The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 4
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fl DAH.T mWf, FUDBB1OK, MD, YOZBDAT, DCOXMBBE B, j 1HJS i)AiU flJSWS. ere? «lieraooc except »; Tie Stws-Pott BUU41OC. Court Street. FrtaSe.-ick. 3it-TUai. fry ______ ______ ,__ ···mi: CLEEAT SOUTHERS wmiiisa AJCD CO. J3S1ESES OF ASSOCIATED PMSS. Tie AaoeiMd Pro* » WILL ROGERS FINDS A COUNTRY THAT IS WORSE OFF THAN CURS ispitctes credited tc It ef sot otturvfet c»s«! » its« paper cad a^o ·-£» local swes yai-lsSel herein. *O COMMPJOCATIOSt o{ «=y «crt cr «e- ! 5-- yu'sa w Setter =««·» or «?re£*:e3 of essays =?C3 s=y '.epic w:i 6e psbsbcd j .3.**s ·ccocip*u£ ey U:t re«l e*s»e el ; t-* «T-.t«T. TSe B»ST* »-" Cot Ur pofc- 1 · »t*4 -r-less CCS.SKII is g.*«J, bat it dta? NOTICES el tnT fcastf partsfcict cl tie satire c! acTtrUsit-f BUM o* wr.'.len s^4 »*-,ed cr sect to m* C3C«. T!»ejr win ! rci be :i»?a tr tf.r?bc=e- AST rXROXBOCS r«Jl«Uon upon the ' £iT4el*r. fleams cr r*pu:»:.O3 of «nr , rrse2. JL'a or ff«rser»s»n ws:ci» «=»»· my- ' ris L= itr cc -..-r^t of T!» Se*» wji be Lii? «.~«-ttd ipcr. :t» CJKS bro-ist: so , -« »t*.er^os cl tc eitor. . »t tit po*ts2fi« « TCSSDAY. DECEMBER 22, 1931. FINANCIAL SOL"NDXESS. Ctoiy a few we»Ss Js»ve e^pscd since President Koorer mMie pubUc his plin far a credit orgsc^ia'-ion that would restore cosSdenc* la Uie nation's tMtnis aad promote home bu:iiing, but toe icea aad the prograai that grei from It hmve already proved ihelr efficacy. Tb* National Credit Corporation, a $500,000.000 totitution which realaes the PreeWent'* wishes, has aided ma- terialir in the country* flnancial r»- coTery. Its capitaLzstton «aa quickly sutocrSed and banks hare been joining in large numbers. In all oJ the 12 lederal reset-re districts the system is working smoothly. Applications for loans hare been band- led da2y and Irom the start funds requested fey borrtrxlns bants bare been placed st their «isposal within a few hours of receipt of application. The rery availability of aid has In some measure mads aid unnecessary. Up to date the corporation has bad ample funds available tn subscriptions Jrom Kev York banks alone and has not drawn on other pledges. Financiers and economists credit the formation of the corporation and its prompt ftmctloning with restoring confidence is hnnte) throughout the United States. Fewer banks have closed their doors and money hoarding has diminished. Once more money is streaming Into the banks Instead of out. To the Editor of The Tientsin tria Tokyo'. Dec. 22.-My Peiping press cards are ao in China so the Advertiser is ru through Tokyo. Been bobbing around for the ia*t tferee days on one of Cains'* oceans is a boat jost sis inches :cnger tfcaa * Feed, trying to get iron; llarc±iur.a here. Rur: fc;o a ctcnn and had to rum bck acsi go Sato Port Arthur harbor for the n^ht. but file get tsfit aru! finally ioocA a country worse oS :haii v,e ar* How's t,?ut lor en accccnpUsiinicr;'.'' Arsd. for Uie saiiit reason as us. o% i-rproduc- tior. Pardon me for trying to get humor from a serious situation, b-t »hes a ccurtr- b^ser and rmre fprtJ^ t.aan the whole Scat* jf Texas caasxes hands, yrt ·war b E3 declarwJ on *::her s.Se. arui flre rr.9nt^$ later the League sends a jsiry out to see ho-* it was doae, no« there is a laugh In there «?r*.' is here Yours, V.TLL ROGEKS. