The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 1, 1967 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1967
Page 14
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Page 16 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Friday. September I. 1967 Do You Know Sponges are said to be one of the oldest forms of animal life on earth. Polo is supposed to have originated in Iran A cabinet maker, W i l l i a m Monroe, set up the first pencil shop in American in Concoi 1 Mass in 1812 Gusta\e Eiffel w h o created the famous Eiffel Tower in Pa i \ f built himself a one room apartment on the right side of the top platform of the tower. He a t t r b u t e d his longevity to the fiesh air he breathed while he lived m his apartment there J. AUSTIN YOM4KINS I 105 A fam, Dairy barn ft dairy . . nlct hoirt, road trontao,*, $5S,OOt. 7 3 bdrm brick duel' x lirgt lei, bath and furnace Reduced te *»,i04 far duick ial« In Frederick l 3 td.-m medi n »«lit l«vtl brick, rat room lull be»em»nt, near Frederick. 4 J)i A Farm lot of Rd frontao*, 'f. tile »-d sood nc Priced it »*0,OOQ. 5 M)A slock l.rm jvashmgton Co. 6 6H A 2 f a r m combined close by 'n v« Land B dg* -iicellent land 7 i.i Va «OOA Farm t 500 A. Farm a Farm '25 A Fertile land good Bldgi. ) A U S T I N Y O U N K I N S , REP Giayvon M Mercer Son» Office 463 T»l GOOD WILL USED CARS 65 CJIEV. Corvair fon\ ( p' 4 spd., Corsa. RAH 65 CHEV. Impala 2-Dr. II T. A.T.. RH. 62 CHEV. 6 Pass. Station W a n on. A.T.. RH. 64 FORD Fairlane Mr. RH. 63 FORD Galaxie 4-Dr. St-d. A.T . RH, P.S. 63 FORD Fairlane 4-Dr. RH. 65 DODGE 2-Dr. H.T A.T., RH, P.S. 63 DODGE 4-Dr. Sedan A.T., RH. 66 PONTIAC 4-Dr. H.T. H.M.. RH, P.S., P.B. 65 PONTIAC Bonne 4-Dr. H.T. H.M., RH. P.S., P.B 62 PONTIAC 4-Dr. H.T. H.M., RH, P.S., P.B. 60 PONTIAC 4-Dr. Sedan H.M.. RH. 58 PONTIAC Ch. 4-Dr. Sedan H.M., RH. 61 RAMBLER 4-Dr. A.T., RH. Renn Pontiac Dial MO 3 - I I 8 5 15 E. 6th St. INC. MOVER LINCOLN MERCURY '»»;{ M e r r u r j S .".", Loaded w i t h E x t r a s inc l u d i n g Factory Air Conditioning, 1 Owner. Lo\\ Mileage. '«»:{ Dodge Dart (iT, Con\ e r t i h l e . Fully Equipped. ' f i T T-Bird, loaded w / e v e r y t h i n g , i n c l u d i n g air-oond. '()( M e r c u r , 1 Dr. B r e e / e w a . Fully Equipped. ·fifi dsmet (JT, f u l l y equipped i n c l u d i n g .'{'·(I engin**. '(." Mercury Monterey 4 Dr.. f u l l y equip., low mileage. '*il! M e r c u r y , Custom 2 Dr., H. Top, Fully Equipped. LOT LOCATION IKFFKRSON M. MO 3--.127 WOOLCO DEPARTMENT STORE Applications being t a k e n for FLOOR COVERING SALESMAN O p p o r t u n i t y for a d v a n c e m e n t to Assistant and Manager. Must he w i l l i n g t o relocate if necessar. Excellent s t a r t i n g *alar\ p l u s commission. \pph In Prison 10 A.M. To f) P.M. WOOLCO DEPARTMENT STORE Frederick Shopping C e n t e r An F.qual Opportuiutv K n i p l m c r WELL DRILLING The Company fa ( a l l In I h i - I n - S t a t e \rra For \ll H.itcr Supple Nri-ds Free