The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 6, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1918
Page 8
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I'M STICKING BY ORGATONE BECAUSE IT STUCK BY ME Popular Machines! Soys Oood Days Work Don't Bother Him Like It Did r RESULTS SURPRISED DIM Friends Tell Him He Dots, Not Look Like The Same Person. Business men, tanners, nttlsans, Jnd In Tact Wichita people from nil •walks of lift'. Including Innumerable women, have actually topted Orgntone and li.'ive testified to tlie preparation's remarkable merits, litis undeniable evidence was rurtlier strengthened Saturday liy the statements of an unusually law number who hail mure recently realized the powers of the treatment, IIIIIKIIK whom was M." II. C'opehind, a well known machinist, for the Western Iron and Koundry Co. and residing at 037 Ohio Street, Wichita. "1 must say that this Orgatone treatment was the very thing for my run down condition," he said In Docknm's DniR Kiore. "and it took hold of my trouble and picked me up so quick that 1 was actually surprised. I was troubled with constipation anil this finally terminated into stomach trouble. 1 was tired all the lime and so nervous I couldn't pet any rest at. night that would do me any good. "I had been golns down hill and Retting Into this condition for about two years until I got so 1 felt loggy and dizzy from one day's end to the other. 1 didn't seem to Ret any .strength and nourishment from my fond, and to save my life I couldn't tell "X .-'.ctly what was the matter with Die or Kot anything In the way of medi-' cine that would do me any good. "At last I made up my mind to give this Orgatone a trial and see if it wouldn't tone me up. and to my surprise 1 began to see a change for the better alter the first few days. The way II has braced me up and stopped my constipation and bowel trouble is something curious. "I now enjoy rny food and can sleep a good deal betler. I rest fine and get up in the morning reeling fresh and .-lout and ready to laekle a good days work -its put sort of a wire edge on me you might say. I don't feel heavy like I did and I don't get tired arier doing a little work. The fact is 1 can hardly remember the time when I felt as good as I do now. "All my friends tell me how much betler 1 am looking, and I certainly am sticking by Orgatone and telling tlfeni about it, for it certainly stuck to me. It's a fine thing and there's no doubt aboiil it's pulling ginger into tt fellow when he feels all tired out NEW CAMP BUILT Enlisted American Soldiers Are Working Daily on It. AN IMMENSE CONSTRUCTION l( Makes Oood Stood City, Wiih an Industry, Also Qtiariers for Soldiers. J& American Port, Western France, August (Correspondence or The Associated Press)—There is the crash and bang of a great cannonade, like a battery, of trench mortars In action. Hut this Is not the cannonade of the battle front one hears here, but another kind of cannonade, almost as fierce and eur-spllttlng. or trip-hammers, giant sledges and electric rivet- ters in the gigantic construction camp which lias suddenly sprang into ex- istanco here. Standing in the vast workshops, about the dimensions of the capitol in Washington, with the throb of a great work going on inside and miles of activity stretching away outside in railroad yards, warehouses, docks and camps, one feels this Is after all unite as essential a part In the winning of the war as the struggle going on further forward, for here Is the very fountain heads of material f5r win- niiiK the war. There ure great 1.120 i .mnon like the m -lnch monsters on American battleships, with all their ponderous inountiugs and trucks, huge lip-ton locomotives which are turned out with the Incredible speed of six to ten a day, exceeding the output ol the great establishments in America, and flat cars, freight cars, box cars, tanlt cars, and till the other forms or railway transportation turned out by scores and hundnds daily as a baker turns nut cakes from bis ovens. That ban been the most astonishing to the 1-hiropean observer Is that all this vast storehouse of American energy and production could be created in a few months ' out of practically nothing. I~ist fall the site or this present plant was a vast marsh with I he sea water over it at high tide. It was necessary first to raise the level of the ground five to nine feet. This was a huge engineering undertaking in Uself. When it was done, instead of a maj-.