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP Daily Lesson In English 'A'ordf often nusused* Do r.ot say. ~i propo*e s*nd^-.g rcy ca.:drea a»ay." 6av pjrpose to coney ar. intention. o;r-r: ^--jjproaoan^d: An-.perage. Pronc-^r.c- arc-par-aj. 3r*t a 15 in "am," second a as ir. "car-." third a as in ··ag?" (BRatreised), acccct second syllable i Often m^spe^ed: PompeU. Obserre ' the Sna'. rowe^. Syr.or.:.Tr_s: Coagenia:. JCncired. sym- ,vathet:c ( Word study: "Use B word three tlrces ard !t is yours" Lft us increase oar vocaSa j«ry 07 n:a«ter::;^ one word each j day. Today's won!: Perturb; to dis- I Itirb frwt:?; trouble: d^iulct. "Angry i and peri-arbed. I was at a clisadynt- Donations To Home For Aged Are Reported NEW-BODN BABY £4N SOPPCfff Its O(fM VJfifiH ®y frs . ?R so, iT u?ses Tke PEAT. The fc-llaiw-ns Is the list of donation* r*-c»ivei ·of- tie Hocae for the Aged i at the arssual Donation day Tbe Home ! -s aaoet fratef'^1 for the generous re- spcr^s of its friends. Sixteen glasses jeHy and preerres. Mrs. Albert Ccndon: 1 pair pi3o*»s. Mix ' Ale.* Kelr, Midetova; roa«t of t»ef, Mrs Etfie Mealer; b«! room larcp. ** : rr Aria Gon5o; 12 pints damson preserves, MJJS Kate Tyson; table laasp, Mr. and Mrs Charl«* Car.y: lamp shade, Ma. · O:-i K»-pl*r, 5 peci* sweet potatoes, ' M-is S-s:c SnouSer; 5 doa?2 cinn»- s-.-xi rolls, Mrs. Kemp Busier; 6 dozen ,' glass^. 3 dTzua cups. 3 dozen plates, · Mr* J. r Baker; 3 bureau scarfs. Miss ' l-Cs-.i- Johnston. 25 pounds sugar. Mrs. · Charles Srup; 1 ham. Miss JeannetSe , J:.iri.vcs; : peck sweet potatoes. **·« C T:;ccca£; I jar pici, Mrs. J. D. Kr-ight; 4 sozec roll*, l pound cake. 'Mr *si Mrs. Ei*ard Herein; 10 honey t*K roetaa, case apricot*. Mas. ; R M. Rau; 14 sea towels. Mrs. AUee j Kchrbaci; 4 Jars pickle, Mrs. Charlec · Ccnley; 10 pounds cottage cheese, Mr. '. Rothenhaefer; 2 cream pitchers, Mrs. j Horn: set for sick tray. Miss g*a. Lee; , 2 bushels apples, 8 ears pineapple. Miss S Grace Neldlg: case P and O soap, caae jot soup, case peaches. Mrs. Hohnes D. I Baiier: 10 pounds sugar. Miss yr^v*- Q! case peas, case eora, Mrs. John H. 1 Biktr. B'-usejsxwn; 2 bushels turnips, · M.SS Annie Buckles; : doaen glass iicy.cls, Miss Eleanor M. Johnson; pair j -a-ndow shades, vase. Miss Rrrra Vern- 'cn; 3 -sash cloths. Miss Louise Hen- Sykesville There being only a certain number ol hmrrs In the day and 50 many pages in tbe papers, some of us have thought of giving up Airnee Sempie McFherson. The generation that -wanted to grow cM gracefully is raisins another gsn- eration that would be satisfied to stay painfully. Quotations Nothing I say is to be interpreted as SB. fa-ror of mories. --Sinclair Lewis anthor of "Arrowsmith." * * * jkEechanical equipment sbo-old create opportunity for leisure, not unemployment. --WHUaar Green, president A. F. L. * * * T2» trend of international trade throughout the wcrM offers oonc'.usive gxroof that the current wor^i-Tsride economic upheaval is a result of causes over which the United States go-rem- ment has no control. --Senator Heed Srnoot of Utah. * * * Small colleges must =ot be over- Trlielmed in our pursuit of f^aatlsm --Dr. Hobert It Ke^y. American Association of American CaUeges. * 4 * Today Great Britain can uaderseZ us in China and oiiier silver-moncT- countries by CC per cent. ilor Key P.ttraan of Xeirada. To Show Hnge Tire. A Goodyear tire 12 feet iiigh and four feet wide, weighing r=orp tian a half id^_ TT"t*l 2.