The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 13, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 13, It34 tHE PAIUS NEWS, Qten Wade WillRetura In Mat Bout Faces Tommy THiompson In Main Event At Paris Athletic Club SIGN CARNIVAL FOR COMMERCE FES 11 VAT COMMEKOEL—IE.; Tl Jeakixw. fire chief, Mayor R-M. Miller and "We T. Goff. committee for the Twenty-ninth annual tri-county j>ic33ic i*as signed. a- coatract >*ltS> th» Centennial Exposition ahowsj *or the week of July 23 here- j This event is sponsored by the i Commerce fire department, and. as j it is set for the ».-eek of U* Demo- ] ! cratic primary, political oratory is • 1 expected to be an additional tea,- j * ture. ' i MINUS OF THE DAY flotzr and mix well. Add r««t *f in- , xredieni» and cook 1 minute*, Stir j constantly. Serve poured over hot | i battered toast. J Sugar I>xop 1 cup butter 2 cups Imperial sugar 2 teaspoons nutmeg 1-4 teaspoon salt l teaspoon, vanilla" 1 teaspoon lemon extract 4 tablespoons cream . Scouts Host To Lions Club Fruit Salad 2-3 cup cherries i 2-3 cup diced pears j £-3 cup diced peaches \ j • ' l tablespoon lemon juice j _ ~ ~ 4 tablespoons French dressing S .Program Includes Mix and chill ingredients; serve j n ,_ ^^ C^f^ BRIEFS About Town Concert By Band At Lake Stunt Series The return of Glen Wade, the ] Nebraskan. after a long absence j from Paris will feature next Tues- 1 day night's wrestling: program at Paris Athletic club. Wade -will ap- GROVE LOCAL , SHADY GROVE. — The Rev. pear against Tommy Thompson, a , John Payne of p^,. preaehed at new man from the Pacific slope i the Baptist church Sunday, morn- wbo has worked his ^ay into a , ing . but no ser v!ces were- held Sun- \ formidable spot in this action. { tfay ^ 9nlas -„ several revival! Thompson, known as the man of ] in ^ t i n ^ s were being held near 1 a. thousand holds .specializes in ; by The Baptist revival Trill beginw vans locks and body slams. > Friday evening, July 20. 1 Wade is expected to find Thomp- { The WO mea of the Methodist j M<m tousrh enough to keep him j church will sell ice creajn and f Susy working for his famous pile | ca ke Monday evening at the stores >' driver hold that has been good ' during the candidates roundup- enough to bring him 92 wins in 93 starts- Wade has never been beaten in Par!?; and his only def«=»at in his last ?3 starts was In Dallas, where GUIS SonRcsibcrs: pinned liinr. Billy Burn, of Denver, another J %£**^ ™« who has been absent from Paris <; un< 3 av ; a Ions: tim^ and has srown from | • - to a fult fledged A birthday diner was arranged $ scaling CIO pounds 1 for E ' E ' Butler by his children, I win take on Pat RHev of Tacoma ' those a«endln s being Messrs- and Washington, the roughest tin ear. Mines - Kay and H " sh Butler and ever fn this part of Texas includ- Sklnner Anderson of Plainview, 3 1-2 cups flour Cream butter, sugar. Add rest of NEWS OF INTEREST * in « :r ®< iient «. mixing ii S h«y. Drop portions from tip of spoon unto greased baking sheets. Flatten and bake \- miuute.s in moderate oven. j R- P. Berry !»*» «ooe to work j . | {in the office of the city secretary. |' Arthur JLayton. director of th« Parks, as her assistant, j Paris municipal band, announces | I this program for the weekly con- 1 ; Two arrest* on charges of drunk f «*«. Friday evening at S o'clock i land one /or . investigation were j to be given at Lake Crook: j Meeting with the Boy Scouts at i made Thursday by city police. j March "Sunapee" (Goldman). ! '. Selection from the operetta, '• A building penult has been is-; "Her Soldier Boy" (Romberg>. Foxtrot. *'Ho!d My Hand." i Escalloped -Corn 1 1-2 cups corn 1-2 cup.cracker crumbs 1-4 teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon Inane-rial sugar 1~4 teaspoon celery salt 1-2 cup milk S tablespoons butter, melted iliz ingredients and pour in but- i tered baking dish. Bake 20 minut- Mr. and Mrs. Drew Craig enter- j es i n moderate oven. Serve in dish tained the young people of the h n which baked- community with a party Tuesday j «. evening. A large crowd is expected at the J which begins Saturday ? . • ~ -cotninties through i Strawberry 4 tablespoons crushed berries 1 tablespoon soft butter 1 teaspoon lemon extract 1 teaspoon vanilla 1-S teaspoon salt 1 2-3 cups sifted confectioners' sugar Mix ingredients and beat. Let stand "5 minutes. Beat and frost Ing Edwards, O'Del! and Chewcki. Messrs, and Mines. Jack Floyd,, i i* wild Indian. Burns will be re- C ' Chaildler **>* E. E- Butler. Mrs. called Ioca71y as a tough sort of i Vera Cross and dau shter. wrestler himself with the result j Mrs. Roy Guiser was here from this 30 minute tin.e Itrtzlt bout mav {Dallas TO spend Saturday with her sn<3 before Its time runs out. {Mrs. Powell's father. Theo Slusher. Openinsr the program Sailor Bar- i ~ to. who asked for another chance { DEPORT PERSONAL In Paris after a tough break last 1 week in which he suffered an in- 1 jury to his neck, takes on Buck * Olsen. the plodding Swede. Olsen j Banana Nut Saiad 4 'bannas 1-2 shelled roasted peanut? 1 tablespoon lemon juice | 1-2 cup salad dressing | Peel bananas, roll in dressing. ! arrange on lettuce, snrinkle w^>h AND LOCAL ITEMS j Peanuts and juice. Surround with j remaining dressing and serve. .-M^. Bob Read and be .he third man in the rin . , , ,. f.—•«"« .-«ax- at Port T real test of his , HolUs Ailen bas ret , Jriied to ro one fall to a f £>allas afte Kike i? scheduled to ] ^a^ Allen J ' " Twes- .I Mrs> j H Moore, I daughter. Mrs. J. W, j and daughter of Xew Tork are | Hiss Mrs. N. D. ^Vebb In I>a.I- ! with her -VOXICE Ail water bills remaining UNPAID after the 15th of the month Salad I>ressir;s Peaches Coffee Summer Xut Bread 2 cups whole whea: flour 2 cups flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 3-2 teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup Imperial sugar S- Bell •'subject to being cut off with- ! tT?:: 1 ^ ^f*! ^ th has her returned j brother, ; out farther notice. WORKS OF TTATER 1 cup nuts ~ tablespoons 'at, melted " cups sou- milk -*Ii3C ingreditents ar><2 pour Into greased loaf pans. Let rinse 15 FRESH SUREBEST POTATO CHIPS 5c and lOc Boy From Your Grocer 'ill Bay at Tyler. Mrs. Frank Mayfield with her ] daughter of Mansfield is here to U ia , jtes and bake one hoar in glow visit her father. \, C- Oliver. j oven Bill Wright is ill with appendl-i T ^ bread fe home of his *aa«r, J3^^^ ^ th ? utter ^ _ "" . , A 1 cheese for | Overton Perry has ret-ume*!, to j \ Dallas after a week's visit ^ith \ ! his mother, Mrs-J. J. Gray, ] j Buford Jones has returned to ] 5 I>a!laE after visiting Clarence i or cream A FOOD BUYS' Shop Here Friday and Saturday! Phone 213—We' DeEver FREE! IMPERIAL COOK BOOK FREE Normandy Toilet Tissue 3 ^ 23c Old Time Brown or Sagar POUND BOX 9c t- 12x12 Reo TOc Cannon "Wash doth f-4-lj-b. Maxwell fTons-c Tee Tea Spoot*. Boil* 35c PEANUT BUTTER QT- 23c PINEAPPLE Cans 3 FOK 27c KELLOGG'S 25c CRACKERS , Pct«r Pan 2-I.B. BOX 19c "Dairy Fresh" Oiocoterr MnltiwI Milk. Cash Coupons for FRETK with r 49c To $•«*: yo«j irtJirtfMj v sent you with JI.O"? and booklet -witl* arty pur Picnic HAMS Cored 4 to <» T,l» Lb.15c Sliced BACON K\tra Lb.15c Baby BEEF Lb.ISc Lb. 10c BACON T>««cVrr"» Tall Horn Finn Lb.20c TRY OUR FAMOUS COOKED MEATS -Broiled Trwt — B*rbeci»ed Hem — Baked Fi»h —Bnrbecued Pork—Baked Lo«fi—Salad. SMITH AND HILLHOUSE A>'» MARKKT Breakfast Cantaloupe Waifles jtfaple Syrsp