital. On the side of the lies Pochentong Airport. civilian-flown American planes which land continually. A nervous U.S. airman sits at the top of the control tower. His job is to plot each rocket and artillery shell when it lands on the airstrip. When a siren bjegins to wail, signaling an impending shelling attack, he grabs his radio and shouts into it,, "Warning! Warning! Warning!" In fact, rocket victims never know what hits them —they die instantly. Surprisingly, there is no overwhelming tension. It's as if the residents of Phnom Penh have resigned themselves to Hie rockets. They dive for cover when on'e lands near them but then they get up and continue on their way. Humanitarian organizations, such as the Red Cross, World Vision and the Catholic Relief Service, work around the clock- to relieve the suffering. But it is not enough, and each day; refugees are lurried away from health clinics and soup kitchens simply because there is not enough foot! and medicine to go around. And "now it's necessary to posj, military ..police where humanitarian-aid is'givin out to ; : SIX-YEAR TERM -AUSTIN. Tex. (UPI) — For, mer Treasury Secretary John * Conn ally was governor of Texas ' from 1963 until 1969. ; Adoption Agency I List Announced ; WASHINGTON (APi — .Here! ) ii a list of some adoption .- agencies and private groups as} sisting the South Asian war or( phans: { Holt Children's Services. P.O.! t Box 2420. Eugene, Ore. i ' -Internationa! .Social Serv-! , ices. £15 E. '16th .St.. New York i t JC.Y. Relief Services, Ave.. New York. -Catholic 1011 First -v.y. -World Vision. f)19 W. tlunt- frngton Drive. Monrovia, Calif. -Friends of the Children of Vietnam. fiOO Gilpin. Denver Colo. --Friends For All Children, •M5 S. GSth St. Boulder, Colo. ! - Emergency Committee toj „ , j Save_the Babies. Vienna. Va; i -Council on Adaptable Chil} clrcn. P.O. Box. 40541 Palisade l .Station. Washington. D.C/ { -Food for Children of Viet, nam, Attn: Linda Conrad. IJ26 >---Ceder St., I^exington. Mass. I.MMCK AV.U.ANCHK-JOURKM. MORNINfl . Cditiw •! The Lufctwcb A»»U«l*c- irnal. Frtrtu) at Ilk aini Avenue J. LiMofk, Ttm. P.O. B«x Wl. Pho»r W-UM. S«. «Uge>.il4 «t tubbock, T«««. •*' MOMEDEUVRRY jMominr.R*cninK,.Sundiy tt H j»lor/iir{* Sunday ...3.01 •iRvcninf, S«tnrdly. SuWiy ..-3.51 »fornlnfO»tj 2.31 ' Licninf. Sun/day Only.... 'i.3» SundaywllKnallyil.H + l< Ni ].2» I.4!+tc (it .................... ...l.5« MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS IVr. I Mo. 3M». • *itnmt*?<H*,y *M.M>».I«H!,MM,M ' ' Ww»l»i«rty ».*•».*• IN 3.31 discover the secret of SANSABELT® comfort! The secret of Sonsobelt slacks lies inside the waistband; a band of triple-stretch webbing that flexes with your every movement. Gently, but firmly, it keeps you tucked-in and feeling good all day long. On the outside, luxury fabrics, careful tailoring, and innovative styling make you look as good as you Feel! See these comfortable Jaymar Sonsabelt slacks at both stores! Jaymar Sansabelt Slacks S 32 50 Mall Store Open Tonight 'til 9 U',« Your S&O Auounl Mosltr Charge. TM li'KM(*tr Ct Q K.M Oowntown rn.nct «ouUi Plmna Mail i Miii! Fri. »:30-5:3«"Sit.'Wi KiHtH^Fri.ll-SSit W S fork rRfcEd.rectly acrontheitfrel from olO D tion to toughen i^migratipn policy should include a provision that would empower the department to require all employers to demand proof of residency from job applicants. Silberman suggested this might entail issuing a special card which . all Americans would be required to obtain. /'I do not like the idea of requiring every employe to carry card ... before he gets a job," said Levi. Levi conceded, however, that "we may have to come to that" if the flood of illegal aliens, whose numbers are no\v estimated at more than a million, is not stemmed. "The problems may be so difficult that this is another kind of freedom that we have to infringe. My first reaction is. one of not wanting to go bhat far," he said. Lcyi said also he is unenthusiastic about the 'department's pledge to step up efforts to deport illegal immigrants already j in the country. But he said he! would not interfere with en-{ foreement campaign because j "trial is not u discretionary j matter on my part." ! Levi announced that the de-[ partment has several policy re-; vfews under way, with top pri-s ority assigned to a study of the) FBI's file-fathering practices.' He added that a number of outside consultants, including-ffor- iner deputy Atty. Gen. William j Ruckclshaus,- are advising'him j on tlie FBI matter^ . ! Gun control and guidelines I for granting immunity to wit-^ nesses in 'criminal trials are other issues under review, he said. The attorney general said it was his "overall goal" to make the department "a thoughtful place" that is • free from interference by the White House or other "pressures. The department, he said, "should operate with and radiate ... the highest professional standards. This department is not to be used as a partisan political instrument. "It.isn't to be used that way consciously, and, I think more important, it isn't to be used that way unconsciously." "The relationship with the White House, so far. is good," he said. "But if the relationship becomes too perfect then I will become 'concerned,. The department has to be independent if it is going to lie of any use." Watch For It Soon! It's OnThe WAY! 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