*^ *""* T " *"* *"*OC "·£··»'*»*«-- 3,*! addi^cjrial 125 pouzis. wuZ be is Frederick Tuesday ni£il and Wcdnescay znoming. Triis *ire is ir^Sat^d TO a pressure of t'nree po-unis for tra-re'-ins Hg?}t but if it were carrv.r.s ihc 25 ton :os! for w!ch :; is built" it wou:d be inSated x S^L po-_ c^ pressure. Roy SWTE^. :^cal Goodyear c«a:sr. asKefi that tie t^re be brous'nt to Frcdcrck because it Is 5uCil ri uuiiEual 5.i;ht The tread is three inches ts.ct. Flapper Fanny Says HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISHBETN. Editor Joamsl or American MeEe«l A*- »oc!»tJo3 aod o: Brcei*. The Health Bookworm Still Prevaleot. Two decades or more have passed i since tbe attention of our people waa | turned prominently to the existence of i hookworm in the southern portion of j ihe United States. At that time every ione knew that the presence of hook- '·Rcrm in the bowel would make a man jlaqr. and that backwardness among ',«ome children ir. the south was proba- i bly due to infestation with this organization. The application of public health measures by public health officials In the southern states, with the aid of the Rockefeller Foundation, has served largely to brlns this condition under control. j When the egss of the hookworm arc 'spread from the human being into the | soil they develop in from five to eight , days. The larvae th«n get Into the ! human being through the unbroken jjidn of the feet, particularly hi regions j vi here children and others walk bare; foot. It has been establahed that the j larvae may exist in soil under proper , conditions for several weeks. The eggs j can be found in the excretions of the human bc-ir.g from four to six weeks . afier the larvae have first penetrated I the skin. i * * * ! The presence of infestation with · hookworm is determined by cxamina- I tion of the excretions, using several . different technics that have been de- Iveioped by scientific students of the subject. The careful records now bens made by public health investigators indicate that hookworm is bccom- 1 ing much less prevalent. The most heavily infected sectier_s of the country continue to be the southern states, and there are sonse counties in which To per cent, or more of school children Infested. The ncsro, is troubled the cor.dlt.on much less than Is the white population. Furthermore, the disease does n« exist in a-eas w'th clay so;!, but is Lmited to those of randy so:!. Any person who has the d_seaso is a earner and mus: be handled as such. , Invest.pstsons made ir. hundreds of thcusar.ds of cases have shown proper disposal of the excretions of those who are infested and treatment of every one Vxmd to have the disease with any one cf several well established remedies is · It ttould be exceedingly hdr'ul in up the r"r.d:t on :f "veryanc in an infested ar^s v-OT;'.d , woar pcod shoes. I j Sykesviile. Dec. 22.