The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 13
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THE DAILY FEWS. YREDMHCK, M.. THURSDAY. MAY 19. 1932. THIBTEBU man HUITPGR/ « MABEL-McELLIOTT 4VS32 HERE TOO AT SCSA C1BKY. S» aad bc»tt- fnl. haa become rBicace* l« atmrry EttAKsT I1KATR. fcer former employer. Sfce t* merirtlr IB tove Trllh BOB UUABAH, who U s«M UEMSE ACKKOYD. X Ctrl of hU ovra »et. Hmk's wUv ka« Ja»t ]oJ the fair-haired young man whose! to treasure. But now he had gone] dream. Nevertheless h« had to 1 head was turned away from her. · and she would not see him. ; her. That glimpse ot her pearl-pa i Try as sh» night, she could not j · * * j face through crowded aisles had ! take her eyes away. As though impelled by Susan's ; gaze the man turned and stared at iher. TC7HAT had happened was this. ! been tantalizing. He did not mean " Denlse and the Spanish yoath, to sreak to her. He only wanted had seen the play before and Bob. i to sMnil clos* enough to see the «ioli»e Is pronUlnC to Ueaili is eke ·tare H«-r lira lit ha» ·end fc*~ »outh. SttxAA im __ miik ik- WILTO:VS. oi* trf«*». j "Someone you IIHX LAMi'HAN. u 014 B«ltor, ·hoots at Hratk OMB nl«kt flc of Je^toiMy. lBJ87vff [ly. l^mpiAAJEk iknR C' aa fclnurlf- Alter »*T«r»l dmy. of illnns the doctor ma~ tiat to Fo-- the fraction of aa instant I who »»s raging in his heart at the! downward c;cker ot these long them, i eonrersation touching Susan, was Slashes, and perhaps to hear the · - It was odd to go on some place and cow well he remembered every- away. Her puUes were racing now.; dance. He wanted overwhelmingly thing about this girl. She had a ! This was just as she had dreamed, jto curt someone. Since he could Sutle trick or caa-fciag her lower know?" Heath 'not hurt Sussn he turned the bat-; lij in her teeUi. lie wanted to s*« notias tie qttality' tery ot his sarcastic fury upoa his; her do that. He wanted to look two companions. i into her eyes again and determine t» pro- . Yhea the girl Inclined her head! volte ready to concur in their pro- sound of^ ter voice. t i» III j asked ca ! · ot her bow. Susan never knew bow she «n- , swered htm. She was fighting des- l perately for control. All her hard ^If fl- H "" k "**" *""* *° *** i w a J«f«as«i seemed shattered by i this encounter. ·EAXTOCE. In the box another other sow so ox WITH rax STOKT CHAPTER vxxvm 'T'-HE curtain had risen on the" 1 first act when Susan and Etoast ^ ^^ ^ blaci . ^and Heatn drifted down the aisla ot ----- little drama, was being enacted. Deals* ordered the taxi driver' «teth*r they were gray or black. _»-,, ! It toraaeated hisa not to know. to Bto _ here. It you don't like you. know what you can do." shel said crudely. "Bobby's in beast of temper," she explained to the "I stepped oa his pet corn and he doesn't like it. Rico the theater. More than one head turned to look at the tall girl in the regally simple -wrap ot brown fur. There were one or two whispers as Heath vas recognized. He had forgotten his original caution and dssire to avoid publicity la his eagerness to take Susan about. Al- followed direction of Bob bar's glance and hnd seea him flush. She laughed coolly. "Oh -- ho, your little friend turns up again!" she said. "Who's that frankly staring. At the gliiapsa of Heath's aristocratic profile she whistled softly. "As I lire and thought impatient for the marriage breaUj ,, ^ muttered .. ahe . s bagged to tak* place he had agreed to Trait j o d himself!" She saw j Bob's spine stiffen and return with craned-zest to the attack. "Look -what ,.,,;she's .earing." she said, eafoying timid women scuttled Ielt herself thoroughly now. "Sables! the direction of a for her aunt's return. Now; conscious ot the Becks and the whispers, - only a glow of pride. The girl was j j^ther said "when sh~e was In Sla- her. If you're going to crab the party you'd better get out." Bob bowed low to her. That's all right with me." he said elaborately. "That's fine." The door slammed after him. "If I didn't know he hadn't had HE play was over at last. An attendant came out and hooked the doors open and people drifted * out in twos aad threes. Where was she? Had she. too. of the comedy aad left before was over? Dunbar's anger to apprehension now. H* bowed absently to two or three dow- « agers waiting for their car. \Vber» was she? He had searched for her for weeks and here EDO had been . all the time, playing around with this older man--this man in whose « ·h- :Yn«.'