The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 5, 1970 · Page 11
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May 5, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1970
Page 11
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JSWifei- - ri-.« c! i.fa y&"s$m =V-»-A"wrt.«l/| «''• AI!M pwl •MVI , >vi • ft !ir»A:i M i, vrf... 'Hi AI.S.-MI-.i' I.JIM ••) i'i-U -i-i'l-'J C>> ;.»!> f\\ •;,-» lj v » »iH«J -:M .'I : )j . M4. A:!!,i3 fcl;l» I tJ *>••; 7*» H'iftJ !-M .Mf- iS 4 .W; A"l*f stri j -i» /.-;;<> '.V'' ..".'< .. .M ?».. ffM'S BSJ" * iiM* '« •«'•«•— V 1.V.4- H f •'- « sf;«-\t J'» wvi- '« JiSTifc toi' '!!'!•— 'n !•••:.'?•- '* i(t 51,-D .M !.C l<> f'tt -3.1 ACnm.:il.jD «. Am . nM?<v, no lo ft»,F3>*h< < 142 ;; - i.M M t u*» 3it* A.Potfnh l,» 1J9 3&'» A ««reh .j» a i*"t Am frtns I.M *i i?V Am iNo .Mtf, 1} IHli Am 4mv<t 3M ff .!?'« Wl Am Snufflfc- iaAfrT ' tfflt Am in ,a " mA 7fS t.u &+:•; S»rt+- II ISii- -V. Pf t »t * : -» ?"».iv'ip'rn .>(»";? i*. e.'.j' ii> * AlSil'i'/u v *'•>) lit 1 j ' ::.; ii'.i'KrCiii .MO fii t'-i.ii 1 * is;?" xJ :••. 5l.» Ba«!»eo i.<o 44 ;»« :!<,« :!'»•- fl /,-, v,', !ie-,i»;«i.« $« <»•» !L-,H 'S'Ol /,'» V.I llr.iwiii '.J0» *0 SFw . ,??;•#.! W* rf *};.>. Ski!Mi>itt»4L» JJ 4L :<!•? :< : |J - $ In Uh M I ' i£ fej REJECT C.R, PARKING PLAN (Th* Register's Ibwa News ServiM) CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. -f- A proposal tjj-tunrf^ blocks of urban renewal property in the business district here into a large parking lot has been rejected by the city council. Mayor Don Car.nejn, in a letter made public Monday, notified developer Terry Bjornsen of Bjornsen Enterprises that the' plan is "not in conformity with your development .proposal." When Bjornsen submitted the lone bid of $750,000 for the 138,000-square-fdot tract in February, 1969, he announced plans to build a $14-million high-rise complex to include a motel, retail and office space, luxury apartments and a mul- ~tl-leve1~parkin~jrfacility. Bjornsen submitted the plans for the parking lot last week after the council earlier turned down his request to terminate the purchase agreement. He said the revised proposal would provide the firm with opportunity to get a return on its investment until the tight money market is more favorable and it can proceed with the original plans: Mayor Canney said in the let ter to Bjornsen that the proposed 517-stall parking lot "docs not" appear to be a "bona fide endeavor to comply with your proposal or the con-, tract." •£{ it-'.' £'•» \->-P«CX '%K, '.17 '*? ji-4 il- 1 '.— '"•* Cl|!»KW«.1)( ?& ^t > .Vi*""* 1 ! Cq.1 Pae 1.30 7W J< ue -.« ti ** Wi. % \> a,r t . av; a'.t «.. -*- 2 '* ransofun i.K >» !*.» <v»» .«»•<•-'^ tf»:v*hi( <.a» SI 54'n :•» i :# »•!•«» t <if\tr'.* .Sii 4& l* v » U-.^ U'.i-i- -» da.'.<t,05a» »J'il;'-» ISJ'-J I*-.--- '•< 51.' --I'-l .. . . _ ill IM'.i if. »i.*i.*43» ^?«j;^^,, •: u it u I'J «-y <Jjn" jljJ'T 2jl IP J !•'* V.i'' * ; - ji± i s?'.* 55"+;; ..___.. v.7 »? -i-> Can HW .-*^l . • Csl rnt .IT" ! _ I'-': C»:=.1CK .(tf) \'~ jU. Remarkable Remarks • G. Harold Cafswell whose nomination for the U.S. Supreme Couft waS rejected by the Senate, declaredjhat he is running for the/Senate because ultra-liberals dominate it and liberals. block action cm President Nixon's programs. CaM.win_added at his home in Tallahassee, Fla.:~ ~ • "And there's another reason I'm running. It gives the Sooth another chance to join the union—which we would like^to do." • Senator Edward M. Kennedy (Dem., Mass.) urged teachers to play an active role in dealing with the drug problem. He told the Massachusetts Teachers Association at Boston: "Drug usage among high school students is a symptom of a deep national problem because students are distressed with the by- procrisy they sec around them." J __ • Dr. Donald F. Huelkc of Ann Arbor, Mich., president of the American Association for Automotive Medicine, told the first .seminar in Canada on the medical aspects of safe driving, which met at Toronto, Ontario: < "Mechanized death has reached epidemic proportions." OrHAftftOLD CAftSWELU Sioux Tell Views On Land Claims WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) A House Indian affairs subcommittee heard varying views rom Sioux Indian groups Monday on the proposed disposition of-$12,2 million-in land claim judgment funds to be awarded jy the Indian Claims Commission. The Interior Department supported a bill by Representative Ben Reifel (Rep., S.D.) provid- ng for per capital