-h with the sea lapping It, the a.-.tonlshed townspeople saw a high j and level plane adjacent to the city, 1 with big ocean piers beginning to stretch out seaward for the lucoming 42 Delivered to your home for only - - and run down. ~ migration of American men and iim- Orgatone ,s no a so called patent , , L , rla!s s therearter rose like or secre remedy but m a new scientl- „, u . , , bu |, d in B s t0 , arrv 011 ftc treatment containing no alcoho „ diversity of activities or ?» r °.nsol " K t 'o.e 0 A. ™ " A Urug Co Out or low, people are ^ «« »» six t„ ten on, ce being supplied, all charges prepaid.!., upon receipt of price. $1.25 per bottle' or six hollies for $6.25. • Advertisement.) won Resinol will tic) p to make it well ami relieve tli e snutrt and pain. lJu nut nKjiIect a sput of eczema, rash, ur other iuh'mjj, burning eruptions and-fipri's, because children's skins are easily irritated, and if the hurt is neglected, ''bitmute ttuublc may persist in lalt'i life. Kfsinoi Ointment and Uesinul Soap were originated by a doctor and have been used by ..<.•- UTS for many years. All rlctli-r. lixm. Lesson in Scientific Complexion Renewing i'\ .-rvtiini h:ti; u li.uiliful sklfi untir- m-aiii I hi* one O'IML-IJ I>> VU:\V . Ilcur that lit iiui:. I aiul jt will 1 M - otriU'r lu uruU*/ 1- t.Llitl tin* i-iiivit |tiiiifiii!c in iii*i|Utiltig a k>vi'ly Cituip-i'Xliin. Nat in t- \s ri'lUtlunily sin tt- (llUK till' tup hit) II Ol I lit k) JMI til It:) like <J:t/.-HUf(. uiily inl><h NO ...lift* In Hlz<: 111 ulifn-f mal ruti'llinihf, ur in ;idv.iurlii£ ;ij;*". tJu-.-.f pal are net slut! as laj'Uily )u tuljUbt youth, 'i'lii* luutj'cr ihey win tin- luart: tfuilixJ nr fmUtl limy lit.-citin that'H tlti' imtnmliato fuusti of a 'bad VUinpU'XJtin,'' ll Una been ilisruvt'ml tlmt mdljiury Jin ri'iJizetl wax, lu bo had tit any drug store, will absorb thcuu wuni-uiu par •Urlofa. Thin u-biioj-pt'oii, while litisti'tilli^ Ku.U ! 'L ''d worlt, gun* on icnuluuliy .enough to i-HUtj^ no Ineunvciilenct*. In u wt-t-k pr two tlitt tPiuVHfoj-jTiutlt'ii JM fouipttiiw. The meli, healthy-hued. youthful undur- Bkiji U then whully In i-vklwieu. you who are nut. wiflnfiiil \vl\h your i:oaipl*»A- Joiva tilunild gt*t mi uumv of incrcuMzeU wux und try this lieatuutit. Vt*v ihe Was n ghtly, like eoM cream, wuetiltig H y/f itioniinua. CutjcuraSoap ——and Ointment for-—] Skin Troubles, TJie poly plewtli'e l* fcajr fever V'c- tiw JMUI.JM tbat lie ban spiautWuif to talk about^—ALcbimpfl QloH •F. you need Dinnerware by all means join this, our Seventh Dinnerware Club. Come in and take your choice of the eight beautiful patterns offered. Pay us only 90c and we will deliver to your home. The balance you can pay weekly, 5c less each week until the purchase price of $8.55 is paid. For example the tenth week you pay 40c, the 11th 35c and so on. To Summarize This Remarkable Offer at a Glance: 'und by September it will be twenty a day, the largest const ruction of tbe kind in the world." Detailed Process of Plant. Now the liaron led the way to some of tbe detailed processes of the buge plant. Here wus tbe boiler testing plant. Steam was up and tbe big boilers were being tested after their voyage across tbe ocean to see if the sea water hud opened any joints or loosened rivets. It was surprising, said the Huron, how well they stood the voyage with no loosi uing of parts and practically perfect when they arrive. Besides the industry of such a large concern, there is besides, the equipment of living (juarters for ihe army of workmetn-soldlers. Thus a