The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 6, 1918 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1918
Page 10
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n HE tryga i y>oa KEWB.. tto®dl Adls »* * »»» Cl..\SSIKIi:i> ADVBIIT1SINO rlATK OXIi CUNT A WOIU) l.ACII INHl-.H- Tlci.v ,\libri»vliit!i-n» and «crles of In ttluln or liuint'inls cuunt as one word. Under tins plan clBBBirlwl advertisers 1 tun U-ll In mlvniico tho exact tost 01 1 llii Ir nil. New! clnsslfieil mis nro tiili.'n l.y plume- for your a'-ivimm-'da- tnii, .-mil nil hills nro dun Bti <Pl>aynnie | thf .my IIIII.'WIIIK thi- d .-i'-o u' , "'"' r ,", ' ll.ii A "ii can HK-IIM us Milter. ill.y II Jim pav tin' iiilH'ctur promptly o:i pre' -•••i nlallnti .if BtatfllU'llt. AUtOMOillLtl. fiKCOND-HAXi) »iutcain»on i* tin ioti<-*i iwuset »iound-h*nd kUtomobliM. Krotiwctlvs buyers snould wittun itiia column lor coin- plctel'.JH of bar (4in>. ron 8ALB—MlftCtLLANtOUft. JC65 Stelnway & Rr-n uprl&lit jilnno srt a Micririf .o. J;t6y Gnhle St Nelson plftiio tit a B.iriraln $^sf>«. Kiburn pinnn tr sold at once at a tint gain. Kee or cull orvlllc 10. Hunt, piano tuner and aaleaintui, lot, •Sherman west. I'hone 735. lil-tl -AUCTION 8ALB. „ Saturday, Kepi. T,-l:30 p.m. ill SO Sherman Hlreel ivipt, furniture or all klnriNi a RO : ii rr.l 4-year-oUl milch eurt-; phone Ijl'.l. Austin And ^ewH, Aucllutieer. D-6t . » * . » » » * • SKCONW-IANO Mrea an} tutiea, ail sixes. We ouy old caning*. For KUaranteeU retmlr work see ua. Mid-State Motor Tiro Co., opposite Ml.-ourt Pacific dtpoi. >-lf . l • llutehlnson Typewriter Co. lltU'Al, TYl'KWIUTUilK flnrgnlns- in Kebulll Muclilnes. ltorabauuh-U llty llldg. I'lmuo 3080. 23-tl STKAM noll.Klt. We have a low pressure liutler for steam .1 huatliiK plant, will be tulil al u very .1 low figure. See it at Newn Ulllee. . 1 WANTfcO— MALE HELP. ,•„„,, ami in JIIIT; Limit, r li'-v. ori-luir.l near Hutchinson. | Sunn; Improvements, or trade for .-.outh- ; wr^t Mi.s.s.uirl or northwest ArkansnH up buy to so :icie«. AiMie .iH b-M care News. ti ,\ti'li. l-'nli SA]j|y--Two pairs roll doors, I'-lOx oinir s-S, 4 single doors, j-ll-x-S-X; one sash f,-0t door L'-loxt-X; nil 7'i, Inch thlrlt, und - small iiinouiit of old lumber. 1-'. I). Wol- tall i-ott. phone 6-7 ,ee a Full SA.I.K -Set of "Teacher's Methods arid .Manuiri-inriit." six books In set: well \\ •! in W/...-1 1- iii.ii tin APi';; 1, V WAN Till o- I, b'.l'.. '" la,". 1 ollllon. 74S -W. Kor further Infor 4-8 D -lll I liolllKl; latint ! matlon L'houe T fmr fli 'Sl -elas-'i — oi handy .ii. n l"i SHKI1 IIYK. ; lU ,,l mi irifiltiK floor. Reeloaned sei«l rye for sulci at the Kan- Kntvrpr .M.% Kansas. I sas oroHl Co. 11.W per bushel bulk li-^tit. 27-l!t ,.i irom j Man ,r «i • „] l.iistiehil.i ,1. Slofroid. It Co.. II' Witliei-spoon nsti tietion l-' SA!,K-Strawberry planls. proiirctfi- per hulir; : _ sive and superbs. everbearing: Jl per iV lei'; ^^ou North Monroe, phulle aOIGW. A.T.& K.K. coal i-iiiploynii ill I-'UK— l'olniid China boar at market, price ;also sow that will soon havt plus; y-N-4 ilroier 1-towser. t;-', experienced , ox].; to-so II. I'. Titan tractor. New. , llottinaii 1'ress. I never plowed an aere. Can save you .an. 5-Sl | 1200 .1 )0. 