payments •anging fromjBO to 70 per cen. with the remainder to be cle voted to tribal programs. > Spokesmen for a group of off- reservation Sioux, primarily [rom the ( Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minn., area, and a group of reservation Sioux in Minnesota advocated 100 per cent per cap- ta distribution, amounting to $600 to $800 each. Another group of Upper Sioux from Grand Falls, Minn., proposed 70 per cent immediate per capita payment, with 30 per cent to be invested at interest for five years and then dis- ributed per capita. Bloom to Head Publishing Unit MANNING, IA. (AP) - Donald Bloom, publisher of the Woodbine Twiner, is the « I; 'ft '-.-"teto.gj 'M "-•'> • '-> u ---•-• it4« CiiJwAIM I'' -'• -h 1 *.'•;» t :'t Y'<:.-.J tjil'f. fj ..-I ^~» ,_^. - > Jj"' S'-Vf :'i f a ':;> -iC '.<:*. .''. A FARM LABOR FREEDOM BELL WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) Cesar Chavez, director of the AFLrCIO United Farm Workers, unveiled Monday the "Delano Freedom Bell" symbolizing the struggle to win bargaining rights for farm workers. new iresident; of West Central Iowa Publishers, Inc. Bloom was elected at the corporation's annual meeting here, fie succeeds Ron Colling, publisher of the Manning Monitor. Other new officers are: Gerald D. Bloom, Logan Herald- Observer, vice-president; Rich- Denison News- secretary, and ard Knowles, papers, Inc., Richard Wagner, Odebolt Chronicle, treasurer. West Central Iowa Publishers is the 'publisher of the West Central Iowa Rocket, an advertising supplement .published in t h e Logan Herald-Observer, Woodbine Twiner, Dunap Reporters, Audubpn News Advor cate, Manning Monitor, Lake View Resort, Odebolt Chronicle, Schleswig Leader and Koron Weekly News, Mapleton Press, Ute Independent, Soldier, Sentinel, Onawa Sentinel ana Denison Bulletin. AFL-CIO Pr e s i d e n t George Meany the first union label rom 'a box of table' grapes shipped by David Freeman and Co. Inc., of Thermal, Calif., first able grape firm to sign with the union. Chavez said the/'Freedom Bell," cast in the same White-chapel Bell Foundry in England that made the nation's Liberty Bell, will be chained until the union makes a major break-through iUv organizing farm workers. "The fact .that it will be chained until the liberation of he American farm worker, I 'eel will be understood by the American people," said Meany. TTook forward to the day it will ring and ring in a mean- ngful way. Representative James G. O'Hara (Dem., Mich.) criticized a Nixon administration }ill that would create a separate labor act covering farm workers, administered by the Agriculture Department. Meany said farm workers should be brought" under the same labor laws that cover other private industry workers. Broaden School Lunch Program WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The House completed congressional action Monday on a bill designed to combat child malnutrition by broadening the school lunch program. The measure sent to the President by voice vote would make available free or cut- price luncheons to an additional 8 million children from low-income families. Depending on the economic status of the children, the luncheons would be, free or cost not more than 20 cents. An experimental school breakfas! program at a total cost of $25 million a year also would be authorized. No tods arc included in the bill, which provides authority for financing in a separate measure. The Nixon administration has requested $684 mil lion for child nutrition programs. _Chaye_z_ also presented to. PREDICTS PARK VISITOR LIMIT CRYSTAL BAY, NEV. (AP) — Limitations may soon have to be placed on the number of visitors to Yellowstone, 'the Grand Canyon and other national parks, the director of the U.S. Bureau of Outdoor Recreation predicts. "It may be happening already," G. Douglas Hofe, jr., said Sunday at a two-day environmental planning conference at Lake Tahoe. "One day last summer 800 cars were turned away from Yellowstone and they had tO'say, "There just isn't, any more room.'" One way to avoid over' crowding, he said, is to clear these parks of living accommodations such as motels and hotels. Transforming the parks to strictly day use facilities would also eliminate some waste disposal arid pollution problems, he said. Another method would be deliberately to cut-access to these areas Jhrough slower .or less ASKS REVIEW OF LEGAL FEES The president of the National Association of Insurance Agents said here Monday