The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 22, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1931
Page 3
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THE DAILY REW8, FBEDKftlCK. MD, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1931. DAILY RADIO Business Matters Discussed At Meeting Here. FIELD DAY AUTHORIZED Tor :^e coairs year -srere mapped cut and rsatjers o' a bufiness savjre \rere c^sc^ssed at a special meet- Jrsg a^d dinner of tne c^ecurs cl the Maryland S:a"e Kols^^i Association at tae Hocel Frec^ncs Sa-urday evening J Homer R'^msoerg, president. Middle- toirn, pres.dec Ii ·sras deciced » hold aaother Field Day etiriss rj»xt jurcarer. *ae t:a» aisd oe dec.ded at a a»ee:aig of d-recrors !awr Tae s^eung last helc near Elicoct C:ty and ·j. TTSS an a^I-day event at^nded by a large n-jisiber of persons from all orer me s:a». As ^irerestjsg prograsa ol addresses and games -aas arranged It iras also cecjied to appropriate $150, cuvidec TM-o *-.e pr.res or S50, $40, S30. S20 and S10. *o J)e satiraec for worS ol co*jn:v crgan-za: :cs ~ tlie Afferent co'Jn:i«. The aiards »U1 te decided by the auaaber o: DO-EIS scored ra :ae varxjus contests along the 1-ne of pro- motms the Holster breed of cattle. The directors \o;ed to match the ap- proprat-on of the T-mom-im State Pair Association up to S^JOO for eshiits of Holsteui catCe a: the annual fair and to contr23'jte S3 to each boy exhibiting Holsieins Tne exn-b.t of Ho^te^i cat^e at the Sta^ Pa^r last year las large and K is Jelt tnat tne ac-.on o! the di- rertors ir^l be the means of increasing the n-^mber of entries WhiJe no action was *flfrer» K is expected ihat tne acruaZ rreet^sg of the assoe^t-on in May \s-ill a^scn be held In ths c:ty. Forteome years past the meeting ^ 9 -' c been held here -n connection ·snth :he annual cons^nnient sale of the Frederick Coun^v Ho^tem Association, Hojer Dade. near Lander, president. The county organization -srsH meet later and take actasn m holdjjg the ^r""'' 3 ' saZe ami tne state associa- "ion d-rectors ·stU foyers-- Tv::a a meeting and decide unon a. t-3ie and place for the annual meeting and banquet. The annual events bring together Te2- knoTm Holstem oirners and breeders from, all over the state and adjoining s-ates. The sales have been held at the Pair Groonos the day follovnng the aleetmg and banquet Tee directors, ai^ndins the meeting Saturday, -arere- Mr Bemsberg, Dr. A. T. BeE. Balt^nore; Paul M^ner, E!li- cott City; Joha F Joestmg, Vale, Harford county, Edsar C Dav^, Sykesraie; Balph and Grover Walker. Ga-tners- burg, James D