good sized city has sprung up, with ".venues and streets lined Willi*barracks, mess rooms, canteens, barber shops, dentist's office,-baths, and all the activities o£ u flourshing frontier town. ^~ lleyond the shops and barracks are the great stretches of railway trucks and sidings, for this Is lite, first step in the intricate system of Irausporta- Jion by which American troops and supplies ace moved to the.', front. When Hie Auicriciil* came. hcre~TIiere were two trucks; now there is a network of twenty-one tracks. Hundreds of American engines und cars were moving over these lines us we went through the yards today, und some forty newly completed locomotives just turned oul at the near-by simps were starling, on their way. And as these went out, long trains were bringing in more of tile huge crates with Ihe bodies and wheels and boilers, soon to bo put together in ibis sleairy stream of vast war con- si ruction. Passing headquarters, word had just come by telephone: that the Herman offensive had begun on an 80- kilometre, trout. Soon 11 passed from shop to shop, and Ihe whole esiablsb- ineul wan stirred and stimulated Officers and men beamed al the thought that the flghl was on, with a feeling ot confidence, tbiit know no such thing as .failure, and a feeling also that these soldier-workmen In their overalls were doing their purt lu winning that right. Huge Enterprise. Under Hie escort of liaron, one of tho chief French officials connected wllb tho Institution, the Associated i 'ress (.'(irruHiiundent had an opportunity today to Bee Uie huge enterprise in lull awing. It was like going through tho Betlilebeni or Carnegie works, with the. samo roar ot production ou a giant scalo, with furnaces glowing, IHUHUICTB and riveters beating, and • armies of workmeu—enliBtoit American soldiers in their blue jeans and overalls—In their many bruuehes ol work. Inside the main building was like being inside the. Pennsylvania railwuy station In New York, enlarged severul times over. "There nro 1,4W nvm at work here,'' explained the Baron, "all of them alrllled American tneeliuolcu enlisted as soldiers, working lu three shUta continuously lor 21 hours." To lbs leH big trench njorlars weigh- 1. 2. 3. You get choice of 8 patterns. These are all open stock patterns enabling you to add to your set and replace broken pieces. 90c is all the cost required to secure your set. .$8.55 is the purchase price of each set which is the same as our third club held last October," although there has been many advances on dinnerware since that twice. ^ This price is less than you can buy for cash, sets^f like quality. Now don't wait, get your choice of all the patterns while they may be had. Hundreds of former dish club members will tell you that this is one of the best, most convenient offers they have ever known. You get the use of the dishes for only a few cents a week and all payments are credited to the purchase price. ^The Logical Place to Buy Furniture URNITURE 23 - 24- 25 South Main Street ing a hundred tons each were beinel picked up by ihe giant fingers of a derrick and lauded ou their train ol trucks ready to be moved forward to the lYont. To the right another huge crane waa bodily picking up a loco-; motive and passing ll around to Its proper place. These locomotlves'come from the United States in parts packed In crates, looking at the long rows of these giant cranes, they seemed to be streets of collages or shacks, and one wondered how they could ever be brought across the ocean with all the shifts and storing between docks. We watched one of these locomotives* a's it was taken from-Its seven giant boxes, and gradually grew into a massive engine. Soon thereafter this locomotive was moving through tho yards on its own sjeam, and soon after that it was on its way to re-equip the slate railway of b>anco, which Is one of tho vital liuks of the war game. First of all the American double track road up to the front was equipped, und then tbe Froucu state railway look its turn, for they