that- present legal fee structure is helping to increase auto insurance rates and "rnaybe s.h_o_.uj d c have some review." Ass ociatipn President Lyie Muggins said LYLE MUGGINS that if legal fees \vere lower for accident cases, .the victims in such cases may agree to settle for lesV thus kejeping down all insurancVrates. He suggested that an accident victim May be prepared, for example, to accepts a $10,000 settlement if he knew N his attorney would be getting only about one-tenth of the settlement. But when the lawyer is gel- ting one-fourth or' one-third, Muggins said, the victim doesn't want to settle for $10,000 and insists on suing for more. Muggins said he is against the concept of "no fault" accident insurance, in which a victim would be paid by his own insurance company regardless of who is liable. He said that is "easy insurance for the hazardous driver" and contradictory to the American system in which persons are supposed "to be held responsible." Muggins suggested that accident cases could be? settled faster and fairer if they were submitted to an arbitration panel for adjudication. In addition, Muggins said it is essential to "keep people off the road who shouldn't be driving" if insurance rates are to be reduced. Muggins, 57, a Long Beach, Calif., insurance agent, was here to address the convention of the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa at Hotel" Fort Des Moines. Stale Board of Resents, together with the recommendations of the Executive Secre- 'ary. The said proposed Improvements consist of the following work to be Reformed under a Single Lump 'Sum Contract: Construction of 278 one and two bedroom apartments tor mawled students on .the ract located . approximately 2500 feet south and 500 feef east of the -Intersection )f College Street and West 27lh Street Highway 58) In Cedar Palls, low*; apartments arfr of frame construction, one and two-story with composition floors, built-up asphalt roofs, wood siding. Individual gas lot air furnaces and gas hot water healers, approximately 40 per cent of the units air-conditioned, basement laundry and storage rooms, parking lots, on site drives, water, storm and sanitary sewers included in contract. 3. AlKof the foregoing work and equipment ls x to be constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications and pro Bar Dropping 2 Santa Fe Trains WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) The Interstate Commerce Commission ordered the Santa Fe Railroad Monday to continue operating — at least temporarily — passenger trains between Chicago, 111., and Los Angeles, Calif., and Chicago and San Francisco, Calif. The commission ordered the railroad to wait at least another six months before reapplying to discontinue the /'Grand Canyon" and at least a year before seeking to discontinue "The Chief." The "Grand Canyon" serves Los Angeles and Chicago.' "The Chief" serves San Francisco and Chicago. Both run one train each w.ay daily. direct roads. Hofe said his bureau is trying to acquire more public open space near population centers, which he said now contain only 3 per cent of the federal recreation lands. The problem is frustrating "because you ask taxpayers for money for. public parks and turn around and say only some of them can come in." How can we do that?" he asked. PENN CENTRAL ON PROBATION CINCINNATI, OHIO (AP) A federal judge'placed the nation's largest railroad, the Penn Central Co., on a year's probation Monday on a charge of violating the hazardous materials act. Judge David Porter of the U.S. District Court here also jined the railroad $1,000 but suspended it. Penn ..Central had pleaded guilty. The government said that a train was put together at Penn Central's yards here on Mar. 2, 1968, and a car filled with liquefied petroleum gas marked "dangerous'* was next to a car loaded with steel. TKe government said the pairing violated a provision of the act because the steel could shift and ca.use a puncture in the tank car. The government said that the Penn Central trainmaster in charge was told of the situation but that the train was sent out without any car changes. Offer Course for Student Inventors OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA (AP) — Carleton University has a course that lets students spend their time working out improvements on existing devices or inventing new ones. Two of the first batch were a door lock that opens only to its owner's fingerprint and an auto dashboard indicator that