King. Germaato-K-n; wr-- n m R Whiti^gham, Glencoe, Baltimore courty. Prof Howard C Barker, surjennxndent; of advanced reg^try, Extension Service Un.rersity of Maryland. and Henry R Shoemaker, cooniy agent. Tanevtown Dec. 22 -- George- Gait specs Tuesday m Baltimore the guest of his brother, Robert Gait. (Cocspiled br trni?ed restore ircsxur. DKCEMBCK a TTKSDATS IKST FBAXCmn B*a »n»innr vrftir Kctnzk Cr^bj-- WABC Xetworfc Colombo-- WJZ Network Cnuudt-- WZAT K«tWk j-- WABC N«»ork WEAP N««ork (EASTERN S^AKDAKD TIME thrOBffa- , x-t SUBTRACT x» boor lor Central SiindlM 1~-s» I (E-U-^EKX STATIONS) VEAL. BALTIMORE-- 38*-- MM k. wjz e oc-s is, e *i-- so. e oo-s jo. 9 r~ in oo jo JB-ll Oil Jl 3»-U 15 « IS-- C- sjo T JO -- Kottsdrrs. Soc«s S 39 -- G_"-^ca 19 ·»-- r'esi- 11 00-- SI_r WJZ BOSTON. SPKlNGriELD *-- IS 7 M- £ « - J O O O WJO-1109 as-- 99* k. 8 W-* 30. 7 li-- B.icib-rcs T 13 -- Rerlrm t JO-- Nr'soa it OO-- Sport. Oret.. Or^ia Wt£L BOSTON-- S8» »» k. WKAP 6-S 30. 6 4S-7 00. 7 JO-7 iS. »-Il 5 35-- K.-r, 7 4S-- Fe»t 11 09 -- *.fs! Oreh WBE.V. BIKFALO-- 3X3.1-- ··* k WEAP fc « 7 IS 7 30-11 00 11 45-13 1* 6 OC -- X » ^ ** ·***·. Du^er Ttderc T IS-- Hj .Kood 11 li -- Clab IS li-- M-r-_«h Organ HGK. BIFFALO -- 5ti »M k. WABC 6 SO-6 S9 T OC-» 00 e y -- vs.^;^- scores *00 -- Toxa Talk Uc^ow DrastSKr* * 39 -- ELiscmj.e FaraLilj. T*""". Or. 10 JO-- L_=r« O- 1! OO-- Slezortes. Or WLVT. CINCe«VATI -- «5S-- 70* k. 6 15-7 3C. S Ot-t IS. 9 30-10 OO . . 7 33 -- Br»s_t es Ors. ( !i -- Lopez Babble BIoTtrs: ifaticmle 10 00 -- Ch-oa-cJes. Vajl«y. 3por 11 00 -- N^bicajtt. Le« AA^(os WHK. CLEVELAND-- Jli.7-- IS9» k. WABC 8 :5-6 S« « 30-7 00. 7 l5-« 00. 8 15-10 00 10 3O-11 000 6 00 -- Vlllige Spo:u 7 00 -- B?;x.i Brum!s:e!s C 00 -- Femt. 11 CO-- EUT O- Mt=-ort« Or irr\M. CLE\ ELAND-- IBS-- I»7t k. WEAI" 6-S-30. 6 *5-7. 7 30-11. 11 TO-13 6 30 -- l^rner 7 00 -- G«Be-O!em; 11 OO -- Mu^le PUyers 12 00-- Melodies WXYZ. DETBOIT-- :L9-- 124* k. WABC « 30-7 00. 7 15-10 30. SO 3511 00 11 45-12 OO e 00-- X-vs. \ Halgers Morgan Or 10 JO-- Baaa 11 00-- TaSoJJ Orch WJS. DETROIT -- US-- T3S k. WJZ 6 0 0 6 1 5 7 0 0 7 IS S OO-S 30 HJS 12 15. 10 10-10 15. 11 00-1! SS · IS--Tore Talk- Intnrtn: Uaattn 1 1»--Rhnfcn. Vteccmen. Or. § ^g- - nThft^r Biovtx* CfcMdcI** Knorr--4M--m k. « 45-T-oc; T «s-»-3o. t-oo-n-M. It 30-12 00 S-OC--TtlS Tfcat: !Cm 7 00--Stsgrn 11 «0--Orebectr* 10 «5--Mo^cuisccn. Reporter 11 39--vanety WTIC. HAETTOSP iitj CO k. TtSIAF ·! 1S-1 00 WOK. NEKAKJS--ITS--71« k. 6 00--Cade DCS Sport. Sketch » 80 -- Tecor 10 15~4oi' 10 *a -- Neiri o^ Uoocbeiras WEA1. SEA YO C Ofr-- Ea-p -* Rooe Or 6 «S-- Stebfc.