The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 17, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Monday, November 17, 1924
Page 6
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PAGTv STX. JHE HUTCHINSON NEWa V, NOVEMBER 17, 1924 SHERMAN JUNIOR HIGH NEWS (Edited by the Students of Sherman Junior High School) OBSERVE WEEK SHERMAN'S SOCIETIES Special Programs in all Classes For Educational Week This Week. HI-EX. ! i Lois I'lllllillH.I , Hug! Illng! j All aboard: , 1 i o in <' wlili mo on the train, In- Idustry, In a lit I lo iinc-horso town ber 1 i Hj vii-t ii- M iiiillin .'iilMiia! »,vk iM -gins Kducnt (.im .i *i i'!v 1 )1 ; rn I'll in lllllrhill: Xovrtu- 1 -1 11"! nil, bll' i ' PHILOMATH I AN. (Trela Dale) Have you decided what your life's work will bo? Hnil you been In the last I'll Ho meeting. Monday you would probably have decided to bo a fanner. Agriculture was tho i known us lh ,V .'hl'.i«..i'.-..ot I ho | B;™ rn ' «l» for discussion, and I , ... | Its special forms, general farming, stock-raising, dairying anil truck fanning were explained by the boys. The girls were not neglected. Tiny were told of tho requirements both physical nnd educational needed by one who aspires to be a stenographer, u nurse, or a saleswoman. nil' [IMI^M ssivo illy of today. I) u t to,.-ii mad" up of a living stable, :':i,r r> store, anil a home or two. hi. litt ; e town was founded by C. Ilioilijii'iii in 1ST.'!, and has be- mil' the "sail roller" of the world. , t'i'ii'hn tor t'oia liavis of our ear all over the rnuntry. Vaiiotts plans | .,,„, K , v ,^ , )s ,],,. history of Hutch- s tit I iiisiin. Mr. Klr.vil Steinbeck guides have been luaili Sherman, ior nil the ,-la: s - Up n Hi,- v. Cat ion: l-Vsl: in tie- rial pi rln 1- laid i its thi'.imh the i -livr- i',o -1 . 'ii V. orin> kliip. Vi.i'a'.i'.liai tt Fourth; Ktliiml eliai l-'it!h; I-'III.I!;,!!!' n'ai ;-.I.I: W.oihy it -i' of dc -f .onnd salt . BEAVERS. ,t liie straw- (.lean Murphy) William liver- In the last, six weeks contest for ii.t into th'.' points in scholarship, the Heavers neck and neck with the I,. K. .-• from t!.. car .vindow -i j 1'. S. grmip until the last when the inii-.Mii 1 Hip and see long i leavers gained a little on us. f-'owiiV. I ! bring lit.11 • ill hi :'i 'in' . -..i.i' Which there w t.-n i f.tupo..ii i. object n (in. with'. i t tee ,111-.:-, v. it it l! tltl'l tin Icr'-pill!.. v. ill he sir.-.-,.•.]. Kllftll-ll ••l .'S .-r.--. . I lii'll -.viil he in ih-al ^ \iil! t:il • h. ..-,1„T tU'.ll! ;nil\ t .i i:i-. . un:a^ v, ie- ell I'.Vii in l '.,i;-' !.•;. en wheat flash a; • y takes this oppor- a- se ae statistics on W leave Hutrhin- " 'lii.i distance and — || ' • ti -.•.til b ' „r:lt i .iIJS nil till' ri, Mirh in'' s a- In ell 1 11 r.\ u .li'l"'.-.- li!" th' • l-ll- 1' tit the X> \! -ton. i lin -hitisnn. 1!"2 11 Ad A'.tta per Aspera. it'.- iii-o the oir, story Oi' l-luti hiuson's glory. A vh-tutv toiij.'ht for and won; \V' 're th.niii'iil we live here, I 'tir I'-II- city has grown dear. An I we c,.e lliitrh and .Sherman as one. Work and more work Is what the Heavers stand for and tl.ey mean t make the extru points themselves this time. The program Monday Nov. 10 was in ....urge of the leventh gradJ. aid all showed themselves to bo promising orators, .lean Adams and I'orothy llnrlaiiil made very lnter- ing talks on the subject of trees, l.etha Ynrdley and Helen High cave some very Interesting Information about flowers. IN CONTEST Total of 117 Have Entered in -the Home Lighting Contest. ITEMS OF INTEREST AT SHERMAN JUNIOR HIGH The geography classes under Miss Hildebrand, are studying the map of Europe, and are making mnps of their own. Tho best ones will be entered Into a map exhibit to bo shown during Educational Week. n i-l u'.ll-l '•ien<-v !. 'I'm Hit Millie!'! 'iie id'- li. • th- lll:-r eft e-ii-ll' ' HI h. l.-hl 111 the Wrakllr -s in ll Tiiu history rharts and posters ill a list nl' the wa tory may infliioni'. pe. I i\ es. Miss 11 Ktigiish i ['.-...'s sir Alri-riiaiii of \'enii. ailll I'l,-111 DlCR l-'iru i. '.."lis i. ml at;. m. : DIE BESTE. (I'Yauces Dawsnnt | The topic for discussion in our I meeting this week was "Local In. ilu-dries." ; A very Interesting talk was given "'inc. i by Mr. Kelly, of the Kelly Milling :'l-'cd. The:, won the volley ball! compai.y, on the Flour Industry at line against the Apnlios. lleware | our last meellng. Since oniv a EXCELGIOR. I Kit a Warn-li) Tl.e I-lxeelsiors iire doing ci! i'/.