The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 17, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1924
Page 5
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE FTVE. ODDS AND ENDS FROM A REPORTER'S NOTE BOOK While the price of turkeys la the tow »at in tan years, the former* of, 'louthweat Kansas are not dismay- j M. "The Meade county turkey >rop li now being harvested," reports Frank Fuhr, ot Meade. "It Is tine ot the best. South-went Kansas Is the natural habitat of the turkey find the best and biggest, birds In |ho world are raised la this section »f the state." John J. -inner, of tho Subletto Monitor—formerly the Santa Fe Monitor—In point of seniority Is the oldest newspaper man in the southwest, having been with It for tii yours straight. Frank Fuhr, thn old' Meade Globe man started in tlvo years heforo Sillier, but didn't stick with It quite so long. But Dlark Conkllng, ot Lyons, has them h-th beat, when it comeB to real Borvlee. —x— Meade can boast of a man who has voted for every gubernatorial candidate of the state of Kansas. Hia name Is A. W. Maborly nnd ho will soon celebrnto bis 90th birthday. "' —x— It. It. Malono, of Uberal, htia an Interesting and unique family group, containing five generations, Including his grandmother; mother, sister, niece and grand nephew. The pecularity of tho group is In the fact that there Is just twenty years difference in the age of each generation, each mother having ineon Just twenty years of ago when ho.- first child was born. The grandmother was 88 years of age [When the picture was token, tho (laughter 68, the granddaughter 48, the great granddaughter 28 and the (ruat great grandson 8. —z— Nine years ago last week, Nov. 10, 1915, occurred the tornado at Great Bend, resulting In tho deatb ot fourteen people and a million dollar loss to property. Some ot the wreckage ot tho storm still la to he seen. The Hulme mill was never rebuilt, and on the place •where It stood tho lot is covered iwlth piles of Junk, much ot it being the wheels, chatting and old machinery of the mill, though It Is Vlled In an orderly way and In no ' wise resembles the mass ot debris iwfhloh represented the mill shortly sifter the storm. Wlen the State Bankers aesocla- , tlon group meeting tor this district was held at Macksvllle recently, IA, L. McMillan, editor of the Macks- villa Enterprise sat next to a young •man who registered as Dan H. IBoone, cashier of the Union Stock .Yards Nation.- 1 bank, of Wichita. It turned out that Editor McMillan at one time, nearly half a century ago, was foreman of a ranch owned by the banker's father, Dan .Boone, ar« ot Sedgwick county— "foreman" at board. $16 a mouth and —x— It was while on the Boono ranch that the .Macksvllle editor made his first—and last—horse trade. He had a dandy llttlo saddle pony. Tempting offers had been made him for the animal but he turned nil down. "One day," lie related, "A nclgn- bor came over riding a flno brown mare. Ha had* previously tried to buy the pony. He worked on us for a trade and we finally fell for his proposition. We wonted that beautiful mare, nnd believed we wore taking him to a trimming when we got Iter for the pony and fifty-five dollars. In « few days we tried to work the big maro. She wouldn't pull a pound. 11 was all up. Wo were beautifully stung. "After ti-sing the maro out several times were gave It up and took her to Wichita to' dispose of her. Every horseman in Wichita knew her, and several of them had owned her. She was recognized as the balkiest animal In the who'i country. Wo disposed ot her for forty dollars. The pony gone nr.t fifteen dollarB. Wo haven't done any uorse trading since." New Discovery Stop* Pyorrhea Tens ot thousands are now happy and grnterut because Jo-Vex ended their sore, bleeding, spongy gums. Other thousands who have this loathsomo disease need not keep on suffering Just because someone told thera that Pyorrhea Is Incurable. Jo-Vex, used according to simple directions, overcomes Pyorrhea, eliminates pus and germs, and usually stops bleeding and soreness within > few days. Jo-Vex Is easy to use and Inexpensive. Guaranteed to Batlsfy you or your money refunded. Sold by your druggist and by A. ft A. Drug Co. and Foltz Pharmacy. If