320 W. 13th. 27-tl i on lord curs and tmows city. 6 -t: n.d boj . ,.ol this who is not r. p'oreinan i-'tllt SAl.M-Hase burner In Kood sondl- tion; liniulrr- room S20 Roruuuugh-Wiley UlilR., or 72S llast A, . 0-12 KOK SALE -Klght shoals; three miles north of l'uurlh on 1-orruine; Jilione 17- N-2. Colcnnui Bros. 3-if Hall 'I: >*lllt ippty. I-Olt 8AI.K--Some K»l secand-hand town sewing machines, one Singer, cheap; 5u: 3 -tr Norlh Main. 6- otviein l'l ali<l IS. al'.ply ,:cl SUvim l^iiuidiy. It SAI.I-J-.-iIooil work team; flat rack: onibinatiori heater; 001 l-liujl Fifth; 2S-U i phone liisaW. 1 5-3t to win k ' lilione liiJ -1''- I I'>ilt SA1 .I -1-- Two h'ood mares, ch"np. and ) white Ic^tmin cliickelis, .'!23 .V.lilli; , phono 2521. t; 21 . r;on SAUO. , . , „ one Itco Truck Chiujlil, In flrst-cliiw nndithm; four practically now casmss •Kl tubes. Anyone wanting ft truck cnasis no save money by louklnir this up. Threo- tiua.ter Ion si«ei f. W. UUINNINU, 3 -tf BterilhK, Kan. Vim SAljr-1017 Ford r(«d«ler with extra biHly i\od demountable rims; ^1 H'ff- Ker limt ; phone l.i I sWi Cull at noon or after II p.m. 6-tf VALUATORS Prompt services on repair work. O. K. Auto Kadlntor Co., 15 South WnUlitniton. 1'lione MO. >-t r FOIt SAI.K--19I7 Ford touring, flial-clnsa condition; shock absorbcis. $15°: l» u0 Seventh l'.nst. pnone 2tmU e \enltiK -s. 6--t FOH SAI.K -11117 Light Six rrulrk. pinetl- eaity new t.res. condition, Ji.loo. lteno ltulck Co. ' li'H Full SALIi—New Auto Tire tubed, So per cent off. Mayfleld Uttdintor Blioii, 111 South Walnut. *o-tt WILLY 'S Six. wire wheels, perfect mechanical condition. W. H. HURIIUS , Sill l-lasl Shenr.nn. ^ 5-3t TO T1LADH -I'racllcally hew Oakland Six Speedster for touring car or closed ear. Fhone S'.'liJ. 6-' KOK SALi:-FoiU ipurlnR: 1V4 miles wesl on Fourth street. U. L. Martin. 3 -tt L.M'KSMITII V. A NT 111' V,'ANTI''.l' t.,1,1.- Api V .'. STI1I '-- around man at K. K. Sl.ilil. I FOR SAI.K M. Iieachy, I lutcliinson. <.7o*\| six-year-old hores. nine miles soulli-west ah'.o dlnlnp in.-Ill Hi. .lohll. K.lll.-. | Full SAI.K- Yellow Canaries female; crochet of all kinds; male No. 0 and 10i« I old to learn Mi ,\piiUlici;d Bl'ocery clerk Milt SALI:[ ewes • I 'arloiv. My enllre (lock of hi Ired .McMuiiay: phone \\ A : it! M.dlt. WANTED-FEMALE HELP, Foil lled buck; Hist. •Flemish Olant b »th god ones. and llufus 1*23 Second 4 -bt FOl: SALM -MaiiKo peppers. 10c per lb. _ ^_ ] _L>ok out for float, a. C. Curtis, Phone I.' Lodlea '" buy their new fall I -775. ^ 4-7 "lowiV'i'.'llaiiee*' "o'c ' a' ' week, i FOK S.\LF—Mxcellc-nl gun heater, or IT & in N. WaltMi) Hade lor coal cook stove. U. i.'. ste.>le. '^.l I 1 C -l: .-laini i .i i 'o.. I'i.'li .-I.a.iiis lo laic their fall suits. . . ..1111 (lle.-s.'s. a small payment ' l,,,la,,ce ii a week. Comer Coin- i'o 17 & 1? N. \YulnuJr ''-''' ' Full SALK— BreedlllB ewes; Mil Miller, elHlil miles tiouthweat of llutehlnson. 5-11 W'.',NTi:ii-i:i|«l''l|i' .1 lady , . p.. with flour nil!! or perieli.'..' orel el nd. Ull'aloe | FOl: SALl-l— Two male Jers.y pigs, weiirm leni.irraph-| 100 jKiunds; phone 302W; Slid West l:ti-7 Flour Mill! FOIt SALfv-Mango jieppers; for prleess 3-tf; phone 19119 or call al 712 First West. C-'t WANTKIi- liial.lier; \n. eriieul. ..nee, ycuiig lady stenowaees: eluuiee lor ad' .leiikil:.