-' efhii-al Initlis. and the pl'ep"!' '-ineJnvHe-Ilt "'" le!sm'e. ' Tli -si.i af - the true ,. -,|i |eni ional oil- | jeitives, and while they iire al-.viiys ! fj,, stresxel in M-!IM'I 1 i'.iiii,-, thi-i week: they shall g.-t .-p--' ial n'lentioii. i Miss 1 leni!'-. riei'.s in a t h i- 111 :i t ies <]u^.'s are eeiiii: to 'tiidy pi-nhlenis that ,],-,i| w::h the ii'iini.' ami :,>i> have ^.H 'l-tiil lopii -s on the coin- iiutnily. iiilnly .mil st.'i'e. .l-'roti! th'-:,-. [.-''iTts, |i ,)l -U -nis having to do uilh t 'le ex;e -:is.s of the state, sni -h the ]iavii,;' el sir.-t-is, ,-ir.. will pe v .i .i-Ked .nit. The i -hics elapses will i:ivr !-•;.,-: iuI reports on , . Hesie.' Tliey are going to do , ^ will make • ihrir hrsi against you, too. Their md a'.-n bring j y.ioKi'.'iin Nov. 1't was on "Civic in whli-h ills- | tfrhnol Life" and consisted of short the eeM >n oh- i spf.-.'i-h( s. The next one will he •>th until" I "1,,,,-al industries." Hut even during these serious mailers, they do not i'orcet to have some fun chasing Flunks. Tln-ir purpose Is not to i .iti'h them, however, but to get rid of them. Another Important fart, is thai they haven't had any tanlles the past week. Isn't that The md hauhoe, storlr-i, ll'ipe to Ie. aitiil'ul living, very few' of us knew much about this Industry we were very glad to find out just how It is carried o". and as Mr. Kelly said we are ne" er too young to start learning new things. We know* now that Kansas makes the best bread from the best flour, from the best wheat in the world, and that Kansas produces this wheat in abundance. After Mr. Kelly's talk a cheer was given him by our new cheer leader and the nice-ting adjourned. Father and Son Banquet at T (By Roy Johno). The pi'o'.'iani committee of the Junior lii-Y met last Monday and mado plans for a father and son he "wVai'lons" one 'would 'like to i , ' an 'I" ct ; " w111 1)0 held lit the int.v, and the u.uaiifira:ions of j ,', '-• A -.™ 1'niluy, Nov. 21 at earl,. Festers on health will he Jf • i '\''\" x mad.', whit, te:, minutes , p „„ Mr. J. W. Oowans will preside I'u-i-i- peri.,,! will ho taken to .lis- l ls l"i>«t>nasier. Mr. Weesner has ins i Mh iihj-rii'e ' '" as ' cei ' 10 K |vc a talk on the On Friday', a spreial paean, will • relationship between father and he liejtt linriii.e rltapi-!. which is under the supervision of Miss HendrlrU. The Iheme i \i ,|-.e page hike was postponed from Thursday to Tuesday, Nov. IS. The program for education week was discussed and posters and parts wore assigned to different girls of the association who have charge of the health division of the program. (Elizabeth Hlse) Much Intorcst Is being shown In the. Homo Light Ins contest, which In open to any child regularly enrolled in a public or private school, and who Is ten years old or older. At present 117 students have enrolled for the contest at Sherman. The required things to be done to complete the contest are to report the investigation o! the lighting equipments In three homes, cut out fixtures for lighting shown in the Trimer and paste them in such a position on the pictures in Hie book that the room would be properly lighted, and last, to write an essay of not more than find words telling the change each Individual would make in tho lighting of his own home in order to have it lighted properly. Already many students have finished their primer and nro starting on their essays. All local contests must be closed by December 1. Local judges will choose the winners. These will be represented in the International contest which will take place on December 15, 1A24. There will not only ho local prizes offered by the electrical Industry of Hutchinson, but there will be eleven international prizes to he competed for by local winners. Loral prizes will include: 1—Hadlola 1I1-A. complete with bead phones and loud speaker. $95. 2—Silk shaded floor lamp, }30. 3—Silk shaded bridge lamp, JIG. 4—Hot Point waffle iron. $15.75. 5—Hot Point Hedlite heater, 510.50. 