Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 19, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1961
Page 2
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Pfil]*? "I V/0 M O V I Jap Leader Arrives for U.S. Visit §y BOB BARNES LOS ANGELES (AP) - prime Minister Havlao Ikeda O f Japan and his party landed, looking happy and rested, at Los Angeles today on the first leg of an official visit to President Kennedy. They were greeted by representatives of the U. S. Stale Department, Mayor Morris Poulson of Los Angeles and other dignitaries, "We're very happy to welcome' you here," the mayor told Ikeda ns he passed a red-carpeted re- Where you enjoy fine diner and en«ck-beverage eervlce at moderate ccet. 7-2651 • •*, ARKANSAS POULTRY- PRINCESS AND COURT LITTLE ROCK-Miss Mickey Lambert of E! Dorado is Arkansas new Poultry Princess. She was crowned Saturday durmg the 2nd annual State Poultry Festival here, which was attended by more than 950 persons First runner-up was Jessie Lynn Galloway of Pine Bluff' right, ^d second runner-up was Ann Henri Shaw of Little Rock, left The Poultry Princess will represent Arkansas m the M.ss Universe P agean t next month at ception line. Accompanying Ikeda was hi attractive wife, Japan's Foreign Minister Zntaro Kosaka and oth or high officials. The Japanese ambassador to the United States HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) • -u »* Conventional • FHA Bu.ld — Buy — Repair _ Remodel ~ Refinance , Th J;L is a local institution, owned bv the nearly 500 people who save their money 'here qnd we re here to help YOU with your Savings *??,« P robIe " 1s -.,.You are cordially invited to use our many facilities. Fred 0. Ellis, Secretary your city a b*tt»r place to live, work and raise a family-, mult of a GROWING Savings and Loan business Koichiro Asakai, met the party at Los Angeles International Airport and will accompany the prime minister when he takes off tonight for Washington and conferences with the Kennedy administration. The consulate general issued a statement on Ikeda's behalf in Which he said the purpose of his trip is "to further deepen Japanese-American understanding and strengthen our ties of cooperation through heart-to-heart talks with President Kennedy and other leaders of your government. "Out of these talks I hope we will find better ways of concerting our efforts for world peace and contributing to a better life for people in less privileged lands around the world." Ikeda left Tokyo a year to the day after cancellation of President Eisenhower's visit to Japan when there was violent protest against revision of the Japan-U.S. "jecurity treaty. Dedicates Building HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) Rep. Catherine Norrell, D-Ark dedicated a $1,709,000 post office and.federal building here Satur-' day. Her late husband, Rep. W. F. Norrell, introduced legislation making the construction possible. No Sign of Maritime Strike End By PIERCE LEHMBECK NEW YOHK 'API-Negotiators in the maritime .strike which has paralyzed segments of the nation's merchant fleet were further apart today following heated charges of attempted bribery and divisive tactics. There were predictions on both sides that the strike, which began last Thursday midnight, would be it long one. More than 100 ships have been immobilized in the nation's ports. The attempted bribery charge was made Sunday by Jesse M. Calhoon, chairman of the National Commit) ee for Maritime Bargaining, a group representing several unions. Calhoon charged thai the American Merchant Marine Institute had attempted to "bribe us by offering a substantial economic package if we will drop the runaway-flag issue from our demands." He said he had called upon a congressional committee to investigate. The accusation was denied by Ralph E. Casey, president of the Merchant Marino Institute He accused Calhoon of "lying in his teeth," and said he als-o would welcome a congressional investigation. The "runaway-nag" issue is a mam obstacle to a settlement. It jnvolves American-owned ships which sail under foreign flags. The unions want the right t organize the crews on these "ship They, contend that American sea men are being deprived of job by the practice of hiring foreig crews on the vessels. Wage scales on such ships ar lower than on American-flag ves sels. The companies insist th practice is necessary in order t compete with foreign vessels. Wage demands for American flag ship crews are a relative!} minor, issue in the strike. National Maritime Union Presi dent Joseph Curran said his un ion of 37,000 members was willing to negotiate with the companies directly if the companies wouk make a "positive response to om economic proposals." Casey said no. His organization and the Tanker Labor Service Committee are representing Hie companies in the talks. Altogether, 85,000 crewmen seven unions and almost 1,000 passengers, freight and oil vessels are involved in the dispute. Many ships are at sea and won't be hit by the strike until they reach a United States port. " U f L Monday, tune 19, WENSETTE A Short Short StorV • IHI »» NIA, i«. • '..but only Homeless Electric Cooling can give you COLD The Greeks and Romans honored their dead with valish floral arrangements. Humidity! HAROLD HENDRIX PULPWOOD DEALER Buyers of Pin* and - Hardwood. £*. V f "* Pr ««H Yard * * I* N ' °" Hw V- 0 7-4321 W-7J3W Herndoa - Conteliin Funeral Home and Burial Association Ambulance) Service Two-Way Radio, Oxygen, Air Conditioned Phone PR 7-4686 / THE** OOiS\ "4 V^iscoMronTi^,' fe i***'? 