. lun ' racy follo-'U'd huii i:'l h' ..:;d thru tht'v glidy s\t:te: 'i'lia* lii a \f~y »hac -; l '.. * v * ·I! U'.lX- lads -A-.'.: i -nix ··» I ! When your children, | like the buds of flow- I ers, blossom forth in i- spring attire, just no; tice how much they have grown in a year. There should be a new j photograph to keep, 1 for all time this record [· of change. lc must be .·:»·.!·· :: S. · . CMC«; arid "-.a 1 , j XEA i-r..- made now. Make an appointment today . . . PKONE 799 Etlmonston Studio ·j \rr \bout It , Good I'u-ture" Tbr to? high s»r.d READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE I'll TL'HE i tr.-.-k. soon «a* !Ui«d u?| :lut yo-j'J r^:.-.-: It. If you missed · Ge*. bu: r.--i of u some :nr:.lrr.? STOP ITCHING TORliE Conn, soo'.hini;. ip.vNibl* 7.KMO l'ri::i;s prompt relief ?o :*ehr..»; ^'- in. !·.:«·!:;». PirnpU's, K i n R w o r : ! ; . Ka-!.it. lar.orti!I anil -^'nuar a'i:uy- i:£. itohsp-i; skin or so.ii; irn;.i'..» ···? art' relieved and usually h«?a!«\i I'y thus ant^eptK-. soo'.hini; lotior.. All DrugKiste. 35c. (Wo. Sl.OO. -r *· BO beajatiful! She had a look of | dame Elsa's the other day the talk race about her. Susan leaned forward absorbed in. the play, aad the man. watched . her -with interest. It -was not until the curtain dropped again and the lights came on teat Susan drew a deep breath and returned to reality. "You like it?" was that old Heath, had a girl around town now." Fiercely Bob interrupted a drop I'd say he was drank.". emp!oT she h ad been. His mouth Deaise muttered, peering after Dun- i tw!ste4 i aa «THy bar as he sauntered down t h e j At last he 'caught a glimpse of street. She was not far from right. her throl ,g h thi cro »-{ m that The young man was drunk with ] sumptuous wrap ot pela i sort f u r fury and despair. Passers-by turned j Sasan , ooke(1 lho Terim a to stare at the tall, hatless youth pr i ncess . j He might plunge through the · crowd to seize her arjd carry her policeman's away as a baadit pr i nce . H e might booth after he passed. His eyes s do t h a t _ b u t he wouldn't. II she !~ were wild and he was talking to! pre f er , ed tl i is icd *.^ke a :::?* '.or.i "In Jsci 1 hai* i th-ere is room tr.ojg v »-j'.tl ::nd a corner J ^;-.erc I'd i-.'.de j The p'.ay r; ·.!·.«.·:·- .-_i:d. · ( N o dau^: ;ha: 'A^jZd -? lo'-s hLs h-.-a '. in erenlng clothes. Oae or two' in shorty ·*.;! J* i Wee Duar j-cra 1 . "he I'll s*e iJ'MJUXxi. -Ill V. ou r for me. If I'chiM." jaui :*· ' Yo: :ir '.rurk. :ha: s :id\:w. I l l j:«y r.^.s'. :'.. son! My n: - o:d »vri. in A ·'. f-^n b-.:t ( jf.e:;. as the ^:.iers kr-.v ".(;*.:'. 'A'lth i hunch ' The piay :r. ·:» :hen saiJ. ' OraM 1 :A rr.e and aie J^-^i all si'. i!vv.\n by yonrier HT 1m I'll '.ell yo-j alj x!v:' - h^ -sniy to I get a crar\ ::bt M»rh'ne U o r k -- . u n and I » f k v t « l l h SAFE WOKK A SI'KCIAl.rV JAMES E. SOLT LIGHT n i l DINT. «f A l l M I T A I S WORK IS IIK\-^ HKON/l- AM» \ l l MMl M OS Magnolia A\r. IMionr 970-J SO VI' \ R S I M T K l l SCI THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALL --INCOME IVriLf -- U'irr -- fa'J or Pbcne for r.\r:n;.Ur! ^No Ojlijition Direct Royalty Sales C o r p . 