tells how many miles the motorist is getting from a gallon of gasoline. The Better Hal/ Speech at U of I 19 Set by Fuller (The Register's Iowa News Service) IOWA CITY, LA. - R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome, will lecture in the Ballroom of the University | of Iowa, Memorial Union at 1 1 p.m. Wednesday. "That's not fat — it's white corpuscles MAUCKER: ACT ON DISORDERS (The Register's lowa News Service) CEDAR FALLS, IA. - University of Northern Iowa President J. W., Maucker ordered disciplinary action Monday for students who disrupted disciplinary jiearings on campus last month. Maucker said he told student personnel deans "they are obligated to recommend what they consider appropriate disciplinary action." Maucker said his order for disciplinary action involved disruptions Apr. 21 and Apr. 22.> The demonstrators were protesting closed disciplinary hearings for eight students accused of participating in an overnight sit-in at Mauckers's home in March. "As much as I hate to drag this matter out, I believe these students must be treated essentially the same as those who "sat in" at the p r e s i d e n t's residence," Maucker said. "They did the same thing only more so." A district court judge has ordered 28 persons — all UNI students except for two — to seven-day jail terms in connection with the April incidents. They were sentenced for disobeying court injunctions against disrupting the disciplinary hearings. Accuse Time Of Sex Bias NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) State Atty. Gen. Louis Lefkowitz Monday accused Time Inc. of practicing job discrimination against women employes — a charge which the firm immediately denied. Lefkowitz said his investigation of complaints by women employes bore out their contention that "no matter what the writing experience and qualifications of women employes, they were reduced to serving in clerical or research positions." "Time, Inc., which publishes the magazines Time, Life, Fortune and Sports Illustrated, replied that it "does nol now, nor has it ever discriminated against women." . Lefkowitz said his office-has filed a formal complaint of "sex discrimination" with the New York state Division of Human Rights. If conciliation efforts fail, the matter could be taken into court. Threat to Kidnap Official in Britain LONDON, ENGLAND (AP) — An anonymous telephone threat to kidnap Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart was made to a newspaper at Wolverhamp- toa in the English Midlands, police said Monday. The caller said Stewart would be held hostage until Bruce Reynolds, serving 25 years in jail for his part in the Great Train Robbery, was freed. TO MARK HO'S BIRTH HONG KONG (REUTERS)•-' North Vietnam Workers (Communist) Party has issued nstructions for the "solemn observance" of the eightieth bfrth anniversary of the late President i-Minh^ay^ig, the North Vietnam News Agency said Monday. OFFICIAL PUBLICAf ION B .02-NOTIC- . ;ARRYING ou 326) DIVI: I°T F - JIVIS TAK f rl U 'BIOS ITAL FOR' _ UNIVERSITY IOWA,.CEDAR FALLS, MENT PROJECT OF NORTHERN ._ 1. 'NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Jlds will .be received at the Office of the President, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa on.lhe 2nd day of June, 1970, at loo p.m., C.b.S.T., at which time ind place proposals for constructing caol- •«4—tmpfoytments al the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa will be opened and read. 2. The proposals will be referred to he oosedJorm-Ofcontract now on file in the Dfflce of the Executive Secretary of the State Board of.Regents In. Des.MQlnes, Iowa, by this reference made part he'reof, as though fully set out and incorporated lerein. 4. Bids shall be submitted to the. .Stale Board of Regents in care of the President, New Administration Building, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa on or —— 2:00 p.m., C.D.S.T., June 2, 1070. specifications. and .proposed .con- -jcumenls may be examined at the following locations: a. A.C.-I Plan Room, P.O. Box 1846, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. b. Builders Exchange of St. Paul, 445 Farrlngton Street, St. Paul 3, Minnesota. 3. F.W. Dodge Corp. Plan Room, 700 terchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, Illinois. d. F.W. Dodge Corp. Plan Room, 3842 West Pine Blvd., St. Loujs 8, Missouri. c.