--Misses Clara ! Hamrccn, Woshii^ton, and Betty Sel' by. Gerrnanfjwn. win spend the «eek- rnd at the home o? Mr. and Mrs. Ar- laur C. Brown, and attend the Sykesville High School aJumnJ dance and card party Friday night at the ^chool auditorium. --Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Church and ·sons. Freddie and Albert, were guests iof tbe latter's mother. Mrs. August j Wettkowsicy, Perryroac, Sunday, j --Mr. aad Mrs. John O. Brown and daughter. MSss Louise Brown. win shoniy leave for a visit to New Orleans. La. --Miss Betty Selby. Germantown. gve a miscellaneous shower at her home in honor of Miss PauUnc Leatherwood, Washington. Among those from Sykesville who attended were: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown. and Mrs. Cellus Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Mohler. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Berry, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Dorsey. Misses Ethel Melville ( Barnes and Margaret Shipley and j Allen Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert ! Leatherwood. Washington. Miss Loath- |crwood resided .here some years ago. The affair was a complete surprise to Miss Leatherwood. --H. C. Gardner, Fairhaven Dairy Farm, has returned from a deer hunt hi Pennsylvania this week. --Louis Hughes, who has beca critically; ill In a Baltimore hospital, is improving nicely. --Dr. L. C. Shipley. Freedom, is a patierst at the Maryland University Hospital for observation. --Mrs. Edward Arlington and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Atkinson were weekend guests of Mr. ar.d Mrs. George j Condon. | --WiHiam Wilson Is building a new , house near Ketiersburg-. ' --Mrs. Harry Gist and Miss Mar, garet Will spent Wednesday in Baltl- . more. --The W. C. T. 0. and Children's Aid solicit "good'es" of all kinds for their Christmas baskets. The shut-ms, sick and unfortunate are to be remembered- Mrs. Ml^ard Weer will receive the donations. --Mrs. Georgle W.lKns. Baltimore, spent Tuesday afternoon with friends in Howard county. --Mrs. N. H. ChHds spent Thursday in Baltlmore. --Samuel Richeson and sister. Miss i Frances will spend the '.\eck-end In Virgln'a tilth relatives. --Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arrmgton ] and Mrs Prank Arrincton, 5i?:it \Vcd- ; nesday in Baltimore. r --William B. Welling. Jr, .-pent j Thursday night as the guest of his ! aunt. Mrs. D. W. Canthom. --The Missionary Society anrt W C T. V. were enterta'ned jointly at the j home of Rev. C. H. Richmond. Mrs. j C. H. Richmond and Mrs James Carter j were hostesses. j --Louis Hepner. Baltimore, is help- |ing in the pest office during the I Christmas rush. He is -.isitine his j father. Assistant Past "Master, w. D. ! B. Hepner. i --Mrs. John Wilson, who has been isick the past weefe. is reported im- 1 proved. | --J- Nathan Childs. Mt Washing- i ton. visited his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Childs, on Thursday. Three wash cloths. Miss Mary Russell Hendricison; 3 towels, Mrs. J. D. Hen- cricksos; 12 cans com, 3 cans cleanser, 2 cak« soap. Miss Agnes Schley; 10 ffls. ;u^ar, Mrs. Ida Cole: 12 quarts canned fruit and ". esetaoles. 12 pints jelly and preserves. 