4 V,. ( I I I ' R f l ! STESKT 1'IIO.NK nS3 M r Buj. Sell or Trade SccBrttiea himself. ! could have it. o[ lnl!1? she Remembering that \VithoutconsciousIydirectingh5slnight in the lane and her appeal course he turned his steps toward' (or Heath's protection, the theater he had just left. The;mind wandered along night was sharply cold but he was j monisses. not aware of it. As he swung along j him now. he discoTered that he was carrying i about her from the start. an object in the carve of his arci. j The girl looked cool and corn- Dunbar'a in dark I: was all so plain to He had been wrong np in her starry. "Don't you?" h r P v s w e her eyes were , "Don't be a fool," he said. "You know Susan Carey isn't that kind." Decisa shrugged. "You know more about her than I do, Smarty." £--6 LlirilGQ. fit?r!tiO3 tO tO.6 i ---- -- -- rf -- -- -- --- ---- -- -- -- · A I I W ^ E L * *wm; v* \.wi ««LU v, ViAi- other member of the party, a youth | He examined it and found it was posed as he watched her. Heath looked like a professional i his opera bat. He laughed sudden- J handed her into the car with a de_,,_ dancer. j Iy an ^ sailed the thing into the · cidedly proprietary air. During the second Interval Susan! middle of the street where it lay: -Damn him!" muttered the boy it's ail right, only all these determined T y kept her eye3 awav British comedies sound alike.' "They may to you but I've never een 029 before and I think it's] pavement j Dunbar woke was deserted. Perhaps the play; throbbed in h's breast. He was was over and Susan had gone. Ah,! losing her again--he might never that was it! He knew now why he! see her-- from the box but just as the lights oS. quite against her will, her seen 029 before ana i tnms it s j eves gashed in that direction. The wonderful." she confided with a: oos was empty. They had gone, happy little laugh. I xhe world suddenly went gray. Susan loosened ter -wrap and. What she had expected she scarcely leaned back, looking about her for! knew. Perhaps she had hoped the first tiaae. As by a magnet her · against hope that as the well- gaze was dravm to a little group in dressed thrones milled out into the the bos j'ust to the left. Irresistibly ' foyer her shoulder might brush _ her eyes clung to the three people; against Bob's. He would look up j along homeward. He had thought t "It's ail right." he told she officer. on the car tracks. As he neared the building his steps quickened. The in the shadow. The car began to slide away and to life. The pain had come back. It was for a glimpse of her, of the girl he bad enshrined. "Enshrined! That's good!" he He began to run. "Susan. Susan." he called. The policeman directing traSSc barked aloud, frightening an old j took the young man by the arm. cleaning woman who was trotting | Bob began to laugh mirthlessly. balancing on the little giit chairs, j and smile. Perhaps ha would shake 'Susan everything that was good j "It's all right." He shook off the Surely she knew that girl in black, j caads. She would give every thing | and pure. la aa age when young ] detaining hand. " ' ~ ·with her bright iair combed de- · she oivned at this instant to slip j men scorned ideals he had built murely back from a brow of ca- . her tingling palm into iuc gr -i, of j one about this girl. mellia ivhiteaess. Susan's heart i his strong fingers. It would be j Manlike, he felt now taat plunged as siie realized the identity j something to remember, something j bated her for having destroyed his ''Too much bad gin." the policeman saic! to himself, watching tbe he , "young swell" stride into th-» night. (To Be Continued) 1 a!l he lose :n addition to . space is one heart and one club. the j oring the candidacy of | Roosevels. governor of Franklin D. York. The 3To: a difficult play, but a hand a; ruch :h* careless player -JTviuid be ce- Vermont delegation has e:gru votes. The convention alsa uaannr.ously adopted a resolution favoririg repeal of the Eighteenth amendment and immediate modification of the Volstead act to legalize tine sale of light and beer until repeal might be effected. BRIDGE DEMAND DRY VOTE BY WM. E. 3ICKEXXEY Secretary American Bridge League j The beginner at bridge lases a!:-D- 'eziier too rnary g-ames simplr because I i« Till ^o; stop :o coun^ £' Take your time ^n the Urs^ irici----;r3" o reas-ju the hana ou:--soun: up your game, cry to Snc 2. iio^ie lor hem Trus ^cir: is ~ell iHus:ra:ed by Vermont Republicans Attack High Government Cost. AA-Q-9-5-3 VJ-3-2 I A 8-6-4 1 A 8-6 , VA-8-7- I 4 4 J-9-73 AJ-9-7 NORTH f^ r*7 CO 5 --i Dealer SOUTH AK-7-4 V 1 0-95 4 8-6-i AK-Q- 10-2 1 AJ-1O-2 VK-Q-6 4K-Q-10-5 AA-5-3 326 ilontpelier. Vt. May 18.