The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY NEWS. PEEDEKIOK. MD.. THTJBBDAY, MAY 19.1932. ELEVEN TWEEDS AND PRINTS SHARE STYLE HONOR OF SPRING Emmitsburg 19 --Ir. s;'.: V\\,Mi.- : x-.-'vV YVrk .··;»·.·:-.: tilt j Rov. IVioi J!'. t? .'. BuH : - , ! '.oi:u' t-f Miss T;'p;' a 's Ca'.imr. Charles j en Mr. Kilo Mrs Charles \V. R»p Su;;- j .·iiV.vr. Mrs. tSiui-ish- · mo:r. v.ju- ih.q''..-.-i;. \Vi,l..iin T. Cald- Topi*.-:, ' '.I'-.vii i cUy v\t::i::f. \ : *-*i!. Ovcrk-.;. v.-it.- .-cvJxu.ry: -- ML-S Ucuf\.".r Ktt-.vl.uej, Ball.-! --The Kcysvir.t- r"*ur Ho.tiMiakr-s j -···;: .u"-, ' Club n:V. What A Bladder Physic Should do. Wore oa the bladder is ! r4 rd Mrs Dt'.our. M 19 - - M r ~av :: : Sw.-*s VMliaaifos's Drug Stcre. OLD NEWSPAP5BS FOR SALE. THE NEWS OFF1CF O. | --Mr ?.::^. Mrs. '. ar.d Mr? J»ie~:: day ^-.t TMt--*;^"cv. :; ls::c. :-.:Mi i.fv D. Ware Mat* 3f y.i'.y · --· ;r.d M-.SS Al:;e. c- M.--ry'.s;:d. Thr toaa.'.infe'.cr «a.-- ; ^j E S'.:::c3- s: ;hr Georpf A Mixx:. Bal-. ;r:xre. The :?1- j :r:r:: L*c I' v-".,rc ·*-.·* Cf?u:y Baltimore: : per. und Mrs. jDhr. | r.escay ir. Bol:i::._ ri. ( -- Dr. ar.d .\:rs. \Y.::aur. H T:e:bcr ; --A sj:-. -.-?.,« born v, :.; r a:; ,j *,.., i Edgar S»r.-a::er, r.ear ;.;,*·:. Mrs.. I Wocxi. " ' * ; --Mr. a:id M.-J. L-C-AJ? B-.: 1 p--v'-jse- ' .the ti-.nx- pr...;-r::.-j :;;;,-. .';.-r::^.-:v »- '-. Georse C. Harris . . . modish iri; Mrs. Marjhai- Field . . - sponsors i:^er. « era- rx^ed coa;. ' brown Arid aeise rx-ia dots. ' --p ro BY BETSY SCHtYUEK- NEA Service Ptika cois are having their way this ^^ .___ ^ rear. V^rinia Tha-*' has the neatr.«it , " _ D V 3 .,, Ar-.i:: j::.,-.v -Ai.'e a::J --KC _-.tec: Mr. Jcnci" pirrnts a: Yori, Mav 13.--May has itetk outfit of na\y blue cloiii. over a Mrs. F. K. T.-bo-r ar.d ! trestments I've no-Iced ir. years. ' of the rKf.!y rew Mrs. A'-igtrst ?lmont. in the paddock Tilth her hxis'osnc wore a snapp; , \ bro-vn and "oeice ch-?ckei coat dress. | .' v.-i-h a bron-u ccat ov»r it. f'Jrred toj ! cellar. Mrs. Rocs:: McAdoo -s-ors s. · checked black and gray skirt, black I ] jaciiet and the c-jtsst crisp -s-hite j blcuse. '*"ith a wiagcd collar, crisp friHs i · pt:3ed sleeves tha: shewed belovr | '· h?r jackit's cuffs. Ai=o she '.vore one of j :h-j :c-~ v.'ai-.e hats s^en there, and! j £?or.5ored whi;* gloves. ~.'hite purse and j R litt'.e camat : Oii or ;T;O right at her i | throat. r ! Sailer ha^s :hare fere sp;eniy, 5r. many versions. Mis. J. Her^y Ales- ; asdre had. a trirr.. souare-crowned one. i -:om almost straight on her head, | ·nriih a "s'hi^e p;?ij^ for its banding ! and a