The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 13, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 4
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PAKIS , JULY IS, 1*34 Oklahoma College Youth, Wanted In Campus Death, Is Hunted In Texas _ T • staying at. s. 3>elta TJpsilos frater- \ Boy Reported Seen In : ail ^. v o: , se . | Scattered Sec- ; "Rice Institute says there is no | £• £. *U T^^-^c '• E>«i^ Upsilon fraternity bouse \ s ofouth Texas i here ., , i A voiith answerias Myers* <Ie- i HOrSTON, {^.— Podce recexveo | tcription ned ^1.0 the woods east] froni scattered sections oi j o # town, about 11 t-- m. when | South Texas Friday concerning • s-. e p>;eiiso2 gave chase 10 a car ' the whereabouts of Neal .Myers, ; ^es^ing an Oklahoma license plate [ -22-year-cl<i University of Okla- , vv ii er . Ee thought rhe driver was homa pharmacy student. sousrut : ac ::i:s suspiciously. for^oniES in con^eciios vruh ; 1= 64UO block o , Haskell Young Killer Meets Death Calmly In Lethal Chamber ...^^ t - ne yourh jumped from the ' Orficeis the * of Ms..:an M:i.*. co-ed. ^j.^ i&miis &*& z'arning sr veral up a s-earcb for , soin ersault<, ar:d disappeared in; \\"eanesda;.- ziigsz, I »>, e thicke:. ; n a youth answerins ci? ce- \ - i sci*r2ie>= abandonee a car here- to ; XOK _ >!A:V:) Okla _, c.^-— Authori- : eiuSe- J- H. Siepaenson. speoa,, .. es ia tjsis coKese .town, anxious Tesaa rs^i^er. ; , 0 Q Ues -i O2 Xeal Myers. missing; Tb* c£-r was later identifier at : ^niversiiy of Okls-fconia pharmacy : beloiifei'S *° ^-- &' S. -vlyer-;. 01 £ r u aen: aboui the sudden death o; Jil Kti.c, Okla.. father of the rrJsi-- • ir £r ; an Mills, c-ampus beauty ins stucenz.. A iou^d in : ^ ue e r _ considered Friday ;he ycs- car cor.ia:ned a Greek iraier- i jji^Iity ths.t the youth might at- niry pin bearing: rbe na":£ of Ksa.1 1 ze:n p ; to board a Gulf of Mexico ilyers and other articles iceiimy- [ fT-^jehter. Kg youns: Myers as tie ow-er. | ^^^ & , Galvesion Te ^ ^ tre Defective Captain George -£*->*-! asked to watch freight docks alier ion said ti-.a: one report ir.aie.^ri ; young: Myers had abandoned his you-ig 2>Iyers left Houston ;or ^an ; : ^r-ior car and personal belongings Antonio and another teat he was • ^ Housto-: earlj- Thursday. The Day's Dial THE »A\~S All Ho^rs Central Standard Time t?:00 CBS Mary Eastman. orch.: KSC Countess Albani, orch. 5;30 CBS Court of Human Relations; NBC Public Affairs, headed cire-tly for Mexico. Coan?y Attor ^ ey PaTll ^ c Southern Pacific ^ crosJen:; l ?ointed ollt t >, ai Houston ia on tola Captain Peyton ne ' the shortest route to the sulf port. izESt a youth. ans^-erin? llyers " 5 O far as authorities could learn. 5escriptioi3 on the outskirts c-f J t ?, e young tnazi had no close Eouston about T:SG a., m. Thuis- | fr-ietids i^ t^iat part of Texas tvith day and that the young rr^a said; tv-v.3^ ^e mi£:ht have sought ref- he Tvas headed for Sa^ An:oni<-. • U£:e _ He said the youth, had a c:it on ills rig:h-t arm and his trousers =c _ „_,,,, r , = v . Lr , aT ,,,,_^. v •ssrere torn as if in a fall. j norC~but I "will if" I *"do It A deputy sheriff in Bay City ; - o co i{i the boy," said the Cleve- telephonec police savins a youth; i^^/i county prosecutor. Post Ee believed to b-e !Mj.