Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 6, 1965 · Page 10
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 10

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1965
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

CLOVtt Tlitifi., May 8, 1968 tVCEUM Af 7f40 ft 10:20 THRU SAT.U OPEN (JsSO P.M. i It* ^ IUf*itt»..Mk«M.fiim.kifMKWi * MnndliimiCiMirtF*. BONUS FEATURE AT 6:45 & 9:19 JACOBY CN BRIDfiE Three Ways Per Jump Overcall One bid that the modern ex- either Intermediate or pre-emp v.*i,iid iiiici iiicuiaic vi pic"cilljj" " * v * *-***«« uuu TTCOI. tnt?j Uali live and recommend the inter- ma ' te tnre e hearts or three mediate style for general use. clubs but the two snadp HH of. In this style the single jump overcall shows a sound opening bid with six to eight playing bid with six to eight playing call but isn't strong enough to tricks in the case of a two-level bid three hearts. SIIOWTIMES 1:30, S:28, 5:26, 7.34, 9:23 ANT NUMBER but it's better with just two! AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL STMW FRANKIE AVALON • ANNtTIE FUNICELLO • DEBORAH WAI1EY • HARVEY LEMBECK JOHN ASHLEY-IODY McCREA-OOlA LOREN-MARIA KRISB-UNOA EVANS BOBBI SHAW • DON ROLES • PAOl LYNDE BUSIER KEAIfll • 'WG aror mum IJKI i HI !i»«s!ii muiu um i»«a"i. ncnuii i nun; tiiin UTMM turn ^ — •— « uiii t_v> ll*~Ul t bid after a single raise by part-, ner. He can't afford to try a three heart bid all by himself. South buys the hand at two spades. He tries the trump finesse in an effort to make three but the finesse fails and he jusi makes his contract. jump and seven to eight in the case of a three-level jump. In using this bid it is most important to bear in mind that the single jump overcall is a strong, but limited bid. It should never be made with nine playing tricks or with a flexible hand. South's two spade bid Is a perfect example of this inter- Q— TKf Wddtoi b«« been: North But Sratb West IV Tan 2V Pus 3+ Pass T You, South, hold: 4KJ876 VQJS 474» 4K4 What do you. do? A—Bid thre» beute. Ten have Jnt tha Imt Wi better TODAT8 QUESTION Again your pvtoer o one heart What do 700 do with: *KJ8T« VQJ* »K74 454 mediate bid. He expects to take J seven tricks in his own hand and may take eight if he can pick up the spade king. The bid gives North no prob- — — -~ — -*" c ulu gives norm no proo- perts have three ways of play, lem at all. He has one trick ing is the single jump overcall. for his partner and since eight Some play it as pre-emptive, plus one equals nine there i s no others as very strong and the worry about missing a game rest as intermediate. I play it As for East and West they can ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Second Lieutenant Harold P. Kelso, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Kelso, Bovina, Tex., has completed fl nine-week ordnance officer basic course at the Army Ordnance Center and School, Aberdeen Proving Ground. Md. During the course Lieutenant Kelso received instruction in the duties and responsibilities of an Army ordnance officer and was trained in supplying and main- Men In The Service a double or a one spade over- East could find a three heartl **\n*.i ' . -. is a 1965 graduate of the Reserve Officer Training Corps from West Texas State University. Canyon. The 23-year-old officer is a 1959 graduate of Bovina High School. FORT EUSTTS, Va. - P v t. Larry S. Cockrell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wade Cockrell, 261 Elm St., Santa Rosa, has completed a transportation supply and parts specialist course at the Army Transportation School, Fort Eustis, Va. During the six-week course Cockrell was trained to receive, issue and store supplies and equipment used by the Transportation Corps. The 22-year-old soldier entered the Army last December and completed basic training at Fort State Solans Support Appropriation WASHINGTON (UPn— TI <; Reps. E. S. Johnny Walker ,nd He W3S ^ raduated ln 1%2 Thc Iandine Thomas G. Morris New M e vTrn! from Santa Rosa High SchooL stren ?'