The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 6
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 6

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 6
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Cpimmnltif Veu^^ July 2fl. 1B59 KPP. 1, raitf- 0 Wisconsin Labor Laws Rated as Satisfactory Thirteenth report on a survey conducted by the Riiclne Manufacturers' Assn. With a few exceptions, Racine industrial leaders rate sation, local manufnclurers reported lower costs for unemployment compensation in their plarvts outside of Wisconsin.! Almost all manufacturers be- Wisconsin's labor laws as salis-i"«^'« J^^^ uncmploymont corn- factory, it was announced bviP''"s«^'«" /^^"""''T^"''' '''^""''^ the Racine Manufacturers' As-|."of. ^« rc\nxQd. sociation. This was revealed in Twcniy -throo believe they should be "ticbt- a report of a sub-committee ofi:;"^^" ""^ """'^P"- ^2 ^'^''1 '>;.f'y the association headed by Rob-i s*^""'^ kept as they are. Coast Guard to Celebrate Anniversary Day SevcrnI hundred kraut dinners will be dLshed up today before the 9th annual Kraut Festival ends. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hcbcrling .Sr., 78.17 Washington Ave., who visited crt W. Baird Jr.. of J. I. Case Co., which analyzed this sec tion of a community inventory! ni.nde by local manufacturers. The manufacturers were! un.inimous in their aRreement that the profession or occupational licensinR laws of the st;(tp do not restrict the most efficient use of engineering and technical manpower in their companies. The survey also showed that 94 per cent of the The Racine Const Guard sla- m.^nufacturcrs feel that other t'"" will hold an open house labor laws do not put theiriTuesday afternoon to cclebrHlo companies at a disadvantage in, 'he 169lh anniversary of thc; competing with employers in founding of the U. .S. Const! other states. Guard. These industrial leaders who Boat.swnin's Male 1/c Uob- p,Trticipated in the survey gave erf Lang, acting officer in' a high rating to thc administra- charge of llie station, .said tours tion of tiie Wisconsin work- of the installation and inspoi men's compensation program lion of boal.s would be bdd for and stated that these laws do the public between 1 and 5 in not hinder their competitive po- the afternoon. ; sition with companies outside, Coast Guardsmen first were i,y siiclley l- .Sleinekc 21 of the state. stationed in Racine in \H7^. \M2 Grand" Ave.. .Saturday The manufacturers, however, when the U. .S. Life .Saving Sla- ,vhile working at Ihe Alum-AI pomted out that their costs for tion eslabli.slied a station on Ihe i„y Cantmn Co J.TJI 18th .St workmen's compensation in (5 north bank of Root River, fast Poijce .said Sieineke was in-i out of M plants located in other of the Main .street bridge. The ji„.f,(| ^y),,,,, i,en,me st.ites were lower than costs in present station, at North Ricr, j„ ., JIP \^„^^ Wisconsin plants. was built in IHOl. Twelve Const „.,.,„^,, .„ ^ , j,„ j,'.,, A high regard was ex- Guardsnien are presently sta- ,f,|f,,,s(.(j pressed for the administration lioned there and at the reef of the state's unemployment lighthouse. i .SKVKRK hand and leg cuts compensation program with .I.") Although a pari of (he na wee siifffrcd by .lanie.s Major, out of 4,') Racine manufnclurers (ion's armed forces, the ('nasi 117, (,f <i2(i l.ockwood Ave., .Sal- stating it was fair and more Guard operates under the urday when be accnlciUaliy than this number reporting that Treasure Department except walked tlirougb a glass door at their appeals were decided im during warlinie, wlien it is a K.-icmf Labor Temple, 2100 partially. special branch of llu- Navy. It l .avnrd Avo. lie was tn-aled Slate Submarine Exercises in Lake Waters Off Racine Submarines will be exer-jone each at Detroit, Chicago cising off the cost of Racine;and Milwaukee, but are utilized between July .30 and Aug. 9. dockside trf^ning only, but you probably won't be able to see anything from the .shore. Operating with the submarines will be the USS Daniel A, .Toy, destroyer escort, and The USS Torsk and the USS | the USS Worland, USS Harve. Sablefish will serve as targets USS Ely, USS Farmington, USS to Naval Reserve Training ships; Lamar and the USS Portage, and to airplanes and crews of the Reserve antisubmarine squadrons at the Glenview Naval Air Station in the anti- patrol craft escorts. In local notices to mariners, the Coast Guard has announced that all ships should remain submarine warfare defense ex- clear of the areas during the ercises. 