~ers stopped . rr;/-,--t^rn ^incises 'n the "0-vear- in a Bay City barber shop for a, o ]£ beauty's death -were expected shave arc told the barber he -vras ; f rC m r>r. Hugh G. Jeter.. of the en rotate to Z-.Texico. ; university medical school, either •"•The b-arb-er said that the cus- ! Saturday or jlonday. toner -nras so nervous he cculd ; Although Airs. Hazel Brovra. -nardiy sfcave him/' said the dep-; fraternity house eook^ said the uty. : grirl's" ceath at the Brcrwn apart- Police got a ior.g distance cali; 23 ^- 7 Tuesday folio-cred. a day strd. from Sr. Myers, the missins: ETC- •'• a " 3a - 1 ' of imbibing a quack re.tneJy cen.t."s father. Soctcr Myers asked j to prevent motherhood, Cp i^^rcifi 'tfce officers to broadcast an as-" : h ^ e/pressed, doubt that the rent- peal from him TO his son to sur- ! ^y zlons couJd have been fatal. . render. ! ^~ : : : ~ Captain Pevton also S ot tw EMBERSON CHURCH *lres from Sheriti %v. TT. Jen- CAULS WALTERS ninsrs of Isormar^ <_>.£.la.. aavtsisg:. Isira oia moves that rnisht be raade - _,,_„,_,__,,_ ^, _ _ _, _ •_ _~ ;.__•-_ ^7 .._,. „ • £-iiS=.Hi;ON. — He-. 2v. i,. b.v Myers-^ -in one. snernt^^en- Wa t- trs of po^derly has been call- _ . £d I.O illi t-H€ "VSCfi-iiC'V C£.I*SG-C. D^•that Myers womc try to :eave ; ^^s^^-s,^,^^ o f t >, e r> €V . Leslie .Soasfcon oa a treichter. ; Eraks of Brookstca as "pastor.""*" Tlse other -ssras Myers migrht be i Bruce r>ocson and George Scott •;—.. .^ i ~. .. ; ivent Wednesday to Oklahoma for THE I>OTS ON SUREBEST SUCED BREAD Orj-e d«t is 3Ioscay"s Bread, two. Tuesday's, etc. It ;s aJ- •vravs iresh. - and Mrs. I^evy Aulgur of Paris visited Mr?. G. M. Cole Treek.. Tc-rr: T.^richt -=ras called, to De- ,;BE WrSST 8UV \VJSE AND ECONOMIZE AT TEA 1 CELERY Larg-s 5UU, Each . .,.. 13 IMPERIAL SUGAR GLUT i 57 Pondered or Brown Pkjrs. for SOUVENIR FREE APPLE VINEGAR Gallon 23 IVORY SOAP S Mediym Size . ^7^ C?'5tT^$ •* *• * « »'*'»,****»**** ^BR v 7:00 CBS Seyraour orch.: NBC Phil Harris" orcn. 7:3<? CBS Johnny Green. "In :h* Modern Manner:" NBC Phil Baker's Revue. S:t>0 CBS Crumit, Sanderson. StoQpnagte, and B^dc; XBC First Xighter. dran-ia, S:SO X3C Jack. Benny, comedian, orch. S:45 CBS Carlile an-d Ix>ndon. 9:00 CBS Edith Murray, songs; NBC Amos *n" Andy. ?:15 CBS Xe^'S- followed by Isham Jones' orcb.; XBC Gene and Gleni; as "Jake and I^ena." S:30 CBS Jones* Orcb.: NBC Vincent LfOpez's orcn. 9:45 NBC One Man's Family, drama. 10:69 CBS ^"rry Sosnick's orch,: NBC Buddy Holers' orch. 10:30 CBS Charles Barnet's orch.; NBC Ted Black's orch. 21:fiO CBS Jack Russell's orch.: NBC Clyde L/ucas' orch. CBS S rCS.IjT>. Dallas ........ ---- . --- 1.0 1OSOX. SL Ix>tri3 ___ , ___ . ____ ;.e BjI. Chicago ............. 7T ArDIBUE >TBC STATIONS allas ..........'. ..... S0 V-BAP. FC T^ortb ........... SO- STATE PRISON. FLORENCE, riz-.i.^—George J. Shaughnessy. Navy to Add Ships, Tars Move Is Started to Bring Navy Up to Treaty Strength 1334. by .Xssociated Press-i MARKETS At A Glance .Ffcasar mJiQ Glfcrmltu Hoi*i WASHINGTON. toward treaty strength, by 1>42. the navy has adopted a. plan calling for 5,500 more enlisted men and ihe laying down of 1» new ships in the fiscal year ending June 30. 19^£- i *>*«,« , , -„ , ,^ ^ i This -'operating force" plan 19-year-old killer from Albany. K. \ ^ ?ive -he navy SS.OOO men' ^ i*-. was executed at -J:5» a. m. Fri- j ^ compared" ivith S2.50* during! July day in the lethal gas chamber of f the pre sent vear. The new ships i **i*, the state prison. i would include 12 destroyers ofj 1 ^: convicted of the j 1,500 tons each, two heavy <Je-|J«ty stroyers and five submarines. j ^^~ A high navy official said the £>iii:dirs§ program is "being point- XEW XOKJK COMON Pr*v. dose i±i«h. lx»v Cloae Jan. ........... 12.97 13.2S 13.05 13.2S Mau-cli ........ 13.0* 13.35 23.13 13.31 May ..... .....IS II 13.4: 15.20 Juiy .... ..... % 12.64 12.33 1T.74 Oct. .... ...... 12.7S 13,19 1± S7 J}*c. ___ ...... .11.94 13.25 13-02 13.33 12.S3 13.0S 13*2 ORJUCAXS COTTON *rex-. Cios* HJsh I^>w 12.SS 13.