The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 6, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1918
Page 6
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Tomorrow Is the Last Day For School Shopping In-fore the fall term begins. lOvt-ry effort to lighten shopping burdens—to establish system and convenience 1ms b«*n arranged for hire. In order to mivn steps kindref merchandise cnn^br round grouped to- gi-lhr-r on oin- floor. In order to stive time nil dc- piirtincnts arp ready with lull nl7 ,cn .i£ materials and colors'and department lu-iuls prepared lo give any helpful or n PCPSS my iidvlcp. Our im-rrhiiiidlse tins been carefully chosen Willi practicability always in niimL Simplicity In style— iluraliillty In materials mid sensible comfort are tlio features we especially wish to emphasize in our children's apparel nud accessories. Also remember that our personal service depnrliiiijit is at th" complete disposal of those who e.nnnol come to the store. For those who wish to det ortiN- for fair weeU-- wii have a complete line ol' H UBS and Huntings. Hiry now! For the Boy Knynre i/lousrs and Shirts. Well made, durable. Colors are, last, materials are ol glngbum or cheviot. I'laln and fancy colors. $1.00, $ 1.25 and Illouses— slBca il lo 14, priced »i.r.o. Shirts— sl7 .es 12 to 14, priced J 1.00. SI.2a and $2.00. Second Floor. Slplnway Suits In plain, durable qualities, reen- forced knees, seat and seams. Double at knees and seal. Come In mixtures of browns, greens, grays and blues. Sizes 0 to IS. Priced $7.00 to $15.00. Corduroy Suits arc priced from $8.00 to $10.00. Cloth Caps In mixed and fancy colors. Pershing or Mame style. Priced $1.25. Boys' all wool jerseys In black and orange. Sizes 2S lo 3-4. Priced $2.50 each. Second Kloor. First Floor. September Victor Records "Oil, Lady. Lmly!" 31I«llt-y Onu-Slep ",Slnbiid"---JU-dli>j- l-'ux Trnl» t ytoraiauaJiWjh HUTCHINSON. KAHiA*. Our Shoes For School Children fit perfectly —allowing comfortable room for the growih of the child's fool—and giving service satisfaction. The shoes arc of gunroetal- or calf leather on Nature Form or English lasts. Button or lace. Colors are In brown elkskln. smoked elk, smoked horsehide. Shoes have welt soles. Utile Cli-iits come in Munson last—very serviceable and comfortable. All School Phoes are priced according to size and ltind from —$1.50 lo $11.00. l.ambtM-t Murphy Olive Kline Fram/e. "We Have Xul l-"eiri (> t Ii 'li Yell. Ill I'r.iy Fur Yuu Priced S1.00 llf-ms* /rem '"I'ln- llaiiibuw Hill 1 ( Ocilis fit,in '-Ituuk-u-byu ISiil.y". . . Vlclur Light Opera-Co. Priced $1.35 —J*h/-i>v\s- a Lump nf .Sittfiit Mcnvn in Dixie.. Marion llarrln "Stiiry Moult null" Hilly -Murray Priced 85c "YVIx-n We Meet lii tie- Swirl live mid Hye" Su-rlliiK Trio "A Kalnbuw from [!• M. A." lVi-rliss Quartet Priced 85c "When Alexander Takes Ills Itactlni" Hand to France" Maiiuti Harris "I'm llonna Pin .Mv Medal uii Hit- Ulll I Left Uelllnd" \... 1 'eel leys guartet Priced 65c -•fialdi n ef -Mv I.M-eauiK" CharliK Hart "Any Old Thin.' ;i .t All". ... IK-len Clark anil Shannon Four Hjrlccd 86c •'Hluln' lb'- Hlufts" —Fox Trot Ki usatlun II'.IK—One iilvp , Oiiclnal Lilxli-luiid Jay./. Hand Priced 85c "Old Dun Tucker"—"Tile While Cuelnide" • • Victor Military Hand Priced 85c "lircen Mountain Volunteers" "Speed the Plow"... \ Victor Military Hand ^ Priced 85c "(iuudlive. Mother Mifchri'e" "One fur All mid All Fur one"... fcihnnnon lour-—Helen Clurll Priced. 85c • ."Ob. How 1 Hale, to (let lip In Urn Morning" "Oh, Fi-euchy" Arthur Fields Priced 85c .Hurry Macdonou^h Waldorf-Astoria bailee Orcm-atra Priced 85c RED SEAL RECORDS "VlkiilE Sony" F.inlllo de OorKumi Priced $1.00 "Quartet In H Flat"—M'-ntletlo iiilinun Sll'inir Quartet Priced $1.50 Harblere—A Little Voice 1" Priced $1.50 . "L'Vi-tlina Ctui-ione" ' Priced $1.50 "Dear Old Pal of Mine" Priced $1.00 Fourth Floor rjalii-i'urcl. rikivuuul-Marllnclll ., Juhn McCormack ELLISON CONCERT Will be divert Tills Evening at Methodist Church. IS A TONE-TEST RECITAL Will Demonitrate How Difficult It is to Detect the lluhian Voice from Edison. Hutchinson will be honored this evening nil!) Ihe titlemi*il Scotch llurl- totie, (ilen Klllson. He will give a concert this evening at lit'.