The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 13, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

FlttDAY, JULY 13, 1*34 THE PARIS HEW* 'FACE Ads Get The Quickest Rental CLASSIFIED AD Information offic* of tfc* Pwi» p. n. tk* for 1 Tim* Sc p«r wo t Tia»*» to p«i « ft Tiro** ** P*« " . of word*. •(*or isot» »•: In e»p» on tb« basi* ot «1* ward* la **»• Uae. Classified »<U capita-' letter* < »n»* Contract rmt» «-iiJ o» ttca. p«r tot • »»»*&*• *» »xl»«.«c* »* N*»» »u: not o* tor rnor* th*» «»* i»corr«ci th« . both 4,«J** Sox " tit* A.6 Pboa*- 1«1 OK DEMOCRATIC July iS. For trom .A. M. A1K1K. JR. CR*-*!ectlos Second Term.> far Reprt^emntlve sstUBistfict C. •£-..• CA*»ON second term-) fot County * M. D- EMERSON FK^N-K D. HERBERT 1* JONES CRA.DY STURGEON. txwt Foamd LOST—Brown kid puzs« , n**r A&P *tore. Return to K*.iirs office. Reward, Strayed or Stolen •A LOST — Brown female police dogr. 3 year* old. German Reward. Dr A. Moore. 102 S. 15th Phone €6*, CHARLES PRICE Phone 89S * We*t Houfto* G*n*ral Special Notice* 10 BUT TOUR MINNOWS AT liAKK CROOK 15c and 25c Per Dozen We have all kiads of bait give prize of 200 minnows :e«ct» month for lars*st fish caught with oar shiners. H. W. EARJLX HIGHSST cash price for .Iron beds, other furniture. Furniture Eschanse, 35 Clarksville «treet. Phone 4IS. LEAVING Saturday at noon for "West Texas. Have room for four passengers. Call 1044J. FARMS FOR SALE Befor* the war when cotton linc for 12 cents per pound, good land: *?** worth approximate, y $100 per acre, ?vow xood faros* can be bought for mush lew money. , Isn't that^ »hout the best argument .jwhy you should invest your money iiLfarm,land XOW? Th*-First Trust Joint Stock Land Bank, of Chicago offers for «al« Ko. ~*S37— IS* acres 1 1-4 miles South -of Cl&rksvllle on »ravel hway to Bogata. 1-25 acres level, black waxy. 40 acres good mixed soil all in excellent state of cnl- tiiration.*' • ±± acres pasture. One rood set of isiprovements. one set ordinary improvements. Price $6C per acre. No. 1084—65 acres 4 miles south- st of Clarksville adjoining school and church. 60 acres black soil in cultivation. 5 acres pasture. Four room bting'mlo'iv house. 2 room tenant house, .barn. etc. Price 560 per acre, Ask aboijt other farms In Fannin. Lamar. Delta, and Red River counties. CHAS- F. HILL, Gibraltar Hotel, Paris. AuiownobOe* NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy . pay plan ot luto paintJrss:. fender, body and wreck ivork. Ask about it- . , Grand Ave.