The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 15, 1948 · Page 9
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 9

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 9
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tft THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBUKG, .ILL.. THURSDAY; JANUARY 16. 1948 , 'PAGE THREE, SECTION TWO* -- -It stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste Hobs You of Sleep IMis. Hubert Coi res In a Year Mr. and Mrs. .Olis Wa.sson and son. of Miinteno, visited Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gribblo and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wayson over the past nock-end. Word icceived here by Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wallace imnounccd the arrival of a baby son to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wallace of Michigan. Rev. and Mrs. Carl Downey and Mr. «i"'l Mrs. Lauicnce Lambert J" 4 "" "i:\mc food ciin-i.---- -:.-- . had dinner Sunday with Mr. and ,,"$"· JU !7r^ l pIfr 0 ttel"lT.c\ho J M r s . Walter W i h o n . 6rci-m'7' r ;"'"t^ou P rfo^.uciuindi- Mr . ail( | Mivs. Raymond Oxford ^/,? l Vi»d'^' rc(|Ul ' lltlyv wr ncr?oOT and family, antl Mr. and Mrs. Lee · ;r ;^n,me urluerw"K jx-Noal, visited Mr. and Mrs. Bob ·ition li' ss °* .'!' n/-.n«/»i M m i f l f i v i i c l i l « ntl j \ve(ikni'hS. £?» .fjft'w llUlo'oY flcinty «luc- «°* *" l ''nn-nnlc stomach disturbance to a n°'Y° m the SSS Tonic formula TI!S )·· lluo .,", vcr y special ami potent ts. mic iielP* build-up npn- . ,it \ ntery blood In nutrl- °*"" C ' *mia-w *Uh a Good flow of lioiial a''im'' ,, ve juice, plus rich rcd: - ! ' M ,' 1 m r should cat better, sterp bolter. blood °« h! °";£ better, piny better. j f0 lbi'.:tr. ", or * "y o u r s cir with ovci- A% °'of'"«!» nnd other a l * u ' l f 1 "vh!lt counter.^ 1 f^ 5 " ,i s sSS Tonic to help ^ r ' ' ; , ' r f TM r o - b o d ? i.tronRth and ,,...^f fOOH 11^ jQl ^ th(J ho , t of ,'Tonic lias helped ..old Get a bottlt- cu ir drug store today. Sturdy Health. ., Hooten Monday night. Mrs. ^im Williams has been on the .sick last the p;ist week. That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Palestine Partition Holds Threat of Economic 15y JAMES E. ROPER United I'rcss Staff Correspondent LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y.--«W-- The partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states probably will cause an economic as well as military crisis in the Holy Land . The United Nations, 'during months of hectic debate on Palestine's future, gave little attention to economic problems, but officials are growing increasingly concerned as the hour for partition approaches. Great Britain plans to give up control of Palestine about May 15 and have all of its troops out of the area by Aug. 1. That will end the heavy British expenditure which began when . . . . __ . . * * p P TAKING THE CHILL OFF THE MILK. Mrs. Barbara Woodhouse fits nn overcoat on one of her cows during a cold spell in Stoke Mandevillc, England /-Mrs. Woodhouse claims if cows are properly " · - - "- ·-· more milk. When it rains, her they wear specially fashioned ^ t u , r i « , ' -Mandevillc, England. -Mrs. Woodhouse Many weareisol false teeth have drcsscd for the wca iher/ they give me stiltcred real embarrassment be- aniinals woai: ra i nc0 ats r and if it's cold, cause their plate dropped, slipped tc and wool . lincd coals like onc-abovc. vov.ox. "·-·· , - -- . - -- - , , ,-.,.,._,, u ^ n j W ool-lincd coats like one-above. or wobbled at just the \\ron;: time. J Do not live in fear of this happening to you. Just spi inkle a little l-'ASTKETH, the alkaline (nonacid) powder, on your plates. Holds false teeth more firmly, so they feel more comfortable. Docs not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTLirm at any drug btore. factor in Palestine's economy. With the Jewish state facing now troubles, the world Jews are conducting the greatest privately-run collection campaign in history. The United Jewish Appeal is seeking $250,000,000 this year. Most of it would come from American Jews. Much of it would go to finance Jewish immigration to the new Jewish stale and make sure that it lives. That will not be a small task. Arabs Have Troubles The Arab section of partitioned Palestine also' faces difficulties. While Palestine as a whole has not been a rich country, the richest sectors will go to the Jews under the partition scheme. To offset Quits $50,000-0-Year Job tor Teacher's Pay CINCINNATI-- U.K--Arthur L. I'hcxton. lias resigned a $50,000-a- year job to do 'what he always wanted to do--teach. The 48-year-old Cincinnatian quit as executive vice president of Clopay Corp. to study lor a master's degree in political science at Columbia University. When he gets ·,«l I the decree, ho hopes to find -»a teaching job which, If he i», Juck',3 11 pay.betwcon $5,000 and $0,000* a 'car. Your Favorite Brand expenditure wnicn weguu WIIUH mu jjciimiun a\.jivi«-,. *^ ^*..