-' tions Music l.'o. a-if IIS1.1' WAN'TLI'- In our millinery work room; appli to Mr. cross, first /lour, R . rabauKli-^ Hey I'ry tluoilii Cu. YY ^ NTl'.l i -tllil or woinun work, mniill lamlly. I'hone house fi-2 ,YA NTK1'- Oh' lo assls in smalt family: phon. . with housework 2SI3-.I. 3-tf W\NTi:ii -flul al Overall Factory operate bill toll-hole machine. FOll SALE-Milch euw, 3i,4 miles north mill. C. W. Christopher. . 4-li FOll SALK—Two cheap horsc-a. l^rank liownie. Phone 15-.X-4. .4 -31 FOll SALlv--*!ecd rye, »:.00 bushel do- llvered. Fhone 3 -N-D. NIJW* .'la caliber automatic rifle. I 'honi- 3163. FOIt SALK—New Zealand 12S 1st east. Winchester 5-3t rabbits. 14-tf. 30 loads 738 ii JSnsl; WANTI-in- sou ,\|,.di YYANTKl" Hotel. Hills ovir HI. Apply In per; stea in Liundry. 1' lteno 1-tt U -.poriciH'c .l FOR SAI.K—(lus :!3si;j. •nglne 1 ',4 II. I', Mlone 0-3t FOR RENT- li.i; IlKNT -rURNiOHED ROOMS. Foil MALI'} West.- FOR Ha> -Sl.v-hole coal' range; SAI.I-!—oak folding bed 110 11 f,-3t First :4-4t FOIt SAI.K- 1'^ISt. tlis-Kl mule colt; 524 Sixth 5-7 FUII ; ^UUIi. ALK—Household furniture; Hill SAI.K—Stave silo. photle 6-31 Call 10-N-I2." 30-tf I 'llOlOJ WANTED- WAXTKO -To rent •TO RENT. I inodrl 11 bid alter f. pin. , ^ AXTl-.Ti - To rent a six-room eoltag I - vl 1 modern exeopl lurnace. with garage ami ; place lor chickens; by Oct. 1. I'hone 61'b. ISill .ll K00M with private bath; 1 ti -3t era liaise Phone ll.'.'.ii. 2-tI ' ..., ....rT^ 7, ~~ ~ ' j W A N 1 LI)- 1 o rent, five-room cottage, PI'N'T 1111 1* furnished Irom room,' inklem Willi or without furnace. Ad- .Mnlh. I'hi.lie ::I7S. Ilfjilreis N-at care N'ewu. «.« '1 1: UI-'.NT Sir pint; looms; board 01' de- •veinli l;.ist. 5-7 "I'.li'lLY 111. i.noiiy a I\M furnished ic 2i;a:i, urniolu I tei w. .'i"l: IICN'I' l.'UMlished VP. List I 'll Hi. i'well'th 0 21 WANT Kii--Five or six room furnlahed or partly furnlthed house, must be modern. I'hone 875. 5.; rooius; iiniu're lit WANT KI )-l'lve family of two, plume 13', 2. WANTKM To UBNT—Five room modern house. Call Cwmn at News office. 2-lf or six ruoin house hy 110 children; rcCei'encus; 3-« WANTKII- I'tiriiislied upat-tineut or house l-' Kasl. | for two people; 2002. ij.'i •t-tt, :. LIGHT HOUSEKEEPIHQ ROOMS. • It" IlKNT-Two [ light house- l; rooms; L» Ninth K .ISI. 3 -t| Mi i| .|.1KN --I .lgllt holi-- lie. plug i;» liisi West; ph"ne aiieiW. rooms. Il-2t lt':NT--.Modeln liousekt-eptng rooms 2nd, I '-lt. TWO 1. I 'liune 0.I1 1 1 31 lil. light hou.'ii keeping rooius. l'ult Kl-'NT- -llouiekeeplllg K.isi Fifth. 3t rooms; in J-3( ms. 317 K. .0-11 LICHT housekepiiig HOUKKKKKl'lKC. I 'uMn. I0AI Firm Kust. (i-7 FOR BALE—REAL ESTATE. FOR .SALK— 33 1 ) aeris Reno county fclocK and grain farm; will sell f jrim or will Mi-K faun and all stock, teams and ilmtle- iil .tUH For piu'tlculul's see L. 11. Y isl, phone V31-.I. !-lf ~ ~ FOUND, Ful'ND- (Jenlleajm's coat, child's slirl and sweater tin Uau*t Fourth, Monday, Bnpb -',;,cfJU tit. 7<;6 j^ofllt C«M«y. Jlnwl. , <9 , ^;,-M;r..l. / .'••< f • FOR RENT—RESIDENCES. FOIt UKtilV 31S Flirt Fast; five-rooms strictly modern; sleeping porch, garago; lease 10 adults; only ilO.UO, Urchin Jtealtv 1^ . 