The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 5, 1964 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1964
Page 2
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?*<• JAMlt1 filMft HaMA •mi* I. tie**'****) ietto*** lto»*t*» «*•» Mf«* taw TWM rn CWrtW« MtM II. MM, « «» re«»«« M4 «< rn^fMI •* MM** «, If*. Living cost index provides a clue IMWJtOt- NEW YORK (APX-A «lw . how Am«f icww *lll «»• rt tele-horn* pay, think* lo In* new coei of llvln*, ladvi. They'll *p*nd it lor mor* of th* thing* they didn't buy M quantity a f** y*ar* back, new wasumer prle* Index alto help* c I* • r up another myt- tory for many eltlaena: How earn* In* th* *ddlttoeil take-ham* pay may well add to th* votome at «*eh tpeedtng. whether tblt i*er*aa*d demand win tffeet pTMe* «r efetrge* remain* to b* see*. The Bureau ot Labor Ma- tittle* tay* the cost of food ha* rise* six ptr teal la the test 10 r**r*. ff yovr <r«eery bill ha* goa* op mor* thaa that, the bums jnwpMte thri rise more thin the old index •aid II flhouMT Th* new Index tab** la Item* that loom lsrg*on*om* family budget* now, but which the old one, a* le*t revtaed in INJ, ignored. And th* new on* tay* that ft mi lit* *p*ad a emaltor percentage <rf their income* now on such thing* a* food than they did formerly, allhuugh tiling belter; and eontUter- ibly mor* on othtr goods ur **rvlc*i than they did when p*r*on*l Inemn**w*r*•mail- er. Sine* th* prlo* of food ht*n'l con* up as much In r*c*nt y»ar*, a* h*s th* cost of miny (oodt and a*rvlo*a not thought of a* n*c***llte*, th* new way irf calculating UM coat irf living lives a do* to whtr* th* money go**— tor new good* and m*ata and «*t*tabl*t, •hleh natwatlreiMt more than •eooomjf crtdctj and that you •pmd mwh mor* fur «o««w- MB«*, pr*eoofc*d or oth*r- wia* proe*t**d r<md. At«o th*r* ar* » W ol n*» food lt*ma, or •** wrtloni of old lttm«, thai Umpl you. Ev*D to, In* bur»»u hoMt that th* fttrmttt* ot lh*> family bud|*t tpint lor food ha* flipped from 21.111* IM3 to M.4J today. Th* n*w latex ttiua woo'l b* affoctodaanweh by th* «hanc*e IB prlect of nrloui food* at IB th* patt. Th* Item* la today'* family bud«*t to which th* tottrn- mtnl flv*a morttmphMltln- elud* hou*U(, with hot*l and motel rttM newly tdo*d, up to 11.13 ptr e*ttt from 30.11) transportation, to 11.11 p*r e*nt from 11.68, with aoton and ear ttrvtelnc MeouaUnc tor mo*t otth* Inor****] health and recreation up to IMS ptr owt from 11.03. Sort* of UM new tpindlng kit tended in recent year* to put (Olf any «xtra lacom* Into aueh **rvlc*a, upgradlni ot living etendard*. THE WORRY CLINIC , total aid, funeral' and b*tw**n-m*al Novel fund raiser also helps health Mao't I.KNTEN CON- TKST ahuuld b* adopted by >v*r> church. Kor Mary'* crou|> of 32 women not imly ralwil 11.000 without illalurblng Ihtlr lwd|t*ta wh*Ui»v«r. Hut tlwwom*n •Kin (wrtod uji Ihtlr hiu- taanili' romantic Interval, IIHI. s<> Mi»l for llw book' I.I Ivlnw. n» u»orit« w. Cran* Ph. U.. M. U. CASt: s-404 Mary M., aged 17, l< prvtlitont ol h*r church Wumvn't Socltl). Knur we*ka a»o ah* asked for tdvlrt mi how to r»ia* mimrt fur her church. s» I »uue*<*d a 1JBNTCN DIKT1NO CONTEST. t <ir nun> »t th* women In w*re Jolly aome- what plump. ••Mm." i bogan, "•very IMHUU! .it lurpjua tat that you •i.Mi mt'iM * saving of (A,H In trih-«<it|.)». •H'rtv ill the plump m*.m. l«.ri .if \.nii aorlety In weigh in. Thru. *» th*« *a*d th*lr u«l, Miil.tvr. they not only «iu t«><* far more alluring t.i ih*ir hu>l*ndt. >-|tul Ihtt can donltte W.W iwr imuml In th* church with* ..