Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1975 · Page 59
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 59

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1975
Page 59
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Page 59 article text (OCR)

12-D—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Thursday Evening, April 3, 1975 Braves May Be Hard Pressed To Equal '74 Performance WKST PALM BKACH, Flu. ihe N'm.ional CAP) — The Atlanta Braves, j standings, minus one of baseball's all-time! groats for the first time in '22 \. League West surrounding the record home, 'run feats of Henry Aaron and The Braves had their second- the presence of the Los Angeles est season in the last decade; Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds in no-tthe same division. matched that of Bast champion Pittsburgh, but left the Braves 14 games off the pace of the National League champion Dodgers and "10 games behind division runnerup Cincinnati. oiTTi'ie"fiel'd" vv'ithoui''results in'ticcable because of the hoopla• In fact. Atlanta's 83-74 record! Aaron and the Braves parted Physicians 'Key 9 To Padre Season ? ~j company on unfriendly terms i a f t e r the aging slugger 'slammed his 7H3rd career home run on his final trip to the plate a Braves' uniform. He was Lum and Dave Johnson, are lodged in a. duel foj 1 the tirsl base spot. The outfield should be with GaiT in left, Fleet Rowland Office in center and veteran Dusty .Baker in right. Lum also is available for outfield duty along with Dave May, acquired in the Aaron trade with Brewers. Barrel! Kvans, „ . — ..^.. „,„..„, who slipped traded to the Milwaukee Brew-i from a ^eer.^!, <n home jers during tlie winter. runs in 197 <. to 2 <5 last year, is : Clyde King begins his first secure at third base and is At- j full .season as Atlanta manager, inwfuv. i. nc * vm,->o tn nvmHHn 'having taken over at the All-! jSlar break last season when jKddie Mathews was fired. Kins \U.MA. Ai-i/. (AP> The. on lln-ei- key men for the Sani.tre Diego Padres this coming base-, old " nun li\c Cadres [guided the Braves to a around :;? and it's doubllul whtihor his;mark down the stretch. either trying to overcome:historically brittle injuries or trying to elude'take much more. knees can The Braves, i handed power needed best hope to provide power. Former short- minus hitter, a right-! may be season ivuiy Bauer, Paul Davidson and Rob- r>ri llubcnsU'in— the team stop Marty Pcrex, coming ofl his best •ever season with a average, will operate at seconc base. ^0-13, and Capra, 8, head the pitching staff. Another starling assignment, goes to right-hander Carl Morton, 1(5- VI last year, and rookie southpaw Jamie Easterly is making ither the a strong bid for the final spot! In the rotation. .; The biff'ost iiuestion is'; ir Easterly falters, that job) their first two Another man'wilh back prob-;whether th(Tpilchin K staff is as|could n go tojmy oMhreejetor-1 bitters, in exchange'lems is third baseman Daveigooil as it appeared to be last ans— well be Paulllhe effects ol' advancing age. \Vith Colbert gone to Detroit hard-pressed to equal last the Padres wore,'for pitcher Bob Strampe and year's performance and it ap- Rob- Last vcai 1 . the I'adres wore lor pucnor HOD airampe :mu yc<u ?. |ji.