^ at l»th Street ; Morse Bee Line Station TeJcptoone SO3 ,_-^-— I-*o<r County C, A, MARTIN '•3: M. BRAS%VELL •VAN ±>. ANDSRSON. For SfacrlTt: CLYDE SKSLTON tRe— election, second t»nnu ) >I*ttress and Rug Renovating NOW YOr CAN HATE TTOUR MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tbe Easy Payment Plan* Oi>e I>ay Service Pan* Mattrea* 4k Awnk^^Go... SO \V. Sherman Phone S7O LaEaar Co. School* W ALTER TUHAJAN MART JONES LINDSAY <Re-eZecdon. Second Term.) 3. G. BRUNSON CHARLIE R. DUGGJER SiAJEH 33 AN ESS PIE ROB ;a?,' L-»CB2SM, For Count? Clerk: H, \\ (BOB) HAMMACK^ on. Second term) i Miscellaneous ELECTRIC FA>C and motor rewinding. Mala Salvage Co. ~ North.' Slain St. Employment Situations Wanted SI I-ADT ^ith fo^r year old child %-a.nts hous«keepiasr or hotel -33 FoTfc street.- - ' ' For i>istrict Oert: J?OS iJVTTIiiOKH:. JK. CUc-c'ectlon. second term.> For Assessor and Collector of Taxes: rsOROTHY L.ATIMER- Financial For RtJPEHT L. BAl-i-ARD (For Rfr-eiectioix. Second Terra.> For O>mmisj=iom-r, Precinct 1: <5i: TERHT For Commissioner Precinct 2; ;ROY H~ DUNAGAN fK«-ftlect!on second terms) J. FRANK JONES Foar Commissioner Precinct Tfcre* ] L. S-, Rt>¥ CAVINSSS MARK KENNEDY Insurance and Bonds GALBRfcATH. OEWEHSE AND PROCK Geaera! Insurance zi* ±57 Need Cash? .See Ray Morse for Auto Loans. 43 Grand. For Sml* for tor Sale 101 FIVE-ROOM house, bath. 441 E, Cherry. Apply GOEBBELS FLAYS FOREIGN PRESS The riot act was read to th* press of the world, especially that o* f- ranee and England, by Paul Joseph Goebbel* (above), naz< minister sf propaganda, in an addren in •which he said ^lies, slander and mis representation of the trut facts'* Were incSuded in reports y»nt out o* Hitler's suppression of the recent "second revolution" in Germany (Associated Press. Photo) Notice to a Resotatior: by tfa« .City Council of th<e City of Paria «» : th« 6:i> day o* July 2 934 1 faereby S4v«. none* chat in election by ttx« voter* of the City of. Paris own taxable property in said City with th* C«J3*ral Election LAW» of til* Siatft. in *o far a* cb.« aajae ar« ap- *,*« ~j*ot --*» eoafllc; with s~« thi»- City Charter, r of uuutbl* proparly *a tb« Cliy ot Pajri*. -wbo h«.» daly read, ered «*J<S property for • t&xauon. a 3d who- U qualified ' to TO;« for inesi&ers of tno J*si«!*:ur« of tie state aod who baa r*aM«a 'io Cn« iisiits of the property for taxation, win 3>o hel<i be- tw«>n •***« fcoiirs ot -5:00 o-eloefc, A. M.. ap<J 6;00 o'clock. F, 31.. on tb« Ttls day of A asms t. 1S34. for Use parpos* oi <ie: tise toUowiefc proposition: ler or not iis« citjr of Paris «aa.U b* authorized '• to issue Beads of iS.ft City ie til* sara of Seventy Titou. »»t!<l <570 OCO.OCJ fiotlirs; arv<5 l«vy «. taa st2ffici«st to pay t!i« ic threes on sa.M bonds, a,a<i cnta:« a sinking fund saffici*Dl to r*<J««na tbenj as saaittrHy; tb* said bonds to b^&r ioterest from <lat« At j. ral« not eieeediaj 4 per c*nt bonds in said Oty for *ix <*> la , ur C30> . serialSy at tb« ra- amoHTiss, *s may b* fix*d by tlie Cit* Cosueil: co bond to be iss;i*<J for a period : «kc*«dias thirty y*ara from it« all bonds ro b* issued for f bui!d:es Sewer Dis- Placra, consirection e* »an^h.ol*s ea!arg«Ei«at and i:aproveir«-ss o; The preatat Sewer System a=d to :>« known as S«-wer Coiiatraction Bonds. Series "1324." Tfc« poUlac plac«« a.