Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 19, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

'• Monday, Jti«ei19,. 1961 if 'v-;; y ,.»-••' ;•;- Inventofi WMWW t8 rfiffdUf T1MY •LAtMWftOON ! ACROSS 1 1 Telephone ! 6 Dial record* 1 inventor ; 8 Tractor < inventor '12 Century plwit i 13 Individual ' 14 Rohian road ! 15 Italian money 6 Eternity rpiungc 18 Light 1 20 Call 1 21 Possesses 22 Light brown 23 Tardier ! 26 Perils !3a Above 31 Permits 1 32 Pneumatic tool Inventor i 33 Place j 34 Watches j 35 Arm bon« ! 36 Handled £38 Obvious ~39 Indian weight i 40 Greek letter ; 41 Crawled 44 Naive 48 Give ' temporarily ' 49 Damage ' 50 Italian city 1 51 Opposed . 52 Matt beverage ^ 53 Bound F4 Satellite 55 Existed 58 Essential being 1 DOWN ™ 1 Used in golf ' and tennis 2 Lamb's pen name "3 Alone 4 Shoe material TIZZ Inwntor tat. 3( JM * rauca • acacia uuu LJI icinia uraa — MLJU G3EJL3 — S3UU tJEILI uwnai i raiuraraa aatoui taaenaa iar.i i-muLit-i aan — r. ii-» ~T^~ ••••»• 22 Makes Uce 23MtoMM«i 24 Stat<25 French head 26 Act 27 Mi* Fitzgerald 28 Rajah's wife 29 Rayon invbnt&r 31 Ogle 34 Ut it stand 35 Howl 37 Portland Cement inventor 38 Equality 40 Wearies UMollusk 42 Nevada city 43 Within (prefix) 44 festive 45 Goddess 46 Female saints (ab.) 47 Animal skin 49 Craw NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. J81M1 t>» KM, Inc. T.M. R«t. V.9. fU. OH. NO ATtf MPT ON YOUR 6<5 — w£ AOf*)**Ct ALLEY OOP fHE HIPeOU9:O?l£S NATIVES W W DREAMS! Mf'S CHOSEN |»V>»M/Wr, RA3H' If V. T. Hamllii 'I can't wait for Henry to retire and be able to do all the things I've wanted him to do!" Y iUT t'VE JUST SOT TO SADFRV, THATN STOP 'IM BEFORE /%..OR WE'RE LITTLE OL' MOON-) HE GETS BACK/ IN TMJUBLE FAST! /TO THW SANG CLEAR UP TO OP HIS,.: ,«„&• OUR (EARS/ r* <$ «M&£r .~.n u 4,^0 iUr^'&S^ . «' -'M !*"-<«' SSll"' . i.. 1 ... f^-SV ": SCR -iv-l^iS <p. 1»M ^ KF«. 1.^. T.M R,|, U >. *fl. Off. - A ., Alki ...„ CAPT4IN IASY •y L«ill« Turner SWEETIE FII •y Kote Oxonk •y Nodine Seltxw v "My folks are on some kind of a diet. They only eat ,, three meals a day!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blotter BUr,RtTA».WHy ARE YOU ANP WHO l& cAPtWN MB-WILL' HELP U& FREE T ARE YOU SKWV? HARRY QUINN FROM PRI&ONA QUINW'S PRISON ANP RECOVER #235,000 H&"' AT cAWAeutv HIP WHEN HI& PlANT WA* seize?! . WE'D BE: WIPED OUT^ SI,,,BUT We HWE A v BEFORE RfiAcHIWa IT,' IfAORB CLEVER PLPiWt -> MllCH LE5& SETTINe " ' '" MONEV TO BUV ARM&! SET ME YOUR CAPTAIN J BLONDIE By Chic Young / OH, DEAR-IT'S STARTING TO RAIN.' I'LL HAVE TO HANG THE CLOTHES INDOORS f IT'S GOOD TO GET HOME-I'M AS y* j HUNGRY A5 _J -f A WOLF TONIGHT I HEAR OAGvMOOD'S VOICE,BUTi: CAN'T SEE HIM ANYPLACE Si? I \NONDER VJHICH WAV IT IS TO THE DIM IMG ROOM /RISGILLA'S POP By Al Verm««r "I'm growing FRENCH FRIES!" SIDE GLANCES , ByGolbraitb He'S<SibME TO CONSIDERABLE BOTi-lER. TO PUT Up A SCARECROW. IN TUB GARPEN/ I KNOW/ . BUT TAKE A CLOSE' LOOK AT THAT MORTY MIEKU You alway, claim th. bank is right and my check N »tub« «r« wrong-but took! They ADMIT thty hm a surplus!" ^ . ^K.B • ^M BU YOU MEAN VOU'D RATHER WAVE A HUSBAND TWAM A I GUESS IT TAKES ALL KINDS/, SHORT RIBS By Frank O'N««I OUT OUR WAY By J. R. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Mojo? Hoopto I'M GOING TO 6TART <5ENCHNGIN ,/-, RePORT^ IT FROM 1 UP HERE IM I OUTER <3f»ce. y HECe^M F1»5T REFORT NOW HEAR THI6/ THE STORY OP MARTHA WAYNI ®1B61 by NEA, Inc. T.M. R^C. U.S. Pat. Olf, ByDkk IF VOU RV TOO CLO6E TO THE <5UN VOUR W/NG9 WIU. BURN UPANP StXl'U- FOJTTQS »VO< TO EARTH LIKE A FALLEN AAOTH/ ROGER/ If IDON'TTHINK Qyg^ y V c/-usTc:Dto GOINGTOBe* MUCH HELP TDOURePACE PROSRAM. 7 HO, MOM -I'M HOME/ KIMDA ^ .Ay2"?. FER SL)PPER > AIKJ'T I? WELL, 'AT'S CUT. SOME O' TH' FELLERsV/AS fiDIW OUT IM TH' CDUWTRV T'GIT SOME WILP FLOWERS FOR THEIR MAS, SO 1 SEZ TMYSELF-THEV AIW'T GOT s HALF TH 1 NICE MA WHICH i GOT— SO-WELL, you JIS OUfiHTASEE TH' SWELL BUNCH I GQTCHA, MA/ 60LLy/ I'M JIS WIPW My FEET \. CiOOP NOVV, SO I WOM'T -, ^ (SITAW/ PIRTOMYOUR / I'l" II <• t CLEAW FLOORS/ HOW V ARE VATPAV, AMY-/; fir^.-s'., 5 r-v WAY, MOM ? -^ ir<s ^ * ? cs PR 1 / BREAP AWO Si.ASS OF MILK, PLWISHMEWT THE SOFTEWIWS PROCESS TTHINK YOU ^c^-^^^^l^^^^ PLUG V^IAEM YOU SOL-oYv KETICCNl K TIA X PARROT TO|tUAT LADV VESTER- E COULD TEAClA \T FKEMcW, SPANISH AMD ITALIAlO/X'LL BETCI-IA YOU'D HAN/& •TO 6&T THAT €|RO VJlRED FC ^OOMD 3UST TO 5AV "POLLY "/• WAIT'U-SHB HEARS SQUAWKS/ By WiliM Scnifff VUGS BUNNY VT LINGUISTIC AMO LEAR.W ALL OMER,

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