--Submis- X"^ ! sion of the prohibition quesuon to^the Z"".l! ?wple before the end of nexx year and ··irmneciate ani drastic reduction" o" the "appalling expense of government" --ere demanded by the Vermon; Republican convention. The state convention recorded Itself for limiting govemmen-^1 aid ·% -he care and support of veterans disabled in service, their wido-s-s and orphans." n Burlington. Vt., ilay 18--Vermont Democrats today chose 12 delegates to in private session, later jiaacirnoasZy v^ted themselves on record as fav- --WARNER BEOS. THEATRES-TIVOLI The Bidding. juth hr.5 z r:oc no trump distr.b"- _ ion. While I --culs ro; severely c--ti- :Ue a plsver for o?r.^is the hand -Kith iiamond. It g.\t\ .- j^.- partner a splen- : hlle an c-*r.ln; bid cf cn-s no tr^ir.p n:^re or 1;^= a pessiniitic Did. Aft^r Souths c-n^ diamond bii. West. iculd pass. X^rtn. ha'in; the re- . cne ar.d c-r.e-half tn;Ss and a nc^c.e St..., c.ds one sp^ce. j.m^ o.w : one spade -»rcr one dlacnond is a one | cmand bid. it requires Ssuth tc re- j S^st ·s"CTi"d pass and South, al- ia, has -y, qui--;- normal sappon · h_= ?r:-p-r r-srvrnse --culd be t--o ! tr-n:p. North's best response is | -.ree .=02 i^ -- h.;r. S;-tith ---ot:ld carry ' fcur spaces. Trie Play. n;-at:*sn Th-e Tirlc ~c-'ild c«e ~n in TODAY At 1.15-3--7.15-9 She -v^s cbarmlesx St hana- les«--but sbe made the lore expert- spin like a topi IE411TY A Warner Bro«. Comedy M4RIAN MARSH WASKEN WILLIAM CH*=:. BCTTERWORTH COMEDIES--SFORT SLANTS-Starts Tomoitota WAKNER "AMATErR BAXTER --TN-- DADDY" rr.aiie trie mis- r.r 1 . ansicts to anc up mmediately de- 'ra:t 3f East CITY OPERA HOUSE :;.-:-;-s a shirt TONIGHT At 7.15--9.80 His name is "Cooky" and ickat a cracker! i j.Tr.-s J :c^nl for a: r.t h- 5 J.".r/e -S list. And r.e s n ·x.r. c~ The c. ici of £p t the qt:e"ii and take the as 1 THE BIG T I M E R A COl t~IBI X PtCTCRE --WITH -- BE.N LYON Const ince Cumininjs 1 --EXTR*:-- Z*SC PITT«-- THTt.MA TODD IN-- 'RED XO*ES" KIDDIES 10c AT ALL TIMES Do they expect IVIE to get into THAT? SOME union suits, like small boys, shrink from washing. But not HANES NEW S A M S O N B A K l Sanforized now. No matter how much they're scalded and scoured, they refuse to retreat from the original size! Nothing ever grips or rips. Give the patented SAMSONBAK belt a workout. Jerk it and pull till you're out of breath, but you can't break that belt! Any good store has laundry- fresh HANES. If you don't know a dealer, please write P. H. Hanes Knitting Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. HANES Samsonbak Union Suits C E L L O P H A N E - W R A P P E D other athletic union sa/fs low as 50c HANES SHIRTS AND SHORTS ... 3Sc and 50c YOU'LL BE HAPPY I If Hanes Wonderwear FOR MEN AND BOYS FOR EVERY SEASON Right Reserved to Limit Prices for Friday, Saturday Forhan Tooth Tooth Brushes 19c Strongly Hade rennis Rackets Stores With Switch Ion a'xr racket* * t r u n e with durable cot thru renlrr, · r r reinforcrU with bin* ntncl ret! r o r d to - trip with Irathvr imtt Lunch At Peoples Peoples Choice Toilet Tissue 3 for 25e P e n n s y l v a n i a Tennis *m Balls.. 3 ICE CREAM SANDWICHES HOT OH COLD DRINKS Milk Chocolate Covered Whole Brazil Nuts TOBACCO S"tec;eJ -a hole Braz:: :S'jU In h ck ly^.o :5 c- i' -;: *·* ?-.-** ni . 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