Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 28, 1968 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1968
Page 13
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Section Established Jan. 15, 1836 ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY 3WE 28, 1968 Pttie lOc Member AsfiOdated Khe Sanh Tactics Abruptly Changed By U.S. Command By BOB HORTON AP Military Writer WASHINGTON (At>) - Mill- tary officers from the Joint Chiefs of Staff on down cited everything from psychology to infiltration to the possibility of a great victory as reason for holding Khe Sanh. Now the Marine outpost below South Vietnam's demilitarized zone is being dismantled in an abrupt change in tactics for defense of the country's northernmost provinces. The U.S. Command in announcing abandonment, of the base put emphasis on "a new concept of mobile warfare" to be used in the five-province 1st Corps area.. Earlier this year the emphasis was on something quite different. Gen. Harold K. Johnson, Army chief of staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee Feb. 16, when Khe Sanh raised the specter of a U.S. defeat comparable to the French Loss at Dien Bien Phu: "Since Khe Sanh is a part of Vietnam—and no one of whom I am aware has any idea of giving up a part of South Vietnam —it seems to me that we should not pay the price twice by giving it up and then having to retake it." /'i As recently as Monday night Gen. Earle G. Wheeler, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recalled his own memorandum to President Johnson on Jan. 29, saying the chiefs "have reviewed the situation at Khe Sanh and concur with Gen. William C. Westmoreland's assess ment of the situation. They recommended that ; we maintain our position at Khe Sanh." , Westmoreland, then cOnv mander in Vietnam, will become Army chief of staff in July. In an 'Associated Press interview March 20, Gen. Leonard M Chapman, commandant of the Marine Corps, which was entrusted with Khe Sanh's fate, said: "It has several significant values to us, most important of which is that it sits astride north-south arid east-west routes into the northern province . It's a severe disadvantage to them for us to hold Khe Sanh. I think that is the material advantage. Of course, there is also the psychological aspect of the thing as it is now built up." At a May 24 Pentagon news conference, Marine Col. Davic M Lownds, who commanded the base during the months of siege, said: ' Minors Can Get Social Security In Special Cases There are children in the area who could be getting social security checks but don'f know about it, E. W. Lehen district manager of the Alton Social Security Office, said to day. They are losing this money because the law changed am they can get benefits on their dead mother's record. Pay ments can now be made even if the mother had not actually been supporting her children at the time of her death, Lehen said. If the mother was insured under social security—that is i a lump-sum was paid—monthl; checks could also be payable right now. This means tha many a father who inquired re gardlng monthly checks at th time his wife died and recelvec 1 only a lump-sum death benefi can now get benefits for th children If they are still ell glble. Most of the youngsters ar unmarried and under age J8 but those between 18 and 2 can also get checks if they ar still in school, Lehen said. Bene fits can possibly be paid to oWe children too If they become dis abled Before age 18. "There's been much said bout the desirability of defend- ng Khe Sanh. Naturally 1 ouldn't want to get Into any of he ramifications of how strategic decisions are made. I do mow that' certainly it must ave been considered important the North Vietnamese Would ave put the 'number of forces around It that they did ..." . Estimates of the numbers of orth Vietnamese surrounding Che Sanh at the height of the attle ranged from 20,000 to 0,000. Teachers' Institute Under Way • ••... • • ^ j < EDWARDSVILLE - A total of 45 teachers from six states, including three local teachers, are attend-, ing a summer institute for , teachers v of secondary school mathematics at Southern Illinois University's campus here. Classes began June 19 and will continue' through Aug. 13. In addition to classes in modern algebra, geometry, calculus and .probability, the eight - week course includes lectures by Gerald . Frederik from the Netherlands • and Leonard Blumenthal from the University of Missouri. Supported by a $45,670 grant from the National Science Foundation, the pro- p'rogram is intended to strengthen teachers' mastery of mathematics and .increase their ability to motivate studeftts to ; consider careers in science and re- ,lated fields. Attending from the Telegraph area are Mabel R. Pestoff, 133 Bellwood Dr., East Alton; , Herman L. Brennecke, 7813 Meadowlark Lane, Godfrey; and Robert Cleveland, 209 Mercury Dr., Godfrey. 