-i lummuuc <uiu. n. «i/- phy-'last in 'ihc National League in;outfielder Dick Sharon. Bobby|P&U's unliKely, even wilh con- pitchin" and batting. IhirdiTolan is supposed to take over j tinned improvement, they will base when McCovcyjbe able to overtake -=" — l -~ lav. Tolan. is coming! l:tocl " ors Ol< Rctls - and an out-; Roberts. He suffered through a Manager .John McNi.marai'•<>«! '» lielrhng. at fpcls the Padres have the im- 1 To rectify Urn Sim Diego cloesn t play proved pitching, hitting and traded away Nate Colbert and oil knee surgery, fielding they need to esc; I'clliir of the National r—- West for the first, time sinceM'or six pitchers they joined Ihc NL in 1900. "cl(lei Ailer losing 102 of IK.' Kame.s I •!«•: . . slraVln seasons. Sair second baseman Derrcll 'I horn-.; Iraimn " as i'oi 1 veteran second baKCinan worse. cisixi Giants. growled Padres' ,,,,.. t . .,-..,, Of Ihe new pitchers, right- Kroc. "We may open the sea-. c for • discouraging .'M!7 season last also traded off speedy.year and so far Ibis veai 1 . Phil XieUro was one of D **>{<•• Rone or Gary Gentry. Each was side-; are g owner two Diego bus nowhere cl^e to yo but up. There's even optiniisiii- lalk among the management about finishing as high as third this * t ' ason - beinj , ( . mmU!(1 ;i,iU:ls"'rrom the Ailanla Braves. Up until this week. Bcckerl-; mly two :>n-gi»mc winners in lined last year with injuries his spring!the National League and alsoi The bullpen should be in good vcar has been i''' in ' s ' iei l sct ' ont l '" the league in shape, anchored by left-hander cbined-run average behind Tom House, who had 11 saves •; teammate Ray i little •-'" the and a 1.92 ERA last year, and Leon, reliever Danny Kriscila son wilh Glenn Bechcrt at third: . . , ' • f 1 » • i t» llOllC.oltiol'jv.oL. s a sore arm and a painful,base. Bw:/. Capra, ander who captured riglit-liancter Max 01" Atlanta fans by had a 2.64 ERA. nine straight vie-' "To overtake the two teams jthat •finished ahead of us lasjt But the players Li I tic Dribblers All-Stars Named The 'Braves He also brings a ~>.l-t earned trying out the finger and anklej)^ run average. he damaged last year—was| Sonny Sicbert, one of three;only expected to see spot duty, former St. Louis Cardinal pitch-' '['he outfield appears two- also NL's feature leading season, it's going to take an awfully strong effort all year ers now with the Padres, won; thirds set with powerful Dave Aaron. Thc All-slurs eight and losi cighl last year. \VinfieId and John Grubb. twor^kjiValion. Nickro signed He's 38. young bitters. Sharon seems t°l$joo t ooo pact. Veteran Padre reliever'have the edge lor the third |' A t lant(l ' S starting lineup ap- Vkcnte Romo is 31. -So is: spot, followed by Gene Lock-|. paars to bc Bet - m [; V e positions, ! P'uentrs. who the Padres expect lear and Randy Elliot. ; witll battles still on for the oth- !lo makp their infield rcspccl- Kn/o Hcrnanriex, the team's| ev lnl . ec . 'able. only real base-stealing threat,! Larvell Blanks, who has o!" the reasons the Giants seems like a shoo-in at short-'spent parts of the past three a .ii53 a\"-(long," says King. "Excellence, s itic highest paid!consistently. That, though, isn't the departure of!impossible." outfielder won a , n Atlanta Braves .$114,500 annual .salary through At A Glance UH .inisJi-Tnu<j ,x«t-:o ni i •oin the l.ubboc-k divisions hint; been cnoscn .slate playoff Frict:i> and S; day in Wolt'forth. .... . The ail-staiv will r.-present reportedly were willing to part ..... Lubbock in the Junior. Major v ill] Kuenics was ihat he had a try _ ,ncJ Senior Divisions ol lh«! bad h ai -k. lie's no. as fas »s Hernande/..