- First Methodist church at eight o'clock. He will sing at the same time Ills voice will be reproduced on the Edison, to show how difficult It Is lo detect between the living voice and the reproduction. The concert this evening will be Tree, and a large crowd is expected to be present as .Mr. Ellison is a drawing card wherever ho goes, lie lias given tttoout 200 of these invitation concerts over the United States, at large and small cities and towns and even villages, and everywhere his voice and pleasant personality has been applauded everywhere. Mr. Ellison's bo rue is in Ixis Angeles, California, and lie spent bis vacation singing at the army cantonments along the I'acaflc coast. He took the soldiers by storm and was urged to come again, as it was n. great treat to them. v World Famed Artist. Glen I£]llson was born lu Scotland and Htudlea-at the Hoyul Aeadetny of Music in London, England. He has sung grand opera, comic opera and Shakespeare plays and various other artistic Hues. He bos toured the world and sung for two years in Australia, where be also sand in opera, lie sang In the Trinity Auditorium at Los Angeles and drew the largest audiences that bad been there for over two years, which shows what u pleasing way he preEC -uts his work. He has a slight Scottish brogue which is very fitting, and he is called Ihe Harry Limder of the Edison, as lie is to tho Edison what Harry Lauder is Jo the Vlctrolu. Mr, Klllson will go from here to Kansas City., and will then make a lour of Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and hack to New York. no tag no trace could be found of him. The police were miked to be oil the look out for him. ABOUT EXEMPTIONS. FRED WEESNER Successor to Griggs Bros. DRUGGIST J'hone 16b' - „No. a, South Main I,/ MANY PiyOBCES GRANTED. / 'Judge. Prlgg Disposes of Many Di... 'J voce* Cases Today, Today was divorce day at the court pc $i '')iQ.tMo untf many who would bo free •'.•t-werti given an opportunity by Judge K 'i^;jBH»Wdy at Hie two chUdrea. Tlia da- •SlBtWM.t in tbo home urouer(y" nod to v|»au' HO o jveck for tbe supiiun at tb« ifcfcUdren besides me cost ot UII > cu»« iH«j ibo #Wowy 's fees,- • Oilier divorces granted were: .1. 12. Elchlnger from Carrie 1». Elchinger; .Murguret Wallace from Thomas Wallace; Kita Strong from Melvln F. Strong; Francis M. Davla from Uru V. Du'vis; Alnry Brown from Acyjirowu. Mrs. Jirowit was given tho custody ol Ihe child. ARREST CRAP-SHOOTERS. Police Bring Three Colored Men for Shooting Crjps. Tlirce colored iiien were arvesled last evening by tliu police for shooting craps. They were Henry Jackson, Lewis Wntkins imd Herbert Anderson. Will Hill wus booked by the police for Investigation, He is out from (bo Hcformatoiy on parole. Notice Chapter 0, P, E. 0. Members cm Hecure tUo » BW ye«r books by calling $t ibv J: T. Urowu jewelry Qlore, t-ii Provost General's Office -Wants Claims .Properly Made. Washington, Sept. 0.—llecause many men of the new draft ages are expected lo refuse to claim exemption from military service, regardlesB of tile need for Ibem at home, the provost marshal general's office today suggested that employers or Interested dependents should not fail to file for claims in such cases. It Is point.-d out that the form of the questionnaire purposely leaves the exemption claim open to be tiled by other than the registrant himself. (leiienil Crowder 's slafj' Teels 'lint failure lo present legitimate exemption claims*, for seiilimeiitiil reasons i \vlll almost i-t-riainly work hardship and injustice. PLENTY OF AIRPLANES. •••••• • - • • PICKED UP 'HOUND TOWN, • • • J ^Iarry White went to Topckiv today' on a business trip. O. L. Batcman has returned from a business trip nl Tulsa, Oklahoma. Miss Bertha Fryar or Uurrton WHS liere yesterday as the guest of Miss Ethel Redti\ Miss Ethel Redd loavw lomorrow for Sylvia, where sin- will teach In the tllcndnlc school thin winter. The Sugar Cartoon, which was shown at the DeLuxe theater, is being sent to Lyons to be shown there. 