^~ Britain took over Palestine under | that, the UN partition plan pro- because you suffer distress from Wh makes you NERVOUS HIGH-STRUNG on such days.' ^Si/lSS"'^^"- P' 1 "'" . ,» sum times? T!un ll *V« Tel-1 E nnkham's VCK-- f 'Propound to relieve sucli .imccUciiltcstitpro-.pd r ·(.'. rh -P!:ik*ivi!'s Com. h.\:. bsilkl UP H-Mincp u-.iins: MU c!l ,r ,,. If. also a ',; stoii..w i.'; tor.icI ' ' ^.(Hl-; Or ;iii Hi".' !'r f - r 1.^ 1 ) 1 ^ I.. I»i:SKl VM S : l MU h m ' s VEGETABLE COMPOUND Charges Veterans' Delegation Under 'Red' Influences WASHINGTON, Jan. 15--U.R) Rep. Kichaid M. Vail, R., 111., said today that a delegation of veterans \vho'came to Washington to seek an increase in veterans' substance payments was "under the dircc uon 01 communist influences." The veterans group, calling itself "Operation Subsistence," has beer tramping capitol corridors asking congressmen to vote for ,a $35 increase in allowances for , \cterans going to school. They to feel Effect of War Until claim present allowances are inadequate. Vail told reporters his By DEAN- W. DITTMER United. Press Staff Correspondent Washington «U.E). -Future - American taxpayers probably will " oe footing the bill for World War II in the year 2100. It is. estimated that the last surviving 'veteran of the war will live until the year 2030. On that basis, seme surviving dependents still will be living at the beginning of the a League of Nations mandate after World War I. British money has flowed steadily into Palestine without a correspondent outflow of Palestine goods. i Expenditures Heavy A UN commission which studied the Palestine problem last summer estimated that British military expenditures there during the peacetime year of 1946 totaled $94.000,000--or 20 per cent of the national income of Palestine, which is no larger than Maryland. The loss of the British money, UN officials believe, will be a severe blow to Palestine's economy. In addition, Palestine has a distressingly unfavorable balance of trade, and is plagued by fears that world conditions may lessen the demand for Palestine goods and vides for a common taxation system that, in effect, will have the Jewish state paying part of the upkeep of the Arab state. The Arabs also will be less dependent upon world conditions because-they produce mostly for themselves and are content with a lower standard of Jiving. The economically-weak Arab state, however, will face the political hazard of being absorbed by the Jewish state, or by the neighboring Arab countries of Trans- Jordan and Syria. Un-American Activities subcommittee questioned four DePaul Uni- \ersity students who are members of the delegation after the students reported they were housed l,y Washington persons with left- \ving ideas. "The testimony we heard," he said, "made it very evident that l',c movement 'Operation Subsistence' was under the direction of communist influences." , house 22nd century. Veterans Administration records shew that it wasn't until 1906 that the taxpayer finished, paying off the last dependent of a Revolutionary War veteran. And although the treaty ending the Mexican Wai- will have been signed 100 years there arc -45 dependents -01 that war still collecting from the government. Except for cemetery care and cause unemployment in the Holy Land. The situation may be complicated by temporary economic dislocation caused by the partition, especially if fighting spreads. The Jewish area of. partitioned Pales- line will be surrounded by Arab slates, and might suffer heavily if Arabs pressed a boycott against Palestine goods, such as citrus fruit and light manufactured goods which Jews hope to export. Jews See Hope Jews expect that the above adverse factors will be offset partly by increased production and a boom in tourist trade when peaceful conditions return. Christians, IJews and Moslems all make pilgrimages to Palestine sites which they consider holy. In the meantime, the new .Tew- Controlling Rail Traffic The air brake, invented in 1868 by George - Westinghouse and adopted in many foreign countries, is still the primary method of controlling rail traffic. si ;\ "ft n ·* a ·r Except lor cemetery caie auu . "· -"· ·"--"«-"~» -- ·;-·· ---·· monuments, the only .two wars fh sate must lean on gifts from ··^^ estrogen ie hormone twins beauty treatment packaged together rybinstein NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE /*-N3*- \^w**- v »«~ vSorlyr"' ·- --- - i . ..-,, * r~ f ? , 'V- i*X gPt'?3f£i R w»"^~;/~.".--* 'v,-^ .-- - - --"' v -', .·'V~- *. ~ ^V^ij ·3^ " ,.^,,'/.;.. v^- '-?:#s$~ t ~:-f;-?3e 5f7A { "" * ' ' . .