Kstiniatos--Fman ing 11 mis-- F jst S«T\ l «· AUSTIN ft. KEYSER, INC. "OUR HI SINESS IS WATER" H E L P \\ \ N T K I ) Need a nvw and bftti-r « a \ to prrsxun^r % « u r «atcr s\slcm? Stop water lonK'nK. motor hum out--·,!. n/vi's I{\drcM-v is the answer. KEYSER'S WELL DRILLING MO 2-1919 ( ' a l l MO I5-5995 WE GIVE SH GREEN STAMPS REED FORD '6* Mustang 2 lr. H I . V«. Std '(,.' I n h ri l r f n,,nal ( ustom Tra\- K "' ·-I.UI \ x. Standard tran.s. '66 VW 1300 Std Kill '64 C h e \ \ 2 Dr Hardtop, S * ft rl . str trans '63 (,alax-c 5)« Dr sodjin V-8. auto., I'.S , HAM 'M T Bird hard lop s \ | auto , I'.S , F' H .in , mill 'fl \.ala\n- 4 lr si I.m n i t « I'.S V-S. RH 'M) MdB 4 speed n . . r l .1 w i r e wheels t'.j K n. hero JfK) cu in Std f.ins K i l l »- \ VV |^nort di !u\e · ' f i n d Jn f. i i 1 f' hod . t '· r\\ . std. '·1 H mi ( ,11)1 \\.1R. 6 ( \l. ' n l i : n.iti«....i! 1 . ton, 12 f t '.IM w i l l ) side ho.iniv lie :,71 t',200 i Inu n M.irv kind 1966 Ml ST'lNt. 2 I»r ll.«rdto| f, « \ ! \\ , onsole. 1%I ( \ D I I I \( ( o n i « r t K A I I 1's I ' M \ ( \ T l W . M (l!»."i 19f,l 3'ONTI\( al ' hr R A M \ i }' S real I'ONTI \r ( at I D r V I I' S JT, M i w h i t . .lean LOWMAN PONTIAC I'ONTI A -- I K M P K S i -h I R K I t l K l ) 82H 0»«« Ml \ i r \ %ld xi^tw-t AUTO SALES WOODSBORO, MD. 1967 Dodge Coronet 500 Convertible, 383 Eng., Auto Trans., P.S., Radio, Heater $2,750 1967 Ford Galaxie 500, 2 Dr., H. T., V-8, Auto. Trans., Pow er Steer., Radio, Heater $2750 1966 Ford Galaxie 500, 4 Dr., V-8, Radio, Heater, P.S., Auto. Trans. $1975 1964 Pontiac 4-Dr. Star- chief, Radio, Heat er, P. S. auto trans. $1650 1965 Chevy Bel-Air, 4 Dr., V-8, R a d i o , Heater, P.S., Auto. Trans. $1675 1966 Comet Caliente, V-8, Auto. Trans., Power Steer., 4 Dr. Sedan, Radio, Heater. $1975 1966 Dart 4-Dr. Sedan, radio, Heater, Std. Shift $1,675 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II 2 Dr. H.T., 6 Cyl., Standard Shift $1775. 1967 Mustang GT Conv., 390 Engine, 4 Spd. T r a n s . , R a d i o , Heater, Power Disc Brakes, etc. $2750. 1967 Valiant, 2 - Door, V-100, 6 - Cyl., Sto Shift, Radio, Heater $1,975 1966 Valiant V-200 4 Dr., V-8, Radio, Heater, P.S., Factory Air Cond , Au__ to. Trans. $1975. 1965 Fairlane 500 2 Dr., H.T., V-8, Radio, Heater, Std. Shift. $1575. 1966 Ford 10 Passenger Wagon, R a d i o , Heater, P.S., P.B., A u t o Trans. $2575. 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 XL, 2 Door H.T., V-8 Auto Trans., P.S., Radio, Heater, $1,775. Liberal Trades - Bank Financing Open 9 To 9 -- 9 To 6 Saturdays Owned and Operated By Elmer Cregger 8 4 5 - 8 8 O O Crouse Used Cars and Trucks M Pcrrij Galule S* i Dr. lUritte*, V4. Auto., Rate, Heater $UM M Fwd eastern t Dr., V-S. DUdto. Heater tN M Chevy bapala Hardtop, V4, Radio, Heater UN M Falcoa Wag«4i, · Cyl. Ra4H*. Heater 11M M Corvair Spyder 2 Dr., Radle, Heater, 4 Spd. MS ·t Fairtaae SM 4 Dr. « CyL, A«U, Radio. Heater UN 63 Corvair Moaia, Radio, Heater IN 69 Chev. Impala Hardtop, Radio. Heater UN ·9 Olds SUrftre Hardtop, V-«, Auto, Radio, Heater 14N n Falriffaf 5M 4 Dr.. V8. Automatic. Heater UN « Ford Country Sedan. V-«, Radio, Heater MS tt Falcon t Dr. Std. Trans.. Heater 5N TRUCKS M Ford F1M Pickup V body. Automatic, V8, Radio Heater $UN 64 Ford F250 *4 Pickup. 