'Victor Souders left lor Camp Fun- slon today where he will visit with l'tis brother before he sails for overseas. Mr. nn\l Mrs. J. C. Mustaln nre parents of a baby boy, born Tuesday. Mrs. Mitstain was formerly Miss Viola timber. Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Ivnllis left this morning for Topcka alter spending a few days here as guests ol Mr, -and Mrs. Fred Cooler. Mr. and Mrs, liny Troyer of ln- inan, Mrs. Oscar Lambert and children or Pretty I'ratrk', were out of town visitors here yesterday. Fred 13. Larabee, who has been spending several days here transacting business and cnlllng on friends, returned lo his home in Kansas City, Mo. Miss Ethel Stockwell of Lamed, Mrs. Hnrry Hill ot Partridge, Mrs. Anna Hanes of Cnstletou, and Mrs. Dueshner of McPherson were here yesterday. Mrs. Rettie L*undry, who was operated on at a Wichita hospital recently was taken to her home in (late, Oklahoma by Mr. Lundry. They formerly lived here. Miss May Ward of Wichita, Homer Myers ot Sylvia, Mrs. Earl Elliott of llavlland, and 11. T. McElwatn of Uurrton were among the out of town visitors here yesterday. .1. W. Snode of Avenue F east who celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday yesterday brought to the News office a cane which bis grandfather had carried In 1S40. H is » bamboo cane and had the name inscribed on the handle. Miss Edith Delnney of Spearville, Mrs. C. C. Tc.ndall.of Stafford, Miss Martha Riche^nberger of Andale, Mrs. It. Thompson of Sylvia, and Mrs. V. K. S.tvoln of Nlckerson were among the out of town callers here yesterday. The Indies aid society of the First United Brethern church met yesterday for an all day meeting and held their annual election of officers. The new officers are: Mrs. W. N. Pcarce president; Mrs. Frank McMulIen, vice president; Miss Lennie Keignly, secretary; Mrs. Edgar Coltrane, treasurer Six hundred seventeen dollars and fifty-seven cents was reporied lo have passed through the treasurer's hands during the year. KHAKI BILLS The American Army_ in France Has Plenty of Protection from Above. Washington, Sept. li.—Confidential messages from General Pershing and other representatives frcm France indicate that the American army is now- supplied with sufficient airplanes ot nil kinds to protect its men fn battle, lleneral March, chief of staff, gave tills' information to members of the house in Hilary -committee at their weekly conference at the war department. Transportation of United States troops in France has been highly organized by Colonel Samuel M. Felton, who has returned home nnd reported that the situation is eminently satisfactorily, General March told the pom- inlllee. CLUB MEETING YESTERDAY. The D. of H. Club Met with Mrs. J. A. Nelson. The D. or H. club hat! th'elrsfegular club meeting yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. A. Nelson of Avenue F east. The afternoon ^vns spent In music anjl fancy work; Several piano numbers were given by Miss Weikal of 1 'ratt. The guests of the club were: Mrs. N. Donahue and Miss Weikal or Pratt, Mrs. 1). O'Halloreii and Miss Nellie Hayl. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Stettler of Avenue 1C east, Mrs J. E. Baker received word from her son, Paul linker, who Is In the Aviation Corps iu the English army, nnd who lias been in the service since about the beginning of the war. He lias been in a hospital, having received wounds from shrapnel shells, but thinks ho will soon be able to return to'ihe active service. He is in England now, and will soon go to France, where he will try to enlist Into the American Forces, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Roberts have received a letter from their son, Chester Roberts who is in tho Rifle Rango_ V. S. N. Camp PlimkeU, Wakefield, Mass. He sayB ihat he has qualified in nil of the shooting requirements except in COO to 1,000 yards and has not had a chance to shoot these for record. He nays thatvhc has shot the course required for the marines which Is 253 points of ;;00, for which the marines are given extra pay. Ho has succeeded in making these requirements, bui outside of the marines, It is only put on the student's recopd. He tells also of a pistol shoot which had to be finished In the dark