The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
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Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 6
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, t-; FACE SIX THE PARIS MEWS,* JULY 13, 1134 The Paris Evening News PARIS. TEXAS Established Jnlr 10. 18«» NORTH TEXAS PUBLJSHIXG OO3CFAXY JCfttertd ** Second Class Mail Matter *t th* Post- Attic* *t Paris, Texas, under Act of 1S79. Daily Except Saturday and Sunday SUBSCRIPTION KATES {lacludms Sundays) fty Mail. Oa* Tear ...... By MaiL Sir Months I>sliT*r*d By Carrier .............. i By Mail. One Month... »- 6 ° W««fc of *=* = ts« e™ or corporation ht to Csty faav* tteir paper* «*at to tis«rr> f J* yoo do not ««c roar P *s>*r p K ti»*r» S* eo «o*?»l»lat tl is r>r tor webUcKtaa or .11 =«-* di»pates«. cr*dit«J to sot otherwise cr*£:t«e := ibis rap*r acd also tls« l»c*J New York Day by Day BY CX O. MclNTYRE BACKWARD GLANCES IT 1. W. KEVlLtE MEW YORK, July IS.—Thoughts while §trel- 1N ling: No one had the bouaeey -walk of the late Hal Skelly- Margaret Sollavan could pose for the coiffure ads. The blarney of Fifth savenue bus conductors. Those ibicycles frith flying fur tails. iRay Long and Ernest Tniex [look alike. Ed Frayne, grand ;old Roman of sports. ! One word description of ^Ciark Gable—eerie. What vide leyes Jimmy Savo has. Cobma ! Wright not only likes her i cigars biack but long and -a—-— r ~^_—jstrong. Don't ever remember o o *cintr™ seein £ &** Barten off stage- biest I ever sa^r. The candy striped awnings on Billy Seeman's pent-house. If you remember Reiseirweber's, you'll re. member that fellow—John Steinberg-. First tv J^ v ^^^^^ Tr ^^^S^S ff <^^^^\to put up a silk entrance rope. TThat be- S^f iS""7eUrt»tei *t**r tb»» to corr^t 1= =«t *, M i cam of o^,. ghavr ? . Those shady not els ^^nf^'^*^" Aama ~* M '^~ | faintly flagrant of opium. Burton ^Rascoe \ writes of literature as "though be mignt have ! a Ions: -white beard. But looks almost col- ] legiate. I Al-vrays too much kidding aboist prunes. They're a swell dish. The dish to kid is^par- 18S1. death -tlm* d June, 1SS2. the I>r- S. TV, Bailey, second husband : of ^ Mrs. Elizabeth Jon««, widow : of- Colonel R, M- Jones. wealthy citizen of Cboctaw Nation. Fair Tax Measure Harris didn't seem to make . back . Fadins bankrupt bond " ag per' var tasic?r fror" eacli .. thorilv decided. Thl^ would have required a • eonstituiional amen-isaent. the provision nc beras: for all property to be assessed equally. The "matter was considered TO. a special session of tfce legislature under Governor Savers, and at U»e governor's request Johi? Gar- afetv Guaranteed bl the first sissy. estate -was partly in JLamar county. Texas, and vhicn -wra* -being administered by the -widow' with -the help of some of the best lawyers- in Paris. I fix these dates b3* a compromise agreement she made -with, certain creditors on the first date, in making which she was Joined pro forma by her husband, Bailey. and the tiling on the second 'date of her final report in which. -she states that Bailey had died. r The compromise settled suits that had been brought against Jones* estate and were given judgments in Federal and State courts. totaling -with interest more than flO.OOO. It set out that she had conveyed to H. I>. McDonald as trustee, to sell for the creditors 450 acres in Red River county, undivided half-interest in 655 acres in I>amar county, six acres in Paris and a town lot in Paris and $1.30O in. cash. She had also paid all costs in the suits except the supreme court costs which, she agreed to pay so soon as it was ascertained what such costs amounted to. It was estimated that sale of the land added to the cash would bring- the creditors about. 