^0. presiiirsg of- Scera of said «Ieetio= shalJ be respectively as . Jolio 1 * ». ttfARD ll C*nrra» Fire Station r>. 5" Oo4ho?<3L- presidine ofiio^r; ±: ilasonfe Bids.. Gra.=d A»e.. iKlit. presidios cffieer; 3: Coart House. A. \\". Neville. "officer; .i: Paris High School, I.. W. Jarkson_ s>r«sid!2S officer, Tsa foraa of ballot, to b* used ia said, election for tiiose voiing in fa.vor ot ills iasua.=c«> of bonds &ha.l! be as fOJlo-WS; Tor" ti*e -Isscaac* o* S"?«-*r Co=- str=c::en Bonds. Series ~I52i." Thflt 'lona "o* 'bal'oi 'to be cs*d is said election for lies* votins agiiinst fssaauc* of bonds b« as lolioturs: issuance or Seirer Cos- rructroc Sends. Series -•IS-?." T3±» election to be held in accordance n«l ia tis« b» offers to Tote for »*xt »r*c*<!»az tixe to vot*. tHsd*r.asT fc*a<J with tbe Sea: of ilt» CJty of P*ri» affiated tiisa th.* «ifc <lay of July. A. D u 1SS*. J, M. CROOK itayor. City ot Paris t Mra. Ckiocm Park. Oty »»cr*tary. city of Paris. At The Lamar With a rip and a roar of action, Lane Chandler, cowboy picture star "~of the -Brestfern plains came thrilling: action. In ^addition to "La-wiear y«ai«y** the- Lamar will present o day the second episode of thrilling serial picture, ""Wolt starring Rin Tin Tin Jr^. iehif won as itiuch fana* in recent tures as his farnous father the screen a few years ago. At The Grand For film fans who like 4 conducted -story with, a-liberal gree o? action and av -inodlcmm mystery "Arizona. Terror."* Ken. Maynard at the Sraoid Theatre ;?r!day be heartilj- recommended. .From the opening scene* on. .ihi«v bllsterlns Majors Desert altowiai to S.OWU last nigiit wtrh. a new pic- three bandits trying to shakjs'pff torial version of his latest feats of ' "~" horsemanship, inarksraanshlp and Seneral a!I round ability a» a battler In "ILawless Valley." a sew story of the AVcst and its men, and -women. Valley" is the chief attraction. at ChandJer the is 1-a.tnaz- noted for amount of action lie injects his pictures, bet seldom has fee. or any other star of the west, let gro in the manner In which b& does in "Lawless Valley." Stunt after sttint, fist fight after fist figrht, gtiii battles following atop one another. Chandler is hi there every minute- giving his fans more than they expect in the line of! and a capable actress Arizona. rancher whose partner they have killed, until th& dosinsr »- tjiieace -wherein the ^sajne yottag Arizonaa solves a mystery -with considerable ingenuity and excite- things happen . and happen fast- Director Phi! Ros«a has seen to it that here at least is one- West- em story that has been inrelligenr- 3y presented ^vithout In the least lesseriing the thrills that one looks for In this type of vehicle. Ken Mayuard and his hors- "Tarzas" make a handsorae -l>air and the leading lady Lina Basquette is both easy on the eyes Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE Settled Out of Court By E. C. SEGAR COMS OH-GlOiT '— I'M THE BUNGLE FAMILY Mother Enjoyed The Word Tilt By HARRY J. TUTHILL F«e<l Plant* and Seed For T. (BILL) Krec-ittct *: P.USSE1.L cond Term). For Pwblir \\etc**«T, PI*ce I. WTLi- THOMAS t Rc-c'.