3 Bandits Get $223 at Alton Tavern Three men, two of them arm- id ' with blue-steel revolvers, obbed an Alton tavern owner of $223 as he prepared to close early this morning. The three men, described as n their 20s, walked into the Selhime Tavern at 2021 Central Ave., at about 12:20 this morn- ng and two of them pointed pistols at Virgil Selhime, own. Selhime told Alton police the trio took $223.55 in currency and change and fled south on Central Avenue. He said one of Jie bandits was wearing a long, NEW BRIGHTON MUNY BUILDING — This is tax receipts and the project will not cost residents a an architects drawing of the proposed municipal cent. Cost of the building will be approximately building to be constructed at Brighton in the near $140,000. Nearly $15,000 will be on hand by the date future providing a revenue bond issue is approved of the election so the proposal will be to issue only August 13. The revenue bonds will be paid from sales $125,000 in revenue bonds. Brighton to Vote on Bond Proposal Aug. 13 Macoupin Burglary Suspects Indicted CARUNVTLLE - Two men, James Ray Young and Charles Young, were Indicted by the Macoupin County Grand Jury Thursday on charges of burglary at the Vlrden High School and Gimd High School. The Grand Jury reported to Circuit Judge Paul C. Vertlc- chio at 10 a m. Thursday. The tarttctmnets charge that both men burglarized the Virden High School on May 25. Their b»nd was set at $5,000 each and they were returned to the custody of the sheriff. Arraignment is set for Monday. The pair also were charged with the burgalry of the Glrard Khe Sanh Retreat Was U.S. Defeat Hanoi Reports BRIGHTON - Date for an election on a $125,000 revenue bond issue to finance construction of a municipal building, has been set for Aug. 13, it was announced at an open meeting here Wednesday evening. Only a simple majority will be required for passage. The building, estimated to cost $140,000, will be paid for from sales tax receipts, Mayor Walter Ahlemeyer announced. The bond issue, if approved, will not cost residents a cent as sales tax receipts will be sufficient to pay off the bonds, it was pointed out. The mayor said sales tax- es produce more than $10,000 a year and more than $8,000 has been accumulated .during the past six months and will be Immediately available. By the time approval of the bond issue can be gained and bids-let, an additional $7,000 will have been collected making a total of $15,000 on hand. Therefore a bond issue of only $125,000 will be required, he pointed out. The proposed municipal building, of brick construction, will be built on property now owned by the village and located adjacent to the Betsey Ann Fire Department. William Fischer, bonding consultant, estimated that the payment of bond and interest would amount to approximately $6,500 per year. Thus, at the present rate, the sales tax revenues should be more than sufficient and a levy against real estate and personal property will not be necessary. Also, as the business in the^ community increases, the receipts also will increase. According to Ahlemeyer, Brighton is one of the fastest growing communities in Macoupin County and needs facilities to meet the needs of the larger community. The old village hall is almost Plans to Expand Memorial Sent to District Engineer A plan to expand,the Lew- Is and Clark Memorial and make it a major historical attraction has been forwarded by Gov. Samuel H. Shapiro to Col. Edward R. Decker, district engineer for the U.S. Corps of Engineers, St. Louis. The memorial is near Hartford in Madison County. The plan involves the transfer of approximately 300 acres, now being held by the Corps of Engineers, to the Illinois Department of Conservation, and the outright acquisition of 217 acres of privately owned land. The area eventually will become a state park of more than 500 acres with . facilities for camping, picnicking and hiking. The park also will include food concessions and service areas. In announcing the project, Governor Shapiro said that when the project "is fully completed and developed, it will become one of the most significant historical sites in the Midwest." Cost of the project is estimated to be in excess of $1 million. The Governor pointed out that the necessary development funds will have to be provided by the Illinois General Assembly, but ,that funds for the land purchases are available through the Illinois Building Authority. The plan forwarded to the Corps of Engineers was prepared by the Department of Conservation. It already has WHAT IS A PARTY WITHOUT A CAKE? Decorated Cakes for All Occasions EVANS PASTRIES 2611 State Delicious Baked Foods Dnlly Call "BILL" 466-6421 slack coat. SALE! NOW IN PROGRESS SPRING & SUMMER WOMEN'S APPAREL !20%,.50o« \ Downtown Wood Rivtr \\ ARLANS HOMI0RQWN GREEN CABBAGE HW* Price* Eftatiyt Thru Sof,, Juno 29 3 STORES TO SIRVi YOU! til Fiajst, Alton t WadUuffton Square, Alton 80 W. Edwardsvllte Road, Wood River 100% HUMAN HAIR PRE-STYLED PRE-CURLED FREE: WIG HEAD WIG CASE No diy ii perfect without » Hazel Bishop wig •!