25 cents on the dollar, which they -were -willing to accept after ten years .litigation, Parties to the agreement were Potter-. 'White & Bailey by Budley & McDonald; George P. Bradford by W. S. Herndon and H- Clay Conde and Dudley & McDonald: James Keffelfinger by Hale & Scott: and Day & Halsey by E. Xu Dohoney. air" the signers being attorneys for creditors. But "Mrs. Bailey's responsibilities were* not at an end. Tn Sep- 1SS2, Widow as executrix and closing of the estate, a petition by her »on Robert Jones and her daughter Mary, who had in the meantim» married George Randell. of l>ent- son. alleging that she had com* into possession of large sums of money that she had never inventoried nor in any manner account<*d f«r and that was part of the estate of which the son and daughter were legatees with her. These wer» Co. $9,000: James Arbuckle $20.000: life, insurance policies $30-000: Milwaukee Cement, company $5.000. besides other sums th* amount unknown to the applicants. They also objected becaus* there was pending in Fannin cou- ty a suit for recovery of "a large amount of cotton, alleged to belong to the estate* and other legal reasons xvere given for opposing the final settlement. Then in March. 1SS3. Dudley & McDonald, who filed the objections for Jone* and Mrs. Raudell. filed notice with Judge M. J. Hathaway, who had succeeded Judge Moore a fe-w previously, that the objections of their clients were withdrawn. Mrs. Bailey had apparently made arrangements satisfactory to her children. She had been seW- ed by w_ D. Nelson, deputy sheriff, tinder Mack Crook, tvith a copy of the objecting petition, written in the round clerkly "hand of Charles B- Pegues*, county clerk, citing her to appear and show cause why the objections should not be sustained. This probably moved her to " make settlement rather than appear again in court, aad closed the matter. CThe section of this story printed TTednesday should hare'follow- ed that of TTiursday but they were accidentally transposed.) Trae tale of horror: A lone dweller in a. -~ =- . - , . - T1 _X I worse after arrivintr and next tBormas was had their loDbies at Austin ana sucti wib proo- ; v - oleT , tU . - n<=firie T hc gentleman, her"* only ably be the action of the corporations ^\^^ ^ brousrht her was tfnoned at his fall when the measure ecroies up lor aaop- ; — .^ ^ ^ ^ mornillJr .^ e€EL killed'in •tkm or rejeciics. , - - - U'falT down subwav steps. The visitor died For one of the amendments on waicii i esas | .^ ^.^ ^^ ' hat i flernoon . voters are then'to pass is mat to atiow ; - 7^crT=:latr!^-o tn orovi/i^ for ser'arath-is: real ana ; .,,„., t^^T^ODe-^ >oi- tain* looses, its; Hzrian Dlson. tae dancer, is tne taeatre s P^S? OT^sVTs ™ reach -property other j-ost insatiable hook worm. - At h« home Bear t^sr ^' p *:.. t ," ^b a - B'-n- e^ea--^ taxation, i Lroton. he nas a library or more than 6.0UU " "^ " t %o.--^"Vn sl tV adoBti^n in Xo-^ volumes including many valuable first edi- i "h^* Va*T a st^o toward tax ; tions. An atheist, he is especially devoied to , "" -. ~ ~ Iv- -v-rrt- — 5--f> v-.