The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 5, 1964 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1964
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

o ; Courthouse |U^^^I^^Mt^«mj^M^^ recorqs - MARftUOt UCKKSSS * Jinny Dmi* Cray and Mis* «*ily Ufcttw Tinker DavW cea**r Wright and neydaataecad* Hirotd ttevfn Pern and Mary tee Tunaon . Marvin Ray Mater and Mlaa Margaret Oeae Maa**y Bend* DavM Mora m and Mis* Violet Marie Uskovie Anlonto . Kama and MUM $ MaHlna Renttndes •eimU Ue Scott Jr. and MU» Sharon Kay Wllion , Oeorie Lundy and MUa Martha Ella ortee OaraM ByronHaaStervUand Mutt tjOtmfc L0t TttWMMM) DISTRICT COURT DOCKET DIVORCES Winston roller v*. Wanda Ma* Fuller, divorce by pub. . llctiton. Dlvoree grant-- 1 ' plaintiff on ground* of erael treatment. ** CIVIL sorrs Steven Kldwell, by net! friend, et at va. .'Imml* Rod. gen Tom*, damages. Ouadlon ad Illem appointed. judgment for plaintiff for the aum at $8,000, $800 to minor and $1,800 to father. COUNTY COURT DOCKET i ! Wilfred MeDanlel, worth- lea* cheek. Upon plea of guilty In each of three cases, defendant I* found guilty and •fenteneed to three month* in County Jail In each caa*. Sentences are" to • run concurrently, credit given for time ... already spent In Jail. Joseph David Mayo, driving while Intoxicated. Defendant entered pies of not guilty, and trial held before a Jury. Jury verdict of guilty, and punUhment cat by Jury at $900 fine plua Court coat*, and three daya In County JalL • K. Bradford, worthies* check. Defendant entered ptea of guiltyon each of two counU, '' 1* found, guilty In each, and sentenced to one year In County Jail In each case. Sentence* O am toruneoncurrently.cred- tt given tor time already spent In Jail. Row Wyche Jr., worthless check. Upon plea of guilty, defendant'* panUhment I* set at $5 fine plus Court coat*. CONE WITH TIMES TONER NEW YORK CAP) - Charle* Thorley's dream for immortality MI h**T««ent *horl-cttc01ied' by lr)a PRICIS GOOD FROM 9A.M. to 9PM. DAILY THRU SAT., MARCH 7! UWB* WeSB A»SWTS-WB8lTUW .r.tft». o C A A 8 D.UU LADUS* WCSES-tRAKWttW ARRffALS PUS MANY REDUCED FROM REfttAR STOCKS-COMPAJE AT M9499 Stilt, »*¥*• *»••*«. r*y*n wltk «k« to*k *f llMn tail***. •'£*'••*•?• Jj Jt Ji tMriwaittl. Sllnf * k*H,' Wl«r 1*«"«»' ttytot, t-p*. •*f || lfif Sllne a-rViMi i»d »ail.tod .M... lO.rf. 14V,.14VS. SPEtm PURCNASB SPRIHG4NT<KASTER DRESSES, COMPARE AT H99-1D.99 IMO I: 14 W. tarl»t !»