6 jsrs pickles and catsup. Buckevitown Woman's Club: 2 dozen SlosEcs. Miss Anna S Thomas; 1 -srater pltcner, Mrs. Ira J. McOjrdy; 1 water pitcher, John Eisenhauer; case peas, cose tomatoes, Mrs Edgar H. McBride; cise peaches, Mrs. C. Thomas Kemp. Mr. and Mrs. Sani W. Maples; l bushel cvars. -'·· bushel s?.'eet potatoes. Miss Maulby. 1 bushel apples. Mrs. John Francis Smith: 10 !bs sugar, Joan Fran:is Smith: 5 Ibs. sugar. Misses Potts: 2 gallons ice cream. Mr. and Mrs. I.loyd Culler: 2 jars pickle. Miss Susie Snouffer: bo-t Quaker oats. I dozen cans was. Mrs Eaward Gro'.e: 10 Ibs. sugar. Mrs A. W. Condon: 1 Ib. coffee. 10 Ibs sii;ar. Mrs Tammany; 5 Ibs sugar. Mrs M J Hooff; '- gaHon apple butter. '· bushel epples. Mrs Payne; I pound coffe-?. Quaker 021.5. Mrs. Hctner Miller; : j cozen cak-.-s I', ?ry SOSD. 10 pouncs -u;ir. Mrs. Ken:p: bureau scarfs. Mrs CharlM Siftorc. Fifty pounds sugar. D. C. Winebren- ncr and Sons. Inc : 4 cans pineapple. Mrs William D Zimmerman: 15 Ibs. ru?ar. Mr. and Mrs Lewis Dertsbaagh; : n,.n-.ysir-. : j T'- pears, 'i dozen cla««-"cf ;el"-y. Mrs Walter Getty; 6 t:a IO-A.-IS. Mrs. Hanloa; 1 s a lion apple butter. Mrs. Gertrude S:o-:is: 10 pounds scrapple. John Stauffer: 2 tons coal, Mark?!! and Ford: I case peas. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weller; 2 bushels apples. 2 bushels potatoes, Mrs. S. Eimer Brown: 34 elassss jeily and preserres, 5 quarts canned com. 13 quarts fruit, 2 quarts-apple and grape butter. Miss Lucy Cromwell and M^s Ida Padgett; '- bushel pears. M-sses Williamson: 1 dozen fru.t salad. Mrs. Alfred Zim- niennan; 1 gallon applebutter, Buckeys- CAN YOU BEAT IT By KetteB BED-RIDDEN FOR 20 YEARS CRIPPLED EX-IRONWORKER CHEERS FELLOW INVALIDS Bolrhcrins Held. A btitchenns; was hcli! at tr.r h-=ie of n Gecr::'- Morcar; WalkersvUle. er 17 -a her. two lar^c hogs w«re'-d T.-.a-e present ·sTerc: Mrs ?c-:r;c Mo-gin r.auih'cr. E-.a and son. , Hajrror.;. Mr. anrl Mr*. Sro:: Garber. , Mr sr.d Mr?. Guy Tref'.er. FT. Gcorso 1 EiTr^rd. ?.'- r.r.d Vrs Harris-^n D.Tcr.. ra.irh'^r?. Pan"..£· ar.d L^l.i^r. 537;. M-'"-..r.: Mr ar.-i Mrs A'N-n B.-.uhfr. ;3'j;"^:r. ra-i.^rr. «crs P.-."". nr.d Irv.rr: Chirl^s M-rssn lind Lt« Morgan \ Twenty Years '. Ago Today i iap. tjp, tap . . . slowly assldu- , ously -- painfully -- Thomas Shmaers · types messages of cheor to other invalids , throughput the country. He is seen here in the bed in a Passa-.c. N. J, hospital where he has hopelessly cr.pp'.ed. Tor 20 years. town Woman's Club; 1 doaen cacs mEk. Harry Kolb; 2 quarts peaches, Mrs. Charles Whlmbs; 1 quart pickle. Mrs. Emma Bowie. Cash Contributions. Miss Katie Johnston. $1: Miss Eddie Routzahn. *1; Miss Bella B. Baltzell, S2.SO; Mrs Wm. R. DeLashcmtt. $5; Miss Arie Winebrenner, $1; Miss Nellie Thomas, $1; Mr. Ernest HelfensJein, S5; Mrs. Ernest Helfensteia. $5; Thomas P. Rice, S5; Mrs. L. Victor Baughman, S3; A. Hart Etchison. $5; Mrs. Robert Clapp, $5; Pythian Sisters. $1; Miss Catherine F. Thomas. Baltimore. $5; Miss Carrie H. Thomas. Baltimore. $5: Mrs. Charles E. Falconer, Baltimore, $10: Mrs. John T. King. Baltimore. $5; Mrs. C. O. K«edy. $5; Mrs. David Lorw- enstein, $10; Mrs. J. D. Baker. $25; Mrs. John A. Campbell, $1; Miss Lon Cungan, $1; Miss Marian Clingan. $1; Miss Rebekah DeLashmutt. $5; William