The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 7, 1948 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 11
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Too Many Notebooks, Too Few Textbooks, Parent Says By AJtTHVK ED SON Bethe*d». July 8 (*) -- Newfangled educational methods m»y be okay for m guinea pig. t But a group of parents here insist that if children are involved you still can't beat readin", writin' and 'rithiaetic. About 40 of them from several schools in this county have got together to list 26 reasons why they think modern schooling misses the educational boat. Their resolution says: Kreglo Estate Left 111 Trust For Wife Charles W. Kreglo. late retired farmer of Liberty District, left his treated as guinea pigs, behavioris- estate in trust for his wife with tic. psychiatric, personality, o r , social problems." i Parente Are Afraid Sirs. Duncan H. Brooks, mother of three and one of the leaders of the group, told a reporter today · Court. that if a parent poll could be taken the Farmers and Mechanics National Bank as trustee according to the terms of his will admitted '.o probate Monday by the Orphan's Mrs. Carrie O. . . . she feels sure a. majority would j Boim Waynesboro. Pa : Mrs. Mary agree with her. 1 E. Grossnickle. Union Bridge, and "Many parents wont say any-« Mrs _ Fa£ln j e L. Rintz. Walkersville thing publicly." she said. "But, qualified as executrices but placed they call me and tell me what they j E0 valuation on the assets, think. They're afraid to have M We believe that our public tion oa schools should exist for" the pri ·y purpose of'trminlng our cfail- for fear of retaUa . , childre: , !sr/t thai The-will, dated April 25. 1935. pitiful?" by Wilhaui M. He'.tye A. Hahn, . I directs the bank to assume juris- - - . . ,. ,^ am Although this movement is. diction -^ trustee O f 3 n rea l and in the essentials of knowledge. | strictjv a one -co!nmunity a«ai?. - persona! property to pav the net namely reading, writing not print- Mrs Brooks ^^- income to the widow. Mr;. Marv F ing or script. arithmetic, spellin language, phonetics. American his- geography. and tory, American civics. ·From what I hear, parents all Kreglo. for life over the country may feel pretty much as we o.° A j Q£ lhe , |fe uc as we o.° lt directs that the three daughters Dr. Edwin tt. Broome. ,. county , share aUke ^ the es;ate school superintendent, declined to; Mrs. Xellie A. McDannel. 100 "We therefore resolve that the present system of education which is based on the experimental philosophy, and which has not prpduc- MU au ,,,,;_., Al . *«~... - --.~ { husband Walter H \ Mc^ the scholastic results we know I owner. prompUy supplied him w«h | "£,£·" ^ .f.'; ",,^ ". TM,.T. comment until the objection* are _*"=·;,.-"""* , -»«-"·«»·«. »w , . , _,,-»·,, · East Church street, als qualiued , . , _,,-»·,, 3 C A H And H H John H. a 'heater a theater , administratrix in the etate of Two Men Killed lu Seattle Explosion Seattle. July B (p)--A bomb-like i blast that rocked northwest Seat- 1 tie's Ballard district just after · closing time tonight demolished I the Lyle Branchflow-»r Co. vitamin plant and killed two men. ' One employe was injured and t three or more were missing. Coroner John P. Brill. Jr.. said fir*i estimates that some 35 workmen were m the plant wnen the · explosion came at 5:35 p. m. ' tPDT apparently were in error. Allan Turner, a plant official. sa:d 40 or 50 workers had left the structure at the end of the 5 p. ra. 1 b-h:ft. Brrll identified one of the dead as John Zengar and the other-tentatively--as Roland Stebbin. both employes at the plant. The bodies. fou:xi outside the plant Sa:e»" were burrsed beyond recognition The blast was heard and felt four iv five miles from the northwest Seattle community. Plate ' siass windows :n Ballard stores were shattered. The Ballard bridge, crossing the Lake Wash. ingtou ship canal some 50 feet from the plant. \\a« covered with broken glass. Its deck is 60 feet above the ground level Six thousand gallons of an explosive solvent were stored in the plant. An hour after the flames were quelled police were holding crowds back in case of a possible second blast. SEEKING NEW BRIDGE Rockville. July 6--Residents of Rockcrest. a subdivision