The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 5, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1964
Page 1
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VOL., 52, NO. 5 BIG WEEKEND FOft AREA HUCKSTERS, 8ASEBAU BEGINS FOR SHIPS - - PAGES 8-9 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS 10* ft *•%*«*>*%•> r» I •• fetAll *•*#»•*« *.„._ ..Bj^fc.—t nW^WnnW THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 19«4 Lofs of fr/ends--buiV THE one missing FREEPORT-amee • *tory IB Monday'* Pacts about a chow dog'* two-monlh vigil IB * FrMport park, tto animal to* totn •towered with toed aad attention. persons, touched and concerned about lh* dog's mysterious wait In an open spot at ttw park «ar ttw w**t Elghth-Locust Intersection, began to visit tto ebow with food shortly alter Monday's Feet* waa delivered. Mrs. V. L. Htrrl* of lilO W*«t Eighth nporte ttot Uw street In front of tto part haa tocom* another "Grand central Ste- tion." Many at th* visitors taw attempted to m»ke friends wltti tto chow but WMM tad •weeeded to t*r, Mr*. H*rrla MM. "81*'* *titi Uwr*, wailing tor *om*Mw. 8om*ttm*f wto* there's • awntor ol people Uwr* tow* If r,*totetoa r*fut* tn our yard til tbet leave, then go** back to that Mm* •pot," Mr*. Hern. reported. * She MM even la Tuesday'* rain and fog, tMr* wt* • •teadytlowof peopMbytto park wttt about IS persons bringing food tor th* chow that morM«t. "Then late Tuesday Bfutw** two unto toy* brought her a bowl at toad. A nock at MBgBtl* lwtp*d th* dot *»t tlw toad WedBNdty morniBg," otoMld. A Surfcide woman contact*! Mr*, turrl*, saying tto chow might t>* «w *town from h*r thrM |»kt* *|o Md *h*ptMm*dtoe«n* by th* park. A awntor at person* ««*» interested in giving tlw dot » ham* (Ml tto ebow eonUno** 10 k**t> b*r distance. Mr*, Hsrrl* MM Mttbtr woman phoned to *ay tto couldn't *teep Monday aigbt, *h* was *o coMMNMd ate** tto dag. when uw «tow *t*rtedttottgilMth*Darh about |<m> month* •*«, H took tto B*igt*wr* a*Mle to ratlin Hw dot ww w*ltt*f tor •ometMag or somcon*, Mr*, mm* MM. Ttoy then MW ttot th* chow we* not JM a *tr«y M aBparentlr h*d • reacoa to waft *M WatCh, keep!** th* UterteCttOB IB View. Bat *o far, there h»* been M ottwae to IM dot** motl«* ta starts* M in* opm, fratiy spot, aot *TWI tekJtc r*to«c tram frofiy •Htlwr Md «MOttt rain. Candidates added prior city, school deadline HOUSTON-AB Bkfllm Ml* •MM, h*r* (or • *ytnpo*twt OB BBBMUF NMiren, MM h» BOD** * •Myb*»Bdhl«Ml- Mt<M* at* now mtklBC «in NEVHL STILL CRITICAL Investigation of crash continues WC RELEASES MANAGER WEST, COLUMBIA-Tte City council, haa nw*aed th*lt newiy-hired clU . FRKEPORT-Two Houaton men Injured IB Uw craali ot a Dow Cbcmlctl Co. plan* n*ar Lain ,jaekMB Tu**day matt remained la Community Hbe> pttal tor* today. A Dow tpotoamaa