decorative veil Hying about it. ! Mrs. Parker Corning, accorfipsnyiog j her. Trore a dark bro^rt on?, trllb , ·sride Le banding and a flat bo^r j the front. £l?o Ti'h a veil, a shod ! on?: Mrs. Ko~-g-c G. Cushir^ had some- j t:ur:3 R:^" iri Iir.jeris iouches, deep cuSs j at cards a: her i:or;:e o- Moiidav nish: ! ' :·:·' :he aer-fS- or S:. Joseph's k;ttr;r.i" i ; --Mrs. R. Cadic en:«rcainec a Ten- ; friends at bridge on Tuesday evenir.;. ^ --?»Irs. Jcnn;c- Sell. Vork. u'ho siwnt . i severe! '.v«eis *-vi::: M_-i. JorTM 3eli. near i · to^vn; is v^iiins Miss Margaret Beil. \ CLAVP1A DELL-- YOU couldn't serve a more convenient and economical treat than Kellogg's Corn Flakes and milk. No trouble or vork. Many servings from a single package costing but a few cents. Delicious and healthful. Breakfast, lunch, bedtime enacks. Quality guaranteed. DEL MONTE Catsup bottle) (GROCER) DEL MONTE "A Sure Sign of Service" DEL MONTE Spinach (large can) m -^Ji^ ^ i^ V^^^J^yj*i^l!^J£^^ I i PARSONS CO. | 205-207 North Market St. (Doll Bros. Bldg.) ||! ??*$.] SILK : ^ ;; lr±l-^ :l ''- ····%-, eduction ON ALL Women's, Misses' and Children's Ml | Mrs. Howard G. Cushicg . . . vcore a j j5J i suit cf r.ov£:ty tv.'eed. j :g^ i smart as can be In a, severe skull cap j j^ 1 1 type of beret. Mrs. Marshall Field, -.vith j i^ ·her husbET.d attending the Wood M e - j jgi lirsorial. -s-ore a bro-»-n ar.d beige polka i !^ \ dotted jacket suit, topped by a brcnra ! :^; j coal and brc^m ar.d "oc-ige rcarhish | \^? · Bailor hat. ' g'' i Redingoic-s have their smart spor.- ; s. ;:::j. Barbara Phipps has a cari blue i ~ i coat that; tops a light b".-^e and white: L i printed Irc-cS. the coat's 5uU 3k-eves be- j --, : ing clbotr Isr.eth through --aich the ] 'g- . one of the fe~c of the yourj? set to ·s'ear j ;g? ; plumes. She has a ne"*" blue hat with ' : ^- · then: or. it. ' = ; "FINAL CLEARANCE' and New arrivals! Tou'ii be more than pleased with these r e m a r k a b l e values. T h e Styles, the Quality, the Print? and the Price will astound you. All sizes. (Other Dresses $5.95) ·S~ ' i in Si i PEL MONTE No. 1 Royal Anne Cherries (can) DEL MONTE Pineapple (large can) Del Monte 37 I: .S j L i A::cuit 3'."~or.t . . . ar.i brovTi JIG brlz-c cca: iresf. i Cup Steeplechase over the -?:e;k-cnd. :'"· '. ocat.~ or raits topped by rair.coau. One : \ of the smartest laokir-s r.-oirxn vho ' -C,ever drove ir. a trap to :^e the racrs :» · had a black frock v.i-ji tir.y white col- i i§ ; lar :r.sice ~~"A black star.dir.g collar ; g'. - 'that lied ir: a b:c 55~ ;^ncer her chin ; '5- arid came cuuide her black coat -x.