The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 15, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 7
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., THURSDAY, JANUARY 15. 1948 PAGE ONE. SECTION TWO ni ,r A'Hiuiil Kxporla » ,, (lie United States CX- I -" 5t ( ' . ilnn two billion clol- P rk ' d "r'ii of .'oods to the Latin- !.«· wor" 1 ° r .':,,,,_ ch | c f of prod- 'lard, rice and Telling ARC of p|«h It is possible to tell the atfe of u fish by counting the rings on Its (Ins, much the name tis the a no of trees Is estimated from the rings in Us wood. The scales hove to be greatly magnified for cnrcful examination. gives you '-FOR YOUR OLD TIRES YOUR NEW TIRES B.F.GOOOKiCH offers you value PLUS if you need new tires. First, you get a most liberal trade-in allowance for the old tires on your car. Then you get new B. F. Goodrich Silvcrtowns -- "best in the long run" for mileage and safety. Sec us today for Silver- towns for your car. Plus Tax Just 1.50 Down 1.25 A Week Puts a new 6.00-16 SilvoMown on your car FISL58 Value! LADIES' BROfiOClpTH Sizes 38 to 52 Comfortable built-up shoulder style. Perfectly tailored of smooth, l u s t r o u s broadcloth. Rip-proof seems. Buy several at this amazing low price. m Sale! Ladies' Rayon Fine quclity rayon knit, in Ponty qnd brief styles. Full clasric voistbond. ·'· a tflij* *"- - w *p*4ffifflff9^r*imi^^^jfs;^mfm*^^^nw FLANNELETTE Full Cut, Well Toilored. Toosty- *|fm cotton flonncl, in ossortcd iond colors. BUY I NOW SAVE" . ly and angrily with some hazy ake Jimmy back to my house, fix coffee for him, phone Jeff who conies right over. The doorbell rings. It's the police. * * * XIV It was just routine with the police that night. -They had learned from Avis' maid that she and Art had spent the evening at my place and, as a maUer-oi-course, they were checking on their last movements. One of the officers bc'gan to ask me questions. Jeff stepped forward. "I'll handle this," lie said to me. idea that I had to defend the honor of a man who was dead and couldn't speak for himself--al though earlier it wouldn't nave occurred to me that poor Art naa much honor to defend--"I'm sure Mr. Cleves wasn't drunk. You see, we had coffee just a short time before they left. We all drank some--except Avis. Art dranK two cups. He was perfectly sober when he said' good night to me. # * * "Something could have gone wrong with his car, you know, Jeff said belligerently. Surely tonight would be worse. Wrecked ears and bloody bodies were already spinning -like pinwheels before my eyes. There was nothing to drink in' the bar, 1 knew. I had already looked there for something for Jimmy. In desperation I went down to the kitchen and rummaged until I found a half filled bottle of Bourbon. I had never been actually drunk in my life. I had never been under the table. But I wanted to be that night. I wanted to be so far under that I d never remember a thing that had happened. I poured a water glass nearly full of the ancient betrayer of the virtue of women and the ambition of men. And drank it straight. It put me to sleep all right. (To Be Continued) neayenly Yot/rs for Only But the police had a different) The big ' policeman ran idea. "If you don't mind, we'll ask | thoughtful hand up along a u.ctt. IA jvu uvii., ......v., ..~" »--· i thoughtful hand up along the her the questions," the officer who bristling, grayish whiskers on ms seemed to be in charge said. -' U l ---· " T * «"«·''' h a v p heen So I gave them a resume of the evening ending with: "Miss Vaughn and Mr. Cleves left here togetner, right after -- I mean soon after .Mr. Haverson and Mr. Leyden drove away." The policeman caught my slip. "You were going to say they leit , stubborn jaw. "It could have been something like that," he admitted. That ended it. The police and the reporters left after getting my name, the details of the picture that had been the cause of our conference that night and a list of everyone who had oeen there. Jeff left, too, with a pathetic re right awav. \ made you Jtn. ^^, *.*,*,, ··-- - *----. f h cianee vour mind''" ! ma r k about having to make, the ·"XTZfv - TM T "rassK'SSlS-SSr* s S4, -ys ss «- g^sHrd^K^ immediately alter Mr. Haverson 'sunk. 1 don t suppo^ immediately alter Mr.. Haverson and Mr. Leyden and I thought they dro\e away. Hut later--mayoe ten minutes or fifteen, 1 realiy don't know lor I wasn't paying any attention to the time--i heard their car start. I was standing at the window," I pointed to the big window at the end of the room. "I looked down, then, and saw them drive away." 