6—Boudoir lamp, flO, 7—Decorated student lamp, $7.50, S—K.istman pocket kodak, $0.50. 1*—Adjustolamp, $5. ID—Nickel plate flash light, $3.50. International prizes are as follows: First prize—$15,000 electrical homo to be erected from model plans, on lot furnished by tho winner. Two second prizes, 1 boy, 1 girl— The "8-111 English class will have a treat this week which will differ from any other school work at Sherniau. "Tiey attended tho movie "Abraham Lincoln" In a line party. This will be a part of their class work, as they uro studying tho life of Lincoln. , It Is interesting to note that Don Shaffer, speaker at last week's assembly, an ox-soldier, Is tho brother of Kenneth Shaffer, who Is ono of our prominent students. —x— Tho 7B English classes are (nk-'SDI's Ins up "The Courtship of Miles Standlsh", and In connection with this they will make an Intensive study of Longfellow. The 8H English classes, after an intensive study of tho life of Lincoln, put on several plays not long ago, characterizing the Incidents nnd exciting moments of his life. The volley ball games every evening after school are well attended by the boys. What can this mean? tlon of sketches and portraits of Abraham Lincoln. Spenklni; of collections, the geographical collection in Miss Wide- brand's room is the most complete In the school. It contains everything from a pair of mlnlaturo wooden shoes to u largo sponge, nnd Includes a groat many articles, which are not only helpful to the students but very Interesting. Somo of the gym classes are taking up tho discussion of the dress of Junlo*. High school girls and bettor health habits. A contest between Miss Doles' 81)4 and Miss Wolcott's 8136 history classes was held Wednesday. Tho tjuestlons covered the whole formation of our constitution. Tho score was 23 to 31 in favor of the Tho 7B's ore studying Feudalism. They had an exciting tluio one morning storming a castlo. —J— Some very good pictures nnd I sketches are being drawn In Miss " liowls' !>B English classes. Each student Is required to make three sketches of scenes taken from Ivnnhoe. They nre havliiK exciting recitations now, for they are reading about the attack on the castle. The English class under Miss liogue has been making a collec- Music Work In the Community Students In the Drawing classes are so enthusiastic over their work that thoy oven offer to come back after school - and work; a very strange hnppening. The songs which will bo used especially to emphasize the alms of music during Education Week are: Star Spangled Banner, America, Tho Beautiful; Stars nnd Strips Forever, My Dear Old Dad; True Happiness, Well Spent, The Joy of Harvest, l'ippa's Song, The Swing, When 1 Go Out on My Wheel, Kind Words Can Never Die, Craddle Song, The Trout and others. Upon the class Initiative In selecting suitable numbers, A campaign to encourage the study and performance upon some instrument will be conducted. Each student In vocal class music will be given a chance to perform for the clnss upon any instrument. that ho is acquainted with. A third lesson, or drill upon the plnao keyboard will be given, to encourage selfdnstruc- tfon upon the tune of familiar songs and hymns will bo used. \RorabauqhWileys Wednesday—Suburban Day Sterling vs. McPheraon Foot Ball Game At Hutchinson. Plan to Attend 24th Anniversary Sale Special** good Ideas, our folks will begin asking our opinion on subjects. If, for Instance, mother wants to buy a rug and asks us which of those shown we like best, and we say that we suppose one Is as good as the other or that we don't know, she will soon stop consulting us. We should be able to tell what we think nud why we think so. Education means scholarship. This was what schools were established for. in order to get along, to make a living, everyone must $1200 scholarship in an American i know such things ns reading, or Canadian college of accepted i arithmetic, and writing. You can- standard. ; not reach the higher planes of cul- ; son. Mr. Weesner spoke cm this j subject before and his talk was so much enjoyed that he has been an, wiil he to show how these oh- j " UmI revcMU. The advisory iertives nre n-alizul in .