The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 23, 1951 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1951
Page 10
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The News, Frederick, Md., Friday, November 23, 1951 1THK GUMPS Can't Kefp A fiood Man Dow YES, UNCLE BIM...SWELL... ANDY IS UIM6ELF AGAIN... WHAT? SOMETUIN6 IMPORTANT, YOU SAY? WAIT. .. I'LL P APTER ALL, YOU \YpU BET WE REALIZE TLIAT BIM ^^UtN'T, MAYN'T GOT A CORNER \ ANDY ON ALL. THE BRAINS OP ) DARLING- TUE GUMP FAMILY- SURE YOU WERE, THOU6H I DIDN'T WAS GETTINio -SUSPICICUS OP FLORIAN "STUMPS MVSILF... CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEER No Gold--Aluminum THOSE ARE BUT COMMON METAL3 CERTAINLY . WHAT IT, . ILVEK'? A* SCIENTIFIC MgN, (3REAT DEAL F-PZOM EACH OTHER J PR. AMP WE'LL HAVE TIME TO EXCHAN6-B IDEA 1 ^ WHILE AWAITING OF YOWK CO VOW MEAN WE'RE ^ fCIPMAPEP? FKOMi WB WANT ,_ KEFINEO . :4 ALUMINUM! Answer to Previous Puzzle Famous Statue HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Depicted famous statue, the -*Victory 7 It now Is In the Carnival T. n. BEC. O. S. P*T, OFF. COPR. 19S1 8V HE* SIBVICf. INC. 'Ta can't case a Job too careful these days, MLnggsyl lights being' off don't mean iiothin'!" Since TV. the · JACOB Y ON BRIDGE Silence Sometimes Louder Than Words NORTH 23 A A K 5 ¥ A K 2 » A K 9 2 + 962 WEST EAST D) A 10 98? A Q J 6 3 V 10 9 6 5 3 V J 8 7 » 8 5 4 6 *Q3 * A K J 1 0 7 SOUTH A-12 * Q 4 * Q J 10 7 4 S 4.S54 East-West vul. East South West North 1 * 2 * Pass 3 * Pass 3 4 Pass 5* Pass £as3 Pass Opening lead--A 10 Radio Program NEC «STBAi 1090 kc CBS MBS ABC WFMD WOR WTVIAL 930 kc 710 kc 630 kc By OSWALD JACQBY Written For NBA Service In an expert game, what you do is important enough--but what you don I do is almost as import- tant. Every word you speak is sure, to be heard--but your silence may drown out all the other sounds. The point is illustrated in the bidding of the hand shown today. East's opening bid of one club is normal enough, and South's jump to two diamonds is an example of a type of shutout bid that many experts favor. Let's take a moment out for this jump bid. Many experts use a jump over-call to show a weak hand but a long salt--except when .. . . Evening 6:00--News fnr 15 Min.--nbc-ch» Nntwork Silent Hr.--abc-mbs-east Kiddles Hr. (rpt.)--abc-mbs-wesl 8:15--Discussion Snrles--cbs 8:45--iSfflwscnst By Thrco--tibo News Broadcast--cbs 7:00--News Commentary--nbo Btnilnirs Skit--cbs N(\«-s Commentary--nbo News Commentary--mbn 7:15--.Tack Smith Show--Kb» Dally Commentary--nbc Tomorrow's Football--mb» 7:30--News Broadcast---nbo Bob Crosby Club--cbs Lone RmiRcr Dramn--abe News Comment--mbs 7:4$--One Man's Family--nbo Nmvs Broadcast---cbs . Kvfnln£ Nowsreel--mb» J:00--Roy Kogrers--nbc Feature Program--cbs fiiclinrd Diamond--nbo Masrazlno Theater--mb» 8:15--Muslclantl USA--cb« 8:30--Martin Lewis--nbc This is F.B.I. Drama--abo Hardy Family--mbs 9:00-- Duffey's Tavern--nbo Bisr Time Variety--cbs Ozzta Harriet--abo Armed Forces Review--tnb» 9:30--Sliort Story--nbo Popular Music--cbs District Attorney--a bo Bandstana USA--mbs 9)55--Fiv« Minutes Snorts--abo 10:00--Night Bent--nbc Capitol Cloakroom--cbs Boxing- Bouts-rube (also TV) Comment; Mystery--mbs 10:30--Government Talks--nbe Tho Wax Works--cbs Tunes