- F.W. Dodge Corp. Plan Room, 3804 Douglas Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. f. Master Builders of Iowa, 912 Walnut Street, Des Moines Iowa. g. Mid-West Contractor, 2537 .Madison, Kansas City 8, Missouri. « h. Minneapolis Bldrs. Exchg., 1123 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis 5, Minnesota. I. North Iowa Bldrs. Exchg., 823 Brick & Tile Bldg., Mason City, Iowa. I. Omaha Bldrs. Exchq., 2565 St. Marys Ave.,;Omatra7~NEtjraska. • k. Quad^Clty Bldrs. Club, 522-24lh Street, Rock Island, Illinois. I. Sioux City Construction League, 436 Commerce Bldg., Sioux City, Iowa. m. Waterloo Bldrs. Plan Exchg., 300V 2 W. 4th St., Waterloo, Iowa. .n. Office of R. Wayne Rlchey, Executive Secretary, State Board of Regents of the State of Iowa, Des Moines, Towa. o. Office of M. M. Manlon, Director, Dapt. of Physical Plant, S.C.I., Cedar Falls, Iowa. . p. Office of Hunter Rice and En- aelbrecht, 615 Bankers Trust Bldg,, Des Moines, Iowa. 5. No deposit required for three sets of contract documents for each prime contract bidder. Documents to be returned to Architect by June 12, 1970. Additional sets available from Architect at $10.00 each. 6. Each proposal shall be made on blank forms furnished py the Architects, exact duplicate thereof, and each proposal shall be sealed and plainly Identified and shall be accompanied by a cash deposit or a certified check on a known responsible bank, payable to the order of the Board of Regents, Des Moines, Iowa In the amount o f O n e Hundred Thousand Dollars (Sino.OOO.oo). Bid bonds will not-ba-accept- ed. Should bidder fall or neglect to furnish n satisfactory performance bond, refuse to enter Into a contract on the basis of his bid or fall to meet the requirements of this notice and of the contract documents, legulating Ihe award, his cash depositor certified check shall be forfeited as liquidated damages. 7. No bidder may withdraw his proposal for-aperiod-of-fortv-flve-(45) days after the dote of opening of proposals.. 8. The successful bidder shall furnish a performance bond In an amount equal to me hundred per cent (100%) of the con' "hful perform Board of 'ract price, guaranteeing faith ance of the contract. The State Regents reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive Irregularities. 9. By virtue of statutory authority pref. erence will be given to products and provisions grown and -coal produced within the State of Iowa, and preference will be given to Iowa domestic labor. _ R. Wayne Rlchev Executive Secretary State Board of Regents (R.-33Q)-NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS .Sealed proposal for - Replae? Oa_kdale versity of Io received Hospital Passenger Elevator — at the Unl- ''v of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, will be ed by the Iowa State Board of Re. at the Physical Plant Office Burning, 103 W. Burlington Street, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52240, IIP to 1:30 P.m.. CDT, on May 21, 1970, and will be publicly .opened and read on the same day at 2:00 p.m. CDT, In the Old Capitol Building, Senate Chamber, Copies of the plans, specifications, and other contract documents are on file In the Physical Plant Office at the University of Iowa arid are available for public nspectlon. A set of such documents may 3e obtained from: Physical Plant Office 103 W. Burlington Street The University of Iowa ldwVCifyyr6wa~5224b Each proposal must be accompanied by a cash deposit, or certified check in the amount of 12,500.00. Checks shall be made payable to the order of the Iowa State Board of Reqents, R. Wayne Rlchey, Ex- tive Secretary. Should the successful der fall or neglect to furnish a satlsfao tory surety bond, refuse to make, a contract on the basis of his bid or fall to meet the requirements of tnis notice and " specifications regula ' cash deposit or cer forfeited as liquidate! _______ ____ . ________ may withdraw his proposal for a period of forty-five days after the tfate set for the ecuti bidde of tnis notice and the jlating the award, his lertlfied check may be ited damages. No bidder opening of bids. By virtue of s . tractor shall give preference, to Iowa .Do By virtue of statutory authority, the con mestlc Labor, according to the provisions of Chapter 73 of the 1962 Code of Iowa. By virtue of statutory authority, a preference will be given to products and provisions arown and coal produced within the Stale of Iowa. No bid may be withdrawn within forty- five days from the scheduled closing time for receiving bids. The Iowa Stale Board of Regents re serves tho right to relect any