The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 4, 1964 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 4, 1964
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

OMM Sirvtf»r» Sty Oit for Manfht *T lf»A WWOAtl IMUi>M(. N.S. (AM - P*t. **» th* tart of MM rwth ha* foend It* way in*> the ttlmd of M***y*r« and atantn who chart ft* waters ef the Canadian Afettc. TMa could be em etplanatlon «* what draws MR to « Job (hit Mf»Mt*» ft** fro* cl.illiatlof, lot half t»e ywr. »hip tern*. * HP «<*ntn* fleat. has gone nenh •at* aurnraer amca her launching. —_._..'ftp aan*' haa ««w* up *ttfcSefare." ^ Hydtogrsphk aMpa, operating ISS **«^^? W T«hnltal •SefWyt DVpLfHMII|« *WM!iEM>ft awmy ant* at the reowst <* tatertita coTUettbtatlflg Indus- Mat prajecta p*«*ap* the tapping of oil or or* dapoalt*. ^ Charting atao Is don* for deran** aataktlthmtnti. m update maps of coastal arta* for fMjMi and shipping mduatriaa and almply to give Canada In- Dugaan nf Haiti**. M y»»-«M latMdrymaft. Mftefc nalt warn mittd «ilh chtmlrat* and dtift- «tn«« to prmhic* a wvah h« eUinw in cl«an«t than mmo done with fre.h mtrf a*hnrf. Th» julek to tali of ihe drawback*. It'* 1000% to the wife and kid*, television, liquor and glrla for five or alx months, Tha hours are long under the midnight »un. The work day i* about 17 hours, seven days a week. RuaaalQ. Matanson of Ottawa, hydrographlc officer In charge of to Baffin, and H. Barrie Mac- dons Id, his senior aasiatant, say, however, this work load I* one 22LJ*,!?*, m « lnui «n harmony aboard ship in the north. Interviewed at aea while the Baffin charted water* off Nova Seotla'a eastern shore, the senior office.* tried -o explain why may ohooaa thla aon of life. Malanaon,40.aaya he wouldn't 5r I "* l "L* 0f J5l B « •./"**» »alt I* Mn*n out In ihe drying. The Baffin moat e*r»» til her fmd altMM «My Rtkhtmi (wv hum nnthem anHsa(». "»omell»«» •« dmft MIX ctttt JJ» ahto and catch ftwh fi.h nut you con'i depend on that." aa»« chief ileward Tom Rr«rd «>f -COUNTY AGENT Jw FACTS Pasture field day planned at Angleton By U M. VAWOHAN UMikMlt pfrtKauiu |e th* <Mt C««M arw win bar* an etumrMMy to M* ftrat.haa* f ttm Recreation aboard the Rafrin i* largely self-made. The men play card*, throw darts, read and watch ramies. The «rew print* a newspaper called the Baffin Baffler and operate* a radio with hroadcant* two day* a week. Clean sheets each week for 102 hunks and the everyday wash takea a lot of water. The Baffin doesn't carry enough hut D.F. M YEARS OP MRniCINE PANCY OAP. Va. (AP) - Dr. J.R. Branacombe may be 100 year* old. but a* Virginia's The for tettin* «h.wui imimi,. r..ra« t»t> win •.m. pWa wffl )»«tn a* . (ton t« computed. T*» forraal pro«ram win toft* M t p,m. "••late agjnauiatat, gad or. K. *. fetal Jr., aattataa* an. fcaal, bt*k of to •>«tlo» staff, ww — M . L" r»- lilt frHIS Niaajajt toaea **•*>. Boy Scout News 4, C, PACK Ml FMKtFOKT - C* , wiHUma Jr.. P«* K*|l» •J^**aWap MM ANOLKtOK-Aa oM fram* by Or. R. , - «laM dtTMta*. TMBW AfM- , BaM«nega,wiUbthaM oa ugreh it, gad Mareh it •old to p - — •!•*••• w f t 1^1 •»»»*•;•»• <XAaf|gtoafbrtio.TlMga., Howttt |g to N.MM m VPtoatte. n ,, t H e*|gt~ pipa-imaklng hydrog- r -._ _. the world's troubles. Macdonald. J7. like, working^ •j, • '7 1 '»*«« •» man ha. aurvayed... enmina uo <»lih In. even under advarae cntdltlona. Ha began 1964 by delivering a aon to Mra. Had Wood at "he J«MI"' her paranta. Por a while It looked Ilka the phyalclan would have to tue a aleigh to reach hi a deailnatlon, hut he mada It by car deaplle the difficultly* WBST COLVMB1A-A total of *,tM paraxM rutted to irs*^^j±s." "^ —*• —^ "^ •M.SU.SSK i^^'sar.s tor. nan war* MO T**gg •*?""- IB ^ 1 ' »»*"T«i. »• H«rd" aad M. E. ibtw,, .