« aUiurHnj ihvlr budget an lul*!" 1 KNTKN CONTEST Mm iikrd itw idee. So eae r«cruli»J II wunt*n who wlthr.1 U> loa* wight Th»t uwJ th* <t*hydralton bcukltl iifltrvJ htlow. nn tlw nrat day of Lent irtU U) lh*> all v*|gh*d In. riir»t ••oka hav* now H4i»»J ... luun to Mary'* ••llr. citur. " ah* gl**- full) *teUim*d, "IhU I EN- PEN DUTI KG CONTEST U •VI In* M WUBWS whu *|*rl- *d, alt bll t» UM •ayald*. "Hut H of «a have talta- full) ttutk lo H. •'W* «tdat aUkietlOiMMwl* a«4*rt U the ftral U *»>«, bwl our av«ras* walfkl iota waa I pounds. . "That means we lost a total of 1M pound*. And at $1.60 per pound, our Women's Society thus eanwd $MO for th* church. ••After 10 daya, w* then ahlftea fo Dtol «, aa dea- crlbed In your booklet. '•Yesterday we all weighed In again and have lost an additional 4o pounds, which means *UB more tor the church. This brings our total to 1788 for our caurch budget in juat three weeks. And we (till have tasee weeks to go before Kaater. "Meanwhile, our husbanda ore parking up and knowing far mor* romantic Interest In us, wtdch te thrilling. «W* girls are feeUag more like teen-agers every day. So we plan lo paia the 11,000 mark before Kaater. lant that wonderful?" Yea, Mary 'a group abould be Imitated by all church women'* aoctettea. So a*nd tor m> booklet "How to Lot* 10 Ibs. to 10 Day*," encloalng a long stamped, return envelope, plu* ««. Base your LKNTtN DIET- INC CONTEST on II* advice. And Invite your overweight huabands lo loin you. For all of >«i will hav* better health by aheddlngyour turplua poundage. Your blood pressure will tend lo tell and your heart will slow down in it* iMtte* rate. Mtanwall*. y«e will aU gala in phyttcal attrartlvaaeia. And U you twohera wteh lo <mit the tataweo habtt. step at one* and Urns you will save **,M per wee* eAteh you caa Uao dotMte to maw eaurca, SBMtaers, aead forotytioaa- let "How to Stef> •M*M> M •nckMtag a teng ataie«e4, re. tun *«vei<«e. Sim t4W. *>9«»i «•**« t* r.i ri*** H. ...I .1 Uut MMMMt •«•'*• M <t*M <• ••«» I«M HMO IM VM *f <M» *-««%*••» t*W*«l 4MU tit MM ~ -•*; THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS OPINION • ANALYSIS • FEATURES TJturwtay, March 9. 1?64" OR NOT, HERE THE WORLD TODAY Recent events conflict with LBJ claim that they love us By JAMES MA BLOW WASHINGTON (APX-Pr**- Ideal Johnson *lth*r av*r- WT i can* whtn he apnk* _.».^mu«h Americans are beloved or th> antl-AnMriean ; oattainte by other* paopteS* i since Jan. I were Jue*,krver*' tlffa. Tb* Uteat hostility to thte country cam* Tuesday night In Qreece. Mob* rioting ov*rth* Cyprus civil war burned John- ion tn effigy te Ath*n* and on th* Island of Rhode* mobs stoned American offices, Greece, which ha* been receiving foreign aid from thte country, te an American ally In th* North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. The United States helped ssve It from communism after the war. Johnson, talking to a group of