aald thta mornlnf that Ouy Havill, 48, wa* llated •• critical. But tb* condition ot K*o Ramey, 34, wa* termed Mtlatactory. Mmowhll*, Uw lnve*tl|a- tlon ot Uw craah ot ttw twln- •nglnc alroratt thatklll*d W. L. (Curly) Cran*, 46,olLak* JaokaoB wa* contlButnt today, tb* apok**man saU. son, from hi* agreement to accept Uw local poalUoo. MorrlatoB, wbo la oily,, manager IB Dayton, decided to Hmaln Uwn alter to waa ottered a $20 per month ralae and clttien* circulated a petition urging 1dm not tokav*. Tto, local Council baai*- n*w«d it* search tor a city Sweeny federal grant OK'd SWEEWY-Tto fedtraf government baa approved.a $85,250 grant for a water and ••wet Improvaroent pr*j|ram DeadliBt* tor Bltaf tor April *t*ctton* In Bruo*- port** tlm* cBBttorcitlMBBd tor aeBool board p*M*d Wednesday with now candMatoa •nUrlBf th* Prwport and Glut* rac*B. FREEPORT - Jamei W. PhUllpk fikd WedOMdaj tor Position a on thcCftyCouncil. H* Joined C. W. (DB*ty) Shrevw and Incument Dr. B. R. May** In that rao*. Seeklnc PoottloB 4 an Nat Htckay and DeOrvLU* tvana. Incumbent R. L. MMk Jr. Miali vMttm* ud po*«B>U tb* UVM«t»rMB*radtttod. WASHINGTON - A B*W federal n»aoy wUl •OB'* war OB poverty, aa ot- flfllal MMBTO* Mid May. WA8HWOTOK-Mor* thaa 1,000 CBMB woraw* havo been ttr*d from ta* OMBtaa- amo naval b*M, aad Uw »a»y ba*ord*r*d U3. Mlktatber* to r*ftoM them. DALLAS - TB*"IBB that HBBiwit. B world wai bran- dl*B*4 IB Dallaa Bfata, but THREE FREKPORT wunf rt.m, l AleiBBder, Randy Smly ind Harry Wayt* Murphy, WCB! to Pept*rm*Bt fork wetl- B**day to tak* t«od lu lh» ehnw do* which I* contlnulnt HJ myrt»rlou» anil Imwly vlfll. Th* «hlMr*B «*r* o*4y N«i(MM*» R»*)deMa iwar iWBarBnaortBBBMroBB pcrnon* h*v* coatrlMMd to th* dor* w*U*r* *IBM Ha did not M*k r*-el*eUon. >.',{ ttl* Urn* H want Aik Ruby Peppermint Lounge denied beer permit JTh* atty'* p*rt otUwaro- jtat wlU b* ttniB<p|lyB. •JTTB.OOO r*tBBUB*pB4J««u* which vown approijKJ IB M>- wmb*r, IM9. -,. Muor A. M, A?M?*on waa Jat* W*d- to meet; Qulntana DLitrlct Scoutora wtn m*«t tonight tor rotmd- (abtoB Dad two *p*olal eom- mlUMm*n tralBlaf M*«loaa, ' Dlat. CommlMlooer OHBB VanDuien haa announced. Th* m**UB( will b*|to at 7:30 p.ra. IB tlw Glut* Elementary School CafMorlBm. to addition, a ra-onanUa- tlonal m*rtl« offBhlp 320, •poiuorod by tb* Glut* Eto- m*ntary-JuBlor High Pamt- T*acher AaaoelatlOB, will b* told. k Shipper Doa Norman and Mate BIU Ka-e will alfn up boy* 14 throujh 17 Interealed IB boatlBt. FBttar* ot the** boy* an alao United to attend. The cub roundtabl* will b* led by outor 8an*nt, Cub- ma*t*r ot Pack 330; and Cub oommllt**men tralnlnf by L. M. N«u*rb*rB, aMlatant dl»- h trlct eommlaatoBer. ' Th* Scout roundtabl* win to eonducted by Troy I*ra*L dlatrlct oommta- aad troop commltt*e tralaini by Bin VonTr*a», a