or all bids and to waive any irregularities therein. By order of the Iowa State Board of * eqen p s .' wavne Rlchev Executive Secretary State Board of Regents James W. Grimes Building Des Moines, Iowa 50319 (R-321) 4- NOTICE TO FUEL OIL SUP PL maey ,, . at 60° F., ^of qr (ASTM D396) to the Iowa City, Iowa, w' . -IERS Sealed proposals for supplying a per ox I mately 2,000,000 U.S. Gallons, measured • — - ' ra de No. 6'fuel oil e University of Iowa Will be received by the P nlverslty of Iowa at the office of the hyslcal Plant Department, 103 W. Bur llngton St., University of Iowa, Iowa Citv Iowa, up-*e> 2:00-p.m., COT, May 19 1970, and then will be publicly c read. Copies of the specifications and other contract documents are on file In Ihe Physical Plant Office at the University of Iowa and are available for public in spection. A set of such documents may be obtained from the Physical Plant Office 103 W. Burlington St., University of Iowa .j*a_atv.Jowa..S2240. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check In the amount of not less than 2 pec cent of the total bid on 2,000.000 U.S. gallons based on maximum F.O.B University of Iowa Prices. Bid security other than certified check: will not be accepted. Checks shall be made payable to the order of the University of -Iowa. Should the successfurbTdde~r~fail-or neglect to furnish a satisfactory surety bond, refuse to make a contract on the basis pi his bid, or fail to meet the requirements of this notice and the specifications regulating the award, .his certified check ._ forfeited as liquidating damages. Didder may withdraw his l period of thirty, days after t) may No proposal for a me i$te set for By virtue of statutory authority, the con tractor shall slve preference to Iowa Domestic Labor, according to ihe provisions of Chapter 73, of the 196J Code of Iowa. the opening of bids. . By virtue of statutory authority, the ir shallsive prefe '- c Labor, accordlnc By Virtue' of"stafut6rv"a"utfiorlfv,'a"pref- erence will be given to Products and provisions grown or produced within the State °'lio"S'd nwy-be .withdrawn within thirty from the scheduled closing time for receiving bidsT The UjjlyariHy. .Of ' lo*a. reserves the to rJsTect any or all bids and to ' rfties the ' University ot Iowa Iowa City, Iowa waive any Irregularities therein. ". Mosr Ray B. ssman, (R-320) - NOTICE TO COAL SUP • Sealed proposals for ._ tons of stoker.coal to the lowa. Iowa C" ' ihe Universlt !?^-.J?y!'«-S'»y.J9 w «i'*i l LAefSf?' v *?^ ivof lowa at tr* office olTthe rnyslcal Plant Department, 103 W. "— iington St., University ' ' ., Iowa, up to partroent, 103 W. Bur - - 1. Iowa City, Copies of the specif Icationr ar, T contract documents are on. file In the ^fant Office at the University of other Physical RrantOifice at the University ., lowa and are available for public In spection. A set, of such documents may be obtained from the Physical Plant Office, lowa City, Iowa, 52240. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check In the amount of not Jess Than 2 per cenfof the total .b d < 25.000 1 otnen tnsn cerutiag .cneciu win accepted. Checlis. ftall, Be mode to the order orthpynlwer*ltv ol hould-the successful bidder fan or tons, based on maximum mine security othen than.certlfl-* not be accepted. Chi payable to the — '— t — -5-,--T— — r- negFeci to ttrnlsh a satisfactory surety bond, refuse to make a contract on tne basis of his bid. or fail to meet' the requirements of this notice and the specifications regulating the award, his certified check mav be forfeited as fkuidatino damages. No bidde'" may withdraw his proposal lor a period of thirty days after the date set fcr the opening of bids. Bv virtue of statulorv authority, the contractor ihill give preference to Iowa Domestic Labor, according to the provisions i at Chap.ter 73. of Ihe 1962 Code of Iowa. Bv virtue of statutory authority, a pre- I erence will be given to products and pro' visions and coal produced Aimin [the stale ol Iowa. i No bid rnav be Milhdra*" wJn.n imrty ; davs from the scheduled closing time for i receiving b>ds. The 'Jniversilv ot lo*a the rignt to rpiect any or all rids and K> waive on,- irreaularittei ther_eir ; Rdv B, Bu^inri.i -V-onagc' Want Ad Rates _ CLASSIFICATIONS °5fe ptriinii 1.05 per lint tomMMtKft MrtSi«* M JXi*?Sr ttnHpfflvtln- sertions. nvn(rnurf) sue ed-»2 —HELP WANTED FROM WITHIN IOWA "7iSr JKTi lM 7 *'• J..« /3C ptrflay / nut.