^ n th Democrat exSod Lf^° VII CORPS, Germany-Tom-,Expeditionary Polk, La. He was graduated in 1962 nett, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Bennett of West Star Route, Portales, are serving aboard the guided missile cruiser USS Galveston, taking part in the U S. First Fleet training operation "Tee Shot" conducted off the coast of Southern California. Operation "Tee Shot" was designed to increase the readiness of First Fleet units in strike, His wife, Marian, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George H. McCormick of 1915 "S" Street, Washington, B.C. IN MARINE LANDINGS USS VANCOUVER - Com- missaryman Third Class Jimmie L. Armstrong, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Arm- vis has begun nine weeks of Navy basic training at the tr <5 ' In the first weeks of his naval serv ce he will study m m. tary subjects and live and work under conditions s j m j] ar to those he will encounter on his fit*!** «« U i *x r.~. _ J t • .. . « * < 0 strong of 400 Hickory, Clovis. i first ship or at his first shno 1<! SPrvint* nhnnl-H tho omr,V,i. ; c-lnH n * BIIUIB aboard amphi , . anti-aircraft and anti-submarine i bious transport dock USS Van-; ' warfare one L4 I 1 V- 1 1*1 l C4IIU CIIH-l~t.1KI.MIICllllll.~l " ~ f ••••«• u •.' *- it ^' l/i J i t» I 1 | Y . . fare. Twenty surface ships, i cn «ve, which participated in the' .'!'' niakl "g the transition from submarine and several Na-jMarine- landings at Da Nang {civilian to sailor he will be val air units of the Pacific fleet Snuf 'i v 'et Nam during j j, e jiati!?ht and supervised by ex- participated in the exercise. week of April 12. The landings f>x Penenced Navy petty O f'fl. The Galveston. the first ship were followed by a Jour-day f^; They will teach him the of her type, has missiles as her main armament. Also participating in the operation was Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare Technician Air- operation in the Hue-Phu Bal area, 40 mi5es north of Da! wp " \r The operation was the f I r s t j demonstration of the of seamanship as as survival techniques, |military drill and other basic ! subjects. On completion of his recruit marine wanare lecnnician Air- demonstration of the unique! • . ""'i'"- 11 "" »" "is recruit man Charles L. Hahn, I'SN. son|multiplc capabilities of an am- nin , wil1 be assi *ned to of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil W. Hahn.inhibinus transport" 'dock "in "ac- |n sclino! - shorp station or ship, ' ' ' ~- ' -'- - ••--'•• • - •• • •i.v.n-Hinrr ( 0 Ijjp rosi ,]| s OS h I * classification tests, h j 3 of Route 1, Portales. servingiiual amphibious assault opera- • i • •-. j _ » r* _ _ _ t t f\ . , . . . ... ' I with Patrol Squadron 48. tions in the \Vp«forn Pacif j r IN DA NANG jand South China Son areas. The USS LENAWEE — Sea m a n. Vancouver is the second of thi' Krnest Mares, USN, son of Mr. | newest class of amphibious and Mrs. Max Mares of Fort.ships. Sumner. is serving aboard the! attack transport USS Lonawce.i which landed Marines in t he-man Recruit Phi second U. S landing at Da rs\, so- O f \j r and Mr? f Nang, Republic of Viet Nam.'n. Miller of y.M Wallace and first landings at II u e-, — - I'hu Bai, which were complet- n\vn desires and the needs