Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 16, 1953 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1953
Page 36
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THURSDAY, APRIL 16, HIS ALTON TBLBORAPH IJctice WE ARE AUTHORIZED AGENTS FOR FORD Ri*«nditlonid Dynamitir Teitid Motiri ^ Because of Volume we can Install Cheaper New Motor Guarantee No Down Payment if Qualified An Easy Budget Plan GARTER BROS., Inc. Your FORD Dialir 1400 E. BDWY. DIAL 3-5531 7ft COAI. - COKE - WOOD CtNtiMtlS—For driveways, cushion under concrete, dirt, rock and sand. 4-844B COAL. ROrJK. SAND & DIRT—General Hauling. R. A. CROSS. 4*4011. n\ GENERAL HAULING tilHfl faA^LIWd — Z-9121 ShlV^WAV ROCk—Sand and general hauling. Reasonable. J. L, Gate*. 4-2339. SfcABbtoAaLft RA^ES—Rock, sand and dirt. General hauling. 4-2332. J. L. GA^KS. ...... jPfcoMfT bELIVEHV—On dirt, water, rocfc, iand and cinders. Phone 2-9528. - STJMl^Elt TUX — SIM 40. Also formal, Nile green net. Size 11. 3-934B, __ _ J*OH SALE— Child's coat, sise 10; also dresses. 2-5205. AfiflCJLES FOR SALE— One pair sUeB boy's trousers and two pairs size six, $2 each, and one boy's navy blue coat, size four. $2.50. Phone 2-5039 ft Art'S dRAY'GSBARDlNE SUIT-SIM 38. Will sell cheap. Phone 2-5702. fa HOUSEHOLD oooun 20 Ft G E.— Electric deep freeze; guarantee still good. 4-2663. £6-INdH TELlTONE TELEVISION, $43 —10-inch Zenith, $50. 237 Haller, East Alton. 4-7441. ___ _____ MAPLE BED — Full size, springs and mattress. $20. 2-4900. _ blNtKG SET^-4 chairs, table, breakfront, dark mahogany with blond, yeafs o:d,_like_n£W^J : 10._^h^_2 WEEKEND SPECIALS ALL NEW ITEMS $24.!»B Metal Wardrobe $12.00 9'x 12 Armstrong Quaker . Double Door Utility Cabinet )i7.98 Foam Rubber Pillow ....... 'lav Pen i 12.95 Throw "Riigs, Wool ! 112.95 TV Snack Tables 1:24.99 4-drawer Chest ...... ..... IIA4.M Large Platform Rocker . H1B.98 Cotton Mattress H44.98 9 x 12 all Wool Face Rugs $1B,BB Rugs $12.88 .$4.98 $12.88 M.OO $17 RB .W».«8 ! la 52 .$29.9» _ c-. dining room set, chrome breakfast set, formica top. Phone 2-2316_before 4:30 ___ S-Po. ttVING ROOM "SlilTfc -With slip cover*. 203 Grand Ave., East Alton. 4-4878 after B o'clock _____ _______ INNBRSPR1NG MATTRESS^ 2 piece living room suite. 835 Penning, Wood River. ____ _________ ________ ..... •J"":K6O~MS— Of modern furniture, in- cludlng 3-pc. mahogany bedroom suite purchased last week._3-322B. ______________ fOR SALE— Chesterfield "upholstered in blue *tripe| owner leaving city. Apply 3-2361. _________________ For your old washer on a $50-- -new Norge automatic, semi-automatic or Wringer type washer. Pay as little a* M per month and your old washer. ALTON SKELOAS & HEATING 1854 Washington Dial 2-2765 -P^ragEBN" LIVING BOOM SUITE — Cheap. 313 Allen. * u90r SWlBBN^CTaoiwi ^ ^0^ fciatw, wwit wan KM A ^ Hrei •fl*^ overdrive »,i flMli ^»^ nd I € A9B iii» iwBtw imX ASM AMBASSADOR Sedan 4 door, ^ ^ with Hydro. Mlfll fnaHo 1111,,, i • 11 < < i iv i •^ f fww lidWt fnwfy ' MMIm 4 dtmr, radio •fltf • 1 1 1 1 , i > • 19« Pt.fMmJflt 4 \ dowp MoaRi A (MA OfW in ,1 nii.i mw \ mi CHKVROLKT t tf^ door sedan • •.. > > • • • IBBt JTAiff iUM BLBB Station Wa gen, radio, heater overdrive, and Spotlight ,,,.,i what I've Been looking fort A loW'BtiBed iate*rnonM .