·"' ^v*l s ^'V'!;*a^s completely written off the lax books are the Revoluntary War and the War of 1812. The records show that the last Revoluntary War veteran, Daniel Frederick Bakeman, Freedonia, N Y. died April 5, 1869, at the age of 109. The last dependent to collect government compensation from that war was Mrs. Esther S. Damon, Plymouth Union, Vt. widow oi a Revoluntary War veteran, who died Nov. 11, 1906, at the age of 92. Hirom Cronk. Alva, N. Y., last veteran of the War of 1812, died May 13, 1905, and Mrs. Esther Ann Hill Morgan, daughter of a veteran, died March 12, 1946. IbO vears after the end of the war. S3 Civil War Survivors Last veteran o£ the Mexican War, Owen Thomas Edgar, Wash ington, D. C., died Sept. 3.1929-81 vears after the war ended. " Although the Civil War endec 82 years ago, there still are 83 veterans and 17,895 dependents collecting pensions from the government. - · * . Actuarial estimates indicated that the last surviving Civil \Nar veteran would be dead at the age of 99. but the Civil War veterans fooled them. The youngest survivor is now 99 and several are lOo. For the Indian AVars stretching from 1790 to 1898, there are / 9 veterans and 2,278 dependents on government rolls. The Spanish-American ^ar has 112,355 veterans and 80.679 dependents. - · Dependent List Grows History- shows that as the ranks of disabled veterans getting government help thin, the group of dependents grows. . ' Three.are 438.121 veterans and 385,232 dependents of M orld "_ ar * setting government aid and 1-1--- C96 veterans -and 416.370 dependents on the service-connectcu disability list of'World ttar II. Thus 'far the post-war cost- for payments to veterans and dependents of the Civil War--now about sa200,000.000--tops the list. But World .War 1 is catching up rapidly about $5.800.000,000. the Spanish-American ^ a r ' s uav down with about-S2.200.000,- 000. World War II? It hasn't got a cood start. vorld Jewry. Such gifts, plus apital owned by Jewish immi grants, long^have been a major LIST YOUR PRO WITH LUKE BARN HE CAN SELL IT YOU APPROXIMATE WEIGHT 1360 POUNDS Hero fc a gradcr ] 5sn , cmiuc h «, work behind any wheel tractor and stout en. (o work behind light crawlers. Can be Used as a Ditcher-Terracer or Light Road Maintenance Machine. IMMKDIATE DKL1VHKY ON STEKL OK RUBBER WITH EITHER 2 OR 1 WHEELS JOHN FABICIC TRACTOR CO. Atlas Furs ANNUAL JANUARY FUR COAT SALESMAN SAMPLES r. . SHO\V ROOM SAMPLES . ORIGINAL MODELS MADE FOR SOME OF AMERICA'S EXCLUSIVE "QUALITY" NAME FURRIERS UP TO OFF REGULAR PRICES 2 DAYS ONLY Friday - Saturday -- Jan. 16th - 17th Reg. Price Sale Price AIRPORT IIAN; \U BUILDING 1'honc 01 Marion. Illinois All You Can Eat For 50 Cents OZARK. Mo. (U.R--Ozark has become a Sunday dinner mccca. an oasis in the desert of high pncc.v It's because of Mr. and Mrs. Art Smith. ·The Smiths serve all-you-can- C9t-mcals for 50 cents. Each Sun- .._c they serve more than oou guests at that price. The menu? Xct your mouth water over this: Chicken ana dumplings, roast beef, dressing and gravy, peas, green beans, spinach, turnips, navy beans, swccl ootalocs, Irish potatoes, carrots, cole slaw, white and corn bread, peaches for dessert and milk and coffee. . . It's served family style in an attractive dining room paneled by Smith in native cedar. . "We started to feed the neign- tors who.came to the village to trade," Smith said. "They itill bring their families to cat at our lablc but 80 per cent of our customers arc from Springlicld, 20 miles away." . Managers of Springfield s eating places call to sec how he does it arrd ask whether he is making money. To that, he replies: "I don't care enough about pcci ing all of those vegetables for ·nothing." Hollander Northern Back Muskrat ---------------- $530 --------- $275 7 Stripe Canadian Beaver ------- ........... ---------- W20 --------- ** Mink Dyed Fitch Gill -- TM -------19 ° Full Silver Fox Coat _ 275 ,,. 395 125 530 295 279 139 "TML_ 289 135 . 259 100 _ 279 90 '_ 249 S5 129 50 379 165 ,, 425 145 399 - 190 Alaskan Red Fox Coal _. -Silver Blue Northern Muskrat -Black African Kidskin _ Platinum Grey Mouton _._ Spotted (Leopard Dyed) Lapin ~ Grey S. American Kidskin Natural Lynx Cat -- Pcd. Mendoza Beaver ,, Combination Muskrat China Mink . Blk. Moire Persian Paw 9 . Hollander Biege Back Muskrat -1JU.. 131 OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM \LL SALES FINAL UP TO 12 MONTHS TO Small Deposit Will Hold Your Selection (Plus Ffteral Tat of Ccww) S3 '3'--"«.i i.'iTUWtw'iS SiSSr-i ...,,,,.,.,--,,..«- its fur values! Because we re establishing leadership .. . be here, with savings. We're offering every popular type of lur There Will Be Crowds from the Starr! Come One, Come All, and Come Early! n - * M i Ml '* :-'! Our Entire Stock Reduced Up to 50% in Harrisburg Coats and Linings Guaranteed One Year I

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