Xavv. of TMSir TRAIMNT, SA\ DIEGO. CAI.IF. - Sea- SASSER Wear I.KVI. i.r:r. morns AM) \VK\N<;i.K|{ s s 811 MAIN Democrat expressed port Tuesdav for rnnHpnt- • Johnson's $700 million sunnl! ! Mrs ' Frank IX Culberth - 921 mental appropriation to finance 14th ' C1V ' * military action in Viet Nam j UV.MUU lu VJCL J\dm. . Walker and Morris announced 2cl Battalion of the 28th Artil- their approval following an hour lery in Germany, and one-half briefing to mem- Specialist Culberth entered eel recently. The landings are intended to the Ninth Mar i n e .. _.. _..., , . _ Brigade gtiard- D. Culberth. son of Mr. and ing Da Nanc air hasp and to strengthen the security in Ilu*'. , Phu Bai, 40 milt 1 ? north of specialist five March 22. while i Da Nangp. serving as a cook in Batten- A. The landings differed from usual amphibious landings SllllHTIMF FONDA fir „ ..^ i«u*A wii^lliJ^ IU JIlClIl" OJ/t'VIClil>L V> Ull/V 1 Ul *-»«*•»-«'-*•• | li- II 1IJ I" If bers of the House Armed Ser- the Army in March 1963 andjsong Hiu X7t POO ni^rl Av\*«**^«>^«l_i! ^> t . i j i 1 I — i__l..l«. r « «i TJ*n ^4 It i Landing craft had to transit the 12-mile restricted passnce of the vices and Appropriations Committees. Walker is a member of the Armed Services Committee while Morris holds down a chair on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Morris said he thought it was time "the Congress starts completed basic training at Fort loading ramps river reach un- Ord. Calif. The 21-year-old soldier attended Clovis High School. FIRST MARINE BRIGADEJL. Bnrron. son"o'f'"Mr. and IV HAWAII SCHOKFILKD B VRRACK.S HAWAII — Army Pvt. jn rrv TlinrHl.l! t n i 'A BEACHCOMBER'S ADVENTURE Mrs ' southeast Asia. AT SEA — Marine First Lieu-:R 0 uH r, Barron. Hnulp 1. P,<v son vina. Tex, was assicnod April Sinclair 19 tf) (he 2 5th Infantry I >'••,•;• °f ^ 1C sion at Schocfiled Barrack-; Miss Barbara A. Evetts Hawaii. n;,;;, Infar DORIS *" ' GflRrMER CV, m pnr,v !'.*V» Hi propriations wouid'c x p'e'dYt'e |'? les ' * s ^?* ^! h . j America's war effort/ against M™ ^ngade. which the Viet Cong "Mmsi ( j ( , partpc i , ts nome base in Hawaii for duty in the Far East. >(»vr'riit>«"- additional monies because"the ; J 1 ^ , l i rl ?' ade r" ?*? "S X h:is:c tra<i US "has to be firm' it participate in the ^ a .^ committment In Viet Nam and\\ Vest , Cl ? ast Na% L,' M ? rln .? Fort Sam diju (- or p s - ^xercise Silver Lance T h( , ^2 • in late F'ebniary, but was can- jr^ cr ~^ celled out when the international School situation in the Far East .\\V\RDF.D MKD\L USE NEW^JOURXAL WANT ADS FOB FAST RESULTS Lesle CATON WE GIVE GUNN BROS Free Delivery before 10 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. CALL 763-7533 ALEXANDER J £85 SSSW 1 MORE1 OPEN WEEKDAYS 7 A.M.; OPEN SAT. 7:00 A.M. CLOSE 8:00 P.BL FRYERS Su'ift Premium t'SDA Grade A Lb. Rollins 29c 89c 79c 89c 69c Souse. Plrkle I^.af. Unlouna, Olive Loaf. Liver Loaf, Spice Lunch LUNCH MEAT Arm6 T ^, 4 s $1 w *•"•• * "f*^t • •• • n ^r " ROUND STEAK or Zb^?± e .. s ± in T-BONE STEAK u GROUND BEEF DIEC rlE^ FROZEN FOODS Johnsons Apple, Cherry, or Pineapple 36 oz. Pie ...................... ;.. ThrtHy iihurfine 10 o*. Pkgs 2 2 STRAWBERRIES ORANGE JUICE CATFISH 7H Pks PATIO DINNERS ICE CREAM ^ G yd i£T?T u *.?!^?.?! kd 79c 75c 45c 39c 55c " £%££* ICE CREAM 49e Til MA Shuiiine I **I^M (i o/.. Cans .. BREEZE dam size COOKIES T S ORANGE DRINK Val Vita No. 2^ Cans PEACHES FRUIT COCKTAIL GREEN BEANS CORN Kounty Kist 303 Cans Kist 12 oz. Can* Dale Cut 303 Cans 2°49c 65c 49e 2:S9e 2°4Se 2H3e 2 i 33e 2s33c 2:29e VEGETABLES LETTUCE Cello Pkgs. TOMATOES SQUASH POTATOES Nice Medium Size Ptnk Lb Nice Yellow ..., Ojlorado Red MeClure 12c 2°19c 23c iu 21c Fresh I^ocal Grade A Med. 3 Doz. Jl Grade A SPRAY STARCH L'asy On '^- 02. Can 59c 2c'i,$l.47 TISSUE Northern 4 rolli 33C CAKE MIXES 'Si S" 2 j 65e INSTANT TEA "K. ^^.