__- m I»»«M«J M < ear thai I can me fot taml- J*W ^-SPY $ 4 9flQ cft * y° M wftnt ^ 8 ' MOTOIRS ped« A real Bar- always fias It. gain US€OCARS USED MiRCHANDISE 3 WASHERS $5.00 ea. 2 OIL RANGES $5.00 ea. 6 ELECTRIC RANGES $5 to $49 5ILEC. REFRIC.... $29 to $69 4 GAS RANGES $29 to $69 1 GAS REFRIGERATOR $69 ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. 550 E. BDWY. PHONE 3^722 NEW FURNITURE AT BIG SAVINGS M.DD new met«4 l»wn chairs • • * 3 ." p a ft. wide linoleum a* low as »q. yd. 49c B Conlowill. ClO** out price, B. ft SBo Jt.SrSmtU^ bunk bed ... $49.50 t.30 window lw>, 30" 3 speed .. *J» jo IBS 8»U linoleum rugs, perfects $4 W "tae Ivie roomy maple rhest « Ht t!W perfect*, BxB, price fron NATI AISHTS PUKNITURE STORE One Itore -•' On * Uttetion Fo*» «" Milton Hill, Alto*. 3-Ofl« OpU frWay Mliht SntU 9 r ^ T -^' Fionf Door Parjynj _ ••ndix automatic washer, Wtitinjhous* uaowk rang*. 50-lb. Eeonocol stoker NEW MERCHANDISE Apex automatic dlth wash«r, Huo, automatic dish washer *i» .IK S TV »ets M 10W M *143 washing machine*, 'loo, price on all baud irons PLUMBING «t HEATING _, PLIANCE STORE »T Uwena, Wood «iv« i*20to | $500 I • J SIONATUMI I ONLY I i M* «MforMn I Phorn or j tlop In today I at America'* ! company HOUSfHOlD FINANCE m 123 W. Third Street 2nd Floor PHONE: 3-8871—Alton mutt to n$idt»lf tf Marty I6mt Hi FURNITURE ALL NEW 3-ROOM OUTFIT Kitchen — Living Room Bedroom Per $4 OQ.90 Room I Cw $99.95 2-Pe. Living RoOrtl MAY EAST ALTON T» HOUSEHOLD GOOD! Wl ffSVl ITl — Eureka swivel-top cleaner, with all attachments, complete .............. .$69.98 GIBSON FURNITURE CO., Inc. 417 E. Broadway * CARTONS — for packing Phone. 2-8240 12-PtECE—Modern tons dlnnerware set, free with purchase of ABC washing machine. Not less than $40 up to $100 allowed for your old machine. Nothing down, $T 29 per month. Waymire Electric, H.1B Lorena, Wood River. 4-39BO INBTKUMENTS ACCORDIONS ahd QUITARS Look what you can save on these new and used instrument*! Silvpstrl 120-Ban* Accordion. (Regular $2301 *17S Windsor" Spanish Guitar Outfit (Regular »24.30 $18.50 Kay Spanish Quitar Autflt. (Regular $44.001 $32.BO Used Prep Spanish Guitar. (Regular $.141 {2« Used Kay Banjo Outfit. iRcg. $70i...$2S HAYES HUSIC CO. .4152 E.JennlngB, Wood River. 4-4120 SPECIALS" "Thin Week Only" Pathfinder Trumpets with cases—regular $!I8 .»7» Pathfinder Trombones with cases regular 1119 \ »»T Commander Coronet outfit, regular *12« *1"9 Conunander Clarlhet outfit reg »129 $10f) Gretsch Base and Snare Drums with all access(irie« reg. *179.