The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 15, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 8

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

.*"'*V , \ PAGE TWO, SECT10I} TWO. THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL,, THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1948 The Daily Register (Established -1869 "*·»·«· Saline County-Reglrfer.) . Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois,; by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, · v ' MRS. ROV L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. 'SMALL, Editor and Manager. "This Is a Man-Sized Job, Mister!" Entered as second class matter at the post office at -Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of-March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining* Counties, S5.00 per year'in advance; -$1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 7o cents per'month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY How many times we have been saved from death, accident or misfortune - by an intervening presence no'mortal knows. We should, formally ask guidance and protection every day.--Isa. 63:9: "The angel of his presence saved them." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Jan. 14. What God 'Requires.-Micah 6:1-8. THOS. D. GREGG Graduate and Registered Optometrist Permanently Located PRICES REASONABLE Barter Keltner Drug Store Satisfaction Guaranteed PHONE 329 FOR APPOINTMENT (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second of Drew Pearson's columns on the most important problem facing the country-the danger of war with Russia.) WASHINGTON.-- Some observers have come back from Europe recently saying that the cold war has been won. 1 do not agree. and was sent over to the White it contained a plan for U. S. military aid to Greece. Admiral Leahy "had inserted it. "Most important in Leahys background, however, is the fact that when chief of naval operations in 1937 he sold Franklin Roosevelt is been won. i u« mn «s.w. on the idea that a preventive Russian-inspired Communism, it (blockade o£ Japan could stop what is true has taken some severe,was sure to be eventual war in iolts in France and Italy, where'the Pacific. ' attempted strikes, riots and rfevolu- And it was Leahy who worked *lliv*i*pw\* ·-'»,«··»*.-'· - - - - - lion failed. But they already are being revived. And everyone who knows the Soviet system also knows that when the boys in the Politburo take a defeat on one -A-T-T-E-R-I-E-S For All Cars $13.95 and up $1.50 For 01(J. Buttery SUPER SERVICE out the master plan for Roosevelt's "quarantine" speech in Chi- ^ cago. plus the attempt to mobilize j the peace machinery of the League of Nations and the nine-power HmtihlH'O latvt U uviuai w" v»«\. jiuv. vi i ^ u v . v i - ....-- ---- . front it only increases their dc-|pact to break the Japanese mill" termination to score victory on an other. v So not only will they take more, tary machine. LEAHY WAS RIGHT Un( i 0 ubtedly Admiral Leahy " So not only will they take more, Un( ioubtedly Admiral Leahy at and tougher punches at France i t h a t Umc was " ri ,, llt undoubtedly- and Italy, but already Soviet prep- if Cordcll Rulf hadn't got cold aratioiii. for eventual we-don t- feet aj)d if Kooseve it had follow- Tcnow-what have intensified in e(1 though. t },e United States other areas. would have faced the Japanese Meeting with a group of senators crisis a( _ a Ume whon it was rcac i y not long ago. Chief of the Air and prc p arc( }. instead of five years Forces Gen. "Touhy bpaatz re- ]aler wilh war on cvcrv f r0 nt^md vealed: w hen the Japanese were ready and 1. The Red Army now has tak-1 d en over German jet plane plants * and developed jet-propelled planes which are faster than those built bv the U. S. Army. "2. The Russians have improved on the German buzz-bomb to a point where they now are produc - * _ _t 1 _ - - ^ _ - l . . A llst^l rwl 147 C"1 I f. From where I sit... Jy Joe Marsh Who Are We, Anyway? in« a deadly controlled missile It is no secret that Admiral Lea hy now proposes applying the same general strategy to Russia. In other woids, if there is to be eventual war. he would pick the time and place rather than let the Russians do the picking. And he would pick it early, \\lien the Unit that will travel-between l./OO and d g t . fa Uer prcparet i ra ther and 1.800 miles., whereas the im- than Iatc perfectly controlled German buzz-! p u t jn blunt co{(} worc i s that is bomb merely flew across the n§- the heart Qf the Russ ian problem **" 3J^J{^ The Dailv Register, 2Dc ? week, by carrier boy. '"** · Automobile Owners We carry in stock the following items for the most popular cars: -Bearings, Pistons, Pins. Rings, Valves, Fuel Pumps. Coils, Condensers. Points, Carburetors, Spark Plugs, Water Pumps, Distributors, Steering Gear Parts. King Pin Sets, Clutches, Pressure Plates, Universal Joints. Radiator and Heater Hose. Oil Filters, Generators. Thermostats, Fan'Belts. Batteries and Cables. Brake Lining, Wheel and Master Cylinders. FIRESTONE AND GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES Let us recondition your motor or install a factory reconditioned or new motor. SHELL GAS, OIL'AND GREASES MITCHELL BROS. pq:£W"OE%^^ DREW PEARSON AWARDED VFW CITATION. Drew Pearson, right, above, author of THE WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND receives the Veteran of Foreign Wars' Citation for National Leadership from Adjutant General Henry H. Hensley. 