-b-o; • philosophic treatises, ~\V her ever he goes tnere OgSSil OH :.E!t' JL.'i. OG u •-i; * C "-• ; -• ^ -^ _ .. „ .,", • ;i ' orooertv and its abilitT to pay ^^^ ; !S a DOOS •*•*•»... -r - Pushmataha Bank Report Joe K- his ariB and at lunch at the Burns and Grace Allen, xiee b\u tiie peopie ^verp then rot as tax-eon- ; pages. scions as no-iv. TKT ^ere tney earryiug^ so i ^^ heavy a^burdei;. Noxr^aft-p ^ years_th^p!an j^^^-^- fj ^^=^5 SUC ees5 has heart- ma ^ an l a L- ea " SB ° U1Q reCt>1VC C °^ ^ "fened vai/ieVilk teams everywhere, are ssid to ars-a appro^a:- ^ ^ j ^^ ^^^ ^^^ esreful investors In the aranse- Serrice Should Count field, i her live simply and nave in• vestd most of t;:ir sudden wealth is a manner i _. . , - '-hat alreadv bsrsisbes for them tbe trouper's A DDRESSING :he peopie 01 Tpas sisee ni== . con?T _, t biisaboo—the benefit. The maga-" return rrozi; ^Vasnicg^OT- ^"here fee siay-; _- r ,^ ^..^^rallv ar ^ no^- angling for the ed until ilie session of congres- closetj. ^ena- ; ^ ai __ toro Tom Connally -ells tben^ that be does : *" •not ask sor deserve ibe office simply because ! of a so-called Demoeraik custom of giving;. office sh-ocld tlse . i b.ouse Siduev Franklin, Brooklyn yontb *-."bo ~on i nd a nr?t Successini story is -, tjass IB ,-,•<-> soo2etbJn& better *.ba*; e so-called ; custom to re-con?Tiieisd thet32 to the people, it i their coviduct of a~d b a^ o^iice t:as tsevr covi-aucT o* an<i ;i3 a^ •-• ---e --<=-^ ••-•^^ , Tb^rs :s ar^avs a snaro memory, in pass-} ^oc^or such as '•:• rceoni:'ue^:d *h-?^" for re-e:e<:t.'pn ; -^.^ ..^ fjipr-odroise. of a triviality tliat etched j ^^^^ tfcaT <boi:''3 I'* *be reasou rs:b^- Tnan :n° | g f £5 ..: n g. iT^pr^^toB- It ^-as during the black- j ^^j^l length of servk-e. s-d tbc ^f^vke ne-d not L«e ^^ ^JT Q - ^ he ^Torld ^Tar. OTJ a fire escape U^ ai >?s:^^ ji£. s reason. i ,-,r.& svo-n?n,-r T c^-TV- Hrt]p Blucb. H"ir> cloT^n^la^ she CHAPTER .-FIVE GOEFFRITST TAKUETOX accepted' Bob's flowers, the books he sent <she Hkea his taste ia.hooks'f. ius ca.nd.les: a^nd sne thanked hiirs prettiiv as she acted the role into which he had cast her, the role of s. rarely lovely and kind young- -woman TV ho could do TJOtrzInjT that "•*'2s not fine. At moments the old Marsha had riser: from the ne^ r stirfac-e; she had said one day -with hiir.. "Are the ilexlcaa TV ores ^n pretty?" Lh.inkh35 "he raigrht confess some euta-n^Iemeiit; prove himselS as -srere tbe rest; make her feel better. SUE. &e said only, "They ni:.?ht i>e"if thev ever hatfeed: T mean the peasaijts Tre see, -^rorkinc i~ the •^-ilds.- 1 * Thezj he had gone or:- to tc!3 her that sometirues for months they sa."^- no women save 3. fow ojd crones -arlio did their laundry by beating' it to nothing on the a.t some t-arbtiient river's edje. :r cjtjestion had nor sc-t tipon his thin, bro^rved face a trace of cor;- sclotisriess, and she had learned that, he could not lie. She did not -sc-aat to hurt hirr.. the really ilked him. ar:d she had never before liked any man save* ijootor jarnesi a^c .1*^1?^^ s^^^n They xrere Bob Powers" flowers j •which she spoke, a TjoaQtiet ] looked 3.& i* "it. had lj*jeiH t from an old-fashioned t b"5r sotrss- one TVJIO loved j ~ j flowers more arde.ntly than dc-: most florist's clerks, ] WEVBOM PERSONAL AND ITOIS Okla~—BaTtk state- 5 the con'ditioa of tb« t-R'o faiaks here, and that at Clayton, as of June 30. reflect fn a. large measure the steady progress is beins ma<3e in this county. First Xaiional Bank here «ho^s a deposit of $214,762.71. "while the Farmers Ejccha-nge. shores a total deposit of ? 