(10 $120 ACORD MUB1C SHOP ?27. Wood Hiver Ava. Wood River TARCK"PIANO- For "sale." Dial 4-6267 641 Whltelaw, Wood River. i; S J fc A LTNSfflUtaliNfi^NTw and used pianos, guitars, amplifiers, wire and tape recorder*. »tc ALL BAND INSTRUMENTS — New and used avail •bl* on our rental plan, cash or terms MuRlcul Instruction on all Instruments UOULD MUSIC CO.. Ml Ra*t Broad wav,»lton H-INCR CriOSLEY--Table model TV. »7S. Dial 3-9560 |»""~ BBWINCi MACHINE* SKWlNa MA'CHINtS^Repalred and rebuilt- Part* fr supplies for 4»6 brands Old machine* mad* like new with om tpecial rebuilding process Treadle ma rhinea electrified and converted Into consoles, portable*, or desk models Central Sewing Supply Co.. Alton Branch. 14 W Broadway Call *-all4 for free estimate* MA~ RENT AN El.lCCfHIC SKWINQ MA CHINTE-i.i per month Buy a NEW electric sewing machine, $8.18 Mt M CENTRAL SEWINd SUPPLY CO 14 West Broa'l way Phone 3-5814 »ii" SEEPS— »tA>iT8^ Large Chinese elm t.1 00 Bushes .......... 75c Open at 5.30 evenings All Day Saturday and Sundays BETHALTO NURSERY South of water tower TOMAtO "HANTS Certified transplanted; very l«rg*. 35c down 3 doten $100. Fill dirt, rich dirt for flower*, lawns, etc Ph_4-8S10 VEC,ETABLin»LAT<tI ^Tor »•!«. "All varieties Phone MfW._3AVI_lfo. ______ Farm Machinery Sill Sal., April 18 Hilltop Sales Barn-11 A.M. Already Lilted Tractori 1903 Ford. 1944 Ford FprRinon. 1048 Ford FerfiiRon. ftegulAr Farmttll with Cultivator, IHtaMey Mnrris Pony Tractor and Outfit. >forM (1 CtUf. Tractor. a Ford Plows. fnternatlonni fl-Bottotn Plow, A 0 8-Bottom Plow. .... Ford Otiltlvntor—Lift Disc, Lift Harrow, F0rd Mower. PoMt Hole Digger. Dearborn Goui Plantiir with F«rtl1lttr, Frond Knd Loader — Terrace Blade. 12'Foot Moiwey ttRfrU Self-propelled Combine. A C Combine With Motor. John D»>pr« Combine with Motor, ' Oliver 6-Foot Combine. 1954 Hl-Uoy ttl'Ctearance Self-propelled Sprayer. 1 tinpd—New Idea Side Delivery Rake, 1.H.C, 4-ttow Com Planter—Pull Type, I.H.C. 2-Row Planter for ft or M. 10(10 John Deere Automatic Baler. 1 C0«e Baler. 2-ttow Cultivator for H or M. , F-20 Cultivator. O. I. Mnntire Spreader. International 2-Wheel Spreafler. International Tractor Spreader. Oliver 4-Row Mounted Corn Planter. it. D. 4-ftow flftan Planter. I.H.C. 7-Foot Tandem Disc. if. D. 9-Foot Tandem Disc. A C 10-Foot Tandem Disc. NPW Weed Sprayer. 4*B J. D, Corn Sheller on Rubber. '47 Ford 2-Ton Truck. Tandem Wheel Trailer. 2 Rubber Tired ^Vaitons. Horse Equipment of All Kinds. OTHER MACHINERY TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. BRING YOUR SURPLUS MACHINERY TO SELL OR COME TO BUY. ART LONG 3.5011 _ 2.0m SUBURBAN PROPERTY Just out of Bethalto near New Schools, 7 room frame, HWF, Venetian blinds, cabinets, full basement, fuel oil heat, electric water heater. Insulated. One acre. Lots of shrubs, shade and a beautiful lawn. Fruit trees, garden plot, etc. Garage and work shop. This is ideal for, close to town, 4 Q country living. A bargain at " ** UORRIS REALTY CO ROXANA OFFICE—4-9641 4-3739 4-4809 4-7726 CtffEF PONTtAC LITi PUY iALLI CHICK OUR ITRIKma UIID CAR lAKGAINi •ITORI YOU ARI THI VICTIM of t WILD PITCH '•I PORD 2-Door I .miking tor-.tonwtMiH with plenty ot "R»t. n» ami go"? TfilK Is thp one that tins jn«t that. A nml dean (taluxff model that rm* unit , driven like a "top", Vott'H like the ll|jht bin* fininh or thin ifalnte model, V-8 engine tor top- noleh nerformanra, '40 HUDSON 4-Door If jro«'re*lm»klii)it tor rldlnf comfort, he itiw to drive this Niiper 0i It Just ««mm to float over the hl|hw»y«. tt*. no spurious Innlde—room for the entire family. Thl* dark Itlne •edan ha« Rood rnbher for miles of driving pleasure. Equip, ped with radio and heater. 