4 Spd.. Heater 14N 64 Ford EconoUae Van IMS 62 Ford FJ50 Stake truck. Dual Wheels UN 62 Ford Boyertown walk-in truck MS Crouse Ford Sales Taneytown, Maryland I RONEY'S SAVE '60 Rambler 6 Wagon, Automatic T r a n s - mission, Radio. '63 Ford 8 Galaxie 500, 4 Door Sedan, Stan- dard Transmission. '64 Plymouth 8 Belvedere 4 Door, Sedan, Standard Transmission, Radio. '65 Dodge 8 Coronet 500, Convertible, A u t o - matic Transmission. Power Steering. '64 Valiant 6 Signet 200, 2 Door, H a r d t o p , I ' 65 Chevrolet 8, i dere, 4 Door Sedan, Standard Transmis- Automatic T r a n s - sion. mission. Radio. * Balance 5 Years Or 50,000 Mile Warranty Available BUY WITH CONFIDENCE Our 43 Yrs. Service · Your Besi Assurance THE RONEY MOTOR CO. 622 NORTH MARKET ST. Phone 663-6126 -- Open Eve. 8:30, Sat. Till 5 WATK1NS BURDET1E · THE DODGE BOYS THE DODGE BOYS SALE! NEW AND (DEMO) MUST GO 1967 Dodge Polara 4 Dr. Sedan Equipped $3575.15 1967 Dodge Monaco 4-Dr. Hdtp. equipped with bucket seats sir condition 4468.65 1967 Dodge Charger equipped with 440 motor and automatic trans. 4170.35 1967 Dodge 2 ton truck 175" Wh. Base Heavy Duty 2 Speed Rear 4112.84 1967 Dodge S ton wide side pickup 4 Speed Trans. 2503.75 1967 Dodge '-i ton wide side body full trim and 4 speed trans. 2714.45 1967 Jeep 4 Wh. Dr. 4-Dr. SU. Wagon ready to roll 3801.01 1967 Jeep 4 Wh. Dr. Pickup 8' body wide side, a steal 3434.15 1967 Jeepster 4 Wh. Dr. Roadster with full conv. top 2776.76 1967 Dodge R-T 2-Dr. Hdtp. Equipped with 44« cu. 1«. motor, automatic trans. 3677.15 ;ins-Hurdette M O T O M C O I* A N V 1820 RoMmont Ave~, Frederick, Md. Phone 663-5136--Open Eves. Tilt 9--Sat. 5 LABOR DAY SPECIALS '44 CMEV. Impala 1-Dr HT, VI, P. ONde, RAH, P. «tr», one owner, 10,000 actual mllei with balance of new car warranty. 45' CHEVY Impala 1-Dr. HT. tit VI, P.O., PS. Vinyl Interior, RAH, lovely. '44 FORD Oalaxle 5*0, 1 Dr.. H.T., 151 VI Crulfemattc, P.S., RAH, Whl'e- walli, StlN Under warranty. '45 MERCURY 4 Dr., H.T., VI, Automatic Transmission, P.W. P.B., Air Conditioning, Tinted Olau, RAH Whitewalls, Perfect Automobile. '41 FAIRLANE SOO, 4-Dr Sedan. Straight stick, VI. RAH, Wtilttwalls, Vinyl interior, black with red Interior. '44 CHEVROLET ftelalr 4 Dr., Sedan, 4 Cyl., P.6., RAH, WhiMwalls, Show Room New. '41 CHEVROLET II Stationwaoan, P.G., 4 Cyl., RAH, Whitewalls, 1 Tort* Paint, Immaculate. '45 COMET 4-Dr. Sedan, m, straight stick, RAH, Whitewalls, Economy wim High Performance. '45 MUSTANG Faj1ba-fc t plus 1 VI Crulsematic, P.S., RAH, Whitewalls, White with Red Interior, Sharp. '45 CHEVELLE 4-Dr. Sedan, VI, Automatic transmission, RAH, Whitewalls, locally owned, spotless. CAR