5 -ill FOR IlKNT—Two and (hree-rooin furnn- islied houses; 50(i F Eaat and 507 K Ka»l' phone 14S7 or UI90W. Ii l-Vlit IlKNT—llealdencn, 125.00 per month, phone C07W. . 5. If FOR IlKNT - ' 145 or.U'im. Seven-room iioua • plii-ne 'i-tr FOR RKNT—To adults, nlnc-ropit) liuuijc, 422 U lint. 3-6.t BU6INESS OPPORTUNITY, UT^INFJSS TiT-K^vrTimr J^T^TKOUU} to .wur and muat sell my Ktiin*as CTty Htur w«eiicy; good opportunity tp kct in husluuaiii for yourself; phono 2683J, Air. Murray. *-tl FOll SALl'i Oil LKASK - Well oMttbiWhvd payitig- business locatutl In ilutchihapu to single mini. Address X c.U'u tlilu Wfke giving age und past buslhcaa experience. FOR SALK- Foundry *t 1917 Forfl truck. UutJttlnson Machine Works. l»-tt I 'hono •i •Ford louring car. Foil SALK- 582-W. ONK Saxon six, nearly new. 320 W 13 til ii-lt FOR SALE—Fords. McVej-Llvery. 8 -If MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES. FOIt SALE—Good bicycle, cheap; 110 9th nest. 4 -ti TO TRADE. TllADK FOR W ESTBIiil~LAND. Three houses on A Knst, cloae in; two four-rix.m cottages, modern except fur. nace; one six-room cottage .modern ex. cepl furnace. These buses will rent for $25.00 per month by the year; are clear and In fine shape; owner prefora clear wt **lem land. For further Information see Ordo Powelson, 3J7 First Natl. Uauk Bldg. I'hone 578. 3 -5-tf TO Undo Five room house in Partridge 160 acres western land for Hulcnl.isun property. ' 1 —Aak McNaghten. ^hond 15. 2G-tf. FOll TRADK—Colorado potato land for stiK'k of groceries or good auto. See G. W. Alfotd; phone 1921 3-tf TO TIIAIH:—Iv-iully in 4 rom houae, 50 ft. lot. on West 7lu for x-acaufpropcrty Phone 1300. 30-u poll TIIADK—IsMa on North Main and llvcie Park lor residence. Call 531 East Third. -'-lit •'i'it. SAI .I 'V -Ueat eufn In sUitu: ivcidremil VW Nanoyv Uliugo Q*i(i, l .lkllurT, Ktuu, U-6tl Ou FOR SALE OR TRADE. FtJdT^AXK^JrTTrLCDE!' LAND BARGAIN. 331 acres good wheat land jif sale at J10 per acre under the market or would trade and take in slock of merchandise in good loeulion, located 3 mica north and 1 mho west 01 spearvtlle, Ford Co., Call or wrle owuer G. U. Joluiaon tpearvlllo .Kansaa. „, 1-U. FOIt SALK, IlKNT or Trade—7-room house, No. 15 Twelfth west; newly paiiiled, paperea and revarnished: mod vm except furnace. See or phoue Cart Nelaou, 527 South Main. 9-tf FOK SALK OR TIl.YDIv—8-room semi modern cottage, double garago blue griuiji lawn, shadi tree 60 ft. Iront, will consider smaller property and dlfleren. Phone 1612. li-if. FOR SALK Olt TRADE—Three lots on Second avenue east of Plum street for equity In house or for good auto. Ask McNaghten. Hione 15 4-tf We have a few welt located lob in this fast growing east side addition left. Priced very low and sold on terms if desired, which We would like to show you. Phone 15 FOR SALK—Or trade for city property n good fann eleven miles north of cHy. Peterson Hambaugh Ins, Co. 4-4t FOR SALE—Or will trade for car, -50 foot building site, Sherman Fla-st. Phone 343. A. It. Jurgens. 