* (JflyS flOo P*r lint 4 s or j ozc p*r <>*y 4 . days Des Moihei Tan., May S. 1 1 ' 1.00 »r no, I.lO ptr lint T"' comblnatlen nes. t% '"""•©Sftas** Instruction Wlll't^ch^ ms&r^.. -.,. «««•<:. FOUNB ads run frM for 3 itayt 30 lertttt and »pie«« t» «»ch |fn». -»p«eM or 39 leftgra and spaces p»r line. ..Alvn^Kba ordered for IrjMr- tion In elthtr tht morn no RM. -Ister-or-evenlnp-Trtbune^aloner rates for.. slnste Insertions are ,.5e per line less than quoted rate* for air day Insertion?. . Want Ad Rules •dT ar"" 1 -*'- 1 --' IW °- II[IM ' lay . Office on duty: ._,,.-.,,..,•. w.«j a.rn.'S p.m. •rl. to 7 p.m.,^at. ,to l p.m. Phone Service -Want Ads taken 7 days a week. Trained ad wrters on duty Won;, Ty_et., Wrt-j 8:30 a.m. to ., ., ., .. o p.m.; Jhuri..^!. 7:45 a.m. to p.m.; Sat., 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; nday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. fertfwr Bell, . Sund _For Fred ment: t.n'°r . Classi .. t| on write ied Depart- Des Moines, Iowa 50304 In The Des Moines Area Phone 284-8141 in All Iowa Call Freo 800-362-1836 • INDBC Of Majtr ciMtfflcaMMi .P*rMMk V Business Rentals geal ffitate ::::.:::::::::: Farm Deaths I CARPENTER — Services for David Eli Carpenter formerly ol 721 Thirty-filth street will be Wednesday 1:00 PM at Dunn's on Grand. Interment Highland • Memory Garden. EASTER — For information regard- Ing services tor William Easter or 2633 Oxford call the Dahlstrom Fun ° r al Home. EDWARDS - Services for James W. Edwards of 332 Southeast Hart will be Wednesday 2 P.M. at Overton Funeral Home, jndlanoia. Interment Inlanola I.O.O.F. Cemt- tory. • HARRIS—Services for William Har[Is. 2314 Forty-fourth Street, will , be Wednesday 3 P.M. at the Westover Funeral Home. Interment Glendale Cemetery. KOONS v- Services for Mrs. Minnie C. Koons. 2542 Onawa Avenue, will be Wednesday 2 >M at the Chesterfie d Christian Church, In- terment Laurel flrvlce. .lervlee. <URSCH . Hamllton's- 5CHiN5Kl — Services for Fred W. Kurschlnskl, of 2114 Williams will be Tuesday, 12 noon at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment LEVITT — Services for Charles Levitt. 1S« Thompson, will be Tuesday 1 P.M. at Dunns on Gran . rnent Jewish Glendale. lend Ser nler- McPHERSON — Services-for Mrs. Clla E. McPherson of 1139 Hardina Road will be Tuesday 10:30 A.M. at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment Glendale Cemetery. rme ERS MEYERS — Services for Nicholas Meyers, sr.. of 4380 NE Thirty-second ct. will be Tuesday, 1:30 PM • at Hamilton's Funeral Home. Interment Laurel Hill Cemetery. PALCIC — S ervices tor Mrs. of 1523 Mondaml Jose- . Phlne Palclc of 1523 Mondamln will be Tuesday 10:00 AAV at All Saints Catholic Church, Rosary Monday 8:00 PM at the Funeral Home. Caldwell-Br en-Robblns .2100 University Woodla Fynei nd C _. .... emetery, _!» R—Ser NDURANT MISHCER—Services for Frank Mlsh- ler will bei Tuesday .2:00 PM at the Lorlng Church, interment Loring Cemetery. Moffltt Service DALLAS CENTER ROYER —Services for Clara Rover Perry wllj be Wednesday 2 P.M. of I at the Brandt Funeral Home. Inler- mfint Brethren Cemetery. Brandt Service. Service. CARD" OF THANKS published In The Register and Tribune is a fitting way to express your appreciation of floral tributes, gifts, ind olh er kindnesses. Ca Bested messages. for sug- Florijts GERANIUMS, potted tomatoes, Pe- 1540 -2nd Ave. _ 288- FLOWERS FROM OLSAN 7 ! 1506 E. GRAND 262-5468 St>mpt-~CpIiu 70 'iLt-pavlno mahest prices lor sil- . ver.Ed Powell, Newton, la. Ph. S1S-792-1S2S. ' SILVER dimes, quarters, halves, and proof-set;. 279-0389. tort and Found 80 BASSET—F<w«T East 30th and University. Owner identify 24J-3S56. BEAGLES, male and female. Lost vie Pioneer f§., E. 14th. 282-8439. tale i dt BRITTANY, SPANIEirfype found vicinity of <(4Th and Wilson; Call 25S- dm lter 3 p. >-rn-._ "between 3jst and ' d. Rewai COTCT 51st to P!*c« j WAM1A& to* etftitto DM CALUN-AD trm «MrM rt i*w* 800-362-1836 fH DM M«tnti Sftitfl Lost and Found 80 LOST man's red scarf. Vic. «3rd between Grand-Army Post Rd. REWARD. 243-7870 or 282-9767. Notices 90 _ FRATERNAL NOTICES '> Acanthus Lodge No*. i532 - \ 4133 Urbandam Avenue ^'(?,'-& M() y * Seconds 7:00 ,pm /'•y'X May 11 School 4:30 cm ' V\ Slated Comm. 7:30 pm Wm. J. Phllpolt WM-W. B. Kvd. Sec. PHOTOS COPIES. Bring us vour photo for copies. Any size. ReqKicr and Tribune Commercial Pholo I.' Wlllard John Stalker, lr.,"3500 Du- buauc, will not be responsible for debts other than my own. I, vTRislNIA M. Davis. 