R. DeLashmutt. Washington, S5; Mr. and Mrs. Rob't E. Delaplaine, SIO: Mrs. Margaret Rboads, SI; Mrs. H. L. G. Kleffer, S5; Mrs. Merhl Gittinger, $5; Mrs. Nathan J. England, $5; Miss Mary Newman, $5: Mr. and Mis. Allen R. Lampe. S2; Mis. Douglass Hooff. $5; Miss EIi23beth C. Robbins, $5; Misses Yost, $4; Mrs. A. W. Nicodemus, S3; Mr. and Mrs. Charies W. Lough, $5: Mr. and Mrs. John S. Newman, $10. Total, $187.50. Today In History Today's Anniversaries. · 1657--Hannah Dustn, the EavermH, Mass., pioneer who was captured by TririigTv; and made an heroic escape, born. Date of death unknown. 1732--Richard Arkwright. English manufacturer and inventor of the cotton-spinning frame, bom. Died August 3. 1792. 1804--Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve, famous French literary critic, born. Died October 13, 1869. 1803--Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Churca, born at Sharon, Vt. Died at Carthage, EL. June 27, 1844. 1819--Williams Xingsford. Canadian historian and engmeer, bom. Died September 29. 1893. 1823--Thomas w. Evans, the noted SIDE GLAXCES -v By George dark ©1931BYNEA SERVICE, me. Rte. U. S. PAT. OFF. "Now listen. Henry! Just because you don't know what an those forks an for doesn't mean that yonr daughter doesn't need every one of them." IN NEW YORK J Bi; by bit, tee varioos social and j poetical entaagrlsmeais hav- been mi- j rarelirig. Oae hears that John D, New York. Dec. 22.-- Quite as loud Bocfcefelter. Jr.. expects the Met to b as the crashing of orchestral traipaiu i ° : fabulous Radio City. Oce American detst'st who settled in \ teve became f~ whispering co^ce-rilne ! hears tiiat Mr - Koc^e'eHer has con- Pans and became the European -^1 conflict'"arnong-" Metropolitan Op- j sicerable "say-so" ai the moment. _ era House sponsors. " leader in his profession, bom in Philadelphia. Died in Paris, November 14, 1897. For two seasons the wiiapers remained muted, although one heard tnucii of :S50--Oscar S. Straus, financier, dip- brooding storms "ahead. Then, over- lomat, philanthropist, bom in Ger- : r.;'ht. Otto Sahn many. Died in New York City, May 3, 1925. Today In History. 1733--Washington surrendered Bis commission as General to Congress in session at Annapolis, Md. 1814--Cleveland incorporated as a BY DEXTER H. TEED XEA Service Writer. .e twen :b«re. He; talks w::h in«s. Srxls oat what is ccing Possilc. X J. Dec. 2:-Chralmasjon m the w^rld. mcanji a great dea: to Thomas Shiners. ; Ar.d when -- c «--vs -^ : h ^ h r o r : o y e a r s h e h « ^ . d i n ^ d l n j : n r^ oflx*. cr^o a=d "baa' St Mary's hnspiu: here, t^pel-essly -rr.-~'. how :r.a.rr.a-.or. ^rr.fs rn?p:-e. always la paji. ab to use --' YO-: ftfl : :al A CHKISTL\5 SIESSAGE. j 1913--Federal Reserve Act enacted. Today's Birthdays, 3ri£ Gen. Charles E. Kilbcume. U. S. A, an atithvr of r.cte. bcm at For: Whipple. Va.. 39 years ago today. Charles Fleischer. New York City only ha r-sh: hand :o to njore his head, would be .. j: He rr.i?h: well be despondent, but ho - he cojlc. ls~"i. He has h??e. he is cheerful,' ' - ^till hav T-- you. r,ho hare s.- rr.-jch-- ^"·"-~ Tcm 5r..rjicrs. r l:o has so - -~ --'.-..- ;· .:s s--n CO C-rj-r-A.-:.