-thermal. ••»«""<"-* "'11 be preserit, and the | ' members will give short addresses on the value of observing father and son week. The music will be niinisheil by an orchestra composed of Sherman and High school students. Tickets may lie boueht for forty rents from ticket sellers on the school ground. It Is hoped that everyone will try to get his tickets by Wednesday, .Nov, IS, so that a "cheek may he made on the number coming. The members are boosting for at l.-.isi tifty fathers and their sons | in attendance, and with the help of ( the students of stiierman they know ; th.-y ran put it over. it re Junior hl',h si hoot, l-'.arh objective, will ha 1 ..' an •-pUnile, while th" three "KV uill also lake a phl.-e. Also It will he shown, throtiiili surh studies as manual (raining and drav.-thc. our natural plu^e u\ the voea, tonal v.-orhi Is. Al! the friends am! relatives of the stud.-n:s are eordially invited to attend the (-iasse-i iluriag l-Min-a- tion.'il Week, ami see what ihe students arc doing. Echoes From the Gym (By James Lewis). | t.'u.ieh llusti.n's eleven won ihe. last iainl'- that waii seheiUiled iov thlt- season when ,hey defeated] F.lDorado junior high J'J to 0 in a hard fought gone on Friday. No-; v eiiiher 7th at EIDorado. ! Thi- . i .iiiiil,-ti s the li'"l se .i-,.1, for ir'herlnan although H leaves tie- rity rhantpiotiship undecided. I' IIMV br said that Sherman has ..el .' surrrssi'.il football year. Out of all the games played only "lie was lost and another ,led, h '.t -t of these games beine with Liberty, ijttlte a nun,her of roaeh llusiert's men. who weie on the sqiim! ih!s iiiir, will he hail; ii^aiti ne\t fall; howen r, ,ni .s, of • fir.'f team ie. :i will he a, S.-ninr hieh when lh. n,.\-l i.i-i,:i:-.iu season open.--. With football "lit /f the v.'.-.y the r'";, spurt ,i. runi^i.ii 't rev atten. lion \- hasV .et h; il. The reenl'ir 1 I" ' ire al : ..- ru.iin w 'II to ,, i -.i n- nie'iee until i.-'i^r TlMtiV-ovivinc Arronliug to tinfoil Huston, a new plan is to be trhv.1 out (or this year. The riiief i,i -,i *i I his pi,in is to give every boy nho desires il an i ppi-rtiMii'y ,o jifay bash,'(ball. A!! till' In - S tilll, COie „••« Uti-< S.'ll .11.1 '..-ill he pill.. -'1 oil a :- 1. Ml- III! tan s,a, < that he experts their will he ahoui u or more Iraats Practical Work • by Student Girls "Wh.-ie. or where is thai appetizing aroma of onions " coming from'."' So ran Ihe thoughts of .Miss I loss's English rlnsse-" Wednesday morning Hess Included, i They cordially invite the SA domestic science class to put the dumb waiter to work and send them a treat next time they make onion stew, for fear those in the loom ahove die of starvation. The 8As are also studying cuts of bei-f .".lid how to cook lhein. The I'M domestic art classes are ti-ing their time profitably in be- roniing familiar with rot ton materials. Samples are mounted in their notebooks, and they must, then learn tne name, width, cost and description of each. They must he able lo identify at least two dozen dif- It-rent mail rials. Girl Reserves Elect Officers (Dy Frances Cubhage.) Tiie seventh and ninth grade tllenilce Clare Snyderl Practical Application of Music In Our Community. The particular aim of the last half year of eighth.grade listening lessons, is the summarizing in a practical Interesting way of all points pursued in -the course of listening lessons. The youth living, at present. In a city, has so many great opportunities for attending good musical programs, BUch as a hand concert, professional artists, school lyceuiu programs and church choirs. The youth has his ow'u opinions—these should be. controlled by intelligence and as a conclusion to the above conditions the SA listening course has been planned. The student to collect and bring into the cluss room, programs, of performances ns printed In ihe dally newspapers.'These are then analyjzed and studied. A coniiulltee prepares and Passes out the "programs." They are prepared just as regular recital programs. These programs are studied and discussed nnd the best programs are studied and discussed. The committee preparing the program for the "listening lesson" this week is: Lillian Burdlck, Dora Trent and Iluth Stnpletou. Tho subject is American Music. Two third prizes, 1 boy, 1 girl— $C00 scholarship in an American or Canadian college of accepted