'What were they doing all that time?" "I'm sure I don't know. One of the newspaper men snickered. He gave a shrewd glance at the glasses sitting around on the tables. "You had a lot to drinK here this evening, didn t you?" "We had some highballs--probably three apiece." He -whistled impudently and 1 got mad. "I'm sorry to disappoint · v ou if you're trying to make mis out a Hollywood drinking orgy You sec, we were working. There had oeen a change maae in tne i casting of the picture Miss Vaugnn was going to siar in, and Mr. L.ey- den and I nad to do a little rewriting on the script. We had to have her approval on it and Mr. naverson's. mats why we all ' met here." ., "Nice work--if you can get K, the reporter commented. Jeffs face turned red. "Cut out the smart stuti--ftliss Bonn told S?ou tne truth: She : -drank as mucn s anyone here, and she isnt drunk" is she?" """. j Tne policeman--the big one- intervened. "Take U easy now -itake it easy, everybody. ,\Vc just v/an't tne tacts--tney might explain Avhat happened. You see, ·vir.- Cleves dian't go over that canyon wall in an ordinary, accidental way He drove.over it with the accelerator ol his car, pushed to the iioor. it's stills tucK , tlere Mow, it doesn't seem hxe- y That a man who was soocr would start down that steep hill, knowing that sharp curve was there, with his throttle wide open, d °"He t wouldn-t," Jeff said hoarse- lv. "Drunk or sober, Art «?uWnt nave driven down that hill out there that way. It's too steep. The accelerator probably got stuc* when they' plunged into the can- y °'^No Jeff" I cut in. "I ta^c d to a 'woman who was in a car coming up the hill^and who _ Debate on Federal World Government At SID on Jan. 29 . act that Avis was dead that hocked him, but rather the ugly horror of that way of dying. Jimmy shoved off at the same ime as Jeff, and I was left alone. I didn't want to be left alone. I remembered the night before and he horror that had haunted me. Lady's Arm Was Bent Up Double Like a Jack-Knife One lady recently stated that her arm used to become doubled up like a jack-knife. She couldn't move her arm up or down because her muscles were stiff with rheumatic pains and the joints of her elbow and shoulder were swollen. She said she was ashamed to leave her house because people would stare at her. Finally she got TRU- AID and says she now can raise her arm above her head and the swelling left her elbow and shoulder. The awful pain and stiffness is gone. She is enjoying life once more and feels like "some other woman" since taking this New Compound. TRU-AID contains Three Great Medicinal Ingredients which go right to the very source of rheumatic aches and pains. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get TRU-AID. Sold by All Drug Stores here in Harrisburg. Ride the crest of that "heavenly feeling" j I ^ with Soft Spout in your home. It fits on (OUT/ almost any faucet - - - makes rough and ____^_ --^^sy^s rugged water soft as melted snow. Feel TODAY CUT ( its smoothness when you bathe. See its iwisrt' *vv IQ gentle deansing action on your baby's ·* tender skin. Watch it give you oceans of - siids with a sprinkling of soap.-Order Soft \ Spout today. Let it serve you for years. ' Carrier Mills Tel. 56R3 i. A_y^-v c.nment" will "« *'-'"Vii\r Inii 4 P °The debate will be sponsored by U,c University lectures and entertainment committee, and be open to the public \ \^ I · W · *" ~- ·" of contract b"^* u \vorid" Var i ». ·.·^ ^i il ±7 * *ill t ·**· l Force 1 Flan for World Peace. Van Dorcn. "fJ^hV'bccn University ol "''^^^bia Union the facing TM } j served vcreity » nc * I 9 ?/ "Tne Nation" as literary «*'«£ ° f ,^ d as movie from 1924 to 1«* J»^blicatton editor of 4thc , 0 % He has P««H from 1935 to 19*8. He » lishcd .several olurnc^o^P., ta aaCKtc Tonfrh ProbJcms Buck Rogers and his fantastic experiments aren't tor -ahead of he activates being conducted by we federal farm electrification division. Among the research projects proposed to be undertaken ths year are studies in the use of infra-red heaters to dry seeds and provide thermal therapy treatments for farm animals, ultra-some vibraoor.s for treating seeds, and the con rol of insect pests by means of ciccinc lamps and traps. v*- ·· BonilS* Blll/f-THE AMAZING RESULT OF AN ENGiNEEWNG" PRINCIPLE THAT ASSURES WIDER USE, LONGER LIFE...and ONLY Ford Trucks Have It! iVERY single one of the great new Ford Trucks for '48 is ' Bonus Built . . . designed and built with extra strength in ev^Mpwt. But that's only a part of this great and vital. truck engineering principle . . . 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