your dealer can't supply you, send $1,00 to the Jo-Vex Co., Akron, Ohio. FOR BURNING ECZEMA Applv Zemo, the Antiseptic] Liquid—Easy to Use, When applied as directed Zemo effectively removes Ecreraa, quickly stops Itching, and heals skin troubles, also Sores, Burns, Wounds and Chafing. It Is a clean, dependable and inexpensive antiseptic liquid that is «s»eclally adapted for daytime use because it does not show. Trial bottle 35c, large size 11.00. Zemo Soap, antisoptlc and healing, 25c. All druggists. New High Gasoline Consumption Record T HE Bureau of Mines (Washington, D.C.) places the domestic consumption of gasoline for August, 1924, at 819,467,892 gallons, an increase over July consumption of 22,001,302 gallons and the highest monthly consumption of gasoline ever reached in the United States. Notwithstanding this unusual demand, the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) has been able to keep the motorist of the Middle West constantly supplied with gasoline. This is the direct result of strict economy in production and the uninterrupted operation of a modern system of distribution. The new high gasoline consumption record of August tells of hundreds of small business organizations made efficient by means of the automobile and an abundance of standard quality gasoline. It tells of thousands of families who have enjoyed healthful outings at minimum cost It tells of hundreds of thousands of city children benefited by country air, because motor transportation carried them into open spaces at a trifling charge. Giving people what they'want, at a price they easily can afford to pay, is in itself a valuable service. This service is rendered to society by the Standard Oil Company (Indiana), i Few of the hundreds of thousands of people who profit daily by the abundance and the wide distribution or gasoline, consider the intricate industrial problems solved before this service could be rendered. They are apt to think of gasoline as yielded freely by nature; a generous, unceasing gift to man. On the contrary, no matter how freely crude oil is produced by nature, without the aid of science it does not yield the tremendous quantities of gasoline needed to supply the demand. The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) by originating processes which vastly increase the percentage of gasoline recovered from crude oil, serves mankind by helping to keep the supply equal to the demand. By devising a comprehensive distribution system and maintaining it in the face of every obstacle, this Company is able to make gasoline available to millions who could not afford to have the fuel shipped to them individually. Gasoline is as accessible to the farmers or the Middle West as it is to the city dweller. Standard Oil Company (Indiana) General Office: Standard Oil Buildinft 910 So. Michigan Avenue, Chicago - ' ; 36W Wednesday Suburban Day Look over this list of specials—and be prepared to attend Suburban Day Sale on Wednesday. If you attended our last months Suburban Day Sale ,.you probably thought it was as great an offering of Specially Low Priced Merchandise that could be gathered together —But wait until you see this Wednesday's budget of Suburban Day Bargains. Offering a splendid opportunity to purchase seasonable goods that you need at lower than ever prices. Wool Middies, $2.95 Wool Flannel! Middies, large collar, 2 button cuff. Emblem and braid trim, Red with Black, sizes 14 to 20. (U&TLS <$TOI?E (g^ HUTCHINSON. KAN5A6. Blankets, 75c Pair This blanket is 30x.i6, white with border at each end of pink or blue, nice weight. While they last, 75c pair. Second Floor 15c Men's Rockford Socks A medium quality Rook- ford lock. Suburban Day 2 pr. 25c Ladies Umbrellas With fancy handles and strong frame. Suburban Day $1 65c Ladies Union Suits Light weight, open arid ctoted etylee. Tailored tope. Suburban Day 50c $6.25 Ladies High. Shoes Fine quality kid, military heele. Suburban Day $4.95 25c Men's Cotton Hose Fine quality cotton eocks. Colore, Black, Brown, Navy and Grey. Suburban Day 3 pr. 65c Men's Work Shirts Blue Chambray work shirts full cut, well made. Suburban Day 69c Men's Half Linen Handkerchiefs Large alio nicely hemmed. Suburban Day 19c Men's Canvas Gloves A