government employe* her* last Feb. U, said: "Regard- teat ot what you hear we an a much beloved peopte throughout the world. We ar* retpecUrU and w* appreciate It." II* taid this after a number ot tplaoo** In which Americans had tlreadyaufferedem- barrasarnente and wore*. Including diath. Last Jan. 9 In Panama, which has also received U. S, foreign aid, plus rental for the canal, Panamanians rioted against Americana In the Canal Zone. The baste reason was re- aentment .against U.S. control 01 th* «^tnV«W.. fn **< rioting* and shootings SO people were killed, including three Americans. ' Panama wants a change In tn* 1903 treaty giving thte country th* right to control the canal Indefinitely. It broke off diplomatic relaUona with the United States and there has been no sotUem*nt yet. . In Zanalbar, which only got Us Independence from Britain last Dec. 10 but where the Arab minority controlled the government, black Africans revolted Jan. U and set up their own UfUst regime. The Russians recognUed their new government quickly but the United Steles delayed. The Africans responded by arresting and expeUlR* two American diplomats until this country gave recognition Feb. S3. Zcnalbar te part of the Britten Commonwealth. Alto in Febmry In Africa'* Ghana the united States waa accused, by President Kwtme Nkrumah'a government-controlled press and radio of being behind DM latest alleged attempt to assasalnate him. A mob, tteamad up by th* dictatorial Nkrumah'a politician*, demonstrated btfor* th* U.8. Embassy and ran DAILY CROSSWORD LWIndthltU •.Fluid In UMV*ta« oflh*god«l Myth. n.Worthlp U. Hop* with running knot Jl,Bupport fora brokMiurm H.Ooldcoui: Old Spain IS. H*br*w letur it. Anthropoid 11. Mypothtl- kalforc* 2. Not working 3. Hawaiian food 4. Sea eagl* 0. Prerogative* of aovcNtgnty •.Table of content* T. Cry of a dove a. Elf ». Capital: Norway 10. Peru** U. Frontier*. man'* governmenL American profe**8rs. The United State* recalled Ite ambaaaador, William P. Mahoney Jr., for consultations. H* said to* anU- Amerlcan dcmonatraUons were the climax of feeling* which had been building up for some time. Thte country has a commitment of (147 million In long- term loan* to help build the Volta River dam for Ghana and an aluminum emelter to b* run by private American compantea for th* Ghana government. Other economic aid from thte government to Ghana runs Into the millions. In South Vtet Nam, where the United State* for tight years has pumped In billion* of aid, economic and military, to help Ite fight against In* North Vietnam*** Commun- tete, antl-Amarteantoro took a vlvU, bloody turn. , Th* Communist*, Infiltrating th* capital of Saigon and ualng a deliberate eampeirjR of terror by assai woaaded (fed kilted AmM wltfc bomb* and bullate. in Alton* TuMday night U>* richer* complained the United Slate* te following a pro-i Turkish Un* In altempte to •atua tb* dispute on Cyprus where Ute Cypriote, Greeks and th* outnumbered Turk* hav* slaughtered on* another. ttntlan tt.Rtp* M.8«mort: W. Otrmany Jl. Appearing a* If *at*n a«.Know: Acoc. 17. Unit of work ». Avoided by hay. ftvtr tiiffcrtr* 31.B«lf M.Ptr- formad »4. Meawr* of land VttMritft Awwtt 3B. Stepped on ST. Merge is. Employ* 40. "The -- andl" 41. Prosecute uCBef You're Telling Mel By WILLIAM RTIT ••Oteilral. tnrtd btoadeeUa M.Aatatic aaajyaaajaaj^ S».ltod»B ftWTPaTWWf •0. Poker U. Caught, a* •kits nylon* St,Ciii**Ui W,Btovtn* St.