=« Bors 7 00 -- Hytan sa^ F»»tur» ·r». Ccacert Sj=piiaaj. Or. WHAM. BOCBKSTCB-- 9WLT-- 11M k. WJZ 5 15-« 15. « JO-7 IS. 7 JO-7 «5 · 00-11 -oe « IS-- Stocks TIS-- M«lodj 7 15-- Soar RoiB'e* 11 ^0^-- CctBLmaadcri WOT. SCBKXCCTAPT-- 3W-- 7M k. WEAF C 15-11 li II 15 -- Pisno Or OTC. CKGW. TOBONTO-- SS7-- *M k. WJZ 7 OO-7 15 WSAF C W-« 30 6 30 -- M-wc T 15-- Mjl-c Frils »9O-- «usie F»«t Il-OO-- Pl»irr» _ Wt$TEKN STATIONS) CES1 -- SUBTRACT 1 Hour lor « 00-- OreJi. BT WM. E. McKEXNET Scrr«tajnr American Bridfr Lt*fue Tnmg to put .n a cheap b.! »h«-a 'oo ol'ea proves \*ry rn- B.ih Mdes »cr " \ i i « i "he followin^ h^nd was rot urn a heart which South will trump 1 with the f.\e of clubs South trill then i cash his rood ace of diamonds and , then lead the deuce of diamonds West | plays the king and thru declarer dls- i cards his king of hearts, but East must ' still give South two club tricks Therefore North and South have de( feat*d the declarer's contract four ·r.cks doubled which !s 140C when \Tilnfr»b altoct'ber vx rsucb just for the sake of trying to pat :n a cheap bd , Insure Your Automobile HIGH GRADE POLICIES CONVENIENT TEBMS CLAIMS SETTLED PROMPTLT INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH Oi-- o- KE. -- IM -- «» k. 5 JO-- Rapt* s S,3O -- Sp-ifr 3: Jictsoc- Dsee Hoar 11 TO -- Sosgs Jesse Cra»Sor! 11 33-- De^s* Vallt* 4: Fs=k On. WJZ. NEW YORK-- SSS-- -«· k. 6 00 -- K-!;lng Js.ri.ur Pl»ro Dl« « 30-- Pr'k-as. Lo»fl! Ttomts ~ 00 -- AK.US n' AJJCV Od«te Mjrtil 7 »-- P*il Cock ftasi^iiton Jvcws S IS-- Edl e t Ka'pfi M-Md S 30--Fr_ntr Hi-st Co.u=bo or Bafid 10 JO--C_ari Lu B= Pans IttjiK Lile 11 00--S-vnibcr M'_i-c Sonjs »Ed Patter II «S--Drtosi Ptcttirts Wbiusan Or. WABC. NEW TOBK--3O--M» K. « 90--Jir-e:- O-ch Caar » 4: Oscar 7 00--MTrt a: Morse Bute Crosby 1 30--Kslt«sbcm Dc»a«y Woa» S 00--Scoop, Xis'e B-t*J Glee CJob 5 30--Ka'- Sin;th WJECi^a 9 00--Brmie Or.. Sea Rcaiacce 10 00--S»aipfcocT Or . Aribesace 11 00--Ms!-lsi-era. Miller, BeLueo Or*. 11 «5--Orcos WCAl 1 . PHILADELPHIA--S3*--117» k. WABC « 30-8 00 S 15-11 00 11 15-1 00 6 OO--Sews Feat 8 00--Party 11 OO-- Bus Gr«Bb:«t KDICA. PlTTbBlKGB--3«S--9M k. WJZ 6 -IS-7 IS S 00-8 30. 8 45-10 00. 10 33-11 00 6 00--liens' Lawrence. German Band 1 IS--Reve'ers Seas* 8 3O--Beauties 10 00--Riunde's Qcart. 11 00--Sporu 11 IS--Salt i Peanuts. Orch. WCAE. PITTSBURGH--SiS 9--1XS» k. IVEAF 6 00 S 30 « 45-7 30. 7 4S-* JO. 9 00-11 15. 11 30-13 CO 8 JO -- Blo»e-3 Sports Feats. 10 00--ityers Quartet SI C*-- S5»t« St News. ?e»U Ora. WMAti CHIC tCO--1«--T» k. VTJZ S 00-9 JO 10 CO-10 li 11 3O-H 4S 7 00--St ppy. Frau . Beauty. Piano. 