• wtyi riidy to hit moro luster; mere body •nd it pr«iityled,..ehooio from • variety of colon. MILLINERY DEPT. WEST IT, LOUIS AVI. liter I, IROADWAY been approved by the department's advisory board and has been sent to the Illinois Building Authority. After approval by the Illinois Building Authority, the necessary land appraisal will be made by the authority. The final land acquisition will be negotiated by the Department of Conservation. beyond repair. It contains no sanitary facilities and there is no water available in the building. The proposed building will be modern in every respect and bring all municipal services together under one roof. Currently, records are kept at various places, even in residences, and there is no one place where all city business may be transacted. The architects plans call for space for the housing of the fire, water and police departments as well as the offices of the mayor, clerk, and village board members. Also, included will be a public meeting room with kitchen and storage facilities. A drive-in facility for the paying of water bills, etc. as well as a parking area in the rear is also planned. On or about July 30, residents of Brighton will receive a brochure which will include copies of the architects drawings. It was indicated that the structure will be the same type of building that is at Bethalto. Planning committee members, who have worked with the village board include: Cal Von- nahmen, Gene Orban, Ray Heidemann, Marvin Powell, Bob Schoeberle and Roger Hunter. The firm of Banner, Breitweiser, McLaughlin are architects. By STEPHENS BROENING PARIS (AP) —> The spokesman for North Vietnam's peace talks delegation said today American evacuation of Khe Sanh amounted to "a grave defeat for the United States." Nguyen Thanh Le, the delegation press officer, said the United States had been "forced to retreat" from the base just below the - demilitarized zone in South Vietnam. , , He said the U.S. Military Command's explanation that the base was no longer essential made him think of the fable of the fox and the grapes. Unable to reach a bunch of grapes, the fox went away saying "they were'sour anyway." If there was any hope that the U.S. evacuation of the base was part of an over-all plan of de-escalation acceptable to North strategically," he told a news conference. "As long as the United.States insists on pursuing its war of aggression, the United States will not avoid defeat, whatever tactics are used. "The U.S. military commanders once decided to defend the base at all costs. They are now forced to retreat from the base," he said. Le said North Vietnam wants peace, but "Peace goes hand in hand with independence, and we reject a pax Americana." High School on the saflte <fty, and in at/other count with theft of a metal strongbox containing $179.93 ir cash and a check for $2 from the school. Bond on this second count also was set at $5,000 each. In addition, James Young was indicted for the offense of attempted escape, for allegedly trying to flee the Macoupin County Jail by filing a padlock attached to the catwalk door of the jail. Bond on this charge was set at $2,500. Also 'tidicted was Theodore Floyd Burnett on a charge of theft of a truck from the Weatherford Motors in Carlinville, on May 28 The truck was valued at $2,485. Burnett's bond was set at $10,000. His arraignment is scheduled for 11 a.m. July 5. Vietnam, Le quickly scotched this. "The retreat constitutes a grave defeat for the United States, tactically as well as CERVICAL COLLARS and BRACES All Kinds . .. $£MO From W YUNGCK'S DRUG STORE State & Elm Sts., N. Alton Phone 466-5632 AIR CONDITIONING ROOM or CENTRAL AIR UNITS and the COOLEST DEALS IN TOWN! YORK PRICES INCLUDE INSTALLATION! 24,000 BTU $575.00 30,000 BTU $635.00 3 TON $775.00 * Includes heat & cool thermostat, 25-Ft. pre-charged tubing, and installation. If you need a room air conditioner YORK HAS IT ALSO 12,200 BTU's •£20 volts ROOF REPAIRS OR NEW ROOFS CALL GERSMAN &CO.I Our 17th Year In Alton ; I 2843 E. Broadway, 465-6711 5 TOWN And COUNTRY Miniature Golf HIGHLIGHTS Town & Country I«kM Meadowtarook, DL The first half of our Golf Tournament is overt The public Is invited to see the playoff TONIGHT at 7 P.M. between our low finalists . . . MELVIN KNOCHEj GALEN SCRAMMA- HORN, PAUL HOOVER and TOM PLUMMER. The winner of this playoff will compete in the final playoff in September and be eligible to join the National Tournament beginning Sept. 7 at Wlldwood Court, N. J. We will begin the second half of our Tournament on July 1. Come on out . . . it's always pleasantly cool on our nice course ... try your skill for trophies and championship prizes! , . Town and Country Lakes Rt. 140 at Meadowbrpok f JUPITER! DOWNTOWN ALTON SATURDAY ONLY June 29, 1968 1 REG. OR KING SIZE FAMOUS BRAND CIGARETTES CTN. I SUPER KING SIZE .2.67 Crt. IhllllBIIIIBlllBIIIBIBlBIIIIBIIIIBIIIIBIIIBIllBlllBIIIIBiB^ AT GINTER-WARDEIN CO. new (Armstrong TlLEMArt UGHT1NG FIXTURE WHEN YOU BUY AN (Armstrong Ceiling SPRINGHAN PRODUCTS LUMKR UMDMARE 8,000 BTU's 116 volts 11,000 BTD's 110 volts 12" x |2" TILE PHced «uj low at 1 Oc s< « WHAT A VALUE? I- ** , Free—wtlh your purchase of an Armstrong Ceiling—• new TUemete lighting Fixture that regularly tell* for flQ.QO. TUemate and Armitrong Ceilings were made for each other. Both are so easy to Install and ao good looking. Tllemate la W x 18", takes the place of one tile, oomtf complete wt» pro-wired junction box. aluminum reflector dome, wood grained metal frame, and glut lent W. a* L fit* u» aeon. Otter to tar«limMed ta» ante. GODFREY, ILL. PHONE 466-3431 GINTER-WAROEIN CO. "DRY LUMBER" II HENRY ST., ALTON, IIM*. 445.3&M FRU DU!V1RY * « -IS •I

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