100 Others to Chooto From '40 CHIYROLIT .-Tot Here's a trerk that's priced to sen. It's tBjogrl •.rmpu ""nOoj and an. cofftM in fnffnty ftaiwy for a ntimnef of thlngSi use ft M a §§601111 rar. flow's the time to Btif • twck rflte Out. Has very nond rnooOT, radio and fiMloit f •t PONTIAC 4*D0or Here's one that's A real "dandy". Talk admit rlean—this one is as "slick" at tn*y come, Its dark nine finish realty sparkles, ffiit deluxe Chieftain model has plenty of power In reserve with Its ft cylinder engine and hyilrnmatlc drive. Fully equipped—af the "«• trail." * fytft ffifitafr Tin 9iOO 0 front & ilby 3-8881 9th end bills 3-66«8 0 MI* itton 4-3871 220 it. louil ave. leaderm fU"( Mr Sn $*>o*t**r nit FORD OUSTOMLINB—2 Dr. Fully equipped. Ilk* new. 61 FORD VICTORIA—Full equipment, including overdrive. 61 FORD CUSTOM—l Dr. Radio, heater it overdrive. Low milage. 6t FORD DELUXE-i-2 Dr. Heater * overdrive. Perfect. 49 FORD CUSTOM—8 Dr. Radio ft heater. Very Mean. 49 PLYMOUTH—8 Dr. Fully equipped. Priced to tell. 46 MERCURY—4. Dr. Radio A heater. Good paint and motor. : 46 CHEVROLET AERO SEDAN — Radio and heater. Very clean. 46 DODGE—'/a ton pickup. Oood condition $8BO.OO 41 FORD— % Dr. Good motor and tire* $160.00 Rudy Bonders Sales Manager Art Lindsey Sales Specialist: > Ctarenoft Tuniteit, Snip* Spu«tall*t K. E. Smith (Smitty) Sales Specialist CARTER WOOD RIVER MOTOR CO, Your Volume Ford Dealer Who Gives Vou a Written Guarantee 6 Months or 6000 mile*. 315 Wood River Ave., Wood River, 111. 1 Lot Open Evening* Till » P. M.—Dial 4-8421 CENTRAL FRUIT & PRODUCE MARKET • ROSES • ROSES • Our roiti art f rowing In CLOVERS If POTfi Growing for you a largo, hoalthy row wHH a good root •yttont which whort proptrly planted during tho spring seaton, dott not suffer any setback. WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF CHOICE VARIETIES IN STOCK. MONTHLY BLOOMING & CLIMBERS Patent Roses Peace, Applause, Crimson Glory, Dr. Nicolas, i Golden Scepter, Mlrandy, Doubloons, Noc- turne, Will Rogors, Pinnochlo, Caplstrano, New Yorker, Voguo, Fashion, Eclipse^ SPECIAL FRAGRANT 11 • I j WOOD RIVER — Brick. 3 bedrooms. HWF throughout. Cabinets. 4 closets, Full basement. $ Reasonable terms HARTFORD — 108 W. First St. New. 4 rooms. Full bath. Forced air gas heat. Combination storm windows and screens. Lots of cabinets and serving bar. Venetian blinds. Large lot. $1500 down and $65.00 per month. Total price ............... ..... 