- fr ~ ^ c--pple's igat. Otto out O-L his silk hat announced his lesignation as hairmaa ol the ·oera board Oh, res, he would ie«p -iis box and all that --but bus;-ess maters were so Dressing he thought it best to retire the net's Tais "-lad been ' " be'o-e Cou:d ths At which point -? springs "Eoxy." Tresh from a oon- slderable tour of Sorope la af future Radio ?:t? talent. And Soxv announces :ha.t they would ike the Met to ·acne over to Hado City. But if the? :Dnt--well, then .t win become aec- to organiae r hnge. opera i; and gire com- the question rises: s!anJ competitSoa? Kaha."a*t»- -ears · Tbers ' s =° se="et that this is the op. West, bom at Rociford. El., 61 years ago today. here were rebels who ir.s.s:«d :iat :~e large donations wers ~---^.? Luf's Stuff .-» .^yj stmply T.-.- r~-~s his bdy ar.i h_« ,···- · rL'-"vil .*ctns frC'tn the cclurnns or Ccr.zressma:: Ix-nis startca to ' · work :r. c.irr.^st t · c-llrct from tic ', ' c: Fr.-c.r..k A I' ^as due in th» n-ar fut :r^ b-?f?re :h? Cla-ms C-^n-.rr.:.-'** cf tie Hous- ' Aj we srproaoh the Chr.strr.3ji s-oa- sr. I am h-jppr ar.3 at poaco with th« , " Thy- irr'.c." he says ·»-·. a s.r.-crc "I ^skc up arr. c"'AseI hurSnecs cf th* 1 finest t--s ir. ."r:--i? a -fr hac ' * r-a :. r f .- -. · · ' ~" k '.'·os* leiss '·' u: frwtids "-·.~es as T.^T sh-~. 1 ana*-- I v,_«,h -hera a nicrr:.- octr..r.e I i-.i-*- -i.- C.-r^stmas and I hope that God ·z:'^ Years. .T.---,S peace o; ;N^ '»ca~s to rotr ;na an: hapr-lnes* ^: ..·r.. 01 t^c .iif-.-i.. Here* the r-^S ;,r ::-e cV-'.-trsent. as Ton^ t~-'ir._-o -'--.or to .' .T.-..-; o h l-.-is :-_-.-i . l -1 .,.-»,,:. ·.-- - I S- cheerful as A. -: -..·» : .-_v - orz l.:e s patr.- -' 1 ·* .' --- ·- :----.. '-3p-3.r/ess ·% b---t. -li-; for --T ha-..r.r '..rec Or. ! tr.o 1^--^ t.ckots *o be se; i cur c a-d rr.«-kec the T.v- 1 - - - -f C.rr . - C-_rt a-.= ! "crr.bcr" f f t^r pa.c tr.butc t'i j th° !..'« W ." P Maulsby and | adopted re^:lu:.-r^ ^f i^.ogy ^ES a dcln£ a'l h* can A :o~. "c rr^'i; c'h-'rs ha:pj. .r.Srj,lte V;s, a pa :.«=«· -ST.---S pa:sf^!ly a pen rrc^r, :* t r c r^c-t --»r; Tat r.r «scs · so ycur;* .r~- - r».r : .. c: -·- -- u--. t-TM~-- ^-» ,,« ser.d.r.; c.~^r-.r.j mcs- --r Or. -^r -.-··%- .-,T .-._$ M;W to 4-"-' ixd-r.da-n po--r".c and the'.vVillv bro-cer. ;v S^ry- cr.~?lcs -r. -T;-- r state .n the un»n he had eel;, a Tew to !.\e Soz:t-:.n-.ef .v ^«s a :vps--»T.tcr. In his ar--r ^: _ -.% ^;.i :.. "i* ;. vj are d-^.r^r ,omc- prayed. Ke | j Conr-ie Macs. PhOacelphia's cele- certain people far too much "sav ' | brat«d bo?ebal! ir^nacer. bom at East "-'a: ' the_ actual selection of operas and ! Be CarefnL !! BroockScld. Mas?.. 69 years ago t.-caT.: srt-sts wss at the sssrcj of the ' b.s ^ auto'sts would have a care. · ; Al-rar. T. S montis. noted Breton ' ^'^ " Ar --'s sante ratne close while cnvmg on the thoroughfare, , i atFitchbunr. Mass.. :c :r -- :r ^- 3 ^ o* »Se list. =»st; accidents wcsald cease to be ' c5 ysars ago tsday. " ; * * * resulting la calarai^-. ; ' Then it was wrjspere; about t.-at , i Today's Horoscope. Clarezice Maciej had withdrawn i^s Whi^ some are careful, strange to ffly ! Th" r.ew sign ccines in with a lift, -o~moi::cns. It was hinted that s-^acs so man- are tis other way. ,'of versatil.ty. 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