The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 7, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1948
Page 9
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Emmitsburg Emittitsburg. -- Miss Catherine Roterinj, of Philadelphia, spent the July 4 holidays at the home of Mrs. Euphemia Roterui*. She was accompanied to Philadelphia ofl Monday by her niece, "Toni" Elliot, who will spend a w«e«c. there. --Visitors, over the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs J Clarence Sanders weie James and Allen Sanders, of Washington, and Mrs. Dorothy Freshman and daughter. of Tburciom. ! B. J. Eckenrode. Miss Eckenrod? has been registrar in the Strhoof of Pharmacy at Loyola University. New Orleans. La. -- Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Topper and son. of Baltimore, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs,. Walter Topp«r. DePaul street. -- Miss Ada Wagner, of Washington, a former resident "of St. Anthony's was a guest over the weekend of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Selti- --Miss Emmabe! Fuss, of Balti- Iraore visited with her parents. V.- iand Mrs Charles Fuss during the --Sir. and Mrs Stewart Harner. j pas t week. Jr. and daughter and Mrs. Ruth i --jjrs, Joseph Peddicord. of BaL- Hottisger. all of Hanover, visited' on Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. George Ashbaugh. Mrs. Kot- rernained over the weekend. timore. spent the holidays with her brother and sister-ia-le^. Mr. a-id Mrs. Cecil Kreit2. of near St A:i- .uger reiii*iiicx* we*. *ii^ *·*-si-w«v-v_*.*.·«» 5 "jJtQjjv's, --Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wive!!, of! _^ uests over tfc . e ^eekeaj at Cleveland. O. are spending theirJ the home of j^ and Mrs Thorn vacation at tfee home of Mr. and toa Rodgers were Mr and Mrs Mrs Joseph \V. Wivell. 1 \vmiam s^aibaugh. o£ BaHiir.ore --Mrs. Edgar Rhodes is viMung. --Mr and Mrs. Geo'rge" S-r.der? · w i t h her son and clausjhier-m-law. | are receiving congra'ula io;ib o-i Mr. and Mrs. Edgar N. Rhodes, of j tne birth of a daughter Jwr.e -4 Indianapolis.. Ind. -The infant received the Sacra-ier* M r . ar .a Mrs Harrj- Ashbaugh.'!of Baptism on Sunday. July 4 .: o f Washington, toent the hohcays | Si- Anthony's Catholic church. Rev. at the home of Mr and Mrs. George ! Stanley Scarff. pastor c:l:c:a:v.ig Ashbaugh. " fThe sponsors were the grandpar- G av Hartdagen. of Baltimore, ents of the child. Mr. and Mrs Rcb- Adt-le tor: -si Atiile r'^r'..:i t .":c- to '" ',» -i Treve-- %\!'.h a j-rrau! Of gio. \c-\4 revi^vi :· v a;": fuH visited over the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hartdagen and Mr. and Mrs. James Bouey and other ert Sanders. The name given, to the: child was Mary Alma Gfciha ! --Mr. and Mrs He::berg '! and Mrs. Jacobs. Of Baltimore, were ! £··* p-o:T.^t:tr. "You Cj:i : Take Is \V«:n \Vu ' and o".e of the lietv- esiiy ?!es-er j ?crv :n Ksaven C?:; "Wait." re. r..\ «· ijjl'ce- are ur.cei- reiatives in and around town. ._..,, » Those who visited at the home j callers on Sunday ever.:ng a: the of Mr and Mrs. C. Fehx Adams j home of Lewis Kelly and t-ister over the holidays were Mr." and j Alice Kelly. Mrs. Charles Harner and family j --ys r an( j Mrs. Gje^or- Wa«ha- and Mr and Mrs. Wilbur Over- baugh and daughter. Sara, of An- holtzer. all of Philadelphia. · Da- nanville, Va.. visited Sunday and vid Adarns. soa of Mr. and Mrs.! Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Jacr.- Nornaan Adams, returned home Satc-day after spending sometime m Philadelphia at the Harner and Overholtzer homes. WaiJ.s C^ark i:i Tt-e i e ApZej v .::» Jcl:n Crrradiri.? son - Emmitsbisrg -- Mr and Mrs William Smith of Pittsburgh. Pa are /vcnj.'»*u-;i "v,...^-.-. | visiting at the home of Mrs. Smith's. M -. and Mrs Leo Eckenrode' mother. Mrs. Johh D Elder and -Xn." Mark, spent from Satur- j --Mrs. Albert Patterson ceiobrai- day until Monday, with Lewis Kelly j ed her birthday anniversaf\* on and sister., Alice Kelly. They also Thursday. A dinner in fcer fconor visited with Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Eckerirodft. 1 ,On Sunday they at- was served at her home at MX o'clock- Guests present were Mr tended a picnic given by the Mas- and Mrs. Qumcy G. Shoemaker. ser Transportation Company at Mrs. Bert Hospelhorn of Washsng- Hagerstown of which Mr. Ecken- ton. Sister Flora Belle Ohler of rode is an emplove in Philadelphia. Baltimore. Miss Anna Gillelan end --Miss Frances Rowe. of Wash- Mrs. John Kump - -· - - ington. D. C.. is visiting with her -Richard Sanders. L. S Navy, brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and returned on Tnursday to P-Kisecoia. " " / _ _ . Fin aftpr "inpnrtinp n furlough Lu-gcsi :n Lace" c^d :VQ::N zc.d j^il. oj Gettjtui^ \«''eo o:; e-rs Mr aiiu :.;^^ ^'.- ^c 1 \S'et_e'.. of :iec.r S:- Ant'io-- --Mr. rfi-vi Mr.- L ..:._- Gan.- ar.d d_u-4h:er E.air.e c.' H.\ -; Jv. X J . pe'it the 5;h 01 J.:'\ i:-^'. ; . \ a v.-;th 1\ ppe/. --Slbter .Flora Belle O:iir- of the more' !·= spending so-nct.-r-i; v.::h rela'sves "ir and ."round --L : tt'e' Judy Ke:ihc!t^. daughter of ?lr and .!r O'Dale Ke;S- ho:tz. \vas given a birthday party ,oui:? 24 in honor of fver fourth (A'J-. ert!-cr-!c-*i birthday .Guci-ts present were Peri IP a Gin'gell. Suan DauRhcit\. Pjtty Jean. RicUy and Johnn Houer. Gary Valentine Buddy ·Plaik. Johniiy Adels-beij-er Si^^y Adcl«!'jei::er. Claiente Umbel. Juciy and Nancy Yale-itme. Becky Chi i:-- ;nfr. Joamt Kerr. Edi'ie Sniit'i Guy Chief. Jr. Jackie White. Brucie Bolhnger. Terrj Fleagie Marcan-t Ann- Plank, all of Emnuts-burg jr.d Cherie Philips of Taneytowr- --Rev George H Trage^er St o;t.?».t pr.e^t 211 the Roman Cat'-.uiic jrchai-jcfs-* 1 of BpH'moie arc \Va^hitjt;ion. died YVed"osca j: S' A-J-^-" Kospita! Ba!«in:ore The uK of :he !,ste John G. and Mary Trage- -.'i of Baltimore. Father Tragt-sser was educated a'. St Jon:: ^ parish sc'-.oo! S: C-v.:K--- O!'«?sc :i "d St M^r\ Se':'.»a;\ BaU: -.:vro Gra::d Sctiuiia:x. Mu .- *.ic.' a!id the Se:::l:;ar of S'» Si::p:ce Par.s Oroasned :n !iJ^ :\t?v Fr Tr3S^»er -.ervevi a: St P-»tr:rk s S: Jerome.-. St Ai:d:e.\ and St Paui » ehuiche^ .;i Bii-.- ! % o:e a^o churches. .*t Fi:""iti-:i ,:·!'! St Ait«H:i S'ir»:H- H!".:n!--- bu.a He - \..s p^,-".s'r a*. S" A'l- ls!c:i\ s Sh:;-:t for li» ea:- Ti\ ·*? !tv::i Eri'nitvbKr^ who a!!e-i*ed fhe funeral we:e Sirs Ac :o G.r- Miis 3erlha Eckejiri-cie M.^t Martha Co:ry .M:v_- So?h:e \V;ve:- er, Mis Maggie Ro^e:!vtee; Jeun- eue Brotherion --Mrs !£arr Baker. Mi.- P.H:- !::'e Seabrook aud Mr Geo:^e Ohler Tuesday of t«:e ! »^t v eek with Mr and Mr Marker E Love!!. New Wir.cbor. --Mr a:iti Mr Georue G;ee;i of B.»5timore were weekerd sue-; o: T-!r^ Hairy W Baker and .Sa:'.'