=$ 13,05. 1S.04 13.35 13.13 1311 13.41 13.20 12,5$ 1S.3* 12.SS 1^77 13.93 12JS3 1±.5* 13.24 It.SS Close Is.zl 12.S4 13.0* 13 IS CHICAGO GKATS !*r*v. Clos* High Low Close Case At Hugo Is Dismissed killing a year ago of L>on Blankea- ship in a holdup, raet death calmly- K.e walked without a show of emotion for the fatal fumes, which were released at 4:56 a, m- Three! minutes later he was pronounced | dead at his body convulsed, J A moment before he entered j the chamber, walking with the ; toward a future plan of lay- Oil July By*— s?pt_ ... faced Warden A. G. Walker. "I I love you; God b'ess you." he said i to the around 15 ships—regularly each year. This number will take care of obsolescence and pro- j HO~ vide necessary replacements even | io:,2 * i?*^r4vb of battleships. The cost, is « mated at around $S5.009_000 year. ] Gradually, this goal is being ap- i preached. Thirty-two ships -were \ ~-^2 ^2^i per cent. rarjKi iSi —~ ; bonds. 101.S" Everett Holland Freed of Manslaughter Charge For Burked Death HUGO, Okla.—Kverett Holland charge-*! with manslaughter in "the. death of James Burke, aged farmer xyas release^ Thursday afternoon aft«r preliminary hearing: before T. -TV. Hunter, county judge, who found the evidence that of unintentional and justifiable homicide. Holland was charged wita manslaughter in the first degree, when a fist fi^ht June 28 resulted in Burke's death. S9 * i Testimony showed Burke, had 59 - -i | been drinking before he accosted s^4: j and threatened Holland near The * ; latter's home. Evidence given was that Holland attempted to avoid the encounter but finally struck the older roan several rimes with his fist, and knocked him down. Efforts to revive Burke failed. a«d examination showed he was dead. Dr. G. B. Harris who made the bomls PLAY CHAPEL SATURDAY **-id the blovts would not hive" cauwtd ^«*th. ' *xcept from poesibie shock to th« JMied man from, a blow- over the heart* as there was no skull fracture nor any which would have been fatal. DROUTH DAMAGES CROPS AT LINDEN LINDEN. — All crops have cut short here by thft continued drouth, and most gardens hav« been burned up. Pastures have dried also and stock i* breaking into the fields. Sex*eral people are hauling: -prater for driakiny purposes and the supply for stock is low. Mrs. Roy Baxter Is ill at her home here- Several landen people attended the sing:ins at Mt. Olive Sunday- Mr- and Mrs. TV. B. Powell of Cunningbazn spent last \ireek •with Msr. PoweH*s father. Theo Slusher. THE 1>OTS ON SUREBEST SLICED BREAD One dot is Monday's Bread, two Tuesday's, etc. It la always fresh. jsy outwardly became light-hearted in the last few hours before the execution. He sang songs to the tune of an accoraion played by . VVIli be Iaid acwn ""* Jea f' : The P«>S^m depends, of course. | °^ whaz a«m«y congress provides. ; Budget estimates of the cost of ; PAIGE'S CH-3JPEL. — The youns J>eop!e of th!s COmtnun i tv wiu pre . sent lfa ^ play> .. A po&r Married ni&s . J-uly 14 at Douglass, the only other i the IS 36 program have not been | ,. he c jj urc h, V. small admittance! i occupant of death row, Douglass \ prepared, I is- under sentence to die on August j i 31 for the killing of a prespecior. • The youth smoked several j cigars, drank ginger ale. and : chatted almost grayly with a young 1 couple who came to the prison and | stayed, with him almost until dawn 1 They refused to say who they | were. | I Shortlv before he entered tiie j ^ ! death chamber he turned to sev*- | ton. is a. patient at the Sanitarium charge to be made. PERSONALS Mrs. George Carloclc of Honey Grove was ia Paris Thursday. t Kerr. of