DISCOUNT ENTERPRISE 501-503 West South St Tom Pickett, Owner Jim Zach, Manager "Big Jim" Olden, Sales Rep. Phone MO 2-6171 MARYLAND STATE INSPECTED Over 50 Cars To Choose From -- Low Bank Rate Financing KEY'S CLEAN UP END-OF-THE-MONTH SPECIALS BIG SAVINGS FOR YOU NOW 1%5 CADILLAC 4-Door Sedan, beautiful white fisiah, fully equipped incl. air cond., now $3845.00 1965 CADILLLAC 4-Door Sedan DeVille, all the extras incl. air cond., perfect Inside and out $3995.00 1964 CHEVROLET Impala 4-Door Station Wagon V-8, Power- glide, heater, radio, air cond. $1495.00 1964 CHEVROLET Impala Super-Sport Convertible, V-8, Powerglide, heater, radio, inspected $1450.00 1966 CHEVROLET 4-Door Sedan, Std. trans., 8 cyl., heater, radio, air cond., excellent $1950.00 22 Other Specials To Choose From PHONE 662-5460 KEY CHEVROLET · CADILLAC OK USED CAR MARKET 536 W. South Street 1965 Mustang H. T., 8 Cyl., S t d. Trans., R H . 1965 Huick La S a b r e Custom Fordor H. T., Auto., TS, PB, A/C, R H . 1965 Mercury Monterey Tudor H. T., 8 Cyl., COM, PS, R H . 1964 Chev. Impala Tudor H. T., 8 Cyl.. 4 Spd.,J[l ^H. 1964 Buick Wildcat Con- v't, Auto., PS, PB, Mag. Whls., R H . 1964 C h e v . Impala Tudor H. T., 8 Cyl., Std., Trans., RH. 1964 Galaxie Tudor, 8 Cyl., Std. Trans., PS, PB, A/C, R H. 1964 Galaxie 500 Fordor 8 Cyl., Auto.. R H. 1964 Galaxie 500 Fordor 6 Cyl., COM, PS. 1964 Falcon Fordor S/ W a g o n , 101 HP, Std. Trans., R H . 1963 Galaxie 500 Tudor H. T., Fast hack, 8 Cyl., PS, PB, COM, A/C, R H . 1963 Fairlane 500 For- dor, 8 Cyl., Fordo., PS, R H . 1963 Ford Ctry. Sedan, 8 Cyl., COM, PS, PB, R H . 1962 1962 1962 1966 1965 1963 1958~ Falcon Fordor Dlx. S / W a g o n , S t d . Trans., R H . Galaxie 500 Fordor H. T., 8 Cyl., PS, P B , R H . Falcon Tudor Dlx., Fordo., R H . Ford Custom Ranchero, 8 Cyl., COM, PS, R H. Ford 1/2 ion pickup C. Cab, 8 ft. bed, R H, 8 Cyl. Chev. '/TTon Pickup, 8 ft. Bed, Chev. V up, 6 Cyl. "Frederick Ctmty's Largest Fori Dealer" WEST SOUTH ST. EXT.--OPPOSITE AP Open Evenings Til 9--Phone 663-6595 Rambler SALES Mti SBtVKE 47 AMBAtSAOOIt 4 Ml. »lraMr. tN Aa4a. VtoytMai. U AMICtCAN t D*. *tr. U HAMBLIft CLASSIC SIX Sla. wafld*. *·»», 41 RAM*. V* HARDTOP Seati a RAM*. SIX 1 DR. HOTt. Auto. Madia. Pawar Brake*. 4S RAM*. SIX 4 DR. SKO. 771 Avte. Snd. Seati, Haadrwt, Radia. 41 OLDS JKTSTAR M 4 Dr. Airta. Put! pawar. U T-BIRD I DR. HARDTOP Fully C**t. Cleaa. 4) AMBRICAH COMVIRTIBLI Aufe. Trans. Radla. 41 RAMB. CLASSIC 4 DR. Custom, ovardrlva. 41 AMKRICAN 1 DR. Sir. StlMI LawsonMotorSaL NEW MARKET, MD. OUR 32ad YEAR GRAYSON H. MERCER SONS LISTINGS WANTED 1 story brick house, W. South St., hja. lot and slda driveway. Lot 145'XI5T SUM. INVESTMENT PROPERTIES 4-unit apt. hse.. East Ind St. S1I.MM. S-unlt apt. hse. West Patrick St. Store rin A 1 apts. wast Patrick St GRAYSON H. MERCER A SONS M North Covrt Street Frederick, Maryland Phone 4*3-1741 ·I. Austin Yownklns, Representative Phone 44J-M41 BUICK OPEL SiJ\CE 1911 64 OLDS 88 