1 ,*'*' 1 to PACTS al) ont wr conditioning; COOLING e ' will not j,i-c,vu(eCOMFOKT That's exazupfe of wh^fc we mean: you ca sit on your |«* temperature B75 degrees aad the humidity u So"« d ^ n ' citjr does »*"«-BETTEB THAN t gives you KEAL HUMIDITY CO.NTBOI, f*i , FUmelen Electric air tawe to 3 wlitreace wJjea it comes to matl wrt, ^^^WWP^WIII^ U ^Q tjf COMPANY SPRAYERS Row Crop ond Posture Sprayers Now Is the Time to Buy PORTER Implement & Garage 3rd St. Phoiw MMI Ask f«r • Demonstration FEE THE DIFFERENCE THE A.R.A. CHAIRMAN MAKES A.11A* an »ear double-blower DOtt add* » new fcind of luxury to automotive §ir conditioning ** wtwt cooling that is extra* ordinarily quiet and. that circu» fetes thiougb and around all of youf car interior, Here islimou. i int pwnfbrt, it economy cost — wfcu*v«r fee car you drive. PRICES START AT INSTALLED APPLIANCE REPAIR CO. 2*1 1. Tfcifd $». H« M j Bill bad been raising Queeale to be Us BRAGGIN' DOG By LEE PRIESTLEY I set my medicine bag down .'ind handed Queenie's leash to Vance Birdsong. "Bill will be obliged if you'll keep her a few weeks," I .said. "Allie laid the aw down some. She claims she ikos dogs—in their place." Vance grinned. "Is Allie goin' o marry Bill, Doc?" "Looks like it. I hope that's all she plans. She keeps talking about a city practice." I couldn't go on. love Bill like he was my own id it's been settled since he was •shirt tail kid that he'd practice with me. "Mind now, Vance, and keep Queenie tied. She's used to bein' with Bill every livin' minute. Seems there was something else, but it's slipped my mind." At home while I was rubbing up our shoes—Allie had asked us both over to supper—I studied how I was getting forgetful. Clumsy too. Darned if I didn't spill licorice croup mixture all over the shoes. Bill had been living at my house, raising Queenie to be his "braggin dog," till he took a shine to Allie. Allie is a good lookin' youngster with a body close coupled and well ribbed, muzzle straight and well cut, but she has a proud look and her eyes arc hard and sharp. She'd raise sand about late meals and stcrm if a man stayed out till mooni ise. But Bill couldn't see all that. Not when Allie eoukl persuade him to send Queenie to the country because it wasn't sanitary for a dog to ride around with a doctor. It was enough to make me forgetful and clumsy. When Bill got him after delivering a pair of twins, we went over to Allie's house. She'd asked us special to meet a distant cousin who was a doctor in Mobile. After we'd all howdied, Bill told about the twins. The young doctor shook his head. "I wouldn't know what to do with an OB outside a hospital." I Bill grinned. "Doc and I feel lucky if we've got a kitchen table that doesn't wobble." "Such a poor class of patients and such poor pay," Allio said. "A bellyache under a homemade shirt hurts just as much as a pain under a .sport coat," I said kind of short. "I'm thinking about Bill's welfare," said Allie even shorter. It was only a matter of time before she'd be thinking of Bill's welfare in the city. I took the platter of chicken Allie's mother was handing and I didn't see Queenie come in. She followed the trail of licorice smell on our shoes into the dining room. See Bill she bayed at him and reared up on his chest. It made me jump and, clumsy like I'm getting, I spilled chicken and dump- To Buy 'Abolition' LITTLE ROCK (AP)-ArkalsaS students and teachers will see the controversial film, "Operation Abolition" : courtesy of the stale Education Department. Commissioner Arch Ford said he was buying a copy to give students and teachers an opportunity to judge its merits for themselves. Temperature Record t'l LITTLE ROCK (AP)-The temperature dropped to a record low 54 degrees here Sunday. Previous minimum for a June 18 here was 57, recorded in both 1899 and 1920, :he Weather Bureau said. lings all over Allie and the young doctor. Allie flew out into the kitchen for towels snd the broom-^me broom was for Queenie; We didn't say long after that. "There's a good dew tonight." Bill said after a while. "Scent ought to hang about perfect. Let's go up on the Ridge, Doc. The boys will be out and I betcha Quecnio can start that old dog fox." Right then I recollected two things that had slipped my forgetful old mind. The anise fad bags Queenie had ben trained to trail smelled just like the licorice croup, mixture I'd spilled on our shoes. And I had intended sure to warn Vance Birdsong that Queenie would chew through anything Hit a double log chain to get back to BUI. THE END Each and every item purchased at Safeway must completely satisfy you m every way or your money will be cheerfully refunded without the leturn of a thing. We can make this statement because we here at Safeway know that our Brands, (and all other brands we sell) are made to rigid quality standards which insure you of top quality, food products evervtime you shop. And remember too, that "SAFEWAV'S your BEST place to save!" ORANGE JUICE Scorch Treat Fresh Frozen MEAT PIES Good N' Rich CAKE NIXES 6 6 Ox. $1 Tins I Winter Garden Beef Chicken or Turkey White, Yellow or Devil's Food 51 Ox Box RED POTATOES 10*39 Economy Pack . . . Selected Sizes. Low, Low Priced Fresh and Tender Yellow Squash 2 u. 19c Heinz Baby Food 6 £ 63C 6 8 Or. $1T '"*• I 100 FREE GOLD BOND STAMPS WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF GROUND BEEF SAUSAGE Pure Pork Flavor Fresh Brand. Sliced Bacon Palmolive Toilet Soap 3 BR :?s 29c Joy Liquid Detergent .£*• 69c r— • ... .,111. t , i Toilet Soap Cashmere Bouquet 2 8* 29c Mr. Clean Liquid Cleaner 15 Oz. Bottle Dash Washday Detergent 2B r- 39e Wf IfMftre Tfcf Right to Limit Purehoiei Ivory Snow Soap Powder Florient Household Deodorizer Oz. •»•» 75c K1 <C> Copyright im &tfeway stows, Incorporated

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