< rru KBT1MATBD that al- moct half of u* Amarteana now liva In atate* other than the tney were born In. aueiw mayh* that'* why w* no lonaer hear that fin* old none «° much anymore—the one about "Horn*. Bweet Home." lit AftwiflNtf fo ear of lift Nfjxt. (to fo«« */ Jrrlrltt te te 140 /«' Met* «TN let f I. Jlev tomi tac iruH* r»mt t«aikpi|> **VOr*wa itptatettiag edjeaef l.BUngtaa; ehewt, M I|UM tteM* Ib* ela* el THURSDAY ON TV •CMUMN.fl Do we dare inner _*""£* space exploration? ftteeniiy two extremist* met n SettUe-two men who have •ptcialiasd M going to extreme*, Jim Whtttaker «*« the flrat Arnerwe* to ettmb Mt. Ever**!. DOB walsk ptenge-1 »,*00 feet below th* *** In the balhyscaph, Tlleste Both the** ma* agreed utat UM moat challenging bofiao* te mtn's axptoraUoa ot inaer-tpeee, hi* Improved wder- ttaadug of himaetf. For anyoa* willing to aee*pt the challenge t should Ilk* lo propone s particular facet of inner-soac* research. you would tartly b* r*m«mber*d a* a greater pMIoao- nher than SoeratM, * greater p*yehologtet than mad, If you could nptam tb* Incontlsteney of humaa behavior pattern*. If you could explain why Arnold palmer OM day, for no apparent reaaxH, snoots over par. Is the explanation biological, psyeholociett, phytlotoglealT I don't know. But H'a not lotteti. How com* th* disciplined, practiced finger* of« spttndid concert plaalst on* day cannot find all th* k*y* u Meodel- •*ohn'* Spttniat Song,.. or UM ordinarily competent violinist cannot quite keep ap with Th* Plight of th* Bumble B*a7 Why? D*r* we explore Inner-epic* to comprehend tb* fallibility of tb* human race? Perhap* the sam* factors which cause a golfer era tennis plsyer-or a tabte-teaal* ptejwr-to hav* a bad day also JtopardlM the efficiency of th* physician la surgery. or th* astronaut la orbit... Or th* bus driver to whom we trust our livaa. Or the President to whom we entrust everything. This frontier, the inconsistency of human behavior patterns, Is dsrk tnd frlghtening-but chalteoglng. For centurie* man ha* excused periodic failure* and •horteomlng* by saying, "it wss Just on* of those day*." Who know* how many btltkt* were Io*tb*ctu**tb* oenertl bad a "bad day"? Maybe we'll find out that we can regulate UM output of torn* gland and achieve a degree of uniformity la our phytieal •ffloltney. It may b* that r****reb*ra will n*v*r diaeovw a cure for th*** cycles, If that'* what thty ar*. n would b* enough If the fluotuatlooa oould b* mad* predietebte. Then w* could keep th* astronaut on tb* ground that day. W* ar* gambling with taking the tport out ot sport. tt ev*ry day you play 'golf you shoot par, U *v*ry round of *fc**t you break SB, If every bowling *oor* te a perfect 300—you'll nave no Interest la tats* pastimes anymore. But the reward* would vastly outweigh tb* regret with which you would r*tlr* your golf club* and bowling ball. A oompwhtntlon ot our own Ineonslstonoy could dlasuad* tulcldtt, pievant countltt* tragedte* now attributed to "cir*tos*ae*t" and might, Indeed, make the leaders of nations more reliable Jugglers of ill those hot potato**. 