174.035.$::. The Clay- tot! State 'i.i^ T * ^f ^ ^- i. M . S47S,743-S5. Hx>ans &i:d discots-nts the lamous comediaa, ^'ill bs back is. to-mt Saturday and Suadaj- ap. pearlnsr on the screen of the Plasa. Theatre in his latast Firs- Katiosal comedy, "The Circus CIOTTZL." Joe is novf back to his first love, for h« started his career at th« age of nin« -s^lth a. circus traveled with it for several ^ before h* sav« it «p to become a 5bsH player and later a the- airica! and screen- perfortser. Once famed as an aeri Joe ~ is said to perform almost entirely bank is $S3,- totai ot "Bis Top".at the winter I quarters of A! O. Barnes Circtrs. i near El jionte. Calif,, where the jconipaiiy spent several weeks . vn the na-1 location. inoaai oatik are and WlNTX>3f-—?.Iiss Marie Xash .= ^ stopped over £n route to Austin.; „_ from Chicago where sh« attended } ^, jais not- lay atop the sweet mi*- j tfae Centurs . of Pro^re^s exposi- | ^ Virgil Laycock aad family have returned Spring: as< from Colorado. Bis ture; ..a note addressed in a bold. ? ,. E steady hand "^rhieh told D!things to those y-bo read the ner of writing as iveU as the 1 •crords which. v.*riung^ •sirriits- In her room she set Sob's offer- | ing to Eros up-ou a pie-crust table and then she dropped to & chaise i longue -with the "messages to be I ^ r - Z-r.A Mrs. Jimrjii-a Sird«van » read- Geoffrey Tarieton had cabled-!^ ^"infe are visiting 31 r. and Mrs, from Havana, -HOME TO THS ]John Kiddles. OI>X> L.OVK; ">.VEAK T>' THE j Mr, au^I Mrs. George- F. Stock- j p re i liKSTGES BLT READT TO GET ] ton of Howe are visiting the Kcv. i M. I>. HOT/* ] and Mrs, l,ee >II"cr, | Karmers Clayton State shows 55j,- This item. cOMsid^red ">y banlcs In srenerai. an actual ^>arometer of the I financial condition of the com- Th* First Xational bar.k, forrr.- i erJy th« First State Bank, re-open- Mrs. Mack TVigrley who had her I e<i recently on a 10Q per cent basis I tonsils removed at the Sanitarium ! after mori than a year's operation of Paris last we«fc Is doin^ welL j wnder a- 30 per cent I ^_ ^ ,r™ T; :^ «„» =«iThis bank, which -was The circus is 3.5. a back.sro>2.niJ for the stunts of the picture, vr.tych. li< evijr, has itji O-%TS ^eil-defined ? and romance, Thc picture vrltii the intimate life of * the srirr cus folk behind th*= sc«ne* and also I dxirinsr the giving'of a .show.-The ' tarsgJed love affairs of the circus folk come into p!ay. in which beconses so involved that his becomes Ia<J,£croua. Patricia -Ellis has tb«, l«a : <Jin« femJasrte role- opposste Jo^ vrjjii-* S -without resiri-c- others in ih* cast include Dorothy ,y. has Mayor C. E- Sie^hensoii f Burgess, Gordon We^tco't, Charles as president, arid IV. V. Jones, vice f "VT^son. Rents!* Cosby, and Bobbi* James A. Kolt rcplaci-ng: i Cald-weH, Jts -w*>n as a scor« -o* Jordja_rs as cashier, ; more of famous circus perforrnerss She had always Peyton acmirod bis \ Bip has rsturned to honesty and she had always feit that she could get alerts' better Tt-itii him tiiiin vrith a.zi>* one -else •whorrj sfce knew. But his message rather anTioved fcer a-nd she kr.e'v^ it -xoutd riot have annoyed her a month past. Of course one changed — She opeae<5 Bob ?OTv?rs r note. "My dear Marsha, Pauline Clark 5s dotc^ | her home li*r« f^ Stiss •^-ell a a. recent appendicitis operation at a Bon ham hosp'taL Sarold Tom Ciinnlnsfcam of Ed- huoe vetted Jlr. acd Mrs. Grady Raspberry last -rreek- Mrs. P. H. Simpson Is «pen<*ina; -we«fc -^Ith Mr. and Mr*. BartJs TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE pert si? sec-i^la'oon. ar<2 so long as t rules of tti«? T.