-;hte: -- Mri-. Mar Ho^pel!;or:'. of Wa--!i.:!gio: ij ^pe-idng the v. eek \iith her sister. Mr* Bruce Pattei- son --Mrs Edward Fox of Hano\ er is visiting her daughter, ^!r·; C!'i"!c-x Olhuger --T:ie Altar Committee for the month of July at Elias Lutheran UiuiUi i-- M i t iiobert GiUelan. ·\lt^ AlU-u Bolhuger. Mii,. J. W Kietn and Mrs Edna Tresiler --Ser\ :ces at Elias Evangelical Lutlicidii church. Sunday. July 4th: Sutia.iv School. 9 30 a. in. Holy Co;!"ru:neii. 10 20 a. in. --Llc\ d S Filer and Mary Adella Ovtlniau \\ere united in marriage (-\ S;.turdsy. June 25th at 5 p m.. in the parsouige of Eiias Lutheran rhurch b Rev. Pailip Bower. --The E'sjmitt-burg V a c a t i o n Cr.urth School c!o*ed a very suc- ce-ifu! t\\ o %\ eek* school with an :«ittr:eiti:ig program which was, presented »» thi Lutheran Parish Ha!l by the cla^ei Sunday night. June "7th at 7 30 The school opened Moiida. June 14th with an eTollment o£ 1-56 and an atsend- ai.ce of l"S Th-: enrollment at the clv-e \\a-J ITS and She daily attend- .-.vV f'o yecon'i \\eck was over !3 !l e.:c'i cla\ Attendance award-"a n jKi'.i't v;. bte:!' of awards wa^ m'rooucfd j an unusually large ruesved perfect attend'tif: Mt«.-: and awards for i - f pei:it .«::d more Thiee \\ mi- aild three !o tho--e o.*··'; 'sc the !:jshet and second ,, .-,. ,. ··v»-ber of point* First e!..::d jAjtsdf went to Edna Zr--"0-.""?-i Ka'hiyn Blank, and R( b^:: Fu.; S e c o n d grand . c v - -· ;o Gco-"e Ev^'er. Share:: Hef.:t arsd EvangeHne t;.;:r TSse o r g a n i z a t i o n of t't ^ch-- ·: vi.'.v Rev Phitio Bower. direct*.: DR. WALTER SNOW OPTOMETRIST Eves Evamined -- Glasses Fitted 41 North Market St. Phone 835 Mrs. C. C. Combs. .Tfir. and Mrs. Albert Kelly and daughter of Baltimore, visited over Fla.. after spending a furlough with his father. George H Sanders --Mrs. J. Ward' Kerrigan ancj the Xveekend with Mr. and Mrs. Balti ,,; ·sday m Don't Suffer Another Minute Charles D. Gillelan. --3Vlr. anfl Mrs. Marvin Miller, of Ldttlestown arc receiving congratulations on the birth of a son July 3 at-'-ihe Annie-M. Warner Hospital. Mrs Miller is the former Frances TVhite. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert White, of near town. --Mr .and Mrs. Floyd C. Miller and family and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harner are spending a week at a cottage along Deep Creek Lake, near Oakland- - --Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Elder j and "-family/ Mr. and Airs. Arthur Elder and family and Mr. and 3rlrs. Earl Elder and family, all of Pittsburgh. Ja..-visited over the weekend at -the home of Mrs. John D · Elder. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Paida- kovitch and son. of Washington were also, visitors at the Elder res- \ idence over the weekend. --Mrs, Hay Topper, son Donald and daughter Faine. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Topper and son. of Baltimore; Mr "and Mrs. Louis Gunn and dauehter. of Riverside. N. J.. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Topper and s'ons. ; and Mr and Mrs. Walter Topper' attended a picnic supper on Saturday eVening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Benschoff. Blue Ridge Summit. Pa. ! --Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Eckenrode j and son. Joseph, spent last Thurs- j ' day visiting Sister Anne Francis at the Monastery of the Visitation. Bethesda. Sr. Anne Francis is a former teacher of Mrs. Eckenrode's. having taught her during' 1932-39 at Villa Maria Academy. Wytheville. Va. --Miss Anne tckenrode is visiting at the home of her father. Mr. --Mr. and Airs. Fred Wolfe and Mr. and Mrs. John Keckler of Hagerstown left Friday for a month's vacation in California. They expect to spend sometime with M-s. Keckler's brother and family. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bowling of San Francisco. --David Kerrigan, of the Merchant Marine, is on a furlough at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ward Kerrigan. --Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Frazer · Arc you to-~3cntcd \\ ttvi ischini; o! eczema piori^s:^. rail-Ci. athletes loot, eruptions rectal itchs-.s ro-j^li hands or face or other s'-iin troubles' For qu-ck rahet ar.d Rcc'l resu'-tj. use Victory Ctaunent. Developed for tne boys in the services, now offered to the foH^s back ho:ne white. £rens.e!eis antiseptic, cooling, pain rchevin?. vanishing Does not irritate Safe for babies i or children Honey back guarantee A deve'oprr.ent. r.ot-a substitute Gel VICTORY OINTMENT--the finest--to' dav Jsrs or tubes So'd in Frederick by \ViUamson"s. S:ico. Allei' 1 ; Cut Rate '· or our home town druaeist I* Kidnevs eive trouble psk for · XEF-TEX Pink Antiseptic Tablets WANTED Department Managers @p(*n In Responsible positions available to those who can qualify for soft line merchandise departments. Good salary, paid vacations, numerous employe benefits. Write, giving qualifications, to BOX 60S Frederick News-Post Promoted By Acousticon SHEER 'TT'HIS is the Buick America's car J- buyers are buzzing about. This is the one with travel magic flowing all through it. This is the ROADMASTER with Dynaflow Drive*-- where Main Street's dense traffic, the inviting open road and the long, stretching hills are bossed with equal ease by a toe-touch. s Roy C. Lescalleet ' j Takes Over New Post i ' Announcement has been made · : of the aDpointrnerii of Roy C. ; Lescaileet as Distrioutor for the ' Acoustican Ctvision -of Dicto- i graph ^oducts^ Inc_ over a ' ! territory itbst embraces 15 coun- ; ties in Western ilarylaud, W'est ! Virginia, and'SeuBsvivania. Mr rlere you let your left foot idle comfortably v.'herever you wish -- there's no clutch pedal to push, ever. Kere your mind's free completely of remembering when to shift-no gears ever shift anywhere in the car. Here, you glide over ground and grades in swift and utter smoothness as constant and unbroken as Niagara's flow. Jt*or here you have the only passenger car in America where liquid replaces both the usual clutch and the low-second-high gear sequence of conventional transmissions. , . Lescalleet. who is-a native of Frederick County. Tvlaryland. has hss- offices in Hagersto-wTi This promotion to the post of Distributor fos'ous six successful years of connection with the Acousticon organization. Mr Lescalleet has made many friends in his years in the area surrounding his office In the enlarged district that \vilj new- come under hss supervision, he will give the* same complete Acousticon scientific hearing service that he has brought to all those handicapped by deafness or hearing problems Mr. Lcscallcet will be at the Francis Scott Key Hotel on