•««• 7.00 4.00 2.00 8.99-10.99 SPECIAL PURCHASE SNORT SLEEVE UNHWMS-COMPARE AT 199-11,99 Shirtwetrt t«rl«t In d«*re* Mlytttor-talMa. pclyeitor and *•»• E» f}| w saecnow i«. MATEMNTY WKSIS- COMPARf AT 5.99499 C*H«M, eetlm aetdi, ray**i, «*H«« •'intmi In btanH* II. TOP SBfCnON Of MATWITY »AltATIS- COMf Att AT 199 TO 199 T**i, tllrh, *W*I pvilrtti. tlaakt, JamalM* and tketta. C*«ani, *•«(•« 1*1^1, rsyem, ««»i*» dmlmt. Sarine, tdadet and dark tan**. I to II. LAMf? FUTTBHN6 HAMD^Ott MISSIS Newett faattet, «hl*«. IMrlaato datilllH. Araal in»crlb*d in Old Enjliah- letter*. 1 on the aide of on«'«fN*W York'* famous 'landmarks, the Time* Tower, was a Fifth. Avenue florist and rcil eaia'le operator who'in 1902 cold the *ite at the corner of Broadway and 42nd St. to Adolph Och, then New York Time* owner and publisher, who built Time* Tower. Hit stipulated in the deed that his name be chiseled in stone, near the essl comer high above the sidewalk. Allied Chemical Corp., which recently bought the tower and is rebuilding it, tried to retain the two-ton stone bearing the inscription but failed because of engineering problems. Nevertheless, the company felt the Thorley stone wss so much a part of Times Square they engaged two artiats. Ann Parker and Avon Neat,toreproduce the oldEngliah 'script on a Japanese rice paper rubbing, one of the oldest forms ofsrt. ' . ten. New fr**» yeke **«l*t and icparato belt. Mf ttop- n tklrt kat left pl**h and <w« ktdd*n p*«k*h. In wfclto «,!». Mlii*. 1 , kalf lint and |«nl*r th*t I* er*«p. Many reduced rtytot l**l*d*d. ALL WEATHER COATS-WERE 199-9.99 !f*m **r awn tt**ki and many pnr<k*t*d at *l**n wrt prl«*. 100% watorpreef alMnyl topi. W*tor-r*p*ll*n» itytoi e{ •II.«*M*« peitlm and cettom. Selldi. Menet. neMlty pthrh and plaW*. Ll**d and r*v«*IM* ttytot. (O-lf *r S-M-U-XL LADIES' LIGHT SUITS SO RIGHT FOR SPRING-WERE 5.99 P*rto«» fer **r cllmat* and flcttorin*. letton-dew* *r MM l**i* flHInt (aekati. Vtrtatlle ttyl«M*d n*w iprlne tkadat. 7.It. 10.11 LAWS' EASY-CARE "SUMS-SHOT JUMPERS "V" n*«k line and artnhel**. Damn p*ly*tl*r «nd earl** Utndi In frettod pink er torq«*ln. Slut *•!*. 5. 5.00 3.99 3.99 —Infa'nfs — Toddlers — G> mmmmmtm&s-x&wm •Ml!**]** k**d*Md* and kand *mk>*M*rad. att*ftod 100% <*H*« dr*it*t I* EVERYONE WHO WOULD KNOWOOD IKFAHTS'-UTTLE GIRLS' REGULAR 199 SPRING DRESSES Sem* !••*• •*¥*•• «"^ i"*** drewet. Many kav* lae* trim *nd larn iwlfllof iklrh. Ofkfcrt er* tl**«*l*ii. 100% «*H*n er k«tok*r ray** In eitertcd pattol <*'l*rt. Slnt 1*1 and 1-*X GIRLS' REGULAR 199 SPRING DRESSES Tklt •*ll**ll*n *f iprlne dmitai *re tk* 1*1*4 ttyUt and «•!