Drolled Sacon Coffee Dinner i Fried Chicken Buttered Potatoes I Creamed Peas j Bread Currant Jam ) Stuffed Tomato Salads i ' Sumn^er Fruit Compote : Chocolate Angel Food Cake ', Coffee | Supper | Chicken Sandwiche? Iced Tea ( Cocoanut Cookies ^ ; Stnffed Tomato Salads S firm tomatoes ; 1-2 cup diced celery ; 1-2 cup cooke-i asparagus i 1-2 cup ; -diced cucumber { 1 tablespoon chopped onion j 1 tablespoon chopped £r* |pepper j 1-4 teaspoon salt I 2-3 cap stiff msyc-nr-ais* , I 3 tablesp-oart's chili sauce i "Wash, peel tomatoes. Chill. J '• and chlls celery, cucumber, aspara- ; srus, oniort. pepper, salt. \Vith ! spoon scoop out the insides ot to| nsatoes. Invert. "Mix 3 tablespoons ; mayonnaise •with celery mixture. : Stuff tomatoes- Serve on lettuce leaves top wish mayonnaise and chili sauce. Serve immediately. Summer Krait Cpmpote 1 ccp diced 'resh pineappl© 1 cup seeded cherries ; 1 cup strawberries : 1 cap Irnerla! su^ar i 1-2 cup oraiijrc juice ~ tablespoons lemon juic» ' Mix. chil! ingredients. Serve in i Chocolate* Angtrl Food Cake i I cup Imperial s"?ar I 1-4 teaspoon sail i tablespoons cocoa. S--J cup pastry flour i I teaspoon cream of tartar j 1 teaspoon vaniiia j Beat whites until stiff bat not ; dry. slowSy add sugar and beat un- : tJi creamy. Fo'J :n remaining in- ' jrrediest*.- mixing: lijrhtly. Pour i into urigreas-eij loaf or round pan i a,n<l bak^ 50 minutes in slow oven. ; Invert pan «n!Jt cake has c< Su,?rar and ft our shou'd be sifted ; s«rr»ara*o;y fcur tim^s before niecis- • urinisr. on lettuce leaves- Yellow Drop Cakes (Good for picnics) 1-2 cup butter 1 1-2 cups Imperial sugar 3 egg yolks 1 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla 1-4 teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon lemon extract 21-2 cups flour 21-2 teaspoons bnSing powder 3 egg %vhites, beaten Cream butter and sugrar. Add j yolks. ' milk, vanilla, salt, lemon, flour and baking powder: beat 2| stunts by llie. Scouts tinder the • den hose minutes. Fold in whites. Half fill direction of Coach Bob Bern". j Thursday night, greased muffin pans or paper bak- j Camp Clark Thursday •venlnjr the j | Paris L.ions club en joyed-an «Jt-j — » «^- —•— ~ ,• «>n«>«* j .* j. -sued to L- C- Hill for repairs on a j ;celient program under the dtrec- j buijdins at j^ AastiB and South I {tion of Frank F«Her, Area Scout] Tweniy-founii streets, recently- Features of the pro- { damaged by fire. ] included Mrs. JLouis Williams of Bad Luck Day, But No Bad Luck J This is PViday th« TMrteeDtb- | And at very «ood one. to*, tf •** i may be allowed to mmy •». - ~ Pbr instance, amom Romance. "Lovers" ,„ j that have not happened few* gram tween ! ors a ing cups and bake 25 minutes in moderately slow oven. Cool and 'frost. Foxtrot, "I'll String Alon You." ' Va!s« Romantique, "Alpine Sunset" (Kingr>. I March. "On Parade" <Sousa>. ; Grand se'eetiorj. ''Songs from the old Folks" compiled bv M. I* i Lake. ! Foxtrot, "^'aiting At the Gate S an opportunity to attend the meet- | p or Katy.*' j a ball game be- the Scouts and their visit- 1 , , _ F South Twenty-second street has water carnival and sever* | repO rted to police the theft of gar- by llie. Scouts tinder the i den >»o&«* from her yard during Salad - *SS yolks I teaspoon dry mustard 1 teaspoon salt 1-4 teaspoon paprika. 1-4 teaspoon celery salt 5 tablespoons sugar "1-3 cup vinegar "-3 cup water 1 tablespoon butter. Bear yolks and add dry ingredients. Add remaining ingredients and cook slowly an<j stir constantly until thick a creamy, beat and pour into jar coo3. cover and store in ice box. The ball game which besan at | 5:30 resulted in a. 5 to 2 victory; : tor the Uons although the Scouts j inff here s^ tur ^ y Kight when Sen . ; ; put up a real game, forcing the ] ator Tom Connally will speak, the* Lions to Their very best from the! Candidates' roundup at Chicota i : start to finish. Batteries for the i wi!i l:>e heid Saturday afternoon. : Lions were Stephens and McClu- | :— 1 ney; for the Scouts, Dickson i Steel to be nsed in tbe construe- i | Houso and Bill Hartley. 