6-7 FOR SALK Oil TRADE— For car. four iota in tlin eleventh bloqk on 13lghth east; phone 670-W. 2-6t FOll SALF. OR TKADK—Seven-passenger car; call 10C4W; 208 Ninth West. 6-7 FOR SAIJ-i OR TRADK—A Ford speedster; phone 11S6;.'1203 Third East. 6-3t FOR SALE— CITY PROPERTY. Fd ^cSiPl 'O SUTT YOU. Seven-rooms, up to now J10.000.oo SIx-rooins, strictly modern 3,500.00 Six-rooms, strictly modern 3,0'ju.oo hive-rooms, on Fifth, not modern 1.50U.0O Fivu-roouis, modern except furnace 1,000,00 S1IINBY ItliALTY CO. Vl'i'/c North Main. Phone 139 FOR SAIJi ---C >nod four-room cottage; 310 Norlh Ford. This 's one-half block from car line and pl4A ed street, six blocks from Main; Immediate possession; special price for a few days only; will give lime on part to light party. Phone 313. A. It. Jurgens. ' C-7 FOR SALK—Three,-room house and two lots, walking distance of Soda Ash, Box Board and l'uckliur plauJ; 1760.00.; Can use Ford on part paymeTit. Phone 3OK0. 40(1 hiusi A. . . 3-4t FtJR SALK—Modem five-room cottage, J300 down and balance 12, r , per month; a line little home, iirehm Really Co. 6-21 318 west lllli. St. new five room house, ' *soo cash, balance monthly, —Ask McNaghten. Phono 15. 2C-U. Foil SALIv— Six-room modern homo; ihroe blocks of post office, ut 12,250. llrehm Kealty Co, 5-3t KI.KiiANTLY furnished flve-ruom bungalow; stricily motlerUMiortlt part; garage; phone 17C8. 0-4t lixm SALE— Two Btory six room residence. 80S 13th YVesL 13. T. Foote, phone'SIO. i8-tr FOR SALE—0 Room modern' house, nearly new, East Seventh. Tolephono 1651. * ' B-t' VOH SALE—Klght-rooni modom bouso, :J2,G00; 120 Fifth West. -, , 6-tl FOB sALE^-2 lots and 4 room house. 800 K west. . a«-16t tO»T. - ~^r~,~*~ , LOST—One string of' cluar-cut amber beads;- Ivory screw clam 1 -' Finder please cull at Advertising deiHirttnent of Jlora- bnugh-Wiley Dry Goods Co. and receive reward.'. .» 6--t LOST—Between Mel'herson and Hutchinson on plum street roud, Fisk Nobby tread tiro, aim 82x3Vi. Leave at llcuo- Bulck Co., llewurd, 1-6 I^OST—Man's..brovro coat In oast pan of town; cltca kboolt oil Firol Stuto Bajut of Stafford iu ixx^ot; reward; call 678. „»-S< LOST—Set of truck stakes, will pay for trouble. Hlll-Uowurd Mutor Co. 6-2t tiOST—Wlack AlrduJo puppy with yellow markings; phone 1830. B-Zt FORWENT—MISCEtLANEOUa, FOR RENT—BuildUig suitable for subur- - bait grocery. 603 East B. It-U POULTRY. SALE— n^O^Wh^ Leriioru heus Uovwtwi ft*** mi • »'U IB(g(li](Bir Pivp-room hflnse on. ISust Sixth; puyinp over 10 per cent. Klvo-room housc'scnii-uiodcrii, on East 1:1; giK>d for 12 per oeiit. R'sht-room houso nn North Monroe, paying 12 per cent. Flvp.-room nnd V.nth. on 'iCost Seventh, paying over iij jwr c<«nt. l-'our-rooin, west A, K<KM1 for per cent. Four-room, North l-'orU; pays 10 percent. 100 acre farm in Itlco county; nil in cultivation: no Iniprovtiiiii'Ut-*i price JiiJ.tWu, PulU 52,000 rent. First National Hank Building, FINANCIAL. • MOKE^ TO LOAM on city horaofl. Liong terms on monthly pay ment plan. Farm loans. THE K1NKL.E AGENCY. Phone 2055. . Statu Kxchunge Bank Bldg. M-U. DO YOU NTC1SD J50? Private loans un furniture, piano, eW. Easy payn^ents. 1 Sherman west, 1-tf 'FARM LOANS? CITY LOANS? —ask McNaghten! First National Bldg. 10-tf I. Elpht-room strictly modern hflt wttlftr, funvue; home on Ntnth Main; o^-ner teavihff «tate; an excetfcht buy; term*. l*'tnir-toom, soutl. front, slindy hon.ft, $l,23y; tonus; $300 ensh nn<l Imtance by tnoutli. This is the exact usne3«eU valuation, ;t. J.too caah, batnVice }2S per month, >tuyK a pretty five-room cottage on norlh skle. 4. neSklenL lots at No. 203 Sixteeth EaBt; high and dry, 50x166; at $5t>:>; two huusee p<'ing ut» In UifR bloek. 