QulnUaa Dtatrtol Tralnlnf Committ**. *k «iBnater Ralph Yarboroughand CLUTE-Robertfouth fltod wedneaday tor PoMttM 4 In date. coBt**UBf LaeilBB«Bt candidate J. R. J*ek»on, Atoo mint Wedn**d*y waa torawr councilman- Max 8. WBO polled tto trigger, n wa* MarTla Bdlll, a master at ^BOuiUoom dramatic*, taking t«BT*Uv* dead aim oatto Jury tonwy and Ram*y la anem- .ptoyv* jtf : the land deparl- '^iBOBt o*}ra|*loorepaBy. cratsa waa a vpiran Dow pilot. Tn* Dow apokBaman Mid that th* Federal Aviation Ateney oompteted It* Inveail- tation of Uw eraahWadBMday but that Uw 01*11 Aeronautic* Board waa contlnulnt It* In- T»*tltatlon ot tb* Uwldmt today. At t*» time ot Uw crash Uw plBM waa arriving at ttw Dow Airport trom Lafayette, La., wten the ^pa***ng*r* had vtalted Loutataoa holdlne* ot Braieba Oil Bad Ou.The plan* hit a far** BBd wa* demollah- ed about a- mil* aod a halt trom ttw and ot Uw runway It waa approaching. WoOnOlttBt Generally talr thl* atter- BOOB and toalgbt. Friday partly cloudy aad a llttl* warm*r with moderate varlabl* wlada tooorolBC^ •ouUwaaterly Prl- day. Low40Btght 46, high Friday 74. one county school post CandMate* have flbd tor tour ot tb* flv* position* OB ttw Brasorla County Seboql Board. This toaves on* at th*>po*t- tlons without a Candida!*, and BOO* with a eonteat. Tto dMdllB* tor tlllBg, which la. don* with County Judg* Alton c. Arnold, I* mld- niSBt today* Still wltbout a candidate la tbo pokltloo repr*i*ntlng Commlasloajir Proclnct 4, which Is ttw Sweeny-Bracorla JOB** cnokarea. Ottor eandidates are: Precinct 1, W. M. Wedoelloluke Jaotoon; Pnclnct 2, E. f. Womaek Jr., W*at Columbia; PnelBCt 3, E. E. Martin ot P*arlandj and tru*tee-at- larg*, rtank K. Steven*. An- gtoton. Tb* propoMd iBolud* B eompl*t*lyB*wMW» B|* lr*atmant pUnt to tabuJtt OB a l«-*cr* tract about on* mlto tramUMpr*MBtdi*poMl AI*olB«lod*d I* B Urf* IB- t*re*ptor outftU lUw tbat «U1 OOBBMt With UW tOOth Cld* Of tit* city aad prwrtd* **nno* to *om* 40 B*W auatomw*. TB*M pHrpto haw petition•d MMral Urn** r*c*nlly tor utility **r*ic* bat .da* to tb* plant b*lBf OVWtBMd, «H»< wai aot potmlbl*. POE benefit : A 'eblclwn try dinner' will b* b*M Sunday by Uw Fraternal Order of Eifltiatlnalr FOE Hal), with proc**d> (O. Ing Into th* FOglwIldLnfftuxt. Ttw public la inrH*d*nathe ehaw> la II p*r plat*. There will alao b* a fr** danc*from 3 until 7 p.m. and « hoc *l» b* ttv*n away at 7 p.m. Tb* piiB* may b* taken Uv» or cvt BBd vrapp*d« An apttUeaUoB for a b*er UeeBM tor tto Peppirmint Looage on Surf *M* Beach hw been denied OB two gromda, alter a 'hearing la Braxorla Qfpnty na<*tday t v Tto ajf4ll«*iion conaty preaidedatl Lttted, abooMBlltaBl This argument I* baaed on th* fact that tto Keen** ot tto Peppermint uwnt* waa revoked, Tto Mat* tlao asked that tto Court ooa*td*r ttw re*- oam**daitoB v ef, Ito atorllt, (Uatrlct aMonwy an* IICJWB* control aieat, 'Thay recommended that Ito Been** to denied "due to pnvtou* dlf- tWBNles and trouble with u« •ntoreement on tto tonah.'