Brooks- •; BOY BREAKS WRIST j Billy Joe, eight year old son of i ilr. and Mrs. Arthur Gibson of j Honey Grove was brought to the * Sanitarium of Paris Thursday eve- 1 nicg. having fractured hts wrist I in a fall. Later, he was able to return home. i era! newspaper men and said: | "Some times I think God picked. I me out 10 make this mistake so I osier kids could profit by my ) sacrifices. If they don't heed my ; warning they wilt be in here just I After the execution his body 1 was taken to Casa Grande, near I here, for burial. I of Paris. I her grandparents, Mr. and ilrs, W. n at Corsicanau Verse Book I Chamness Is IsPubMshed Glub Talker i Mrs. !>:ck Hopper, of the 1-a- = ~~ | i zna.r Koad. is at the St. Joseph \ Mrs, ileivin Qdoia or Dallas is f i hospital for treatment. { visiting her mother, Mrs- I^illie j I i Hatcher. 157 South Fifteenth j j iliss Marie Ami* left Friday j street. j } morning for a visit in Shawnee, { — ; • Okla 1 Miss Paulise Allen who usder- • i I went an operation three weeks ago, { I Miss Estelle Martin has return- I continues to improve at her home. { I ed home from Fort Worth where j ss Graham street. j j she attended the «imra«r session i - -•-~ | ' . T C TJ " • Albert Lee Hartley, of I^adoaia, j | * " " j who has been a patient at the { 1 Mrs. Fiaak Harvey aad son.. Jo«. j Saaiiarium^of Paris, returned to | It's pl*m £o m* A$ A B G TTi*t it is wise •cooomy Blu* Rib&on'j B*$t By *Y»ry test TK«r«*t really no malt «w«!l*r And oth*rwts« ft fcak«t th« prfz* Por flavor, text* and quality That** way STs y«t, Pi*as« don't forg*t Th§ Qdtion** biggest **ll«r AMERICAN BIGGEST SELLER of Jefferson are weeks with Mr, and Mrs. S Reed.. 251 Grove street. two . O. e Tnursday. "Shawl of Song." a book of %'erse bj- Grace !Dupree S-idines, just publishecl by tse 5L£jeidogrra.pb, press of Emilias is of speczs.1 iater- esi to Paris people, the author being the wife of Dr. A- I>- Sidings of Shenrsazi acd mother of Mrs. Clarence Miller of "Washington,. formerly of the Paris junior college faculty. Mrs, Ridings is state poet laureate o* trie United Daughters of the Confederacy. O^e of tiie verses in the book, "Amursn. Com^s to the lied River Valley" has been set to music and \vas z'irst sung "by Mrs. Hayle Barr ms^i^rs. Paris poetry society. Sererai cf the poems have been i<ublished in verse magazines, newspapers and other periodicals. A variety of poetic ferms is represented ai;c like most first books vf verse, the Tans'*; of subjects is Mature pc-ems predominate rather t_ha.n those os emotional themes, :. hotiErh the latter are well repre- rented. A r-zmber reflect sentiment for Texas, particularly the Red r*o^rr-.s of place, recc-IItEg foreign There is a homely touch to saany cf the verses •svnieh sins: of n^'-^'n- fic-si-ers and birds, the eye of the poet forever seekirrg beauty in everyday things. Imagery such a.s cal: The leafless tree Is a be&j "^Vith h.aa For And the empty s- It holds today Are thotig-hts ol y&uts IjO'ns dead. The ephemera! quality evidenced in "S'lver asd Gold" is also seer, in SOTTIS of the longer poeca*: • yf^f* sro^c, s* 1 *"*^#* ^', are silver at A. S- Cha-maess. delegate from | the Paris Rotary club to the So- • ts.ry Jnternatiorial convention in j Detroit, liel-d last a*£>r.tii. was tb_£ I speaker at the regular Rotary; nieeting Friday noon. 31r, Chan?,-1 ness ^ave a detailed report of-the! convention activities to the club j members, and told many of the • bad as well as the good points of the convention. i Mrs, Jean Norsian, in charare of the musical part of the program. ; ; presented Miss Mary Dorothy Kuy' *ce"^d£.