«" •• «k* Infenh* *-d IIHI. «!H|' tprlne dreitnt. Sh*t 7-14. Witts' REGULAR 1.99-199 MNRTANT SUPS Nyl*n Meet lap wltk *yl*n kevfriint illrti. Sem* k*»* k«ll«.»p ik*eld«r •t .p.. M.ny h*y. lit* trlni. In wklto only. Slnt 4 to 14. , Gnus' REGULAR 1.99 PAJAMAS AND GOWNS REDUCED !••«. 1*19 1*0. «*tt*n br**d«l*<k er cettm pllii* p*|aM*i and prtatod f ewni «*m* In • wcndwfiil «k*l«* *f paitou. $li*i 4 to 14. IIVANTS'-UTTLE GIRLS'-GIRLS' REGULAR 1JD SHORT SLEEVE COTTON KNIT SHRTS 4.00 2.00 3.00 1.44 1.55 it;rt> tk*«U*r and llrM. «!ili' and «IHi' tkart tin** p.l* iklrh In itrlpti, ««IWi. «eiikl**tl*i* and *n*H*d pattolt and dark t*l«ri. 100% •etten. S!t*t M. 3-»X and T.|4. • INFANTS' REGULAR 1JO 2-PC. SLEEPERS REDUCED Cetto* pllit* I.p*. tkwp*n k*»* map fr*nH,,*«to print* In * w*ad*rf«l •iMttownt *l paitolt. Slnt M. WANT GIRLS'-BOYS' REGULAR 1.99 2-PC MAPER SETS Tk*» Hillllpln* kand mad* diaper •*•• »•»• pl*>»* "Md panfi *nd tem* k*v* y*k. frentt. 100% eetto* In •ttertod p*H*lt and wklto. 84 C LOO III'these troublaaoau daya 000** thrt It ta only Uwougb • kwrnUge of Ood U»at they caa find peace and a **na* ef •UMBy. a«d Htatth with Mqp to U»* LADIES' SPAMLESS HYLON MESH HOSE- COMPARE AT 49c PR, Ck«*w tnm rat*, keif* and ton. IK t* 11. 311.00 ^ALUESJ-UWES' NEW SPRING HATS ntlbemt. Mll*n. k»!mt and ud laey wet, taller*. k*!mt and eelh I* wklto and klaek •HMr k**»ttf*l celen. All kav* Intricate datoltt. ar* perfect tot 1 tprinf and f*tt*« w**r. 2.00 & 3.00 LADIES' HOLLYWOOD DUP SATIN PAMTIfS- RWHARTtcPR. 100% nyten tri**t tatla In wfclto. ptek, ml*l. UK* and etkar*. SUM 14.7. ' ENTIRE STOO-LADIfS' REGULAR 199 DUSTERS REDUCED ar* l*»*ly (|*r*l •>!«««. ehflMai ekfekt, pattolt. Y*« will want •f tk*M «*tto* «•* «w*l ma**t*to d*ttor* at tU* m***y were! lw« prtc*. SALE-LAWS' REGULAR 1 JO SHEATH AND COCRTA'L HALF SUP* Sen* latlik w»k Us*, ntkar* I* «»U«W aM* thta*. Yw'U need wwral I* ear* ttyt*—M ttori «» *» rkli ta«b«th Ui** frM.l4t>XX.)QQ(, 2! LOO 2.37 7? LAMB" R0U-W OR SLEEVELESS ItJUSfS AND SNIRTS- Ml-** and »l«««*l»n M*n*t »*d «Wrt« u. («***<«• t*Htr ityUt. kvtton 4m*. t*nmd», ten****!* w»J •>•>*. A ••!»»** «i «*Ud «»Uti. ttrl**t »»d pUldi, II'M. LADIES' STRflOl RUM PANTS-KGULAR 199 71% ««tto*. 11% rtretok *yl** t*r**«lt*wi pa«H t* t!d* «* k*«k WT. tlpptr m*d*li. Owl*. We*, wfcest. Weil. t*d»tf kt**. Sltei 1 1* II. 1.39 2.99 CWWHIUTES-COMf AK AT 199-7.99 p»k*n, |a«**l*at, tltUt, k»**, kneekwt, *l**tod illrtt, kl**wi, iltm illfti, i. ««illH, JwttwV T.I I. Mliwi' l-tl. LADIES' Wt OMJUUWTO SUW SETS I».IIM print top. *nd "M rfwkt •»• 100% -•«»•«• <•«<•*. Many »aH«r*t «• theete hs«, Slwi »•!!. UD^SOUBCOIWWUUWTIIGIISK Wl«« aii«T««.