1 tion of the new DeShong building I ; The water carnival included I on Soutil ^Jain and South Twen- \ demonstrations of life saving Sft' , the water, surface diving and stunts. Frank Fuller explained I • to the visitors how the boys were! selection fr0 m the mu C omedy. "The. Burgomaster'- Lane" j the tumbling of a bricJc from th« ; with, i top of a downtown building ont* i the head of some poor, ttnsnspeet- } ing- pedestrian: j The breaking of a - suspender i button and resultant embmrra*»- i ment following a. walk under * | ladder; . ' _ . . le beginning of seven years' luck to the reporter who icrot* his because of a broken mirror; And several other things tt*t ders>: characteristic- march, "Th» ! surelv have been ove-looked \Valktng Frog" TKing) March. "The Huntress" i streets has. arrived and erec- i tion of the, building is expected to | be rushed. The contractor in BY MASONS lughs safety measures to "prevent I ^"'P 1 *** the building by August SUMMER Breakfast Cantaloupe Cooked TX'heat Cereal Cream Buttered Toast Orange Marroalade Coffee « and how to rescue drowning persons safely. Coach Berry- demonstrated the various methods used in making a rescue and several Scouts assisted in the demonstration by making the different holds called for and bring-1 „.; , e ing other Scouts out of the water. a ~ "* C " " S 15. he has said. idv Cucumber and Celery Salad Summer Xut Bread Butter Plums Iced Tea. JDinner Sliced Boiled Tongue Creamed Potatoes and Peas Bread Better Banana Nut Sa_!ad John Howerton, eiiy sanitarj- officer, said Friday morning i.hat city employes wi3! con*ict trash and ;h in Ward 2 Monday. All and rubbish, especially such as may hold water and i —«-~« breeding r»laces for mos- I -olio wing- an excellent meal j quitoes, should be collected and I which had been prepared for the) placed at the curb early Mondav j visitors tinder the supervision of! | Mrs, Thompson, the program con-j : -inued with an airplane model i WTTJVT ! contest, the prize going to Mik--i j^BIock. whose plane remained ta j MAY EXCEED 8*OOO i the air 1?.S seconds. The contest j jwas followed by other features in-i COMMERCE. — Hunt county's; i'-luding a number of songs by the I "Oting strength for rhis year's i ;. Scouts. tumbling acts, pyramid' «lecnon will exceed. $,000. records i ; building. sUrnaling: demonstrations | at the office of County Tax Col- j ; and plastiques- i lector John H. Ellis, show, this i 1 President Joe Wunsch in com- ' number i^^ing exemptions N"A-—A supper was given ; by the Masons Wednesday eve- i . ning-. each invitinsr Their family '• ; and on<=: ^ues:. The supper was! ; folioived by a musical program. [ : MI?s John Anna Ussery is visit- J | ing Mrs. J. K. H:ckey in Marsha!!. ' i Ttllss Blanche Lawsori is visit-' j ins Mr. and Mrs. A. \V. Long in i ; Houston. i j Mr?. R, S. Hall and Ivan Crump; : left Thursday morning: for Abilene : I to visit .Mrs, Lee Crump. ' . Stantori Kan-'ey is home after a ; year'a work with the C. C. C- at f Dublin. ; ! Dan Davis of Larnesa spent '• i IMonda;,' here "with friends. i Jewell Richards has a position • i with a newspaper at Nacogdoches. : Xor have there been *ay black cats stalking ;about the streets bring fire, flood and sudden death to those ivhose paths they cross. In short. Friday the Thirteenth ha? been qu;et irr Paris, But the day isn't ended—not yet. City Gin Is Under Constrnctioii ^VOLFE CITY. — The Co-Opera.