for which the requirements are ICO out ol 200, and for which his. record was 1C5 out of the 200. He B I BO made 00 out of 100 slow lire. Lieut. Don C. Gist has just arrived from France recently and Is here visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gist. He has been attending an ofllcers Training school in Franco and was sent buck to the United Slates as an-Instructor. He expects to bo stationed at Fortress Monroe, Virginia. HELP' v I |f?i jpi HELP! i • • , The Purity Grocery and Market Givers and Accepts Help any Time < \ 1000 Credit Customers WANTED RIGHT NOW to take advantage of the low prices on our guaranteed eats. Business is always rushing at the Purity Grocery and Market because their service is the besf and they credit all worthy. Two Deliveries Daily Phone 1320 RED CROSS BOOTH TO BE INTERESTING AT THE FAIR Will lie a Display of Surgical Dressings, Knitting, and Refuge Garments. NO SHORT CHANCING. DIDN'T KNOW CAR WAS GONE. Joy.rldes Took Car and Owners Dldh't Know About It. A FflTtf- touring cur was found this morning in the four bun died block on First uventie east by the pplice. It belonged to Af Vance of IIS Nortji Alain street. When Mrs. Vance was notified llmtihe car was at the police headquarters she was • surprised to leurn about it for they had not known that the cur ImU left the garage, AUTO KNOCKS GIRL DOWN. It is Not to be Allowed to be Worked on Our Soldiers In England. London, Sept. G.-—Complaints have been made that American soldiers iu Knglnnd were badly treated by unscrupulous traders who over charged the men for common commodities and made short change on American bank notes. Ilrigadler (ieneral McCalmont, M. 1*., head of the committee for the I entertainment of American soldiers, In couscuuctice has announced that the committee is preparing a rate card of comparative money values to be distributed^ In British ports when troops disembark. The committee Is eager to prevent suph extortions and appeals, to tho pub- lie lo report instances of It. OIL 'M OAS NEWS But Driver Didn't Have Time to Stop, nrfd See What He Had .Done. -j This morning about ten u'elock Jai-i clle MoKlumiy, thirteen <j-ear old-, daughter of Mrs. T. MoKlnney wtisi Holders of Tnguo Royally Tsouth- Jtuoclied down by an unto on I'oplur east or Augusta) will bo Interested street but the driver must h.av« bad) tajtnow that the chiacSa for Tague's urgent business -beuiuse he didn't third dividend arc being prepared to vitit to see just what ho had done, be sent out and will be the utiroe as Jus was quite badly bruised and be- the former dividends, 11.75 per unit. sUJea being badly scaroi} there were The Central Oil company started to no'other injuries, The driver was drill on this royalty this week. This said to be a middle aged man and wus v well will offscl the 1)00 barrel well driving a OUevrolei CM and us ho W4[ou the VttteH, One of the most interesting booths and perhaps one of the most Important ontjs will bo tho lied Cross display at the Knlr this yean There'will be a display of surgical dressings, refuge garments, knitting and everything which the organization makes. All out of town visitors are urged to stop and get Ideas', and information Irtim the ladles in charge, nothing will be sold however. Mrs. George Keruie will be at the booth every day mid explain thoroughly the liorae Service Plan, which pertains to the allotments and such, of those left at home. . -Mrs. Can- Taylor will also be at the booth everyday and will have charge of the registering of nurses. Anyone who is interested in nursing may Inquire nnd Mrs!' Taylor will explain us fully as possible about the nursing service. They' may register at the booth, ami nurses are especially urged to visit this part of the booth and learn something about It. Tho ladies who -Mill have the booth In charge on Monday arc Mrs. J. U. Hall. llrs. Wm. Kelly and Mrs. J'hil. Hostuttler. On Tuesday, Mrs. It. A. 5'tewart, uMiss Minnie Hendiickson and Miss Virginia Bostick will have charge of tho booth. Mrs. Kd. Teed and .Mrs. Martin Grimes will be in charge on Wednesday, and on Thursday, Mrs. Wm. Ualter, Mrs.' U 15. Vouug and Mrs. Walter Hastings will have