^, m Jar We Mil V Pet or ' o mibl\ Carnation & SHORTENING ,*.». 3* 25 Shurfine lOLbs. 79c Bake Rite can 6/C ,* $1.83 CANE SUGAR 10 Ib. 6 Bonie Canon Plus Deposit Cans Nabisco 1 Lb. Box 30c ., SALAD DRESSING VIENNA SAUSAGE PORK & BEANS V XSS CRACKERS SPAGHETTI COFFEE FLOOR WAX FUDGE 98e 39c 49e 75c 25c 59c 2!33e 4 2 . box Johnson 14 oz. Can $1.39 $1.19 changed. The First Marine Brigade la N'AH\. Okinawa - fapt ,1 ! D.iylp [) O-d,>n. son of \\; ; , r of ' one of our country's unique fight- ! M rs v F ing units. It is the only known r , nvi( . N ^ hn<; , ( combat unit in the world in ^ th(> r s ^,, which air and ground elements M ,, ()a ; 3l N . l( , a ' An live and train together under the f-,^., ',„ (,"i'^' ' same roof, and is under the con- ' cu] ^ "^ ^.^ trol of a single tactical com-; for m', r ,, nr; , ;J , , cn . ARUNE FRANCIS 'TRTrten Goose — Trevon Howaro TEO-«N KT. OL-O« *'> }{ mander. . USS RANDOLPH - Seaman 'a' John I. Moore, USN, son of Mrs u' Era Warren of Route 1, : x »' a is participating in training aboard the Atlantic Fleet antisubmarine warfare support aircraft carrier USS Randolph at Guantanamo Bav, Cuba Numerous drills and exercises are boing held aboard the ship during the six weeks training in which all crewmembers must participate. These drills Include general quarters, fire drills, man-ovor- boani drills, engineering casualty drills, and many others. The Randlopb, normally operating out of Norfolk. Va , recently completed a major overhaul at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard The ship is scheduled to complete her training exercises and return to Norfolk in April OKINAWA - Marine Corporal Joseph R. Rael, son of Mr and Mrs. Joe G. Rael of 1212 West St.. Clovis, a member of the , Third Battalion, First Marine Regiment of the First Marine Division, completed advanced combat training with his battalion in March. The training was in prepara- tlon for his unit's transplace- ment overseas to the Third Marine Division on Okinawa. I Entire battalions in the trans- placement system move as units from California to the Far Fast as part of a continuous training i and replacement cycle i While in the Orient, the bat- 1 talion will undergo mountain- warfare and cold weather training in Japan counter-insurgency warfare training on Okinawa and in the Republic of the Phil-' ippines and take part in amphibious operations throughout the Western Pacific. After approximately 13 months in the Far East, the battalion 1 wffl return to Camp Pendelton' for advanced mountain, desert and amphibious training exercises OPERATION TEE SHOT Electrician's Mate Third Class Edward Randall USN. son of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Randall of Fort Sumner and Machinist's Mate Fireman Richard A. Beo- ,, , ..,,/' . - IlS *-' s ln l " ^^ ,f 7 v 7 , ( ccivcd ))-.x the avia'i'.in cade VHI^V*Mi^^DPH^B^^^H^^B^^^^^M^M OUVUdtHAVlLUND 20 A CAR Poor Boys Butcher Shop Adams — Gabe Parson — 801 Prince — 762-2510 Grade 'A' FRYER BREAST Lb 49c Hickory Smokfd Sliced BACON SQUARES 4 1.00 Fresh Frvers THIGHS or LEGS f 39c Grade A' FRYER WISHBONES., 69c Hickory Smoked HAM HOCKS u, I9c Frvers WINGS 8 NECKS 5 -.1.00 11 ROUND STEAK"""' 69* CHUCK ROAST r"IZ Tfce Cottoqt WEBVINO "THB wWr« UKUT VttllCO FAMILY STYLE STEAK RIB STEAKS Choice Beef Lb 10 $ Oriut to i* Ml I 4*»ort*d 1 ICOLDCUTS

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