at Rockville. are \\agirt£ a campaign for the replacement of a bridge over the Baltimore Ohio Railroad tracks at Agnew drive which skives them one mile in traveling to Washington. When the old wooden bridge was closed June 18 by order of the railroad and the State Road* Commission, residents formed the Rockcrest Bridge Committee, headed by Balfour O Dytton. to campaign for replacement of the span A petition with 300 signature* t h u t j-U'ps Umard construction of a new bridge was presented to the mayor and council of Rockville. Subsequently, the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners were called on for their support, as was Representative Bcall. Republican, of Mars land. As * result, a conference between the railroad, county and Kockville officials is being arranged 'flit »ws, Frederick, Md.. Wednesday. July 7, l*4ff ELCVE2I CLASS ENTERTAIXE1» The Friendly Girls Class of the Evangelical Lutheran church wa. entertained June 30 by Mrs. Lucy Summers, at her home on Adam Road. A business n.eeting was conducted by the president. The group planned a straw ride and picnic to be held July 28 at George W^shing- toii Mosiunx it A guess- box was won by Mrs Evelyn C'-«rk. Refreshments were served picnic style, and draw prizes were six-en in sii eating contest There were 17 members- and one Kue»t present BANQUET HELD The Queen Esther Bible Class of the Evangelical United Brethren * Sunday school held its class ban\ quet Thursday evtning at the Suj penor Dairy and lunch room. Twen- i ty-eight members and guests were ; present. Following dinner. Mr. *od '' Mrs-. M. B Casseli. 28 West South street, entertained the class at their home. It was decided to hold the Georjiianna Club picnic ' July 22 at Braddock Heights. MARINES TOGETHER Pvt. Fred I Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs Fred J Ward. Libertytown: Pvt Wtlliam D. Grove, ion of Mrs. John Hart. 117 West Fourth street, and Pvt Bernard Rice, son of | Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Rice. Wilson avenue, arc all tagidni in the 106th Platoon. 2nd Battalion m the Marine Corps at Farris Island, S. C. They graduated this year from Frederick High School. Also with them is Pvt Victor Stitz. son of Mrs. Regina Stltz, East Seventh street. t -Teen bcial Matches To cleanse akin carefully--rtUtv* pimply irritation and to aid b*»l- , us* tbete famous twin help* jur children ~ar* capable of mchiev- |one: He thinks ifc i ng. be discontinued immediate- j use O f notebooks, . . " ' . Dannel. She estimated the value s there s toomuch j nal propenv at seou. k is be discontinue*! immrcumic- j use ot noseoooks, to be filled in *^ 1 .y - · -. | by the youngsters, rather than text- j ^ Toe court approved two admmis- ··-tVe further believe that our j books, thildren are capable, intelligent. Said Hiser: aeahhy, normal young Americans, j "I have five children i» school : \Ve therefore resolve that they i now. and I haven't seen a so regarded: that they not be I book in years." PNG MEETS No. 51. met at the home of Mrs. . Vincent Biser on Friday evening, | July 2. Mrs. Biser and Miss Rhudelia Zimmerman were co- hostesses. The president. Mrs. Edna Oden presided. Twenty- seven. members answered the roll call. The-Noble Grand of Samaritan Lodge, Mrs. Mildred Stitely. was a guest. Plans for the annual banquet- were x discussed and the following committee appointed: Miss Charlotte - Loy, chairman; Mrs. Ruth Morgan, Miss Hilda Burke. Mrs. Sadie Willard and! I Mrs. Kathryn Fogle. Mrs. Amy | Hoffman." chairman, reported the j next visit to the Odd Fellows Home would be on July 21. The home committee for August was appointed as folloxvs: Mrs. Pauline Koontz. Mrs. Lillian Brown, Mrs. Edith Starner and Mrs. Ruth Mor- i gan. Names drawn for the victory basket in August were Miss Esther Miller. Mrs. Pauline Koontz. Mrs. Elizabeth Seeger and Miss Fannie Zeigler. Installation of new officers of Samaritan Rebekah Lodge ' on July 9 was announced and Mrs. Catharine Marmor. deputy president, urged all Past Noble Grands to be present The meeting ad- : tration accounts. Rev. Joseph H. ! SchmiU. as executor of the estate '· of his laie wife. Mrs Eunice C. 