for Dancing--mbs 10:45--Pro and Con--nbc 11;00--News Variety--all nets Tnlaviilon Summary S:00--Now Series--nbc Mania's Drama--cbs ilystsry Film--abc Twenty Questions--DuMont 8:30--We the People--nbc Man Against Crime--cb» Stu Krwin Film--abc Art BaKer Show--DuMont 8:00--Bis Story-^nbo Playhouse or Stars--cbs Crime "With Father--abo Down You Go--DuMont 9:30--Henry Aldrloh--nUo 10:00--Boxing Bouts--nbc Talented Parents--cbs Cavalcade of Stars--DuMont 10:30--Hollywood Film--cb« SWOOTHCHEWIKGHCiPS HIM COHCENTRATI... they are vulnerable against non- vulnerable \opponents. In other words, it is .usually a shutout bid, but it does show a good hand in, the worst of the four possible vulnerability .situations. It should be remembered that many other fine players prefer to use the jump over-call to show a good (hand no matter what the vulnerability is. Certainly in the average game around the- country, if your partner makes a . jump over-call it Is safe to assume that he has a good hand. In this case, of course, North knew his partner and k'new that he had a poor hand. It was easy to work out in this case anyway, 13 Interstice 14 Ingenious 15 Pedal digit 16 Angry 18 Mountain in Crete 19 Half an em 20 Gabbles 22 Displaced person (ab.) 23 Mature 25 Robust 27 Cicatrix 28 One-spots 29 Providing 30 Weight (ab.) 31 Greek letter 32 Negative reply 53 Proceeds 35 Goddess of discord 36 Impolite 39 Domestic slave 40 Diminutive suffix 41 Injures 47 Samarium (symbol) 48 Superlative ending 50 Toil 51 Point a weapon 52 Stops 54 Things to be done 56 Musical exercises 57 Subdue IWets 2 Satiric 3 Born 4 Leave 5 Pen name of Charles Lamb. 6 Missile 7 Tardy 8 German river 9 Chaldean city 10 Town in Kenya 11 Enigma 12 Warehouses 17 Near 20 Spread 21 Indians 24 Hurt 26 Performers 33 It comes from 34 Beginning 36 Interior 37 Sailor 42 To the sheltered side 43 Assemble 44 College degree (ab.) 45 Gazelles 46 Therefore 49 Kind of cross 51 Insect 53 "Coyote State' (ab.) 55 From (prefix) 5 a 57 TJo b 37 23; 'Ah Tell Yuh--Thev're Revenooers 9 ;ince North could see most of the ligh cards right in his own hand. He wanted to make sure of getting o game and also to make some ·sort of try for slam. The cue-bid of three clubs was all he could hink of. · Right here was where East's silence spoke loudly. Surely East wanted to invite a club opening ead: surely he had no reason to nvite a lead in any other suit. He could have indicated his club trength by doubling the cue-bid of three clubs. That wouldn't be he,final contract, of course, but he double would guarantee that East had a good, sound club suit. When East failed to double, it eemed that he didn't want a club ead- West paid careful attention o this in choosing his opening lead, and therefore selected the ten of spades. This allowed South to run the first 11 tricks, since he could discard a club on one of dummy's hearts. If West had led a club, as he would have done if East had doubled three clubs. East would have taken the first three tricks in that suit. LIVESTOCK AUCTION Dairy cows sold as high as $330 a head at the Wbolsboro Livestock Sales Inc. auction. Tuesday. In the slaughter classes good choice calves 160--190 pounds brought up to $39.75 cwt Medium good butchering heifers sold from $21.35 to $25.85. % ' Frying chickens sold at 27'A cents per pound. Medium lambs brought $28.75 per hundred weight. Other prices: Butchering cows medium -good, $21.35---25.85; canners and cutters, f 15.25--21,00; butcher bulls imediuivO, S24.50; stock heifers, $97.50--215.00; dairy cows.