The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 8
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 8

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

mACINK SUNDAY BULLBTtN July S«, 195» See. 1, Paw 9 —Jouriittl-Tlmeii Photo Sister M. IncamaUi gently comforts a 1-year-old Raelne child being treated with a stomach pump at St. Mary's Hospital. The sister, registered nurKe in charge of the hospital'i emergency room, helps treat nearly 100 youthful poison patients each year and oonsiden the task her specialty. Supervising the treatment above Is Dr. Glenn Baumblatt. When Youngsters Swallow Poisons It's Up to Nun to Know Ingredients In the emergency room at It Mary 'f Hospital. Sister M. Incamata makes a specialty of treating children who have swallowed poison. So far this year, the sister's emergency room has treated more than 50 youngsters who have eaten or drunk toxic mat ter they ferreted out of easy- to-reach places in their homes. Not all the cases have been the routine administering of an antidote or treatment with a stomach pump. In several in- bring along the poison's container so it couid be acurately identified. iVIust Know Content "We cannot give an antidote until we are sure we know the exact chemical content of the poisons," said Sister Fncarnata. She explained the wrong antidote could be even more harmful than the poi.son—perhaps deadly. Equipped with a book listinR the chemical inj;rodionts of practically every known modi stances, there was a delay injcine and toxic matter found in treating the children because a homo, lioth St. Mary's and their parents had neglected toist. Luke's Hospitals are ready U. S. Admiral Takes a Walk, ueries Russians About Life Q MOSCOW—W)—U. S. Vice Adm. Hyman RIckover, in civvies but keeping a taut ship, has been cruising all over Moscow, poking into how Muscovites live. The father of the atomic submarine 'has declined to talk about his ie^xperiences since he arrived in Moscow with Vice President Nixon. But it is known that lie showed up bright and early at the U.S. embassy Friday and got all naval offl,cers assigned to it on deck. "Let's take a walk," he suggested. Knockf on Doors earned, and what they wanted out of life. In one apartment house he found, for instance, 26 people shared two toilets. First Venture After their first jaunt. Rick- over asked one aide: "Did you ever do this?" "No, sir," the aidfe replied. "Why not? It's the only way to find out things," the peppery little admiral said. "Sir, we would be stopped by the Russians," the officer explained. He did not add that he probably would be declared "persona non grata" and booted out of the country. on Trip, Takes 10 More Along NOGALES. Ariz. — iff) Out they paraded, strolling along the Moscow river em-ipajr Decides bankment. Suddenly Rickover pointed tQ ian apartment house. "Let's go over there." he said. They went. Rickover knocked on doors throughout the apartment house, Identified himself through a^Russlan speaking officer, then' asked questions about how people lived, what they did, how much they SIDE GLANCES Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Sexton decided to take a three-day trip to Las Vegas, Nev. They talked it over with some friends. Everybody got enthusiastic. A bus was chartered and 10 other couples went along. By Galbraith to give the right antidote when necessary. The book, "Com merciai Toxicology," was given to the hospitals by the Racine County Safety Council. Month iy supplements from the publisher list all the newest prod ucts and keep it up-to-the-min ule. Occasionally, however, a new product—such as a liquid cleaner—jumps on the market and enjoys an immediate sales success because of saturation advertising. Writes for Information In such instances, Sister In­ camata does not wait to receive information on the product from the l)ook publisher. She iininediately writes to the maiuifacturer to have the chemical facts on hand—just in case. On several occasions, her advance preparations have re- suited in a child being given immediate treatment. A few times, however. Sister Incar- natn has had to make emergency telephone calls to manu- fj^cturers in sucli states as Georgia. Illinois, Missouri, and New York to get the needed chemical content of.nn unusual toxic liquid or paste. She also keeps a current list of all chemists in Racine County with l )0th their home and business teleplione numbers so they can be reached to give technical' information day or night. Doctors always supervise the treatment of poison cases, but Sister Incarnata has made it her job to have all the facts available for the physicians when they arrive at her emergency room. Sister Suggests Rules The sister listed a few rules or parents: 1. Check up on children oc casionally during meal-prepar ing times when they usually are not closely supervised. Sis ter Incarnata said youngsters usually swallow poison near meal time and at the end of the day when they are tired and mischievous. 2. Keep poisonous matter out of reach at all times. 3. If your child does swal ow a toxic substance, take him to a hospital immediately anci liring the poison's container for identification. Continue Probe of Alleged Bribe MADISON —(/P)— The Dane County district attorney said Saturday he was awaiting developments which would determine the next step in the who- offered-what lobbyist-legislator case. Joseph W. Bloodgood, charged by statute with prosecuting lobbying laws, said he'd confer again with Assemblyman Keith Jardie. Democrat rom Taylor, who stirred up the fuss. Hardie said on the floor Wednesday a lobbyist offered him money so Hardie couid take the Education Committee he heads to dinner. Hardie made the accusation during consideration of a bill on retail installment buying. Hardie did not publicly identify the lobbyist. Tones Down Remarks Later Hardie toned down his remarks, .saying no actua money was handed him in an envelope, but that the lobby ist volunteered to pick up the dinner tab for a dozen eaters Bloodgood said he got in contact with the lobbyist Har die named. The lobbyist—stil unidentified—emphatically de nied he offered any money to mproperly influence legisla tion. ) Conflicting-statements from Hardie and the lobbyist Bloodgood said, made it neces sary to continue the investiga tion. Verified Complaint Hardie said he'd talk with Bloodgood again. He wouldn' say if he would enter a verl fled complaint, a necessary step if court action is to be started to revoke the lobbyists license to lobby. If Hardie does 'not sign a complaint, the district attorney said, another course of ac tion would be to issue a .John Doe warrant and this could lead to calling witnesses and taking testimony. With the Legislature involved in a big rush to dispose of a big backlog of business in order to achieve a recess, observers felt it would be a spell before anything more comes of the case. RACINE'S BIGGEST SELECTION OF USED FURNITURE, TV AND APPLIANCES LATHROP HARDWARE'S USED OUTLET 2040 LATHROP —AP Wlr.pholo CASTRO WARMS UP — Cuban leader Fidel Castro took on a new role—pitching baseball—as he warmed up for a military versus police game which will be held today to celebrate the 26th of July revolution. Britain's 'Flying Saucer' Crosses English Channel 'ST 4 APPUANCES AND TELEVISION | General Blectric MAYTAG .... TAPPAN RCA VICTOR .... MOTOROLA 512-516 WIS. AVE. The kangaroo family has more than 50 member.s, some called by such names as euro, pademelon, wallaby and wall­ aroo. DOVER, England —iff)— Britain's revolutionary "flying saucer" that skims on a self- made air cushion over land and sea made a successful crossing of the English Channel Saturday. Ship sirens in the harbor wailed a welcome as the disc­ like hovercraft sped to shore, skimming a foot above the waves. The craft sent up a plume of spray in its wake as it came in. Four Passengers The hovercraft which reportedly made the 23-mile crossing from Calais to Dover in 2 hours 13 minutes had four men aboard — Peter Lamb, 39, the pilot, Christopher S. Cockereil, inventor who rode in the strange craft's cabin, and two other men who rode outside as ballast. The four-ton craft is powered with a 450-horsepower engine which drives a single mahogany fan. This provides air pressure which is blown through ducts beneath the fuselage and cushions the craft as it flits above the waves. "Great Trip" The craft roared across the harbor without touching down and skimmed up onto the landing ramp. It hovered 10 inches above the ground and then settled down. "We had a great trip," said Lamb, a Royal Navy lieutenant commander as he emerged from the cabin. 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