'times indicated. ChooM 2 Areas Two areas of 900 square! miles each have been selected' for the exercises and the sub-i sequent submerging and underwater maneuvering of .the| submarines. One area is oppo- the festival Saturday, were .served by Mrs. Anna Rleck- hoff, 17.11 N. Fanchcr Rd., and Mrs. Betty Bartel, of Franksvilie. City Briefs Sim- IN.FURY was suffered' As with workmen 's conipen- was founded in 17!)0. at SL Maiy's Hospital and re leased. Racine County 3d in State in Number of Attorneys Ing to a membership report of the State Bar of Wisconsin. The report lists 170 practlc- Stars and Stripes site the shorelines between Milwaukee and Kenosha and between Grand Haven and South Haven in Michigan. The second area is the waters of Lake Huron, just north of Saginaw Bay. Capt. E. A. Michel, USN, Deputy Chief of Staff for Naval Reserve, said the areas !were chosen because thc water is deep enough for safe underwater maneuvering and ithe lake bottoms are relatively free of sunken ships. Name Witlieril YGOP Cliairman Theodore F. Witheril, 100.1 Crab Tree Lane, has been named chairman of the Racine County Young Republicans, succeeding Warren G. Mieike, who resigned. Witheril, 22. has been active in Republican circles since in .')2. He served as vice chairman of the Racine Cunty YGOP befffre receiving the appointment as chairman. The new chairman also is currently serving as 1st Con, Capt. Michel .said the ,„h-8'-^^""""«'.^Kstnct YGOP chair!marines have been directed to 7" PubhcUy director maneuver when submerged not '^e W.sconsm YGOP. less than 20 fathoms, about 120 feet, in depth. Ttiplefs HoVe Caution Ships 1 1 r\ r\ 1 The specific time and datesV^'' U'UQy for the exercises are between S| „ . , . ,, r» i a.m. and 4:.30 p.m., July 28,' Racme s Daugh- Jn the Lake Huron area, and,^"''^"f^^ ^^"P'^^^ ^'^^^'^ :in the Lake Michigan area,|r«'^^^ D""^'^ ""^ (July .30 through Aug. f). The David. LAWN IMOWI.U was responsible for injuru's received Saturday by year-old Rueben CaUiermi, of ROH 9th St. The child was treated at St. Luke's Racine County has the thirdjing nllorney.s in Racine Couiuy, Hospital for a thumb cut after highest number of practicing,'hree judge.s and 10 inactive be laught his hand in a lawn attorneys in the state, accord-«' ''"'^ Six counties have more tlian 100 practicing att.nneys. M,l '^'^''^'•^ ^""h ^J!;!; ^ ,' ' Hansen, of ,4,U)(> 20th St., has wnukee. 2.2i:i; Dane County, ,-,.si>.ned from the department, .%9; Racine 170; Waukeshn, Sheriff Thomas K. Crowe an- 122; Rock, 118, and Brown. 10.'), nouMced Saturday. Hansen, a On the other end of Ihe scale, deputy sheriff for Tt\'i years. Florence and Burnett Countie.s said he planned to enter pri- Pfc. Wesley Van Martcr,!*^''^'^ ^^^'^ P'"'''nt-,vatc industry in Racine. son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van!'""'^^"'" ... , , . . ' association said there , , , , Marter Sr.. of 3418 1st Ave., ^..^ „ ,,„a, „f «,„^,„,,e.r.s resulted in face burns .Satur- _ , • # ^ . - . has completed a 30 day leave in the official organization of ^'i'V . f'"' f?| j c Inrirl ' f \1- f f fMl/Mir* ll %At ^ a a L r%^^ ^ in Racine. He has been as- lawyers and judges in \Kr^,.,\^l^-^]\^;}<^'y- M^^^^^^ OT X ^UflOUS IVIIIWQU KGCQHS Services Tuesday for Jorgensens .JounuU -TltiiP.H Phoinn Last year's Kraut Festival Queen, Dorothy Cooper. Route L Caledonia, held a ballot box so Mr. and Mrs. Victor (ioossens. Route 1, Franksvilie, and their family, Robin. .3, Vicky, 1, and Richard, 10, could cast their vote for one of 10 finalists for the title. Portraits of (he contestants were on hand to help festival patrons decide on a winner. F.XPLODINti can of ben ,^^Bound for Franksvilie Festival Ul signed to .San Diego, Calif., cousin, following a 15 month tour of| - — duty with the 1st Marine Divi-^ , . , sion on Okinawa. Van Marter AnaStaSia S KlH has completed 3 years Marlnei-^ Corps Service. DrowRs in Lake of Kikhorn. Sheriff's deputies said Anderson was heating, an unopeneil can of beans when the can exploded. Me was treated at Burlington Memorial Hospital. Army Pvt. Ronald C^ Hart,! foster .son of Mrs, Eva B. John son. 629 Augusta St., has com .:State Tot Drowns MONTICKLLO, N. Y.