«» •! «»Ml «"* t ui" r«in«r«»d l*«. AM >• •••« at wall at "M» Uet" eeW»« »t«*««- 1.00-4.00 3.99 1.99 FROM OH RBOAR STOCI-MEirS IAIM01I SO«S- RE&McPAIR lai-Un »*»towd *»l«>t In ••»«» •*«*r»t cud <*m*l*to r**«» •I k»di*m* «*l*n. On* th* flh *M. _ MDTS HRE OJIAUTY SHORT SUEYE SPORT SWRTS- COMPAKAT199AMB199 . bp.rtly «*IUf«d. All ».*t fwerito faa»l«i. NM I.I..H*. •( »W«. Wmi, f*ml**— I* *>**» eeler*. J-M.l.Xl. MEITS UHIRY TAIlOttO SNORT SUEYE BRESSSHRTS- COMPARE AT 2.99 „ , RM ewnbad *••»•• k«*d«l««fc. WMtot and |»t»eli. $••«•! «.H.r t«rl*»- Flu* M*dl* tolUrtat I* (t*tk th*i 14.17. «f •«* r*f«l*r l.« tto*k. K*f«Urt *r t*a* »«» t.ll.ri. $M«i*l *«r«a*i« •!•« »**d«di t t»H.i... w.«« wklto en wkltot. •• Sim 14.17, tl**«*t 1M4. . •, ^ MEWS FIRST QOAUTY 1H% COTTON RROAKIOTN PAMMAS-RKUURLYinPIl 2.27 1.99 2.00 1.78 S*lidi—4*«l«fc fhw c*l*t« $lt«i. S.M-L. ± x , ,• tUfr toitorad *yi*n tklrtt In many MajWVaV MBTS101% COTTON WASH IT WEAR LBSURE PANTS- COMPARE AT J.9M.99 Rn* t*l*(H*n hi !•» *r tok>. style*. N*»*l»y w****t. R**dy wiled. Many pepvlar celen. W.lit tli*t 1L14. , MEN^YIAIMIOIIND WEIGHT 1»t% WOOL SUITS W«l w*ftt*d I. pepelar !•*««*• SOMV. NO AtTI»A. TIONS OR IAY.AWAYS AT THISi MICIS. MEN'S SPORT COATS REDUCED RELOW OUR COST A'l weed *nd w**l *nd *rU* *«r»ll« kltndt. Y*ar '»*nd w*l*Mt. MBTS DRESS PANTS DRASiKALLY REDUCED All w**lt *nd w**l *ej *H*n acrvlla klmdi. tynik*H*i. w«tk n' w**n. Rntl «l**r**«*, new MEN'S DRESS PANTS DRASTICALLY REDUCED H**l clearance, **w MBTS DRESS PANTS DRASTKAUY REDUCED W**l tl*«r**«*. **w [• MEtfS LONG SLEEVE SPORT SMRTS-WERE 19M.99 Hue* atwrtot*** *f ••«•• *•«««. *»hf*M*ri*t. *.»lrl.i. Ml r**e* •f fahrfa and *M*t. Many eeton. Stte* S-M-L 2.99 20.00 12.88 4.00 6.00 8.00 O -C- aa*1a to«k •»«. aitmaHet. Taped • &*w n*ek*. tkert tla*vet, Meier. ttrip*t, ti e^an «*d *k*«W*ri *t «e*t. She* 1 to 14. BOYS* IHORT SLEEVE WASH If WEAR COTTON SPORT JSHttTS-COHPAtt AT 1.91 •flnh. nenltlM, MM*. ••»•*• ... nun*, aany *>•»• . and trylet. •*«*•••*»,**Har trylb Sbe* *-ll. Alt* i *w r*e«l«r ileek*. SHORT AND LONG SiffVE SPORT SHRTfS- L33 w , ,"AU'w.talsat eeter.. I.HW dew* and top..»H*k*d JLiUU extort iSTS*«ld«» » ««•• «n* I to I*. *»»»^-aT ^^^.S^SS^SS^JSiSL. F-72* ^YTtoYOHAOT/knOIWYWILB»SWTS _ - A AA Ca^tm wdttu* r«*» ccalcto eafcareWi, r*yw> •« daw** pelf • U UU 19.99 m. 11MT. ROOM SHE TWEED COMPARE AT 19.99 •It*, HM*4 *.H.,. kt.,k ., »,,., Wilt. lOW^aCB RtMATM PILKJWS-WCTf 1 « I«T*><| l»»ti«i, tkctat a*4 *«(•». Ui« i* »4i <»!» i* ,»lti < a* (M« !••. I«M •*•«*. SAY! IJfl CAOR NCMATOR HAMIOff STRtffl ffffCTfil COTTW KKAtf Stflro-COMMK AT 149 «U a* I*M Mka 7? 