830 Longley St. 1 SAME LOCATION SINCE 1921 Used Cars Bought, Sold or Traded Phone 283 Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights "When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in yonr blood, it maycausenagsinstackache.rheianaticpsuns. ICK pains, loss of pep and crcrgy. getting up ·niRhts. swelling,* under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doaa s Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over 50 years. Dean's cive happy relief and -will help the 15 niiles of kidncv tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Doaa's Pills. a . _.,, according to General Spaatz, have complete ? n ' i are'i : ignt'of*not"and what are the formation about the location, size a i ternal i ves , n this most import- and production capacity of every ant Qf all questions w ill be dis- air plant in the United States, to cussed in future Washington Mersay nothing of landing fields, con- | ry GQ . Round co i umns . trol towers and other aviation la- · : --=__^ cilities. RUSSIA PREPARES FOR WAR · Even if we assume that General' Spaatz was subject to the usual exuberance of a military man, t.'.c fact is inescapable that at the last Russian military maneuvers, six new types of jet planes were flown in view of foreign military attaches--the Ilyushin, Yakolev, Sukhov, Tupelev and Lavochkm, and Mikoyan. It is also a fact that French. Italian, and German war prisoners released from Russia all tell the same story--of feverish war ^reduction behind the Ural mountains; of demobilized Soviet troops instructed to remain under military supervision to work in munitions factories because a new war is impending--the last great inevitable conflict between Communism and the forces of Fascism. It is also a fact that most German prisoners are being kept in Russia to work in these factories and that only prisoners no longer fit for physical labor are being returned to Germany' Reliable intelligence reports also tell of intensive air-base building in eastern Siberia with 51 fields in that general area, six being on the Bering Sea nearest Alaska. It is also known that the | Russians now have acquired and' perhaps refined all the secrets of Subject came up at Bill Webster'.-,, the other Ia\. as \ve were ch.iUin£ over beer and prcUels. J u s t « ho are the folks \v ho make up our tow »? Where'd the\ come from ? Well. Doc Hollister's Scotch- English ancestry; Will Dudley's folks were m i n i n g stock f r o m Pennsylvania; Skip Powell's family were brewer back in Holland. Guess our bloodstream's got a bit of every country of the globe-and every s-cction of America.We've still got differences in taste and background--whether they apply to music, historj, or beer. Only those differences don't matter -we're self-respecting people, in tl free, united land. And from where I bit, that'- what makes our towns and cm s -- our America -- so strong, ]!· BI-O.SMVC, tolerant. Our chamjii. -.ship of individual liberties 'u- brought us people from all i'.utti-. all lands--to prove that res-pett in one another's rights is the gu.'i. --. bond humanity can know I VIS, L'tilled States lireiters Foundu:.* For good health and good eating, serve these AP juice-laden fresh fruits and plump, firm fresh vegetables at every meal. They're plentiful, mighty nourishing . . . and priced to please your budget. 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S T A N D A R D B R A N D S I N C O R P O R A T E D Board of Trad* EMg. 137 W««t lOth Str*»t Kantoi Cry 6, Mo. JLVfllO 1H* » · 4 4 4 VfcV*,-.* ·---- -- -- -.canvas breathers which extend just above the water and are extremely hard to see. All of these secrets the Russians now have, and some of their 256 j submarines have been sighted around Greenland. Kiska and only 300 miles from Pearl Harbor. | U. S. PREPARES ALSO Oil the other hand, certain mili- tarv preparations in the United j States probably are causing worry I in Moscow. ' Last summer, for instance, Sec-1 retary of the Army Royall releas-1 ' ed a "report calling for the use of j natural caverns and abandoned. mines for underground aircraft factories in the United States. And while Secretary Royall would, have been remiss had he not warned of the need for protecting a i r ' factories, and while U. S. military preparations arc far less offensive than the Russians', nevertheless' Moscow uses them to try lo keep the Russian people in a constant state of jitters. Whether the Russian generals themselves are also' jittery is not known. However, there is one small school of thought in the United States which docs give the Politburo legitimate reason for \\orry I namely the school which be- ilicves that the United Slates (should wage a "preventivc" war now rather than a defensive war 'later. It is no secret lo the Russians that such a school docs exist in the United Stales and that it is headed by the chief mililaiy adviser to the President--Adm. '\Vil- Jiam D. Leahy. ADMIRAL LEAHY AND RUSSIA It was a well-known fact that Admiral Leahy conslanlly goaded Jimmy Byrnes, when Ihc lallcr was secretary of slale, on the charge that he was loo conciliatory toward Russia. In fact, it was Leahy who had most lo do with casing Byrnes out of Ihc Stale Department. U is also known thai al lirrcs Leahy has considered General Marshall loo weak loward the Russians and has taken steps lo loughcn him up. i Few outsiders realize how great a role the admiral plays in American foreign affairs. For instance, when the Truman plan for aid to Greece and Turkey was first prepared in the Slate Dcparlmcnt House, it did not conlain any provision for military aid. \Vhcn it came back from the While House, MANY^NOW Save up to 12 a pound BY CHANGING ( .TO THIS COFFEE THAT JANS PARKER Party Rye Bread.. T MARVEL, FRESH Raisin Bread .. Treats ISc Dairy Features Compare the flavor, compare ilie price of the coffee jou're now u*in: ^ith AP Coffee! "You'll find no oihcr coffee gives you" more flavor --more for jour money! Loaf DOZEN Loaf a 0 PLAIN. C I N N A M O N or SUGAHKD Fresh Dcnuts JANE PARK KB Cinnamon Loaf F90V JvEAPBY "ARMS Fresh Eggs . . . 45c U G A H K D _ - » i| o i «. He Pure Lard, Ib. 31c C"tESE FOOD 2-13. 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