standard. Two fourth prizes, 1 boy, 1 girl— $r,00 scholarship in an American or Canadian college of accepted standard. Two fifth prizes, 1 boy, 1 girl- tttre without this foundation The lost objective, and perhaps the most important in education 'a the building of a fine character. Our characters nre shaped so gradually 'hat we do not notice the change. We are building this even from the kindergarten days. There we begin to learn self-control. er kinds of material used; in the manual training department. Greek Meets Greek. The Phllomuthlana and Marathons played their second game Wednesday afternoon. The score was 13 to 12 In favor of the Phllo- mathlans. The friends showed Just a trifle belter term than the runners. ^048 Yards Regular 30c Value \ 32-in. Fancy Zephyr Gingham, Yd. 19c ThU is a full case of 2048 yard* of good quality zephyr J gingham bought especially for our 24th Anniversary Sale. Full 32-inches wide; pretty plain colors, fancy plaids and checks in beautiful color combinations. This is a regular 30c quality—special at the yard, 19c I Case 2000 Yard. White Pajama Checks $300 scholarship In nu American or When we first start to school, we Canadian college of accepted stan-! hardly kfnw he" to get itlonK la j dard. [ the crowd. We want the best of Two sixth prizes, 1 boy, 1 girl—| everything; we may even pull hair $300 scholarship In an American or I if we don't get what we want; we Canadian college of acceptul stan-j talk out loud, and know little about dard. A REAL EDUCATION. TO LECTURE ON THE PHILIPPINES. V. H. Sheldon, former supervising teacher of tho Philippine Islands, will appear In the second number of the lyceaum course this afternoon in Sherman auditorium. Mr. Sheldon, having been iu the islands eight years, came with valuable information concerning the iKituio and customs of the people. The Important question of Philippine Independence w*as discussed. The students were delighted to hear about the wild animal life In tho "Garden Isles" of the China Sea. This lecture was humorous, instructive and Intensely interesting. t'he will thru have a vour. l-l li: ''' H .'i -'-i'v .s met Wednesday | t-ohi'i tout-nan ""it. In th!-< of I afternoon lo elrrt th-lr otrieers for a to irniimt.-in every t.'iiii will pl.'vl'h'' coming year. The following .Hi'! ni' the other mm- t.-am .-i. iiv "ere o'leeted. ran readflv si -e the, this will giv-i Seventh Crade: President, Eliza- the hoys n rival deit ii'ore real Mil Ferguson: secretary, Dorothy practice than an elimination tmir- Lyman; treasurer. Harriet (iood- iin".'.'!!!. win', reporter, riorolhy Foarl. Couch Huston will have some ev. Ninth tirade-. President. Alice ceedinglv good niileriiil to »•,„••, Font nci; leeretary, Carol Cost; with this year. Chapman, who treasurer. Hath !loaydantl. jumped center fer Sherman last J — - - veui-; and Waiie.-aian nnd SW:.II-I r NEW BOOKS IN THE . on- ran guards, will he hark a in j SHERMAN LIBRARY, this season m help make Sh -r-1 man 's rigl-t to the basketball rliam Sherman has bail a fine addition idonsblp limine alonnhle. I'm',' r '»•> »* already well-stocked library. Wniilnll. and Wilcnxeii. who were: The new hooks Include fifty-four Ciirpeiiier'n Cooeraphlcnl Headers iiiion on lii' 1 . "u Aiia. Africa. F.uropr, and Aus- jtiiJlitf. thirty pamiihlels and sis hooi il on rlvics. ARMISTICE DAY AT SHERMAN HIGH ; econd team no u last year, will he flpli :•• herd for a p lirsl t en Ml. F Hue good |\:-o. r in new' material are It. Wolf. Wolf, Zitnialt. and I Ian n. :..>. (By Kathleen La Bounty). What is education? Are you gcttiug all of It? There are seven important objectives that are essential to a real education. The first is citizenship. The first training In this wo get in the civics classes. There we learn not only the privileges, but tho duties of a citizen. Wo learn there how laws are made, and how our officers are chosen. We see by comparison that our school is just, like u little country. While! WB are learning to be good students, to serve when called upon, to respect the rules of the school, we are preparing to serve our country in the same way, and to respect our country's laws. The second step in education Is preparation for a vocation. .Many of us have probably not thought very seriously