are all a part of the network of feeders' far ihe allied war service. LARGE GATTLE SALE. . Hereford 8ale $100,000—Bowman & Co. Sells to Missouri Stockman, W. 1. llowniau, a well known farmer and atockniau of Ness City, sold 400 head of their registered Hereford herd to A. M. Duff, a stockman and ranch owner of Galloway county Mo., Wednesday. • These cattle are to he shipped some time between now and the fifteenth Of December, the first shipment being made during (he Palr hure. This is said to be Uie largest registered cattle deal closed in Kansas in many years, and is said to be near-a 1100,000 deal. J. O. Hopper, with whom Mr. Bowman and Mr. Duff consulted, says that this sale will In no way affect the coming sale of their cattle as none of the sale cattle were sold, and they still have over 700 head id their herd, Red Cross In? Siberia, Tokto.—A Japanese Ksd Cross contingent of one hundred"'persons, including physicians and nurses, has left fur Vlndh'oatocjt. Dr.-H. C. Hook, osteopathic physician, 17 years practice in Hutchinson, now located over Ztnu's Jewelry Store, 9M North Malu street. 8-fit FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR IA IRISH FINDING THAT THE YANKS HAVE APPETITES Are Able to Do Justice to Whatever Food is Set Before Them These Days. An Irish Port.—(Correspondence of The Associated Press.)—The American boys who- are mannlng^the destroyers at this base are fed well and have- developed appetites that have wen the admiration of the officers of the fleet. At the navy recreation center ashore the restaurant vies with the theatre in popularity, notwithstanding the men get plenty of good fodo on the destroyers and tenders in port. After dolug Justice to a hearty mess aboard ship in the. evening scores of them may be seen "aetlug a little something", usually a^steak or eggB, before the show at 8 o'clock and after the performance many of them cat again before returning to their ships, The old army tale.of "beans, beans, beans, morning, nooh and night," does not fit the destroyer menu when In port for there is plenty of good meat and green stuff from the country-side; IJtit now and then they have beans, not the soupy white-looking kind but brown luscious ones with plenty of molasses cooked wjth them. It Is not alwayB smooth sailing in the food line on tbe destroyers, however. In rough weather those little craft pitch and roll until It is impossible to operate a galley or even for men to sfC" In one place long enough to eat. Canned meat and biscuits are provided for suoh emergencies but there are times -when even these prepared foods cannot be handled. .-'.•: -^During one prolonged period of bad weather one saflor had missed meals and was very hungry. He managed to get hold of a can of tomatoes and a loaf of bread but never enjoyed them. While making a dangerous trip on deck, with his food in one hand and grasping a cable wlth-the other, a ter. rifle wave struck the ship bowling H far over-onto one aide. Away wept tho can and loaf as Uie sailor seized (he cable with bath hands to save himself and then proceeded to his station still hungry.' Such Instances ara raro however, particularly at this time of the year when the weather la more enjoyable.: There Is good aplenty while at soa, and when in port the mass table would make a rationed iaogliabgontle- UNUJCKY FORc DANDRUFF ot* EcMinitaooi condition*. Ffrit vptlea- tkm Hop* tb« itehln * — (U) soplitfttiona poritivwr «u*rmn- > twd to kill tv«nr \ one of tka tlx mil} Hon germs lnftat- I lny th« av«r*ff« L dandruff scalp. STOPS BALDNESS at* roar hair will •troaf, bMjthy MM UlUIWII. hH*M |r I W«T M-lJlM DO ttBlltCS. m It la adeaufia, aaaitaary, bappur partun^ jat-fl' certain daan to all aaalp frau. "Aak raor • Uarber" for baakr Tiear Free booklet or writ* ua. LUCKY TIGE* DANDBUFT CO. KANSAS CITY, MO. man smack his lips as the generous portions of roast beef, steal; and other things are passed around. A MARKED SHORTAGE, There Are Not Enough Teachers to Fill Demands Over State. Topeka, Kan., Sept. 0.