'Y ex j" I Schmitt. reported S~r36 50 in his «first and final account, disiributsrsg , $2.066.62. journed to meet August 6 at the ' In her first and final accousit as administratrix in the estate of Lawson F. Bittle. Mrs. LouJie A. Bittle accounted for S3.H2 11 and were served. distributed S2.476.22. *% OLD Reading BEER .«/ T R A D I T I O N A L L Y P E N N S Y L V A N I A D U T C H THI OLD IEAD1NO »*fWItT. INC., KEADINO, PA. What To Do For That Sluggish, Down-and-Out Feeling Res»mber the tinie wnen you could tat like *. horse, bubblrd-ovcr with enrrrr. if'.', happy u !»rk? Wa« it not b«CKU«* you !Uced to e*i--Jldo't know «h»t In- digesllon vras. felt strone »» »n ox? A* age advances the "old stomach and the ever-changing blood" need help. Now YOU may again release vibrant enercy to every niilscSe. fibre, cell. Ever? day--every nour--mUUoni of tiny red-b!ood-ee!!s must pour rortb Irosn the raarrow or your bones to replace those that are »-om-out. A low blood couat may aSect you la several ways: no appetite, underweight, no energy, a run-do'ira conditl a. lack ol resistance to Infection end disease. To get real relief you must keep up TOUT blood strength. Medical authorities. by analysis or the bjood. have by positive proof shown th»C SSS Toalc Is amazingly e2ect!ve la building up low blood strength la non-organic nutritional anemia. This Is due to the SSS Toalc formula which contains special and potent activating Ingredients. Also. SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the food you eat by Increasing the Estrlc digestive juice when It Is non-orcanl- cally too little or sc»ntv--thus the stomach will have little cause to set balk? with gas. bloat and give off that lour rood taste. Don't wait! Energize your body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic now. As vigorous blood surges throughout jour TOhole body, greater freshness and strength should make you eat better, sleep better, feel better, work better. play better, have a healthy color glow la your skla--firm flesh nil out hollow places. Millions of bottles sold. Get a bottle from your drug store. SSS Toalc helps BuUd Sturdy Health. SPRAYING Till I-S and Sllltl IIIII ItY M^antlxrttpv Svrricv (inuling Phone 1119 For Estimate it \i m D. 11\ H WILSON" AVE. CORN BORER and JAPANESE BEETLE CONTROL Protect Your Crops at Reasonable Prices Price Per Acre AIRPLANE SPRAYING '2.75 For Information Call JAMES W. CARMACK. Fred. 232-J - AUSTIN* D. TROUT, FRED. 5S4-J Using only Insecticide Manufactured by DUPOXT Now Is The Time Fur a!l carpentry work, repair- in;, remodeling, new construction, see ThomasConslr.En^.Co. 311) Jefferson Street Phone 2144-J ITS A KNOCKOUT/ That's what folks sir about The Klectronlcs Shop's dependable vervter. When you brine your radio or television receiver to u* for service, you are assured that thr work will be performed br men who are skilled and who are properly equipped for the work they do. ELECTRONICS SHO RADIO **wl 'mEVtSKMSBM IIOWPATRICKST Ph« n 969 AUTO CLASS I N S T A L L E D Fredf rick Paint Glass Store til N«rtk Market St. Frederick. ML 9ft. Hannah describes a delour «i "the roughest distance between fwo point'!" Antique prices are pretty rough these days, aren't they? Or so you think. How about dropping in at the Wellstnerc Shop and lookint over our splendid array of quality antiques that are very reasonably priced? GIFTS ANTIQUES 7 N. COURT STREET FREDERICK, MARYLAND Tremendous Savings On Nationally-Known Men's and Women's Shoes "- - O t/ Sale Begins Thursday* July S SHOES FOR MEN--City Club and Claston Shoes in broken lots and odd sizes. Others at regular prices. Regularly-13.85 NOW $8.99 Regularly 11.85 Tan Woven Oxfords Tan Woven Loafers Tan White Saddles Tan White Wing Tips Tan White Straight Tips Tan Ventilated Oxfords Regularly 10. Regularly 8.85 NOW $7.99 85 NOW $6.99 NOW $5.99 SHOES FOR WOMEN--Velvet Step and Smart Maid Shoes, broken lots and odd sizes. Others at regular prices. NOW $5.99 NOW $4.99 NOW $3.99 NOW $2.99 Regularly 9.95 Regularly S 7.95 Regularly 6.95 Regularly 5.95 Tan White Spectator Pumps Tan White Sling Pumps All White Pumps All White Strap Sandals All White Ties Black Patent Pumps X-RAY FITTING GAINES X-RAY FITTING 137 North Market St. -- Across from The Opera House SPAPFRf NEWSPAPER!

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