1.99 >*y*» »<!• »llk I*IM (•*« W*t. fiir ROOM SIZE RNS-4KOIARLY 39JI SAVE 1JD EAQN DECORATOR RAJNDOW STRffED rcrmni. ~ AJt . COTTON PERCALE SNR1S-COMPARE AT 4.49 9 QQ DnM* il» Altod ** II"«IM" d**kl«, ••iftf Hit | Igjjtf j fataT MlaVMkai*MI a\V • Va% aftaaW riLLvWUlJcV^MjPwiilit ilT 1«1T » ,.,,..,, .vft SAVE 1MJ! fit ROOM SIZE l*KS-«6UlAttY K» JM OO 29'.88 7? I. I l*>*Tf *»H«'«i H.1.00 BMUB.tll.n^ M ^, Ml . 10.88 t.lw I|.«M«. MATCHING TIER CURTAMS-REGULARLY 4.9f PANMWW 4 tor HI* wiiK *Wv« k«4w*)**J*. mM» l ^EjEFEV F1«ST QUALITY ]TX4r RATH SHE PMNT TOWELS- S*p*i «»««W«I lire* k*tk tow.ll, ft** e,«*lltv I* I d*i*f***i •« I4"il4" a* | | H«MlT«Mli ..£, t» let W(**l«1i»>. SAVE 1.11! MAOWE WASHAttf AT LENGTH Ckel** .1 n«»U, uwlH, nMd*m p*l«*ni. M*«M» «*ik*kU ray** **d <*l***i* *<*l*toi. M" LENGTH PRINTED DRAPERK-lfGHUILY 199 4. AT 99C-M9 MI>«tH SVNTMIIIC -CONCOHB- 2:1.00 Muottt NAMT ecrrreN uiaW.NjMB,.^ eomw yf^SSSs «*o«nwtM 4f COTTON Mlf> 4V DACROH "WOSTY PLUPT PRINTS- COMPARE AT 199 YARD 100% D» »•* i,*«i*e . M**" S*Udi I* wklto, '«• *J*W at**. f**T»»**» ""**' DOYS- RAYON ACETATE OR RAYON HIND SUTS Sh*l 4-IJ POPULAR WHITE SPORT COATVtfGtfLAR i99 • «k* t**M.. . . lie***. Sl**i 4.11. 10.99 NSCOKTtHtJEB KATMNALLY ADYBTBED RRAS, 6HHLES, GAITER lETS-WEREHI MSCMITMttED NATWHAUY ADYftTBlD MUS, GIRDLES, GARTER RI.TS— WERE its GARTER DftTS-WERf 5.99 IUTMNALLY ADVIRTtSED IRAS, GttDLK, tto aWri*. •» wy OkfMlMi Dill OMAUTY SWAI1RS DISCWINiJED tWMMttlY ADVERTISED MAS. GiDtCf. TPBBa^PSlW Pr'|lBff'^^^^^WpUa|(f flf^F SIMITlfG SUMMER wi* *M«>I->**I ** P« . U*k4 aim **d •!»•'«. 4T MOW POLYESTER "FROSTY FUFT SOUIS- COMPAMAT1.99YARI Spri** i*Wi *nd w""- 4T ARNEL JERSEY PRHWS-COMPARADIE VALUE 1.49 YD. Anwl W««.toto I* Mlttant •*«• »•»'•« *•'••• »•'» <•»• -•••*»'• T* •ad pwniwMrly pl**t*kl*. 4T PETTIPOINT COTTON PIOJE PDJNTS- COMPAIAILE VALUE 149 YARD . yd. I*M«M •»*> •< MW Sprine *1.79 -1.49 4r DOUCLE-IAYOH AND ACETATE ILEND rtwwmimnwfmjrm QQc T**torad w**.. la r*y*« **d itlk. H«*d w*ik*W*. Wrlakl* retlila*!. y«. jf^ WASNARLE, 4T ESTMN ACETATE PEERLESS PRINTS ^CREASE RESBTANT WASHAILE RAYON SUITING WaikaM*. p**^k««nk. VlfWto. Mtorei. P««k. -all*. Wail. ...» M«> »•*• in^j tyltrMft. •wmorw-amwavwi ._.,. • . _ »*_ _.* i_ai A*. .^J .*wla»»a I ^99* ^79* t*«dt **d tM*«t. «*k. ••*«. «*•»»•. •"» WOMEN'S DRESS HATS-COMPARE AT 199 PR. «**fc*d >Mt« **4 0*li >• kl**». W*«k p*to*». *«M. IM** **d wait*. H**t 4* to II. WOMENli-WBGESMFUTSLIIfS- *»**. 1.66 L87 HAGUE SUOaSOEGUlAR i99JR. O An •Ttf.jrx li Cf f». J.OO L66 178

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