4-4809 DORRIS REALTY CO. ROXANA OFFICE 4-9641 4-7726 4-3739 HI WANTED TO PI'Y WIlX BUY RAfiiT-Ana all kinds"" of ! junk. 4-6311. A-iie. iinkiT bathtub! toil ell, furnace*, etc Call us We pay top price* WISEMAN 1134 B Bdwv Dial J-B894. ' Aajp r»llT» WILL TBADI New ', b. p eUcfclc motor loi- acetylene welding outllt ANTIQUES -rornTture giasswaf*, china, silverware, books, lamp* cut gl>«* old. a-7583. nlture. Dial 3-3024 _ WHAT H AVI YOU TO SELL? COMMISSION SALE EVERY FRIDAY EVENING i p m C'onsjgn your furniture, dlihci. inolK and inisrollaneoui Item* now for the next »«l» We buy and *ell in.r thing nf value JOUETT AUCTION HOUSE 1706 Waahliiglon IIIOM PRICKS -"iPai* for oici glau. china, Indian rot'k, gun», etc 4-0048. 7 to 0 pm PlTfNOS^-Wrnilurer tool*. mUoelleW eou*_ item* Phone 4-B86B. ____ ANTTHO-Uood ti*ed furniture to buy or liberal trade-In on new Dv* furni ture.3-83!tt 'SS 'Chevrolet "with C iod tire*. C A. Jactibion. Wcit Alton, ii. Inquire at Feldman'a Btalion "FOR A SETTER DEAL" BETTtR HIM WITH CHIUM "TOP TRADES NEW CARS or USED CARS CHILES MOTORS Alton a DefcOTO PI.VMOUTH OfcA. £» 1U W 4th Bl Dial 3 35W 2301 E Broadway _ 2-Wt21 1936 i CHEVKOLff -liood iiSape "»125 cash or pick up equity 1610 Ipaulding 1950 Sti'DEBAKF-R CH AMF J51T- Radio" heater, overdrive, seat cover*, $!!>• Phoiie 20B.-IO 1U41 FONTIAC 6' Radio, heater "teat covers, new paint, good tires $250. 3:i01 ghermiui 81 .. or ;t-«W8 __ i»«& 'BLACK cHE~vR6Eit""caSV — Radio and heater. Can be MCO at 3M3 Berkeley after 5:30 p m 1830 CHEVROLET Black. e»cell«nt condition FU»t $100 take* it 1910* E_«tb __ U41 BOiCK CLUB COUPl- Privau owner. Will «a>nfice. » U-1B3. 3»»1 View Und. FOR BASEMENT DIGGING AND EXCAVATING Call 3-3907 J. FRANK ROWDEN AND SON, JUST ABOUT SOLD OUT OUR SALES HAVE BEEN VERY SATISFACTORY OR WE WOULD NOT BE IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING REAL ESTATE, OUR RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. We have a long list of good buyers for all types of property priced from' $3,000 to $30,000 in the Alton-Wood River proper and surrounding areas. Why not take advantage of our service in the sale of your property? We stress service. EXPERIENCED SALESMEN, APPRAISER, ADVERTISER CLEM NOLL AGENCY- Realtor Office Phone 3-6621 Evenings 2-8454 ( Ask for Mr. Dickminn TUBE ROSES .. L TB Uct r lOc You Con Make a Large Bed at thia Price 10 CHOICE VARIETIES AFRICAN VIOLETS "596 PERENNIALS Shasta Daisy, Painted Daisy, Gurnatio0M, Oriental Pop p y, Delphinium, Cant. Bells,. Phlox, Sweet Wlllltum. and Many Other*. Pot, t j aoh TRAY STOCK PaiulM, Daiilei, Srutpdrftgoni, Verbenas, Sttlvia, Astors, PetunlM, BULBS-ORASS SEEDS-FERTILIZERS- PEAT MOSS-FLOWERING SHRUBS- SHADE t FRUIT TREES 913 COLLEGE AVE. ' DIAL 2-2919 OPEN DAILY AND SUNDAY 8 As Mi — 6 PS Ms healer and sun visor New Urns. 1-4987 MUST SELL 19SO Plymouth Special npluxe, fully equipped Perfect condition. Phon* 3-6126 _ 194B HUDSON CTONV. - •-'Sommodore 8 Red leather uphosterlng, push button Windows, radio, heater *nd while sldewalls. new top. 1130 down, Ilk? over pasjTients $47 per month 38096 BRITISH "M.'oT 52 T. D Radio It healer, low mileage. A-l rondlllon. Call 2-9791 until 4:30 p m. St. I .mi IB Main 4U02 after .V.'lo p. m. PACKARD 1941- 110. 