6. *fno-.^tory modprrt-.home, Tour uloetes of pout If ice at IA2i >u; exculleht shape. • 6. Well lmpi*ove<l wlieat, corn aiW ar- falfa mmrtrr; -six IIIUCA oi Hutchinson; *5,tV0 cish to hnndte; way down price.. 7. MoOem two-story home; Hi btt*cks nf business center; large front^j&hade and (lulhuildiiitrs; excellent rooming proposition; J;1.7«. 8. J!W0 eanli buys foui'-room cottage with CO feet frontage; rental I9C0 per year. 0. Trade, two apartment, strictly modern, hot water heat home; large yard n connoetlon; -one of very best homrs and loenlhTH In city; take a mdern lnm(rntow im pai. payment; rental value ?l,0OG per year. I<i. Very pretty mo<Icrn rive-room cottage with RIMM ! eeJhir and K ftrfl *re; north l>art; owner-leavinn; price II. Best pnxluoing wheat and alfalfa Improved farm in Heno county; $4,0M to K'.OWO' cash down a»Kl baJanei* yearly: Immediate iH)sSf*sslon; -1 Oacres In alfuira; 30 acres of 40-bu. corn goes if taken by .Sept. HI. 12. Strictly modern Avenue A Bast home; hot water heat, sleeping porch Jtiid Karaye; Immediate possession; close In. 13. Closfl in Main streot homeT'tn 600 bloclH completely modVm; SO feet; moko go<>d inconio renting ro"ms and in live years sell for twice Us price. BM1E1M REALTY CO. NO. 3 K'.VST SHERMAN. NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. NOTIOB TO REAL KKTATK AGENTS - — My property, 31il Mlevcnth Bant, is .iff the ntatket Htella Klnnani'jii. 6-tl NOTIChl TO'RKAl. ESTATE MEM—The property at "24 Third East Is off the markot. 1L K. WIISOIL li C. H. JAMKS, contractor and builder, Plans and specification furnished, llione 39-F6. S-tf. SIlAMPOOINd and scalp treatments 30i9 for appoln'tmonta. C-3t WANTEO—MISCELLANEOtJJ. WANTED—Sixty acres plowed anil seeded to alfalfa, immediately. John T. Chrlsman, ill east Plrst. Phone 30S0. WANTKD—Clean, bright straw; will pay $4.00 per ton delivered to the llutehlnson Box Uoard and Paper Co. 18-U WANTEO—To"', contract your cement work, sidewallta a spoelally. Call 177. - , 7 -tt. WANTED—Second hand ftlrnlture. llauh Furniture Co. 36-U ltur'AUUNa—Typewriter; call 1433. 3-7 The very desirable business r.v»m at No. 4 N. Main for lease. Inquire or Masonic Temple. Suitable for Ileating plant for store or shop. Will ~be sold very reasonable' Inquire at News office. 400 Acres, owned by non-resident, about onc-lialf in mltiyutlon, other half In snut- Ing land; within two miles of Nlckorson; a eoud four-room house, 32x3-4 barn almost now; two Brunei-ten, wells and windmills; tlilu Is a dark sandy loam Ideal alfalfa and stocK farm. Tlrls tract of land priced to sell; will make easy terms or would consider some northeastern Colorado land or will carry baek, at 0 per cent. LHKCOLH S, ©AVJIS 1107 n.-w.'nuld. Phone 133. 