4]^™^ ^^^P^^B*™**™™*****™**"^ WASHINGTON MARCH OF EVENTS N sIHOHQ OPPOUHOW la Boot go** very Demoera MS • tortf aaewi -m«m Girl " (•«»). B*tly Hutlim. MIH-HOMI* C«f*». OlFl ll»« In fuwlhil *«M 111 hn own «« SB ***r «MI Hh rrlt*«tt cntcnrn • Has** Nell**: M«min* Vtmtlv»r hmHm 413 B *Mriai CtaM»Mt< K 1 4 >. ctrlnmu with Kltlrik 4:M B MMtt MMW CM son B Nwafektrry He*** 1 *Mnt t! • ft 1 * nirrtmnn " vtntor of nt\nt nwfhlnr tnMh** into mminltln when Invention filli B cawklfk***! anp.llrk Tim Melon tnd Bob flyron Ckrh Ctaedhn (Llw) Wrtll *ir*i "Myrtfrtou" uwhtnd" Wytlt Ami hl> manhtri «aib to Join Mill* drlv» •9 M**i> Wtlltr (.'ronkllr • What 1 * Ntwf B Ntwn Chtt Hunll.r •nd DavM Rrlnkk-f B^twti l»«r Ce«*w*r; Weathtr. Tom Cv«u: 8 p n r 1 1, our «•••«• Ntwti Nick OtarhtM; lilhtr. Sid Uriitr r*ttUMI atttMti T * I c. B B • Tn tn Inv B Ti 5; It a 1 10 B Cu r* R, rrhri: Beorli, Dan Low Newti Ron Cothnui rttUirtiH. U UM Ntwu TV lortit: Woild Mcwtreti! HndllMt Jot Httar; 1:11 a ferntrl honeymoon hottl nrmlndi Iht ftlntelonti tnd Ruhhlet of how tb*y tint mtt B Wttttn Ratten B*eh • M*wy n«r««! Slangy trie* la neiptur* t runaway thor* oushbrtd italllon for Invalid *:tt B Iff tttlv* Beadatt an* asm i Ttlecoune 1HW BD***t Bttdi -Ntllhtr a Botfow'jT fwf • l**jfww •*€*» Donnt drat a mull hint whtn MM** faUt lo nrpay a miall loan B aawhUti "Incident it Ztta. uTon." Trail boa Oil r*vor tearehei tor band of mMktd SMrou who nofiWvntpfMru WIH and tried to hens drover Urkln I'M B My Tan* Stall Mlkt d*. termlnn to te*ch hit ralucUmt family • M Ttlttou Dr. KWtant -Tht Child B*. Iwttn." A dlibttlc (B«u BtMnt) nurnpti le punlih hU divorced paraHi (/*anm Cboptr and Ltt PhHIpi) by MmVlIng with hli lift £00 & nmmr Dcu: Chartl* Man. na; HouU, Iht pupwri hound; Dorothy Oolllm, Boots Ran. dolph. Hank WUIIarm •anrrr BUM" "C**> «t <h* Arntanl Anonlit" Uuon o>. ftndt nrtman charttd with murdtrlnf a Itltvlslon rtporttr who pubHcly Kcuwd him of 1:11 AMlMtatiri "Jttht for Iht d." RoundVlabt* dUctmten about tfflBluyrttM and blind. l:Hiflin*a*lt rjBBD "Kaatl't Hldu Touch." Haatl ihowi . mulllmllllonilri how to rtduct hl< taxti. Shlrltjr Booth, L*o Of Carroll •- i fi-"', *>jr tinrmx OAXUWMFXI « -,..; '4d**t**1 *T**» WMMMfftofT^ ' W AJHUNOTON—rxxr th* Urn* bring, at laaat. President Lyndon Johnaon ha* teat th* adroitness that has enabled him to be all things to all people during his brief months In th* White House. The President baa bumped smack Into the determined opposition of the buautee* community and, apparently, the opposition of a ateaaMe Mo* of Republican* and Democrats In Congress an watt, aceklac lejialatlon to Increase overtime pay rates to double-time. •the propoaal U) a pet of many **gmenU of organised labor. It stems from their contention that some large manufacturer*, notably UM automobile Industry, habitually pay time- sad-a-half for overtime to their present em- ploye* baeauae, contidertn*; fringe benefit* and bookkeeping costs. It te cheaper to do thte than to hire additional help. United Auto Worker chief Walter Reuther and other labor union official* charge that thte practice keepa employed union labor at a minimum. They want to use the doubte- Ume payment to