* Baa* aald tto dtetrtet M- torney'a atTie* "Bfged ito *«or*«t good law »ntor** m*nt, oBBBtnt Ito pnntiMaat thl* ttea* woBBJbndetrliaental Dtatrtel BBI la tto wttktoMe day*. roitts •r Brown arid R cootostodbyVtek Robert LlBdVBtt. Tto a Dow r«tB«r tan'* Dow employee aa stated Only ttv» in Uw no* tor .School Earl Little Crow are re-election Me*,* Cray aad JBMI » * tAKl BARBA«A,-Tto two opoMd roBte* of a new Rou*tce>BrBBM»ort freeway were dtac«*Md at Uw teoBthly Lab* Butara City C>M«U meeUBf, wttB Uw COMdU Ut- iBMimt la obtalsrti fBtttor iBtottBatteB. k otter baata***, ttogrovp mad* plaa* to PBTCBBM BB BBxiUary PBWO tor utility BM. Pamphlete rM*lvwlr*o*BU UP from ttw State Highway weMr*teat*d *ad by ito COWBU In PU6UC SCHOOLS WEEK OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE THORSDAV Freeport Junior Hlgn School Bnaosport Senior High School 7:JO-*p.n 7 : »0.»p.B Tto spBfloBttoB wan nject- ed on Ito recommendation of Liquor Control Agent Frank 8. Crltnn, StorUf Jack Mar. •hall, aad District AltorMy Tom K»ayoB'e *tatt. Ogden Bass Jr. asatstant dlstrlot attorney, said tto ground* on which tto application' waa rejected did not Mat say retwetloaonSloaBB, bet UBOB Ito loctUoa wTfre to wanted th* UOBBM Ili^ra- erate. ' BBM aald that Uw ttsto urged ttot a UCCBM "cannot to granted to anyone until six months baveebipMd trom Jan. t, l«B4, ao ttot noon* could fat a Iwaaae to operate on ttw**) premlM* at thte Urn*.-* Q*V nkn accepte*! FBBBPORT - A oomprAT (MB*!** flan tor rneport d*. yiilCBUjaU ton been accepted in Its final twm by Ito City Coonell. Moat of tto provtsioaa of tto plan are never adopted, but are B*ed as guide* in decisions attesting growth. Two major section* ot Uw plan-Bonlag and subdivision regulations-will to adopted by tto Council later as serrate ordinances. Fowlsr and crato toe., a DatlM firm ot prof**a!oa*l plaaawra, prepared Uw plan tor UM Commlssloa. 275 acres donated for FM 1561 right-of-way Shanks family came to C/ute in 7886 •ad «w finally tern towm," Seen and Heard SANDRA MARTIN, B BUS grad and'now * fmhmaa at Wharton County Junior Co> leg*, *l*cted Ba*k*tbalt HAKCY »«£AL, By POLLY O'CORNBU. CLUTC-domedsy may over tura over ot din ta a ftow*rto4asj« find a highly UBBSM! r*4te of nlanteUon day*-* Mlefartt- twlal ivory tenth MtMBOltd gold ptete* wn» wal aiMotihT*xu. Sto iradaa aad.HANCY tto Moat Award... • 14* Bltott, winding 19 tor rinne* Drtw oalte torlto |«JH Jaaaaoa LBMW ot Wo. MRS. nwwwt fc*B ^ WfJ* IP Wfwtald* wtore waswlUUw coast yy'f*?