3-lt Five lots with targe building, on Soutii side Aveuue 11 12ivst; suitable for tnaclilna shop or autonioblie repair shop; write to aiiiadl He© €r®aiffla Wichita, Jtans. " ' 6-7 ©KL LEASE Have tlUrty acred right In tho heart of a thousand acre lease owned and now be- inir drilled by Trapsuooter Oil Co. 1 bought I his lease, rig lit aud will sell any fruoUonal part for Jioo per acre, Thu Btruoturo was selected, by best BeolosJats und when proven should (Wily bo worth »1,<10» per nore. For pwUculftrs atMress; THE JEWS DON'T WANT A FUTURE SEPARATE STATE Write to the President Asking Him to 'Reconsider the Sp- Callcd "Zionist" Plan. New York, Sept. 6.—In n telegram to President Wilson tho Rabbi's national committee expressed its belief that till atterqjita to revive separate nationality or nationalistic interest among Jews Is it meflTree to Judaism. The telegram WHS sent as a consequence of the president's Jewish Now Year message - to l'tabbi Stephen S. Wise, former president of the Zionist Committee. -Mr. >V'llson expressed his deep Interest in the constructive work which, the British mission, headed by Chairh Weisemann, president of the English Zionist federation . in Palestine, to make the country for the future Jewish homeland. The telegram sent today urged President Wilson "to reconsider your endorsement of the'Zionist movement and the Balfour declaration" approving of the homeland. Religious and Political. » "Zionism is a religious as well as a political "problem for Jews," adds the telegram signed by Habbl. Kphralm Frlsch, acting chairman of tlie Rabbis,' national committee. "Thousands of us are convinced that all attempts to "Revive a separate nationality for nationalistic interests among Jews'are a menace to Judaism euro to lead to the ultimate eclipse of our religious interests by political concerns and the establishment of a Jewish state would tend to distract our co-religionists hero from a full allegiance to American citizonship and obligations." Fresh Fruit. Eat more fruit, peaches, pears, plums, apples, cantaloupes, watermelons, oranges, bananas and lemons from I. SMITH'S Grocery and Market. Phone 1500, .: C-lt Many Marked Women Enter Business College.. An unusually large number of married women are enrolling in The Salt City Business College. The demand for efficient, beip at such high salaries makes a business training very profitable. « Soldier wives are especially anx-' ious to secure a practical I raining. The government positions espe- Ready For You Small Payment Down, Balance Hi $1 ' Ladies' Dresses Ladies' Coats Ladies' Suits , Misses' Coata Men's Suits Ladies' Skirtf A x WEEK Ladies' Waists Ladies' Shoes Boys' Suits Boys' Shoes Men's Shoes Men's Pants . ©i Ladies' Skirts $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50, $8.50, to $10.50. Smnll payment down, balance ~~ 50c a Week BOYS' NEW FALL SUITS 50c A WEEK Buy your Boys' School Suits and Shoes' on credit, a small payment down, balances 50c a week. Ladies' Shoes $3.50, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50, $7.50 to $9.50. Small payment down, balance 50c a week. Boys' Shoes 50c A Week COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. Men's Shoes 50c A Week Economy Sale! SATURDAY ONLY Four 10c Bars "PEET'S" Creme Oil toilet Soap for 30c Creme Oil Is an extra fine, pure soap and produces a smooth, creamy lather—it will not harm tho tonderest Bkln. L SMITH 7 So. Main Phono 1500. 415 N Main. 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