force a spread of work among thousand* of presenUy unemployed union member*. They contend that the high level of unemptoym*nl tn come Induatrte*. due to automation job loaeaa, should make employer* want to ipread work rather than to eonoaatrata It , Employers, on th* other hand, claim that Johnson's propoaal plays right Into th* hand* of union leaders who are most concerned, they chan*, with Increaalng the number* on their dues- paying roll*. Tho emptoyen look upon the imposed legislation aa an interference, by government to atr*a|th*n th* hand of the union* and to strenftthen th* political appeal of tha Johnson Mi business ever ulnce he assumed the Johnson has avidly ' nreaidency. A friendly business community te an essential part of hi* re-election atratefy. But the support of labor te alao r***ntlnl Whether Johnson puahe* for enactment or not, he aeema doomed to lose the favor of "one of the faction*. And th* betting around Washington te that he'll nacrlflce busmaaa for labor. onnpm o r B Ntwii Urry R*MO; Wttth. tr, ChrU Chandnr; Sporu, Dan Lav* 10:11 B I*»t Sbawi "RttrMbHttlf (IS). Frank Lowloy, Richard Ctrboo, Run Tamblyn. Anita Unite*. Kortan War itory 10:10 B Tluffitn "Olri with a B*. icrd." BrM* noUct* myfUrioui lUtnfvr tachan«1ni tttteht cut* with h«r hutband 1040 a MUUMT CMMM COSED 11 JO B Ntwil Bob VoiHM Ray BCM» Conaway FRIDAY ,0:00 RtoMi M*CW« WlltnBno. 1040 0%kl*M lit Dfck CtnkhoM «d Ktni J«k Han II:M Bill Uyd*n modmlM " Hobfrt Trout MM m nuMr KMW* ttai Robtn You oung cotmdy B»Mnli Mr Dob BtrlMf LMMi 11:41 AFTERNOON U:00 B Tiaimii lr*l* r*r*t MuMe and comedy • New* •at Maitanaai Dene Bar- 11:11 _4 rnaanra ratet Newt of< rnttmt for local women '*» a «*•—*••*• - "TerM T*rm» 1:00 a A« MM wi • TV Bktn B l*r»rtt*Pi hotu a mutlc ••rprkw Parti i Larry Hovli .. U a mutlc and ttmt thow with Paul Schmllt. Btlty and Alltn tuddtn hotu gam* ihow ___ • Ltfa Hah* a Otali OBB 1:11 1:10 drami 5 'ewe •r hi C»«rli Courtroom Farttt Ouett eelthrlUte and Kheol chlldrtn SB DerMni Drama 1*1 B Ntwai LUa Howard 1:00 B OtMral Bittllali Drama : B T* Tell tatTriiai Robert BTLtwIt, suest emcee I i^fttta Y**sfi Drama 1:11 B Newai Douflw Bdwardt 1:10 B q*tm ftc a Out Jack • •'• tt • atiTPrSWtm* of urban, bathm in America. Bk*me Raikln, former trehlMcfur* profenor eaamlntt New York •M B Idle A**siai John Rallt. Eouli Nye, Charile Byrd, Mltii MeCall and Charllt Brill B Ner**at "The PrUontr." Ounman It honUallaid under polk* suard. Shirt Cmwajr, Una Btthun*. Otorttarliurd. Simon Oakland. (Repeat) B Oer NMItat B**au The Hnl Otntrtlton." Children of Immigrant! B Iwmr Oaa** 1 * B>arl Mutt Kill Mickey Raoney Martha Raye, Al Hirt, J*cquea d'Anv hot*, and holt Ptrry Oemo from Ntw Orltom 1:10 B aitrr *t • «t**niU*ii Pro. fn* of Sammy Cann, writer of -Love and Marrlaft." "All the. Way" and other. B Arab rtraii*li "Saudi Arabia... A Land Awaktoln*" lO.