2418 Dean, will not be responsible for debts Other than my own. Personals -Htr- FILMS DEVELOPED 39c 8 Exposure Black and While, 39c;.12 Exp., 50c; Color' reprints 19c ea. DEAN STUDIOS, 9)3 WALNUT ST., OE5 MOINES. IOWA 50302. LOWEST AUTO INSURANCE RATES For concelled; reiected or SR.22. Im- nediate SR filing. EZ,terms. Write \lke Ananla Ins., 407 Court ave., es Moines. la. 243-8666. mi I nes. , hou LQWauto, house or cycle Ins. rates. Even If cancelled. Fast S.R. 22's, Mobile Homes, Campers and boats. : Isadore Rlsslen, 321 E. Fifth St., ;>e-lQ43, .2.74-1794',_24'hour sery ee. LINDY'S MIDNITE SAUNA FEMALE MASSEUSES ON DUTY 12:00 Noon to 4:00 A.M. .934 6th Ave. 282-6754 i Ave rps 4754 atiT- GOT A PROBLEM? The right attitude can help. Dlal-a-Thought. 255- WESTERN-STYLE MASSAGE '• FRANTZ, THE BLIND MASSEUR DACHSH found vie. E. 37th 11x12. flreenriost from free- wa& near 31st. 278XM23. SIAMESE'lost, brown 10 month male, 19th, Center. BeWard. 243-4079. SMALL reddish brown cocker- tvp« dqg found vicinity 3lst and Stanlon. Call 28S-7055 ' FOUND Cocker' IVPB doa; Vic. 40th and Douglas. Owner identify. 255- GRAY kitten found vie. Fleuf and Park Owner identify. '243-4866 Remarkable! That's" what thousands say about the bargains they find, .in the Classified Section. ..A p6b b AAA6NB4, OLb GOLD, JEWELRY. SEE MR. LEVICH. ROPERS JEWELERS • 3.17-7lh JANET, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! LIFETIME KARATE MEMBERSHIP. For -sale or trade. 984-6477. 2 YR. membership Sorensen Health Spa. Total t20. Ut-S&U, 265'5057. , _v ^HELlO ROOM 18 " In Johnston elementary, school Transportation, Trml ISO DRIVERS wanted lowance. Not a T530 to Denver. Gas si- DRIVER needed to San Oil San Francisco area. Not a )i AAAcon Auto Transport no- and 288-4858 Nursery, Seed, Plints 160 PLANTS — Pinks, verbenas, 35c; creeping phlox, 50c. 1106 S.W. K(rk- wood Instruction ISO Pre-T raining APPROVED FOR VETERANS TRAIN TO BECOME A Tractor-Trailer Diesel Driver OUR DRIVERS In constant demand. Why not convert your driving pleasure Xnto a well paying loo at till wheehof a big temt-dbMl rig. Effective pacement service NO HIGH SCHOOL •DIPLOMA NEEDED CALL 282-0065 GREER TECHNICAL INSTITUTE 414-9th S.l.._p.e_sJMInMjj, lowa. 50309 A RYDER SC Receptionist GENERA ; Course machines, Nancy T Guidance Testing— ---------- TRAINING ist office ' • Wrllina. .Course. ... .Macement. ind Camous. Rooms JUNE'tl's|WrWr73v.»- Also Home Study Accounting • Write, Visit, or Call 244-4221 for free 44 Page Catalog American Institute Business 424 lOlh "THE SCH THE SCHOOL I LEARN HAI £Mi!li& 3M ^,, .-t.y.^VJl.l RSTYLING Iowa's Laroest —State Accredited Student Loans Availablo DAY OR EVENING CLASSES Free Graduate pjacement service FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION Write or call 2S3-2721 Americana Beauty Academy STARTS JDLV it.. Courses offered In Data Processing, Computer Programming. COLLEGE OF AUTOMATION. 3001 Grand 243-8696 Pes Moines LEARN IBM 3 VA APPROVED ' Des Moines, lowa. 50309 BARBERJ,NG and men's hair styling. Classes now starting. Student loans available. VA approved, lowa Barber College. Dfts Molnns. Iowa. ."""' LEARN T Auto-D!ej mechanics INSTITUTE LIN ARN-Auo-aiejef/ pLN TECHNICAL Men— Jobtof Interest 190 ACCOUNTANT The Des Moines based firm we reore- . sent, is an established leader In the construction-engineering field. They have an excellent opportunity for a man to head their cost accounting function. Responsibilities will include labor, eauipment and male- rial cost allocations, and maintenance of contract records. Construction accounting experience very desirable. Your response will be treated, In confidence. Na fees. Call or write R. L. Nel PERSONNEL Ml Int. Exeh. Bldg. . elson. , INC. 243-7687 _ ASSISTANT MANAGER Man who can quickly develop Into an assistant manager with our company. Must oe 21 or ovee, No experience necessary. Good salary • and emolove benefits. POSTAL THRIFT LOANS ASSISTANT ,MGR. TRAINEE surance plan, no greasing or wash- it 1 ?- _P.?(£ r *u n ity_ ior_j»dvinc«ment. ATT E N DANT l^d-^tan^^r^n^ Euclid A&TQ Underwriter Due to a promotion we have an Immediate opening for an ^ EXPERIENCED "AUTO UNDERWRITER To work into commer.cial truck and fleets. This^is a Des Moifies home office position with no travel irivolyed. Naturally we offer a complete benefits program. 282-8171 ext. 211 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICES 10th and Grand Des Moines, lowa Co«ir.ue<i onNextPogt\ I

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