The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 19, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1932
Page 10
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK MD, THURSDAY. MAY 19.1932. Snappy Snapshots Gleaned By Photographers All Over The World £T JLT ·/ ·*- ------ "* ~ - ' Burgoo Ki-ig Reigns Again Schmeling Begins Training BaUyhoo By Snappy Sessions With Cameraman picture Tick On fore Burg ness and reeled oZ tiien. t.x" .:..·: -; ;o win the :.- :- " I*: -*-·: til* mi'.e .-.::.- ' · - - - · ' .r«-ycar V. -- M - ' v when this :ld nosing out ;-.·.:* horses b*- -.1: '.r.e Preaic- B-r^o? Ktoe -._-::«; third. Here's He-- Srhrr.elir.s ftshir.s l-'i '-he br-,x?i at his training camp near Kingston. N. Y.. where he is through the training motions prcvar:i-.--ry :c a bout ·*-jth Jack Sharkey scheduled for June 2!. The heavi champion's ratrh yas nt an::oi:::--rf. n: '.':· *.«·.«· for Uv fight in M:id:j*n.Square Garden's r.^v. bo-.vl en L l»r.d has own predicted at all '.:.·· v ay :.-,'.T. 5200.000 to SJOO.OOO. which is quite a lot o: fish these days any -a taxe St. If=- vou Road Tvork Is part of the rig necessary to the staging of a heavyweight chamsionship fight. Here's Der Maxie on the highs-ay near Kingston. N. Y-. doing a i:"!e trotting to harden the leg muscles and isprc-ve Jhe wsnd. LJtiSe stunt pictures like these delight the hear* oJ the toiiing camera- ntais. Manager Joe Jacobs has a golf ball perched on the end of his cigar ^.r.d Max is abrjt to teocfc it oS. Considering the sehnczscla Mr. Jacobs affects, this is a perilous performance. Above, Mas is shoim writing home to the folks in Bad Ssarow. Germany. Soft Mauve Shades, As Wei! As Black, Are Correct For Mourning Costumes Curious Crowds Overrun Spot Where Lindbergh Case Had Tragic End It ?.as ?. pot.-:..:.;, p: _..:;.. Maryland--a-ho sm:li::g.y cj:.;;r:! youth had ridden Bars-oo K:r.v Pbnlico. Md_ Here Governor P.:: the last t-e!ve yesr-. is si. v.:; one -reek before had also :::::·:. ....··. :;. -.- Ala; T: C. Kiiri'.ie of .. .;··· .:.-.:ni-s ai:.'r the Kentucky . .:; :lv 560.000 Pre.ifer.ess at ; . . . :; : nu.ved a PrfaVrr.oss in . \ · . . ; · » t J^.nv.'.^. ",v:i only I I . · . : ".:·--· Kentucky Derby. Baby B.^es Dog Mary Ann Ward. yea.r-o~xi c:i·.;;::-r of Mr ar.c. Mrs B^b Ward of San *r!gcl.- Texas, heard somewhere that r. ::,·:- \ n.r.r. b;:rs a d"; it's nc 1 **--so t she is, trying t-D Sreak ^n:: s.^mc oiy j frcr.t PA;;Hudson's Outboard Motor King TTTO days a*»- f- LL-dbe-gh baby's body had been found, the scene of the tragic discovery tooi on the atmosphere of a street fair, as this picture re- c-'s W'rle ^urdr-ds of tourist cars jammed the ordinarily !it::s-:rave!ec rozd between Mt. Rose aivd Hope^eU. N. J.. refreshment stands sprung u? on the t and hankers minsied *:th the crowds. The arrows a: the left point to peanu: and popcorn -concessions;" that at the right, to. a hasniy erected re- *^ * "~ - -- freshment tent. Wins In A Walk From Amc-M Constable and Co.. New BY JOAN SAVOY. I li?h' touches of -fcite is a sood XF.A ^crrirc Writer. choice. Do not v. ear colored 5»ads or What J correct r.:c-urn:r.?' -. _ v ; - . , --^..^^ That is - qu-csUon minv ^--m^n .^^. "^ e s ° -·-"·* ' na " ^ s K1 -* for nc-.v that ;: -_ no: ecr.ficercd i-or- or s "~- No J5~ c: ~ « *«"ver than a rect to ec- into s'jch heavy mc'urr.ins poor choice. that yc-i^- very cl-r.hef sc, "he For an af.crr.oon and dinner co?