-AH branches of consr^s pisce '-- earn'? for Bluch to go on. He ^as gorng ! ro trv in i"' 1 ? -ie?>ib of h:s dolor to saake s ^* ; adience laujrh. There are mars- **sl ryles of rti«? :-^-.) branches of congress piece a j a! 3fi^nce laush. There are mars- "show must j Ki*m!>er sceord-,ng to bis 'er;;nh o: service, so ! ^ on -- stor i^v srolns aron.nd.. This is OBS Ij Jo»ff "^"Ji; n :; "? *o trie aavani^e j:-r s^v sia^ = a ctuan- encountered. j be**-'D faithful : r;- ^erv;-"^ an'j n?.""*? sttfriO'Su to . : KO-^- arsd tn6n t"he first- Is-d^" of the boos*- j affairs ersirus-^0 to rhenv ^ ^_ ;• hold goes 02 a* fine coosb ra.znpsg-e. She seercs' -Judgeo Iv th^s- si,aTj<iards Tesa^ -would &e j T0 , r^^^ e ^oo<3 scalp scraping not only \s-is?- in r^turruner Tosi Conr^IIv for a s-ecosd ; srtreGZtb^"ns tbr: hair bti*: harden.s ice gums and term—-asi-i .HOT r-r^y because it '^ouM i>€ a sec- j ?OR<?£ ",jr> th^ coiaplexion. Sne just looked in o.n-d' t-erro. 1 -with a n"-e corr^b griinT. Any rEinnte shell 1 scroop do^n- And tbe Maine farmer go- j inc down ro Ban?or on a big- drunk. "GosB- "i ho*-\- I dread it I"* «>/• 2'Ae fori« Mem j| i^ndori fs said to be fig-feting to regain its j ing News thirteen years mgo Jj position as banker to tee -^orlcL IMt is the -* j'coet bit liberal to borrowers it sbould attract WEDNESDAY. JULY 13, 1921 ji Foe Rainey. *,vbo for ]!> y-e ployed b>' t.h^ S^ytbvv^jf pany. tiie<3 af't^-r a lo'isr ;-i " 'Ts»* fast pi^r in The Arthur City \va:= con;:ple"e^ vss ready TO put jn ;' ? set in the pi-r. , plenty of casto^ers. But the privilege ^of ens-1 reeking foreign Soars* these days is of doxibtfal telephone- roitj- 1 vshie. — Delias Times Herald,. ' bridgr- at I Kiissia and Jgpan are dispatmg over a the last ss?eel i railroad. AV<=- wonder which nation is trjTng 45 s<x»n «& The? TO force the other on* to operate it.— i b-oro 'Gs. Her^M Jonrnal, f/- lK w.t Pa-'l ' f.'-se<* < >T'3''5 and : Another difference betw-^eT! rich and poor | lis that the poor altvays kno^r ho-wr much thev ' Two officials of Boren-St.ewart grocer \ ov*e.—Los Angeles Times, e.^mj>#Ry wer*; here from Dallas and stated j • I,|H? sti>e : k and .foree- of iraveliag salesmen I Are all the European n&ti<ms • *fr«id... if wt*ultJ b«* e«3ar|red t? care for their increasing ; they pat down their arms they will hav« to *—t—, K i *>ut up their hands?—Punch. t. .4. J. Diefcersor* was notified he 'had': •.— when he receive* « Jet- Add similes;; As eathtasiafctic as a shovel ad-visms hits of the, jiwtnufa«t^r<»r over the public s sh« fii3!E&2«i her coffee- Marsha *!id not reply and ?»'j.sfl . "that th^r^ is r.o t-5 you. T.1O think OTiIrr of sself and rj'a''h'In:r of the hav^x: that yoa Tnreck- T have fought your serious cjonsidcratior of Gcof- fr«?~ Tarletors. but I ba~e COTJC to th« .«3*>clsi'Or! tbat s-ieb aJlfance may ?« «*Iy yfiJtab-*;. He Is ^3Ka.!iy <3€pra.T"£<I—" "I thank yet! to rnach, dear."* sattf Maryha, b-at •without her usual cpfrtt. Sli<? "^aa ent'relT ns«<J to her aunt's estimate of her characT»r. btit wcurscfoo'^'. this day it hurt ar it JjJJ.G rTTlirt J2*?r ^WC^T? * ft ^ "^*3,ff *"??• youngr ac^ realty' trying to pleas». Her auiit pa'd tb» check an-5 they ros*-; ehe'4 hunt up sonjethjnj; to <5o Marsha «3ecid*'5. ffonjfthtr"^ by -WTSJ- of diversion . , . this •was one of the hotrrs -wrhen; ehi? «5!