«»ct!on Second Tertn.) Queen oF Dixie Poultry Feeds Sore Naff Stock Feed Fi*fcf Seed — Garden Seed t*oa«try r«m»<!!es. Balk Bird DOR and f»appy Food r Chaser. Gaar3Lnt**d to *.he Cblstsrcrs Off HARRY BOOK ST Grand Tcl. «CM Ttyp Cotton Fls*c- 2 \TcirHrr at Part*, j Pet HEAVENS \ HA, HOW I DAYS! DARUN6,!S THAT * HAD OARED TO LIFT HiS SO* J FOR ONCE ItvJ HIS Ur£ ^i CAKDALS DtON'T KNO*A ? \VriAT j TO SAV AS HC STOOD , (—^ r^_ MEA.M THAT A ; PCRSON EVEN SO BOLD f^S GAKDALE VJOVRJ? START ^ AJvVTBlNG SJT-^PC/ BSCA : JS?X OH r AS LOWS AS I UVE NEVER IMPUDENCE SNAKY-EYED iK V/E SURE THERE'D MONTY LOSTHS AND MONTGOMERY -ELDORAOO JUST MOMTV U6K SK TEMPERED E LOOKED MORE: LIKE A S RAssrr, DIANA DANE Martyrs To Art and female Setter R. T. tSOB* X For Jnsrtfcc or tin Xo. f. Place No. Peace Precinct i «»i^ii*c. ana ieraaic ;?«iter pup*. Regristercd. Phone I2I&-VT, for Salts: Good Tblncs to Eat 7S . rar *,-««*. --, 1 ™ S^S^^^/^S 5, Place- 2. trfiiaar County. j ^ •• •_ : • J, A. (Arthur) JOHNSON', For rc-*!eettort. 3wwor»^ t* r GES PAKROTT Precinct ir SAM CAKt-ANP. Musical tnstrnment* small piano. <su!ck saTe 530- MasUc Store. J. C. <JOHN AB and STAft PARIS tin, tX"»IX»K NO *nrt A. M. t? -*ih ?"ri' :20 p. sn_ T.AFAYKTTE CHAPTER, VO. 4S R, >f. Ss»:*'! <v»avo«»tifl>*» SriJ Tltcnn »v*n?r|; r»-ri»*. ~ : 5< A J»- TCt. V??It if. P. K. COUNCIL.. NO. 2* K. *t»4 t*i **^^»sn^!y 4lth Taw»4*3r 7; JO p, m, VJarttifrs cow. ^fctf.^ J J C«nt?in«iiain. M, O Wrrrj-ir.jrn, »*w. t, -J*. TlvMT'I.AR., 5rfl Mnrsrfxy *v^ p. w VntJjtns >'taT*.J crtr!<*:*rp ^j>;ns» "«<-h w Sir SCr'tchJ* KN'TOHTS p lift *niS cnth 7:SO «irrfll«lly , C., H. KHAUD OKOTTO M, O V, P, K. It. U, or U*rrJ«, S*rw. Uwcll* \Vjmted u> Boy TA'ANT TO BITT n ^ood os«d mobile, preferably "23 to "30 model. 'WJIJ consldtfr a wrecked or burned job. !f th« motor aisd tht rest of the car arc !ri good condition* since th* car wU! be rebuilt for a customer of oars. Price rn«st be risfct. Cash paid. XV'riXe ns. or drive your c«r to MORSEJ3EK STATION*. 43 Grand A%-«. ReaJ Estate for Rent Furnished Room* »l TO tn. Phoo« 1323. BEDROOM beaTiUtuUy ce!5Sns: fan, New Pi»s« Phone SSS, Apwrtntcnt* for APARTMENT. farrj!*lj*<3 or nn- furn!»he<J. I2S Bonham. r&on* S92, -•• •': • •-' ' FIVE room furnished In, Phone 704 5*KOOM house. J»TJH» lot, po Kaufman. Or. M Phon» Xo, 1. conv«nl*nc«», xtly.*ll4-W««t A. Walk«r, » iim. iinu •»« !»•».— liU, HOMER HUOPEE s a Gift * I 3UST WAtATE SSc \r CUT: AS LOW^- AS vou so T^E^E'S Av ?\CTUKE x \SKsV Tv-US TO <5O OXJu" AVH> A5OIST \T — VI T Vou O 60 SCORCHY SMITH The Hideout

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