-$130--330: good choice. 160-190 Ib. calves. $34--39.75: 140--160 Its, $32,75--39; 125--140 Ibs., $30.50--38.75; liehf green calves, $16.50--40.00. Medium lambs. $28.75. Good choice butchering hogs, 210--250 Ibs., up -to $22.50; good butchering sows, up tc $19.75; heavy boars. $10.50; feeding shoats, $18.85 cwt.; pigs, $4,75 to $8.50 per head. , Chickens, $27.50 cwt for fryers; lard. 14 cents Ib. MR. MQMk PONT STOP UXXIN9 R3i?n OIV5 UP TOP EASILY IT WA* ONLY A PENNY NOT OOlNO TO LOOK IT ANVMOPE IT 1 * MINt, THANK "YOU. 5IHT H»T^H.J| T. K It, U. J. »,i Ox WH4TCO WANT TO , THAT roe? IT* ONLY A PENNY 5EBN YOU UBEKAL WITH MONEY MUTT AND JEFF Jeff Won Every Rest Period Between Ronndd BAKERY GOODS IN'CREASE Washington. Nov. 22, (if)--Prices on some bakery goods may go up under an order to be issued Monday by the Office of Price Administration. The order will'affect 29.000 bakeries and may send some bread prices up one cent a one- pound loaf in certain areas. It will not mean a general rise in bread, the OPS said. LITTTLE LIZ A dope is a fellow who doesn't know today what you just found ..out yesterday. ^ ., LISTEN TO THlS 6UV/-HE'WANTS IS 0NLYA P(?ACTieE RSHT/ He ACTIHS BOOTS AND H£K BUDDIES Guess Not, Eh? COPR. 1551 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEO. U. S. PAT. OFF., ...VOU'KE KIGHT ON TI/AE/ FRECKLES AHD HW WELL. TT4EM, I'LL. EXPECT VDU TO DA^A/VGES OLrOF YOUR OWN FAULT, 1 NO, I SHOULD'v/e HAP BRAKES- MOT TD MENT7OM IMSURANCEI HERE AMP VOUR 6RAKELESS- BUeY I MIGHT HAVE WITH THE ANGELS/ No Dough . _ _ MEAM YOU'LL SeTTLE FOR A KNIFB. SOME RUBBER BANDS AND A KEY RIMS? VIC FLINT A Few More Minutes (·WONDERFUL IDEA, EH, HAM? I you WRITE "YOUR OWN SUICIDE NOTE AKICf / PA\ (SOMSIA KILL YOU f COME ON, LET* y 1 3ON5. r-, / (, ALL RISHT; I'M ...AND EVEN IP X WAVE TO DIE, MAYBE I CAM TWINK OP WAY OF AVENIM© MY DEATH/ THE ONLY TMIN ON MY 77AHE. THE PHONE MIHT RINJ, 5OUEONE MISHT KNOCK AT THE WHY A MAN, KNOWING HE 1^ SOK4 TO BE MURDERED, CONSENT TO WRITE A SUICIDE NOTE? WHAT'S- TO BE SAINED? THE ANSWER 5UD- DENL^ COMES' TO HAMILTON SCRIBE. COPS. Wl. BY NE* SERVICE. INC.'T.M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. FRISCIEXA'S POP Local Identification^ WHV DO YOU ^ KEEP HOLDING-/ IT LIKE THAT? ·50 I WON'T FORGET WHICH KNEE VT WAS. 1 IT HURTS ' WHAT THE MATTER HOLLVHOCK FELL DOWM TERRIBLE AND BANGED KNEE! UR BOAKDING HOUSE AIMT HE HEKe? ._ THOUGHT HE'D BE HOME 'AT SUPPERLJUvlE/ VJHIL6T 1 WA5 OOTA TOWMj 6PARROVJ HER5 ·' TeLLS ME X WOM OWE O x \ /Mi^croR RAFFLEO OFF/ I'D (5ATVAER. VOO'D ^ LUMCH- WASOM / -*JOE'S CHILI WILL J CLPSE Y£X)R MO6- TRiLS-«-8DT KEEP Y90R EARS OPSM AMD ,X'LL - SEMD 4 THE TURKEY OVER TO PAE OUT OUK WAT WELL,MAYBE THEV1 THINK. HE WEMT THRU UWPgR. IT OMCE--BUT NO, HE WOULPMT BE THAT SULKY.'NQ, THERE'S WO TIME TO THIWK.' CAN'T TH' FATHEAD'S TELL HE'S JIUST PICKISJ' UP A' PA»R OF CAUPEE'S OR. SL5MF"M? WHX IF CAUGHT IK1 TH* MACHINJE, IT WOULPW'T PULL Hlfvf OVER, CUZ IT TURNS- THE WTNUTE NEWSPAPER!

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