—With tho opening of the public schools of the state at hand for the winter term, there is a marked shortage of school teachers, especially Instructors in the high school subjects of-manual training, sciences and economics, according to State Superintendent W. P. Hoss. " • "A number of high school positions remain unfilled, and the prospect is Dial they will remain so unless and Increased available supply of lnatruc> tors capable .of teaching these high school branches, Is heard fromjsoon, said Superintendent Jtoss." "Pyrtker- more, there la an immediate prpspect that the ranks ot the school teachers will be further depleted by tho pending draft.; Tt probably y/l\l take a number oliheads of schools Such principals and superintendents and we are particularly short of that cjass of educators just now," , Superintendent tloss says, he. has not learned ot any shortage In the grades and. rural schools with the exception that some pf the larger «ltle* are In need of grade teachers. But "tho rural supply la present. Wr t Boss says most achool boards U»vo raised teachers' wages, but, lie says, not sufficient to compete with the opportunities women find '» otlier linos o( empjoyment,- Th a rural school district boy rds, however, ho Our Help Yourself Grocery -'Wilt Be Open to the Public SATURDAY MORNING. SEPT. 7TH Corner Sherman and Main If you would like the satisfaction of buyinp; your Rroceries for less thau they can be obtained at any other place, come in. We Pay Cash for All Kinds Produce at 17 B West Dillon Mercantile Co., 4 Stores No. 1—318 North Main No. 2—15-17 B West No. 3-817 South Main. No. 4-H Sherman East Produce -17 B West states, have in many Instances raised Ihe pay of teachers much more In proportion, then have the city school boards. "Very few high schools throughout the state retain German on Iheir course of- study," said .Superintendent Tloss. 1 LIVESTOCK CHARGES. Reasons for Some of Them Are to Have An Investigation. Topoka, Sept. 6,-^-Word was received today by J. H- Mercer, state livestock commissioner of tho heatings to be held by the natioual bureau of markets for tho purpose of considering the charges for -servloe in stockyards. Charles J. Brand, pbief. of the Bureau of Markets advises that In view'of the pricoB set for Boryice to meat producers tbe'investigation will Include hearings at Chicago, Sept. 6, penver, Sept. 9 and Kansas City, Mo., Septereber-U. The meetings will be opened to the publlo. and stockmen, officials of stockmen's organisations, commission men, traders in livestock and representatives of stockyard commissions will ba expected to attend tb,e meeting to consider tho proposed rates for earrioe both In the yards and for b.aullns. . Battleahlp Explodes. Toklo,—Latest Information shows that 631 officers and men lost their lives -when the Japanese battleship Kawaobi exploded in Tpknygma Bay on July ia, Tbe cause of the disaster Is still unknown, but It ti attributed by some naval offleers tQ amUuteottg combustion o< jowder, V Thought One Clean Shirt All HeMeeded, "Ten years ago I was reduced to a mere shadow. 1 was yt'llow as a gold piece and would often be doubled up 1 th most excruciating pains In my stomach.. Physicians could only re- Hove me with morphine Iwas advised to try Mayr's. Wonderful'llemo- dy and it bolpod meat once. What Is more, 1 have beou well ever since. A friend said he thought one more clean shirt all I would ever wear," It Is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the cntahhral mucus front the Intestinal tract and allays tho Inflammation whjfh<»causes practically all stomach, liver and Intestindl ail- mentB, includlni; appendlollls. Ono dose will convinco or mpnoy refunded. Duvall's.Pharmacy and Druggists everywhere. >•.„•• GOAT MILK (MDrug£t«i«) 2Sc ll<». CM I COAT For InvolMn -Mptclallyfor . ibQKhayipgwtik atQtngcfca.'or ft tepd- wcy toward Wbwuljjl. A fool boy mar set' over it, but (ftefe Is no hope for a fool man. 1 *

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