about the work we will take up after leaving school. A real education gives us a chance to find out our ability and fits us to make a success of the work we choose. The third objective In education Is to teach children not only the value of gid health, but how to be healthy amT strong. No one can fulfill his whole duty to his. country if he lias poor health. In the first place, lie cannot do bis share of the work of the world, and. second, he becomes a burden to his fellows. Someone else must do what he should have done, and someone must provide for him. In our gymnasium we learn the value of exercise, of careful die,, and of proper clothing. Most of ns talte gym because we like to play. We have probrbly given little thought to the great, good we derive from the letisons taught there. The fourth objective is worthy use of leisure. We find that rest con be as beneficial as work time. Our study of literature teaches us to turn from cheap, trashy novels nnd to 111! our spare minutes by rending something worth while. We have had a real education if we ! have learned to enjoy good books. respect for rules. In a short time 1 we find, that only by considering the rights of others, can we he I sure that we will receive like cot j sidcration. Our characters ore h I Ing shaped all the time, and iimoti the best influences wo have tr those of the school. I would just like to know ho many of the children who read ti article think they are getting it real education. Ask yourselves t": question. If the answer is "no." find out CUP reason and seek the lemedy. School days soon go by; make the best of thera while yet you have time. 19c This is a case—2000 yards of white pajama checks. A good quality 68x72 count construct!on. A J special purchase of Mill End Remnants in 2 to 10 yard lengths. A regular 35c value. Bought for our 24th Anniversary Sale, and selling at the yard, 19c Special prices SMALL SIZE MEDIUM SIZK $3.95 $4.95 LARGE SIZE $5.95 "Wear-Ever* x Aluminum Si Roaster Hlretchen Schaudt.) A special assembly was held on Armistice Day, at Sherman high Tuesday, November 11, to celebrate school. Miss Kirkmau led us ill two souns—"The Star Spangled Ban nor" and. "The Iluttle Hymn ot the i good pictures, and good music. Republic " '^he knowledge you have of these. After Scripture reading bv Mr. 'hinss will help you when you go Locltimiii, Miss Jessie Williams, a I Places or when you travel. If you I'ormer ytiident of Sherman favored j should go to London, Paris, or New us with several numbers on the! ^ or,; . what would you want, to see On the Warpath. Itnl.y In a Jilisti I-)IH I i Who pnl him up tin re? .Mil' I'l.t .-ilsi Iteeni! |l.ih! rewliaooi Wariietti. Hull! Itati! I'tiili' The lli-Kic and the Warriors met i,l till! haul... field Wednesday wl'h olley hall In hand. The score wie ''..•lie J to 1!) In favor of the Warriors, j Miss Knns Tuesday violin. Don Shaffer also a former Sher- mutiite gave us a splendid tall; on "The First. Armistice Day," which was greatly appreciated by till. S. O. 8. CLUB HAD A WEINIE ROAST. The sixth hour Sit Kngllsh class Is now the S. O. S. club and is proving « successful nrgr.nlzalion. Kaeh Friday, one half of the period Is taken for a program in which different pupils In the class take part. A welnle roast was held Friday iathin was called by j nl'leir seluol anil everyone reported The boohs are much tippreela.ted by the geography and civics classes. HEALTH POSTERS BY THE G. A. A. GIRLS. (By Ruth Harmonl. A s-peria! meeting of the Olrls METEORITES (Charlotte Richardson) A funny old man said this to me: "I fell "in a snow drift iu June," said he; "I went to a ball game out hi the sea. I saw a Jelly fish float up iu a tree; I found some gum In a cup of tea. I stirred my milk with a big brass key, I opened my door on my bended knee, I beg your pardon for this," said he, But 'tis true when told as It ought to be, 'TIs a puzzle In punctuation, you see." "Did you know that automobiles were known during the Trojan w'ar?" "What nonsense." "Well, here in the Iliad it says: 'Now comes Achilles raging, from the ford.' " Wo thought that the heavens were fulling, So loud was that awful noise, But we found 'twas a Sherman debater, Developing volume and poise. ENGLISH CLASSES