Convertible. Aute, RaUH, P. steer. $1595 63 BUICK LeSabre sedan. Auto., RAH, P. steer. $1295 63 BUICK Electra Convertible. Auto., RAH, P. steer. $1395 S3 PONTIAC Catalina Hdtp. Auto., RAH, P. steer. $1295 32 CHEVY Belalr Sedan Auto., RAH, V-8 $795 60 PONTIAC Star Chief Hdtp. Auto.. RAH, V-8 $395 59 OLDS Super 88 Hdtp. Auto., RAH, V-8 $395 THE IDEAL GARAGE CO. 112-114 E. Patrick St. Phone MO 3-3121 CREAGER REAL ESVATE 3 apts Hs. on 4th St. t14,MO. 3 bedroom brick nt. carport, oil heat, Ini.nediaU possessio.1. In city. tlT.SM. 4 rm, l'i story Hs , bath, oil hoot, acre, 3 mi. East of Frederick-good location, priced to sell. t acres-ll ml. from Prod. M,J4*. 4 room Hs -water, oarage, ether BMgs.- 1 acres M Warner Rd. near Ladlosburg, Priced to sell--*7^04. 1 Large Bldgs. Lots--Parked Test a Fisher Hollow Rd.-goOd view. Small block bMg. East Church St. 75 acre farm I room modern Hs., large aarr, beautiful location, northern part of county. GUY R. CREAOER, Realtor Rral Estate--Gvneral Insuianco H B. Afbauch--MO 1-4545 J. G. Droneburg--441-4141 1114 North Market St--MO 1-1441 ·. I. ZENTZ S-Acres A modern 4-bedrm. ranch homo. Mull baths, h.w. baseboard heat, ultra- ·nodern kitchen w/disposal A bullt-ins, ar- ctosed broeioway A 1-car garage. Han. rd. Handy to Emmltsburg. Real bargai- at S1UM. 4-bedrm home, Ui-bathi, modern kitchen w/bullt-in oven, surface burner, garage, etc. in JohnsvIlM Quick poss. ISI-Ac dairy farm, main hwy. w- stanchion barn, stable cleaner, silo, t-rm. house, bath, spaclot-s shaded lawn. l-Acres A nice modernized 4-bedrm. home nr. Rocky Ridge, oil h w. baseboar* heat, iVi-baths, bam, loafing shtd, Ittc ft hard rd. frontage. A fine property. Dojble house. ea,ch side private w/ow- baths, J-car garage. Always rented. A-l investment. Cut to (t^oe. Also a J-Apl. Investment property paying high return o- inveslment. Both In Taneytown. R. L. ZENTZ, BROKER Taneytown, Md Phono 754-4*40 Small Farm, 4 miles West. S acres, ban, pond, several outbuildings, remodeled 4 bdrms.. frame house, $22.000. Broadview Acres--2 mi. N. of Fredet'ck. 4 BR, 2'/, baths, carport, \*c. room. Brand lew 2 Bedroom home south of Frederick. Doable carport, full basement. 2 acre* $tO,OM. 4 acres Commercial land -West. l.M acres Industrial--South. Ralph W. Boy«r Agoney 663-415.' ·T Howard N. Hover. Salesman fMMIS*--Ev«*ll4r* MS-M7I NEW HOMES Ntrtt aM af iHy T.J. Mkta*, . *ao. tllJ* E. Carlton Cvny» *'· PHONE KMOWUS UAi BTATI *-yr. *M »-·· krick, wall eow* * NW « PraMrMK. t»\M». i. J. N«w »··· frama, »ara*a. ·rick, SIMM. J. *-Blt. frama, M, SIMM. 4. ianrt datacfcad ···, Tr«N I. N«w ^1R j»tM fayar, Watt, «M VWW a^tMvCMah ^ 4. »-acra farm, »aad ha**a a Mdf 7. 4*acra term ·art* af I. M acrw, taad latent* ·· »4»d raw f. US-ten farm. lei *** AJH*«» -- -* -- _ j t_j_ IV* WMaTMMMl ··· PVn* _ A. LUTHIR KNOWLIS. Brakar 11M Wnl J» St. fha*at MO W44I. tn-tnt JatM W. Hala-Auaclatt*-- llteaM.1i H* C. CTAUCTM n Acrti iaad road fraM4*t *' maHi highway-- 1 itary, 1 B« Do 1% bamt. panttod L*., small M* A MrttalMlnw. paad. 511-1M acrat. I mim af » - f total. 