charge. Mrs. Angus, Mrs. B. J-l. llloom and Mrs.. Humphrey will liTTVe charge on Friday. The decorators of both the Pegues- Wrlght and llorabniigh-Wiley's will assist in decorating tho booth, with Mrs. Phil. Hostuttler in full charge This display is expected to be very attractive and will be wonderfully interesting during these war times. SOCIAL MA"sslEETING AT BROADUS HALL MONDAY EVE. CAPTAINS APPOINTED]J0R LIBERTY LOAN COMMITTEE Women's Committee's Captains Appointed By City Chairmen Mrs. James Hettinger. For Purpose of Helping the Race Program and Speeches by Sol and Ben Butler. - For the first lime in Hutchinson, its colored citizens are invited to bo pres. en', at a mass meeting which has for its purpose the stimulating of ideas which will be beneficial lo the race. It will be given by Sol and Denamin" iiutler. This is a new propaganda and every man, woman and child are asked to be present. Admission is free and refreshments in abundance will be served to every one absolutely free. The program follows: - !. Hong,,."Slur Spangled Utinner"..Auult-nce InveeiiHun Hev. .1. C. Hogera Instrumental sulo..Mlss JUani-liu- J*nddlek Opening .Address. "My ltaec and America,' fciol Butler Instrupiental solo..... .Mrs, K. lli, Hltchle Three Minute Camp Ktre, "Unity G f . tlui mice In Church and State" upnicd by liev. It. C Henderson; subseituented by Hev. J. K. Allen, ilev. J. II. Hughes, Ucv. J. C. Rogers, and Ucv. X (V. Ooodall Selection ...... Ladies Quartet .Mrs. I .fiiiura wlitehL-stjr, Mrs. rtes- yle Walker. Mrs. Edith Adams and Miss Bertha Plummcr. ItemlnlKct-ncu As a Whole... .BenJ. P.utler CloiHit itc -itiaiks M. II. Bruolis TOOK FIREY'S CAR. Joy Riders When Thy Got Through Riding Left It In an Alleyr Some time lafet night joy-riders prooeeded to take M. J. Flrey's big louring car from In front of his homo on North .Main street uutf when they iiad tired or their fun they (eft'It in the alley back of the interurban station, it was found about an hour later by • a McVay taxi driver and he reported liis find to the sheriff's office. The car was damaged slightly and several tools were taken.. Lieutenant General Resigned. Tokio:—Lieutenant General Baron Telbl Ando, governor general of Fo> tnosn, has resigned and Lieutenant Genera) Mofojlro AiaBhi, coniwjwder of the Sixth division, statlopod at Kumamoto, Kyushu, has been appoint-; ed as his successor. (n connection with the appointment there was keen rivalry between the Japanese army and navy,' the sea forces claiming, the post tor an admiral but the army won the' poelUon, The preliminary work of-—the local Women's Liberty Loan committee, has begun well imd is making progress. Mrs. James Hettinger, city chairman, has appointed the following city captains: Mrs. J. E. Couklin, Mrs Lincoln S. Davis, Mrs. Allan Winchester, Mrs. L. B. Young, Mrs. A. J. flout, Mrs. Rex Payne, Mrs. J. C. Newman, Mrs. Phil. Hostutler, Mrs. U. B. Richards, Mrs. G. G. ROSB , Mrs. Howard A. Sawyer, Mrs. J. K. Foltj, .Mrs. W. T. Clark, Mrs. J. L. Cartv-.ack, and Miss Margaret Parker. These captains will metit with the other captains and the county chairman at the luncheon to be givenvat the Y. W. C. A. tomorrow at 1:15 o'clock. They will also meet their Btate chairman, Mrs. Henry "\Vnre Allen, and Mrs. K. li Vtiggy, who will lulk on the -work as au'lined at the Joint meeting of the Men's nnd Women's committees was held at Wichita today and yesterday. COURSES AS USUAL. Same As Ever at the Kansas State Agricultural College. Manhattan, Kan., Sept. O^All courses in the Kansas State Agricultural college will be offered this school year as usual, according to announcement madCj by the authorities of the institution today. The organization of the students' army training corps will not prevent any student from obtaining work which will count towan! a degree In the course which lie desires to take. Women, and men who are under 18 or barred from military service by reason of physical disability, will curry on their courses exactly ua usual. Men who nre qualified Tor the training corps and who enter it, will take subects approved by the war department,,but those subects will count toward regular college