8 45-^Soots doeksiaker 9 45--Uetedlea 10 30--Bradley Amoa n Ady. Tttooaa 11 «i--l_-ci- O-s. UtSB; and WL. CHICAGO--Sii--S7» k. W.'Z 6 45-7 00. 7 IS-7 4i. 8 90-» 00. 11 3C-': ii WTAP « ^ 6 SO 7 45-8 Off. t 00-» JO. ZO K .'. \ II 1S-1 OO 11 00- »= - - \nl» 7 00--0' i -.-.j. Talk ktocea 9 10--Koc - «?a' Scac^ Orcii. Or WOO D*E\roKT and WHO. DLN MOIAC^--±*9^--1*00 k. IOI 1S»TOL1JE OJ-7 ». t J«-» X. 10 J9-11 OC; «!· k. . WHAS WEAK 11 :i COO-- XT2U S JO-- Pittl 4 Jerry; Bereries T 30-- MJSSC « 30-^Joy « Or 9 3O -- MelxSies. Chronic!** 11 CO -- AsoS'Andy 11 30 -- Back Homt.Or WTMJ. BUi.WAlE.EE -- «tl-- 6» k. WSAF 7 30 7 « S OS-19 90. 10 O9-11 0« T «i-- OrcbJ. PVatJ 11 co-- A27x» s Ai^iy Ora.: ctub KSTP. XPL*--ST PACL-- »»-«-- 1«4B k. WJZ 7 45 10 00 WKAF 8 10 11 30 4k1O-9- 4kA-K-J-6 V1O-9-7-4 0 8-5-4-3 *8 NdRfH 8-5 *- ni ¥J.6-5-2 S J 4K-J-6 *6-4 J -i I Doaler SOUTH 4k 7-4-3 VK-Q-8- 3 · 10 *A-J- 10-9-3 AQ-2 VA *A-Q-9-7-2 *K-Q-7-5-2 3«3 OMAHA 4S II 03 8«0 k. WEAF 7 OO-- \1-Un Feat . Or 11 00--Ambassadors KSD. ST LOt IS--S79.5--IM» k. WTEAF « 00-a 30. 9 OO-ll 30 8 3O--Draraa KMOX. ST. LOCIS--S75.I--169* k. WABC C 3»-« 4» 7 00-7 IS. 7 3O-9 OO 9 30-10 30. 11 OO-ll IS 1 15--Sports 9 OO--Variety 10 3O--Rouadcn; Hungarian Melodlw 11 IS--Flyers--Cowboy Son(s, Orcli.. Or I U F 6 ) Bowed In Prayer has returned home but it will be some tinie before he will be completely recovered. --The Christmas exercises will be hrid^in Trinity Lutheran church Thursday evening. Dee 24; in Grace Reformed churcn. Christmas evening, in the Presbyterian church. Wednesday even- , ing. Dec 23. and in the U B church. , t h c 1 uee " and Sunday evening. The Sxith ha\in? two ihe-card suits, botii bicdab^. ara the required - 1-J TKiS opewrd *!e sidiing one iian-onci. the h gher rank'Kg of ha two suns West pa»«i ajid North, i ! iho ass U5hv the or.e o'.er or.e." ! b^i a spade Ko\\ Ea^t hasn t a bad . lookjig 'isi'd but his ix.-!ne- has pass- , · ea a::d North ar.d Sou'h are both bid- I ciag but .t ii^as *urpr!t-£g to role that in the d-jpl.caie cor.tctst »here this jhai'd plaved se\era! pla\ers put ill i j a b:d of t«o c'ubs was prompt- | ·!y doubled bv South ard wh-ch should ·be lef: is bv North I The Play. · Before leading his partner's suit South pl3s h'-s singleton ace of hearts and then ha queen of spades. North overtaking the king The ten of hearts is returned by North. H a v e that family group you have wanted so long made while you are all home for t h e holidays. N e x t year might b r i n g many changes. 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