The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on March 12, 1964 · Page 2
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 2

Wellington, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1964
Page 2
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60 on Junior High Honor Roll ^Butty students were , named on the junior -high • honor roll for the "six weeks by *A^ A. McQueary, principal, last last jreek. ' Of the 60, there were 24 with all "A's" on their class trprk, and so were listed on the A honor roll. "^Sixth grade, A roll: Charles Mauldin, Billy McAlister, Carroll Phipps, Gearold Phipps, Danny -Watte, Kathy Cox, Monica Gray, and Cindy Saiedu Sixth grade, A average roll: 'Gary Mike Gulley, Truett Hoi- ton, Ricky NaM, Renee Quaid, Betsy Trapp, Kathy Tyler, 7&ike Davis, Don Martin, Becky Shannon, Malicia Junod, Susan Qney, and Linda Williams. "Sixth grade, B roll: Lanette Frank! in, Gwen Harris, Mary Tingle, James Jones, Ronnie Roberts, Pam Guthrie, Cindy Hightower, Kathy Jo King, and •Malinda Williams. ; Seventh grade, A roll: Bren- 'da King, Elaine Karnes, Debbie Lewis, and Carol Sue Burba. , Seventh grade, A average toll: Jennifer Leeper, Mary Bearden, Jerry WooMridge, and June Popwell. -Seventh grade, B roll: Wan- 'da, Whitten and Sue Parker. .-Eighth grade, A roll: David Groves, Jan Blain, Cherry ILew- Is, Rhonda Kcrsten, Beth Smith, George Koipp, Nancy Sikes, Brenda Bobo, Alfred! Allred, Harry Patterson, Tanya Hor- jton, Linda Phillips, and Susan Coffee. Eighth grade, A average: Kathy Kiker, Patricia Thomas, Johnny Harris, Sandy Covey, BBilly Neeley, Jan Bowen, Jacqueline King and Andy Henard. Lakeview Exes Meet March 28 The Lakeview ex-studenta and ex-teachers Homecoming will 'be held in the grade school auditorium at; Lakeview Saturday, March 28. The morning session will begin at 11 a.m., the noon meal will be served at the cafeteria, and the afternoon session begins at 1:30 •p.m., and will include a variety show, class reunions and business meetings There will be an evening meal from 6 to 7 p.m. and evening entertainment at 8 p.m. GOING HOT A Helsinki, Finland, man kept; his .pipe burning for two hours and 13 minutes to win Finland's pipe-smoking contest and claim a world's record. s Revival Under, ^ Way at Vinson • JA* ^S&iht «V t * i'i- f A meeting is under way at First Baptist Church, Vinson, with the' pastor, Rev. Bill Brewer, doing the preaching. The speaker for the week end youth revival was Cecil Deadman, junior in Mangum high school. This week, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Vaughan are helping with the services. Cottage (prayer meetings were held during .tjhe week previous to the meeting. tion 6, block 12; section' 86, block 11. Lease agreement: D. J. Betenbough and others and J. L. Pepper—274 acres out of N/2 section 81, block 16; end SE/4 section 99, block 16; section 100, block 16. Lease: LuciMe [Bennett Wooldridge and husband to Gulf Oil Corp.-^W/2 of NE/4 section 22, block 16, and the S/2 of NW/4 section 21, block 16. Lease: Reeberta Dederick and husband to Gulf Oil Corp.—S/2 of SW/4 section 39, block 16. Lease: A. D. Rain-ey to Gulf Oil 'Corp.—SE/4 section 8, of block 12. ..Lease: A. S. Wfoitson and Gulf Oil Corp.—NW/4 39, block,16. : A. D. Rainey to Gulf Oil Corp.—SE/4 section 93, in block 11. Release of lease: Graridge Oorp. and, J. S, Abercronibie Min. Co., Inc. to "WiNie G. Willard—S/2 and NW/4 section 7, block 12. Lease: Willie G. Willard to Gulf Oil Corp.—NW/4 and S/2 section 7, block 12. Lease: Selba D. Rainey and wife to Gulf Ofl Corp.—E/2 section 39, block 16. Lease: Maudie Coffee to Gulf Oil Corp.—NE/4 section 1, iblock 16. Lease: Ernest D. Tate and wife to Gulf Oi! Corp.—NW/4 section 1, block 16. Lease: L. A. Sparlin tp Gulf Oil Corp.