—(/l^)— A l()-ycar-old nephew of the notorious killer Albert Anas-> ^ 1 r \A/ I • tasia drowned .Saturday in n 'ln CrOCK OT YYater pleted the ma.sonry course at small lake while visiting his^ Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. He entered the Army in March. 1959. sister at a summer camp. to Get Lowdown on Kraut Crops A busload of curious Milwau-jbrussel sprouts, cauliflower.jvallcy and explore the river 'si keeans will drop in on the 9th rutabaga and turnip. iheadwalors and the Racine annual Franksvilie Kraut Fcs-j js a slow-growing biannual, harbor. tival today and at least a few Us life consists of rapid leaf! Incidentally, contest entering have VOWHHI they'd enter the j.,owih, rest period and blos-'at crop festivals is not new to kraut eating contest. jsom formation and finally a , while at the Sweet They are members of the,flower and seed development. ! ... , . c •„ pnVip Mll.WAUKKIv—f/P>—An ll-Mu.seums Group of the Wis-j Once was an unknown^'"'" Jiairie, Torsk and the Sablefish are the' '"f^"'' " first submarines to conduct ON- ^^nts of the nursery a St jercises with Reserve units on •^"''y •""""P''^' «" 'the Great Lakes. Three other ^l^f P^^P'-ff' l.submarines are permanently P!^«'/"»horitics sa.d Saturday '.stationed in the Great Lakes. "'R.^^ Verlin L. Daughenbaugh, of KWO Douglas Ave., was dis- 'charged from thc hospital Saturday but her husband, who entered the hospitii shortly Funeral services will be held f^'^'" J ^e triplets were born Tuesday at a Richland Center, '"^^ Tuesday, is still under Wi.s.. funeral home for Mr. and "•^['•"i^^^l f"'' « stomach di.s- Mrs. llolger .lorgensen. of "'^^[fj- ^ , , . 2921 i-i Bate St.. who were 1 he Daughenbaughs are killed in an auto accident near/'^*^ P^'-e"*^ daughters, Benton Harbor. Mich,. Thurs-''a"King in age from 3 to 18. day. Officiating at the services will be the Rev. Jerome Miller, pastor of Atonement Lutheran Church in Racine. The Jorgen­ sens had worked as caretakers at the church for the last three years. Jorgenscn, 61, and his wife, 53, were on a vacation trip when their auto collided head- on into a semi-trailer truck, five miles north of Benton Harbor. AS LITTLE AS $1.50 RENTS A TRUCK FOR ONE HOUR AND FIVE MILES DIAL 2.5103 MERCHANTS DELIVERY TRUCK RENTAL, Inc. 1215 Stat* St. The bov nlso nvnu'd Albert <^^'ontcnnial. Inc., de-scrawny plant on shores of !^i>i."iembers participated in the and completed basic training at ^^^^^^ ^1^^ ^^^^ Ge'rardo (lerrv) '^"y drowned Saturday in a educational bus Furope and chalk cliffs of Fng- ^"''i eating match, but lost out 19^,5 ^cSnte '^orWilH ;^n HO>^'''''^' '^^'^'"'^^^ ^ •^'•^•P»""" ^'-"^''^ stat'es"^ ^» experienced Sun Prairie lick High School. "'^-i was Terry Steininger,|''''''' Marine Pfc. Edward J. Busa row. son of Mr. and Mrs. .''J^^- '^""^ gshoremens un- iion, who died last December. The youth was rowing on; Once was wiped out as a contestants eager to win a He was Terry .Meminger,! .j-,^ ^ j ^ education director.'frop in Wisconsin by Cabbage|fccdcr pig. youngest of Ihe 1,1 children Walter Bubbcrl, of Milwaukee,! Yellows disease, but Dr. John Bubbert said his organization George Busarow. of 1302 RO- Brooklyn boy mayne Ave,, is serving aboard,'^- J"'*' "'^ "'"r inic with another"^ Stoin-'after consulting with Kraut ^I^^IIPS Walker, a native of Ra- is looking forward to highlights ' Thomas' Vega ^'"R*^''- jFcstival chairman, Fred J. i-''''>e and a professor of plant of the festival at Calcdonia-Mt. 'lost an'oar Waukesha County Coroner!'^'''fchen, Franksvilie. briefed P^^thology at the University of Plea.sant Memorial Park: the the attack aircraft carrier USS Albert jumped over to get Midway. The Midway and oth- h e c a m er ships of the U.S. 1st Fleet drowned, have completed a major exer- him, he saici. out Albert strug Waukesha County Coroner!'^'''fchen, Franksvilie. briefed pathology at the University of Plea.sant Memorial Park: the James Welch said the boy got!"