degrees. No student will be barred from any of tho four-year courses which the institution offers. In the students' army truing corps, students wili receive 13 hours a week in military work and H credit hours of college work in approved sub­ ects. The list or subects has been prepared with regard to military value and to the development of Bane judgment on the part of tho student. College will open September 9 as previously planned. Students will en- role as usual, and those who expect to enter tho training corps wil) be assigned to such subjects as will be approved when the corps is organized on or about October 1." Since studeRts in the corps will bo housed by the government, {rnternity houses and other suitable buildings have been offered for the purpose and will be utilized. P LUXp TODAY *^ The bipgest picture ever offered at THE DEIAJXKW regular price of admission. "The Whispering Chorus" By Jean MacPhcrson From the story by Perley PoOre Sbechan. Produced by DeMille, who gave us "loan the Woman", "Tlie Little American" and "The Woman God Forgot,'' fn ITEMS OF INTEREST ^0 RED CROSS- WORKER The Donnell-Deally Auxiliary will meet next Thursday with Mrs. J. M. Pafford for an afternoon meeting. All the ladies are especially urged to be present. NOTICE TO G, A. R, Corprades of.Joe Hooker Post Will At. tend the.Funeral of George Saunders. The funeral qf-dedrge Saunders who died at Camp Funston Tuesday night will be held at the colored. M. K. church on B east at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. All of the Comrades of the Joo Hooker Post are requested to attend. They will meet at the church. JOHN B. HOLMBS, Commander. G. M. WJUTZRL, Adjutant. Funeral of FritTA, Forsha. , The mortal remains of Fred A. Forsha were lald,to rest this inornipg in Jijastside cemetery beside his father and brother. Rev. Steward Palter officiated at the service. - "A millionaire, as ho climbed into bis limousine, snarled at a uewsboy: "'N6,-l don't want any paper! Get out.' l " 'Well, Uepp ytwr shirt on'Tioes,' difference between you.and me4s that you're making your second million, while i'« 1*1.11 WWW OP, my, first,'" MONDAY and TUESDAY DeLUXE 'Aary Pk3KFORD^ 'Amorflly o/aothestlneAlte^ ' ly Bella [..Miuu&tet j 'icMMwiyfrnoew /Unoft.tlkfertadtyMantMUNrilM' When the history of the screen is written, "Amurilly of Clothesline Alley" will? be the stnmJard by which historians judge nil Mar*y Pickfor'd pictures. RENO COUNTY GRANGERS TO HOLD PICNIC TOMORROW Haven Will be Hostess and Has Arranged a Day Full of Interesting Events. The Ktkio County Grango licnlc Is to be held tomorrow at Haven in the city park and extensive plans have been made by the Haven Grange to take care of their guests, •There Is to be an old-fashioned ball gauio at tho grounds In the morning which will bo followed by a basket picnic dinner at the park. 'The Sedgwick bund will give a pa- troflc concert and there will be two speakers on the afternoon program. 13. Needham, master state grange, and John C. Ketcham, a lecturer for tho National Grange, will give addresses. Following the speeches there wfl be all kinds ot races and various amusements. Tho proceeds from the affair, are to be devoted to the Ited Cross. TO HOLD THE WHEAT, Secretary Mphler Want* Plans Made To Keep It In Kansas- Topeka, Sept. 6.— An appeal for United States Food Administrator Herbert Hoover to stop shipments ot wheat produced in Kuusas from the state was wired to Washington today by Secretary J, C. Mohler of the state agricultural board, la the message ho statos that both tho millers of the state and the. livestock men are facing a serious, crisis for at present only thirty-four of tile slates' 102,000,000 wheat crop remains In Ute state, and the balance is being shipped out us fast as cars can carry it. Due to the corn crop failure livestock men must rely heavilyupon tho' wheat by-products—bran • and shorts—for feeding. Unless tho'mills lu Kansas can get grain months ahead the| HtmiL supply will be endangered. Ten million bushels of wheat or tho crop remaining, will be needed > for seed. Secretary Klohler urgos speedy action,

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