- tivs Gin here, now under construction. win be completed, in about, a, nionth. Austin Bros, steel constructionists. announce.. RAIL OFFICXU.S ON INSPECTION TOUR = grains of many months- Hs took i occasion to compliment Scout-1 ; master Frank Fuller and other' workers at the cinb on the excel- f j !ent entertainment provided for I { the evening and . on the work of | ; the Scour, organization as a. body. ; i Jini Caviness stated that he ua- i <3erstood that thsre "were severs.! ; Scouts in the Ixjne Star Area "who j wanted to attend the- camp • biit o wers iinancialiy -unable to d the club voted Two ye; votes race ago a tot DELIVERED FRESH DAILY SUREBEST POTATO CHIPS 5c and lOc Buy From Tour Grocer Travelling in a regular stock model sedan equipped with flanged wheels so it can be used, on railway tracks, officials of the Southern Pacific railway were in Paris Thursday on a tour of inspection of tne lines. Included in the party were E. 31. Lull, executive vice president j of the line: L. B. McDonald, gen-j eral manager; E. A, CraftT chief-' do £ ^ an<5 " t -' a - club voted to apengineer: and B. S. HoIIiman, stip- • prop?*ate enough money to pay erintencLent of SoiiVnern Pacific I the expenses of two such Scouts • J - Jnes . .. / at .'the, camp for one week- SflFEUIflY STORES FAST FREE DELIVERY \VI»T- swe^t rarr>7nff home groceries when yon can get our low cash i>r'ccs ^nd free delivery on auy size order? Pineappic Relish Salad 1-2 cxip dtcrd pineapple 1-2 cap dtced celery 2 tablespoons chopped pimentos in chopped green pc-p- J-S teaspoon on lettuce- .s mayonnaise FHOsTFT* "IXtnncr for F D*vit^J Ham Bread Grapv Jam P*T"U»t £*3iA'5 I Tellow Drc-p Cak»» \ Strnwb*rr>- Frosting I t>«Tilcd Ham for 3 tablespoons bacon fat 1 tab!*s;»ooTwi chopped " tablespoons chopped 3 tAblesspoona chopped 3 tablespoons flour t 1-2 cups tomato** 1-4 teaspoon sailt 1-4 teaspoon paprtka, CHAIN LB5. $1.70 Cream Meal, 24 Ibs. 50c Navy Beans, 10 Ibs. 45c Salad Dressing, qt. 25c Mackerel, 3 for. 25c Potted Meat, 3 for lOc Matches. 6 for 25c Eggs. c«died doz. 15c Olives. Quart ... 28c SPECIAL BARGAIN CHOICE >'O- S SIZE 3' 25c for. - IMPERIAJL SUGAR SPECIAL Pkfs. IX Foddered White, or 1 7- Pkg^. Old f:mc Brown, for JL i TURK t'CIFT TVTTH HACK TTRCHASE QUICK ARROW Best 4 Grade Lb*. MAXWELL HOUSE, With Rogers Tea Spoon Free Crackers 2Lbs. 18c Tabs, No. 2 .. 60c, No, 3 70c Packer's Cans IfeL*"" $2.80 Jar Rings 3 For lOc Fly Swatters , 5c MARKET Fryers, Ib I9c Sliced Bacon, Ib. 20c Good Steak, 3 lb»., . 25c Bologna, 2 Ibs. 25c Lotich Meat, Ib ISc Mix Sau***e, Ib.. , , . .5c Ch*e»e, IbT . ISc FEEDS Red Chain H«n Scratch .$1.9O Sbell Corn ^1.65 Cotton Seed Meal.$1.50 Laying Mash $1.75 Block Sah, PUirt 45c Solphyr 5Oc FXMIIV \HTTITt^ HOT-WEATHER FOODS MAYONNAISE Best Fwds 8 oz. Jar 12c PORK & BEANS, ™ Camps 3 Cans 17c JELLO Assorted Flavors 2 PkgS. lie GRAPENUT FLAKES . . . Pk^. lOc LIPTON ? 5 TEA,. . 1-4 Lb. Pkg. 22c NUCOA OLEO . . Lb. 17c Small, Natural Tips, No. 1 Can AIRWAY Lb. . . DEPENDABLE Lb. - ASPARAGUS FRESH COFFEE SULK D"STItiI Ki3 VINEGAR Gallon . CI.EA>- STOCK PINTO BEANS 10 Us, LAMP CHIMNEYS 2 For Tasty VANILLA 8 Oz. Bottle K C Baking POWDER 50-oz. Can 35 Argo Gloss STARCH O Pkg. MM Big Ben SOAP Bars 25 AY BREAD 16-oz. Loaf 7c HOME DRINK, 0-Boy Bottle lOc WHITE KING ORANGE JUICE ''-. 3for25c Granulated Soap Pk^. Or. Cart . . 15 LEMONS - Dozen lOc GRAPES J^°" Lb, .. 9c TOMATOES fe Lb, 3c POTATOES & 1 Lb,...2c FRESH LIMA BEANS Lb. 7c MEATS STEAK Pound ... rEAfc ROAST, No. 7... Pound C^IMB CHOPS 2Lbs lOc Lb. 18e FR1SSH G MEAT, For Loaf 2Lb$, 15c ZLbs. 25c CHEESE Texas Cream Lfc...... 19c

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