<! not be the 7Tsc7 rode jsJientJ" to-srard !»?:«•* Gertrofle"* chill *partm*T:t. Trh'ch •wras *o i«iultl«a»fy fumi«he<J •w*»h pieces that lja<; been handerj down by early-Vermont Moorew. «n apa,rtme»t , in which Marsha, had never 'been *ble to -welcome her » place -where smtpfcj^Tj atn<< "where •w'rona: conj*r cure* -^rere re».cfee«l- • too easily, an-1 ^^tj.ere ' st fe^w aci4-fa-C-e^ worxieT! seTrtsa: lor the b-wr that r.-ajs TO g:o to I>octor Jarr»e«' favorite mfftetori, rn*d*? "a KtimuUttin^r afternoon," Jean 1*t them in; the Scotch *ave the rigl^J heaven for she hoped. *n<3 of .everyone. •*v* Mf*e G-ertrtKle, There wer« fjo-wera, ]ett*r«r «.«<S a e».t>I«itram for Mtae' ^tarsh*. --Jean «Ai<J- Mar- Bh«, looked at tb* flowem. "T<*B <Mtn" ptit ife<»m Sn x'sis"?« if you f««l Sikft Jt, J*«o," 0he mur- Tb«n «ti« h*s$<ate<j. *;f J'il »rr«,«»ir« S3s*«e yoj«etfj w to wty »<)•' <t,,f -*-* 1 «=he res.5- I = „„ _ „ , i *\.est at Comtnerce. sent voti tnes^ fio'svers be- i 3ms ? Misses AdsH and Virginia K«a- Fhat * 3r!e ?" are ^aStinc' Mr. Mrs. v, 0 ^ r I Ha Train in Dallas. | A, M. .Hoissan i« visiting h.i» t-rotlsers at Colorado. ter Burrie asd ACKOSV U SrtaM psrt* Solution ct Ye«tert:*y'« cause I have sent seleeeion to rev should tell voc " ust the mother. omethir.s of ! "nave thought of you ingr second since our drlv. _ . I've come to the conclusion that [ CHTjtoa, JTenn.. and -Mr- a-nd Mrs. •srhJle most men ^oul-i b« more en. j Alorczo .nuniaii of AndersonvlII«. tertainins. r,on« could be more ] Tenn.. viKite^ John Burras h*re. a happy with you than J am, | farnjjy reunion b-ir^ heM. **Per3iay>s tfiat ^rili mea.n some- f f^ranK vvneeter Is vlBitiny ilr- thsn?- T hop« E-.-, for :t m«a.n«i TV- ] SJr». V.*, F. Roberts of Ltiffcta- to rne. I've been trr-'ing: f Hoy Chane" *?ra^ accoirspaui^i to shorten the day by hurry/ng. It helped a lot to sec you thc5e few minutes this Tnorruns-. You'll never kaow ho-w beautiful you ar«? a.r,d in all the ways that count most. Then. "Toara, Bob." his flo'srera to see them blurred. She . Taan't beautiful in any way that counted, she was certain. She •sras 'beautiful only tr? -ways that made » great «3ea! of trouble for : her and for others. Bob Powers had mad* h«;r aware of the troll- 's frorn TJallas by IS-Ir. 5Jnf. J. E. Little and «on -who v?s!tins Mr. and Mm. Ma^c <t~. Sh* * short, sharp wank back to think. The Tra.« Gec-f fr*r- ; * * * roan who H* n*v«r pr«jt*nd^d sh* •w.- half decent; h« na'd. on •wjindpr. but I'll come bsrk Deiilah. we're Rutted; ^"^ b In her way, *h«s lovd r "J'J ram. Ke ntig-ht not Joote h*r «p I rtj?h* a'wa.y; norrt*tlme« he did not and «h« new him w«»JI enooyh to know that an spp^*! would make him turn awar- Sfte "would not mak* that appeal, she tindftretood. Gf-offrey r.o*> w«li to. -plsy Jrrto ht» ha.n«J« fhwt way. led. and not on Oof?r*> count. Bob Fo^rera. if Rhu would corn* mnrjinjj with *. hcom *Jje h«4 n«v*r met him . , „ Bob Power* w»j* "abe«r4ty s*>od/* o»j* could j»««; »n<l It -Traw dovs-rtri^ht to have anyone «up» (To FRIDAY 13th IS A Lucky Day TO .VI'J'fc,Nl> THE THEATRES OF PARIS The Personality Kid Pat <yBrf*?o CrfcjtwJj* At The The Oe*t Flirt»bo*i At Th« Ariaon* T -'IS. Prosoca U«L , il8. By family of; ,-Ii. B» 21. Fig '3£. Copy 33. Kot to fotiod ia offic* SS- Dock ST. 29. Salt fiy Flat cap* 41. F«B3lsJi:* atetaiara* -44. Tor «xa=sj>!»: ««otiess»a DOWN i. 3. Drafts 2o 25 7 a 22

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