The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 25, 1969 · Page 6
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July 25, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 6

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1969
Page 6
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Skeptics Take New Look At Musical Gadfly Darin Pope Praises Apollo Return CASTKLGANDOLFO, ITALY .(REUTERS') - Pope Paul i Thursday sent his con- , f - By Robert Hllbnrn .'* t The Los Angelas Timps LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - Will the real Bobby Darin please gratulations to the Apollo 11 ( Stand up? Is he really (A) a serious artist or (B) a trend-following m (x>n explorers in a telegram Polk County Snubs Turner Opinion; Issues Pay Raise After waiting almost a month for it, Polk County Auditor Jim Maloney said Thursday he plans to ignore Iowa Attorney General involved In things," Supervisor Carl Gavin, of West Des Moines, said, "t wonder if the opinion affects Turner's increase." . WASHINGTON, D.C. (REU- Supervisor Richard Brannan,, T E RS) - Trans World Airlines Airline Asks for Moon Route O.K. Des Moines Register Fri., July Richard Turner's opinion on pay increases for county officials. of Ankeny commented that Th d JW for J 'opportunist? During Darin's colorful 12 years of stardom, he has gone through, rock, traditional pop, folk, country ami other trends with a speed that has led many to question his sincerity. His first hit (in lflf>7) was "Splish Splash," a song in the raging rhythm and blues style of the times. It was followed by a scries of other teen-age rock songs: "Queen of the Hop," "Early in the Morning" dnd "Dream Lover." Grasping For Anything He tried to mimic Frank Sinatra for a time, in line with j of the carlv rock recorc | S . sim- , hi* goal of becoming a show- ,, ar , y< Da rin's ''You're the Rea- business legend before age 30, j son ',,„, Ljving , „ is one of thc then seemed to be grasping for ;bc5t Country .p 0 p rccorf | s cver made. "Mack the Knife" is a pop stanftaYd. His version of "Clementine" is a classic. After years «f stardom and success, disappointment and doubt, praise and put-down, Darin seems to be involved in a search for identity that holds promise of rich rewards. to President Nixon and said he hoped their achievement would bring mankind peace and prosperity in scientific and moral progress. "Giving thanks to Uod for the safe return of the explorers of the moon, we pray that this immense achievement may foster peace and prosperity in scientific and moral progress for all mankind," he said. Turner ruled that county offi- 'cers be denied an unintended 'pay increase caused by a legislative mistake. He also said they shouldn't get any increase — until 'next January —• because of ^another mis- 1 take by law[ makers. I "That's just one man's op- JIM MALONiY Bobby Darin Large Talent The Ten Bcil-s«lllno records of the work b*-,od on lh<! Cash Box Maatizin"'-, utilicnwiclc "lii tht Year J5J5," ?flirr and Ev; "Cryilll Blu* Per*u»ion." Tom rtmntj rtno Shondells "Splnnina Wheel," Blood. ans my and -, Sweat "Mv Chtrle Amour," Womlor "One," 3 Doq Niqht "What Dooj It Take?", Junior Walker »nr All Stars "Good Mornirm Starshine," Oliver "Color Him Father," Winstons "Love Mt Tonijht," Jones • "Baby I love You," Kim anything. He (lit! a countrv album when country was big. a •folk album during the Kingston 'Trio craze and, finally, a collection of other singers' hits. Eventually, Darin returned to •h-is old Atlantic-Atco 'label 'where he had a hit on Tim 'Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter." Things picked up for a ; while but started sinking again. Last year, Darin formed his own label, Direction. His appearance went from nightclub singer to coffee house pro- fester. The tuxedo was re•placed by denim work clothes. But it was hard for many : to take the new Darin se; riously. After all, the protest ; sound had been successful for Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin and others. Maybe it was just . what Darin needed to pump ; some new life into his career. But his first Direction album made some of the skeptical take ; a second look. On all nine se- i iiiiiiimiimmiimiiimimimimiiii MUSIC Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! imiiimimimiiiiiiiimimiiimmii I lections, he sacrificed his usual •. ' strong vocal style to his writing- • At least three songs were Iwell structured and quite origi- ! nal. "In Memoriam" was a . touching tribute to the late Robert F. Kennedy, while "The ness as "Gospel Faith Hour." Thc court order was issued in response to a petition filed by M i d-America Broadcasting, Inc., an Illinois corporation that operates