- Charles Cabo:. :5-y«r-:l,-l ?' -·. 1--:.% ·;: s than -,~ ;'.:·: :.'.':: :.:::-...:·! ' -.'. : Tor'* ·^"h-rr. tr.-* TM:r*..rc " ; \"~.- '. .:.".: i: cotir£-i. Tlrnc: 2 .}·? o?. sre all in "lie catcr.-r' -M correct ;!·? s\iit. ^*"ith the clii?e of a T.hiie rno"minC- cecrcetv. made ^"i'r! 3. soft cc-'s! cc-I- rrany ,-f :::·..- :-.o-.v n-.o."ls in nta:cri»»ls jacket :'ppin:: i: T'.ir ;acket his and Ovid's t - ·:·.· r-r.e v-ho ;.- bereaves, irir^r-^.'i.irt^r sleeves and blacs s-.:de cloihfs is that they hare a Quiet, rctir- ; are ccrrcct accsssor.ej startlmc oc cit:r,-*i'e r?a".lv is ox; cr.e. w.:h a chic, cull lc\."k ;o it. tor it Sea Heroes Save Ocean Flyer Smith (shopping for his w i f e ) : Seems to me the; stockings are rather flimsy. \\"s'\ t^sy star:! much s t r a i n ? C'tr'.C. \V?:!. I i---.' *, ·;-.-.:·:. W l ! ir--er--;s CA.ra we:; ; : , i ? -C-S Avoid GlittertnE Ornaments. - It r~-vs a clack bar.d that a ~?.: '.::''·: ic-.v over ;its A cC-ycar-c'.d record ~as ,-utt a ~a..- 3T3~ the c'.ltcr da" fcr 3:1". Cl"-i5-tolm. .ibcve, star -R-alier for tr.= Lo* Ar.gfles. A. C. While trair.inj for the cotnir.5 Olystpic srantes. B-.ii stepped off -0 rr^lss ; -* 3 ^ v*'""^ "»"" "* 4 «·»;«»..· j,^. ^^^ f?^ ^TlilPS in S hc.urs ar-S 57 ntinutcs. shading ·s'orSd reccrd* :or '.rx; distances that -ere set in :S79 by J. V. C'.ark of X Another spectacular sea rescue ^as chalked a? fcr that valiant pair. Captain George Fried, c-3rr-.rcar.ccr of the S. 3. President Roosevelt, ar.d his chief ofScer. Harry banning ipictured left to right, upper risr.t sbcre\ -hen they saved York. Completin; the full Olympic dis- LCU Reiehers ilo-er rlght. 31-year-old r ; yer. when his plane was farced dotrn in'trie turbulent Atlantic on his, at- tar.ce of 5r.COO meters, -hirh measures ;e m?ted solo flight from Harbcr Grace. N. P.. to Dublin. Maneuvering the Roosevelt (upper left), close to the disaalsd f 3 ~vt-J^-^-"-'-.^"'-^"-^-?^ d -J'" plane. Captain Fried lowered a lifeboat commanded oy Chief Officer xra--i-j. After dangerous circlir.g in the rough ord time^HV-sTnlfwi in^he "oiyrnr^c ·«««. ^« craft ~ a5 « ·*« : ^-S enough to lift out the exhau st«d pilot. At the risk of.their lives, llannins and his crefl Er.rber: ! understand you are - cjsi-es; f c r y-i-jrsclf. V i c t i m : No, I havi a wifs. "What did the judge do to that young man who sts'.e the dictionary:'" ··H: gave Mm a I c n j sentence to work out." ' So the banquet season is over?" "Yes. but it won't be long before r-y wife's re'stives w r l be getting up picn.c lunch parties again." ^valEir.g trials in Xcr,- York June 5. caught the ladder s-A-inrins from the Roosevelt's side and carried the injured flyer to safety. Neither lifeboat, nor plane. --; : : pictured belo^. -s-ere salva-swd. Captain Fried, then com tha America, and Manning saved the 32 ar'-n'a^" s--'r^"^^'"'^^ s^o-"-,"^--^ M«3i5»« of the rre-v of tl-.e Italian freighter Florida off the Virginia Ca-pes. Jar, 24, 1929. While commanding the Roose- "Cipc" gia'p* ci-e- aric; rsrv 1 " '·'av'tfublv ve'.t on Jan. 23. 1S2S. Fried rescued "5 men from the British tramp steamer Ai:t;noe which sank during a stora in the get, up Titii iheir Uiad legs. North At^Uc.

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