Thursday July 8 for Free Consultation. Bring your hearing problems to him. PYNAHOW DRIVER ^ | Here you sit in blissful ease while the power plant itself meets and masters the thousand and one situations that come up in travel. Gentle grades, steep hills, long straightaways, stop streets --once your lever's set, you simply step on the gas -- and take them all in liquid-smooth luxury! JDoes all this sound fabulous? It is. So fabulous that folks are signing up in droves for the '48 fashion plate with this new-wonder drive. So to take command of this travel er-touched-with-magic, come see us quickly and get your order in. We'll take it in sequence whether or not \ou h a \ e a car to trade. BU/CKafone has a//these features * DYWAflOW DSIVE . · ,-, ^^-~,-.~ --,,, ·*- TAPS-THRU STYUNG ' -" -~" *·»*;-« ~ * mX-F/T OIL KINGS * H!-POISB FKtBALi POWER * SAFETY-RIDE RIMS * QUADRUPLE* COIL SPRINGING * VISKA-SH1B.DED SIDE * ROAD-RITE BALANCf * SOUNQ-SORBEX TOP LINING ·**«** r~,'~.r~ + RIGID TORQUT-rUEf * DUOMA7IC SPARK ADVAMCt * T£N S/AAKT MODELS * EODT BY FfSHER Tuif !-. FEV=r ; TAYLOR »,,·*,= Ne'*ort, t.'0-dayi end Fridays 112-114 East Patrick Street Phone 400 secrel.try and registrar. CaroHn p.jti i and Mi Adam i Grim, leader of UIUMC Tciclieix , Mrs, Le\\ is Boll. Mr.s. Thomas- Bol- ' Unset. Nancj Becgic. MIS.S C«ia', e Roue. Mis Benjamiu Ogle. Mis C C. Combs. Mis Robert Gillclau. Mrs. i iuhp Bowci. William Simpson. Rev Adam Grim. Teachers helpers Sue Has. Polly Ann Knox. Shirley Troxell. Caro!\n McDou nell. Dian Shuff It \\a detiiievi to continue the school next j o j r AU this \ear teachers ai.d helper indicated a willingness to help again next year. About MX more teachers \\ ill be needed next eur in ordci to reduce the *lze of the elates a:id thus do better \\ork The total expense of the school \w 51^7 07 O f f e r i n g s and contributions amounted to $10335 Tlwe \\ho used their cars \\ere C A Harnur. Miss Ruth GiUeUn WitSijm Simp- yon. Re\ Aoa:n G:im Kev Philip ":v Alice Ct:*.t Greta Ke;lholtz. \ViUijm Gillelun. M:.-. John Fi^ell and a pumbt'i ol people fzo:n Toms Creek Methodist chuich. The .vmall children wen- -erved ::\ilk each dav and the eis'.iri' school \\3\ treated ;o ice cream and pretzel she !a«t day of the vc:*ooi The :-ervice on Sunday «:»;!: \\a^ well attended --A bus to take cherry picker-. to the orchard \\iH come to E'*.i- Tlvc Xi-u«:. Kredprlck. M1., Wednesday, July 1, 194S nut.'·burg Tuesday morning. July 6 PflVE The bu 1 - \\ill be t: om the Mussel- m.iii s Cympai'.s of Oitanna. barns. Firemen had to pump water for more than a ball a mil* but by the time th'jy were abl« to lay hose both barns had b«*n de*~ FJKE M: \K IIACFIKTOWV trcyed. Ila^crslov.n. July 6 (3?,-~Fire Two fire companies from Ha- tomf.'ht tk'-hoyrd t\\o barns and serstown and one each from siuttM a i^rcroom and a slaugh- Smith«oarp and Funkstown aa- ler hour ai tne \\ho'e-;'e and re- swered the alarm. t.u! p'cjt ^:j'o: -.niieat of Clar- , ,-- e'lec G f l u - d at nearoy Bridge- ' PJC. A bird's air-conditioning system, e\«ral hi..d »'. cs'.t were lost e:i abJ;n3i it to iose body heat, con- a-«: a rv: of piecr;. o!" farm sl -' s °» a system of air sacs extend- s~» a t{u,."ti;\ of hay U1 S through the whole body, v. ire u»v;-.yed. Fire- Skbi'brifjrJ''irc:n Ji Thomas Bellinger. NEW LIMBER. BOARDS Some lots at "· price. uit3tIe for many uses ALSO STOVE WOOD Phone Frederick T23-SI I R VNHII s l I M M \M HIS 6- rin. r D v N r t OKI m Open for a!! Social K X I " ^ Kl 'isON \!!l E 1'or Kr^rr\ a'.ions fill: FRANCIS E. SHAIM, Jr. r: Miiidlc Street T \.