- ^^^^^^F^f tonUbr fcBdtow « M BBtarts* wlik I pa* yaselB. Inf Ea**m*nt* tor more thaa 275 acre* of right-of-way <Med*d tor Farm Road IS* I, between Bruoaport and tto Oalverton County line, have been acquired by Braaorla County >t no coa*. The** easement* cover 231.1*0 acre* donated by lloujton Farms Uevelopment Co., and «. 193 acre* ounaled by Duward Harper, et al. Annottne*m«nl nt th* lloua- ton Farms donatlm wa* mad* •evcral month* ago, but IB* easement had to b* nwrltten Mrerul time* b*fur* It wa* •xecuted by company oOloliln. Tto instrument w»a recorded la the County Cwrk'sOtflee yesterday. Commissioner Henry Jordan of Alvln said about a week ago that he eapacleil the donation by Harper. He aakad that no announcement l» m»d* until tlw instrument *a* algnMl, however. Thee* two donation* nlaed tto total ot rlght«jf-»ay ae- quired tor this road without coat to tto eourty to a valu* •«*eedlat *100,060. AKluugh eondemaatlon to to neoeaaaryim Ih* rcmaialag three small tract* IB Proetnct 3, a Jury at view heart** on Uw rest ot Ito rlsfct^t-way needed Hi •twjltot I tor UU* road to* BMB *et tor Mar** M. A Nry of vtew report is *ipe«t*d by Commiaawwr* Conrt OB March It caatnat wttlng tor m IMI I* Mhed- utod by Ito T**aa Hlfaway DtBt. tor March M-M. aad rreepurt to CkoMtaa* LAKE JACKSON - rayiu* ABB Flubvr waa tatoaloeem- mMaMy HoapUal at 7t»0 »,m. W|iTiii<*y la tto Lake J*«k•OB Rm*rg*B*v car, totaitM of 111****. Mint riBtor, ••ghter at Mr. aad Mrs. T*rry K, Ftator of Lake Ja«k«or,ww admitted to Uw hoBBtUl wtore tor*o*- dlllOB *** satd tobe Improved Thurtday Today- Low Ho** Frlday- Hlgfc IfiO* p.w. Low litl a.m. band movwl to Cbde. Mn. •banha', Terry T.BBanks,moMdtotto CM* ana la H*». MB was Mn.WWBhegnwBplBAI- vtt. M*t fattwr tod moved tro*a Brownavtlto to Alvlato- MBB* of ttw toaMh ot aia wtto WBO wa* a CaUferaUa. MUa Mattte Marttn, and five ststefa*Bdtwohrottora.oa. If tan *t*a*ra,JIM ta Angle- •BBfJN. -^ Atna baptened lu to away aeel**, to Ito toe* whea Ito 1*0* BmrrlCBB togaa \m tnrratM •urtsid*. Tto «*t4*'* ttr*t cMkf, a dsughtor, Janue, •as ttoa *l(M tnoBtto old. Tto MBlaM'a wit* **M tor Mr*. BBJBBB, aaktag tor to tak* retug* W Uw statton. Mra. •»*•** de*tded to go tber* oUy a ito *tor« "iU tod." tto recalls IBM *to Marted to ttw aiBthM wtth tor to»y 4WW* t tall l* ta* BtotM, but ito want Uwn kMnehard •to tod to cr»wl «w rent of uwway. «• B**M rUM now," ato •»**. "OBrMf.M* Ml ttw Ontf wa* a* Btltt a* a milt. I BOBid MB » U*g ktgtor and Mgtor Ml M ajweared 10 to •*«•«•« *w Ilk* a Udal we**," *B* ***d. ••I a*« tto BOMB* Mowteg dowa, gotng la |i»M*« and ftosuagolt." actor mta**** la a Ufetoil. TMB IM wall wa* IkfVWtJ atop * ton** aoat by ttw Mali water *Bd * tote w*t kawatod ta Ito Buetew, "AM day Mt*. Tto Shaah* *>«Uy Iton wwed te OMB, Ma* a **«- MM ^&&i HMte rtfin* «MMB«,«toB«M B*»HM !•«««*» UW M< a* a

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