-a. \ '··*?. its ilopir.g ihou'.ders mace 50 by :ts ; -^ c.-a* ~ i'.h bra"T. bv.tlcr-i ar.d a c,~"ara::dj frs. G-racby/ I/x'.- icokrd fir,-; ir. a : ^ b~-- '.:·:. rr.?.ce ir. ore r' :he s-^rr.e pique. 1 Gler.urquhsrd:. plaid .=.uit. v.-iih bel'.ed,. S) -r-c-c; n'.ac? ~.;r. f'.cpin; jh;-t:lccr*. :S bo~ at a v r.-rckl^.-:. Katrlna Me- '· '^ Tr.^re ".-'?r' .-^ ICT ci ~h? r.""^." cornb:- Ccnr»:c.v "*"i5 sn^t.tfr to . i p."r:?'Dr a rov- ; ^;« Silk Undies Silk Hosiery ^liKL ^"t 11655 j -Semi-Service Weight" e. All rr-arnlar i ^r. Ne\v Bags Knockouts in Value! WOMEN'S Wash Dresses ', //% DEL MONTE + Fruit Salad (large can) DEL MONTE Golden Bantam Corn (can) PEL MONTE Apricots (large can) "Uneeda Bakers" Butter Crackers Delicious! 25 KRAFT Pimento--Swiss--American--Limburger--Velveeta FAIRY SOAP 2 bars 9c "WE RECOr«EXD" Garber and GHadie Valley BREAD "When It Rains--It Pours' 1 HORTOKS ^IODIZED] FSALT boxes BEE BRAND Extracts (all flavors) 2 bottles BLUE RIDGE Sliced Bacon C.-i-lb. BLUE RIDGE Regular Smoked Hams {10-13 Ib. avcraire) \\ Royal Shoe Polish "Self Shining Black Liquid." G. t. Graham Crackers The speedy dish x a s h i n e soap made famous on the radio by tiara. Ln 'n' Em. SUPER SUDS 2 pkgs. ^ -With Coupon" '-~ Ruffled Curtains "Cool and Cheery" GIRLS' NEW Summer Frocks Germantown 1 ar:ce O- "Aar^r. r.ick trorr. Purikir.' Creel-:" ir. the Genr-.s--.v-.r. Kail. -i-3L^:3?' Other Gtirtairs pair to S1.98 :. Finish Considering Fleas. .?'. vii.:.r»r.? i TV;;;i -1-; 5xrep:;op. cf a 'tr-. pct.t.or_=. DScsrs r«:- [ request.::; rccluciior. in real estate as- b^ir.j re- ' se^.srr.erit. iilcd sin«! the r^g-ular t.L~p, ; ;*:.-. N!;ii 1 jeveril -ie-.-.-rs ag5. the Cu-,ir.ty ComrriiiS- Plain and Printed SILKS C-.-srl-s Jonn- : c;;r;.n. i is;or.i- .-tn'rd by t h e .consider any rr.ore ·=·? sor.. hastA«. Th" rr.-:c::r.: rla=ed T.h'3t this tlrr.^. Attentior. v.-ill now b e i ' ^ prayer bv Rev. Mr. .J.:rx*. · centered to cr-rnixlir-p the budge:, v-.-hich ; ;;= Printed VOILES and BATISTE ID vatsiiri..I;*-ig v.i-.;- .: ^ f*i ·· -- *::····--*«·- 1 / e ·:-, r.r.- . ; :;n;.;y. - - . . ; : . M : J^ | : yard AMERICA'S PREMIER DESSERT FRUIT PUDDINE (AU Flavors) OXYDOL (large pkg.) hour of rtihbiny." 2 Jumbo P. G. FREE CONQUEROR MIXED Vegetables 'CoHgSlSQR cans Good for «o-_-p. "For Tour Health'* Sak«" KEWPIE TISSUE Toilet Paper 6 roils Rubber Apron FREE Win-Son Coffee "Roasted Fresh Weekly" j Barbara Fritchle Coffee It's Cup Quality That Counts! Stravor Coffee Flavor--Strength--Economy Country Side Coffee Give It A Trial 1

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