\r\TO\\ X. M \ItVI.AND 1'hunc 15-W or 51-K 7%HZT'A 77PFK0MOS ABOUT WE WILL ADVISE YOU SOUNDLY AND PLACE YOUR POLICIES WITH REPUTABLE COMPANIES.WHICH ARE KNOWN FOR PROMPT SETTLEtVENT OF CLAiMS. STOPPER INSURANCE AGENCY 6 PrmiAH CASTLE BIDS. FREDERICK,MD. Phone:l292 Union Bridge LIONS FAIR Amateur August 9 to August 14 \VKtTE iMMKlH.lTKLY FOil AUIHTIO.\ TO BYRON E. HARTZLER New Windsor, Md. \KikeHyousdeet Iet ui, through our Nfonument Service, bring you the help of Barre Craftsmen, ·designers of finest monuments. Trie lasting beaury of Barrc Monuments make them a suitable cijoice for this most important tribute ro those who have passed on -- or to events to be marked through the ages. Let us help you in making this most important selection an cn- during monument of appropriate design «nd suitable cose. otiumciit HAMMAKER BROTHERS FREDERICK. MD. THfRMONT. MF. 5rtC.iL.SJ5-. '.M ..vONOMSNTS ·*CJ. HAGERSTWTN. MD. V» ·VsITINGTOX n f. are giving hundreds of W E A R - E V I U HERE'S ALL YOU D , P R E S S U R 1 J,;* ·' ' i- «'-e coupon fce"o»-. it'' -g .: ·· :: ', (50J wj.-is or i-;: xS/ yoj ' £«· C-'a--i ; F-OICT Fcodi Then nft J us yo^r Fro:5- Food Paciagc. i* i e«sy to w,1 . «ji y = i,r Dj',«-y 0*«'C" J o r d e f a i ' t 'cdav : o- tartl every week! FREDERICK PRODUCE CO., INC Frederick, Maryland I I 11,1 I I -I __ JOHN H. DULANY SON, Inc. Fraitkmd. Md. r-oic") Fooas because NAME NEWSPAPER! i 1 I J ADDRESS I Nome and AdsJreKS of Grocer .J i--Po«erfsl--iuspJt O»Kiac- ··- '-- No-. CJciuu!*. I*f \:rOip'jitr hit oo tlfti. JJK pim V ,,?« in ikr tprly *oiv!JJ=. OftTUt dK 1 t^i2 v^rcvr j-^j «n« lincEop ntr -iri_-- Nur. ttjjs^t nojiit hli £» zt vt't.n^i. co* of ithtcii «iU thiow ijhr in* mi!l S.-c.. tVIKV POOL- I *TM^ iri K MM K AND FARMER 1 */"' MiOl ID HAVE ONE. / , * · , oul JAA7.YUND CKICK HATCHERY 1UO WEST SOfTH ST. Frctictick, Md. Phone 413 M o k e s your old r o o f like new -quickly and easily. NUROOF the quality roof c o a t i n g g u a r a n t e e d 10 yean. J. P. KARN, Inc. BRUNSWICK. We Deliver -- Ph. 2281 ELASTIC HOSIERY Ca*nforf. uniform pr*isur« and long w*«r can b« obf*m»di only from E!**ttc Hotiory th«t is-ct«nfificallr constnict*d from tr*ih. liv* rvbbor and tb« b«t quality of itlk *nd Iin«n motcri*ii. £r«ry piac* of Sasiic Hcniery sold la our stem tj m«mjf»c» . under our c**n ipecific*- tiKis. «nd c«rf"« ctrr Gaar*nt«* of quality mad Our corrpl*!* itock cf S * A m I * s f cr Statntd Hosiery conjiifi of; Aafc- U!x. Kn*« Caps, Ltggfcgi and Garter Slockings. *tc^ in th« different g r ades ef i'ilt and tinsn. tp«rt- ·rced fiffers «tw«rs «O rfirfy. No ch«rg« for cofi- £ultafion aad f i t t i n g i * Reasonable pncts. ELASTIC HOSIBtT NON-SKID SPOT PAD TRUSSES ABDOMINAL SUFPORTERS SHOULDER BRACES WILLIAMSON'S Drug Store BIDOiE BANTERS BABY CHICKS ,Top Quality CHICKS WV.! be needed this year to meet increases production costs Pro- duc;r.5 Good CJucks is Our Business Maryland - O S Approved Fullorum Passed Hatchery TURKEY POULTS Broad breasted Bronze and \Vhite Holland Writ* for Catalogue »4 Latest Pi Ices. HATCHERY NEWSPAPER!

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