KIOA in DCS Moines. There arc some fine songs' on Thc petition stated that Tuck- his two Direction albums and er's gospel program has been he has written thc moving "on the station Sunday mornings "Simple Song of Freedom," most of thc lime from April, 1963, to April, 1969. During that time Tucker has been slow to j)av the $72 a half hour charged by thc station, the petition states, and he owes He sent his congratulations to,i n j 0 n," Maloncy "the courageous pioneers, their iSa jd. "I'm going to continue pay- families and all who collaba-jj n g the normal pay raises the rated in their success." (Legislature intended just as I ~t~ J ~~' A jstarted doing this month. Judgment I "I have the backing of the D rr L. lieutenant governor and the KeV. i UCfter state comptroller 8h this." A default judgment of 4,459 Issued Checks has been entered in Polk Coun- Maloney followed the spirit — ty District Court against the,but not the letter — of the poor- Rev. Buddy Tucker, doing busi- : ly written law'in issuing the first pay checks since July '•! when the law took effect. He included only the which is a hit single for Tim Hardin. Maybe the real Bobby Diirin is beginning to stand. I hope .so. raises for elected officials that were intended, and not thc "bonus" technically due because of a mistake in computing the pay increase formula. Maloney insisted, however, that this action — suggested by the lieutenant governor and /Vf fln Leaps FTOm lllc amount of the judgement. Burning Building A man 28-year-old Des narrowly escaped injury about 8:20 p.m. Wednesday when he jumped through a second-floor window to escape from a burning building. The -man, identified as Otis Austin, received an arm cut but was reported in good condition later. Fire Department officials said the firr- at the home of Pat r i c i a Hawkins, 1447 Seventeenth st., caused an estimated $4.0CO damage to the two-storv frame building. BOURNEMOUTH, ENG- Moines LAND (AP) - A Bournemouth court was trying to decide the rightful owner of five homing pigeons claimed by Eric Drayton and another pigeon fancier. The prosecutor released the birds and they flew to Drayton's loft. I '•• Restaurant "•Band Lounge It's MB. U' 'S NOW OPEN YOUR HOSTS: Tony »n« Miry AutllM Between Army Post Road and McKlnley en S.E. 14th Ph. 515-9W1 THEATER CLOCK (Friday's starting times as provided by theater managers.) RIVER HILLS: Ben-Hur—8. PLAZA: The Love Bug—2, 4, 6, 8, 10. PARAMOUNT: The Great Bank Robbery —12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. INGERSOLL: Sweet Charity—8. GALAXY: Popi—12, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. CAPRI: Oliver—8. HOLIDAY: Hcironymus Merkin — 7:30, • Proper Gander" and "Bull; frog" were song fables ^about ! f a 1 s e war prophets and RIVIERA: Jhose Daring Young Men- society's dependence on the vARsfrvT^ackenntfs Gold - 6:30, money system. ! io : 20. Sneak preview—8:35. j '- Darin's new album, "Com- WEST-VUE DRIVE-IN: Cartoons—8:45. Imitment" (Direction 1937), con-' : Chi «y Chitt v Ba "9 5f n9 ~ 9 ' Hook ' tinues the creative work. s ELi " e14a ? dH ^R?VE°,N: 2001: A' Large Talent Space Odyssey—8:45 (repeat one hour'. ' ti Qfin£t frir a Onllar" ic an Ah 1.^-' a.m./, vnarru n.ju. » , ouiig lui a L/uiidi la an uu , PLANTATION DRIVE-IN- True Grit 'vious autobiographical State-j q ; io, M5 a.m. Guns of the Magnifi- • ment by Darin. "How many: cent Seven—ii:30. steaks can you chew, boy/How i CA0p ' T . OLnD RivE-!N.Maci<enna's Gold-, J . . ... • 9:10, 1:15. How Sweet It Is—11:30.! .many cars can you drive/How iTOWN DRIV E-!N: Cartoons-9. chitty' Imany moon-in-June type tunes; Chitty Bang Bang—9:20. Yours, Mine! !can you write/Before you're a and Ours—12 midnight. j ,:- J ,, 3 WAKONDA: -The April Fools—7:45, 9:45J . llt " ' ' , . EASTGATE CINEMA II: The April Fools One of the points to rcmem- —? : 3o, q : 3o. i ber about Darin is that beneath EASTGATE CINEMA i: Romeo and ; the huge ego and artistic hop- ! J" |ie t—7. 9:30. scotching has rested a large talent. Some of his songs were among the best of their type. J Fred Epstein Presents WED. JULY 30 8:30 P.M. "Air Conditioned" Veterans Memorial Auditorium association Extra Added Attraction — Alze & Udine All Seats Reserved $5-$4-$3 Tickets Available now at Vett Box Office and Robimon Wholesale, 14th & Euclid. Mail orders— send cheek or money order payable to Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Dei Moinet, la. Please enclose self- addressed stamped envelope. "Splish Splash" may have been garbage but "Early in the j Morning" was one of the best' irj : 5o DES MOINES COMMUNITY PLAY-' HOUSE: The Sleeping Beauty (Junior! ' JUNIOR HIGH: The Frog Prince— 2. I ' OPEN Sundays, Wednesdays, Holidays at Noon Other Days at i:3t HEW! : GIANT I THRILUNG RIDES WONDERFUL' FAMILY FUNI , NEW! < PRO^ILLED ' SPEED: SLIDEJ u i.o"zoo IBOAT: •• EIGHTH & CORNING, DES MOINES NOW! 4k MOON! NEXT IT WILL BE "Ride with UG mb tfiai wide,vasf \ - HOW, CONQUERABLE, SPACE! AT BOTH THEATRES NOW! WEST-VuElTOWN NOW! OPEN 7:45 P.M. S.E.14th DRIVE-IN IHI-AIKt NOW! FIRST DRIVE-IN SHOWING! An epic drama of adventure and exploration! CO-HIT AT U:SO P.M. ELVIS PRESLEY CHARRO! DRIVE-IN THEATRE AT-|6th-*N&-HteKMAN E^S^ef-ftMrON HIWAY OPEN 7:4s P.M. FIRST DRIVE-IN RUN! OPEN r.n P.M. DIRECT FROM DOWNTOWN WITH ALL ITS LAFFS AND FUN!! I CARTOONS CART T4 ...