*i w "^ o cr ave severs-! r^.3.ri~ ; Ings, one of -which "siraE particular- ; :' lv entertaining' Tvhen she inter: preted the thouslits and a^tiori^. of : a small baby. Duncar; Taornpson, young saxaphone player g-ave two > very deffchtfu! nurnbers. accorn- • ; panfefi by Mr^. Jean Norman, ; : President Jess DeShon™ calied : s. Tr.eecing of th-e board of direct- ; • or? fof]o-A-in,r the program. XVa.iter | Hicks, city engineer ^-as a Ernest, : i an -K-ere the following visiting- Ro- ] i jarians, Rayniorid Xeal of Hugo, j • J, H. Hodsres of Sulphur. 'Okla- ; i iioma and Geo. G- G:Ilen of "Wich- ' : ita. Kansas. Miss Ruth Carsill of Fort Worth is spending her vacation with her uncle a.i>d aunt, Mr. «.nd Mrs. FO. Reed, 2 SI Grove street. jl .Patford. Tviio on several -sreeks ago, is reported to be rapidly improvia^ aiid 'will be up soon. Mrs. Gordon Graat of Torn. Ok^ retariied to her home Thursday. after* having- been a patient at the SanltariiiER of Paris. The condition of Hoy Du.naca.r. wno has been critically ill at the Sanitarium of Paris Tor several days, is reported to i>« unimprov- Mrs. Allen DeBerry and children ; of Austin are here for a visit ^ith [| Mrs, DeSerry's motaer, Mrs. M. 1^ j gc. and her sister, Mrs, Stisis | Blair, oa Pine Bluft street. '• LETTUCE 2 Head. 9c ORANGES LEMONS Sixc. Dox. I-amera I>ayton, daughter of Mr. j and Mrs, Arthur Layton r has re- ] turned from a ten day x-Jait with 1 And both can —an**h too soon AS reality sweeps them And yet, ho 1 *- '•ew rran reEnentber "When they cloze th^ir ey<sa in rest. T^hethfcr |t -aras silver of twilight Or gold of dawn they like*! beet, iJrs. Riding'E" book is s»ur* t»> f;r.d •wide appeal amorijr verse readers an<5 -wrlt»rs i for "who- ar* farr,::i published -work?. efficient aud economical K C Baking Pov/der. Manufactured by baking powder specialists who make nothing but baking powder — under the supervision of expert chemists of national Women Who Wmnt th* BMt— WTVIXXM BOTS AT EXCAMPMENT 4-H c!ab boys a«d girl* attending the . z.r.r'.uz.l encaimprnent a.t Bonhaits h Friday as£ 6atard*y -were Elizabeth and Alice P*ctoa, Evelyn j •. RunkJ*, L-tliian H. Xx*nsje!re. Ina P, E-odff«r«_ "WiJIle G, Woodard.* Holwias. Dori» Oweas. E. HoIJo-way, Arthssrlne Sell, Ro- Dell Kel- t-ys» Mary KJnsely and Moxley, SO?f IS BORJC A son Tk-au born to Mr. an<S Mr*. J»'«Iix Smith, Jr., of Ha«r». Thcrs- <Jay afternoon at tb« St. Joseph . Mm. Bmitli i« th« former Miee Aliee B«tec of F*-rt«. | _ _ • j KOTICE I AJ! water bill* r*n**ininr TJK- PAID after t&e 15tfc of th* month &r* *»&"j«ct to *>«Jn^ <«t off without f«rth*r ootic*. Or WATEK BAKING POWDER Sf •• Yon cooi I* ««»«• if f*r at• for !•• con for !§• FULL PACK — MO CLACK VtLUM* KC to tbc cboicc «f niffion* who know fran opcrf- «tx»th«t it t« highly eflidtat and «eeao«iir«l to an. POTATOES 10 Sultana PEANUT BUTTER . 16-oz Jar 15c Campbell's PORK AND BEANS Can 5c Chum SALMON .....Tall Can 12c Pearl Brand CORN No 2 Can 9c Quaker's PUFFED RICE 2 Pkgs 25c SuHana PEANUT BUTTER .. QUar 23c Nectar TEA arsSf 17c ^ ^ 27c Our Own TEA 1-2-Lb. — A & P COFFEE TRIO — So 1 Clock Ib. 21c Red Circle Ib. BOKAR Ib. - - Uneeda CHOCOLATE NUGGETS Pound... 23c VANILLA WAFERS, Small 1 Lb. Box 24c Excel CRACKERS, Salted 2 Lb. Box 22c Sky Flake WAFERS Ub.Box 20c Pillsbury^ CAKE FLOUR Pkg. 29c Sliced BACON, Decker's Tall Kora 2 Lbs. 39c VEAL, Round, Loin or T Bone.... Pound 15c VEAL CHOPS 2 Lbs. 25c STEW MEAT Lb. . 7c CHEESE, Texas Longhorn Pound 17c Seven RO^T . Lb. 9c Loaf MEAT Lb. 9c SHORTENING, Bilk, Swift's Jewd. 3 Lbs. 25c MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUK GOVIWNMFNT

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