—Section 91, block 11, and NE/4 section 90, block 11. Lease: Jess Deger and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—E/2 section 10, block 12, and NW/4 section 100, block 15. [Lease: E. W. Fain and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—NW/4 section 19, 'block 16 and west 13 acres of NE/4 section 19, block 16. Lease: R. C. Bryan and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—E/2 section Fifty Named on Six Weeks Honor Roll Fifty ihifeih school students were listed on .the, high school honor roll for the fourth .six- weeks period, Principal E. W. Clement announced this week. Seven were on the A honor roll; 40 on the A and B roll, and three on the B roll. The list included: Seniors, A roll: Danny Martin and Michelle Smith; A and B roll: Rose Montgomery, Patricia Bouchelle, Gail Henard, THE WELLINGTON (TEXAS) LEADER Thursday, March 12, 1964 13, block 12 and SW/4 section 8, -block 12. Lease: Harold Watkins, at- torney-tn-fact, Ralph E. Lewis, and others, to Gulf Oil Corp.— —E/2 and SW/4 and S/2 of NW/4 section 14, block 12. Lease Elmer Smith and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—NW/4 section 28, block 12 and NE/4 and east 220 acres of the S/2 of section 29, block 12. Lease: Bill Hill and wife to Gulf Oil Oonp.—section 4, block 12; NE/4 section 97, iblock 11. Nancy Crawley, Lyndal Bowen, Patsy McDanel, Vickie KiTlian, Carol iBlain, Donna Allrecl, Mary Beth Aaron-, Patty Overton, Prances Warrick and Kent Holland. Juniors, A roll: Karen Richardson, and Aleta Owens; A and B roll: Marsha Tyler, Laquita Martin, Mark Fires, Randy Wooldridge, Lynn Wolf, Linda- Karnes, Phillip Hughey, Wynorni Jones, Beverly 'Singley, Anna Kay Ketso, Bill Spillman, Jan Glenn, LaVelle Hanper, Diane Brownlow, Jerry Havron, Dan Warrick, Karen Childress, Ronny Hurst; B roll: Walt Campbell Sophomores, A and B roll: Kathy Davis, Don Sweat and LaRaine Porter; B roll: Dennis Leaper. Freshmen, A roll: Jimmy Campbell, Linda Moore, and Mike Smith; A and B roll: Henry Wells, Ann Duncan, Dwayne Ford, Junior Gonzales, Regina F.eng-uson, and Patricia Buford; B roll: Paul Jones. The brain of the elephant is the biggest of all land animals. It weighs more than 13 Ibs. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS L.C. Langley and wife to J. L. Langley—NW/4 section 84, Mock 21. George H. Brewer to Hubert Maulciin—lot 3 and the N/2 of lot 4, .block 2, Bratten Addition, Wellington. Thomas ,H. Franklin and wife to Thomas L. Jesse—lots 1, 2, and 3, block 170, Wellington. ' George M. Scott and wife to John Coffee—lot 7 and N/2 of tot 8, block 2, Bratten Addition, Wellington. Helen T. Boston to E. M. Hunter—NW/4 section 84, of block 14. Hubert A. Mauldia and wife to R. E. Oapeland—East 120 acres of SE/4 section 30, block 10, Edith M. Thompson to Mibtie Merle Hankinst—NW/4 section 27, block 12 and NW/4 section 2, block 12. Z. 0. McKinney to Hesley U. Lemmons—lots 1 thru 24, iblock Nevada was the 35th state admitted! to the union. AT COOK WELL SITE This derrick, at the site of the Shell Oil Company wildcat test on the Emmett Cook farm is built for deep drilling—this test is slated for 10,000 feet. It is the first derrick of this type used on a well in Collingsworth. The location is three miles east of Wellington on Highway 203, then one and three fourths north on the farm to market road. OIL AND GAS NEWS Ether is produced' by distillation of alcohol with sulphuric acid. Lease: Henry B. Davidson to Gulf Oil Corp.—SW/4 section 27, block 12; and N/2 of NW/4 section 14, block 12. Lease: Gary Tarver to Gulf Oil Corp.