1H mil** e tor* tarm bMfl't. tm.N per »er». IU-1M MTM M Thwrmenl brick sfvccMel aliircNInfl* fftfin ·eM f*ncln«, iprlnftv itrMm. roM fr«ite«e. Flmnc M7t.*4 acre. SM-Appr*x. i weodetf ACT** aMe« Ma ca«wn Rd. In rural ctevelenment. mlMt Norm ·( Frederick. «»-- *e »erw In (Mart ef nice cMnmmMy, larnt brick «w., ton e«d front* t».--- S0-- l acre farmette-- 4 ml. fr*m Ur bana lntecltan«« on 7e-$ alan* Ma cad«n Rd -- Mwkrn t Km. farm stofia hoMM-1 car garaga m«nl »hed-- ttther iliaabla BW«*. stock, ttaraw and tool inapt. *«ao.0» ^ar acre. Office Ml-IMI ar M14M4 Henw MS-an SMMBP.T R. BOHVLUS, MtALTOR SPRANKLE REALTY 633 Grant Place -- 663-3794 1 bdrm. brick town hawse with oar- age, vary good tondltlan, with new ail fired steam heating plant, SM.***^ 4 bdr. brick Mml-bwngaww, l.r., d.r.,' kit., full cement bsmt an i acre at land. 1 ml. w. S1*,SN. 1 bedroom saml-Uingalaw with awl parch tocatel an corner lot with f ear masonry garaga plus an e«tra lot with large frame aarage, haavtfc. ful trees and shrubbery. Many ax- tras. Price reduced to SIMM. 1 bedroom brick bungalow, Niued H yard. Vicinity Staler P»rk and N. Prod, elementary school. A real buy at »,SM. »Vi acre tract and Vt acre buiMmg, lot. All for 15JOO. 1 mill brick apt. house of s rooms each. Watt to downtown, S14JM. Naw i BR.. l Htttn, taparaf* dhilm ream, panelled Rac. Reem, larga Mi Lavaly vlaw. Madarnlted 1 BR., IVi Baths, brick! Dwp4*x, adjacent la North Pradarldj JcrwoH and Y.M.C.A. Larga 4 BR., IVi Baths, brick hame^ iltuatad an five uctoded acrai. Acrat mountain land an earner twa caunty raads. 14'/, Acre* mauntaln land, frantata i Caunty Read. Acra BHMIn« Let, with baavtlfiia^ ' vlaw, t mllat fram Frederick. Wm. H. Hamilton REALTOR 11J-A IHI Church SI. Phono 441-S404 Ruth B. Hamilton Aitoclcto H J E . J . J I I I . 1 , 1 » W~f- i i - u . i FOR SALE OR FOR RENT Colonial Manor, modorn, on 4.4*' acrot of lawni an« troot, private «rlvo »n« lako; walk to Thurmont fthool and ttoros. Town walor 4 Mwor. 5 BEDROOMS, cor. MM bain, llv. rm. .llroplaco, top. dlnln« mi., panel kllehon, gamo roomt, 1 car oarago If nal toM, will ront for tMf |~ por month Mountalnland: 24 acrot, noar Foxvlllo only tiaoo. BUOOET-.MINDEDT 4 rail apl. and bath upstairs, Mparata ontr and 1 rmi. bath downstairs, with ontr. foyor * fronch doars. This Maoars- town brick houso ecn bo yours for only *7,MO--e«c»l. financing Is avail. H Erik Florander INC. 1111 Dual Hlway Phono 711-MM REALTOR Multiple Listing TlMMo FOR SALE TWO Four Bedroom HOMES IN EASTVIEW l'/ 2 Miles West Of Frederick Kaempf Harris INC. PHONE 663-670 RUILDERS-DEVELOPERS STUP'S REAL ESTATE USSP East of town. sa · * · « « wator, $7,Largo MIMIng Ms In M --------- rostrlclod siMMIlvislon. »W"u«l, 11 "T*.**"^"* along hard road, goad MriMIng* noar CHy, m^M».' J. ORVILLE STUP, ' Phone: Mt-4t7C Yeltew Sprtagk, KM. KWSPAPLRI

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