|take the shortstop job away I j^ i**^™^ "ft* ^ Atm \Vcsl. Texas olavolfs, which will siu«"in n first baseman Willie 1>llt " e ' ms harder. ilrom Craig Kolnnson. , ra , iei ..poj,,-,. pitcher Jamia Ea^icfU Kick off at Sa.m. n-icl«y. MoCoTVlod "the team in home . Of last years haltered ^teU-^ Rookie Biff Poc-orobajs g,v- «^i.« B«f{ j™.^.^ »..-,, If the Lubbock teams win in-, * i,,^< ,,nni. n/;tv> •'•' hn(- UP'-J ing stall. i. The Padres may want toi scasO ns on the rosier, is off to young Bill Almon there. j u good spring He's not as fast ivs Hernande/..jtake the shortstop and job a way I siieiiglli.i-Withing of knuuklelwllei I Phil Niekro and reliever Tom consistent liitlinj of P.slpli C!»rr, nolenlial power of Dhi-rrtl Evan?, cvcrllcnt speed, csi>ocially in o:itfic!d. V.'tak nesses— Lack proven power hilici with the trade of Hank Akron, nilulin? m\Kl develop consistency, cleten.-e tc- . the playoffs, scheduled to be played in the Frcnship Ui.^h -School gymnasium, they wHl advance to the national tournament scl for nest week in Lev filland. :nl]is ' youngsters Dave vcar with 22. but he's mg stall. youngsters uave Freislebcn. Dan Spillner and C,, n "" ) P/(f/rcS " . / drift : " " \jl(tl\l, t I.I RKiK'K .VI.I.-VVMt^ hminr UuHiun (!) A- 10i- -K 1 ". r,K\\. UKiiny Canlu L'uii i Saint „•,, I-Y,!-!,.-^. i.rwnf \yrst. ^ tli| -iin!i!i > '''i<iid 1 '!ioh"nv ftU , V , M: ^, ,.,,,, .t..,.,, """* :-l?vr nobcit^^Mj. C'.Ln CaniplicM. I'hiis .-'c-ri'i Prliv. i 1 :',.'. .-lir.'Mlloy. K«!l> Hill. It? llan-.nv. Co;i!:lu •—\r-nnoili ll'.'iHn ami lur.a <>uci icrj. :;i-n:c,i Divisi(ii) (K ft H, -r,-\\ AM- r!:cu-. A!;iTk Gibsojl. VVui^N-.n f:ii^-on. R.andy Jones figure to return as job. starters, with Siebert and per-! haps ex-Cardinal Alan Foster rounding out (he starling rota- nv .vun.Mui ti° n Fred Kcntlall and C'hri? Can-, r:riie-'»' r.Vrli: nix/arro will handle the catch-i 'tl-i 1>il io" ! iii«"i'n d '' ins r' '^ me ^' ( ' an sw - v healthy.) '""''The Padres had problems keep-j .™!! 0l ioM/, 1 . ) "u^-'ing healthy catchers last year.! Bob Davies is trying out the] wrist he broke in 1074. One Ihin? San Diego ing returning .starter Vic. Cor- reil a battle for the catching And two veterans. Mike INK wno *§»&. yBBSl- apnearancea oti rosier in past reasons. : 19i5 forecast—Third in another 1 battle < wilh cst^bliihed division powers L<M An-. Wles anrt Cincinnati. Iryins In could Kchrcr. ncnlon llo.^<\ :<<tM ^ V'.'.-jHi.! Willi:,ni-. Dc'j;- \Vi!)i;im-n r'r:^-t. flnynir.-.ti [Vlin:'- 1 . '..".'Hi-u n^.-icaii .".uJ C'j:i>' I'.'Jlti;'^-..-. iTilayi'is wlio arp unin'O% 1 "s>U T ]'-.l(Jfr: —^lill'lillX pilCIl' I ; Mill K'V" ! tfr Hivl Koiir.y siolii'il. Ip'V.ii i-r-'lil-Ji.iiirt.. ,cis; liKlu-lianilod veliovci t>aiin> Ki •i~olla | b J- 3 v about last year, j.™i!ji 1 i'"i l | L .hamiI- i i»" <: r.oi> lc! L ! twrapr" a.ui'"'BuH.hi amaxingly. was attendance. iMMHjMMv.i.'ci.^^comii h;,«nian TH» Kncnics. j-r|, e Padres drew 1.075.399 pay- yTl^^'^'iTV''^^.'^]-'^-'^";''; ,uY,:, r micvMif.'ing fans to their home games. '^'''ir^o'ihc; 1 ^'"?!!'?,^' 111 ' """' ^" Jir " l: averaging just over 1-1.000. | f>^55S5&£ > &£&te&£^^ Fresh ways to save cash. The ciean,f resh The April Fresh feeling of Zest, smell of Downy JO «»( TAKE THIS COUPON TO YOUR STORE 20=1 SAVE20 C when you buy : 2 Super Size*or i 3 Bath Size I No sticky soap film with Deodorant Zest. You feel fresh and clean all over. Cleaner than soap. Isn't it time you gave up soap for Zest? Downy doesn't just soften clothes. 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