medium weight eenvae glove with knit elastic wrlet. Suburban Day, 2 Pr. 25c 19c Crash Toweling 18 Inehee wide. A good heavy absorbent quality. „ Suburban Day 14c Outing Flannel 36 Inches wide, good etend- ard quality In light and dark patterns. Also plain colore. Suburban Day 25c 25c Gloss Toweling White with red pin etrlpe, 16 Inches wide. Suburban Day 19c $2.95 Canton Crepe In all the wanted colore 40 Inches .wide and fine heavy quality. Suburban Day $2.49 49c Cotto Chine Crepe A fine silk finish pllsss crepe In lingerie shades. Suburban Day 35c 35c Lingerie Crepe Colors, White, Light Blue and Orchid. Suburban Day 25c Madras Shirting A fine quality woven mad rae shirting. Pretty patterns fast color. Suburban Day 35c 29c Printed Madras Stripes an* checks. Suburban Day 25c 35c Plisse Crepe Fine Windsor crepe In plain colors and fancy prints, Suburban Day 29c 98c Silk Jersey For underwear. Tubular knit. 36 inchee wide. Suburban Day 79c $4.95 Blankets In plain Grey and Fancy Plaids. A heavy weight warm blanket. Size 66x80 and 66x84. Suburban Day $3.95 Dresses Wonderful Values for thli Big Monthly Bargain Day, Many modele .In the as eortment for stout figures. of Rare Charm and Beauty Materials of Satin Back Canton Crepe—Flat crepe and eatln—In all good ehadee for winter wear. Stunning; model*—with attractive embroidered front panel and cuff*. Elegant trimmed and tailored model*—Beaded effects—Representing a worth while caving in money without the sacrifice of atyle, quality or appearance. Come early Suburban Day for beat choice. Pretty Lyons Silk Velvet Trimmed Hats Suburban Day ,.. We offer for Wednesday —A number of Pretty Trimmed Hats— whose prices in many instance* have teen $5.00 and more— These are some of our early models—But please remember the hats are all stylish and desirable and are worth every penny of the prices formerly charged—And are indeed note worthy values—at their present Reduced prices—about 100 in the Lot. $3.50 Boys' School Shoes Brown and Black lace ehoe. An all leather sturdy ehoe. Suburban Day $2.45 35c Children's School Hose A fine quality Wayne knit etocklng. Colore, Brown and Black. All elzee. Suburban Day 25c Ladies' Cotton Hose Blaok only. All eizes. Suburban Day 5 pr. $1 35c Pillow Slips Size 42x36. Made of good quality,muslin, wide hem. Suburban Day 25c $1.85 Sheets Made of fine quality sheeting with taped edge. Suburban Day $1.65 $4.50 and $5.50 Boys' . Slip-on Sweaters Two color combinations, good weight, all wool. Suburban Day $3.95 $6.50 Boys' Slip-on Sweaters Two color eombnatlona. . Extra heavy fine wool sweaters. Suburban Day $4.95 15c Men's Cotton Hose Colors, Black, Brown and Grey. All sizes. Suburban Day 10c 50c Men's Gloves Canvas gauntlet glovee with leather palm. Suburban Day 39c Men's Cotton Handkerchiefs Large size, good quality. Suburban Day 10c Suburban Day Sale of Winter Coats $9.95 Coats of Brown and Tan Polaire cloth. Full lined and nicely made—Some with Fur Collars, others with collars of self material. Coats that are serviceable and smart.. At the littlest price you have ever paid for such good looking coats. Cotton Batts Comfort size, open In one sheet, 72x90. Made of good clean cotton. Suburban Day $1.00 Cotton Batts A nice 2J4 pound batt. Size 72x 90. A good quality bleached cotton. Suburban Day 79c Window Shades Duplex shades, white on one elde, green on the other. Size 36 Inch by 6 feet. Suburban Day 75c Barber Towel Size 13x22, good quality Cannon towels. Suburban Day, dz. 89c Eiderdown In Pink and Blue, single faced, good quality. Suburban Day 49c $3.50 to $4.95 Men's Shirts This lot consists of fine silk striped Madras and all silk shirts. Suburban Day $2.95 Ladies Felt Slippers Colors, Orchid, Emerald Green, Grey and Alice Blue. Chrome leather cushion soles and ribbon trimmed. Suburban Day $1.00 $1.50 to $1.95 Ladies Knit Underwear Medium weight, ankle length underwear. Bodice and tailored tops. Colors. Pink and White. Suburban Day £1.00 $2.50 Boys' Knee Pants All wool knee pante in nice patterns. Ages 8 to 16. Suburban Day $1.95 $1.95 Boys' Knee Pants Good worsted pants In assorted wool mixtures. Ages 8 to 16. Suburban Day $1.50 Boys' Stocking Caps Two color combinations. Suburban Day 25c 59c to $1.00 Boys' Cloth