-MBNtwtt Ray Conaway; Weather. Tom Bvant; Sporu. Our Savat* BNtwiiRon Stont: Weather, fld Lather RtUttt* a** UM Artit -The ^ BM*I ftr Dtdiyi . with Danny Thaua 1:19 B a a r I y *JMW< "Where Thtrt'l LUe." C4T), Bob Hope, William BtndU, Otorte Ceu- torU. King of tmall country In Buropt ttndi hli ftntral to New^ork to find the heir te the throne, and he return* with Hope 4:OOBB*tky aai Hit CharU* Kvaa».DlM*r Dal* 4:19 B Kttlrttt Ctakamttt Kldt, cartoona with Kltlrtk 4*0 m anekey Me**e Cta* 1M • BtaiBI* OwOhv 0 Betes* It Tht Collision." Wet and Skip fact a departmental trial btcauMoflhtlr In- ttrftrmce with a doctor 1 ! dl- clilon lo amputate a man'! arm B ChMkltheaau SlaptUck. Tim NoUn and Bob Byron narrate 1:11 B Ckrl* Caualwi (Live) 1:10 B> Wyalt B a t pt "Calling B Gun." Barp tympalhliei with Indian* ataliut tht whit* mm Ntw« Walttr Credkltt WhaT* NewT Newai Cntt Huntlty and Id Brlnklty 1:00 B Ntwti Ray Con a way: Weather. Tom Evan; Sport*. Guy Savat* SB Newai Nkk Ottrhart; Wtalhtr. Sid Lather S OtMevtry: "Tht Orchid." Ntwtt Larry Raaco, Tom TUI; Sporu. Dan Lav* 1:11 m Ntwti Ron Cochrtu ,*. B riinitltu !• Ihe New*»TV W Bltorttl: World Httdllntt « Ntwtrwli Jet Hettr: •tntr. John WHttoujer t:» |IO"*?>,"Ths Nlsert flirt to B B B Davi • MOBK IMTt MaVIUBB—The addition, recently revealed here, of Defense Becretary Robert KeKamara'a ntm* to the list of OemocraUc vtoa prealdanUal potential* atts wall, In fact te en. couracwd. by UM preaert poUtlcai atrateay of th*•••WhttJ' Houaa, Johnson-a aide* have been busily keeping alive the likelihood of the candidacy of any number of people who have b««n mentioned prominently. Johnson himself and a*ne of then* same aide* have been buaily building up by Innuendo a lenBthenlaa; llat of ptraons a* betaf both acceptable to Johnaon and welcome If they care to try to jott hi* ticket Atty. Oea. Robert T. Kennedy and Peac* Corpn head Bargent •hriver hav* both eaperienoed the "buUd,up" by Johnson. Men*. Bafen* McCarthy and Hubert Ootttag. Ik* H. Humphrey are ajiantlnnad before *n*eulaUon Mnnrt very far, A number of prominent Baatera ."VT~ Mrata Invariably are thrown tato the apec- "luaalHar What make* the fumalBg saia* a* attractive to the poUttoaUy ttuaed caatlal te tk7e*rtainty that Jcfcaaon wW nol^hta Try and Stop Me -ly BINNITT CIRF- rAtWaHtoOtfliKWw printed a cartoon r*> - c*alljr that bad lawyer aembtrs chuckling. It ahowad a lagalltw about to mad a wflji to a roomful of baady-«Qr*d: tht) siiilfai fey "Brian I raad r« m» to m- Ml** Hfrhnri to tha uconil aaeh day at ate. awe) * So, for at« teajt m»anlha, the *a*<tttoJUon Mount to tetmsaty. heankac the aart/a Macs l» *af*toSw fact that the oanir^atlonte apatlleM d*af*to affair with tea* » PAMKI-IUft. Jehn MeCormack, the snaahsr of th* House, baa (ottan mam pubUctty in receot weeha Uten evw before ta fete teac aatUkeJ We heaauaa he te now U»e rank- u>g govenuo^t* *«tetel to aw«e*4 to Uw prertkacy in U«* event at iiagudji lnUUtui, Fieaailtal Inftnaini The other "day. MeporMek aUemted a W,parUaan praye* fadT» aaM Dr. Pujlmaib •Netataa," ~nn y rlmgtr i hMmry nagiilii. Ban" breakfaat at a Wajkaajtoa hoteL H* eatored the los*y with te a abort^wt «r V» baft * wW» tto tawakfaat wm b*«w kttd, but «Bcaunt*red a Military guard Meckiaf tn* way. WaMac up to th* Army «*rge*at. *«*• eaiaX «wttt y*. nteaa* tak* ear* af the *a*ak*rT- th* aaWter nMtv nantaW atnn' «irr aad aaM luailj- —" w«sB»ljT' «WeB]B^BHB»Jr ejajjajwi^aaw- ||i*Bt]*(F «W^*B ^*>BB«N •^•jw-w^^jy^ tketaeakar." Th* Orafcaw U ^ ' i ^ * c-f. ^j_ %!.*_ - J S

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