^^'"^ cabbage as a crop so Wisconsin, developed Yellows kraut eating contest at 2 p.m. 'f. evlv.nJiei' .fn ""^ '^'^ plav|)en in the yardll'iey won't pull up stone cold "J'^p^se resistant cabbage. 'and the selection of the Festi" 'veV. t-i.' 1. """unnoticed and toddled toward'"" subject. He told them,' While on this trip, the group!val Queen at 5:30 p.m. Ten fi- h.t Aiinri ciruV garage whcrc the crock:f"'" that cabbage: ! will tour the Root Rivcr'nalists will vie for the title. •away or go under with him '"'^^ '"^ balance and foil in shaped, oval or conical. Navy Lt. Cmdr. George L.i . ' jwhile peering into the crock. Is related to kales, collards,; Ayers, husband of the former D^y RIHAC Trirurlo Miss Priscilla J. Bayer, of 1808• fCyC'e Rapids Dr„ is serving with the .mto Swim Pool, Dies jet transitional training unit at' the Naval Air Station, Olathe. Kan, The unit trains pilots In the transition from propeller driven aircraft to high performance jets. OXFORD, Pa. — (/l'> — A little boy pedalled his tricycle too close of the edge of his family's swimming pool and and drowned Saturday as his brothers and sister frolicked ^, „ ijust a short distance away. Chester Todd, seaman ap- ,^ ... ... prentice, son of Mr. and Mrs. ^ U was the second time Odell Browning, of 1232 Ra cine St., is .serving aboard the oiler USS Chemung. The Chemung and other units of the U.S. Lst Fleet have completed a major exercise off the California coast. Cadet Kenneth S. Horn, son of Mr. and Mrs, Irving Korn, of 1430 Munroe Ave,, is receiving six weeks of training at the Reserve Officer Training Corps summer camp at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Training is scheduled to be completed Friday. Korn is a 1956 graduate of Washington Parte High School and a student at Marquette Ur^veriity, in a month tragedy has struck the Taylor family. Mark Taylor, 2'/^, was found floating face down in the pool, his tricycle beneath the water. Just a month ago. his father. Dr. Lawrence H. Taylor, 35, died of a brain tumor. As Reported by St. Mary's HospH^l Mr, and Mrs, John Kllis, 2036 Racine St„ a son. July 25, Mr. and Mrs, Walter Tabert, FranKiville, « daughter, July 25, OLYMPIA SF PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Will Be Given Away At The RACINE JAYCEES ANNUAL CHICKEN DAY DINNER TODAY - LAKEVIEW PARK Joyceei and Immediote Families Not Eligible All Entries Must Be Deposited ot Lokeview Pork, Sundoy, July 26, 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. • Winner Will Be Published Wed., August 5th CUT OUT AND FILL IN LAST LINE I "The Purchase of Jaycee Broiled Chicken \ I /$ Money That's Really Well Spent I ', V The Food Is So Good It's Plate Lickin' 1 ~tFill In Thii Loif Line) • NAMI . . I ADDRESS PHONE — 1 See The Oiympio SF Portoble on Display At ACCURATE Office Mochines Co. 302 Sixth St. Dial ME 7.S629 The Rocine Junior Chomber of Commerce Annual CHICKEN DAY TODAY 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Big, Delicious Serving of Charcoal Broiled Chicken With All the Trimmings Adults $1.50 Children 75e TICKETS ON SALE AT PARK LAKEVIEW PARK (Next To The Zoo) lot Ai Tht Park or Take Out Orders All Proceed$ Will Be Used By Th« Rocine Joyceii To Help Sponsor The Following: March pt Dime* • Community Ch«t» Teen Age Tennit • Teen Age Golf Zoo Fiihing • Girl Scout Camp Mental Health • Safety Check Clean Up Week • Librory Week Teen Age Rodeo • Bicycle Rodeo • Send A Boy To Bodger State COME ONE! COME ALL! Borrow with Confidence FOR ANY SOUND PURPOSE • In additioti to moncy-.saving bank islw and lower monthly payments, FIRST NATIONAL offers the optional PROTECTED PAYMENT PLAN. This protective insurance pays monthly installments on loans after 30 days in of illness, accident or death. Get the facts from any FIRST NATIONAL officer. Confidential service. Compare Rotes Before You Borrow THE FIRST NATIONAL PLAN Amaunt 12 II 24 Monthly Monthly Monthly Financed Payment* Paymenti Paymenti $ 200 $17.9! $12.33 300 26.69 18.32 $14,14 500 44.26 30.32 23.34 1000 88.18 60.29 46.35 AND TnUWT •ANK Ml. Kll •«•••• •• tititti imiM, aiiiiii MtMit, •1*0111 utiuituci c*i>M>ti*» SERVICE • CO!^[V£lMENCE • SECURITY I

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