Hats Ages 4 to 8 years. Odd lot. Suburban Day 25c 89c and $1.00 Men's Leather Mittens A heavy fleeee lined mitten for cold days. Suburban Day 59c 65c Ladies' Lisle * Hose Colors Black and Brown.' Broken sizes. Suburban Day 49 c 31.39 Ladies' Silk Hose A Ince stripe silk hose In Brown only. Suburban Day 75c 25c Percales Short lengths of a regular 25c percale, In light and dark patterns and also plain colors. Suburban Day, 15c 65c Unbleached Sheeting 81 Inches wide, fine quality with taped edge. Suburban Day 49c 50c and 59c Curtain Nets and voile. This Is a lot of curtain nets taken from our regular otock. Suburban Day 35c 59c Turkish Towels Large size, heavy weight two thread Turkish towels. Plain White. Suburban Day 49c 25c and 35c Stevens Linen Crash These are In short lengths of from 1 to 2 yards, Bleached' or Brown. Suburban Day, 19c 15c Unbleached Muslin 38 Inches wide. A light weight smooth finish fine Brown muslin. Suburban Day 10c 18c Bleached Muslin A fine quality close weave muslin, free- from starch, 36 Inches wide. Suburban Day 15c 20c Brown Muslin Full 40 Inches wide, splendid quality that can be used for sheets and many purposes where quality I wanted. Suburban Day 17c 25c Bungalow Cretonne 36 inches wide. A nice assortment of patterns for com forts or draperies. Suburban Day 19c Traveling Bags and Suit Cases The bags are 17 inch sizr. black only. The suit cas°-; are 26 Inch size, Black and Brown. Imitation Irather. Suburban Day $1.25 Men's Sweaters Heavy weight grey cotton sweater. Color Grey. Sizes 30 to 46. Suburban Day $1.50 Boys' White Shirts Collar attached, to 14. Sizes 13 Suburban Day 49c Boys' $1.50 Khaki Coveralls Made of good quality khaki cloth. Ages 3 years to I years. Suburban Day $1.00 59c Ladies' Linen Handkerchiefs Hand embroidered handkerchiefs in plain white and colors. Buy your Chrlstm.v-: supply on Suburban Day 50c Ladies Cotton Handkerchiefs Some with embroider.*: corners. Suburban Day 6 for 25c Boys' Chambray Work Shirts Full cut, well made. Suburban Day 59c $5.95 Men's Corduroy Pants Made of be3t quality corduroy. Large sizes only. Suburban Day $3.95 25c Gingham 32 Inches wide. A goo.) quality of gingham In a good assortment of patterns. Suburban Day, Yd. 15c 25c Chambray Shirting Best grade of shirting In plain Blue and Grey. Also fancy atrlpea for boys and men's work shirts. Suburban Day 19c 39c Gingham 32 Inches wide, plain colors and fancy patterns. Guaranteed fast colors. Suburban Day 29c Linen Crash Toweling 16 Inches wide with colored border*. Suburban Day, 19c 59c Huck Towels Large size with woven designs and hemstitched ends. Suburban Day, 39c 15c Crash Toweling 16 Inches wide. A light weight soft finish*crash with colored borders. Suburban Day 10c 15c Unbleached Muslin 36 Inches wide. A nice smooth and firm quality. Suburban Day 13c 19c Comfort Challlie A good assortment of comfort paterno, 36 Inches wide. Suburban Day 17 Jc Buy Silk Underwear For Gifts WEDNESDAY SUBURBAN DAY Fluffy Frilly Lingerie—Whether she Is a little girl or a much grown up ne.. She will love these soft pieces—Colored—honey-dew. maize, or flesh. They are Crepe de Chine gowns—Chemeise—Teddys etc that will cost not nearly as much as one might suspect.. See them Wednesday— ana settle the GIFT FOR A GIRL QUESTION AT ONCE, Silk Gowns and Teddys S3.95 Made of lovely Crepe de Chine. The Teddy 'B are made with bodice tops, tailored or beautifully trimmed in lace, tucks and hemstitching. Gowne have wide strap over shoulder, lace trimmed.. Colors of Rose, Nile/ Malse, Orchid, Peach and Flesh. Crepe Teddys $2.95 Soft Silky Crepe Teddys, Bodice top, tailored or daintily trimmed with lace, hemstitching and tucks. Pink, Malse, Nile, Peach and Orchid. Crepe Teddys $1.95 These are made of very soft silky crepe, bodice top, trimmed with lace, tucks and hemstitching. Colors are Peach, Maise, Nile, Orchid and Pink. SILKEN SLIPS 52.95 COSTUME SLIPSof Tric-o-sham bodice top —self material strapes. gathers at e ,-i<~>> side. Made with tubular hem or fine pleateu flounces In plain or combination colo '-b. Colors In Rose, Henna, Royal. Deer. Conerv Tan, Black, Gray, Brown, Green, Yeiljw. Sizes 36 to 44. isThe Curtis Store Co.s (

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