*- T — ._, --k*0 a.». Hri UM format pro •nm a< 10 a.m. at Ikt BMU «« OMkit rtakt My «t Mai CMtor, wtU *t fttftor.. Aaw c»». Gary LHMaay, ;»*** TwfMr, Uorta* Dsvta, Raaal* fttttdi*, David st* Barry Oaaa, MMalwl Oftl» of aad ne«ry MarcM. -_!?•«•* • B«*r pteg war* w..iJ iXSJL** •*"» ***** W* Crandst, ^^world j»«««r«a i. M, ^ntua, »r« thw., WW'ay'J* jMiasssssVab »ssssv*s*s*tt* am.-— j... ,_ .* *^^Kf NNnl| MMMV CM* aaasskft fcgnaA tasskt^aWM *w M*n naHtr* •UtMl Saaaat V^LMasttal faaaaam aassMaai OWUMf MQWVQ flvAvl Oaf lifat Hass*"" ""- ^ ' " IP •Mek taatadgd a toe* {£, •man* to *»k«m. -W<l1 * "^f' Mtttptowgrtawardw, .JJ^'*„...,,.te kHrt itertv. CMW kW. 2?^.%^^ c*r*ld d tattur* CTM»- I Mkl Alia I'mttatf, PACK M) *KST CCUfMDU - «•!*<•• bMk|«« il U>« MMMMl Bh»» ind G^NI RaainM t* P*tk MJ iMdrtM ttwelt nil) TtiMMy Baraaa art •to** aad Praams* aad nuir ShaWttl, •tar Ratafee. Stevt aari jerry Naff al*< f*a*lv*il t vn silver •»«• aad M* ton K. k*. Traw, wtn * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ m * l ** l * l ***'** l>l * l *********BB**fHBmmmmHBmim]^* THE FACTS DAILY COMICS BLONDIE I'll ABNER *>»*^gqBE n^iUlai.aadH.VrTB.dgia*, UMgtott agronomlgL bothrrf to Caater'g ataff will tfiaeuaa artaat raMUte of tbair ra> Mma work, Darteftoafter- •ooa,tovaottoftekipiote of traaaas gad ba mad* aad g win Uvgatoek produegia are •tad to attend oaa or both at toa* Important field daya. (Coattawd from pgg, ») «owt»ybootafor ma«. Tag gtora'a Interior hgg btaa frggbiy pamtod (or to nrgad opaalac, wtth Ivory to domtaaat tea* la to Man'a, Boya, aad ChUdrao'a DapaH- mtate, gad paatel blue la to Womaa'g Dapartmaot. Slaoa oomlat to Brawg- Port aMM y«arg aco, Salman hag ba*a la oloM touch with to fgaaloa and quality aaada aad daatrag of Braaoaportara. Ha la pottlaf tala kaowtadf* to KM tagtoetof the atora not ooly la fggatoBabl* foot- *mr bat la worean'anandbafv iwlboalary tor man and woman. ' CLEARANCE at at t/ft ft *•>•* A . . u. - _ _ FAMOUS BRAND DRESS SHOES regularly »1O.OO to *14.99 SPORTS and FLATS I regularly to *7.99 | UKE JACKSON ONLYI Pft. WaUac* E. XNbg, aoa of Mr. gad lira. Wlttana H. Krabg, 137 Oak Dr., Laka Jackgeo, completed at fat w**kg of miUtarypoUoatrala. lag at to VA Arm* Trmialac caatar. Port Gordon, Ga., la Dorter to SW*W|B • laairaatloB — „.. .• aubjaete a» eirtl aad military law, traffic control, ragpragd. lac, prlaoaar-of-war eMtrol and gatf-dafaag*. Tba as-yaar-oMaokiler**" towd to Army la oetobtr IMS aad eompteted baato combat traiUag ai Port Polk, U. Ha la a 1890 graduate of Braxogport Hlfh Sebooi aad attended SoaOtwaat Taxaa State Coltefg. SUPPiaiNT 10 LOUISVILLE (AP) - If it hadn't been for'his Kentucky Colonel commission, Edmond R. Schlesinger might atill ba atranded In Canada. Schlealnger, a native of Austria, waa vacationing near Canada whan he decided to cross the border. On die return trip, the border guard requested Schleainger'a citixenahip papers. H* had forgotten them but pulled out hia driver'e license, Insurance papera aad various iMmbarship'carda. Nona aatlafied the guard until Schleainger disptayad hla identl- flcation ga a Kentucky colonel. "Oh." the guard aighad, "Now that'a okay. You may proceed." •HOPINGTOTRICK HIM INTO KS5JNG VOO IN THE LINE CJFDUTVfr M/BCW NOW THAT VOO KNOW THAT VOUR ... THE GRANDEST LOVE STORY IN THE HISTORY OF BRITISH CRIME. 1 * SOVOUPOUOWEDMSUR, UNROMAhfnC FIANCEE HERE, AND BECAME THE NOTORIOUS-KISSER'-- DELICIOUS AS HER SNUFFY SMITH BALLS O'FIREU "AM'SOeSS WHAT SHE AUNTLOWEEZV OUTVONDEft TALKIN'TO BEETLE BAlLtY ALMAPy* OOMNKTBO AU.THHPOT»/ "RIOWAVO"> Mat ' •JUNGLE MANHUNT 'SOLDIER in the RAIN 1 JACKB GUUSOM W«r*ad M gwckakMtfwvafill. eteowncy" (hot«, KMMnaMf Ml of Ifcaaa g»pg»tagcai gffaigj M(y ihrowili rtiiiniipi, but, -1^,,! ggjy •»*!«• to kind of jtr^ ^SuBTtotlMSg l THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS routa It b, DIAL li 3-3511 .H MAZOSfOtT IACIS ••• 1015 ff Mftcrt,

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