—S/2 section 32, block 12. Release of lease: Bridwell Oil Co. to W. R. Breeding and wife—section 47, block 22. Release of lease: Bridwell Oil Co. to W. R. Breeding and wife_S/2 section 72, block 22; SE/4 section 71, block 22, and 217.2 acres out of section 60, block 22. Release of lease: Bridwell Oil Co. to W. R. Breeding and wi'fe—SW/4 section 73, iblock 22, and the W/2 of section 1 58, block 22. Release of lease: Bridwell Otf Co. to W. R. Breeding and wife—section 69, block 22. " Lease: James D. Crooks and wife to J. H. Riggs—section 53, block 21 less 88.7 acres, out of the NW part of section 53, block 21. Subordination agreement H. Riggs to Southwestern Life Insurance Co.—Section 53, block 21, less 88.7 acres. Lease: James.D. Crooks and wife to J. H. Riggs—88.7 acres out of the NW parti of section 53, block 21. 'Lease: Lee Roark and wife to Gulf Ool Corp.—NW/4 and S/2 of NE/4 section 31, block 12; S/2 section 19, block 16, less 3/4 acre and 15 acres, the East 67 acres' of W/2 of NE/4 section 19, block 16. Lease: L. E. Ward and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—NE/4 section 11, block 12; S/2 section 30, block 12. Lease: Will'ie Knoll and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—E/2 section 20,' block 16. Lease: Henry B. Davidson and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.— SE/4 section 21, block 16. Lease: P. E. Starr and wife to Gulf Oil Corp.—NW/4 section 1, block 12; NW/4 section 93, block 11; N/2 section 8, block 12; S/2 and NW/4 section 94, 'block 11; W/2 sec- IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY TO BURN COOK £Ltricatb WITH PLANNED FLAMELESS FREE STORED HEAT Why burn up money with a sooty open flame... when you can cook cool and clean with flamelesa electric heat? And, you can cook 45 minutes out of every hour with planned FREE STORED HEAT, in your electric range oven. r*K STOMO HIAT (Wt COOMW WestTexas Utilities SAVE TIME! SAVE MONEY! COOK /JLtrit.«(/y How to Grow a. O Oll&llllli luty .-. •''' ••-• .,••_ y Melon, / Our Community Economy is like a Community Melon.. .the bigger it is, the bigger our individual slices can be. So... it pays to do all we can to grow a bigger melon. I - • And one of the best ways to stimulate the growth of our own community economy is to Trade at Home.. .where every $1 we spend can re-circulate among create $3, $4or more in Trade Volume.. .the essential factor that makes— or the lack of it will break—any community. Collingsworth County Chamber of Commerce Phone 447-5848 Gilmore Locker Plant Phone 447-5660 Elmer Hiett L. A. Gilmore Wellington State Bank Large enough to serve you — Small enough to know you. F.D.I.C. Sullivan Hardware and Furniture Phone 447-5556 Raburn Grocery and Market We Deliver Phone 447-2171 Ben Franklin Store Phone 447-2388 North Side Square Norton & Harwell CONTRACTORS Shamburger Lumber Co. Elvis White Manager Phone 447-2477 B & B Electric Co. Phone 447-5755 One of a series of advertisements on the subject of Community Economics . . . respectfully presented by this group of leading Wellington business firms ... S& R Hardware & Appliance Phone 447-2553 Wells and Wells 40 years dependable insurance in Old Line Companies Phone 447-2520 Brooks Auto Supply Everything Automotive Glen Taylor, Mgr. Phone 447-2456 Whites Auto Store Buster Hughs, Owner Phone 447-2141 TYLBR ELECTRIC Phone 447-5841 C & H Pharmacy Phone 447-2114 The Wellington Leader Phone 447-2414 For Fifty-Three Years a Builder in Collingsworth JOHN HOLTON FIRESTONE TIRES Phone 447-2505 BUTANE & PROPANE Warrick Feed Store Phone 447-2404 Clark Chevrolet Chevrolet Service Body Repair Phone 447-5422 Mobil Oil. Co A. L. Elliott Phone 447-5590 Lewis Grocery & Market The Best Quality Meats in Town Phone 447-5566 Allen Insurance Agency In Old Wellington State Bank Bldg. Phone 447-2517 City State Bank Since 1910 F.D.I.C. Phone 447-2566 Singley Mill & Elevator Purina Feeds • DeKalb Seeds Phone 447-2034 Longford Texaco Station The Best Wash & Grease Job in Town Phone 447-2006

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