CONDUCTED ASSEMBLY. (By Oretchen SchlaudO The assembly program Friday morning at Sherman was In charge of the oral English classes. Very enjoyable readings were "Sheer Silk" by Dorothy Michaels; "A Funny Story" by Alice Hummel; an extract from Tarkiugton's "Seventeen" by Clara Mangold; and an Impersonation, "Twinkle, Twinkle. Little Star" by Hazel Honey. An especial treat was tho sinking of Miss Helen Van Buren, who came Thin Men Skinny Men Run Down Men Nervous Men You probably know that. Cod Liver Oil is the greatest flesh producer in the world. Because It contains morn Vita- mines than any food you can get. You'll be glad to know that Coil Liver Oil comes in sugar-coated tablets now, so If you really want to put 10 or 20 pounds of real healthy flesh on your bones and feel well and strong ask A & A Drug Co., Weesner Drug Co., or any druggist for a box of McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets. Only (10 cents for 60 tablets nnd If you don't gain five pounds In 30 days your druggist will hand you back the money you paid for them. It Isn't anything unusual for a person to gain 10 pounds In 30 days. e(.!ct McCoy's, the original and genuine Cod Liver Oil Tablet." (ionyoleum "Gold Seal" Art Hugs At 24lli Anniversary Sale Prices "Gold Seal" Art Hugs—the ideal floor covering for any room of the house. There are patterns and sizes suitable for every occasion. Such beautiful color blendlngs are featured. The genuine "Gold Seal" Art Hugs lie flat on the floor—no cement —no tacks. They never "kick-up." As an Anniversary feature, we are offering our largo stock of Congoleum Art Rugs nud Congoleum By-Tho-Yard at the following low prices— 6x9 Ft. Art Rugs $ 7.95 7Jx 9 Ft. Art Rugs $ 9.95 9x9 Ft. Art Rugs $12.00 9 xl0£Ft.ArtRugs ., $13.85 18x36 Inch Art Rugs 49c 2 Yard Width, by the yard, Sq. Yd. 79c first? If you have Improved your leisure by the reading of good boohs or by listening to the con- versa,ion of Ihose who ht-ve traveled, you w'll know whit Is wor'ii • ... , . , , ... seeing in these places. And lt -i Irom lltt'h .school to help entertain bicycle j a very good tlmo your taste lor th> beautiful hti" been cultivt'ted. your ability to ap preciitto things vou see is increased. A good cdueMion adds to your value as n member of your horn" circle. F.vcn little children can store up Inlerestlir: incidents that they come across in. reading er m their dally life und learn to tell them In a pleasing way to the family. If we can tnhe part in ills- ctibslons and are able to offer some us. MANUAL CLASr, STUDYING LUNMBER Tho eighth B manual training cltii'.seii are studying ihe different kinds of lumber. Next week they will study the manufacture of metals which promises to bo very Interesting. Later on the class, will take, up the study of waxes, varnishes, puiut, and oth- Guard Against "Flu" With Musterole Influenza, Grippe and Pneu monla usually start with a cold The moment you get those warning i aches, gel busy with good old Mus-1 terole. Mtisterolo Is a counter-irritant that relieves congestion (which is what a cold really is) and stimulates circulation. It has all the good qualities of the old-fashioned mustard plaster without the blister. Just rub It on with your fingertips. First you will feel u warm tingle as the healing ointment penetrates the pore.t, then a soothing cooling sensation and quick relief. Have Musterole handy for emergency use, It may preent serious Illness. To Mothers: Musterole Is also ma:le in milder forfn for hablss and small children. for Children's Musterole. 35c. and G5c, in jurs and tubes. W8 Better than a niuiUra plus*" EVERETT'S 3 Stores Offerings Suburban Day Wednesday Only In addition to the many money saving prices in Hutchinson this Suburban Day, there will also be the Sterlins-McPherscn football game. Parade starts at two o'clcck. Everett's Peaberry Coffee, lb 44c 4 lb. Box Salted Crackers 45c Strictly Fresh. Regular 60c. Box 35c Grape Jam, 3 Jars 69c 10 lb. Paal Golden Syrup 53c 1 lb. Pink Salmon, 6 Cans 91c 5 lb. Box Lump Starch...: 45c No. 1 Can Tomatoes, 10c; doz $1.15 California Grapes, 2 lbs. .25c liaHHBaMBSMHnBaratHonaMBaHH Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald.

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