****%, GET*. our OF mi oAltafl R Broccoli BRING THE WHOLE GANGI 'Dick'Van'Dyke • Sally Ann'HoWes -lionel Jeffries > —SUPER WAVIilOV TECHNICOLOR., \lllAtt AflWll CO-HIT AT 11:40 P.M. WEST-VUE ONLYI CO-HIT AT 11:40 P.M. TOWN ONLYI TECHNICOLOR -mw FONDA CHILDREN (UNDER 12) Me AT BOTH THEATRES! comptroller — was only tcmpo- points in the United States points on the moon." The airline said it has ra» ceived thousands of requests for reservations on scheduled service to the moon and its ap- not an idle "Turner should be watching' ... • these laws as the legislators' ment Permission to operate a are writing them instead of Commercial passenger service rary'until the attorney gencr- ; finding all the mistakes after to the moon, al's opinion was known. they're out of session." , The application, filed with the Thc CAB accepte d the appli- Why doesn't he follow that A|A^p«^~~jf/*_„ ! Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) cation ant | charged the airline opinion now that he knows it? $WU Fine After , asked , or a roule -between' the standard $200 filing fee. "I was just waiting for it for further consideration," he said, grinning. "Now that I know it, I don't agree with it." $100 Fine After asked Car Hits House I A Des Moines man who was i charged with reckless driving after his car ran into a house Maloncy, himself a legislator 1 ^ found guilty Thursday and . " . *•* . e> i *<tfwt U*. Kifi«Mi**tMnl rvMft*f before becoming auditor, said the mixed-up pay increase law is the product of lawmakers afraid of controversy. Afraid of Controversy "Early in the session," he said, "those guys are afraid of controversy, so they wait to do anything until they get a consensus. "At fined $100 by Municipal Court Judge Luther T. Glanton, jr. Dennis Stephen Ashby, 22, of 1308 Fourth ave., also was i found guilty of failure to stop ! at a signal light and fined $10. | He was found innocent on a charge of failure to stop at a crossing. Glanton set bonds on appeal to the Polk County District Court at $200. SPECIAL Ashby was chargftl after po- the end of the session, they try to do everything. H's;'|i c 'e"said his car crashed into a done in a rush and mistakes i h ouse a t the corner of Tenth are made." [street and University court on Polk officeholders were surprised at Turner's opinion, they expected either an unintended bonus raise or just the intended raise, but no one expected a cut. ... ^ "That's what happens when you get the attorney general June drove 9. Police south on said Ninth Ashby street, turned right onto University avenue without stopping for the signal light, lost control of the car and ran into the house. Ashby and two-passengers were injured. Picnic Pak'Rftiilar $2,65 viliw THURSDAY AND FRIDAY ONLY •10 9 SPECIAL Nine pieces of Minnie Pearl's delicious chicken for only $1.99. A regular <• $2.65 value. Bring in this coupon and take home enough great chicken for a picnic, party or big, family dinner. BRING COUPON TO STORE PDFVIFWI TONIGHT AT 8:30 P.M. AT THE VARSITY rHE V IE WW • For t Bob an j Carol and Ted and Alice who want to sea a hila NOTICE: NO ONE UNDER IT ADMITTED TONIGHT BECAUSE OF RATED PREVIEW •very Bob and uaroi and tea ana Alice wno warn TO *eo a hilarious indoor adventure about two married couples who start as best friends but get their mates mixed. ' Mackenna's at 6:30 & 10:10 CONT. SAT. from 2 P.M. HELD OVER 2nd BIG WEEK at BOTH THEATRES CAPITOL DRIVE-IN STARTS AT DUSK YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THE WEST LIKE THIS/ WILD AND MAGNIFICENT! BREATHTAKING, NATURAL GRANDEUR NEVER BEFORE FILMED BEFORE WHICH UNFOLDS A HUMAN STORY AND AN INDIAN LEGEND OF A CANYON FILLED WITH GOLI QREOORYPECK OMMSHMIF GREGORY PECK ! i >IANT MOVIE OMAR SHARIF TELLY SAVAUS JULIE NEWMAR KEENAN WYNN CAMIUASPARV A BLOCKBUSTER! A MAMMOTH WESTERN!" ollow an ancient map to tha world's richest treasure! Race the rapids of ho return I Swing across a thousand- toot gorge! Plunge Into the pool of loyal Fight for your Ufa on • ledge) •t the top of the world! 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