4 dour sedan. rlean reasonable. Also accordion rhrap i9sa pt-VMolfTli PLITB"cOl^F* equip ped. excellent condition. 11.430. Phont i-saei. 11141"' PLVMOUfH" J-POOH '-iiid'Uf *nd heater Phone 2-7984 19?7" CHrVROLit iBRtrMWJAt*- 38.66n miles. »-«438. 19JM" CHHifgLEt"- "Windeor d*»iu«e 4 door Radio and heater, s»*t cov*r« white sidewalU, tinteoj gla**. signal lights Only 14,000 miles,Urn* new R« laii tor $:< 100. will t«se »«3»» Rev C A Wagner. 300 Lincoln Ave , East Alton IU50 NASH STATESVlAN 4-DOOR Ex itllent i-ondiiion Original owner- *8V Phone 2-5107 roa BAUE ci«an i» "Cnevrofii""with good tire* C. A Jatobson. We*i 4iUin Mo inquire at felciman's station FOR SA£C - -1950 iftud v-8 4-door Bftdlo. heaUr end new ssat cover*. Cell ajtei 5 p. 6V_|»hrine J-MBl l95I"piYMOL'TH~Biaek. 4-door kedan radio & healer, very clean, low mileage One owner $.S70 down. wlU " Dial 4 401l>. 1953 German Volkswagen. 1800 Actual Miles. Cost $1895—Sacrifice $1495 1949 Hudson 8—Tudor $895 1951 Kaiser Deluxe—Overdrive $1495 1851 H«uy-J 6 $995 1952 Cadillac $3995 FINLEY KAISER-FRAZER SALES 3!l K HKOAIWAV I'boii* Alton, III. 1U48 PONTfAff Bpbrr roupe, li> ori« inal owner 797 Park Driv* You II Never Know It fou ilav* the Bf»t U«*i Until Vou Be* IOHN T. RIOWN Inc 1610 K br<p«dwuv Ulul * !•'••>•' Check Deal—Check Finjnce Charfei IU4& C'HEVROLET ', Ion pirk up Irui s Ewellenl condition '4 MOH1 1940 IMJIKJE 1 Ion pick up uitl. deluxe body In A I condition Looks like new »i-,00 Call :i »«2!l adi-i 7 p ii. 4 Sill!. K()R SALE 1941 Kord ui.kuj. \i« itm tor. good coiiUition 11 >7 K.«.>i f'eigu son. Wood Hiver alier 6 p in 1U91 V-8 V» TON PANKL B75 • BOB E Arch 81 Jersujvilie III • MOIOttLVt1Vt» "*7"fRICYCri;"S REPAIRED TIKES INSTALl-KD Broadway Waiiir Ripair Bi'iiilu I'arU end 1'art* and roll* for all niuchin** (all For and l>eji\»r Dial 1104 H. Kn>adwu> Patronize These Advertisers! EAST ALTON 200 WHITELAW — 3 years old and in excellent condition. 5 rooms, HWF. tile bath. Large closets. Natural finish cabinets, Casement windows with copper screens and drapes. Insulated. Stoker heat. Awnings. Rumpus room in $4 £ flflfl basement. Corner lot • fcf www DORRIS REALTY GO. ROXANA OFFICE 4-9641 43739 4-4809 4-7726 REALTOR Milt JUDSON — J 8075 IB «( Hl&vn.l BATTEHIKS: M.50 up uMd tires all six** MAI'l i Al'TC) PAHT6 HU:< Btll* Di«l J 47JI OR SAI.K Set of green plastic »eat i-iin-i. Kit IMW K>'rd ouach or clulj cniipf AUn tup lack with pine box i-uveis C'lu-.ip $20 Wmdell Kattift. Stilt Suulh I'lanie. Bellini tu U7 <J»g.*Ofc—«*jP*l»IMa~ ACTOR •nd'TRACTOKS " Ht-puirt'd and Lubricated MIU WAY 3EBVICB STATION Route 112 -- Moro Illinois uwneU jnd Operated by Harry Bullion Phone B*th»Jto 7381 WOOD RIVER — Brick 5 rooms and built-ia breakfat* HWF, full basement with lathikelloi. $i Oarage On busline , .. DORRIS REALTY CO. 4 7726 ROXANA OFFICE 4-9641 4-S7J9 4

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